Monday, November 30, 2009


Jenn brought the girls over this am while she went to the Dr. she and baby M are fine, she will go every two weeks now:) I am getting excited!! I need to do baby M’s ribbon for the door since I never got baby A’s done, but a friend of Jill’s made a real cute little girl deal for the door:)  here are some pics of the morning, I had Hannah bring O and B over so they could all play:)grandbabies 041 P always wants to play barbies, but it has small things so they have to sit on the couch:)grandbabies 016 A learning they it is Jesus' birthday and Santa is fun but he is bowing to Jesus.grandbabies 019 my L girl:)grandbabies 049 watching cartoons and all the babies sucking on a candy cane, then they will sit still and let you hold them:) or they cannot have the candy cane:)))grandbabies 024 B telling P to sit in his lap:)grandbabies 025 and she did:) B said, tum here P it in my ap


grandbabies 014  Learning about the nativity, they can take the pieces and put them where they go and name them:) I am so glad I am a NANA I would of NEVER let my children touch them, sorta sad:(


Now its off to work have a listing appointment and appointment with a seller and then to the chiropractor, sinus are better and have the house all picked up.  I never Windex the door or glass coffee table to get little hand marks off with out thinking of my dear friend Helen Crossland, she lost her son at 18 months and when they came home from the hospital after he had past away, there was his little hand mark on her glass sliding doors, it took her a long time to be able to clean it off, by the Grace of God she lived through that, she has a book from Pieces to Peace, it is real good……now that I have made you cry, just remember you young mothers, today is over tomorrow so make sure you enjoy your babies today, the house can be spotless later when they are grown and the beds can be made then:) and the house will be quiet and you can actually sit down and not have to get up unless you want to, BUT the babies will be grown and you will miss these days, so enjoy them to the fullest:))) HUGS!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sinus Sunday.......its a drag:(

I woke up with a headache today, had Steve get my bed buddy and warm it up and put it on my neck and eyes, felt better was going to church but it started hurting again so I stayed home, took sinus meds and it felt better sitting up then laying down:( so I finished putting the red ribbons on the white yard deer ( in doing that Max helped me, Max stated, Nana I need to draw some eyes and nose and mouth on your deer , I said, no then someone my hunt them, he said....NANA!!! HAVE YOU EVER! SEEN A WHITE DEER??? I AM NOT MAKING THEM BROWN ) I laughed at how insistent he was, then went to Walgreen's and got a sinus flush med pack, which did help some but headache is still here, I have sat in PJ's ( Christmas ) and enjoyed my Christmas tree and watched House that I had on DVD. Steve is on a guided duck hunt with Sean and I am sure he is enjoying his self, April is at Church with a friend. So its me and the TV:) occasionally Blake comes in for some m&m's :) Staying in tonight form Journey church too, I miss church when I am not there, I did have some prayer time this am and read my bible, the acted like a real B to Steve....wonder how that happens, I had just had such a good time reading my bible and praying, then he is trying to tell me something he is frustrated about and it hit me the wrong way and I totally reacted instead of responding, for now I chalk it up to the headache:) but it does amaze me how short fused I can be at times:(((( Tomorrow L and P will come over while Jenn goes to the Dr. for OB visit, she is really getting big for Jenn, she is hurting and it is getting harder for her, she usually delivers a month early so we could have another baby in a about six weeks:) she is due Feb 13th and is a C-section but the Dr. will watch her close, he does not want her to go into labor. I am looking forward to having the girls for awhile, then off to work for me:) but for now its pj's and left overs and rest:) and hope to get rid of this headache! hugs and nite!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It Looks like Christmas!!

Christmas 2009 tree 239 Today started with some help. I am so thankful Jared was able to come over, Max always is a help.  I knew when Steve was trying to bring things in for me, he needed help,  I am not much help either:( but Jared is strong and huge and he came to the rescue:))) This is the starting of the tree.This is the finished treeChristmas 2009 tree 240 tree 2009 den 001 does not show to well in pictures:( but it is real pretty!! I finished my kitchen table too:)Christmas 2009 tree 242 I rearranged the furniture so I will have room for everyone:)Christmas 2009 tree 241

I am thankful I have the inside done, now tomorrow I will work on the out side, but the lights will not go up yet, Steve is going duck hunting after church:) no way I would even try to conquer that, there are some things women just need to let the men do:)  Its already nine pm and that is hard for me to believe!  I started working on this a nine this morning:) of course had some sit downs:)  Max is so fun when he helps decorate, he really helps which is very unusual for a boy his age, but he keeps focused and will work like a man:) Hope you had a great day too!!! NITE and hope I can move tomorrow:)

