Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful for Thursday

JP Owens and Alicia

me and JP....crappy pic of me:)

Great pic of JP!! Such a sweet cousin!!

Had a great day, not to bad on the running and working and playing, I got them all in!! Had lunch with JP and posted a pic so you will know who I am talking about:) He is my daddy's sister Lottie's son:)) He looks like the Rogers:))) we had a great lunch and he is doing so much better, he lost his wife and was in the hospital almost dead, he got better and was home then back in the hospital and rehab forever, he is doing great now and you can tell it in his eyes!! I am so thankful!! well I made a fudge cake and took it to bunco tonight and all loved it, Steve is trying to kill him self with it and I am tempted, normally fudge cake does not tempt me, but its the chocolate I want, but I am stayng strong!! Tomorrow it goes some where else to help Steve stay strong!! Well got go nite nite!!

Oh yes, Edwanda Ware is off the vent and will be moved to a private room!! YEA!! Her white blood count is zero so keep praying, she is getting better!!

Dr. Wanda Stephens my dear friend does have liver cancer and has about 6-10 months to live according to the Mayo clinic, so keep her in your prayers..

Hopping wednesday and whirlwind Thursday!

I have been on the run all week:) Wed. is almost a whirlwind! Had meetings and showed property only to tell the buyer that's not it:(( but I will find something for them:0 Was late getting home last night and then did April's graduation announcements with her, she does not understand why you do two envelops and neither do I!! But we did! They are ready to be mailed this am....speaking of today, I show property at 9:00am and then off to eat lunch with my cousin JP, its been forever since we had lunch, Alica will go with us!! We use to do it about every three months but its been a year or more:((( A lot has happened in his life and mine. Oh yes I forgot to tell you yesterday I did a video interview for the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, I will not see it before they show it!! But they said it Will be good, go figure! I will be on the cruise:) it will be at the Sherwood Chamber lunch Thursday at noon next week, so I hope I do not look and sound like a dork!!! Speaking of the cruise, I am getting so nervous about it and excited!! I have soooooo much to do before I leave, seems like everyone wants to buy a house which is great, I am showing property all sat afternoon and Friday and today!! Steve will need his running shoes on while I am gone:0 Today the appraiser comes to easy street house and the inspection will be done by the home inspector, I think its all good!! as far as I can tell we are ready, I wish I did before and after pics of the house! well I am off to get a bath and shower property!!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

older homes I listed in lR

Neat older home on Rock street in LR
Scott street in LR

Eight Things

Ok I was tagged by Jennifer on:

8 Things
Eight things I look forward to:
1. seeing Blake my grandson, he runs up to me and makes me feel as if I was the only person on this earth and he loves me so much! and I love him, he grins ear to ear and shouts nonie
2. my cup of coffee in the am
3. my hubby's kiss good morning or good bye
4. snow days....where you have to stay home:)
5. going on my cruise this Sunday:)
6. being with my children...anytime....anywhere
7. being with my grand children, each one has their special place in my heart and they are all special!
8. family dinners at my house
Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Had a lazy day
2. went to lunch
3. took a shower
4. looked at property to list
5. took pictures
6. long car ride with Steve
7. talked to my mother
8. talked to my sister
Eight things I wish I could do:
1. Be debt free
2. have a party barge
3. have my weight off
4. have a family dinner before I go on my cruise
5. always have peace in my family with no problems
6. buy a big second home on the lake for many many family vacations
7. have all my family on vacation with me each one in their own condo but all condos in the same place and near each other, beach front
8. Pick up all my family in a hummer limo and take them all some where special to eat and have a fun, fun time!
Eight shows I watch:
1. American idol
2. house
3. Nashville star
4. dancing with the stars
5. law and order
6. wheel of fortune
7. news
8..... I struggling to think of more.....I do not watch much TV
I am tagging:
I am not sure who reads this blog:)))
OK now for today:)) I had sales meeting and property tour today then taught a class on short sales and foreclosures, then took pics of some homes I listed, then went to show property:) then home to do paper work!! nite!

pics of favorite places:)

where Steve will do church on May 24th and July 5th at 10:00am

Camp site B1 at FFB camp grounds, we have this one and B1 for family cook outs and for anyone who camps out:)
camp site B2, this is our favorite, the kids can fish and we can dock the boat at the camp site, so we have it too:) they are side by side so we have plenty of space!

Small sunset through the trees at the condo

little humming bird

View of Lake from Jansen's lakefront , where we love to eat!

