Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a day for a day dream…on the beach

I am loving my time with Steve and Alicia and bob, we do not get one on one time with our children much, its always full of family fun.  Last night we went to a special place in Snadestin Copper Grill, Steve and I had been there before but figured we would not be back because is so expensive, BUT>>>>>> we decide to go there, Bob wanted Lobster and Lobster is what he got!dinner 009     dinner 010 dinner 012

dinner 013 We all ate Lobster till you can not eat any more, shared a steak, a yummy Caser salad made table side, I can not even began to tell you how good the steaks and Lobster is here!  We finished it off with cream Brewlay (SP) quit laughing!…yes we shared, its all in family sized portions, oh I forgot the sautéed mushrooms!! So good!  Today we have chilled on the beach and now Alicia and I or off for a manicure and pedicure…..Steve and bob are still on the beach:)dinner 022 outside at Copper Grill, if your ever at the commons shopping this place is just down the road, it will be so good you will not forget it or its name:)  Sold my Wild berry listing today…yea, it makes my flintrock a firm offer now with a closing date!! I am so thankful to have a job I can do form any where in the world!!!!  It is for sure less stressful working form here…..tee hee…gotta run…hugsdinner 021 Steve and his baby/princess!  She has sold about 10 houses!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday in PCB Florida

This has been a great day, worked two offers and got a new listing all from this office:)  my office pcb 002

It has a great view:) my office pcb 001

and my co worker came and helped me:) Spouses selling houses” my office pcb 004 and the best part is you do not have to dress up!    my office pcb 003 Now if you are thinking has she gone crazy putting the pic of her in a swim suit and I must have, I thought three years ago here I weighed almost 300 pounds, wore a moo moo every where, could hardly walk! Now I have changed my life style, do not live to eat but eat to live, walked the beach for exercise and feel great!! I am so thankful I still have a ways to go but I am getting there……….hugs and have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me

this is what I am talking about!!! a great day in Florida, sold one home and have a offer on another:)))) YEA HOO all while here!! Going to Jimmy Buffets marigaritaviulle for dinner:) hoping to slow dance with my sweetie….have a great daypcb 2010 004     pcb 2010 003   pcb 2010 002

this is what I am talking bout!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

On the road again….YEA

I have had a fun weekend with Miss Amelia:) she can play the piano, at just six months:) west j 007 she is so smart!  I had open house Sunday at the Chenalwoods Condo’s and was so busy, got three possible clients!  Never sat down form 2-5:30!  Too many people to even work, but it was a great sunny day with a lot of people out!  Then wrote a offer and went home and got my suitcase and left for the ocean!!  I will be there in about a hour!  I actually worked a offer at 2am this morning, my buyer is a nurse and was up:)) Its one you bid on so we wanted to get a bid in ASAP:) I will still be taking my calls this week but it will be nice to be looking at the ocean while I take them, I have some extra legs in NLR:) and they are pretty legs too!! I will post some pics of the ocean once I sleep some and start my day, think we will go to Pinapplewillllies for dinner!  I got a neat big dish in cracker barrel for my anniversary from Steve….I love it!! It is wrapped till Tuesday then he will give it to me:))) Well best go and nag aviate for the driver….hugs and have a great DAY!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

whew! It has been a week

dinner I cooked, chicken fried chicken, green beans, max and cheese creamed potatoes, white gravy, bread in warm butter, can I say comfort food night!
April and Amelia

dinner, chicken Cesar salad, homemade chicken noodle soup, home made croutons, rolls and butter:) more healthy except Alex and Steve at two loves of the bread:)

Amelia and her daddy after her bath!

