Friday, July 26, 2013

One more go to sleep!

You can not even began to know the hours Steve and I have worked this week, I was still recovering from being sick, on Tuesday just bottomed out, came home laid down then finished out the days work.  I honestly can not even remember how many offers we have written and homes we have listed,  right now we average a closing every five days with the ones we have sold, and steady being blessed with more solds!  It is exciting to see how good the agents I have hired are doing too, they are getting it!  This week we have had to  hire one of them to help us, a bright  smart young man, you only have to tell him something once and he can remember everything!  In Sales meeting Tuesday I was telling about a home and he remembered all the details for me, I forgot what a young brain was like:)  I can not even believe I am going to the beach in the morning, I am so needing that time, I have two books, one on Heaven and the study book, I am going to a bible study on Wed. nights and that is the study, I am going to just sit and read and soak up Florida sun and do nothing!  I may not even eat, that's how tired I am, but we all know I will go straight and get peanut butter home made ice cream and then go to Dusty's and eat Oysters asap!  LOL who am I kidding........

I will have Steve's computer and I can not blog from it, something about his security setting, so I will take pics and tell you all about it when I get home:)  Miss April will be here to hold the fort down and f course Jared is next door, hope he mows, our yard is awful and we could not get it done because no time and then it rained all day today, so there you go!  I even thought of taking a break from FB, but I enjoy that too much, plus I will still be working but its so much easy working from the PCB office
 My lap top and mobil phone I  can work from anywhere in the world!
SO if I have your home listed, know I am taking my calls and trying my best to get it sold! Actually I do a lot of business when I am at the beach:) Never fails, I think I am way more relaxed, something about the ocean does that to me:) Puts me in a happy place:)  Today has been a hard day for me, I have some struggles going on that I can not share, so if I come to mind please pray for me, I am letting go of some hurtful things that I no longer need to carry around:)  I am ready to just let the Lord deal with me, to look to Him for my needs and focus on Steve and I, do what is best in our life for us:) I am so thankful God gave me Steve!  He is a rock in our marriage and keeps me balanced, I may not agree all the time, but I have learned to listen to him, I have learned the hard way:(  SO I really am looking forward to some beach time!

  I am ready for work:))  Hugs and hope all have a GREAT week! Thank you Lord for providing this time at the beach!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Its been a week of all my plans totally changing, and my sweet hubby running his rear off with work. I got sick last Friday afternoon, due to the fact I had Acute Prancreatitis a few years back, it felt like that, but not near as bad this time, so I did not eat or drink for 24 hours, I got better, ate some soup and no problem other then extreme weakness, Hannah and Mark and the kids were here, we went to Alicia's for my birthday party,
 Too bad I could not eat the cup cakes, I did taste the butter pecan, Jill makes the best cupcakes ever!
Then Monday did not feel too goo but hanging in there, on Tuesday I was having a Realtor Open house, which means I am feeding about 30-40 agents lunch:) I had not ate much nor drank much due to the stomach pains.  Tuesday I woke up so sick to my stomach, Hannah had Zofran so I took it and thought I just need to call the Dr., but I already had an appointment on Wed. on a follow up from my physical, so I waited, Hannah and her babies high tailed it out of here, they did not want to be sick, Steve and another agent did the Realtor Open house which was a success.  I had everything ready on Monday and had Fay fix chicken Spaghetti, oh how I wanted to eat some of that!  Still do but its all gone:(   Wed. came got up went to Dr. only for him to send me to the ER and he no longer practices at a hospital and that was why I was waiting, because I did not want a different Dr.:((( but I am thankful I went to ER and spent all day till seven that night there because I was dehydrated and my Potassium level was. 2.5 which is real low, which regulates so many things in your body:) One reason I was so weak, then Wednesday I had a migraine from too much zofran:(  So by Friday I actually was awake and alive and better! Sat. put on clothes and makeup and went to Kroger's, then April and I cleaned house, get all the cooties out:)  Today has been the best yet with Church, lunch at Cracker Barrel and by the store, I forgot puppy pads for my Lovie. Now home in PJ's resting and tired but so much better!  If you remember from my last post Amelia and Sydney were coming Thursday, which did not happen, sweet Jill did a fund raiser and I was watching the girls while she baked, but she pulled it all off with the help of her nephew Price and sister Joy. Then we thought of keeping Blake and Max here but that did not work either:( SO when you make the best of plans always be ready for plan B:)

