Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wacky Wednesday:) MY DON"TS

Had a great day, got my four plex offer accepted! Got a offer on my new listing! Writing a offer in the am at 9:00 and going on listing appointment at 10:00am!! Today we had class on regulation Z, sounds like to me if the mtg. companies and title companies will do their work right all will be fine on closings, but if they don't then there is trouble:) such as a late closing!! Bout nothing calm down mtg. friends and title friends:) if the shoe fits where it, if not don't!!
As you can see work is real busy! I am tired and ready for bed, so NITE!! and HUGS!

One other thing:) a blog deal:)

Things I don't do:)

I don't take orders well
I don't make my bed
I don't like a budget
I don't eat liver
I don't wear much make-up

Now what are your five things you don't do!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!!

Yea!! It did not rain on me on property tour this am and we still got a rain!! This Tuesday was so much better then last week, I remember that day still it was so bad!! PTSD! We toured my new listing and it showed very well, hope to sell it soon, I have a listing appointment Thursday fro a great listing and hope I get it, say a prayer!! This week I will have gotten three listing if I do and they are all really good houses! The market here is good, homes are selling and interest rates are low!! Thank you Lord!
After tour I came home and ate some soup and rested for about 30 minutes, had a power nap! I have tried to keep up my walking and it kicks my butt!! Then got up and off to LR office to write a offer on the four plex, which will work!! YEA!! Then to NLR office to work on some other deals. Very busy day and productive day!
If you haven't heard, Mr. Jack Haley has tested positive for the flu type A, in which the Dr. thinks is the swine flu! He was at the Texas Rangers game and went into the dug out and two of the players had swine flu! So we all have tamiful to take if needed, I am waiting to see if I need it, the side effects are yucky! You know it takes you ten days to take it and makes you sick as a dog, and if you get the flu it takes 7-10 days for it, so the way I see it by the time you start to feel normal you can come down with the flu and be sick for a month! It does not stop the flu only help you have a lighter you know me and my Medical Degree, I chose to wait, I did run it past my niece though who is a Dr. and talked with April's Dr., just no need for diarrhea and vomiting in this house hold! TMI! Have a full day tomorrow with agents, work and class on some new laws in real estate! Wish I had a day to go to the condo but does not look like it this week. Hope your day was a good one!! NITE and HUGS

Monday, July 27, 2009

Its a Monday and it is good:)

Today started early, I did walk not as far as I was walking but started back up, it has been hard for me, but I really need it!! I love it once I get going:) Its just pumping up the body to get out there and do it. Had early appointment for a inspection on the condo I sold then to Lr Office and then to see Dr. Bruce Sanderson, my visit was good, he has been my Dr. since 1985! He reminded I had not been in in three years:) I then had lunch with my cousin Connie Hall whom I have not seen in a few years, we caught up on things:) My aunt Jane, her mother has Alzheimer's too. Then back home, had a headache and wanted to lay down but never did, worked here at the house on some listings. Alicia sent me a text that Jack tested positive for the flu type a and had been exposed to swine flu at the rangers game when they went into the locker room and two players had swine flu, the Dr. said that is what he is treating Jack for, although it takes months to get the results back from cdc. BUT he said we all need tamiflu ! So I got us a script of it, April's dr. is checking it out to make sure that is till the protocol for it. So say a prayer none of us get it. Well I am off to bed, cooked a big dinner and tired from the day. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so looks like another soggy day on property tour! NITE and HUGS!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kris Allen in concert

Bless his heart, he was so taken back with it all, he was really good!! enjoy

Saturday, and lovin it!

