Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loving Christmas!

One of my favorite times of the year is December, except for the cold and wet daysSmile which is today!  Friday we decided to chill and watch the Hogs play, so we got up early today before the rain and Steve brought all my Christmas d├ęcor in, I went to get Jared to help him carry it in, love having them next door, will for sure miss that if we ever change it.  Jenn was in her room not feeling well and the girls were watching a movie with daddy in their pj’s, so I said girls can you come and help me? they of course said YES!! Jared let them come bare foot and all, Jenn would have had shoes on themSmilechristmas and williams ranch road 001 (Copy)christmas and williams ranch road 002 (Copy)tree 003 we had fun, Laila was missing her daddy and the movie so they went back to finish their movie, after helping me unpack it all.  Steve and I finished it, really love Christmas music and the glow Christmas gives my home. The boxes have Christmas gifts for me to wrap, have to do that tomorrowSmile 

Thanksgiving was a very peaceful wonderful day with my children and grand children and mother, we ate and ate and ateSad smileThanksgiving 2011 001Thanksgiving 2011 004Thanksgiving 2011 006Thanksgiving 2011 012Thanksgiving 2011 013Thanksgiving 2011 015Thanksgiving 2011 016 Kay came and got mother and they all went to the Smith’s Thanksgiving, when mother came back I spent the night with her, she is too funny, she should have been exhausted, I was, but no she lay in bed and said are you sleepy?  I said yes, she said well I some times talk before I go to sleep, I said are you sleepy? she said no but I am trying to beSmile I said well lets talk! So we did….a sweet memory for me. I enjoy sleeping with her, she likes someone to sleep with her, she will look over to make sure your still there, to me I am not sure I would like that, because she may not know who we are, so that would bug me, as soon as I see her awake I say, hey mother, so she will know she is safeSmile April and Kay are the only people who sleep with her, so she may know us sometime and then she may not but she knows we love her and she is safe with us. 

Today I listed a home in Conway, it is on five acres and has a pond, it would be perfect for Hannah if they lived here.  It felt good to work, of course it was raining and I am thankful I had Steve with me, he did the out side things you do when you list a home.  Things are much brighter for me, I am finding peace in the midst of my storm, and for that I am very Thankful!

Mother’s care giver is off next week so I and mother and Steve are going to Louisiana to visit Connie and Mama and the family there, it will be short trip, we will be home Saturday, I have not been since Jack past away, Connie’s husband and really want to go and be with them during the Holiday’s too, His birthday is this Monday and their first Thanksgiving without him, makes it a bitter sweet time. 

Did I tell you I got a offer on one of my listings Thanksgiving day???? YEA!!! Very Thankful!  Well best get to bed, have Journey Church in am and then have work, work, work till I leave on Wednesday…..not complaining, answered prayersSmile hugs and nite

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving mar 032  I have put daily on Facebook what I am Thankful for this month, some days I have not felt Thankful, then I would have a hard time thinking of something, after I would refocus my thoughts I could think of many thingsSmile  I am going through some hard times for me emotionally right now, just trying to keep one foot in front of the other, it is getting better for me.  I have been slow at work, my job is not a job you can do by just showing up physically you have to show up mentally, to be in sales, so with that said it has been hard at work  for me.  What does someone do when they have things going on in their life that cause them pain emotionally, and physically?  Here is what I do, I look at what is going on and why?  I ask my self, is it worth working thorough, then if it is, I began to see what ever it is from the other person’s point of view, then ask my self, am I the one with the problem or is it them?  If it is me, I make it right, if it is them I back away and give God time to make it right, there is nothing I can do to change someone or make them like or understand me, I have finally realized that in my life, and the group I do has helped me so much with this.  Coming form a abusive childhood I have become a peace maker at what ever the cost, I am and have learned not to react to abusive people, it may be just abuse from the way they speak to you, or the things they say about you to others and it gets back to you, what do you do?  I for one do not think some people know they are being abusive, I am sure I have with out knowing it, but when I do I make it right. When I say is it worth working through, I learned form Dr. Stevens that sometimes its not worth using my mental energy in that area, that it is not worth it and I let it go.  My most important relationship is with the Lord and He is who I want to please with my life.  I keep a daily journal and each day examine my day before the Lord, of course I am usually asking forgiveness for somethingSmile but then if I did not need that, I would not need Jesus.  This is one of the reasons I have not blogged, I was taught if you did not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all, so I have taken a breakSmile  I do think I have a better mental attitude and for that I am Thankful! Today at work we had our annual Th anksgiving Lunch for people we do business with, it was fun!                                                                 Thanksgiving mar 008Thanksgiving mar 010My office, I love it!! I have two desk in it, Steve works at this oneSmileThanksgiving mar 011Thanksgiving mar 058When I got home got my Averitt girls to come over and play with the McGill’sSmile Then some of the Haley’s came over so a fun filled afternoon with Grandbabies and I loved it, just what the Doctor ordered!  I am preparing the dressing and roasting the Turkey for tomorrow, Alicia and her family, Sean and the McGill's and April and mother are coming over, then Kay is picking mother up to go to the Smith’s, so a full day for mother, she will love it! Alex and Jared go to their in laws this year, I will miss them, it will be just a small group for me, I am ready to eat and chill for the day, then I will spend the night with mother and everyone will go home.  Steve and I will then put up Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas, can’t wait!! I love Christmas! Already have gifts bought for everyone, so will wrap them and put them under the tree, glad I did it early this year.  I will post pics of tree once I get it up.  I am Thankful that I am making it day by day and looking forward to a new year, praying the Real Estate market is easier to get loans done, hoping Mother’s home sales, it will be much easier for me and mother.  Mother is really having sundowners and it is much worse, it is hard for her to express any thought she may have at night, she gets real confused in the evenings, it is physically and mentally exhausting being a care giver, but for sure hard when it is your motherSad smile Keep us in your prayers. One other thing, Steve is having surgery the first week of December, not a huge deal but still surgery, which I am sure he is not looking forward to, we will just be chilling at home for the month of December, but what a better time to do it, with all the Christmas decorations!  The Averitt Christmas is here Dec. 10th, this is Steve’s family then our family Christmas is Dec. 23rd with my children, so I will have it all ready.   Did I say I love Christmas???        Someone said to me today, Bah Humbug on Christmas, said it is too commercialized, I said it does not have to be!  So enjoy the month of December, do not get caught up in the stress of things that are not importantSmile  Hope all is well with you and your household and glad I am coming out of the valley!  I have so much in my life to be Thankful for and Thankful I realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                               Jesus