Anytime I have been really sick and can not work, I always start thinking I am getting older, do not snap back as fast as I use too, and I do not like it:(
I truly am going to work on getting healthier, get the rest of this weight off and exercise, I know I will feel better from when I did it before, I have become slack in my eating habits, off sweets again and onto fresh veggies, fish, chicken and salads!  BUT not till after the  vacation:))))  We leave this Saturday with the Haley's to go to PCB, so looking forward to the Ocean and family time with them, it will be different, my sweet Alexandria has to stay here and work:( boo the part about growing up that is a bummer! No plans while there, other then relaxing, I will still be taking my calls and I bet Alicia will be too, so we will still be working with legs and arms here to help:)  Best business I ever do is on vacation!
Only six more go to sleeps!!!
This week STEVE had been knew deep in Real Estate, he has shown property several days to about six different buyers, and wrote about 16 offers!  One new listing and he is doing it on his own!  I am proud of him!!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOO, YOU ROCK STEVE AVERITT!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday weekend:)

Well my sweetie took me out of town for my Birthday, we had a wonderful meal, like Lobster, Baked Potato and salad! Took a Steve and Linda day and had the best time.  Today we have been working our tails off, showed property, went on listing appointment to find out a Realtor was there before me showing the home on a one time show, so if she sells it, I will not get the listing:( Got a offer on two of my listings, one I will meet with on Monday and one is accepted!  Have open house tomorrow, Hannah and Mark and the kids are coming till Tues. am, I am excited!  They all have Dr. appointments on Monday.  One perk about them not changing Drs.:) I get them here.  Max and Blake will stay a few days so looks like Steve will get some yard work done:)  After open house we are going to Alicia's to swim:)  Tonight we ate with Jen and Jared and girls at Red Lobster, in which they sang Happy Birthday to me, I could feel my face turning red:)  The girls loved it!  We then had a wedding shower to go to for Lance and Abby at work:) Fun weekend:)

Now something you can pray for me about, about two weeks ago my stomach started hurting, right in the middle right below my sternum, then a place in my back right shoulder, it is like contractions, they are very intense, I wondered if it was my pancreas, then yesterday it started hurting about 2ish and really hurt bad enough I thought I was going to have to go to ER, I did not eat or drink anything until this afternoon, it is not hurting but I do not feel the best, a weak feeling and clammy sweats, so I am wondering if my pancreas is inflamed or something.  I had acute pancreatitis a few years ago was in  the hospital for a week, it was from my gallbladder and once I got well from the pancreatitis I had my gall bladder removed.  So please pray this is not what it is, I see my Dr. wed., if it comes back I will go immediately to him, they can do blood work and a cat scan and should know, but the only cure is nothing not even water for a week and IV in the hospital:(  I am hoping it is something else, just have no ideal what would hurt that bad and it feels like it did before:(  People who drink heavy usually get this, but I may have a drink  on occasions, so I know it is not from alcohol, just not sure what else causes it but will check it all out, I just do not want to be in that pain and it makes me anxious to eat or drink, I did eat tonight and so far so good, no pain:)  Thanks for payers its going to be a busy week:)  Thursday Amelia and Sydney will come over, Jill will be baking cup cakes for a bake sale, excited for them to come:)
April is in Iowa seeing Seth and his family this week, keep her in your prayers, Jared and Jen are honey mooning in Las Vegas and Alex and Jill will have a anniversary this week too!  I guess with lots of babies you get lots of birthday's, anniversary's, etc!!  I love it and feel very blessed!  Hugs and night!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The BIG 60!

