Monday, January 30, 2012

Going to make it:)

Lord Help, Steve and I can barley walk, we have worked so hard getting everything moved and this house ready, we laid in bed and said can you believe we did all that today??? It has to be the Lord giving us the strength, sure can tell I am older, I hurt all over the other night, today it hurt to walk, felt like I had been to boot camp:) which I need:(

All is going well with the move, mother appears to be really happy, she keeps her self busy, speaking of busy my work has been crazy busy which I am thankful for:) The first night I was up and down like a yoyo checking on her, I really wanted her to sleep in her room and bed, the second night I was a little better:) now with the baby monitor I can go to sleep and not miss a breath:) love those monitors!

Just wanted to update you, we are all doing good:) keep my aunts grandson in your prayers, Gavin he needs them:) hugs and nite

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Journey so far

Seven years ago mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we had a MRI of her brain that showed the plaque build up in the back of the brain,then we had more testing done that show early Alzheimer's, at this time we started seeing Dr. Joe Bradley who specialized in this, we began Aricept, which gave her a upset stomach real bad, we have done all the meds you can do now, Walt nor her friends would believe this and she would not either, she said never say the word Alzheimer's to me again, as it progressed Walt still felt it was aging, I began to spend more time cooking for them and paying their bills, it came a time when mother weighed 84 pds., Walt was elderly too and it broke me and my sister's heart to leave them alone in their home but Walt would not let us do anymore then we did.  he was a very independent man, he was in a high position when he worked and he was the boss at home.  I begged for them to move near me and had shown them a home to move into, Walt said yes, then when time came said no, I was so upset with him, but there was no arguing with Walt, he said his piece and that was it, I cherish those days now because we worked though a lot  issues that we had, as I told him he needed to learn to accept our love and care because we were who would be caring for him and we did, I am thankful for Alicia who changed his diapers,Christmas_with_Mother_and_Walt_007_thumb because I could not do that,  I am thankful to say I have no regrets in how we took cared of him when he broke his hip and was sick.                   mother skinny this is mother skin and bones, now this is her todaymother laughing We did not realize how sick Walt was till he past away. I did move mother near us in Sherwood at the house Walt had said he would buy. That was in June 2010, it has been a great home for her, she has caregivers 24/7, has not been left alone since his death.  Her disease has progressed, she now can not dress her self, physical hygiene by her self, be left alone, she can still eat but has started choking, she can not carry on a conversation but is still very witty and tries.  Mother quit smoking after 50 plus yearsSmile only positive thing.  Our family has had many bumps in the road going through this process, it has been very heartbreaking and painful. When mother got sick a few weeks back we saw we needed to step up the game plan, saw how quick things can change, I had put her home for sale but had not really worked it, then after she got sick I knew it was time to make the move to move her in with me or make a decision for a nursing home, she is not ready for a nursing home and neither were Kay and I.  Steve and I were spending about 80-100 hours at her home and it was hard on Steve and I, yet I was not sure the move was the right thing, I prayed about it gave it to God, worked her home as I do my other listings and it sold on a cash deal to close in one week.  Needless to say Steve and I got into high gear and got her moved in DSCN9074DSCN9076DSCN9077DSCN9078DSCN9079DSCN9080DSCN9081DSCN9082DSCN9083 Her Dr. ordered a hospital bed, which has rails, they do help her pull u to get out of it, but she is doing so much better she does not need them at night, she is oriented to the house, she will read the scriptures on the wall and loves them, mother as a love for God’s word     mother reding she loved her closetmother looking at clothes

