Monday, March 30, 2009

I am going on a CRUISE!

Carnival Triumph
Miami, FL ,Sunday May 3rd, 2009
Western Caribbean: Miami, FL ; Fun Day At Sea ; Cozumel, Mexico ; Fun Day At Sea ; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands ; Ocho Rios, Jamaica ; Fun Day At Sea ; Miami, FL
I am so excited!! I am going with my sister friend Sherry Maxwell! I was unsure of leaving Steve here for so long, but he gave his blessings, what a great mother's day gift for me!! I am a little nervous because I have never been gone that long form all my family and I do get home sick easily:) BUT I do think I can manage!! Just think NO CELL PHONE!! Oh My Lord I will not know how to act!! Sherry's boss Jay Amberg and his wife Brandi are going so she wanted to go too and we are:) YEA!! Then if I do like cruising, we will have to go with Steve on one, he has never been on a cruise either.
Today is a totally blur, but I do remember being able to walk snake hill at 6:30am without having to stop to rest!! YEA! The off to the LR office to do a class the to a subdivision I am listing, then show property then to Cabot to show the house I had open Sunday and I think I have a buyer for and then my easy street house 8401 new listing not even 24 hours old got a offer and I think the buyer will accept the sellers counter! Tomorrow we will tour the easy street house we own and hope to sell it real fast too!! After Cabot I went to NLR office to work out offer on easy street then went to the sellers home and presented it, then went to our easy street and spit shined it so it Will be ready for the market tomorrow! Now I am home and for sure tired and ready for bed:) Its been a busy day but a good one, I feel like I am forgetting to say something but ole well:) NITE! NITE!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Open House today!

Huge Pond stocked with fish
rear porches, has wrap around porches

side porch

family room, all rooms have windows galore

85 Ridgefield, Ward, off hwy. 89 to hwy. 31, about 7 miles form hwy.89, not to far on 11.1/2 acres and 5 1/2 more beside if you want more!! $499,900, bring me a buyer!! IT IS THE BEST STEAL OF A HOUSE WE HAVE LISTED!


Oh my I can not decide what to do, I want to go to church but I am behind on easy street house, so I may work there, then off to my open house in Ward, right near Cabot. I have a feature ad in today's paper so Hope to sell it, I sold the last house with a feature ad! At the open house!! SO many things I need to do, today Apache Will be put with another horse and I want to be there for that, then Easy street has to get ready fro a Monday deadline, we will tour it Tuesday and I need to stage it and stain it, Steve has a lot to do on it too, then I want to go to church and I have Sean and his family here and I want to be with many things I want to do, plus I have to show property too, in which is not a decision for me it and open house are a yes. So we will see what wins out on the other:) I had Cole and Anna last night, Sean and Sarah went to a wedding and just spent the night here, they are still asleep, Anna just got up to I will not be here long and spend some time with her, she is growing up sooooo fast!! She loves her some Cole, she is so good with him! Well off to make some decisions!! I cannot find my house pics, will look later:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NOTHING taste as good as healthy feels!

Yahoo! It has been a year since I went to Mexico to have lap band surgery. I cannot believe it! This time last year I would have been recovering in my hospital room. I decided to write a journey of my past year, hope it will help any one who struggles with weight. I posted my pic from the Awards of Excellence from 2008 in Feb and the on this year 2009 in Feb. Since that pic I have lost a few more pd..:)

The changes in me: I am starting to see me again in me, I see my nose and dimples and looks I have that I have not seen in years, I had forgot them:) I can cross my legs when I sit, I can get off the floor and actually sit on the floor if I need too, not a thing I do often:) I can hold my grand babies with out felling like it is too much weight, I can walk and breath at the same time, I can jog, I have more stamina and so much more energy, I feel good and healthy, I do not hurt all the time, my knees do not hurt, I fit in chairs and have room on each side of my butt:)) not going over the chair:) I wear a size 16 instead of a 24-26!! YEA!! I still have some double chin but not a quadruple one! OK, my hair is still gray but I like it:))

