Sunday, October 27, 2013

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. Gen. 50:20a

I loved this verse this morning, so many times things come in our life and we stress and fret over them, especially if your a people pleaser and want peace with everyone. Which most of us are:) No one likes strife or confusion, we all want the world to be at peace and for us to be at peace with each other. BUT as we all know the world is not always at peace and neither are we. One thing you can always count on for sure, is God will work it all out for YOUR good, no matter what it is.  When others harm us, intending or unintended God has your back, you may not feel it but when you need it you will know HE is the one who has you in the palm of HIS hand.   I have not had a Bible whipping in a long time from anyone, but lately have had many verses and little sayings sent to me to let me know the sender is  God them self, and I am the scum of the earth, the only thing when someone does that, they are exalting them self saying, I am ok your not ok, which is saying I am a little closer to God then you, God loves me more then you, if you could just see all this and be like me, truth is, they or not ok and neither or you, if you believe what they say, things like this make me want to vomit!  So yes, I am thankful for our cover of our bulletin at Journey Church to today that reminds me when someone intends to harm you or hurt you with their words, actions, gossip to others, God has your back, and will make it good:)  Personally I choose not to respond to such things but to pray for the person saying such things, I have learned one thing these past few years, you have to walk the path God chose for you and trust that each step He will lead you, I will always seek out wise counsel when needed to make sure I am where God wants me in my life at this time:)
Life is always changing, mine sure has these past five years, as I get older, I realize the most important things in life are not things but what has eternal value. I am in sales so I get a lot of recognition in my Real Estate career because God has blessed my business, at the same time I totally know who butters my bread:)  I read a post today that said, always point people back to the Lord, they need to know its not you doing it , it is only God, in which I believe, I also believe God says, your the apple of my eye, in you I am well pleased, He desires for you to know His love for you and how proud He is of you being His child, when you do well he is clapping his hands, when we fail he is ever interceding but will always be showing you off because He is proud of you! So it goes without saying, God gets the Glory of the light that shines in you, He will let the others see it so they will want to know, what is it that keeps you going, so positive and full of life?  Let the world see who you are, who God has made you to be and SHINE!! Let go of all the negatives, you will never please all those your in contact with, run the best race you know how here on earth, listen to what your Father is telling you, if I do not see you here on this earth then for sure hope to see you in Heaven someday, "When God is for us, who can be against us, what can mere man do?" Lay your burdens down at the feet of Jesus daily so you can run and shine in all HIS glory, as He redeems you daily! If you do not know your Jesus like this, then cry out to Him to show you who HE is, He has your back! He is your healer, provider, deliverer, Knight in shinning armor! Hugs to all!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This has been a wonderful last week and so far this week of Grands:)  Last Thursday as you know I had some of the Averitt girls, then this Sunday night we went to Hannah's with Cole and Jack and Victoria, we had a great time, the kids played till the rain came out side, then we cooked, baked a caked and watched movies:)  Olivia was so upset wanting to see me, last time only Steve went down, she thought she was coming to my house when Sean and Sarah left Sunday but they did not have another seat belt, so she was some kind of disappointed, so we loaded up and went there, I almost could not sleep so excited to wake her up the next morning:)  She was happy!
So was Luke, he just screams Nana, NanaNana, daddygand!! Olivia was my shadow the whole time there:)  We went and got hair cuts:)  Hannah drives me crazy, giving the boys a crew cut with her  clippers, so Max and Blake got cute cuts and Liv got her her trimmed:) Then went to Walmart:)
This am we cleaned the camper and had to install a new toilet, which I love, got some new rugs and hung some pics, getting it ready for deer season, for me:))  Cleaned the carpets, windows, so it looks like new:) Went to Walmart and got a foam topper for our bed, it slept so good, plus it rained all night and I slept real good! 