Christmas Memories

I have decided to blog each day in December a Christmas Memory, I will start as early of my childhood as I can remember, which will require me to dig back and think:)))) I just thought that may be a neat thing to do and share my life with you, I am sure some of you will be in the memories, wish I had pics to go with them, what ever that are:) But for today thought I would blog my thought of Thanksgiving day this year. I got up early to get Tom out of the oven,tom the turkey we always cook him during the night and wake to the smell of Turkey or the smell of smoke where it has boiled over, this year it was the smell of smoke, which means you have to open the windows,doors and freeze while you clean the spill over out of the oven:) I then proceeded to put on the black eyed peas, I had made the sweet potatoes the night before:) We all do pot luck and if you do not remember why check out the past blogs:) I did the dressing the night before so all I had to do was mix it all up and bake it, it turned out real good:) We went to Alicia's food3 food 2 food 1 and everyone started coming, this year all my children were there which was a blessing to me and the only grand child that was not there was Anna, she had gone with her grandparents and mother to Texarkana this year. It was baby A’s first thanksgiving!! amelia td We had a good family time, I could tell the kids were tired and some still had other places to go to that night, you know it is hard on the babies (2-8) year olds, they just love to go and do but they get so tired, and I know from memory the parents do too!! I am so blest with wonderful children who have precious spouses and for sure the best children:) Steve and I left at four to take mother and Walt dinner, Victoria went with us and played her clarinet for them, they loved it, we then set mother’s table, Victoria found her pilgrims and some fall leaves and we lit a candle and had all the fixings for them, mother ALWAYS had her pilgrims and fall decor out, this year she did not even know it was Thanksgiving:((( it hurts my heart to see such a change in her, my mother had so much dignity, you would never see her not dressed to the tee and her hair and nails done, this was ALWAYS, she had on a little size 0, she is 96 pds now blue pants and top, sorta like a jogging suit and Walt in his pj”s and robe, they used to dress up and Walt would put on a suit, it was very formal for their Thanksgiving dinner:) They had way to much to eat but can eat on it for several days:) Walt's eyes lit up when he came into the dinning room, he loves fancy dinners:) Walt’s memory is not the best, and his health is not the best, he can barley walk but does get around with a walker, mother can get anywhere, its her Alzheimer's that is so bad. It made me have bitter sweet feelings, I wanted to cry at the way mother looked, Victoria ask her what was in a bedroom, it had the door closed ( her guest bedroom) and mother said I do not know, lets look and see, they looked and mother gave Victoria some of the stuffed animals that she had over the years, she had them on the bed…….its just so sad, but at the same time so sweet, and so hard:((( Hugs!me and steve

Thursday, November 26, 2009

pics of Thanksgiving:)

Thankfull Thanksgiving

I am ever so Thankful for my family and friends:)
Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours:)

Tom the cooked Turkey:) and my good looking hubby Steve:)
We pray you have a blest day and enjoy your family, if by chance your family is out of the area, you are always welcome to share Thanksgiving with me and my family:) Love and Hugs! Have a very blest day!! Enjoy your Blessing one by one;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

R U Thankful?

Its the time of the year we reflect back on yesterday, yesteryear and we remember so many things some funny, some good and some ruff spots in the road for us. You know scripture says, consider it all joy when you encounter various trails...... sometimes that is a hard to do scripture and I am certain no one can do that with out the strength of the Lord in their life's. As I look back at this past year there are so many things to be thankful for, there are some memories of some times I was not thankful but trying to trust the Lord in the fact He does know what He is doing and He is in control of my life, for that is the most important part of my life, I am so thankful for. No matter what comes my way, good, bad, ugly, Beautiful He is in control of what happens to me. This gives me great comfort and joy and thankfulness, because no matter what may be, He will be there, with open arms and answers to any problems I find my self in. As of today, I do not have any problems that I consider problems, some might if they knew all about me, but I am the type that rolls with the punches. I learned when Jared was sick with cancer that most problems are not problems, when you have traumatic illness, that is a problem, all other problems you can usually fix, and I Learned financial problems are the best problems to have:) If you have no money, you just have no money, and you usually make some and learn to budget:) if you have friendship problems you usually restore them or they needed to be ended and you start a new chapter in your life with out the friendship, if you have a unhappy marriage you can go to counseling and commit to be committed and let God restore it....there are just so many problems we can all have that really are small when you ever face a REAL PROBLEM like Life and Death, but even in that God is faithful to bring you through. I am so thankful for what God has done and is doing and will do in my life and my families life. I am thankful to live in America where I can even blog about all this, and so thankful that I work a job that I love and it is a job that helps people, I am thankful for my dear friends and that God has been faithful to them in the trails this past year. If all we have is our faith then we are fine cause you only have to have the size of a grain of a muster seed!! SO I say all this to say think of the past year and what you are thankful for and let go what was the hard part, if you have un forgiveness in your heart then let it go too, it only hurts you. I pray you have a God filled Thanksgiving and you set your heart and mind on the things that are true, pure and lovely this Thanksgiving!!! HUGS