My Journey started February 2008, I had seen the TV ad for Lap Band procedure and thought I want to do that, I am so sick of my weight, it affects everything I do, I weighed 276 pounds, the largest I had ever been in my life. My family doesn't have weight problems and growing up I struggled to weigh a 100 pounds by the time I was a senior in high school. Of course all I ate was ice and McDonald's French fires;) I did not know I liked Mexican or steak or Chinese because I would not try it:(( go figure! I was always very active in riding horses and out door things, I weighed 120 pd. when I married Steve and I had fought to put on 10 pd. when I did that. AS years went on I had babies and gained weight and then since 2004 I put on 76 pounds. I have never made my self be disciplined for any period of time, I just gave in to what ever I wanted and it showed in my health and weight. SO off to Mexicali Mexico I went, now some ask why there??? Are you nuts??? I researched out Dr. Aceves and found him to be the leading surgeon in bariatric surgery, he also taught some of the US doctors this surgery. I checked out the Almater Hospital for death rates and infection rate, it was better the our US hospitals of the same size, so off I went and I am so thankful I did. The medical care was superb, I have never had that good of care and the staff was so gracious and kind, the Drs. were wonderful, I did not have a language barrier and they do complete pre testing and after testing before you go home, it is a two day hospital required stay, not out pt. like here in the US. Plus it is half the price, in which helped me a lot, I think my cost was 8400.00 dollars and the plane ticket to San Diego. Coming home was not too bad, I got a wheel chair at the airport and that helped a lot, plus you board first:) I was weak and had low energy, was sore from the surgery but doing well, I could not drink very much at all and I thought if this is all I can do then I will never get to eat again, had some feelings of what will I do when I get stresses or emotional???? I am and emotional eater and usually high fat, fast foods, something to help quick. I also had faint feelings if I did not eat right then when I was hungry or thought I was hungry, my body had a chemical thing going on. I have found my eating was tied to several things in my life, stress, emotional, when I feel out of control I just want to cram 100 burgers in my mouth or something. Since I can not do that I have recognized a lot of areas in me that need some help:) So I started doing other healthy things to help me with this, one I am walking and have a goal to run in the LR Marathon next March, ok....not the 27 miles but part of it, I train three times a week or more so I will be ready, this walking has been a big help to me to relieve stress and give me time to think through what is going on in my life. When I feel I just have to eat, I do but something healthy, IF I can, sometimes when I am stressed my band will tighten and I can not even drink, this happened when my dear friend past away and He and I had just had a come to Jesus talk in his ICU room, I had to be strong in front of him, I am good at holding it all in and being strong then later need help my self, this does not do well with the lap band. So I took some deep breaths and calmed my self and was able to drink tea but no food.......later it was fine. This is the hard part for me, because I thought food was my friend but I am learning it was not. I basically can eat anything I want, but I keep in mind, is this good and healthy for me since I do not eat much, I do not use my calories on junk food, you still have to have will power and lots of prayer to do this. There is no quick fix to a weight problem. Weight comes off by diet and exercise, just like they say:) I have found some times when I eat, I can not eat much and other times I know it is more then I should be able to eat, my weight has been steady at about 1 1/2 pd. a week, some weeks I have not lost and get discouraged that I did not, but inch by inch its a cinch is what I tell my self! I have 56 more pounds to lose to be at 140 pd. this should have me in a size 12 and be in better shape, I cannot even began to tell you how much better I feel, before surgery it hurt to walk, move and I was totally not able to run, climb or get up off the floor with out help, now I can stand up in a chair if I need to change a light bulb, I can jog, I can walk without pain and fast:0 I remember when I first crossed my legs, I was in the family room talking to Jenn and I crossed my legs, she looked at me funny and i thought Oh my Lord, I can cross my legs!! I was so excited, Jenn said she looked funny because she had never seen me sit like that, I told her it is because my legs were to fat to do it!! Most thinner people have no ideal what we go trough being over weight, there are so many restrictions and I would tell my self I was healthy and could do what ever I wanted but I could not. I still cannot pull my self onto the horse, I have to stand on a box to get on, I cannot wait until I can do that again!! I have gained strength in my arms and legs, I do have a lot of sagging areas but I am working on it daily, I will just not look to good skin wise but I will be healthier and when the time comes I may just get it cut off!! Depends on how bad it looks, they say wait a year after you are at your goal weight. So we will have to wait and see on that one!
One other thing, my cholesterol and triglycerides and glucose, hdl and ldl are all normal and so is my blood pressure! I never take meds for pain or sleeping, when my head hits the pillow I am out! I do take liquid vitamins that the Dr. suggested and they really help. I drink almost a gal. of water a day and I would of NEVER thought I would of quit drinking diet coke, I had them when I went to bed and when I woke up and in between, I am amazed at how your taste really does change when you go a month on a liquid diet, that is what you do the first month, but it is needed to let you lap band Heal:) and you eat clear the first week, non clear the 2nd, mush foods the third soups and puddings, ect the fourth and mush food the 4th, I did what the Dr. told me to do and still follow their advice daily. My life has changed so much in my eating habits, I do not eat salt or sugar and do not miss it!! I limit my self totally on junk food and eat good food, I eat mostly chicken, or fish, lots of veggies, salad, soups are still my favorite!! Drink juices and un sweet Tea!! Hardly no breads and limit my food intake. With the Lap Band you can have it and never lose a pound if you do not use it to your best interest, I could eat small meals all day long, once the food has gone into the stomach you can eat again, and you can eat and throw it up if you want to....BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT when you have paid the price to go thru surgery to have it help you lose and maintain your weight????? I know some who struggle with this and I say you need to get counseled BEFORE this surgery so you will understand what your weakness are and know why you turn to food for a fix in your life then settle it in you mind BEFORE you have the surgery, it isn't a quick fix as I said it is a life style change you have to be ready to do it or you can blow this too. SO it you are thinking of this surgery feel free to talk to me and I will walk you through it. Its a wonderful change that gave me my life back, I want to thank Dr. A and all the wonderful kind people at Almater Hospital who helped me change my life! I have not had any problems with my lap band and I am so thankful I made the choice to change my life and you gave me the tools to do it! Byron and Marilyn McKimmey I want to thank you fro always being there, telling me I look good and helping me find Linda again!! I want to thank my sweet husband who is always there for me and will stop what he is doing to do what I want:)) I thank my children who have been a blessing and encourager in my life during this process of my journey!! I can do this walking hand in hand with my friends and family, thank you McKimmey Associates Realtors for being there for me, I need the accountability! I cannot wait till next year to see what I look like and how I will feel!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day after Jared's Birthday! Fabulous Friday!

My Jared's Birthday and My Jenn's is March 31st, these are two peas in a pod!! They could of been twins!!
My Averitt girls and my fat legs thet carry me struggling up snake hill and back, someday they will be skinner! Thye have too, they do not have a choice!

Nana and her Laila baby!!

My sweet Peyton and her contagious smile, she is just too cute and has such a personality to match her smile!