Since she has been here ( two Nights ) she has slept real good and loves her room, her bed is twin so she is use to a king size, but seems to have adapted well, she is a survivor, she will adjust to what ever comes her waySmile  I was excited to see her remember her mother and daddy when she saw their pics on her buffet, she knew everyone in pics, first time in a long time for that, she also knew her china cabinet and tea pots, she loves on Steve all the time with hugs, I think he makes her feel secure, I have this china baby doll that is life size, its arms, legs and feet are hard, she loves it and sat it in my little rocker, she wanted it and I said it is yoursSmile  china doll  In all honestly the move about killed us,   peyton Peyton was a big helper she helped  daddygrand pick things up on the floor and carry things, the  grown kids had to work and we were stressed to the max, Victoria Haley was a God send and she worked like a slave, helped steve move all furniture out of mother’s room and get new in, Had no ideal how strong she is! victoria mimm   stressed with all the unknowns of how its all going to work, but I am so pleased at how it has come about, moving the things I did of mothers was hard emotionally, because I know her next move would be a nursing home and I pray that never happens, I pray she will live the rest of her days here with me and my sister,  My sister has made a room for mother at her house so we can share the care of mother.  I have caregivers still which I need, I work daily and weekends too, Real Estate you are on call 24/7 if you want to be succesful.    Connie and Faye mother faye conniewill still help and April comes every weekendclay's wedding 008 then she will spend the night with Kay on Monday nights.  All the new studies say keep Alzheimer's patients with their family, they are even looking into Medicare paying for that instead of nursing home, they say it is cheaper and the patient does so much better, they are happier and get sick less from the study…interesting.  I know mother loves waking up to someone she knows and loves and loves her, also her mind is more stimulated with more people  in the home, she adores the Grand Babies and always loves seeing them.  I have kept a journal on this journey in hopes some day I can write a book, every day has a new twist and sometimes it is really hard to know what to do, the best advice I can give at this point is live in their world, not them live in yours, you make decisions what is best for them, such as a family gathering sounds wonderful until hey are scared because they do not know anyone, I am not sure but my sister and I both thought this would be our last Christmas to take mother to so many places, but never know she may be so much better she will say lets go!!  This is a new adventure for Steve and I and we are looking forward to it, know its not always going to be easy but I do believe with all my heart it is the very best thing for motherSmile 

We have a big shower, last night was mother's first shower here, now she does not like showers they scare her, so you have to get the bath room about 100 degrees, in which I sweat like a fat pig, I was able to get in with her in my PJ’s and manage to stay dry but yet still help her shower, I always leave the door open, we did this shower about a year ago getting ready of her living with us, but she loves the rub down with lotion, I told her last night, tonight was my turn, she said Ok, but I just gave you a shower last weekSmile Its a new day in this Journey and I am praying this will be a time of peace and rest and security for mother, knowing she is with her family all the time, and how much she is loved.

It feel s a burden lifted off my shoulders, no more keeping up two house holds, that was getting old, going to the store once, only doing one yard, cleaning one houseSmile it will save mother a lot of money tooSmile Care givers will still be about the same, I have her room set for in later times when needed I can put a recliner in there for the care giver or a twin bed, trying to stay one step ahead of the game as Lou Holtz book says do…so far so good.  Change is never easy, there are many fears with change so this has been hard on my sister and I, so keep us in your prayers……hugs and hope this helps anyone else going through this in your life….

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year, New Goals

We had our annual kick off meeting, I shared a illustration that Alex had shared in church, I had a pail, in which I wish would of be clear but could not find one, then I put in some BIG rocks, ask is the pail full, all said no, the put some big rocks but smaller then the biggest rocks, ask was it full, all said no, then added more rocks and sand sand then ask, they said yes, what do you say? No, I added water, my point to this, In our life setting goals personal or professional we have to put the big rocks in first, if we do not then they will not fit in later, the big rocks are the goals that set the foundation for us to use the smaller rocks to get there… take a big rock ( goals)….set it..then take little rocks for the steps to attain it. Such as One big rock in personal life, lose the rest of my weight, little rocks, exerise, diet, water….etc. As you look at 2012 I encourage you to look at what is important in your life, spiritual, personal, work..then write out the big goals, let home be the foundation for you. Then find the smaller goals to help you attain the big ones. Most people who write out their goals will have a better chance of attaining them, it helps to have someone to be accountable to, meet with them to stay on trackSmile

I have taken time to write mine out and give them to two people to hold me accountable, hope this helps you identify your goalsSmile

Now my personal life, I have felt so much better, mother is doing really good, I had her home open Sunday and think I will have it sold. All the family is doing well, we went to Hannah’s Thursday for Blake’s Birthday,DSCN9051DSCN9053DSCN9054DSCN9055DSCN9056DSCN9057DSCN9058DSCN9059DSCN9060DSCN9061DSCN9062 they were ready for bed when we did the cake and gifts, Hannah had taken Mark to have surgery so we waited on them to get home. Then Steve and I came to condo to have some alone time and thinking time, we needed it. Its cold here and we have just stayed in,other then to eatSmile Got my goals written, put listing in computer, did some paper work that I needed to get done.