Janzen's, open Thursday till Sunday at 2:00pm, homemade deserts to gobble up and the best steak you will eat and baked potatoes are better then any I have ever ate, just good food, I love the chicken fried chicken!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Peaceful Monday/marriage

Well you can tell from the title I did not go home and I am in my favorite place at the condo:) no coffee this am but some juice, no sausage balls either, I am back to eating more healthy, week end is over:) Steve is sleeping in, it is sprinkling here and very quiet, the birds are singing, I have a humming bird coming to the feeder, trying to get a pic of it for you:) I forgot my cord to hook my camera to the laptop so pics will come when I get home:) Today 37 years ago I married William Steven Averitt, I will give you a little history:) I met Steve fro a minute when I was 16 yrs. old, I was baby sitting for his sister, Judy. We lived down the street from her. Steve came in her house for like a second and she introduced us, I never saw or heard anything about him again until he went into the Navy with my dear friend Bill Brown, I was dating and planning to marry a man name Mark, he always would upset me by telling me he was going to join the Navy with Bill, then when it was time for Bill to come home from boot camp he called me and ask me if I would want to go out with Steve, at the time Mark and I were fighting so I said yes. While Bill was in boot camp I wrote him all the time and sent cookies,brownies, etc. Steve read them all so he knew all about me:) Bill is someone I had a crush on in the 10th grade, he was in my sister's class so he was 2 yrs. older then me. In college Bill and I would go out but more like brother and sister, well maybe not like that cause we always liked kissing:)) BUT we were close friends. SOOOO Mark and I made up and I broke my Friday night date and got Steve a date with a friend named Susan, that Friday night Mark took me home early to hang out with Bill but would not take me, so of course I got mad again, the next day I was to go swimming with Mark at our friends apts. Lisa and Frankie, now Steve had these same friends because they were in school with him. Mark told me he was going to hang out with Bill that night and it was a man's night out, so I thought fine, I will go out with Steve and I did! We had a great time playing cards at his sister's home, that night on April 26th 1972 Steve ask me to marry him, and I said yes, he told me he would pick me up the next morning and we would go to church and talk to the preacher:) we did that, in the church they send a thing for everyone to sign your name,I signed Linda Lou Rogers and ask Steve how do you spell Averitt???? Steve then went home and talked to my Father, in which is a miracle he said yes, although I was 18 and had the 18 year old attitude! My sister, Kay had planned her wedding since the seventh grade so she knew just what to do, it was off to get a wedding dress then going away outfit, we had a Church wedding with Larry and Pat as our attendants and a reception, we even had a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Hank's dog house for those who are old enough to remember Hanks! It was a steak house, my daddy loved eating there for special dinners, I did not eat steak so it was no big deal to me:) Steve and I moved to Chula Vista California since he was in the Navy and of course Bill lived with us:))) IN thinking of that, I do not think Steve and I have ever lived alone, we had Bill, then I came home due to getting pregnant and being very ill, I lived with my mother after my daddy died from a accident in 72 (Nov) , when Steve came home we had Alicia,he did not see her till she was three moths old, he was overseas. Then of course we had a pot load of babies and still have our last one at home, miss April who is 18!! SO needless to say if this is confusing and like a whirlwind to you IT WAS to me too!! So there you have it,met him on Sat. and married him on Thursday night April 27th, 1972!! We have had our bumps in the road and would be divorced today had we not taken that option out of our life! I thank the Lord fro bringing Steve to me, he is my best friend, strength for me, husband, lover and most of all the BEST daddy in the world!! HUMMMMMMM I might just go snuggle with him and wake him up!! By the way, I did havebirth control, but Steve toldme it wasmaking me cry so I quit taking it:)) so then came ALicia, guess what I stilled creid becasue I was 18 and homesick, I had never been away form home and I was 2000 miles away form everything I knew and loved with a stranger and of course my friend BIll Brown, who creid as much as I did!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My favorite places and 37 years!