Today starts early for me, showing property at 8:45am, and hope to write a offer!! My home is clean thanks to my beautiful daughter April Rebecca, she really did a good job and it needed it! I have my candles burning and music in the back ground and all is quiet here, I love quiet mornings when everything is clean and I have Chocolate Raspberry Coffee that I am drinking! Fresh flowers on the table and I have already had my I am good to go, all my psychological needs should be met for me thru my sensory part of my brain!! Learned all that when working at Living Hope Institute! I feed those needs as I do my physical ones and spiritual ones, if I don't I can tell a big difference in me:) like someone else comes out in my when I get into stress....tee hee. I have pics of Peyton and Laila form yesterday, Peyton stayed on her horse Lucky almost the whole time I was there and Laila just played, they are both so cute and have such sweet gentle spirits, Peyton put her little arms up to me for me to pick up and when I did she just hugged my neck and cuddled me.....oOOOOhhhhhh those grand babies have my heart!! I wish I had known to cherish all that with my children instead of worrying about a clean house or dinner or being the perfect mother and all is spotless, you can never get a day back so enjoy your life each day and you family! As we all know it can change in a moments notice. UCHHHH!! I have to walk snake hill today and I am sooooo sore form lifting Apache back feet to clean his hoofs, and from working on Easy street, if I come to mind say a prayer for me, this is hard stuff but for once in my life I am making my body do what I think is best and having some discipline over it....a new thing for me;)) I am off to a worked filled but wonderful day on Friday!! Tally Ho!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Prepare ye the way, Prepare ye the way of the Lord! This is a song I woke up with on my mind this am, it is not unusual for me to wake with a song in my head, but this was and unusual song for me to wake up too, since I have not heard it in years and do not even know the words to it. I felt moved to share my experience in preparing ye the way in my heart. In 1976 I was asleep and in the middle of the night I actually heard the words BE HONEST, I thought what the heck and woke up and heard it again, now Steve was asleep beside me but he was asleep so I thought God is this you?? I then heard Romans 10 verse 9 and 10 and 11, I am telling you the truth in hearing this, it freaked me out but I got up and went to out living room and found our HUGE white family bible, the only one we had and looked up the scripture God had said, it said "with the heart one believes to righteous and will not be put to shame and the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him, WHOEVER calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. NOW I was probably on my way to prison for a theft charge on forged checks, yes, you heard me right, I had been arrested before when I was 17 and got on probation, not sure why I was so dishonest or stole everything I wanted, BUT I DID, I felt trapped by having three children and being a wife, I drank every day and when Steve would get home I was ready to leave him with the children and go party till wee hours of the morning, so I can understand WHY GOD SAID BE HONEST, I learned that meant to quit stealing, lying, drinking, and come totally clean in my marriage, I knew that meant I could go to prison and be divorced and lose my children. God was so real to me that I couldn't resist His love and correction in my life, I called the same attorney who helped me before and told him what I had done, I sat Steve down and told me all my secrets, knowing he may leave me and hehad decided to divorce me. I called my wonderful Christian friend who helped prepare ye the way of the Lord in my life, Linda Apple and told her God had saved me from the midst of my despair and I needed help. My life changed radically that night, the first time I went to the women's prison,, I cried the whole time I was there, because I knew God had spared me for some reason, ( no I wasn't in prison I went with a church group Ron Hale led, he ask me did I want to say anything and I told them when I heard the iron gate slam behind me it brought back memories when I went to jail, in which that did not change me, but God had spoke to me and changed me and when I heard the slam of the gates behind me to let me into the prison it over came me with the mercy God has had on my life, I should be where they are and do not know why I am not, I felt guilty that I wasn't and the God had mercy on me and my families life. I am so thankful! The Lord didn't let me get away with anything, I couldn't even tell a little lie without Him showing me it was wrong, He helped me quit stealing and lying and bar hopping and I did not need a drink by ten in the morning. I had a new found peace and love for mother hood and being a wife, still do:) This was one of the hardest times of my life, my marriage needed a miracle and I needed not to go to prison but did not know daily how it would all turn out, I just knew God was with me where ever I was and that would be enough. Needless to say God has changed my life forever, you know some say how do you know He is real and I say because HE changed my life and gave me the strength to heal from childhood wounds that were great in my life, He turn my weakens into strengths, I would not even speak out loud in public, my sister paid someone to be my friend in the 7th grade, GOD gave me confidence in who He is in me, do I still struggle?? Yes, but not with stealing, bar hopping or lying, God has kept me on a close rein in those areas and I am so thankful because without Him I would be just the same as before and would be miserable. I thank Him for being my friend and loving me just like I was, I thank Him for not letting Steve divorce me and for my children He has blest me with, and grand children, I thank Him for always being there for me in the valleys and hilltops, He is my best friend and I could not breath my next breath if I did not know He was in control of my life. For those who know me I am not a religious person, I am a spiritual person and take my faith serious, I also know I fail every day, my desire is to know and for you to know, we will never be prefect and we serve a wonderful loving Father who never expected us to be, that is why He sent His son Jesus!! PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD IN YOUR LIFE>

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My walking buddy Tami Freed, some day I will look like her:) YEA!!
OK so I forgot to turn the pic:( April's new horse blanket...perfect for a Indian baby:)

April's new saddle, she loved it!!

April on Apache and her new saddle and blanket, strips need adjusted:)

April first seeing her saddle, her senior gift from Steve and I, if you look close you might see Charlotte in the cob webs


This morning I got up and started working on a BPO, which is Broker Price Opinion on a property I may get to list, it is just like and appraisal and took me till 2:30pm to finish!! You have to have all the details and it is time consuming and a lot of tedious work, even on market absorption with lists and sells, in which I realized that we have about 96.1 % of the listing selling in the Sherwood that is GREAT news!!

After that I walked snake hill with Tami, we only did two miles today due to lack of time, but will do more next time, I will post you a pic of my walking buddy, she is really a wisdom filled spiritual woman and I have began to cherish my walks and talks with her. She is also a great agent i am training and she will run right past me, she is great in real estate too! I will go ahead and post her pic:) Got it there:) then after killing my self and for real thought I could not breath going up the hill, I started out fast and did not think I would make it but I did.......Yea God! April and I went to the barn and worked on Apache hoofs, in which when you hold the back leg he just puts his weight on you and it is all I can do to hold it up to clean his hoof!! The front are not so bad on his weight but the back is a man's work!! As you can see April loved her saddle, it was her graduation gift from Steve and i, I think it I put a Indian dress and and let her hair fall in her face she would look the real part!! We met some of the their horses, Apache is still in the pen by him self, next week he will meet another passive horse and go to the five acres, then if he does well he will be able to go on all the acres, so then it maybe a different story on getting him to come to us! Right now he will follow us like a dog does, he has such a good temperament, the best I Have had in a horse. Then off to bathe and go to Alicia's party at Crazy Hibachi, food was wonderful and AMy Gunnet made the best chocolate covered strawberries I have EVER ate! I should of took a pic of them, they were pretty too!! Well I am exhausted and going NITE NITE!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