What a good day Saturday was!! Went to office early so I could do a inspection and repair report a home I sold. Then off to Maria's baby shower, this is Hannah's S-I-L, it was at Trio's and was a sweet gathering of her long time friends, I could not stay for the lunch because I had my Laila coming over to visit with me:) so I got Alicia's two girls, Victoria and Alexandria and off to the fresh market at Pleasant ridge!! Got some yummy things and came home and heated up chicken and dumplings for them and we all watch Hotel for Dogs, Laila went to sleep:( she was tired!! She is walking now, she is just too cute and oh so cuddly!! I love it! Then me, Sherry Maxwell, Jennifer Averitt and Sarah Averitt went to see American Idol Tour, it was so good, and a complete sell out over 15,000 people and boy could they scream!! Arkansas made Kris proud, it was a great concert and great audience, I did not take my camera Because I thought you couldn't so I snag you some of my favorite times from someone Else's photos:) I love the dueling pianos!! When Kris came out it was deafing cheers from the crow! It is amazing how good they all were, they have come a long way in entertaning! Enjoy the pics...over to visit a church this morning, I have not been able to go to my church in so long. it meets on Sunday night and I have been gone forever!! and I am feeling the need for church for sure and I am sure anyone around feels the need for me:)) Tonight is Jacks birthday party so I will miss Journey again...ugh!!! But I am going some where this am!!! Then off to open house at the condo in downtown LR!! Have a GREAT and Blest day!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weddings and Americal Idol Tour!!

Today we took Alexandria to do manicures and pedicures, daddygrand loves to do that too, we do it every year then go to lunch for her birthday, it was fun!! I forgot my camera! ugh!She wanted Texas Road House but they did not open for lunch and she decided on Golden Coral, which was real good!! Then I came home and took a nap!! I loved it! then met with the seller and wrote a counter on the four plex, waiting to see what the buyer will do:) Then Mr. Averitt is marring a friend of ours daughter tomorrow night so we went to the rehearsal and then to Shot Gun Dans for the dinner, it was yummy too! The only problem with the wedding is when he said yes, I did not realize it is the same night as American Idol and I had bought four tickets to AI, and it is tomorrow night at 7:00 pm, sooooooo this will mean Steve solo's it, he is cool with that. Its a answered prayer marriage for this young lady:) I am excited for them!! Now I am home and even with a nap ready for bed:) I cannot wait for the American Idol............I love watching that show, and will totally enjoy it!! hugs and nite!

can I say then a few more times??????

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!

I did get up bright and early and was at the Little Rock Pleasant Ridge office by 8:30 and wrote a offer on the four plex downtown, I have posted the pic of it before cause it is such a neat home, but will again if I can find it. Had a wonderful morning with my Peyton, we colored and cooked!! I took mother and Walt some meals, they have the best ever made by me, meat loaf, which I normally have not liked but this one is sooooo good! Chicken and dumplings, chicken spaghetti, a new chicken breast dish that was not my favorite but mother will probably like it, great northern beans, cabbage,broccoli,squash, rolls and salad. I did not get the time for deserts but will make them a couple this weekend. When I cook like that I make so much I bout feed everyone:) And yes April B. I have you some chicken and dumplings:) of course Peyton ate hot dogs and cheese dip:) but Laila chowed down on all of it:) I took Kay her own dish of chicken spaghetti. oh yes I did do a pistachio salad which is yummy.which reminds me I want a few little bites. My dear friend Pam ask me how I lose weight eating all this stuff, in which I told her I do not eat it all, I take a few bites of each thing and then I am done:) After going to mother and Kays I went to the movie and saw The Proposal and it is too good, if you have not seen it, you will laugh and almost cry:) its good!! Then home for dinner and chilling here at the house. I hope your day was a good one:) I am still working on my attitude BUT winning the battle:) Hugs and nite!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

better Day today!