It has been 37 years of marriage for Steve and I, This has been a week end with me in some of my favorite places:)) and for sure my favorite person, my best friend! A much needed weekend for Steve and I. We decided to come to the condo, in which, in my family room on my corner spot of the couch with my lap top is one of my favorite places, you can see the trees, and the most beautiful sunsets going down behind the trees! So this morning I am here, with a couple of sausage balls and a cup of coffee I made, now I know why I love the one cup keurig coffee pot I have, you can not mess up the coffee! It does one at a time and pre measured!! SO needless to say I messed up the coffee:) My other favorite place is in Steve' arms, we just sit and talk and talk and talk, we have some things God is putting on our heart, that has been on our heart for a long time but we believe the time is coming to put it into plans:) It is a Ministry to help strengthen marriages. So when it all comes together you will be the first to know:) so we have had some time alone and non interrupted time to talk and hug and be together, this is what I love a inanimate time with my husband. We drove around for hours yesterday looking at land and the lake, another on of my favorite things to do:) , went to Clinton to get some things the condo needs to be ready for summer:) Went into a lot of shops and found some neat places we had not been in before, another favorite thing to do. We walked by the lake and tried to figure out where we were on the lake from the shore line and we wished we had the boat ready, it would of been a great day to boat ride!! We watched a good movie, had popcorn for dinner, we had ate a late lunch:0 and totally enjoyed the day! This morning Steve is still resting and I am up, it is quiet here, you can hear the wind blow and it is sunny!! You know when I said hear the wind blow it made me think of Jesus, I have had some of my grand children ask how do I know Jesus is real if you cannot See Him, and I think of the wind, you can not see it but it is there, you can hear it and feel it but never see it.. it can be strong and it can be gentle. I loved what a child said to his father, before eating his dad reminded him to wash his hands, the little boy replied GERMS AND JESUS! GERMS AND JESUS! THAT IS ALL I HEAR BOUT AND I CAN NOT SEE EITHER ONE!! that is so true but we know they are there, in the same way Jesus is always there!! I thank Him for a much need time with my hubby!! don't think I will go home today, maybe tomorrow:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Terrific Thursday!

Today started real early for me 5:00am!! Not that it had too but I woke up and did not go back to sleep!! I had several things I had to get done BEFORE CE class at 9:00am. I had inspection to let inspector in and then paper worked to get ready for a closing at 10 and 1:30 plus on the offer I got last night on my new Cabot listing!! Needless to say I can understand why I did not sleep well!! Class was good, Tera Jones taught it and she is so god she keeps our attention!! I did close my big deal today.............YEA!!!!!!! Steve and I were suppose to leave town to go to Branson for our anniversary 27 years, 6 babies and 10 and one on the way grand babies!! We are BLEST! Jared called and we went to eat with he and Jenn and the girls, Mark and Max joined us at Mi Burrito, so we were both so tired we came home and I am honestly ready for bed now:) Just talked to mother and she is doing good, I forgot to tell you she has gained 4 pounds!! YEA now she weighs 99 pounds! Tomorrow will be a day for Steve and I and this weekend, we just have to decide what we want to do......I think I hear the condo calling us!!!! nite

Oh I almost forgot, Edwanda Ware's DR. has said she did not have Anna plastic cancer she has lymphoma, which is cancer but chemo will fight it, she does not need surgery, she continues to be in ICU and on a vent so keep praying:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do we cope?