FYI>>>Jill's was 1199, which is wonderful, this is some kind of level to tell them her pregnancy is healthy, she was 77 Saturday and we were looking for it to double by Monday!! YEA!!!! well Monday I got up at 8:30 and loved it, of course today I am back on track but who knows for tomorrow:) I went and took pics on my new listings yesterday and then had lunch with Pam Cupples at Carinos:) yummy shrimp artichoke ceasers salad! Then worked and later went to Searcy with Hannah's children while she and Mark worked on the house, Steve and I went to look at some saddles and bought a beautiful saddle for a great price, I will take a pic today for you to see:) or maybe tomorrow, I may not have time today:) April will love it. Then we took them all to the barn and let them sit and we lead Max and Apache, Olivia had the cute little sun suit on, when we got to the barn she was totally wet, I guess I needed to change her a few hours back;( so I stripped her down to a new diaper, all of the babies were so good and Blake is too funny!! He really thinks he is as big as Max is. We did sit him on the horse with Max or he would not have understood, since we had not saddled him, we just let hi sit on him instead of lead. We had big plans to saddle and let them ride as we lead them, BUT after the car trip and the hour at the man's house in Searcy looking at so many saddles and his horse, (I lifted so many saddles and they are heavy) plus I walked snake hill yesterday am and it bout killed me!! I was tuckered out! So we came home,about 7ish, I fed Olivia and Steve took the boys to Mc Donalds and to a house I listed to put the sign up:) then Hannah and Mark came home and took over, that is the most wonderful part of grand babies!! Yesterday someone told me I always had babies at my house and I guess I do but when you have 10 and a few more on the way...TE HEE you want to see them all so its like you have someone all the time:) BUT I LOVE IT!! when I am tired is just say no I need Linda time:) which I do get. OH YES, I had forgot to ell ya'll that April did get her enrollment in the Comanche Indian Roll, she has her CIB card, which is certified Indian Blood, we waited till she was 18 to make sure we did not have a problem with the Tribal Court on placing her with her tribe. When we adopted her we did go trough the Tribal Court too but always was afraid of enrolling her, I had seen where after years they have removed children to be in their tribe, it is a Federal Law that super cedes our state laws, anyway she is now a CIB Comanche Indian and Caddo!! so come on Scholarships!! well got to get to work....hugs

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am so excited the day has come for Alex and Jill to be pregnant and they are both so excited!! This has been a long journey for them and a hard one, I would just hurt for Alex and Jill when she would not be pregnant and all around her was just thinking of having a baby and they would be pregnant! A few years back I had told Alex that I knew God would give them a baby, I saw a lady from the back who I would of thought was Jill and she was looking at baby boy things and I felt in my spirit God told me Jill and Alex would be fine and she would one day have a baby, then when all the infertility started I would remember that, then again God did almost the same thing, except this time the lady who looked like Jill and was pregnant was looking at girl things, BUT the word I knew was Jill would have a baby, I just did not know when, last year the Lord told me she would be pregnant in March and when March came and went and she was not pregnant I thought ok what is the deal, I talked to Alex about it, but still knew she would be pregant, and I just now realized this March, is the March! So many times when the Lord shows us things we do not have the timing or the whole picture of what is going on, but I knew in my spirit Jill would get pregnant and I am so excited it is March and she is!!! I just want to squeal I am soooooo EXICTED!!! next step for Jill is to go to Dr. tomorrow and have her levels check, they are perfect right now and I believe will be tomorrow then when ready they do a ultrasound to See how many:) she stays with this Dr. till 10 week pg then will transfer to Dr. Simmons, who delivered Alex!!! Again I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! You know it is like when I would have another baby, I would get so excited, I love each one so much and love them all the same, that is how I feel about my grand babies too!!
Today Cary preached a great sermon and worship was real sweet, Steve did not feel to good so he stayed home, his back is really hurting him, he is looking forward to surgery April 9th. to repair his implant, then no more pain, he will be so relived and I will too, I hate to see him push him self so hard when he is hurting. We then worked on easy street and then went to the barn, Apache was wonderful and is loving his new stables, it is so close, April is excited to, plus Julia Faulk vet in NLR boards there and we can do trial rides together:)) so fun!! Tomorrow I walk at 7:30 and really do not want to wake up and do that but will:) I have not lost any weigh this week so I need to cut back on intake and exercise more:(((( aaaaghhhh!!!!! I will be so thankful when I arrive:)) well gotta take April to Hot Springs to spend the night with Derol and Ann May, Katherine and Rachael are there:) so off we go then to bed I go so NITE!! FROM A PROUD NANA!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thursday was almost a blur for me, I had Meetings at the NPBOR all morning then I came home and thought I have got to have Linda time so I left town with Sherry Maxwell, I had such a good time, I went to bed early and then today got up at 10:30am and would of still be asleep had her phone not rang, the room was dark, I love hotel rooms because of that!! Then I got my bath and ate lunch and went back to be for a nap and woke up about 5ish, I was exhausted! I love going with Sherry anywhere because she will just do her thing and you can do yours, so she even came in and took a nap too! I woke up before she did so I went and ate and ate then later she woke up and we came home;))It was a much need mental break for me. Now the good news is I have a buyer for the house I just listed on Trammel road!! YEA!! I will write the offer tomorrow and Sherry is doing their loan! Also have a listing appointment at 1:00 tomorrow in Sherwood. We will move Apache in the morning t his new stables too, so tomorrow afternoon I will go ride him and see what he thinks about it all!! Then we have to work on easy street house, it is open Sunday and we are not anywhere near ready!! BUT WILL BE. Keep praying for Jill, she will do her testing next week so we will know soon:) Well it after midnight so gotta go nite nite!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday night adn wore out:)

Today started with me teaching a class on talking to For sale by owners, then off to list a house and then to Newport to Bob's grand mother Ruby's funeral then to the office by 5 and off to Conway to list a house then to the house we just listed to present a offer, so I have been running all day:) BUT now I am home and have heated some of the soup Amy King made, I froze some, just wish I had her corn bread muffins!! It is so good, then I am off to bed!!! Hope your day was a great one!! Nite nite