Today I have had some time to think and tell my self to quit feeling sorry fro myself and get a new attitude, I also prayed and it has been much better, some things happened but I let it go right back to the Lord. I just have a hard time understand people sometimes in the way they do this real estate business. I do have a appointment in the am to write a offer on a four plex I have listed down town:) hope it works out. The offer I wrote on the condo in Maumelle did work out!! Business is good for me, I think I am just struggling rolling with the punches in this business and they are daily. I have a cute pic of my brother and his wife Erma to share with you, I loved this picture!! Well I am off and cooking....hugs and nite! tks for saying a prayer for me, it helped!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

long,long , wet day

Today I should of stayed in bed, it was pouring raining, we had 15 homes on tour and we did them all:) I was totally soaked and my hair was totally wet, but we trudge though it all, if I was as seller I would not want you coming through my home in today's weather:) Its just been a ruff day today, I have had to deal with a few things that totally made me upset. I did get a offer on my trammel road home and hope it works, we countered it this evening. I have a sore throat so I am getting to bed early and hope tomorrow is a better day:) It has to be:) if I come to mind pray for me:) NITE!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

cooking supper:)

Today was a good day, went on appointments and got the day behind me then went to the store in which I really needed to do that:) so I have a home made chicken pot pie in the oven:) my family will be happy, I got things to cook all week for us and mother and Walt, I am going to try to Cook some tonight and Wednesday, chicken spaghetti,chicken and dumplings, meat loaf, a new chick breast dish, tuna casserole, taco salad, corn,peas,great northern beans, cabbage,squash and roast,potatoes,carrots and green beans, salad, corn bread muffins,then seven layer delight and apple cobbler, chocolate molten cake, and a sausage and cream cheese rolled in crescent rolls, that I will do and freeze and mother can thaw and warm and eat for breakfast:) so I have a lot of cooking to do, but I love to cook. So I need to get it all done by wed. afternoon:) then we will eat on it all too:))
I met with a Contractor today for all our damage from the hail, he is wonderful and will meet with the insurance adjuster and get it all covered:) if you have hail damage or storm damage then you need to talk to him, he was the best they gave me bids on repairing our home:) his name is Josh Pressley with Modern Home Contractors....501-574-886. Something else new for me is our home security and I can not remember we have it, needless to say Steve is jumping to the sound of the beeps:) We have remotes but I have not taken the time to have it yet:) We have had numerous break-ins in the area and really in all ares, not sure what the deal is!!
Tomorrow we have a major tour and then open houses in Cabot, so I will be running all over, but my car is clean and full of gas, so I am ready:)) then helping one of my agents and working on deals:)) I need some listings so pray:) Work is great and the office is doing great, good atmosphere full of energy!! Our market has been real busy. So I am off to the kitchen to server dinner then to bed early:) Nite!!

Oh my gosh, I forgot to say YEA!! the American Idol Tour is Saturday and I have tickets!! YEA!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again!!

Neat tile work:)

Pool, view from Balcony

I am home from my weekend and totally rested and ready for the week:) Have some appointments tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my friend Paula on Wednesday!! She lives in Tenn., thought I would post some pics of my hiding place this weekend, it was a Western Theme not quite my style but it was wonderful!! The crab legs I had were so good!!! Wish I had some now:) but its back to the real life and its not all about me anymore:) wake up call when I walked in the door:) I thought I would be home in time for church but I visted with Regena, Hannah's M-I-L and enjoyed that, I have not seen her in awhile, they have worked all weekend on Hannah's yard and it looks real good:) HUGS and Nite!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Linda Averitt day:)

Today is a me day:) it started with sleeping late, then a jacuzzi bath, then egg drop soup:) and watching a movie and getting ready to take a nap, then crab legs for dinner:) I needed some down time, so I take it:) When I worked at Living Hope Institute once in a staffing one of the Drs. said she was thinking if she just could sprain her ankle or something so she could take some time for her self, then she thought how absurd is that thinking, you do not have to be sick or anything wrong when you need some me time, the best thing to do is recognize you need it and give it to your self:) This keeps you from getting sick:) because it is a healthy way to handle the stresses in your life. and we all deserve to treat our self to some me time.