Well this morning I woke up with this on my mind and decided to blog about how I cope. Pam Cupples Ritche said to me yesterday, Linda do you feel you carry the world on you with everyone problems? How do you do it?? So I decided to share how I cope with my life and my family's lives and my friends life's when we all have problems:)
First off I Have learned some coping skills that work for me:) I do believe the Lord has given me the gift of counsel, and I used that gift daily and when I worked at Living Hope Institute a Christan psych unit at St, Vincents Dr. hospital, back then it was Dr's. hospital. In my own life I as many others had suffered abuse and I had a lot of counsel and healing of my child hood, so that weakness became a strength in my life to where I could help others. In working at Living Hope it is all good to have a gift but they need credentials so I started working on the quickest way to get certified and that was getting my substance abuse credentials, it takes about 5000 hours and passing the state test to be a CSAC, which is a certified substance abuse counselor. Now this is not my area of choice, my area of choice is depression, sexual abuse,physical abuse, everyday stress of life, etc. My favorite patient would be someone who does not see any reason to live any longer, they usually have tried to take their life and failed. There is no doubt in my mind of how they will be healed and have a reason to live!! BUT HOW DID I LEARN TO COPE?? when working at LHI I heard so many people's pain and sometimes it would be unbearable for me, I would drive home and just cry my heart out for them, then one day driving home I was at 630 and Broadway, I was stopped at the corner and I was bawling, I was praying for the patients and just said God I do not think I can do this any longer, and I felt Him take their loads off of me, I was refreshed but still had them on my heart but was not burdened with it, a new insight for me began, after that every time I felt the load of someones pain I took the time to pray and give it to the Lord, He took it and strengthen me to continue. I can remember sometimes hearing someone in so much pain from the things done to them and they being so distraught and praying for God to touch them in the midst of their pain and He did, He took it from them. I know God did this over and over for me in my healing journey and He still does:)Sometimes if it were to much for my mind to conceive I would have to talk about it with another therapist to help unload it off me. Like when I saw a wreck in front of Cap' D's and the man and young lady were going 75miles per hr and on a motorcycle and a car pulled out in front of them, that scene stayed with me for awhile and affected me, I had to talk through it with others who could hear it and get some of the shock off of me, this is a way to cope with traumatic things, just make sure you talk to the right person, they need to know how to handle it too:) SO when I found out my dear friend Edwanda was so bad, I still had to teach a class and meet with clients in real estate, so how did I pull my self together so I could function, I did not have time to get alone with God, class was in three minutes....I have learned another way to cope, I stop take a deep breath and set the emotion aside, I have to totally re focus on something else, such as if I am at a funeral I may count the flowers until I gain control, the day of the class, I counted some paper work and then took a deep breath and pray for God to help me set it aside and I taught my class, all the time this is on my heart but I have control of my emotions. NOW you do need to get some time alone and go back to those feelings and sort them out, cry them though OR you will get sick, you can not keep emotions bottled up for too long, THEY WILL COME OUT!! and when you least expect them too:) Some say this is a form of disassociation and it is, but this is how I cope:) I always take the time to be alone and pray and deal with them so they will not bottle up in me. SO this is how I do it, I find my strength in the Lord and He is my rock, when my heart is over whelmed I go to the ROCK that is higher then I!! In my life I Have had some major blows that knocked the wind out of me, such as when Steve almost died form a leg infection, when Alicia was 18 and had cold spots on her thyroid and had to have it removed, when Jared was 18 and had cancer, when we lost our first grandson who was born premature, when divorce hit my children's life, when I had acute pancreatitis and they told me twice they thought I had Kidney cancer, when my mother was and is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, when my sister had brain surgery for a aneurysm, when my brother had kidney cancer and had it removed...there are so many things in life we go through that makes us who we are there you have it, I have learned that happiness is a choice and we do have to learn to cope with what ever life gives us and trust God that He will be our strength and give us fresh mercy EVERY morning and HE DOES!!!!! When I cannot cope I have learned to ask for help:)) Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Touring Tuesday!!

Well Tuesdays is our sales meeting and we tour the properties we list and today we had 18!! YIKES!!! We had so many good buys and top notch homes on tour, Tuesday's usually ware me out and today was no different:) Most of the day is taken up with meetings and tours then we had a Realtor Open house where we eat:)) and look at the house of course!! I did go to the hospital to check on Edwanda, she is still in ICU and on a vent, which helps her breath, the UAMS Dr. will be in town tomorrow so they may be moving her to UAMS for him to see if he can operate, it is her only hope and they say he is the only Dr. that could do it, it is very intensive and the cancer has grown around some of her organs, so keep praying! I talked to Dr. Wanda Stephens and she really believe she is healed, she goes to the MAYO clinic Thursday for a bunch of test with what she says is a world know cancer Dr and surgeon, so she will have her answers Thursday I will believe with her for her healing:) and pray for Edwanda's healing!! Tomorrow is not such a rushed day:) so I am looking forward tot hat, then Thursday have a closing o the big house:) and CE all day long till 3:00!! which I always dread CE but with Tera Jones teaching it, it will be GREAT! well I am tired so nite nite!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Needing a Miracle, please pray

My friend and co worker, her name is Edwanda Ware had surgery today to remove a goiter and her thyroid, the Dr. sewed her back up and she has Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, which is a very aggressive cancer and has grown all around her trachea and other areas, she needs your prayers now for a healing. Also Dr. Wanda Stephens a dear friend of mine has masses and tumors all in her liver, this does not look good either, she has a biopsy tomorrow, please pray for her. thank you so much............hugs

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainey Day Sunday do not get me down:)

A very good and relaxing day!! Went to Journey Church, it was good and worship was some of my favorite songs. Got some jewels that I hope will stay with me all week:) Then went to lunch with Jill and Alex then home for a good nap:))) yea!! when I got up we went to dinner w/Jared, his family is coming home from Mt. Home so we just had a lite supper at mi burito. Then off to write a offer! It looks good so I hope it all works out. I am getting so excited about the cruise, I do not even know what to think about not having a phone or have to return calls, I talk between 5500 to 6000 minutes a month and I am looking forward to having a time when I can not be expected to return a call or even to work, I will for sure have to take off work:) That is always hard for me:( Steve will take my calls and I know he will do a great job. Tomorrow is a full day, I have three new listings to do paper work on and pics and signs and then this offer and a inspection on the big one that closes this Thursday:) Then teach a class at one for new agents. Pretty full day:) I do the sales meeting this Tuesday so I Will have to prepare something motivational for that:) well I am off to bed, Made my self tired!! NITE!
Please pray for my dear friend Edwanda Ware she has surgery Monday and will need another major surgery after that, she is very sick. Also pray for D. Wanda Stephens they think she has liver cancer and will have a biopsy this Tuesday, her liver is full of tumors:((

