Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Honor and Memory of my Mother

It will be two years of her passing this Sept. 28th, which is so hard for me to believe, I miss her all  the time.  My mother changed my life.  I never thought of the day when she would need me to be her caregiver growing up. When that day comes it changes everything, I would not change one minute of it, I cherish the wonderful nights I slept with her, would wonder and beg God to help me when I thought I could not do it for one more minute, thankful for my husband Steve who loved her as much as I did and cared for her as his own mother.

I am ever so thankful that we will be together in Heaven.  Upon mother's death she was ready to go, she had fought the good fight. I will always treasure her last breath, as she gazed into Heaven and had the brightest smile, one last look at my sister and I and she walk into Heaven's gates.

Alzheimer's steals everything about you, it leaves you helpless, totally dependent upon others to help you. You do not understand what is happening to you, Mother did understand one thing, she was loved and no matter what nothing not even ALZ could still the Love of God in her soul. She always knew God's touch and He was always with her till He took her home.
 When you can't keep her in bed, you just have to get in there with her:)
 Smooches from Mika, mother loved all the grand children
 April Bale and Alex loving on mother in her last days on earth
 Walk to END ALZ!

 Amelia singing to mother, a few days before she entered into Heaven



 Mother telling Dr. she is feeling good and doing fine:)
 Mother's brother's and sister's
 God please find a cure

 My brother Jimmy
 My sister Kay
 My mother, beautiful inside and out
 The love of my life, whom loved and cared for my mother, she loved him more that me:) He could get her to do anything!
 Mother, Connie and grand girls, they live next door
 Mother dancing with her brother Ed.
 Mother holding her baby me resting:))) Sorry for side ways pic, but at the time my life felt sideways:)
 A surprise from Santa
 Dancing night:)
 Mother at church holding Sydney
 Mother with Grand girls at Clay's wedding
 Mother 84 pds. :( we fattened her up!

 This card hit home.

 Steve dancing with mother, Mother loved to dance
 Wonderful care givers, Faye and Connie.
 Mother loved the Grand girls living next door.
 Mother loved her babies:)
 Playing Ball doing rehab.

 Reading a scripture Picture in her room. She read them every day:)
Life is not the same with her not here, our family is not the same after going through this time, I pray it will be some day. If I could share one thing  about this time, is it is the hardest time of your life, you will give when there is nothing to give until your empty and spilled out. At the same time you would not have it any other way. I will always wonder did I make the right decisions, and I have to believe I did with the guidance of the Lord being my strength and the council I sought. One thing I do know I have let my self grieve and enjoy the memories of my precious mother. I enjoy her daily in her China cabinet and table, I hear her in my heart in my sweet memories. Mother always had fresh flowers and I continue that on her table......I love fresh flowers too!

  Mother's table and China Cabinet

When mother moved in with us, we moved it here and I sold mine, at the time I really did not want it, because it is way to big for the area it is in, I loved the one I had, but I knew mother still recognized it, she would say, those are my tea pots, or is this my table?  Her and Walt custom ordered it, I would say yes!  We would look at the tea pots and talk.....I now cherish it!

Blessed is my mother! Mother, I will see you soon, until then I will see you in every penny I find, since pennies are from Heaven! I will hear you in my heart, I will feel you when I sleep in your room, I will continue to miss you, but allowing God to mend my broken heart.  I loved you with all my heart and so very thankful for the last years of your life that I could care and love on you daily!! Your my momma and always will be, even when your in Heaven!!