Friday, January 24, 2014


So far it has been a month of cold weather with a few days of warm and sunshine, I have always loved winter but this year it seems we are having a lot of winter days:)  I do not know how people live in this cold of weather and cloud filled days, thankful summer will come:)

January has been a fun month so far, we went to the Go Daddy Bowl, Alexandria was so excited and it was such a fun trip in Mobile, it sure wore me out, took me a few days to get rested, but worth it!

We had so much fun, was up all hours and Mobile rolled out the red carpet for ASU!
Totally a wonderful memory making time! YES They won!
Then it was our kick off meeting we do each year at work, we had a good year in Real Estate, I fell short of my goal by three hundred thousand in production, but I am please with the year, I actually made more money and sold less....go figure that out:)  The market is affected by our weather so it has been good but a little slow which had give me time to get some things done I needed done, such as getting all my 2013 files in order and ready to put away:) I closed 54 deals this past year and had 36 files that needed some help:)) Image that:) I have also done my listing files for 2014 so I am good to go on paper work!  Steve is such a blessing in helping get it all done:) The law regulates you on your paper work so it is very important for it to be correct:))  We are looking at getting out of debt this year so we will probably buy some homes to fix up and resale, best way I know to get debt free:) This is one of our goals for 2014, now gotta get it planned out for it to happen.  I am a goal setter and daily write out what needs to be done, then look at it monthly to see where we are at in attaining them.  Pray with me that this desire can come to pass:)  This past weekend we went to Hannah's on Friday till Monday and kept the McGill babies, they went to the condo, it was so much fun, I really enjoyed being there and being with them, we went to the movie Frozen,
  Max is the leggo in the back:) Then took Blake for a Birthday lunch
He for sure did not know what to think!
It is so funny to see the differences in our children's families, the McGill's never go out to eat much, Hannah always cooks and loves cooking, they are more home bodies, so when you take the kids some where it is for sure and adventure, at the movies Olivia said, real loud, THEY HAVE POPCORN AND COKE HERE????  They and we loved the movie, Luke was perfect, of course we ate three tubs of popcorn had refills on our large drinks:))
Bible study started back up with Church of North Hills, we are doing David Platts book Follow Me, it has really been a refreshing taste of the Lord in my life, I enjoy my time with this study and friends:)  Home group is on Thursday night and it is always thought provoking and fun time, tonight we have a fund raiser at Journey Church, a pancake dinner, its for our mission trip, Alex and Kevin will be going, please keep them in your prayers, its to a real remote area, they will not have running water or a bed, they will stay in tents and the terrain is strenuous to say the least.  Glad my trust is in the Lord!
I think this about catches us up, I have five new listings to get paper work done on today and take pictures and get in the computer so it will be a full day, this year I am working on being physically fit, so I will feel better, I am tired of being achy and old feeling:) so off to the Bill Harmon rec ctr. for some good ole exercise! Then walking when it gets better weather, off sugars and eating healthier again!!  Gotta get this body up to par!  Hugs to all and have a great day!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 gone 2014 Here

We ended the year with a wonderful time at Hannah's, Sean and Alicia's family came and Mark's mother Regina, it was just a wonderful time, we had a bond fire,
did somores, rode four wheelers,
 ate and laughed and loved our time!!
Target practice...
 Hannah got strep throat and Mark woke up with a fever and felt bad, had 104:((  but we were spared the sickness, Sean did have a stomach virus over New Year's he got that on his own:) since no one had that there, but he was pretty sick, probably the dullest New Year's he has ever had.

Steve and I came home Saturday, went to church Sunday then left and went to Tunica to meet up with his sister Patsy and husband Donald, we had the best time, they played golf in the cold, no way was I going, I watched Hallmark channel and had room service:))  We had a fun New Year's,
the band was wonderful and they had a huge balloon drop, we had party hats and blowers, we were in bed pretty much after midnight:))

 My Kiss!!
on to another year with my sweetie:)
Today had breakfast with Pat and Donald then  each left to go home.

Friday we go to Mobil for the GODADDY bowl, the cheerleaders are there, Alexandria having the time of her life:)
I got the itinerary that the team and cheerleaders will  be doing, which means we will be doing :)  Friday night we are at a Oyster Bar, so I know the food will be yummy:) Then Saturday is the GoDaddy parade, then Sunday pre game deals and the game Sunday night at 8, in which I have decided not to go to the game but get a massage instead at the resort we are staying at, and watching it on TV, it may be raining and I am not a real football fan.....I know that catches you by surprise!!  It will be a busy trip so I am sure I will be ready for a slower time on Sunday, then home earlier Monday am. Tuesday work and a Brokers meeting, business is good and I think will get a lot better with the spring market on its way:))

2014 is here, time to set goals, and let go of things we can not change,  move forward with the things we can.  I had a good year in Real Estate, made my business goals, with God's grace, missed a few personal ones, but I have not given up, I have today to start over and make goals for this year:)) 

Something to think about, Let go of what lies behind and moved forward to what lies ahead. You can never be a survivor if your always a victim. Think on that when your thinking your the victim, everyone has done something to you, life is not fair, if only they understood, we all get there sometimes. The only way to move forward is let it go, what ever it may be, if you can't, then get help with it, so you will be a SURVIVOR:))))    2014 is here and we need to be ready to make it a great year! It will depend on you and me:) God directs our steps, now lets walk in them:)) I pray we will let 2014 be all that it can be, we can walk in the favor of the Lord and His anointing will flow through us to others......hugs and upward and onward!