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A BIG DAY! PROM and Memory walk

Alicia and Victoris
Jill, Victoris, Alex, Belinda, ALicia, yellow shorts is Alexandris, and April's head:)

me, Alex, ALicia

me and April

YES!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!! and we did:)

Steve seeing his princess

April and Alexandria

Steve and April

April and her date Cody House

April and Cody

This is April going to NLR prom, her prom is next week:) We had so much fun getting ready, we shopped last week and did nails Friday then ate Chinese, Steve was hunting:) Then came home and did make up till after midnight, you know April, she does not wear make, so she decided to go natural with a little eye make up:) I did not think she would like it but we played in it anyway!! They want to Gaucho's to eat in WLR then to Prom then home to change clothes, when they were here Sean called April's phone, this was about midnight, I told Cody to answer it, Sean said who is this? Let me talk to April, Cody said she was changing and could not come to the phone, Sean went totally ape, he said Boy don't tell me I can not talk to my sister put her on the phone, then Cody gave the phone to Steve but Sean was so mad and yelling and threaten all kinds of things and words, that he did not here it was Steve he was talking too......we totally pulled one over on him:) he was ready to kick butt and take names. I am sure April is soooo thankful for all her protection:) They had a great time, they went to post prom then to a party at the Wydham, she was home early morning and got in our bed to early:)) but fun to hear all the stories, well some of the stories:) then she and I were off to walk with Journey Church in the memory Alzheimer's walk, it was three miles and I kicked butt, I did it in about 35 minutes which is my best time:) I walked/jogged. Victoria kept me going, it is easier to have someone with you, she was my cheer leader:) It is pouring down rain and I may have to go take a nap:) April is sleeping and I just got home from writing a offer and down loading pics to face book so for now nite nite!! Lord thank you for not letting it rain during the walk and thank you Jill for praying and planning the walk for all of us at Journey Church!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am totally coming out!!

my little fat bump shows....
got two pair and would of got black and white but they did not have my size:( Steve will be glad

these are too cute, you cannot see a pewter flower that is attached

I love these!! a lot higher then I am use too!!

As I lose weight I will need to do new legs shots to see the difference, these feet have had a full day and are tired:) Jill are you not soooooo proud of me!!

Well today I actually went to the tanning place with miss April and tanned!! I would of never thought I would do that, for one, heavy people do not do well in the tanning deal, plus I am totally claustrophobic, BUT I did the stand up one, in which I had to talk to my self but was able to do it!! Sherry Maxwell said we needed to do that before we go on our cruise so we will not burn:) SO I DID IT!!!! YEA!! Now my next deal is SHOES!! Yes Jill, I am getting into SHOES!! and today I shopped and got four pair!! plus a skirt and two swimsuits and one cute cover up and three Bras!! WOW!! I even shopped a regular stores:) Normally I go to Avenue, Lane Bryant or Katherine's, they have large sizes, but since I wear a 16 I can go ANYWAY!! YEA!! I am loving it and it keeps me on track with walking and working out BECAUSE my arms hang like a big blob of skin and fat and my legs are wobbly:((((( so I will need to start working them out more!! Well here are my shoes!! I hope I can get them to down load, I am having problems:( well I am totally into getting April ready for prom, she is soooooo excited, we went and did nails tonight and tomorrow she goes to do her hair at 4:00 then to do pics then to eat then to prom then to post prom then to breakfast the home, I will for sure post pics......well I got to show a house at 9:00am then go on a listing at 11:00am!! A lady called me that lives near Easy street, she saw the sale pending signs and decided to call me!! YEA! Steve is in Ozone with Sean staying in the woods till Saturday:) He is missing the NLR prom but will be here the next Friday fro April's School SHHS prom:) hard to believe she is this grown up!! well best get the bed....nite!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Troubleing Tuesday

