Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doing fine in 2009

Well this is a end to 2008! It is hard to believe that it is over. I had a different year for sure! The Lord has been faithful! I am looking forward to a Great 2009! I have had a wonderful Holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years! I have seen many dear friends, I rarely get to see and I am thankful! I have had GREAT family time with my children and grand children, we have had all the children and grand children over and spent fun time with my girls and their family at Branson and the condo. We have a new adult in our midst, April Rebecca turned 18 on Dec. 29th., so if you need to know, understand anything just call her:) I have survived being so sick with acute
Pancreatitis in Sept. was in the hospital a week and totally understand the need for morphine:) I went back Dec. 8th. to have my gall bladder out which was a breeze, the
Pancreatitis just about
killed me, literally. I am back to normal now, and feel great! I even ran yesterday to the amazement of my family:) I have lost about 70ish pounds and have more to go, for those who do not know I had lap band surgery in Mexico, yes I said Mexico:) March 28th., it has been a good experience and totally recommend my Dr., they were GREAT! It is still very hard to stay on track with my life changing eating habits. I find myself wanting food to comfort me and I can not do that anymore or I will get in some real pain. Food is not as important as it was for sure and that is a blessing! Well I pray you find your self looking forward to 2009 and know you are blest by our loving Father God.

Linda Lou 12/31/2008