As soon as mama and Connie and Roy left I was missing them so much! Mother is back in her normal routine and doing fine, Steve has been sick with a tummy ache and has plans on going to Ozone tomorrow if he feels better to work on his hunting area, Sean is going too. He needs that so say a prayer he feels better. Well going to get back to me:) Today it is all about me, and I love this alone time, room service, movies.......................HUGS

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yea its all most Friday!

Well today started early with me looking at home at 7:30 am, it is one of Chris and Amy Carpers and it was a dump when I sold it to them and it is totally IKEA and will be a great home to sell if they decide to sell it:) I then had a board meeting and then went to see a friend that is here, she has been my friend since birth, my and her mother have been friends, its hard to find a friend for 57 years:) but I have one, I am blessed!!

Then I got mother and went to the hotel to see mama and Connie, I had to do a walk through and I left her with them, when Connie took her out to smoke, mother looked at Connie and ask her, where do I know you from? This makes me so sad, I have never left her when we have been out and I thought she knew them but with out me or Kay there to tell her all the time she didn't. Connie said she was not scared and they just talked. I do not know how to deal with this and it makes me cry so I think of the funny things she does and laugh, guess its time I really get in a support group:( I went once and cried the whole time because it makes this all a reality. so pray for me and Kay and mother and Walt my step father. Enjoy the pic of me and my sweet friend who I barley get to see anymore she lives in Idaho. I am spending the night with Connie and they will leave in the morning and Steve and I will take Alexandria to get all our nails done and lunch:) Then I have a Linda weekend:) hugs and nite!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jimmy and Kay eating catfish:) reception area at Embassy Suite's where we all met up:)

Mama and mother

Connie, me, Mama

Jill getting her bebe gifts and trying not to cry:)

Connie has kept up with Jill on her blog and got the bebe a gift:) cute hats and a little onese that said, I have daddy wrapped around my little finger!

kay ( sister), mother, me

Where did the week go??? I have met myself coming and going, had a call from Connie, my mother's sister, never called her aunt cause we are close in age:) and she said her and MaMa and Roy will be here Tuesday so I hit in high gear and worked 14 hours on Monday to get things done that had to be done with work, then kept Cole Monday night who is so sweet but did not sleep too goo:) then Had a full day at work Tuesday and met Mama and Connie about 5:s0ish Tuesday night! Spent the night with Connie at Embassy Suite, we got mother and brought her there and Kay came over, Connie and I stayed up talking and catching up, then off to work this morning and the back to get mother and to Embassy Suites:) This evening most all the children and grand babies came by and visited with them and then we all went to ABEs to eat fish in Bryant with my brother and Erma and her sweet granddaughter. Kay is spending the night tonight with Connie:) It has been a special time, we have not seen them in four years so I am thankful they came, Mother's Alzheimer's is bad so she can not remember they are here form one day to the next, but she does know them and I am so thankful! Enjoy the pics!! One pic is Jared and Jenn's little love eating her first powered donut, Jenn had it on her blog and I just loved it!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday and home :)

Come on in to the condo, so you can see my favorite place:) The pool with pool side service:) The cake from Janzen's, yummy with ice cream:)