July ninth came and went:)  I actually got up feeling like I was going to be sick, got my bath and got ready for work, my head was hurting but I thought it would go away, it didn't, so on property tour I had Steve take me back to the office when we got in that area and had a agent take me home, I took a phenagren and went to bed, Steve brought me some soup and I ate it and slept, when I woke up at five that afternoon the headache was gone but so was the day:((

I even think 60 sounds old, some how I have to get used to the 60 number:) A little bit of a wake up call that I am getting older, guess I have not thought of that before:((   Today was a much better day, awoke pain free and worked all day, had lunch with a sweet friend at Olive Garden, she took me for my birthday:)   April came in with fresh flowers this morning for me, I love fresh flowers and did not have any on the table:)  got a offer today on one of my listings and wrote a offer, talked to a man on listing his home and looking for a home for another buyer so been a busy day, its also been a HOT day!  I bout can not take this heat! It sprinkled some today but only a few drops:(

Trying to decide what to do for my BD, just have not decided, Steve keeps asking what do I want to do but I can not make up my mind:((( Since I ate a late lunch I am not hungry for dinner yet, plus do not really want to get back out in the heat, now I am sounding old:)  My friend Karla mad me a cherry nut pie that she does at Christmas, it is real good, I may just have that, it has fruit in it:) yum yum!

My Lovie Luv is like having a baby, you have to watch her all the time, she gets into everything, but she is just adorable and we really enjoy her, she has a sweet disposition!  She is spoiled already!

Looking forward to PCB the end of the month with the Haley's, then in Sept. going to go and meet Connie and Larry, so Steve and have some Larry time and me some Connie time:) I love the beach, until then its all work, so I can play!  hugs and hope your day is a good one:)  Going to read my AARP Magazine:)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home again, Home again

This am came early, I did not want to get up, but knew I would be the only one who missed church with us all being tired, so I could not let that happen:)) So glad we did get up, cleaned the condo, packed up and came home, its only about a hour and half from my door to the condo door, so not far, some people I know live that far from  the office:)  I always take all my files and I have a office area set up at the condo,  we have a actual office five minutes from the condo which is nice!  It is nice to go there, I can still work and show property if needed,  but enjoy the FFB area:)  I was surprised at the calls I got on the fourth, we showed property today and hope to write a offer from one of the calls:)

Church was awesome, great msg., as always, something will tug at my heart and God will use it to change me:) Always loving the fact God loves me to me much to leave me like I am:)

Then we went with the Haley's to eat lunch and came home and took a three hour nap:)  I may not have woke up then but April not knowing I was asleep woke me up, guess its a good thing, since it was five in the afternoon!  My sweet Steve
showed property and let me rest!  Gotta love his heart, he is always taking care of me, still opens the car door for me! His mama raised a real gentlemen!  I hope my boys take care of their wife's like that, if they do not and your reading this then I will have Steve talk to them:)))

After three fathers/dads/husbands past away with heart attacks this last week, I told Steve I want us to sit down and discuss our life, love, plans if one of us die suddenly, I would not want him to pass away and me not having told him goodbye, and if I go first I for sure want to leave him a honey do list:)) Just some real life things to discuss, then you will have closure if that should happen. I pray the Lord never allows me to walk though that but death is a part of life, we all die some day.  I had some good talks with Sandi over the weekend, she is my age, its nice to have someone your age to share your thoughts with:) I would be ok financially but I am not a person who likes living alone, at least I do not think I am:) but since I only have grace for today, I will set all that aside and trust in the Lord to be all I need:)

I have not talked to Connie, she is still in Chattanooga, I thought about them this weekend, hope another time will come when all will be in Chattanooga again so we can go!  I am getting excited in 20 more go to sleeps it will be PCB time with the Haley's! We will be there a week for vacation!