Sunday, November 22, 2009

HUMMMM its SUnday????

Micky d's picnic in the front yard
Throwing leaves

A nana has to do what a nana has to do to keep the babies happy:) cheetos face:) L

Hannah and her B and P with her pink boots on:)

A and V on the hay stack!! Alicia's girls

P learning to ride a bike

hannah and her bike contraption

The best husband and daddygrand in the WORLD!

My word I have totally forgot to blog!! Not like me, where has this week gone???? I have been very busy at work and just let time fly away!! Not sure now what all has happened since last wed.:( so I will start with yesterday:) Had Jared and Alicia's children all day while they went to the Razorback game and then Sean and Sarah came over with their tow and of course Hannah is next door so had her three, we had a fun filled day!! Steve fixed a big dadygrand breakfast and we then went tot he barn and rode the horse. In which he did great with allt he kids then Hannah got on him and he acted wild, he took her into the barn, she was nervous and unsure of her riding skills,not sure why cause she is a good horseman but just unsure of her self. SO then after playing all day with the babies and hauling them on my hip, and swinging with them and playing in the leaves I had to get on the horse and make sure he knew he could not go into the barn, so of course he thought he could and bucked some and acted a fool but then settled back down to knowing who is boss, for some reason every time we canter him he starts acting up, and I have realized I am not the rodeo queen I once was, my legs hurt my back huts and I am sore all over:((( I do not think he can throw me but I am to out of shape to make him ride it out in a canter to work him though it, my legs,and that is what I hold on with at the top just ache and now of course are all bruised from him bucking and them hitting the saddle:((( we need to ride him more and make him do it but I think I will get someone else to work him though it till he quits:) I just am not as young as I once was and for sure not the rider I once was but still love the riding and making the horse mind, I can be in control:))) er are some pics from the day...enjoy them!! Do not laugh too hard! hugs

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You need a ram today?

"So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, 'On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.'" Genesis 22:14 (NIV)Have you ever been in a situation so desperate that it looked hopeless? Have you ever sat at the kitchen table wondering how you were going to pay the electric bill? Have you ever stood at a door that's been slammed in your face by an angry teenager and despaired at ever having a relationship with him again? Have you ever had your heart broken so deeply that you wondered if you would ever feel whole again? Sadly, we live in a broken world where desperate situations happen every day. I know someone reading this devotion is wondering how she will make it through the day because her situation looks hopeless. If that is you, I encourage you to keep reading. I believe God has a message of hope for you today's message is found in the Bible, in the story of a man who was dealing with his own desperate situation. His name was Abraham and he faced the greatest testing of his life. After longing for a son for many years, God finally gave Abraham a boy, whom he named Isaac. Abraham never imagined God would test his faith by asking him to sacrifice his son. But it happened t had to have been the darkest day of Abraham's life as he trudged up the mountain, with firewood strapped to his son's back. Every step took Abraham closer to what he believed to be the sad ending of a hopeless situation – the death of his son. Yet in spite of his sorrow, Abraham trusted God. His heart wasn't soaring with joy. He wasn't dancing up the mountain. But he put one foot in front of the other. Walking through the darkness of the situation; obeying His God's commands. Unbeknownst to Abraham, something else was walking up that mountain. Quietly. Out of sight. On the other side of the mountain. Something else was putting one foot in front of the other. Only Abraham couldn't see it. For every step Abraham took, a ram on the other side of the mountain took a step .All Abraham saw that day was his solitary journey of pain. As he got closer to the top of the mountain, his dread must have increased. I wonder if he asked himself any questions. I would have. I would have wondered why hadn't God intervened? Why hadn't God stopped this testing? Couldn't God see that Abraham was a man of faith? Why test him in this way?But there was no answer. There was no voice from heaven. And so Abraham kept obeying his God's command. He put Isaac on an altar and prepared to sacrifice his one and only son. And just at that very moment, at the very last second, when it looked like the end had come, God spoke, stopping the sacrifice. Abraham looked up and there caught in the thicket was a ram. Abraham took his son off the altar, replaced him with the ram, and offered the sacrifice to God. Abraham named that place "Yahweh-Yireh" or "The Lord Will Provide." And the story was written down for generations of God-followers to read. It was written so that you and I today would read it as we face our own hopeless situations. It was captured in print so that you and I would know that God is already planning for our provision. We don't see it. We don't hear it. But we can trust that our God is at work. On your behalf, and on mine. I choose to trust God today. A ram is on the way!!!!