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yea!!! answered prayer

Well this morning started at 5:00 am! which did not put me in the best frame of mind. I could not go back to sleep, or I could have but then would not have made sales meeting so I didn't. I hate it when you do not have to be up till 7:00am and get up at 5:00! I did work in listings and got some things done so early this am:) then off to sales meeting then property tour and a Brokers meeting, then showed property! Yea God! We found a stable who boards horses about five minutes from our home!! April can even drive to it!! We will move Apache this Saturday morning. I think this is so much a answered prayer, I had no ideal that there was a stable on this road and I have been by it so many times. April is excited too! Then went to get one of my daddy's saddles that my brother had, it is old but it was a real good leather saddle and Jimmy had it re done so it is in good shape. Then we went to Lugis to eat...yummy! and then by Easy street to get the trash all to the road and then home, Alex came over and he just left, Jill is in Springfield with her sister. Had a in depth talk with him which was really a god talk, I love him and he has a lot of wisdom for being such a young man, although he has been through God's fire and came thru it:) so he has a maturity most men do not have at his age. Well needless to say I am tired, tomorrow is another full day so I best go nite nte!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Madness

I knew today when I got up that I had probably over booked my self:) Something I do not mean to do but do it often. I walked this morning then off to the NLR office, I got a referral from Kennye Price on listing a home in Greystone, so I am so excited and another possible listing near me and then our easy street will be ready next week!! Oh yes, and one in Sherwood on Barber! So maybe I Will get some buyers too!! YEA!! I then took my 95 pound mother with all her clothes on to the Dr. to make sure she is healthy, she has alzheimer's and is doing well. I cooked all week end, tonight they had spaghetti and spinach salad with strawberries and home made rolls, then tomorrow is chicken and dumplings and Wed. I Will be back in LR and take them food for Wed., Thur., Friday and some home made soup and they can do pizza for Sunday:) I also got her boost to drink, good thing I like to cook!!:) I wish I could cram it all down my mouth on days like today:) I then went to the LR office and worked. Our wonderful horse that I got on a impulse does not get along with the 1yr fillies, he chases them and to put him in the stall, a stud is next to him and another horse on the other side and he is having social problems:) so we will be looking for him a boarding stable near us, so pray we find one, we need to move him by Friday:((( talk about stress!! I need a break for me with no problems or interuptions of me and me time:) Get my drift?? Steve will have surgery on his back April 9th, which is a good thing, he is getting his implant fixed a wire is loose and it is not working and he is in a lot of pain all the time. SO I will get my time before that:) Please keep Jill in your prayers that she continues to nourish the babies that were implanted and that they attached to her uterine wall:) and stay till they are full term and healthy. Also I am missing Jimmy Maxwell and I know his son and daughter and for sure Sherry are too, so keep them in your prayers. By the way April is seeing the light and has decided to forget Drew:) he has already moved onto one of her friends........go figure, he is 20! Well I am ready to watch dancing with the stars and go nite nite!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Way to Go APRIL!!

April Bivens and her cheer squad, Owen, Sawyer and Brock
Haley and April, running buddies

Well today was the Marathon and April Bivens did great! She did it in 2hrs and I think 26 or 22 minutes, she did the half marathon, I am so proud of her and to think I will do this next year excites me!! I would love to be bale to do the half my self!! It is very exciting to see the runners cross the finish line, you know they have been disciplined and are relieved that they made it to the finish line! I am walking and will go again in the am at 8:00, I have started enjoying my walking and still doing 3 miles, I will try to go up a mile by this time next week, it takes me 1 hr. for three:) But I will get there.
Went to eat with Steve and April Averitt, they went to church and I met them, we had Chinese which did not go down good for me, I will not do that again. Too painful for me:( then off to list a home in Hidden Creek and wrote a offer with one of my agents. I need to write one for me:)) Alicia is kicking butt this week:) YEA ALICIA! I think she has sold three and listed two this weekend, maybe more, I lost count. I missed seeing my little Cole this afternoon:( Did I tell you he is over 10 pounds now! He is growing so fast! Good MILK:) from mama. Well have some work to do, so nite!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Sassy Saturday with babies

There cannot be anything more sweeter then having your grand baby spend the nite and when they wake up, while they are still drowsy they just cuddle and cuddle and cuddle....first Laila who is 8 1/2 months woke up and we cuddled for a hour or so, she just cuddle into me and would look at me with her big blue eyes, she just laid in my arms and we sang and rocked, then Peyton when she was going to sleep she just cuddle with me too, you know how you say your prayers with them and they name everyone they have ever known??? I just love it, then Peyton will say I wuve u, and she went to sleep...of course she lays side ways during the night then gets so close you maybe have a inch no not even a inch of space, she is all cuddled up:) I just love it!! I wish when my children were little I would of realized how quick they grow up and how special that time was and not worry about cleaning and all the things that take you away from those special times.
Jared and Jenn picked them up about 10ish and I went to Nat. Home ctr. with Hannah to get things for the easy street house and we ate at Gadwall's which I have not been there in a while or alone with Hannah at lunch and I enjoyed my time with her:) Alicia called and Bob's sweet grand mother Ruby went to be with Jesus today, she was elderly and sick so it is a blessing and she was ready but it is never easy to let someone that important to you keep them in our prayers, they were all close and loved Ruby, they went to visit her last week end and prepared the kids fro her to go to Heaven.
My sweet Alexandria made 9th grade cheer leading, I can not believe she Will be in the 9th grade, she is a for real sweet heart!!
I am home alone, Steve is a easy st. house getting it ready with Hannah and Mark and April , I am about ready for bed.......I am getting up and going to see April Bivens finish the LR Marathon in the morning...I am excited to be a part of it and for sure still getting ready for next year!!
Anyone go to the Peabody to see Joe Biden and Blanche Lincoln?? Not I, I had too many things to do with my babies:) I helped get Blake and Olivia bathed tonight and feed, the oversaw Max getting his bath. Before I sent the Averitt girls home, after breakfast, I bathed its like old times when I did that daily!! NITE!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Its Friday!!