I do not even know where to began, I have worked so many buyers and sellers and offers and drove all over every where, this tax credit is for sure boosted our Real Estate market! Since last Sunday I have put in 76 or 74 hours and drove from about 800 miles! But wrote 6 offers and listed one home! YEA! I have open house at Chenalwoods condos tomorrow then I am off to Florida for my 38th wedding anniversary! I cannot wait! This weekend Jill is at a ladies conference and Steve and I came out to Alex and Jill's and spent the night, I got to help with Miss Amelia! She is so funny, all she does is smile and play and talk! She is a good baby, what I could not believe because she is only six moths old, when Jill called this am, Alex put her on speaker phone and Amelia pucker out her lip, then tonight when she called and Amelia heard her voice she just pucker up and cried, I actually think she misses Jill, she has only been away from her maybe 6 hours of her life, I just did not know babies did that, she must be real smart:))) when she heard her voice she knew it was her mommy. I am thankful for this time with her and with Alex, I worked this afternoon and Steve and Alex never got dressed but just stayed in and talked and played with Amelia.....what fun for Steve! Steve loves and lives for his children, ( and me and for sure God for all htose who thought God must be first) he enjoys just being with them and talking, and they all make time to do that, I am so thankful that God has blessed me with children that are close and that are close with Steve and I:) Plus all the in laws I have are wonderful, I love them like my own and feel loved by them:)) I am a blessed woman:) and a tired woman...oh yes I have been fired by a seller, first time this has ever happened to me, but I can honestly say I did not do anything wrong, her home did not appraise, she used to work with appraisers and even though I told her it was priced too high, she felt I was wrong, she also wanted to write her own ads and change the way out MLS is, MLS a web site for Realtor's to all have their listings on for agents to use, to be honest I am glad because with her no good deed goes unpunished, her home is sold and will close but another agent will be the one talking with her. I had a buyer/investor who was abusive and would be so demanding, it I had a personal life he was mad, he was jealous of my family and God forbid if I went on vacation, he would call daily and totally stress me out with wanting only me to do something, so then a situation came up and I realized how much I was stressing out due to his behavior and I quit working for him and it felt soooooooo good! That's how I feel about this seller, even though I have totally gone beyond what I should of for her, nothing was appreciated she only demanded more, then when that did not happen said mean things.......sooooo I thought this is it, no more being too nice, if the deal closes fine and if not fine but that seller needs a wake up call:)) the things we sometimes go though in dealing with the public......gotta love it:) and gotta go to bed...hugs and nite, next pics will be of the ocean.................YAHOOOOO! One good thing I cannot make babies:))) tee hee

Saturday, April 17, 2010

38 wedding years


steve 38 years steve profile  still so good looking!!linda 38 years

1972                               2010


Going back in time, 38 years ago April 27th 1972, I married William Steven Averitt, there is a journey to share:)  I was 18 years old and engaged to a young man whom I thought, I was in love with, maybe I was, but not the kind of love they can  make it through thick and thin, six children, 13 grand children………….