This was a blogger friends blog after she and her husband were adopting a baby and leaving to pick their baby up,only to be told the birth mother decided against it. Their story broke my heart for them, this is on her blog today and I hope it brings life and expectancy to you, that GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES WHAT YOU NEED!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blustery Tuesday

Today started early with sales meeting, property tour, and guess what? It was not raining!! YEA!! Its windy and cold outside and I love it!! I went to several Realtor open houses and the lunch with some agents then back to the office to show property and close on a home and teach the class, I got home earlier then I htought!! Already have my PJ"s on and eating some chicken and dumplings and getting ready to get in bed and watch tv and not think real estate! Then I will hit it again tomorrow:) I was thinking about Christmas, back in 1992, I always had the Averitt family ( Steve's brothers and sister and thier families) over for Christmas and then I had the Rogers family over Christmas day , then the Averitts over Christmas night, I did all the cooking for the whole meal, with the Averitts we did pot luck and I did the meat and bread, drinks, well that year I had a hysterectomy and the dr put me on hormone patches, he had told me to use two patches, I did that and had been for over a year, giving you that back ground in defense of my actions:) I had been working all day and came home and started to cook, this was Christmas eve, I was getting pots and pans out and I looked in the family room to where Steve and the boys sat watching TV, the girls were in the back of the house, I started crying and felt I could not get it all done and then I really statred crying and just fell apart, you know have you ever been afraid to cry becasue if you did you did not know if you would ever quit????? That is where I was at.....I just threw the pots and pans back in and told Steve I could not do it and I could not even do Christmas, of course THEN everyone wanted to help but I could not pull my self back together, I felt I needed some space and just be by my self with no one expecting anything out of me, SOOOOO I ask Steve to call everyone and cancel Christmas, I knew April was to young to even understand and the older children were old enough they should of been helping instead of driving me crazier:) I left and went to a hotel at 11:30 pm Christmas eve and had cried so much my eyes were almost swollen shut, sortta embarassing checking in on Christmas Eve, they felt sorry for me:(( Steve called his family and mine and told them we would not be having them over, I did talk to my mother who begged me to come to her house but I just needed away from any noise or anyone. so when I got in my room, I took a long hot bath and then went to sleep, I did call Steve and tell him where I was at:))))))) At 6AM he called me and ask did I want to come home for lunch they were cooking Christmas lunch, I first thought, what ?????call me at 6am????? but I did not say anything except I would love to and THEN he ask could his family still come over, I poliety said yes they can but I will not be home till it is all over, Steve said that no one would come and lunch would be ready about noon:) I went home and ate and stayed in my PJ's all day and had a great Christmas with my children and Steve.............. NOW most of my and his fmaily did not understand that, my brother said it was the most selfish thing I have ever done, but you know it was the begining of me actually doing the most inportant thing I could ever do in my life, that is realize I do not have to please everyone or be everything to everyone and someitmes the best thing to say is NO!! I went ot see my Dr. and my estrogren levels were off the chart, I was only suppose to take the two patches for a week and then go to one patch, so I was so toxic I have not taken estrogen again:) My family now will make sure we always do pot lucks for Christmas diiner or whatever we do. My sister would call the children to have them help so I will not cancel it;) and now we all take a Holiday in each person's home instead of all on me:) I am telling you all this to let you know that this year I have offered to have the Averitt's in our home, it is pot luck and then I am having the Rogers in my home this year, it is pot luck and I am so excited about it, its been a long long time:) My life is so different now, with just April here and of course Steve is a major help....he never knows what I may do, so he is afraid not to help:)) tee hee Not sure why I felt led to blog on this other then to enourage you to slow down and enjoy the Holidays do not push your self to the over load point, and if you do then just sit your self down and take a me break:))) because it is not worth it!! I hope your Holidays are peacefull and ful of family, laughter and peace and joy!! HUGS and NITE!! Now if I can learn not to shcedule so much in one day:) OK, spell check would not work so bear with me on this blog:)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cloudy Monday