Victoria slammed her finger in the car door and about past out!
Peyton and Laila eating their dinner

My Peyton Lou who is 2 yrs old

Jack in the play

Jack as JACK in the bean stalk!

Yesterday was a great day, I had work and then went to the Affiliates appreciation dinner at North Pulaski Board of Realtor's, it had a great turn out. Then went to Jack's school play in which he was Jack in Jack and the bean pics did not turn out to good but I posted some anyway:)
Tonight I have the Averitt girls, I called Jared to see if they wanted a date night and they did:) so Laila and Peyton are with us:) I put their pics too:) they have been too sweet! I am so ready fro warm weather again, tomorrow ill be cold and raining off and on and I am ready fro sunny and warm!! Sunday is the Little Rock Marathon! Next year I will be ready to run in it my self, I have three other runners with me to tag each other, so we will do 6-7 miles. I am walking to get ready for it and have a year to do it in:) and I Will need a year!! I do not like walking when it is cold!
well got to get Peyton back to that means I lay down too and I know I will go to sleep:) Nite

Thursday, March 12, 2009

ohhhhhh Spell check

As I read my blogs, I am sure you think I do not do spell check but I do and I proof them but I read real fast and over look some letters missing, my mind must see them, so please the typos I do and I hope you an make it out what I say....good thing I sell real estate and do not type or proof read for a living!! Plus I can be interrupted several times during the blogging....with grand babies, children, phone, children, husband:)


Can you believe it has been this many days since I bloged!! I was doing so good, I told you the time changed has screwed me up! Tuesday is always a full day with sales meeting, I interviewed two agents and worked till late that day, yesterday I went tot he store and was home most of the day. Our Wed. night group is starting a six week series which will take 12 because we meet every other wed nite on fireproof your marriage. They have a work book and leaders kit, each couple will have a session they will teach, Steve and I do the first on he said/she said. It looks like a great study. I know the movie was real good and will for sure help you in a struggling marriage, a good marriage and a great marriage!! So we were all excited with this new study, if you want to join call me:)
Now for today:) I have two interviews with two more agents, can you tell I am hiring agents????? The first is at Lugis to eat lunch so I am looking forward to some Lugis!! Then back at the office to meet one there. I have been working my rear off to help agents get listing, now I got to help me get listings!! By the way in sales meeting Tuesday when we told of her Phone a Thon for Arkansas children's hospital Byron gave Staci and I both a hundred dollars!! He is the most giving person I have ever met in my life! and I know a lot of giving people, he is a Blest mand and I can sure see why! Marilyn is just like him, no wonder they are together, they have hearts of gold. Our house on easy street is about finished, it will be on the market Tuesday! Yea,now pray it sells fast:)) and Jill is doing good, she is off bed rest and we will know in about two weeks, so pray for her and Alex and the babies:))) lots of babies...tee hee Well I cannot say Nite since I just got up so TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Madnss.....

Today was a Monday....I was running behind when I started my day...due to the fact I got up at 8:15am....this time change kills me. I had a class at 10:00 and made it there at 10:15, glad I was not teaching it. Then off to the LR office, of course I had to go by the fresh market....I love their home made salsa, it is sooooo good! Then I got some California eggs roils for lunch and some creame brule for April....she loved it and some fresh strawberries and fruit dip and vanilla bread and chicken soup and Lobster Bisque........I should of ate before I went!! I got a lot done today and I really need some new listings so pray I get some, if I have listings I wil have buyers from the calls off the listings:) I am going to bed to watch Dancing with the stars, I love that show..Oh yes, I went to Dr. Varley Friday with a coupon he had in the paper, you get exam and x=rays for 27.00 then you can join the rub club which I will get two 1/2 hr. massages and 2 Chiropractic treatments for $49.95 a month....can you believe that!! And He is a good Chiropractor and the massage was real good too, I could even walk normal after wards!! and I can move my arms and do not hurt...for those who do not know, massage sometimes puts in a handicap mode:) They have different specials you can do four 1 hr. massage and 2 Dr. visits for $169.95 a month and a normal massage is 50-60 per hr if you need a good chiropractor and massages let me know. I do not have any coupons but I think they would see you if I ask and give you the coupon rate too!! I feel better then I have in the last few days after seeing him and getting a half hr massage! He is on Hwy 107 in Sherwood;)) NITE

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Daddy Grand and Cole

Today I got up and did my jog/walk for a mile and half, and I enjoyed it;) Plus I walked and just stretched and cooled down, so when I took my shower I was fine!! I am learning;)) I went to church and then Sean and Sarah brought Cole and Steve and I and April took him home:) They had a fun day at the races. I had open House in Quapaw Towers Condos and Steve and April watched Cole, they did just fine and so did he. Then I told Steve I had to have suppa toscana form Olive Garden for dinner and there was not getting around it, it had to be!! So April went and got some and brought it hoe and I ate it and loved it!! I was craving it! Cole is fast asleep and I am in my day dress:) and going to go to bed early. Sean and Sarah are on there way here. I am so thankful it did not rain, I do not like to do open house int he rain:) The condo is stunning!! Had three people through it, so not a bad day:) I have a full Monday and Tuesday so far, so off to bed early! Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to say they did the transfer with Jill, all went fine, she is home resting for the next two days it is bed rest for her, her mother came to take are of her;) Keep praying that the babies, which they are now;) and I believe they are from the very beginning, but I know medically some disagree, anyway they are in her womb and I pray they stay there for nine months and come out Strong and healthy!! Please pray with me!! Nite

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday!

