Sunday, December 20, 2009

Faces of Death

I awoke this morning with the thoughts of the many faces of death, thinking of the scripture, O death where is your sting??  As I sat with Susie Via, Steve’s sister last night in ICU, as soon as we were alone, she, I and Steve I leaned in real close and just kissed her and loved on her, she open her eyes and I ask her was she ready to see Jesus, she said yes she was, I ask her did she know when she would go and she said real soon, I told her I loved her and would let her go, she said she loved me to, we talked about her seeing her mother and daddy, and she was ready to see them, I told her part of me was jealous that she would see Jesus face to face, but I was not ready to do that yet, but I would be there someday, we will see each other again!  Susie has such peace, I went ahead and ask her, even though I knew the answer by her atmosphere of peace, if she was afraid and she said no,she was ready……………….There is such a difference in death when you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, there is such hope, I wanted to climb in her bed and just hold her, but couldn’t, so I just patted her and held held her, she was cold and I snuggled her and made her covers a bunting all around her, snuggled her in:)  I do not know when Jesus will come for Susie but I know she is ready:)

The other face of death I have seen, I was on JFK and a motorcycle was going 110 and hit a ca broadside when the car did not see the motorcycle and pulled out in front of it, the man man driving the cycle shot off it like a bullet, he had no helmet, he died at the scene, this man had a eerie atmosphere about him, cold, I prayed for him, he was alive, not responsive but alive, but there was a spirit about him that was not peaceful, just a eeriness in the air, he had a young lady about 15 on the back of the cycle with him, she lay in the street like dead, I prayed for her, she had a peace about her, I do not really know how to explain it, it is something you can feel around you, I knew she knew Jesus and I knew the man was lost, now who knows the man could of heard me praying for him, but I just do not think so, there was no comfort for him, the girl did live and is alive today, she goes to the pencostal church here in NLR.

The face of death Jimmy Maxwell had, Jimmy told me days before he would die, he told me we needed to have a talk, I said ok, he told me he would die soon and to always take care of Sherry, I told him he knew I would always be there for Sherry BUT I was not ready for him to die, he said he was ready to go but did not want to leave Sherry, Jimmy had total peace, he died suddenly, he had company at 4:00, then laid down was was dead by 6:30ish, in the room with Jimmy at his death, he had peace on his face just as Susie does.  Matter of fact I told Susie to tell him hello when she saw him:)

You know, none of us can understand all the faces of death but I  know for sure the sting of death is gone for me, I will face death someday and when I do, there will be peace because I know my Savior Jesus Christ, who died for me so that I will never die:) If you do not know that peace that surpasses all understanding, and have that hope then call me:))  1-800-436-0315

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