Today started early with me in the office by 8:30!! I totally prepared my self for today, first off I felt good and I dressed very professional and looked good, I had my new shoes on too! They are back patent boots! I kept them on all day and my feet got tired but did not hurt:))) I got loans ready to close and then showed my listing on Flintrock, the buyer loved it and will have me show her and her husband tomorrow:) I love it to, its nestled on 1 1/2 acres and is really fabulous home! Its in Indian Hills in NLR. Then I went to lunch with my good friend Pam Cupples at Carinos...yummy and then back to the office to return calls and finish up paper work, I then listed a home with a long ago friend, Craig and Marth Landfair:) It is in Indian Hills too!! It should sell fast, great price, great house in great area! Can you tell I sell real estate????? I then got the Chiropractor in, and they was wonderful had a 15 minute massage working my neck and head over!! This am I put a roast to cook slow in the crock pot and Steve did creamed potatoes and corn and max and cheese, all starches and all comfort food! But all real good! I am home and just finished up looking up some homes to show on Wednesday. I have a very full week with Sales meting in the am then show property then close on a home and then teach a course in real estate, so it will be another long day, the class will be over about 8:00pm...whew...makes me tired just thinking about it, I have property to show wed am starting at 9:00am then a meeting to list some exclusive condos in WLR, near the Promenade on Chenal, shouldhave a closing and then I will go to Searcy with Sherry Maxwell to help her watch her grand children for the night, Have a board meeting Thursday and appointments that afternoon, then I have to make time to tour the Holiday Christmas tour in Shady Valley:) Now are you so tired.................I am too just remembering it all and i know i have left some out:) I write it all down so I can know when to be where and what time!! Well it is cold for sure now and I love that!! Except t makes my fingers hurt where I have arthritis in two of them, the ones you need to turn a key to get into doors to show property:((( If I had my camera that my husband loaned to the neighbors ( Hannah) I would of took a pic of my new shoes....but its not here;( Last night at church I held Miss A the whole time we were at church and I loved it, she was wide awake and was cute, she just stared!!! Steve is feeling much better:) and Miss April got her first royalties check from the Comanche Nation, its from the casinos there, we put her on the Indian Roll last year when she turned 18, we waited till then to make sure the Indian Federation would never be able or try to get her from us to keep her with her Tribe, that is a Federal Law we found out about when we adopted her:) She was excited, the only person I know that will make money on casinos:) Well best get to bed early like now so I can be ready for tomorrow...HUGS and NITE!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunny sunday!

What a lovely day this is! I am loving this day,it is so nice!I feel sooooo good and I am soooo ready to feel good! Steve is better too,still stuffy but felling better. I am on my way to the office to get geared up for the week, have listing appointments and showing property:) yahoo!! I am so ready to cook some meals, I have not been cooking lately and I miss that too, I guess I am just crazy but I love to clean and cook and the feeling of a fresh clean house and the smell of a good dinner! That is how today is, have the Windows open and did straighten the house and I may just have to cook! This would be a great day to go ride horses, but I am so behind in other things guess that can wait. Keep my dear friend Priscilla Barns in your prayers, she and her daddy went to the Razorback game a week ago Saturday and after the game he had a heart attack and passed away, I did not know it till last night and I just hurt for her, so if she comes to mind pray:) Well I am going outside and enjoy this day!! Goona get me some kisses from miss A tonight at church:) yea!!! HUGS

Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby A on Friday

Jared had all the peach fuzz like baby A does, I guess its being premature:) I called him my little monkey, but since A is a pretty little girl, I call it peach fuzz:) Oh my gosh, is she not just the sweetest little baby girl!! I about cannot wit for sure to hold her now, I have got to get totally well!!! I am so much better, no aches and no headache or sore throat, just cough and some congestion, no fever!! yea! Remember when I told Steve not to have me sit in his lap and he said no, I don't car I want to hold you? well, he should of listened tome, he is now sick with this~~so say a prayer for him. I am still in the rest mold and now for sure Steve is, he started Tamiflu so it will fight the h1n1 and hope he will get well faster then me, it made me sick to my stomach and I decided I had rather have the flu then throw up and mess up my lap band:) but with the Tamiflu it actually fights the flu virus in your body. Dr's. or not giving it now unless you have special medial conditions, but we had it form when Jack ( Alicia's) son got H1N1 early on, this is a ruff flu virus and I have kept my self quarantined and now will quarantined Steve. BUT as soon as I know we are cootie free I am on my way to Jill's, I need to be Nana!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend......HUGS!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday and Thankful

