Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 and November 2013

As Steve and I drove to do a friends sister's funeral, I said is the is the last day in November, he said yes, I can not believe tomorrow is December first 2013!  Where has this year gone??? As you know I decorated early for Christmas, so yes I am ready but just numb to think this year is almost over! When we left Hannah's I brought Olivia home with me, she was so excited, we did a shopping trip:)

We had out annual Thanksgiving lunch at McKimmey, it was a success, I think we had the best year yet!




The McGill boys

Jennifer and Alicia
We had the best, I think Thanksgiving ever, Seth and Mark helped me with the dressing, in which I needed, my hands are having a problem:(( I think from holding my phone too much:) and they stirred it all, Steve and Hannah chopped the onions and celery, I can not make dressing with out the memories of all the years I would call mother to get the recipe and I could hear her telling me, not too much sage it will make it bitter:)  I add and Steve will taste it:) It turned out perfect! I was excited that Mark and Hannah got to come on Tuesday and stay till Friday, I miss them being in Van Buren, in which I realize is not that far, but its not next door either, what I was use too!  Thankful Jared moved his family next door! We went to Alicia's for Thanksgiving, it was pot luck so that makes it easy, I even took a cats nap with Luke:) came home about 8ish and played Texas Holdem with Sean, Sarah, Nick, Hannah and Mark, it was just a fun filled day, a lot of laughs and very thankful!
My friend for life, Sherry Maxwell

Belinda Holiday and Jill

Belinda, Jill, Sarah

 Sean, Alex, Alicia Jean
 Nick Cox and Mark McGill

 Steve and Bob
 Seth Harris

My new grand dog Axel
When all is here it is hectic and the house gets messy, I get dog tired, usually from not much sleep, I am so use to it being quiet, but when they all leave I sure do miss them!!! Looking forward to out Averitt Christmas, This is a pic of the Grands, all but Anna Averitt:(
 Some were tired:)  Anna came over Friday
I was not to thrilled about sharing her with her Step father's family but I have met the Miley's and know how they love her too,  Mr. Miley and his wife Georgia are elderly and I know they enjoyed her being with them:) I need to photo shop her in, like I would even know how to do that:(
Today I showed property then Steve did a graveside service for his friend of fifty years, his sister who Steve knew past away suddenly:( Then tonight we are going out to dinner with some good friends, I love the Holiday's I try my best to take time to visit with those I do not get to see much.  I am going to try to make good trays for some:) This Tuesday we go see Mawma, I can not wait will be home Friday and then have the Averitt Christmas on Saturday, then have our children's Christmas the 22nd and then spend New Year's wit Steve's sister Pasty and Donald!  So I have to fit in going to see the May's in Hot Springs, but I will:)  I also want to do a Christmas lunch for a few close lady friends, got to get it all scheduled!
My saying with my life long friends! It will be a fun filled month!  I love having taken time to look through some childhood memories, my Christmas ones are fresh on my mind and it keeps those I love right there in my heart to enjoy December with me!   Mark and Hannah and Steve did get my blow ups in the yard!

 I love these and love watching the children love these!
My children make light of them but I know they really wish they were in their yard! Have a great start to your Holiday Season, take time to love on old friends and make some new!! Love to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just a Blogging on a rainey day......

Last blog was the first week of November,  we did go to Hannah's last week, had a great time, went to church with them Sunday, really enjoyed our time with them, we had our last bible study this year with Church of North Hills which is not where we go to church, but some great friends of ours go there and we have enjoyed a bible study on Wed. nights with them, it has been in our home for the past six weeks, I had all my fall décor out and decided to do all my Christmas to share with them, so it is up and ready for Christmas, I love Christmas songs, they are so peaceful and I love the joy that Christmas brings to my heart:)

Our crazy love tree:)


 My Lovie
We have had many homes, we have had big and small, a pool, acreage, horses, dogs, pond, lived in the country and the city, one story, two story...etc.  I have to say this home is one we bought for investment purposes, we totally gutted it, it sits back on the lot about 75 feet and a acre lot in Sherwood, its only 1800 feet and we totally love it, it is one of my favorite homes to have lived in:) Sure there are some things I miss in this home, such as a fireplace, garage, but it is next door to my son and his family, and I love living here, longest I have lived anywhere in a long time:) Being a Realtor I move a lot:)  I have a large living area and kitchen is big so its easy to have people over:)
Steve and I talk about moving someday, probably when my son does, not sure we will move depends  on who buys home:)   I wanted to share my Christmas with you:)
Today is such a rainy day, I have cooked dressing and I have decided I do not like to cook it before Thanksgiving, I only make it once a year and I know why today, it is a task!! BUT when I tasted it and it is not Thanksgiving, I thought ohhhhh  I will not be so hungry come next Thursday for Turkey and dressing, but who knows I may be:) I wait all year for that taste:))  Guess I will be making it again next Wednesday:)  We will all be at Alicia's for Thanksgiving, I am looking forward to that!  Tomorrow we will have Peyton, Laila and Mika for the weekend, we will go to Hannah's tomorrow, they have not been so hope they enjoy the country life:)  I know they will love the camper.
Lovie has been going to school, actually Steve and I are learning about Lovie , how to help her understand what we need her to do, she is so smart and so far it has bee very successful! We have two more classes to go:) 

Work has been too slow for me:(  I am working but I really like to be busier then I am, but it has given Steve and I time to get the leaves up and decorate our home, he hung the lights too! This is the first for us to have it all done this early, I have had Amber help me with the heavy house work, so the house is real clean and looks great, I am going to enjoy the décor this year:)  Can't wait to go see The  family in LA. the first week of December:0 Can't wait for my babies to all get here Tuesday for Thanksgiving:0 Love all this family time and this time of the year!! Bet I will be dog tired after Thanksgiving, it will be a quiet house again and I will need Amber's help again but its all so worth it!  Hugs to all and to all a good night!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving, a time of Thankfulness

November is a wonderful month that I love, then comes December that I really love!  This is my favorite time of the year!  I have put out my fall decor as you know if you read my blog, and can not wait to put out Christmas!!