Today started early with sales meeting then property tour and then a Broker's meeting, then entering pics in the real estate web site and had appointments with new agents, then meet with a buyer who decided not to buy a house I had sold him:((((( grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I could not hold it together so we terminated the contract:(( so its back on the market. I tell my agents to have so many in closing if one falls out you will not miss it:) too bad I am not at that place:) but life goes on, it will sell and I hope to sell it my self again!! then I was off to show property and hope to write a offer, with a young man I have known since he was little, he sure turned out to be a nice looking young man with a sweet and pretty wife!! Got home about 9:00, so I am in my chair with my lap top and watching American Idol and resting:) this is one of my favorite places to be:) Today I was tired and got frustrated easily, but kept a smiley face for most of the day. Did slip out a few bad words when talking to Pam over a incident today with another Realtor, all in all it was a ok day. My dear friend Edwanda is so sick, please pray for her:) and for Jill she is still so sick too:) hugs!! NITE!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday and dog tired!

Today started with me walking three miles, my calfs are so sore from cleaning my carpets and hardwood floors, I thought walking would help, but they are still so sore:((( but I did drag my butt out and walked then off to the office, I and another Broker took lunch to the Real Estate school today, then got caught up on all my paper work from the offers, then went and listed a home in Cabot, its fairly new and four bedrooms in a great area! Then I got a offer on my Lakeview house and presented it, then home and Hannah's mother in law Regina is here and she cooked spaghetti and it was so good for supper, now I am off to bed!! Tomorrow is a full day! Which is a good thing!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Anna's 9th Birthday

Anna and her cake

Kids counting their eggs

Jill AVeritt, who you pray for and baby Averitt

Steve and I and our grand children, Alexandria holding Olivia, me holding Cole, Max, Jack,Anna holding Blake, Victoria holding Peyton, Steve holding Laila....I love this pic!!

Sean and Sarah and Anna, putting on necklace from Aunt Jill and Uncle Alex

Olivia pretty!

April showing her brothers and sister's her prom dress, the brother's ask where is the jacket

April's Prom dress

The back of my blow up Bunny and chicken's, it rained on my parade, but we made it!!

We had great family time today, went to church and then to our house for a inside Easter!! We hunted eggs in Hannah's house and had a wonderful family time....thank you Lord, I am very blest!

Sleepy Easter Sunday!!

Well its 1:30am and I am so tired I cannot sleep, if that makes any sense!! If it was a good ideal I would go to the store and get sugar, I realized I do not have any for my tea today! I will go before church:) I took a long jacuzzi bath ( hot ) and thought I would just pas out but I just tossed and turned, gave Steve some sugar and thought hummmmm....but I did remember he just had surgery:) So I got up, I have not been able to eat today, guess from running all day. I tried but could not get much down, so I just decided to eat now and have a wonderful tasty Cesar Salad w/chicken, but nope I can not chew it small enough to go through the little opening to my tummy:) When that happens it just fills your 4OZ. area of your stomach and then your too full to eat another bite! One thing I am so excited about is I did sell the big house in Ward today in the midst of my day, I worked real estate too!! Looked like a dog and could barley walk but went and showed it again to the sweet couple I told you about and they made another offer and it was accepted this time!! It closes Thursday next week, it is a cash deal:) So I do think I will be getting a massage on my cruise!! Speaking of the cruise, my sister friend Sherry Maxwell is doing good, I thought of her because I missed Jimmy tonight and thought of her being alone this Easter, she does have Jimmy's children and children from her previous marriage and I know she will be with them, but I just miss Jimmy and know she for sure does, say a prayer for her if she comes to mind!! It is still just hard to believe he is with Jesus, I ask Jesus to tell him hello from me:) Well I am still not sleepy, guess I will go look around on eBay......and try not to spend money!! Morning! One other thing, Steve is feeling so good in his back, he walks at a normal pace, I can see it in his face the relief he feels:) YEA GOD!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a Saturday!

Well I have tried to kill my self today, I have moved all my area rugs to my long driveway and cleaned them, then had April and myself move all the furniture in the family room, a dozen different ways, then had to get Hannah to come and help me, and it end up almost like it was:) When Jared came in I had him move my bed and take it apart so I could clean the carpet in my bedroom, we moved everything out!! Hannah came to my rescue since I was barley able to put one foot before the other one and cleaned the bedroom carpet :)) Lord help I wanted to do my spring cleaning and I have. I polished all my hardwood floors and when Sean came by he and Jared moved my rugs back into the house. I have out door tables and chairs all in the front yard along with my big blue blow up bunny and my two chicks in the yard......ok Jill do not laugh, I like them:))) Jared helped Steve and so did Mark with the yard, so it is all ready for a Easter egg hunt and for a Nine year old ANNA's birthday party, we have a birthday cake pinata filled with all sorts of candy! I am having all my children and some of their parents tomorrow for lunch, it is pot luck and I love having them all here:) I just heard the news and it is suppose to start raining by noon.........please pray God will hold it off till late!! Not sure how we will do all inside:((( but we will manage! We may have to have a Easter Egg Dive!! I am so Thankful for Easter, without Jesus giving His life for mine, I would not even understand the meaning of Easter, we have a wonderful day planned to celebrate HIS death and HIS Resurrection!! Hallelujah What A SAVIOR!! Now hope I can walk tomorrow!! Nite I will take pics!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring has Sprung with storms!!