YEA!! I do feel much better:) I am so glad!! I am taking it easy because I was so sick and do not want a relapse! Very thankful I will be back hitting on all gears soon:) Right now I am sitting in the bed on the lap top watching ET, waiting to hear about the verdict on Ann Presley's murder case..................hum...........I think guilty and the death sentence, in case you wondered. I cannot even image how her sweet mother will cope with all she has been through, this has changed her life forever. I can not even go there in m mind.
I am having with drawls from not getting to see Miss A, she is growing and I need to see her, maybe Sunday I can see her, I may just go spend the night and keep her and let Jill sleep!! Alex's birthday is the 22nd and I thought miss A might come on his birthday, and now she almost three weeks old!! Jill is such a good mommy and A is the perfect little baby:) well best go and play poker on face book:) not too much excitement for me:) hugs and nite

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wondering wednesday

Wondering if I will wake up well:) the Dr. said it usually last three to four days, and tomorrow is the fourth day:) so I am planning on waking up well :))) actually I do feel better tonight and do plan on being a lot better in the am. Today I just sat and took a nap and ate and drank:) I have a better frame of mind, once I settle into the ideal of sitting and doing nothing but feeling bad I start feeling better, I need to learn to accept it in the beginning and enjoy the rest. I think I was really sick, I ached all over and did not even bathe till today:((( and was for sure cranky:( Steve is so good to put up with me. April got me zuppa Toscanna today, I had it for lunch and supper, I could live on it I think, I love it!! Its the potato soup from Olive Garden. Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty, if so and I feel as I do now I will get out and pick up a sign and loc box off a home, and put sold on a sign and some flyer's on another home I have listed. Does not sound like a lot but that's where I will start, I am staying away from people so I will not make anyone else sick. This morning Steve wanted me to sit in his lap and hold me and I told him I was afraid I would make him sick, he said if I was going to do that it would of already happened since he lives with me:) The worst part of being sick is I have not seen my grand babies, I sure do not want them sick:( maybe by the first of the week I will for sure be germ free:), no fever today....yahooo! Well not much to blog about, except I do have a better attitude:)
Today I have a seller who has sold and their loan on the home they are buying is not ready yet, SO they are packed in u-hauls and staying at their in laws, I called the Realtor to do a occupancy before closing to just put their belongings in the home they are buying, so they can return and quit paying for the trucks, the Realtor said he is tired of the delays and is suppose to be leaving on vacation and did not feel like dealing with this right now! I am not sure why He thinks this is all about him!! I would love to tell his sellers he has about made this deal go south several times due to HIM not doing his job, I do not even want to call him a Realtor but a real estate agent....there is a difference, if you do not know it is in the ethics, Realtors are held to a higher standard. Its agents like him who give this profession a bad name.........believe it or not, I did not go off on him, for one it would not have done any good, I just listened and ask him to please present what I sent to the seller when he has the time:) Who knows if he will....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............... well guess I will go back to bed:) hugs and can't wait for tomorrow!! If it is all in my mind I am well:)))

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying to be thankful Tuesday

Well, I am never a good sick person, I am bored but do not have what it takes to keep going:( and know I need to rest to get well, but really do not have a decision in it because my body is dictating what I do! ever have one of those days, weeks??? I want to be working and talking to two fsbo that I have my eye on, and I have things I need to be doing at work, but no I am sick! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Sitting at home lets me see all the things I need to do in my house, but I have no energy to do it, so I sit in my chair or sleep in my bed, thankful this will not last long. I do not know how people survive that have sever depression or they are disabled and cannot do things they want to do. I know I sound like a whiny baby and I am, but I am working on being thankful, as you can see, I said working on it:) well gonna have to work on my frame of mind.....tks for listening to me complain:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feeling sick Sunday