This morning got up fixed one eyed monster's
for breakfast for the grand's,  fry a egg in the middle of bread and toast it in the skillet:) then the McGill babies went to school and we came home, sweet Cole cried when Jack got out of the Cole, he said I just wuve my cousins:)  Cole is so easy, he is just about perfect when you keep him:) you never have to correct him, he eats good and sleeps good, very polite:) So proud of him:) Really all my Grand's just might be near perfect:))  Anna will come over next Tuesday after basket ball and spend the night, looking forward to just laying in the bed and talking:) she loves that too, she is growing up way to fast!!!! Then I will run her to school Wednesday, so then I have had them all but Alexandria, with her at College I just have to text, talk and FB right now:)  Well Mr. Averitt got him a new toy, he had sold his four wheeler last year and have been looking for one, especially now Deer season is here, but he had a price he could pay for one, and today on FB one of my friends had one for sale, TADA!!
 love his smile:)


He is excited:)) Early Christmas and Birthday!! Maybe Anniversary, NAH not anniversary we got to PCB for that:)) Can't give that up!   Well got appointments all day tomorrow, listing 30 acres  in West Little Rock, getting loans closed and selling house I hope:)   So excited it is getting so much cooler here!!   Have Bible study here tomorrow night, excited about having people in our home too:))
Random Pics:)
 Our first 3D Movie:)

Peyton's many faces:)

My Life:) I love it!

Pretending to be asleep:)


Friday, October 11, 2013

Catching up:)

Well it has been awhile since I blogged:)  I guess I should look at the last tine so I will know where I left off, but guess I will wing it!  September has come and gone, now October is almost over, so hard to believe! I have kept my self so busy that the days seem to fly by, come in and go to bed and start over, yesterday was my first day at home in months, I had told Steve I just needed to be home, so I planned it, Jill had ask to help with the girls which I loved, then Mika played all day with them and when school was out Peyton and Laila came over, I actually did some laundry, cooked, worked in the yard, Steve really got the yard looking much better, we have so been on the go that it was neglected, I have a friend who cleans for me so my house is usually always clean but there were things I needed to do, so I got it done:)

 Lovie Luv actually likes this:)

 Sydney wanted the big chair:)

 fun day with the girls, but boy was I tired:)
Steve and I both were sore when we got up today, but oh so worth it!!   I got all my nurturing done and cooked and clean, met all my emotional needs of being a Nana:)
Last Friday was the day I went with high school friends to Jefferson Texas, which is the neatest little town! We had a great time, the Lord touched me with more healing, my room mate had restless legs, and my mother had the same thing, as I laid there in bed, it so brought back sweet memories of sleeping with mother, then she took her sweet hand and caressed my face, she was asleep, but I knew it was the hand of the Lord helping heal me in missing mother, the next morning I shared with the ladies what happened and how God picked out my room mate, God did a lot that weekend in the nine ladies who went, I am so very thankful I went, I for sure would of missed a major blessing!
 my cat glasses:) and hat:)

 Bed and Breakfast we stayed at:)
Before I left April had made salsa, I was given hundreds of  fresh garden tomatoes, April had wanted to sell the salsa for a Mission that we support at Journey Church, so we learned how to can!! Not bad for our first time canning!! Money will go to Journey Church for the next mission trip to help the Cabecar Indians:)

 Lugi's Tomato Salad...........soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooddddddddddd!
I love to cook but have got to learn to cook for two people, this week I threw out more food that we never ate, makes me feel bad in wasting it! We just are not home much, we eat lunch then eat pop corn or something light for dinner if we even eat.   I put my left overs yesterday in the canning jars so it will keep longer:) BUT I am going to try to cook for two:)  April is here for a few more weeks then she is moving to Iowa to be with Seth and his family, this is against our wishes, but she has plans to go the end of the month. I will miss her terribly but she is 22 and dead set on moving there, with plans to marry. Pray for us all concerning this. Today she bought a beautiful six week old pit bull, in which we can not have Pit Bull's in Sherwood, so it will stay with one of her friends, its just a puppy and really pretty, the last thing I want is another puppy in my home:( but hate it having to stay at her friend's, but our city has a ordinance against Pit Bulls which she was aware of when she bought it:((  The joy's of being a mother and daddy:) Just keep us in your prayers, we need them right now....
I am excited to have a bible study in my home, we will be studying" It's not to late how God uses less then perfect people" by Tony Evans, Pastor John and his wife Kay Sammon's leads it,  so I am getting my home ready for company:)))  We meet every Wed. for six weeks, if your near and want to come you are for sure welcome!  I love this group, it is friends from Church at North Hill's, which the McKimmey's invited me, that is where they go to church, Steve and I have enjoyed it, we did a study on Heaven and then Proverbs now this study.  I have missed church at Journey the last two weeks, so glad to go this Sunday, I have the Journey Kids so I will miss the sermon and will listen to it online again:) But what a blessing with those babies I will have! 
Best go, tomorrow is another home day to do some organizing, then work in the afternoon:)  hugs to all and good night!