I met Steve by a mutual friend Bill Brown, actually I met him when I was 16 years old,  I baby sat for his sister Judy, she lived down the street from me and I loved her children Vickie and Stevie Perry, they were like my babies, I always loved children and wanted eight:)  I went to Central High School with Bill Brown, he was two years older then me,  my sister’s friend.  He became someone I had a major crush on, but he did not give me the time of day till I got older:)) He and I dated some but were such good friends we just became best friends and would go out with each other if we did not have a date.  He joined the Navy along with Steve, my finance had told me he was joining the Navy with them, he was a friend of Bill’s and knew Steve, because Steve’s sister Patsy was married at the time to Bill’s brother Larry. I would get so upset and cry and cry thinking my finance was leaving… I wrote Bill daily and sent him brownies, cookies,etc.  What I did not know was Bill let Steve read all my letters… finance did not go into the Navy, we continued to date, we had broken up when Bill called and ask did I want to go out with Steve when they came home from boot camp, I said yes, then my finance and I worked things out and were on again…..the misery of dating:( . Well I broke my Friday night date with Steve and got him a date with a friend of mine Susan, Steve had ask me out for the whole weekend, to go out Friday night and go out Saturday and go skiing Sunday.  That Friday night my finance took me home about 10iish so he could hang with Bill, made me real mad:( then the next day Larry called to see if Steve and I were still on for our Sat. night date, I said yes:)) I did not take calls from my finance because I was mad and he had said he was going out with Bill that night, so I went out with Steve, now little did I know how my whole life was going to change  that night, Steve ask me to marry him and I said yes, my motive was not pure and I was not in love, just happy go lucky, impulsive and totally not making a life long commitment…thinking I will show my finance who goes to California:( God intervened in my life that day, I did not know it and I did not know God, but He was ordering my steps.  I went to church with Steve the next day and when they passed the roster for you to sign in with I put my name and was going to write his, I had to ask how do you spell Averitt…and this was who I was going to marry….Steve did sweep me off my feet, he sounded like Elvis to me when he talked, and too good looking!  Steve went and talked to my daddy and my daddy said yes, which was a miracle, mother and daddy did not think I would do it but I did, we married that Thursday night, had a church wedding in Oak forest United Methodist church and reception at Aunt Maries, wedding cake and all the trimmings. My sister Kay took me shopping and got a going away dress, a sailor dress and a wedding dress….all was on go. My Aunt ask my daddy if I was pregnant, and his reply was” Heck she has only known him four days!”  I had never been away from home when we moved to Chula Vista California, Bill lived with us and I was so thankful, I did not even know Steve and was in Love with my finance still and away from home…I cried every day, Bill was homesick and he cried with me:) what are friends for? Steve said it was the birth control pills, so I quit taking them:)))) not long after we were married I got pregnant with Alicia, boy was I sick….I actually was about to miss carry when Steve took me to Balboa Hospital where the Dr. told Steve he need to do a d&c that I had lost too much blood and would never carry the baby, I was 3 1/2 months pregnant…..I was too young to even understand what he would be doing but I was scared and home sick and wanted to go home, so I did, I went to my Dr. who gave me the year supply of birth control pills:) and he put me to bed and on iron, I stayed sick the whole pregnancy but little Alicia was fine:) I came home in Sept. of 1973 and my daddy was hurt in a const accident Oct. 23rd, his birthday and past away November 10th that year.  I was so glad I had come home, I am not sure how I would of been had I not. I had one last 30 days with him.  Steve came home when he past and then he went over seas, when he was home I went to Wilber D. Mills, at the time a state rep. and got him out of the military, I must of acted crazy now that I think of it, BUT Steve would not get out, he felt it was his duty to serve, I felt I needed him home……..trouble……..he was gone and I had Alicia, she was four months old when he came home, again I had not been with Steve but 3 months or more so I was not in love with him or really knew him, I knew we had fun together and I was starting to love him but he had not been there for me when he would not get out of the Navy so I was hurt.  I stilled cared for my finance and would run into him from time to time. When Steve got home I had been living with mother still and we moved into our own place, we started being a family and I started falling in love with him….I got pregnant and I miscarried, then got pregnant again with Sean, got pregnant again and miscarried. We had just bought our first home in Sherwood, we thought a boy and a girl, we have our little family, then I got pregnant with Alex…..this time we knew for sure we had our family and Steve had a vasectomy……..I had three children by the time I was  22 years old…….I still had commitment issues…….and I was feeling trapped as a mother and wife, I started partying and drinking and doing what I wanted, I married young and felt I had missed out on life… then I got into some trouble with a friend of mine, that night I went to bed and woke up to a voice saying “BE HONEST” I thought who said that, Steve was asleep and it was just me, I hear it again, I said God is this you???????  