 This month there have been several things in my life that have been very emotional, I have done some soul searching and reflecting as a Child of God, a daughter, sister, mother, wife, child, friend, Realtor.  I have been accused of some wrong doings by a family member I love very much, it has been very painful for me and for them, in dealing with that I have reflected a lot on my child hood, letting the Lord use this time of pain to bring the healing He wants to bring in areas of my life, so He is working it all for my good.  Its not over and not sure it will be this side of Heaven, I will never understand it all, but I hang onto the fact God is in control and He is my defender.

Then as you know we were going through some things with April and Seth, Seth was able to come for a visit this past week, and it was such a answered prayer, looks like there will be a wedding in the future if all goes as planned and Steve and I and Seth and April are all on the same page! This is a real answered prayer for my family, if God is for us, who can be against us!

Have another family deal I am not free to blog about yet, but it is emotional too, so my plate has been full of healing and me letting go of the things I can not change, letting God take the wheel:) I have learned this week
that I had unforgiveness, bitterness, hate in my heart and I was able to give it to the Lord and forgive the best I know how.  I was able to realize I can not change what other people say or think about me, true or untrue but I can live each day knowing God knows me inside and out, He formed me in my mother's womb and He and I are ok.  There is a saying in Celebrate Recovery "to do the next right thing", and that is what I am doing in all of this, receiving wisdom from council, knowing I am trusting in the Lord for the out come of all these things I have shared, on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand:)

My daddy went to Heaven 41 years ago this coming Sunday, Nov. 10th., so I went to the cemetery today with Steve and put out new flowers, a time to reflect, I know that my daddy and mother and Walt are in Heaven, I have no doubt they are proud of me along with my Heavenly Father.  My mother and Walt loved flowers so I bet they have their Manson full of all kinds of flowers, daddy liked them too, but not like mother and Walt did!

Steve's parents, his daddy past away when he was 11 and his dad was only 52:(

Yesterday I went back to some old home places of friends
The Beasley's

where I lived on Cedar when I was under five

Aunt Otis's

Aunt Verna's and Uncle Herbert's, lot of memories there:)

 was neat seeing the homes and having such fond memories, not to say all my childhood was a bed of roses, It wasn't, but I choose to let go of what lies behind, thank God for His healing and move forward to what lies ahead:)  I always told my children, God healed me of my childhood and I am trusting Him to heal you of yours, only perfect children can expect perfect parents and only perfect parents can expect perfect children....Thankful for a Savior!  We all come from a some what dysfunctional family, which brings me to my next point, if we are always in the victim role we will never be a survivor!  So next time you have the poor me's think about the good me's, do not let your self be a victim,  there is so much more life in being a Survivor!  And that I am!!
A rose is all alone on this almost dorment, dead rose bush in my yard, shows me there is always fresh new life in the midst of death!  When we may be in the worst time of our life, God gives us a Rose, so look for your Rose today, he is faithful to see us all though our emotional times and bring healing to our souls!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I love Fall!

Wow I just do not remember when I have seen the trees look so color full!  They are just beautiful his year, they say we are in for a bad winter, although I love snow too, for a few days so I may like a bad winter:)  I do not like being cold though!  I showed property today in Little Rock then came this afternoon to Fairfield Bay to show property tomorrow, the tress were so pretty even thought I missed their peak time.

This tree is fire red in its peak


my view from the couch:)

I love coming to the condo, it is so calm and just a step back in time here at FFB.  We ate at one of our favorite places tonight and I am so full, Steve brought home a huge piece of chocolate cake and yes I ate some of it too!  I am so ready for bed, but time goes back tonight and its just 7:34!  Tomorrow we are  showing property here:)   Only bad thing is we will miss our Journey Church:( will have to get it on line, but that's just not the same as in person.  We had and amazing Harvest Fest, Jill and Jennifer Averitt planned it and they just out did them self, I think it is the best yet! I came home tired and forgot that I had a breakfast meeting in the am at 6:00 with Parkview friends:( I was awake but remembered it when I saw a post on face book:( They meet monthly so maybe next month:)
Seth Harris will be coming Monday of this week to visit, we are looking forward to that, we have not really been a round him in a long time, he and April are planning on a wedding this spring.  No date for sure yet, but coming:)  God has done a real work in all of us on this one:) He is faithful!  Have some other things He needs to work out for me with family members, but I know He can.
I am getting excited to get to see Mama and Roy and Connie and her family, we will keep our tradition and go in December to see them, we started it taking mother, now it just helps me to be with them:) Makes Christmas, Christmas!  I plan on seeing Derol and Ann May some to during the Holidays, I miss not seeing them! I pray this season will be a time of fun, friends and family!  I love this time of the year!  Well got work tomorrow so getting in the bed and calling it a night! Enjoy the trees and the fall air!!! hugs and night!