I feel much better today....yea!! I got up early and thought ok what can I do?? Should I go to carport sales? Then I told my self NO just sit here and relax! SO I did :) then I went out for a walk and actually jogged, it felt real good to jog to my back, I only could go for short distance before I had to walk, but I probably was able to slow jog about 1/4 of the I was pleased and it felt good. I was hot and my face and body was red, when I came home I cooled down and then showered, after my shower I was still experience for me:) I have seen Steve do this before and wondered why he could be hot still after a shower:) Remember I am one who never sweats, due to the fact I have never pushed my self to the extent to sweat:( BUT I did today:)) on my morning walks I sweat but do not get my whole body hot.
Miss Peyton Lou had her two yr. old birthday party today, she is so darn cute! We all went to Jenn and Jared's for a family party, it was fun, Jenn made special treats, and cup cakes and punch that I love!! I picked up Anna to take her and she was talking about her birthday on April 11th., she asked me why I always made birthday parties so much fun and so big, I told her because that is when the Lord formed you in secret in your mother's womb and the day you were born all the angels sang and every one was excited about you being born, so Birthdays are a big deal to me to celebrate the one I loves birth! We are planning her birthday party too:) She always wants a surprise party, but the last two years we have done that she is so shocked by everyone hollering surprise! that she I told her I would not do that this year, she said I cried because I forgot it was suppose to be a surprise party!! She is too funny, Sean and Sarah have a birthday planned to have it here with Apache ( the horse ) for horse rides and then a birthday hunt.....something like Easter egg hunt:) and of course a pinata full of candy! so they are making big plans for her:)
I met Sherry Maxwell for lunch, this was a hard day for her, remember her in your prayers, we went to a movie this afternoon, Meadia goes to jail, it was funny and light hearted with a great message!! The home and now going to bed so I can lose my hour now.....Nite I bout forgot keep Jill in your prayers they do the implantion in the AM....YEA!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday and wore out!

This has been a very busy week and I am so tired. I have lost 5 pds. this week which s more then I usually lose but I have ran my butt off and walking is about to wear me out but I am not giving up just taking more vitamans(sp) I want blog long but wanted to let you know on Jill, or you can go to her blog:) the embryos are doing great and she will have two implanted Sunday! This is the best they have ever done:)) so I am excited. You will love her blog, I read it daily:) also there is a cute pic of Peyton on Jenn's blog, so enjoy my family. Going to bed...nite

Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW!!! Ever do a Phone A Thon???

Tonight I volunteered for Arkansas Children's Hospital to do a phone a thon to raise money for their Injury Prevention Ctr. It was a total rush for me, The time flew by!! We started calling about 6ish and called till 8:30, I had planned to leave at 7:30 and when I looked at my watch it was 8:30 and over.....I loved doing it, as you know I am a little competitive and I called so many people and got $2775.00 raised and was the top so far of volunteers in raising money!! YEA!! Staci Medlock went with me and it was the two of us for our team and we did more then the bigger teams!! It was fun, fast paced and adrenaline rush!! and I did not even eat any of the chocolate!! If you have never done one you owe it to your self to do it and it is rewarding to be able to help ACH! I was dreading it and thought I hate those calls when I get them. BUT being on the calling side is fun!
This am I got started on getting the light fixtures for easy street house and the carpet ordered, it is coming along real good now:) we are back on track!!
by the way found out I can keep a horse at my house in Sherwood!! can you believe that! so we will bring him home to spend the night:) we need to give him a bath:) so I am looking forward to having him here:)
I went to the Sherwood Chamber lunch today and they had a good speaker on identiy theft, it was really good information! I won to be the company of the month next month so I get to talk and tell about Mckimmey!! Tonight I had the most donations $2775 and got a bag that is thermal and full of so many goodies, even house shoes! We have looked through all the goodies:) April is loving it! I went with Jean Gigilo on a listing appointment today and it turned out real good!! YEA!! Tomorrow will not be so busy for me, I have to walk at 8:00 and then be at the office and lunch with a friend I never get to see, the I hope go get the horse:) but if I need to show houses or list one I will!!
Jill called and her four little embryos are doing great, if they keep doing good they will be implanted Sunday if not tomorrow, depends on how they split, still not sure on how many the Dr. will implant, I pray they can go a little longer, it is better for them:) Well I know this will be hard to believe but I am all talked out:) nite!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a Day!!

This is Davis Smiley who is 7 MONTHS OLD AND HIS THREE YEAR OLD BROTHER. As you can see he is a big baby...but still a baby, barely has his two teeth, he is younger then Olivia and wears a 18 months to two years!!
Since I had my grand dog Dually's pic on here, My grand dog Diesel was upset, he is sorta like Alicia wanting his time and attention:) He is the most loving dog, he has been a big baby all his life, one thing for sure Diesel and Dually are well trained on are great dogs, they just slobber! That is my son Alex, with Diesel, Jill and Alex are his mommy and daddy:) and he will love it when he can play with the babies I am praying for Jill and Alex to have:) Jill has four eggs that fertilized, some will be implanted Friday or Sunday, Sunday is better but it may have to be Friday, so I ask you to pray with me that her womb will receive the babies and hold them in their new home:)
Today was totally a blur, it started with walking three and yes I said three miles, in the cold with Tami, I bout died! Then I went street walking to get listings, talking to for sale by owners, we call FSBO. Then came home to rest and Steve called for me to go to the CPA's to sign some forms, then my sister called who was sick with a bladder infection and really disgusted with being sick again and needed some meds and something to eat, so I went to Walgreen's and I was reminded why I do not do business there, I was in line for 15 minutes when it was my turn or I should say when the lady thought it was time to help me, no one was in front of me at the drive thru, then in the other lane had two cars, she actually told me to drive to the other line because she could not fit four prescriptions in the canister to send to me, I started to say , well do you think you can do it one at a time???? DUH, BUT Held my tongue and drove around and sat behind cars in front of me, when I got to the window I was nice but for sure remembered why I do not go to Walgreen's for my meds., it took me 35 minutes to pick her her scripts that were ready........go figure!! Then to cap D's to get her some veggies and to her house. By the way I wanted to take Jill and Alex dinner today since she felt bad and went to something suppers on JFK and got lasagna and salad and bread, I have been told their food is homemade and real good so I hope it was, I took it to Jill's and of course she look so pretty, she is so beautiful, inside and out, I will be glad when she is PG and has this behind her. so after I took her supper I went to view a home in Woodland's edge that I needed to preview, it was very nice! I was suppose to go Thursday at 5:00 and called them and said I would be there soon, when I realized this by the slow response, this is is Wed., they said no come on now so I did, which worked out good since I am doing phone a thon for ACH tomorrow nite:) Then to pei wei's fro our dinner and home:) Pei Wei is better when you eat it there:)) FYI. Now have watched American Idol and ready for the way the house is coming along real good now...tee hee
Pray for my sister Kay, she needs the Lord to make her well. Oh yes,my agents are kicking butt this week on getting listing appointments....My class I did Monday has us all on a four week work out in real estate to get business!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday's is terriffic! well maybe:)

Barry Holmes, Mckimmey's Principle Broker, sorta like the godfather:) when we let him...tee hee, along with Pam Cupples Ritchie with ENG Lending, call her for a loan:) 501-804-3906.Sweet Pam bringing in lunch for my Realtor open house, which turned out GREAT!