I got up and got the big family white bible and opened it to Rom. 10:9 &10 it reads, to confess Jesus and you shall be saved, I asked God to help me that night, I was miserable, I love my children and sorta loved Steve but felt trapped.  God changed me that very moment, I woke Steve up and told him I got saved, I thought you had to do that to make it work, because it said confess:))) Steve said “well see” he was ready to divorce me, he had got on his knees a few nights earlier and prayed for God to do something or he could not keep going on in this marriage… NOW when GOD says be honest, He means be honest, so after a few days I ask Steve to go with me  and I told him everything about me and what all had happened since we have been married, I had been unfaithful and was in some legal trouble.  When we first married I was on probation for stealing a credit card with my friend, Bill McAuthor was my attorney and I got off with probation, was on probation when we married, had to ask the Judge if I could leave the state:) After God woke me that night I called Bill Mcauthor and told him what I had done and I had gotten saved and wanted to make it right…..he helped me again and again I found mercy and was never charged.  Now for me to be honest meant telling the truth which was foreign to me and hard for me, I had issues:) After sharing everything with Steve he wanted a divorce for sure…….I knew when God said be honest and if was I could go to prison, be divorced, lose my children…it was a major risk but God was so real to me I knew He had me in His hands and that brought me peace and happiness for the first time like I never knew before so I obeyed Him.  Just so you’ll know Steve had not been a saint in the marriage either…he was honest with me, I thought how can he so judge me when he did what he did…but I just stayed quiet and prayed.  There was a major change in me, I called my dear friend Linda and told her I got saved and I started going to Indian Hills Baptist church with her, I was totally accepted and I had found a church home I love and they taught me so much, I learned the bible stories as I teached in the children’s learning center, Steve began going although he said he would never go to a Baptist church, he was Methodist:) but he did:))) I actually had a love for Steve that was God given and my children, I loved being a mother and realized the role I had in their lives. Steve began to enjoy the church and we finally joined in June of 1976.  Now I wanted another baby so bad but could not have one, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy  when I found out I was pregnant with Hannah, I knew Steve would think the worst and I knew I had not done the worst so I was in shock when Dr. Simmons said I was pregnant but I was so excited, I had Dr. Simmons call Dr. Moore who did Steve’s surgery three years ago and I picked him up at work on his lunch and took him there. sure enough he had sperm:)) After Hannah, came Jared, Hannah was four months old when I found out I was pregnant with Jared, I did not know how I could love another baby and I cried and cried, Dr. Simmons helped me through that:) when he was born the love was instant and I was so thankful! During all this time of marriage, Steve and i always had a great sex life that kept us together, plus five children:) we had our ups and downs as all marriages.  When Alicia was 18 yrs. old I had just about had all Steve I could do, Steve was not in touch with his emotions and any time you showed emotions you were a martyr:( he was of the mind set, when the going gets tuff you pull your self up by your boot strips and go on……I was of the mindset I could not even find the boot strips, I had no grace to go on and was angry and decided to leave him, I went and talked our Pastor and told him, he started to cry, I said I just do not care if we all go to hell in a hand basket I can not keep doing this, I am miserable so is Steve so are my children…….Steve always worked long hours to provide for us and was in a tense job for years when all this was going on. We were very active in church and trusting God to help us…but I was at my wits end living with someone who would not let me be me or my children be them.  On the way home from the meeting with the Pastor i hear a radio ad for Marriage Encounter, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart and I told God ok I will go but this is it…..we went and it changed our life and marriage, where I thought there was not even a spark,,all was dead and I was nub…there was, it only takes a spark to get a fire going…..and God taught us both in that weekend how to communicate in our marriage, He taught Steve how emotions are good, we saw what made each other tick and how to respond to each other….it changed our life then and had kept it changed.  I could not believe how you can go from where I was to so much hope in a weekend, I sat and cried through the whole thing, the people did not even know I could talk…..