I love sitting on the deck in the am, is so still and quiet.
Well I am home, had a very fun quiet Birthday weekend. Steve and I got up Saturday and went to Lucas Farms in Shirley for fresh Veggies!! They were just picked too! Then to the Hallmark store to look at their purses, that is where I get mine, it is a boutique and she has sooooo many nice things. Then to the condo fro a nap, then to Janzen's for dinner, I do not like Janzen's bay front after nine, it is too loud and a for real bar, the had karaoke and it was time for us to go back the the condo:) I did write a offer Sat. Got up Sunday went to pool, got sun burned and then came home to do a walk through on a home I sold in LR then wrote a offer so I missed church tonight and I was looking forward to it! Ready fro the work week, my Mama and Aunt Connie will be here Tuesday afternoon and I can not wait to see them:))) Its been awhile since I have:) So I have a full day Monday and Tuesday so I can have some time with them, have a closing Tuesday and two on Wednesday so I got to get it all ready:) Yea on closings!! Well I am not tired, I feel rested and ready to work!! Nite!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today has been a wonderful day!! I slept till 9:00am.....yea! Then worked all morning at my favorite place:) Wrote a offer and I need you to pray it will work, it has a $10,000.00 dollar selling bonus!! Plus it already has a great commission! SOOOOOO PRAY!! Then we took all the rugs, sheets, to the laundry and I did the rugs in a big commercial washer, it is much easier when we do all that to go to the laundry mat. Then of course we ate a Janzen's Lakefront, I had crab legs and they were yummy, they were already cracked in half too!! There is a place in Rosebud, Wramblers Grill that serves all you can eat crab legs on Friday and Saturday that are good too! But before that when I was back working I had my favorite chicken noodle soup and milk:) for lunch. Steve and I went to the lake to see what was wrong with the boat, Sean was out in it and it quit running, he thought the prop spun out, but no that is not it, it is not shifting in gear, and the gears are ok, so Steve said that is not good, it is the lower unit, I am thankful he can fix it but I am sick of the boat needing fixed sooooooo much, it ran perfect all weekend! After that we went to the pool, it is so nice, huge and has waterfalls, crystal clear/blue water, you have a breath taking view of the lake, and sun rise! Then back home and now I am so relaxed and ready for bed. NITE!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday is over:)

Birthday is over, I am at my favorite place on my favorite sofa with my lap top:) been to eat and ready for bed. Its been a good day, Kay is home and doing well, I am so thankful and I realize how blest I am with family and friends and healthy family:) Thank you Lord!! nite


Today I am 56 years old, now that does sound older to me, but I may feel the best and youngest I have in years so who cares about numbers:))) I got up early because I forgot to turn the alarm off form when I set it to be at the hospital early:(( then Kay texted me and had been up since 3:3o am, they came and got her gave her coffee, took her to x-ray for test and took out her folly and had her shower and dress and now she will get last round of antibiotic at 8 and be ready to come home at 9:30am. I would be so mad if they did that to me! They get you ready to be discharged fro the next shift, now how is that patient friendly! I am glad I did not spend the night, my fuse was short cause I was tired any way and I think I would of let the rogers side of me out, I try to keep that under lock and key at all times:)) Those who know the rogers temper will totally understand!! So needless to say Kay is frustrated but feeling good and is ready to get in her own bed and be home. Her voice sounds stronger then before too:) she bout let the rogers out, she was leaving right when she called, but they explained to her AGAIN why the last round on antibiotics are so important but she did get them to up it a hour Early!! hope it does not come back to haunt her, sometimes that is hard on your tummy.

OK, its my day, what will I do??????? I am not sure because I do have some work to do today and I already am thinking I may need a nap:) so if I do not get to do what I want today I may do what I want tomorrow or for the whole weekend, I am thinking of just Steve and i going tot he condo, when your at the pool they have people who come and wait on you, so if you want food or something to drink they actually bring it to you;) now that's what I am talking about.....sounds like it may be FFB for me this weekend if I can swing it:) have a great day on my birthday!!! HUGS!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesdays done and Tomorrow will be here soon:)

Kay did great with her pace maker surgery today, her resting heart beat was 37 and awake was 41-43 not it is 65 resting and 70-80 awake, she will be a new woman when she has healed from the surgery!! I am excited for her!! Well I would post more but was at hospital all day so do not have much more to say:) I did not spend the night because she is doing so good and she is beside the nurse's station, too close for me:)) NITE!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lord give me wings, but keep me on earth!!