So much for the theory plenty of rest and fluids and good food help you stay well, I have been at the condo since Thursday and very rested, went to bed at 8ish last night and woke up sick with fever,chills and headache! Whats the deal with that???? Yesterday I started sneezing a lot but felt fine, then felt tired last night and went to bed, slept all night and dreamed this am I was sick and achy and when I woke up I was, not sure if dream was when I was awake or asleep!! The ladies are all still asleep, I sure hope I do not have the flu and I hope none of them get sick....this is a drag:( This weekend has been a real blessing for me, in the past it was the norm for me to share or pray with or minister to people, but just as I have said before in my blog I without realizing it shut all that down in my life. I was some what nervous in sharing with the ladies this weekend but was excited at the same time. God is doing a fresh work in me and I am seeing more and more how I have shut down His work in me. Not sure I am all there yet but I am a lot closer then I was:))) Hummmm......I am wondering and thinking why I shut down the works of God in me???? I am not sure all the reasons but it started when we left our church we had been in since 1976, I had raised my children there, it was the stable part of my life, I had 25 years old friendships there and still do:) but for what ever reason God decided to send me and my family down a different stream, as we left the church a group of us met (70ish) at the SBC building for a while, not forming a church but seeing what direction we would go, everyone found church homes, I decided not to go or commit to a church, I still felt very connected to the church I had left, although I knew I was to leave. There was a lot of hurt and heartache in leaving the church and my life long friends, things were said that I regret and have sought forgiveness for and I have been apologized too. I let all that go but with out knowing it shut out meeting new friends and ministering to God's people. Sure I prayed and if you called and ask me to pray I would and I loved the Lord with all my heart BUT I stayed at the lake most Sunday's and never made a commitment to a local church. My son Alex and his wife Jill started Journey Church with Jill's brother Cary and his wife Sarah, Steve and I went there, I felt this is where we needed to be and made a commitment to be there in my heart, I felt a part but did not feel apart, if you can understand that. When they started meeting on Sunday night I started going to Mercy Cross on Sunday morning and went on their ladies retreat, this is when the Lord began showing me I had shut HIM out of some areas of my life, the sad part is those areas are what give me life and I love:( so I of course ask forgiveness and told the Lord once again I was ready for Him to use me where ever He wishes to use me:) God is so faithful, when we pull aways from Him he never leaves! As I see today, which is dimly, I can see where I have missed being blest by allowing others to give to me and me to give to them. Its strange the people God moves in and out of your life, I want to hold it all the same, but he moves it all around:( I am learning to go more with the flow and stay venerable to the Lord in the area of people in my life, I am not yet ready to say move in and out who you wish because I miss the ones that have moved out still but I am ready to say I will trust you to take me and use me with whom you wish and I will listen to you and obey you even though I do not understand it all:) Have a great day, this has been a blessing of a weekend for me!! HUGS!

Friday, November 6, 2009

perfect friday!

Oh my, I have had the most restful and peaceful day, all by my self:) I got up at 8:00 and thought it would be about 10ish:( but felt rested. I came downstairs, I am at the condo and turned on my praise music and had a wonderful time just being quiet and still with the Lord, I read Is. 54 and felt that is what I am to share with the ladies, it has so much in it and is soooo good, the Lord has been faithful to me to meet me and help me know just what to share for their ladies retreat!! I am grateful........I was about to stress over it:) then went to the store here that has shoes and found me some winter shoes and a purse:) YAHOO!! I will take pics when I get home and show you:) then back to the condo and I cooked for the weekend for the ladies, I love to cook, if I could and had the energy I would have a restaurant! BUT i do not have it in me to do that:) Well I am excited as to what the weekend holds for all of us!! I really needed this day!! Thank you Lord for meeting me here:) love and hugs and nite

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I got up and started work early, stayed on task and got two loans closed and files complete!! I got two more files ready for closing on Monday! Yea......I stayed home and did it all by 11:00am then took paper work to the office in tact!! I always tell Doris the sec. that my file is ready perfect and complete ready for a check...and she ALWAYS laughs!! Someday I may arrive, I do try and come real close and I may have attained it with these files:) Then came home and packed some food and my bible and warm clothes and headed to the condo:) I am totally alone, did not even bring Cali my weenie dog:) I need this night and tomorrow to pray and read and be with the Lord, I love times alone with just me and Him. There is a group of ladies coming tomorrow for a ladies retreat and I was ask to share with them, soooooo it will be nice to know what I need to share:) I have some thoughts but want to know what God wants me to share since He knows what each lady needs to hear. :0 They come every year, I have never joined them, since I do not go to their ladies group, so I am thankful they ask me to share, lets me give away some of what the Lord has taught me. I am cooking for tomorrow night, I love to cook and entertain, so the ladies are real excited too, they normally order out:) I am cooking hamburger cheesy noddle casserole which is good, green beans, corn and salad and this good bread, then yellow cake with fudge sauce:) I am making a breakfast casserole that we can just pop in the oven in the am and then a pot of home made chicken noodle soup and corn bread for lunch Saturday, then left overs and cheese dip for supper and they are on their on for Sunday am and afternoon, but there is sandwich meat and lots of food at the condo:) I think we could stay a few weeks and be ok on food:) I have not been in so long I forgot how peaceful this place is and how pretty Fairfield Bay is, the lake is real high again with all the rain, the deer are always out so you have to be careful driving. I sat out on the deck and saw a owl and of course all kinds of squirrels and birds, the trees have peaked so I missed the brilliant red and orange tree right by my deck:( well gonna read an pray so talk more tomorrow...nite and hugs! Please pray fro our weekend:) Be home Sunday:) maybe....tee hee, I never wnat to come home when I am here:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going round and round