That was the beginning of a wonderful marriage…..Steve became my very best friend, he knew all about me and accepted me, I knew all about him and accepted him, not that we did not have disagreements, we do, but we care enough for each other to let us have our identity and our opinions..even if they differ.  Steve was a God send into my life and my life is forever changed..I love him dearly and I am in love with him, I till get excited when he holds my hand, I love caring for him…..marriage is not based on love or your feelings they will always change but on commitment, we took divorce out of our options and said we would work though it all and we have.  Now I still get mad and I still sometimes think…….what the heck, I am outta here but it is far and few between and God gets hold of me, it is usually me wanting my way when I do not need my way:)  Marriage is something you work on daily, it is wonderful to be married to my best friend, my lover and a wonderful father and daddy grand…glad we stuck it out and made our selves work though all the problems that marriage has…..I am so blessed with Steve and our children and grand children….God has been Faithful to me.  There is so much more I could share but these are the highlights/dim lights of my marriage, looking forward to growing old with my hubby! Hugs

Friday, April 16, 2010

Restfull Friday

when Max saw us:)))

yum yum

1st school house

Max and daddygrand at lunch

Max and his teacher

Today has been a day of family, rest and food:) Steve and I went to Max's school for lunch, his school is really nice and the teachers are great, they have alot going on in that school:) the halls are inviting with all kinds of stimulus. We enjoyed being with him. He does not want us to leave:( but tomorrow Have a full day of work, so gotta get back in the swing of it, but sure enjoyed my day. After we left the school we went to the historic downtown area, it was neat, lots of shops and some neat places to eat, they have a train station and you can ride the train:)) also the first school house. Then came home and took a long nap, then worked in Hannah's yard, have a blister on my hand, I never work in the yard but really enjoyed it, then just chilled with the best dinner, Hannah and Mark grilled shrimp, Hannah marinated them in the Chili's recipe:) Steaks and Salmon, Cesar salad and french good:) Then I was done for and just sat and played on ready for bed.....Hugs and nite

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday and liking it!


me and Max, Blake, Olivia...........I miss them so much:)

ooops, front door, side ways:)

Covered patio, she has a big back yard

House is four bedrooms, three baths, lg. family room, wonderful kitchen, formal dinning.....they love it and so do I!

Well I did not go to sleep last night till 3ish and got up at 7ish:((( so I am tired tonight, will go to bed early:) Have some pics of Hannah's home, she has it all so nice, still has some pics to hang but she has got it real straight. They love it here, Max loves his school here and the kids have settled in, so has Hannah and Mark, Mark loves his job and they love him! Today has been a frustrating day in some areas, sometimes it makes me think why do I do this business???? But then I think it through and think how rewarding it is when I help people with the biggest investment of their life and walk them through it. The to see their dreams come true in their home ownership, it such a rewarding feeling so I keep on keeping on, but if all days were like today I think I would forget the feeling and think I outta here......there is a saying no good deed goes unpunished and it feels very true today, I came to the place to say I give up, if it closes it close and if not it will just not close, I have done all I can.......Steve and I and April left and came to Van Buren for the night to see the grand babies and mark and Hannah, the babies were yelling Nana and daddygrand and just ran with arms open wide grabbing us, smiling ear to ear:) I loved it! I would like living in Northern Arkansas if all my children did:))) Well we are going to watch a movie and then to bed for me:) all is well in my household and I hope it is in yours!

Ok, I have some homes I need sold, on in Sherwood on Wildberry, very nice home, hardwoods and just totally cared for, I need it sold so they can buy my listing on Flintrock, please pray with me the right buyer for the Wildberry home:)))) and a buyer to come soon:)) I pray for all my listings and I know God send me business, I meet the neatest people, that is a reward of this job and I love it, in thinking I would not do anything else, I just need to learn to let go of the abusive buyers/sellers and let someone else help them instead of striving, I then fall into my counselor mode:( which you bout have to be to get through some closings....any how pray for this house to sell:)) have one on Flight ct. the seller needs sold like yesterday, she is a older lady and transferred to China, so pray a buyer in for that one:) tks for the prayers:)))) hugs and nite!

Full Wednesday!