Today started off with a bang!! I did the meeting and we had 15 homes to tour then a Realtor open house to tour, then off to check out a listing on Lakeview in NLR and then showed four people homes, wrote two offers, then I had 10 calls to return, so if you called and it was not business I did not get your call returned...sry:( but by 7:00 I was to tired to talk anymore, met with Steve and went to Luigs and of course Byron adn Marily were threr, we NEVER plan that or even talk about it! Its so weird! Haley and Lance and Abby were there and they had bought me gift certificates for my birthday...just to funny!! I love it and the tomato salad was yummy, we got the last two of them:) then home to do a Market Analysis on the Lakeview home and just finished it up and sent it to the seller:) I need a few days like this but spread out and I would be A OK! well as you already know I am dog tired and going to bed....remember to pray for my sister Kay tomorrow she is having her pace make put in, I will be at hospital most of day and all night:) hugs and NITE!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home and it feels soooo good

Got up this am, I was wore out! I slept with mr. Blake and he lost his passy several times, then I could not find it so had to go downstairs at 4am and get another one;) then I could not get back to sleep. Guess I needed some prayer time:) got up and went to the pool and swam then played spades with Sean and Sarah and baby Cole, Anna swam. The pool at FFB is soooooo nice! Steve and I then got what we need to take home and brought miss priss Olivia and the huge dog Dulley home and the rest stayed. Sean called out int he boat..I wanted to stay so bad, but I told my self, self you have to work!! so I am home and worked this afternoon, then got Olivia to bed, Jenn will watch her tomorrow while I work, then Hannah and Mark are coming home. I had a great time with grand babies and my babies but I so dog tired and ready for bed. Now I need some Linda time and will make sure I get it as soon as I can:))) hugs! NITE!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nana's time with COle, Olivia, Blake

I I had such a fun day, Everyone went to the lake to boat/ski. I decided to stay here with my babies, Olivia is jealous of Cole if I am holding him because she thinks its all about her and would climb up my leg:) Blake has his diaper duct taped on so he will not make a surprise when you lay him down for a nap:) Everyone came back tired and sun burned and now Sean is grilling for us all, I love when he is here, he likes to cook on the grill and we love to eat:))) Had a great weekend, and got to have me some Cole and Anna, Anna and Max rode in the tube all around the lake, Anna use to be afraid but not this year!!! Tomorrow the pool then home and work, work, work. My sister Kay has a pace maker put in Wednesday and I will spend the night at the hospital with her and bring her home when she is ready. Pray for all to go well for her. SO Tuesday is sales meeting and I am ding the meeting so to work early and I should have two closings so a full day also going to list a home in Lakewood. A full work week for me and I hope some sales and listings...YEA!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Now thats what I am talkin bout!!

me getting ready to try to ski:) Nathan Hicks skiing:) April's Bo

pics of 4th

Cali and her boy friend


Well I had totally done a blog and lost it all!!! Last night we had fireworks at Greer's Ferry FFB, we got out favorite camp spot and had dinner on the lake:) Then got our chairs ready fro the show, Hannah and Mark and Max and Duelly watched it from the water:) then Duelly danced with Hannah:) then Duelly got scared of the noise and came to me and laid into me and cried,now he is huge as you can see, remember he was wet and yes he did shake!! yuck! Olivia was memorized by the show and Blake would never open his eyes, he would cover them, maybe he was peeking:) it was fun and we loaded up to go and Mark and Hannah were out of gas, now at FFB even on a Holiday it closes at 8:00pm and that is summer hours, but tonight we had let a lady park by our space and she just happened to have a gas container! Now we did not know that till we had made our first run to the gas station on Hwy.330, it had new ownership and he was open till midnight:) YEA!! He did not have a gas can but since God provided the lady we had one!! Then back home and in the shower and in bed!! Daddygrand fixed his awesome daddygrand breakfast only he can do:) tee hee, and then we put them all back down and took a nap! Mark had to be at work this morning, Hannah went too to help, so they will be here soon, its almost noon, then off to the lake and then to Janzen's to eat and then home and Hannah,Mark,Max,April,Nathan will go to the FFB office and shoot fireworks, Hannah and Mark like it more then anyone!! Steve and I and the babies will be fast asleep! Thank you to the men and women who helped give us our freedom, it seems petty to just say thank you, I salute you and honor you for serving our country, Steve, Mark, Bob! and all the others! Happy Fourth!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Freedom is NEVER FREE