Today has been one of those days, I have so much to get done and I start and then get off track and start again and again and again!! It started with me going to the Chiropractor which makes me start my day late but my neck was in such bad shape Had to go. Came home to having a surprise visit from my little Cole man, he was standing beside my chair and he just took of walking/ was so funny, he went about six steps...he is almost nine months but he will walk this month I can bet on that! He was surprised too, Sean and Sarah came by, they are looking at selling their suv for something else, Sean would like a truck, but who knows:) Then off to the office on the way there I side tracked with lunch with Sherry then back to the office to work all day till almost six tonight and just went round and round on different things, did get some things done but my work sometimes depends on someone else doing something I have to wait on a title company or mtg. company or another agent...and one deal I have the listing agent will not do his work and it makes it stressful, I do not understand lazy agents!! If the sellers only knew and it could make the whole deal blow up just because their agent will not respond with the paper work that the contract states is to be there by a certain time and date!! Well I will hush on that for now....I could rant and rave! Tomorrow I will get ready to go to FFB at the condo and have some time with the Lord before the women's retreat so I know what to share and I pray it will be a blessing for the ladies, I am looking forward to it, just have a lot to do before I can get there. I am struggling with this time change, I have wanted to go back to bed all day long, I ma just so tired and I am going to bed as soon as I finish this so tomorrow I will have more energy! Hope your day was not as fruit salad as mine, that means a little bit of this and a little bit of that and with lots of interruptions:) One was having to take our dog Cali tot he vet at 2:00 and it took a hour and half! and 4124.00 dollars:( but she will be better:) Hugs and nite....sry if I am crackey!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunny Tuesday!!


Today has just been a great day!! I do have my office straight and in order, which helps:) Had sales meeting this am and tour with no rain! then to lunch with Pam Cupples and back to office to teach, which was a great class.  I then finished up work and then went to Kroger's and bought groceries:) yea!! Then met Jared and Jenn and girls for dinner at red lobster, all the shrimp you can eat, Jared and Steve can put a hurt on it and so can April, April ate 50 shrimp!! plus her salad,potatoes!                                                                                desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 226                  desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 225 desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 235 Baby A’s doggie:)

she has her own Clifford the big diesel dog:)

desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 243 desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 227

We then went to Jill and Alex’s and baby a’s, she was sleeping in her daddy’s arms, she ate and then slept some more, she is just doing great!! Jill looked tired  but her blood pressure is great and she has ankles and feet again:) she is doing good too, just tired from being a new mommy:)  Now Steve and I are in bed watching the news and of course i have my lap top and blogging, believe it or not, Steve is playing with the cat:) 

desil,amelia,ann,stev,biff,pat 220

she is out a lot of the time but comes in and gets some loving too!  Cali our little weenie dog will need to go to the vet tomorrow, her paw is swollen and she is limping, she also has a ear infection…….blah!! I do not like going to the vet!  Pray for Victoria she is sick with fever and headache and just does not feel good, so keep her in your prayers……..well enjoy all my pics…nite!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

a few pics

my pretty Anna, Sarah did her eyes sooooo good!

Anna and Cole, COle does favor Anna:)

This is Sarah!!!!! She is such a good mother to do all this and go with them!! They live in a sm. town where all her family lives!! I know they had fun seeing them!

I was so impressed with Sarah fixing Cole and Anna and her self, I thought I would share them with you:)

Today has been productive day, got my office all unpacked and clean and neat, had three different clients come when it was such a mess, I did not know any of them were coming, so we just had to make do, but it is ready for business now:) Tomorrow will be busy, have sales meeting and property tour and YEA it should not be raining, then teach a class on for sale by owners and expired listings at 2:00, in between I have got to go to the Chiropractor, I missed today and I need it real bad:) I hope to cook supper tomorrow night, I have not cooked in forever and I miss it:( I need to make some meals for mother and Walt:) Going to bed....hugs and night!!