This morning started early, I had two listings to do and take pics of two other listings, got two offers and listed two homes, guess it was a day of twos:) You never know in this business what your day holds, showed property till 8ish then went to Mother’s to check on them. I was really struggling with seeing Walt, I decided it was because I figured he would reject me and no one likes rejection:) but to my surprise he was kind and thankful I came and brought them fried pork chops for their dinner tomorrow night.  I was relieved to find him in a nicer frame of mind:) they seemed to be doing ok, mother ask Walt if they had dinner and he said yes:( so I hope they had.  Just hard to know what to do, I did send the wills to my friend who is an attorney, Kay’s friend never called me back with any advice after I broke my neck to get the wills to him:( but thats ok cause I know my friend and trust her.  I am going to be married 38 years the 27th of April and I am sooooooo excited we are going to Panama City Beach Florida that day till Sunday!! Yea, I have needed the ocean!! Plus the time with Steve will be wonderful!   Tomorrow afternoon after my board meeting we are going to Hannah’s for the night:) Blake is potty trained now:) I am going to get him some big boy underwear:)  Have to take some pics of her home for you.  Jared and Jenn have their home looking beautiful, their paint colors are just stunning with their furniture, I love having them there, I am getting to see the girls so much more, Steve is teaching Peyton to go around with him when he is doing things, she gets hot and comes in:)) typical girl:)) he says he will get her trained……hummmm.  I am enjoying them!! Well of to bed, I am a sleepy head…….38 years of marriage blog is in the making:) hugs and nite

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunny Shiney Day!

These past few days have been so nice, warm, sunny and just the right amount of wind! The Averiit's have moved in next door, the girls will spend their first night in their own beds tonight. They went to Jenn's mothers Friday and came home Sunday, then spend Sunday night here, since Jenn and Laila had the tummy bug I was worried that Peyton was feeling sick, she was in bed with Steve and I and would whimper in her sleep and sorta hiccup, I had Steve get a towel and bowl in case, once I was trying to go back to sleep and Peyton turned into me and was so sweet, I thought PLEASE do not throw up all over me, in which she did not and she has been fine:)) Thank the Lord! Its been hectic but a good hectic around here, the kids have been in and out with Jared and Jenn moving, different ones helped move and I cooked for them all, which I love to cook and love it more when people eat it! In which they did, I made a roast, potatoes, carrots one night, chicken and dumplings and green beans, then tac0 salad and cheese dip, tonight was the very best, fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas and made english peas, in which I do not eat, whole nother story:) rolls and a yummy strawberry short cake with pie crust:)) Jenn's nanny is here so I was glad she could come and eat with us, I will probably get to see them more with Jared and Jenn next door, but just realized I will not get to see Regina as much, that is Marks mother:((((
Open house was great yesterday, although I did not get a offer, I had a good turn out and possible buyers interested:) I need it sold:) I had and appraisal come in 12.500.00 low in PARKHILL....I am so sick of low is so hard to get people loans then now to have such a problem with appraisals, I challenged it and got him up, so my deal will stay together but it is such a hassle to do all that, I am just thankful I had an appraiser that would listen and look at my comps:) Tomorrow is sales meeting and its not going to rain...YEA!!! Will be a full day of fun, looking at new properties and getting offers accepted! I wrote a offer last night and t house got three offers on it:((((( we will be in counter. Got two offers on my Indian Hills listing, trying to make it work:) it is busy in real estate right now. I am thankful I can do it form my home so I can help Jenn and Jared this week, her Nanny is here to help now, I know Jenn loved having her here. So its work in the office for me:) Well I have not been back to mothers in a week, feel guilty but having a hard time going, I talk with her daily and Kay has been but I know I have to walk in there and face and love and accept Walt. I have some dinners to take over so maybe I can do that tomorrow, I thought of going tonight but was so ready to sit in my chair in my quiet home and watch TV and blog and play poker on face book:) so I did!!
Best run and get me some strawberries and play poker cause I may not stay up much longer:) hugs

Friday, April 9, 2010

birthday pics

anna's birthday      Sarah made these…did she not do a great job???? and they taste good as they look!  annabdcake

Anna’s own personal cake

anna bd Anna, Sean, Cole


I am sorry I have not posted for awhile, I have been so caught up in work, play, Grand babies and being a mother and wife I have not taken the time to post.