Thursday morning I woke and laid in bed with my mind quiet and still, I normally pray of the mornings, this morning I laid and I was praying and my mind wondered to a incident that happened to a sweet young lady, her ex husband had beat her to a pulp and raped her, her eyes were black and blue and hardly opened, of course he went to jail, I prayed for her and then went back to my praying, as I did, I was telling Jesus how much I love him and was thanking him for the unthinkable,ridiculing, unbearable beatings He suffered for me, then I thought on my gosh! How did God not just come down and kick some butt! I went back to the thought of the sweet young lady and remembered thinking, Lord if that was one of my girls or my DIL's I would be a raging maniac and there is no doubt in my mind, we are to red neck, Steve and the boy's would go after them and we would all be in jail! I have never even thought how did God do it???? I have always thought about Jesus. That is a love for us that there is no way to even comprehend in our minds. You think if someone was even tattling on your children how you act? I do not know that kind of love, it would be like if I could not ever see my grand babies again unless my dear April went thru the worst beatings, cruelty for them so I could see them again and have them as my grand babies, could I watch April do it, even if she said I want to do this???? It is why I am here, please let me do this for you so you can have your family, I will be there too??? NO WAY could I do it, would I want to, YES to have my family but could I?? First time I saw someone hurt her I would not sit still I would jump right in and my family would be lost forever.....How did God do it?????? How did Mary do it????? I will never know this side of Heaven, but I do know God did it for me and for you and so did Jesus, they knew the out come of what was going to have to happen, even if I did, I could never do it. To think the price paid for our freedom in Christ! Then the neatest part is God does not stop there, he continues to draw all people to Him and offers them the gift of life/salvation so He can love on them forever and ever and they can have Jesus back as their best friend, deliver, healer, provider, much more...............this is a picture I will not understand but I am so very thankful for my freedom and my best friend Jesus and my Heavenly Father God and the strength that holds it all together the Holy Spirit! AS you can tell this has been on my heart for a few days, this morning it was too and I thought I would share my heart with you. Steve and I were audited a year ago, from 2002 till date......ugh!! In 2002 if you remember Steve was sick and was sick for a few years so I did the taxes:((( but the good thing is they owed me , the bad thing it was too late to get it:( but the
IRS auditor was a real pain in the butt and he was very one minded against Realtors, he had been a mortgage loan office before he was with the IRS, so he said I mixed personal with business and then pulled a audit for the rest of the years, he then looked at three years and then decided he would speculate on what we owed for the others, of course it was much more then we had paid, our CPA was handling all this till it stared going south and then Steve went to, the IRS guy would not come to the cpa's office so it would be easier on Steve but made them bring it all down to his office, he was a real jerk.....I have to remind my self my battle is not flesh and blood! anyway when we got what he said we owed, our CPA and us were upset, so we did a offer and comprise with them....then the tax attorney said to pull it, so we did and are preparing another one with us selling some things I say all that to say this......the tax attorney met with me and said, can you close your credit cards out? I said yes but it will ding my credit and I have a good score and hate to do that to my credit, then she said can you sell the boat, wave runners, get a cheaper car...I said yes I can I can give it all up if needed, not that I will not cry and mourn cause I know me, but let me tell you what is important to me, when Jared had cancer it changed my life's perception, the bible says's , What can man do to me???? he can take my possessions make my life harder BUT he can not touch the most important part of me and my life, that is the love of my family, health and my friendship with can do nothing to us that God can not give us the strength to stand through, and if it did kill me then I would be with Jesus and happy, so worse case deal here is I could lose what I have built up in the physical but nothing can mess up the eternal!! She was real sweet and said I left there mad as the dickens, I had worked too hard to just say ok, I thought! So of course I called my fiend's Sherry and Byron and talked to them on what to do, I decided I could care less if I sell things but I did not want my credit ruined so I will continue to pay on my cards as usual, I will enjoy the boat and if it sells it sells and enjoy the condo if it sells then it sells and sell the wave runners. My car is upside down so I will keep it, its just money and you have to have money to survive in this world bust most important you have to have love from your family and your friends and the comfort your heavenly Father can give you.........I remember when Jared was born, I was totally shocked to be PG again when Hannah was four moths old, friend Lajuana got me a book..if I perish, I perish....and that is how I feel about the IRS deal..............inside I have a total peace that it will all work out, its not like I did not pay them or file them and its not that much more money, its the principle of the fact we do not think the agent is right in his findings and have to fight this, again I remind my self my battle is not flesh and blood............Lord help, I want to tell the IRS agent a thing or too over think if he had hurt one of my children.....all in all this too will pass...until then I will keep praying!!!! Have a GREAT fourth and remember your freedom is not free.......take time to thank our Heavelny Father for not acting like a fool and letting His Son make a way for you to have total freedom of your salvation in HIM!! and if you do not have that, then you need it!! HUGS!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Laila"s First Birthday!!

