Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super Sunday!

Today started with coffee ( mudslide) yummy! A quiet morning, read the paper and check the open house ad:) then off to the store for some juice/punch for open house and then to church, church was real good today, Scott Harness amazes me in the approach he uses to get the point across:) It is always good. Then off to the office to get balloons for the open house signs, put them up, had a great open house on the Chenalwoods Condos, there were two other agents, we were suppose to have three model units, BUT one was locked with no key, so I sat out in the Cabana, it has a fireplace and flat screen TV, it was cold but the fireplace helped:) We had a steady flow of people, but I did not write any hoo! Got home in time to go the First Assembly Christmas Production and I mean it was a production, I just can not even believe all that goes into what they do, it is unreal, Alexandria and some others in her dance troop danced in it, it was so good. They raised over $15,000 for stuff the sleigh in three nights, they fed over 2500 hot dogs tonight, they put on a deal out side with games, rides, horses and carriages rides, just so much, then the production had so much, it was what someone would pay to see and it is all lay people doing it....just amazing, such a blessing! Mr. Averitt took me to dinner afterwards...Red Lobster...yum yum! Talked to Kay she went several places today and ate lunch at Tiffany's, she said they had a orchid on her plate, she looked for stars but she said, if they were there she did not see or recognize them....she is loving New York and having a good time! Now for a Christmas memory........I was probably in the 7th/8th grade, we had our first flocked Christmas tree, it had the white flocking all over it and was beautiful, it looked like a tree with snow on it:) mother had blue balls on it, in our living room we had two chairs that were blue, so it all went together:) I cannot remember the presents but I do remember loving that tree!! Going to bed....nite!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Kay...April was supposed to call me but she did not. I have been worried about her all day...glad she is having a good time in the BIG CITY!! Merry Christmas Linda.
Love, Carla

Anonymous said...

sorry I hadn't called back yet Aunt Carla. wanted to figure out what on earth was going on first!! :) turns out it's all fine and I know she is loving it. I'd like to go to NYC as well some day. I bet it is wonderful this time of year!!!! see you soon, can't wait!!! love you!! ~ AB