Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday and will rain:)

It normally rains on Tuesday, I think it is becasue we have property tour on Tuesdays, but no tour today, it is Christmas time!! I was so in the Christmas spirit and some where I lost it in all this with Susie, I am trying to get it back but think I am grieving, trying not to cry and get my self together:)

Jared reminded Jenn of one of his Christmas memories, Steve and the boys went out Hwy.5 to cut down a live tree, it was to low for Steve to get under, so Jared got under it, now Jared said it was a Catus that he got into and had the needles all in him, we did have to get them all out and it for sure hurt, but I am thinking how could a catus be under a Christmas tree???? I have always loved this time of the year, it is my most favorite time, with sad memories and wonderful memories, it take them all to make up life:)

I am going to get my bath and dress up in my Christmas red and turn on my Christmas music and go to the store, then pick up a couple of things for April, since I do not have specifics to get I can just look around and watch the people and enjoy this day:)

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