I am in a better frame of mind since my last post. I have checked on mother and made roast and potatoes and carrots for their dinner tonight and when I talked to Kay she had too and was taking it to them:)) funny! It still has me real bothered on what to do. My sister's attorney friend we went and talked to weeks ago had never got back with us, I think I will seek out new legal advice......C do you do this kind of legal stuff???? C is one of my friends who reads the blog:)) I kept Laila and Peyton last night and some of today, then they went to their Meme's house while Jenn and Jared move this weekend. I have Mika here, she is sleeping in the baby bed, she is still so little, six weeks old:)) I love all the snuggling:) We went to Anna's 10th birthday party tonight, the Diehl's and Averitts had it together this year which is a work of the Lord for all of us to do that, not that we did not get along but due to pain of divorce we just have not done that, so it was nice fro Anna to have her mother and daddy together wit all the families and of course Sarah, Sarah made the best cup cakes, I will have to post a pic of them, they were so pretty and special for Anna!! The man Sherry dates who is a special person, Roger was there too and it all went very well. I am thankful Anna has so many people who love her!! She is one special little girl! The we went with Alex and Jill and miss Amelia to Red Lobster, they took us out:)) then home and Steve is in bed and I am not far behind him! April had broke up with Seth, she feels that God has a work to do in Seth to make hi the man she is to marry and Steve and I agree, this has not been easy for her and Seth is acting a fool about it all, so keep them in your prayers. April for one is only 19 and still is trying to figure out what to do with her life:)) she is at her life long friend birthday party tonight with her girlfriend's, that will be fun for her and I hope they all keep their head on straight and not get into trouble:O Well best go ...nite and hugs

Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Correction:)

I am so thankful God loves me enough to correct me! I had a wonder Easter day with my children and Kay's family, we went to church as you know Sat. night so we stayed in Sunday morning, felt strange on Easter fro sure. Mark and Hannah was here and he was going to mow his yard and I said NO not on Easter Sunday morning:) He did not mind. Have some Easter pics to add later. Then about 1:30ish the kids all came buyt Sean and his family, he had to work and Sarah stayed with her family, I really missed them, I just know when one of my babies and their babies and wife is not here:( Anna had gone to Dallas with her mama and pawpa. We had a great day, had a big egg hunt! Victoria found the prize egg, I did not tell her either, mater of fact I did not hid them and those that did had no ideal which was the prize egg:) So proud of me! After that we went to Journey Church, Alex had a good msg. and we took the Lord's supper it was a special time. THEN Alica and I went to mothers and Walt's. Alicia distracted mother while I spoke with Walt about moving. This did not go well, he was very rude and crotchety old man........he will not move due to the neighbors which I totally do not understand him in this, other then he maybe never intended on moving and just was going along with it, which is not like him either unless he is more cunning then I give him credit for. I talked to him about a episode mother had a few days ago in her memory, and that she will only get worse and how safe the street is where Jared's house is, he told me he had said his peace and was finished talking so shhhhhush! I sat quite for a little while then I said what about what I have to say or my peace? He said mine did not matter, he owned his home and he had made a decision and for me not to say one more I got up and I did say, I do not think you are making the right decision for mother......then I went to the kitchen and prepared his dinner in which he had requested, it was all I could do to even take it to him and I had to pray to be able to do that, then he would not eat it and told me to take it back.....which I did. Upon leaving Alicia went in the den where is sits 24/7 to tell him bye and I knew in my heart I had to do that and tell him I love him....nothing in me wanted even to say anything to him, he was in my mind the way he had been most of their marriage.....BUT I did...of course he just gave me a go to hell look and we left. I cannot tell you how mad I was, or maybe fearful...not sure..I know my feelings were hurt, I had thought we had come a long way, but I can see real quick where it is at......I declared in my heart I would not help him at all, I would not pay another bill even if something got shut off, Walt and mother have excellent credit and money but mother does not know how to pay bills now and Walt doesn't, mother gives them to him and he just sits them beside his chair, he does not even deposit his checks, last time I took 8 checks to the bank from dec till I thought to hell with it......the only thing I would do is make sure mother eats and takes her meds. which means someone has to go daily.......mother's blood pressure is like 180/150...stoke level if she doesn't take her blood pressure meds. BUT she cannot remember and neither can he.........SO ths was my frame of mind last night....then I ask the Lord to please help me, He reminded me He can move mountains that He is mighty to save! This morning when I woke up, my thought was it is easy to love the lovely but what good is that? It is hard to love the unlovely and that is what I am to do.......I do love Walt but I love my mother more and want her cared for, as she is she will not live much longer, she is 90pds or less....:( so today God has given my scriptures all day....I called to check on mother and she was trying to cook Walt's dinner....she did not even know what she was cooking.......sometimes I think maybe its good she is still trying.......maybe he is right.....I just do not know. I do know I have to be nice and trust the Lord to give me the wisdom I need in caring for them both.............pray as God brings this to mind....I need Him to move mountains:) and HE CAN!! Today I had a great day at work, showed property then got all my paper work done and turned in!! YEA!! Been a busy week and a full day tomorrow.......Keep April in your prayer too, she and Seth have broke up and her heart hurts, she knows it is the right thing to do, Goad had a work to do in them both......hugs and nite!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Great day in Sherwood