Jenn in the green and April and Laila below, Jared with Laila unwrapping presents!

Our little Laila turned one yesterday and we had a family party for her, all was there but Sean and Sarah and Cole, Anna, they live in Carlise so with Sean's work it is hard for them to make it, and Uncle Alex was out of town on work, we missed them for sure but we made the best of it with some made cup cakes and home made ice cream...that was so yummy!! Jenn is a good cook for sure!! you do not go hungry t their house, I do not know how she stays so skinny!!All the cousins and aunts and uncle's sang happy Birthday but the cutest is Peyton singing Happy Birthday she even carries the tune to it! SO cute! Hope you enjoy the pics. Today was a play day and then work and then play kind of day!! NITE!

My office

Desk I use for my assistant and train agents at:)

Inside the door when you cross the cat walk, I am on the right

my desk, some boxes with files for Steve to store;)

my chairs and the pics of my daughters and DIL's wedding shots

ok, so here you have it:) this is my office, so come by, pull up to the back and come across the cat walk then first door to the right, Unless your feeling great then come in the front door!! and climb the stairs! Its been a full day of play and work!!

my Averitt Girls

You never know which girls I mean since now I have two more Averitt girls, Anna and baby Averitt in her mommy's tummy!!! But I am talking about Laila and Peyton!! After working yesterday I could hardly wait to finish it all so I could get them, they came and spent the night and this morning we are watching a movie with daddygrand:))) Layla was so sweet last night, in getting her ready for bed she just laughed at me and we played and played, she laughs at her self so much it is too cute. Before bed time when they got here we went outside and Peyton played in the Mcgill's swimming pool with Blake and Olivia, Laila did not want to so she sat in my lap and watched, then we got pizza and had a outside picnic:) then the cousins came over with Hannah and Mark and they played and played, Olivia started walking and Laila took a few steps, yesterday was Laila's First birthday!! I love the special time when you have them in the morning, they are so cuddly, this morning Peyton was awake and I turned over and we just laid in bed looking at each other with her smiling, she was not sure I would say lets get up, so when our little Cali dog came out form under the bed, I said good morning Calie is up, she just sat up and smiled so big! I said you ready to get up? she said yes and off we went, she had put her poky little puppy by the bed too, so she got that and off we went for breakfast! She gobbled down her toast and eggs, we had about 30 minutes before Laila woke up, Laila just wants to be held when she first gets up, I just cuddle her:) now she is eating her breakfast!! of course the movie is still on!! so off to enjoy my girls before they go home and me off to work!! hugs!