It is going to be a hot week here, but I am ready for it, have work this week, then Friday we will go to Biff and Ann's for a sibling Averitt day on the lake,
 then back home, have open houses on Sunday, excited to get to visit with my dear friends Jimmy and Marcella Hagan while in North West Arkansas too!  They are our life long friends, I call them my forever friends!  It has been a busy summer so far, work has been good, and for a Ole Woman turning 60 I am doing great!  I guess now I will remember my age, since its the big 60! I feel it some days, but I have decided to let my self aged gracefully! They say it is the new 40!  So we will see:) Age is only a number, some days I feel 60 and other days I feel much younger, either way I am blessed! Have wonderful friends, great church, God loving children and grand children and our health, so much to be thankful for, Thank you Lord!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun Filled Fourth of July

We came to the condo on Wednesday after work, Just Steve and I, then Alexandria called and she and Victoria came, Jared came for the night, he and Steve played golf and the girls and I went swimming, but not before April got here too:)  I had the girls get me a chair:)
 We enjoyed our day and ate at the pool too:)
Then on the fourth we went to Kevin and Sandi's lake house that is not far from our condo, Alex and his family and Jared and some other friends from church Jennifer Bridges were there, Kevin and Sandi's grandson Caleb and his girlfriend Abby. A full house but its a big house so all was fine:) That night we all went in the TANK, which is a 30 ft barge with kitchen and bath:) Kevin cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the boat and we swam and watched the FFB fireworks, just a great time!
Alex fished

 We had a kiddie pool on the top deck for the little ones:)

Friday we just stayed at the pool most of the day and watched movies that night, I actually cooked spaghetti:) The girls ate and we watched the A-Team.  Then today we went back over to Kevin and Sandi's, Jared and his family came in last night, Alex and his family were there, and Will and Jenn Bridges came with their baby Shelby, so a full house again, but so much fun, it was weird being at someone else's house instead of ours, but nice:)  Kevin boated all day, teaching some to ski, Steve enjoyed just riding and helping:) We had pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans, potato salad, slaw, chips, peanut butter bars, peach cobbler and ice cream, and Jill made some good dip earlier in the day, we did not go hungry!


Jenn skied too, most all did who wanted too:) We have had a full Fourth of Celebrating with family and friends, Steve and I came back to condo, all is gone and its quiet, we are watching a movie, Day after Tomorrow, but I am so ready for bed, tired:)) but I know some kiddos who will feel their age tomorrow:) Since we all go to Journey Church we can see all tomorrow at church:) I am sore but its from swimming and walking so much:)  I so appreciate Kevin and Sandi for being such wonderful host! I know they are wore out too:) I always love a time with my family!  I missed the one's who could not be there, the McGill's and Alicia and Bob and  Jack and Sean's family, they all had other family commitments to be at. Tomorrow we will rise and shine and leave out and go to church, then I have property to show:) Hope I sell it!! Hugs and I hope your July Fourth was a fun time too!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out of my comfort zone:)

It has been a busy week, we have had Olivia with us, she has enjoyed working with me:)
 She is bringing me some paper work from the printer:) She never cried, but was ready to go home today, she is a Mama's girl:)  I will miss her:( Mark is off the next two days so Hannah is excited to have him home, they will work on  their building.  Steve and I have a funeral to go to for Mr. Brown tomorrow then will go to FFB, looking forward to a few days of rest:) So get ready for toes in the pool pics:) No cooking, No cleaning, just hanging out and chillin:)))

Ok, today I had to do a video for work and thought I would practice doing a video on my lap top, so I made this video:)

It is for sure not very professional but let me see I can make a video and I will get the right people lined up to do a professional video:) I need to do one on hiring agents too:)  In keeping up with the marketing of today on line you just have to do it all:))) My sweet friend Dinah called total laughing at the video BUT she did write a offer today:))

Mama and Roy and Connie and Wesley and Elva will be in Chattanooga this weekend, I so want to go and see them all, its hard to get them all in one place,  but I am restraining my self and keeping on my budget, instead of just saying forget the budget and going:(  Its very hard for me, I do not like restraints!  We already had plans to go to Biff and Ann's next weekend for a Averitt family lake day with Steve's brother and sisters, and planned to go to PCB the end of July, so I will keep with my budget and plans, even though I do not want too:(((((  Trying to live with in my means is not easy, I am the type who thinks live for today because you may not be here tomorrow, which is true:) but Steve is a weight of balance for me:(((  Although I remind him, you have never seen a Hearst pulling a U-Haul:)

Best go to bed so I can be ready for my day tomorrow:))) hugs and night, enjoy the video, its ok to laugh with me at doing it:)))