Thursday, June 5, 2014

Miss Arkansas

Alexandria Haley, my Grand daughter is in the Miss Arkansas Pageant, we are almost ready, it starts June 15th thru the 21st., in Hot Springs Arkansas.  I am asking for Sponsors, if you can help in any way, it is Tax Deductible,  No amount is to small. This is a pay pal secure site to donate on. This is very expensive and those that know us know this is out of our playing field.:)    You can also mail a check to, Alicia Haley 5317 JFK, NLR AR. 72116

Alexandria has and is working hard to be ready, she is going for the win, next week is her boot camp week, then off to Hot Springs!  Please keep her in your prayers, she has never done anything like this, I can already see such positive changes in her, her prospective has broaden, in the fact she is thinking more about others needs and serving others.....its amazing to watch her transform into a beautiful young woman.  I have no doubt God has turned her around in all this to bring Him glory in all she does. This was no where in any of our plans:)

We have had some great support and some who do not believe this is a worthy cause, I my self had no ideal what the Miss American Pageant System was about, but I am so impressed after meeting so many who have had all their college, Doctorate, Masters paid for through Miss America Pageants, the many children they help with the Children's Miracle Network.  It is and awesome cause and totally builds character in these your women, you have to qualify even to be in Miss Arkansas, morally, ethically, its not built on so much out ward beauty but who you are on the inside. If you can help us get there from here please donate.  Thank You!