Today has been so pretty, we started it by going to Jack’s baseball game only to get there and find we were the only ones there due to the rain we had last night:) I then went to Wal-Mart and got some last minute things I needed for Easter.  My seller on Goshen had fallen last night and I took lunch over and enjoyed a visit with her, we did get her home sold today:) YEA!! Then came home and filled Easter eggseaster kays party 001 the prize egg is tiny weenie, itty bitsy, guess I will let someone else hide it, since I can not keep a secret;))) Hannah and Mark and the babies got here and we went to Mercy Cross for the Saturday Easter Worship service, it was such a special time, Kay’s children came and Colin and Alicia and her family, we all went to Casa Mexicana to eat for Kay’s birthday afterwards, what fun that was:) they had a band and Colin and Kay danced:) it was a song they knew and like years agoeaster kays party 024 such a sweet pic of them:) Most of the gang was there, my boys all had plans tonight so it was the girls and their families with us:)easter kays party 013 Big group and lots of fun and good food!

Easter is such a special time of the year, we remember what our Lord and Savior did for me and you and the pain and agony he went through for me and you, I am so thankful He calls me friend, I would not know what to do with out Him in my life!  Thank you Lord Jesus for being our Friend and Savior….to God be the Glory!! Tomorrow night looking forward to hearing Alex preach at Journey Church! hugs and nite

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who is in control?

If you read yesterday’s blog you know I had my day all planned out.  I got up early and went to do my walk through, felt yucky and my low back was hurting, then started feeling worse, went to the closing, then to office, I knew I could not take another step, let them know I could not do CE and came home, turned my phone off, went to bed by 9:00am and woke about 2ish, very achy and sick, took temperature had 101 and very nauseated.  Went back to sleep till 9pm when Steve woke me and took some Tylenol and went back to sleep till this am. I think my body just shut down.  Today I feel weak but much better, back is still bothering me but better, just took a Jacuzzi bath and got dressed.  I guess it just goes to show you can just turn the phone off and crash and the world goes on as if you were right there:)  Steve will take mother and Walt today to Jared’s house so he can measure.  I do have a appointment this evening at 7ish that I hope I make:)

April 2001 is when my first grandson arrived, his name was William Wyatt Averitt, I have been sad today but know I will see him in Heaven::)william wyatt God has been so faithful to my family in seeing us though the valley of the shadow of death…….there is son shine in the valley, you just have to look for it:)sunset

Looking forward to my family coming over for Easter, it should be a pretty day and a great family time:) We will go to Mercy Cross Easter church Sat. at 5ish then family come over Sunday after noon for lunch and Easter egg hunt for the babies:) I love hiding eggs, it has been a long time tradition my brother started to put money in the eggs, so I have carried it out, prize egg is ten dollars!!  My secret is usually telling where the prize egg is to someone, maybe this year I can keep it a secret:) not sure though!  I may have to do two prize eggs so I can tell one and not tell the other:) Have great day!! HUGS