Monday, November 14, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Ok so Tuesday will be storms and raining here, and of course we have sales meeting and do property tour on Tuesdays, we go no matter what, so planning on a rainy Tuesday but will not let it get me down:) I worked on my big Commercial deal today, it will not close on time but still looks good. Commercial deals take longer, why I do more residential, I like quicker results, but Commercial will pay much much more:) so when ever it closes it will be a blessing.  I am still in slow motion, about not able to stand it, need to be busier in real estate.  I do not remember when it has been this slow for me, so pray pray pray it picks up:) 
I am looking forward to Hannah and the McGill's coming for four days, I have not seen baby Luke in a month and I do not like going that long without seeing all of them.  I am having to grow up and let them go, and its hard for me:(  That is more true then joking:(
Things here are good, getting my home in order, not for sure when mother will move in, right now her home has not had any showings, I have-not got any calls, so I am just keeping that before the Lord in prayer and feel when it is His timing it will sell and we all will be ready for the change.  I am thinking on a road trip with mother the end of the month, care giver is out of town and if I can I may just take her some where, she loves to go, maybe see her relatives or to the condo, not sure what, but if the weather is nice we will for sure do something fun:)
I have several things that have made my heart heavy, nothing I can really share but it is a struggle for me right now in several areas of my life, I am at peace, but still would like resolve in them. I think God is calming me in the midst of the Storm:) Never have liked Storms.......storm god.
Alex had such a blessing of a sermon Sunday, he is preaching a series on God our Redeemer!! It was so encouraging, he then preached that night at another church, he is friends with Pastor Marvin Barham, it was such a terrific time, God's presence was so strong, I just soaked it up.  Well have a full day tomorrow, then have step study tomorrow night, it will be over Dec. 13th, I will for sure miss those ladies.  yet I am ready to have Tuesday nights at home, I am so contradictive of my self, I want to be busy and I want to be home or at mother's....go figure:) hugs and nite

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A lot of changes for meSmile some I do not like and some I am getting use to, and some I love!   First change, I am going to mother’s four nights a week, I have enjoyed it so far, we have played games, laughed till we cried playing Ginga, a block stacking game.  When we get in bed she sometimes is restless, we talk then she falls asleep, one night she just could not get settled down, finally she did and was asleep, I was dreaming and called out MOTHER! She sat up and said what? then I woke up and realized I was talking out loud.  Poor mother, I laughed and so did she! Then Steve is working with me a lot more, he is trying to take up the slack for me, with me at Mother’s more, I need my business to go on as usualSmile actually I need it to pick up.  I have so many listings but things are just slow selling, so pray with me for sales.  The change I do not like is I have gained about 12-15 poundsSad smile and I do not like that.  I have not watched what I have been eating and got back into old eating habits, things have been stressful and I fell back to eating out of stress, I do understand the defination of insanity, if I keep on doing the same thing, I will get the same results, so my behavior has to change, and it is so hard to change it back, BUT I am determined to do that! So pray for me in that area too!  Another area of change is the evenings, they are quiet and uneventful, my life feels like it is in slow motion right now, I am use to a fast pace so it is hard for me to go at a slow speed, even in the eveningsSmile Time is flying by, I can not believe it is Thanksgiving in a few days!  We are just having a day with Alicia and her family, a lot of my children will be at their spouse’s family this year, so it will be a nice family day with  good food.

My car is in the shop, it has a leak that my extended warranty will not cover, but it does cover my seat motor not working right….go figure. 

Tomorrow is the day my father past away in 1973, seems so long ago, he was 59 when he past away so he would have been 97 years old! Wow!  Mother is 79 years old.  My father was hurt in a construction accident on Arkansas Valley Drive and Rodney Parham, where Shorty Small’s is.  It was on his birthday, he had a construction company.   Both of Steve’s parents past young, so my children have mother on my side of the family as “Mimi” , I think that is why I love being A Nana and Steve loves being Daddygrand, I want to have a active role in my grand babies life’s, and that can be hard because I have 14 with one on the waySmile   not sure what life would be like with out all my babies.

I am itching to get Christmas out already, I played Christmas music today with mother, she loved it, and so did I, but I have fall out right now, but Christmas is only a few days away from peaking out at my house.  I will post pics when it comes out.  Well best go and watch the wheel with mother…..hugs and nite