Today was a slow day for me, I took Steve for his surgery this morning and they actually took him back for surgery about 1:00ish and we got home about 4ish, he did great and his implant which gets him out of pain is working again!! He needed a new battery, they have no ideal why his quit working, but now he has a new one, this is inserted under the skin in his high hip area, so they cut him open and removed the old one and put int he new one. He is sore and sleepy from being put to sleep but doing real good and so thankful for his back to have some relief and his legs not to be in pain. I think this is going to make a big difference for him!! Well tornado's are all around us and the weather is bad tonight here so of course I have prayed for all my babies and friends:) Steve is already asleep and I am about there with him. Sitting makes me tired:) All is well in my house hold tonight:) April made Brownies and yes I did eat one:(( I have been craving chocolate which is not the norm for I hope this is a end to that craving!! Well off to watch the weather and get ready for bed. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you yesterday we had the fierier come out and do Apache's hoofs, they are in good shape now, Apache is not out in the full 130 acres, he ran and ran with all the other horses and has made friends with two of them, then he and the alpha gelding still fight some but Apache is backing down form horse!! We plan on bringing him home for Anna's birthday party Sunday IF it does not rain:) We do have a Easter egg hunt and i realize there are different ideals on this, but my children grew up with Easter egg hunts and they all still know Jesus is the reason for Easter and he is Risen!! SO with that said I will continue with the tradition that my brother started and put money in the eggs and hide them and let the kids find them:) I wish I had lots of money I would do one for the big kids too!! Someday maybe:)) That would be fun to watch them all go crazy looking for the eggs!! The prize egg has 5.00 and we have four prize eggs, some how different children get those, like the older ones who know what it is!! then Alexandria is 13 so she can not hunt anymore, but I do think there is one 13 yr. old egg for her:) I love to watch them hunt the eggs!! I will take pics too!! WE do pot luck and this year Sarah's parents are coming! You know me I love a big party,now praying for a day one!! hugs and nite!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well tonight I sold our easy street house!! I am so excited because with it my list and sell it make me be able to help this young couple get their first home!! They are such a sweet couple:) Now off to find another investment so I can start this process all over again......I think it makes me crazy but will get me out of debt faster!! I have had a full week and tomorrow I will take Steve to have surgery on his back to get his implant fixed, so he will be much better soon. Then I have a LR Realtors deal tomorrow night so it will be a busy day again, my cousin JP said I needed 48 hours in a day and I think he is right but I would be so tired to go as fast as I do for 48 hours!! so I am glad its just 24 hours in day:) well off to be! nite

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

link to donate:)

Need some help:)

I am walking on April 19th to raise money to fight Alzheimer's and need you to help me by donating any amount towards finding a cure, as you know my mother has the diseases and I post a pic of her and Cole in previous post, please help me in this fund raiser, so far I have not raise any money and decided to post it on face book and my blog:) Thanks in advance:) hugs

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Sunday for me!

Today started with Baby Cole waking up early:) and talking to me and smiling, he has my heart for sure! Then off early by 8:00am to Easy Street to clean it and have it ready for the open house. I did not get to go to church and I hated it, Alex preached and I missed it:))) but I met the people who looked at the big house I had open last week, this is the third time to show it and he called for me to meet him and is wife to see it and write a offer!! YAHOOO!! and I did show it and wrote a offer. They are such a neat couple, they are almost 50 and have been married for 25 years, Steve and I were so impressed with them, they are fun loving people and very down to earth, moving to Cabot/Ward from Stuttgart. I hope the offer works out for them and for us:) what a blessing that will be, it is a cash deal and close April 14th:) I am praying the seller will work with them and it looks positive at this point:) I want her to sell real estate with me:) Got back about 3ish and took a hour or so nap, then went to ride Apache, he was full of it today, even tried to buck a little, with the wind and it turning cold again he was sassy, April showed him who was boss! She got to muck the stall for the first time, she hates getting dirty but she did great! Steve and I watched and Apache followed her around, he loves to be with people and will just follow you like a pet dog, he is too cool! Well I do not want it to be cold but I do not have a choice in the matter:( I have a pretty busy day tomorrow, I will work out of the LR office most of the day then off to look for a prom dress with April in the afternoon. I made some chili so I will take mother and Walt some tomorrow, since it is cold Chili sounded good to me:) I already miss Cole, he was here all week end, but I bet I sleep sounder not listening for a baby tonight. He is such a good baby, he has such a sweet spirit about him, his little cry still sounds like a bird doing a mating call:) he is just too cute! Jill is doing real good, just PG sick:) well going to bed early......NITE!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mimi and Cole pics