Keep my family in your prayers, moving mother will not be easy, it’s a lot of change for everyone, we need your prayers and the Lord’s wisdom. Steve will preach tomorrow at Journey Church, can’t wait to hear what the Lord has put on his heartSmile Hugs and nite

Friday, January 6, 2012

Can’t sleep

so many things going on in my mindSmile So I am up and figured I would Blog…..last blogged about taking down Christmas, it is down and Valentine's is upSmile I love decorating for Holidays, the LOVE month, plus I like red.  This week the Real Estate market has picked up!  I am so ready for busy busy work days, phones ringing off the wall and making hay while the sun shines.  I got that cold stuff mother had, then I got a stomach virus that was a killer, but only 24 hours and its gone, I stayed away from everyone so no one would get it, but Steve was near me, hoping he does not get it.  Mother has a nurse that comes to the house once a week, then a physical therapist twice a week and a aide to bath her twice a week, this has been so much help.  Her home was shown today, praying for God’s will on the sell time, I am so ready and yet so not ready…….if that makes sense.  I was making plans in my mind tonight as I lay beside her in bed, thinking when I move her I just need to get a hospital bed, she fell out of the bed the other night, scared Kay and bruised mother’s arm and hand, but all are ok….thank the Lord.  We got the seat for the commode so that will be easier, and a bed rail for her bed.  I just remember Lou Holtz saying having a game plan and that is what I am trying to do, stay a step ahead of this disease, giving mother the life she deserves full of love and attention, she is my Princess now, actually I call her, Miss Aster…as I am rubbing her feet or propping her up……she plays the role out well and we have a good laugh.

I am worried about Kay’s heart, she has PVC’s all the time, she has a pace maker but these spells make her so weak, she stays so active in her church, or try's too, so pray for her too, also my brother Jimmy is having shortness of breath, he has a heart cath Monday, so keep him in your prayers.  That heart cath was awful, I will never do that again in my wrist, my arm would wake me up hurting for a couple of weeks. Praying all will be clean with his as mine was…..guess we are just getting olderSad smile

Gavin had surgery on his eye, he has a long way to go and we are praying his eye ball will be saved and his sight restored.  Nothing is to hard for God! 

Ready for our company sales meeting this next Tuesday then we have a big Kick off the year 2012 meeting the next Tuesday……ready to put 2011 behind me it was a depressing year but still full of blessings, like my Luke!!  In March my Sidney Faith Averitt will be here, can not wait!  Guess I will go get back in the bed……hugs to all and good morning and good nite!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My redemmer Lives

go to this site and hear this young girl sing, My Redemmer Lives, it will bless you!

no more Christmas

Christmas as well as other Holidays are always in our heart, but I love to be able to express them in my homeSmile  with that said I have taken down, stored away all Christmas.  I thought I might be sad but it actually brought good memoires of this past month.  We have had family from Louisiana here, we went there, McGill’s came and stayed a couple of days, Sean and  his babies came a few days, had all my babies in for Christmas on the 23rd.  I am ready to be able to have my home back in order and for what ever 2012 brings.  2011 was probably one of the most learning years about me of my life, also one of the hardest.  Since I have been in real estate I have always been in the top agents in Arkansas, this year I did not make that, nor did I make it in our company. Yes, it does bother me, not that I am not top but that I failed in returning calls and making this business work, it has been a year of sadness for me with mother, I am trying my best to focus on the positive but sometimes I do not win that battle either. We have had family issues this year that have hurt us all, we are working through them the best we can, I have realized that I am a peace maker and what ever the cost I try to please others, this has stopped in me, I realized that I take on others problems and will fix theirs when I make problems for Steve and I, this has stopped.  I have taken time to examine my life this year, change some behavior I have, let God heal me of wounds, help me to understand why I want to fix people or even think I canSmile  So 2012 is a new me, if I could I would change my name, that is how different this feels to me, it is a good thing and I am in a good place, looking forward to rising to the Top in my field if that is what God wants for me this year, I know one thing, it makes a BIG difference in my budgetSad smile  I like it better when I get paid more, but really have learned to live on less.  This Christmas I did it all for under a $1000 dollars…..a first for me. That is everyone!  We all have too much anyway.  We were able to help Open Doors ministry and the UAMS house, it feels good to give to ones who really need it.  A lady who past away with cancer leaving five children and her husband, our Company helped her, every agent gaveSmile  I baked some gifts, and made some gifts this year.  So my motto this year is out with the old in with the new, good bye to 2011, lets have a wonderful year in 2012, what ever it may bring our way, I have learned God has it, He will provide and see us though it!

Mother is much better, we met with Home Health care and she will have their services for awhile, she is doing good, keep her in your prayers, my Aunt Connie’s Grandson Gavin had a fireworks go off in h is eye, it is serious and they need your prayers, so please pray for him……

Again Cheers……here here to 2012!!!