A black jack table and chairs from Ceaser's in those open houses, this table and chairs are for sale and I have never seen a real one for sale:)

oh .....those slots.......the red sevens hit real good, but it was just tokens, I love it!! These are for sale too:)

My daily morning visitor is my grand dog dually...gotta watch for his tongue!! he slobbers:)

Is he not so cute, I was barking at him:) he comes every morning in my yard to our french doors off the kitchen to see Cali and get a treat:)

Well I awoke to Mr. Dually wanting a treat:) he is Hannah's dog, our yards go together so Dually can go in both. then I was off to sale's meeting and then to Realtor open house, it was a great open house with loads of Realtors, which is what I wanted. I hope someone will know someone who wants a condo at Quapaw House, it is really first class all the way through! Then back to the office to do floor duty for a agent and then by 8417 Easy street to see how all is coming along, which is going way to slow, this is our investment house. So I being the sweet, slow to speak person that I am got on the phone and started barking orders and have the painter there the trim man there and Mark will be power washing it tomorrow, we have to have it ready by next Tuesday on my time frame, which is also the you can see why I was barking! All is kicked in gear and ready to do their part!! ( tks barb for the painter) I will be getting up and walking in the am and will not like it being cold, I will be so glad when it is warm again.......this is so foreign for me to even say, but I am colder now then I use to be, I even wear a coat! Getting ready for bed, Keep Jill and Alex in your prayers, she had seven eggs and do her retrieval today, they need to grow for 5 days if possible so pray they do, then they implant them in Jill, not all of them:) and pray they attach to the uterine wall and stay there for nine months then come out healthy:) going to bed...nite

Monday, March 2, 2009

ONe LONG Day!!

This morning started with me being in the office early, I taught a class at 10:00 and at 1:00pm today, which each class was about 1 1/2 hrs. so that took most of the day, I then went to The Pleasant Ridge office in WLR and worked form there. The only thing with that office is I always go to the fresh market and buy stuff!! I love that place:)) I came home and made two fudge cakes one with pecans and one without;) for my Realtor open house tomorrow, it is in Quapaw Towers condos, number 3-m if you want to come by and eat:) it is form 11:30 till 1:00pm. We do this to get other agents into our listings, this some times help them sell faster, since other Realtor's are the best prospect we have in getting things sold:) April started keeping the little baby Hannah that Hannah Mcgill keeps on Monday nights and tonight she was so sick with a cough, her breathing was labored and it worried me enough for me to call Ella, my niece when she was pediatrician here Ella was her nurse, she lives a few house from me and had her check her, she thought she had some distress and probably had RSV so we called her mother home to take her in, of course as all little babies and children do, she was fine when she got here:) but her respiration's were still off, she needed a breathing treatment, I feel so sorry for her care taker, it is her best friends baby, her birth mother is messed up in Texas somewhere and the lady who has her works two jobs and goes to school to be able to care for her, I know she is totally wore out, but she loves Hannah and always has her dressed so cute, she is a little doll. So say a prayer for her to get well:) Also while your praying pray for Jill, she does her retrieval tomorrow of her eggs, this is their third time to do invitro, I am praying her womb will accept those little babies and they all come out in nine months!! Of course it will take all of us to help if they do:) I not really sure how many the Dr. will put in, but Hope several:)) like three:) they did that the first time but they do not attached to the uterine wall so pray this time they do...........I can not think of anyone who would be a better mother then Jill, she is so good with children, babies and she needs her very own, so pray!! By the way did I say pray???/ Well I am sooo tired and I am off to bed....nite

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am married to one crazy man!

The fire that kept them sorta warm! when they opened the diet coke it froze to hard to drink
It took 3 hours to clear the road to the 40 acres and the hut to sleep in

Max clearing the road too, his ears are about froze off, they did have a hat for him

Ice on the mountains

Mark with ice icicle

The great hut that they slept in with no water or electric or anything else but the woods and the moon and their fire and them and of course God:) I love it when I met God at the hotels!
My man is totally crazy!! and so is my son in law and they are teaching it to my grand son!! Max said he wanted to go back tonight and take me, I said I do not think so, were you not cold, he said well my legs was but I had a lot of covers and sleeping bag, of course they were on the concrete floor which you know was cold!
I had a good day, I had planned on going to Journey church and was up and talked to Sherri Maxwell and went to church with her today. April slept in:(( and then we went to Dixie and of course ran into Alicia and Bob And the children and Belinda, we saw them last Sunday too at Carino's! We need to get our timing down so we can eat together:) April and I went to the barn and saddled up Apache, yes I was able to do it by my self, ok I did have April hold it to help me get it on the horse:) but I did remember how to saddle a horse. It was cold but not wet, being in the sun was ok but still clod. Apache did not want us to leave, he kept nudging April and me, but we brushed him down real good and got his winter hair all over us;( . April said I am glad horses do not stink when they get all over you:) Now back home and trying to get warm. Steve can barley move and I can totally understand why, bet he will not do that again when it is this cold. Well tomorrow is a day of work for me and I am getting to bed early.....nite UGH!! I just remembered I met Tami at 8:00am in the cold to walk....................BURRRRRRRRRRRRR!