Mimi talking to Cole, I laid him on the kitchen table:)
Still talking

Mimi making Cole laugh!

Mimi showing Cole to Walt

Mimi showing Cole to Walt

Cole and MIMI

Today Cole spent the day with me:) we went to Bobbie's baby shower, she is Steve's sister's daughter, my niece, expecting her first baby, which is a boy:0 Cole was perfect, my other niece Dr. Susan Averitt was there so I of course had her check Cole out for me, I miss her not being here for all these grand babies, but I do have Pam Cupples daughter Laura Cupples Wilson who is a pediatrician too:) and Karla Ahart's daughter, Cheryl Ahart is on in LR, I think that is who Bobbie will use:) I then went to others, she was so excited to see Cole, I have some cute pics as you can see:) Mother is doing well, and Cole just talked to her. For those who do not know my mother has , and can Alzheimer's not remember anything BUT does still know me and my sister Kay, this is a terrible disease and it is hard watching it still my mothers memory. I enjoyed our visit and I know she did!! Walt is in the back ground, this is my step father, they have been married 30 or more years now. Longer then she was a weird:) They live in WLR, but today was a good day for them, Mother will be 78 and Walt will be 80 this year. I went by Jill's and she was sickly with baby sick, you know the kind you feel like you will throw up and weak???? That is how she is but loves being pregnant, Alex was home so he can help take care of her and make her feel special:) Well gotta go check on easy street fro open house tomorrow while April is here to keep a eye on Cole, Sarah worked last night and tonight, Sean had to work both nights too, so its been Nana and Daddygrand and Cole, he is such a good baby it has been easy:) Later!

Friday, April 3, 2009

ohhhhhh its time for snake hill!

The old mill in Lakewood in the spring, at the top of snake hill, this mill was in the movie Gone with the wind!
Almost to the top of snake hill

Mid way where I someimtes have to stop to breathe:)

Starting out, it does not look as steep in this pic

The very beginning of snake hill in Lakewood

Well I wish looking at the pics did the same as walking it!! I would love that! Its that time of the day to go walk snake hill:) so I thought I would give ya'll a visual!! I bet your glad I did not put my pic of my crawling up it!! Today is not a hard day for me, thank the Lord!! I will be in LR office this am and then off to get 4817 Easy street ready for open house this Sunday. I have a different agent holding it ope, sometimes it is hard to sell your own property, just like a for sale by owner you say to much about it:) so I have Sarah Golden holding it open and I want it ready and perfect!! I did get to ride Apache yesterday and he did great, he is getting along with the other horses too!! I am so happy about that, April goes daily and grooms him, this Sat. she will need to muck the stall:) I know she will love that! Then we have to find a prom dress, she is a senior this year, that is hard to believe but it is true! When we do I will post some pics of her. Well off for my crawl!! Have a GREAT day, it is up to you to make it that way!! Cherioooooooos!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


These pics posted back wards in the order:) think it is me?? Me and Belinda Weaver, PROUD Of oUR NEW BABY AVERITT
The baby's first picture, see I told you the baby was cute!!

Alex adn Jill and Baby waiting on the Dr. to come it

Walking down the hall to get the ultra sound!

Alex and Jill in waiting room, we were all nervous and excited!!

I was so excited to get to go to the ultra sound with Alex and Jill, Jill called and ask if I would like to come.....I said YES!!!! Belinda Weaver and I saw our sweet little baby Averitt and heard the heart beat!!! What a blessing to be with Alex and Jill when they heard the heart beat. This baby has been conceived in many tears and prayers and we are all sooooo excited!! Someone ask was I disappointed in the fact it is not twins, and I said, NO WAY, I am so excited Jill is pregnant, God knows just what He is doing and it is much safer to have a single birth, all I pray for is a healthy baby, I do not care what it is or how it looks, it will be beautiful to all of us and we love boys and girls!! So as you can see I have some pics!!