Friday, December 31, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly 2010

January usual January is a slower month in real estate and 2010 was no different, Steve had major back surgery Jan. 12th, in which really helped him to survive the awful pain he stays in. My Boss Byron McKimmey Christmas 2010 McKimmey Office 037under went surgery for Prostrate cancer, which he is doing great now, I realized how sick Walt and mother were,mother walt cole totally took over their finances and began paying things for them, cooked and cared for them the best I could and Walt would allow, Mother weighed about 90 pounds and Walt had lost weight, mother is holding Cole in this pic. We were going to have to do something legal to step in and take care of them, Kay and I were heart broken any and every time we left their home, they just could not take care of them self but thought they could. Made plans to move them closer to Kay and I in NLR.
February 2010..this was a major month for me, I was the Chairwomen of our Awards of Excellence banquet, 2009 awewhich meant I was to talk in front of  a 500-600 people,  I chaired the meeting, I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tine roof, but pulled it off with God's grace, I have been stretched more this year in speaking before large groups and I like it but still get nervous.
March brought with it a busy real estate market,which was a blessing. In caring for Walt and mother, I had gone with Walt to the bank to figure out his finances and look in his safety deposit box at the bank, he went over with me what he could remember of his finances, which he could not remember much and mother could not remember nothing, this is so out of my field, Kay and I met with and attorney to get custody of mother she was 84 pounds but Walt felt he was totally able to care for her,he did the best he could, they did not eat well,slept all day, stayed up all night......I watched my mother totally change in so many areas of her life, especially her house keeping, she and Walt were hoarders at this point......something had to change or they both would be dead from malnutrition. Took mother for a physical, Walt would not go:((((( This is such a hard disease to watch progress in your loved ones, Walt had dementia but knew what was going on today and he was the boss! Stayed busy at work and with family. Hannah and Marked moved to Van BurenSad smileremember they had lived next doorSmilehannah movedthis is their new home, Jared and Jenn moved next doorSmile.
Alicia and Bob and Steve and I went to PCB Florida for our 38th year anniversary, a much need break, we had the best time:)38 years Right after we got home, mother called on May 3rd and told me she thought Walt was dead, he was on the bed room floor, mother was upset, but told me he had no pulse, now in the past she has thought this, when he was asleep in his chair, but this time when she said he was cold and had no pulse, I knew he may really be dead, I was at work and left immediately to get to her, I called 911 and they had got there before me, I stayed on the phone with mother to tell her to let them in, I will never forget how scared and confused she was, it broke my heart..when I got there, Walt was dead and had been for about six hours, they thought he had a heart attack, my sweet 84 pound mother was so confused and lost feeling, all I knew is she needed loved and protected and help to feel secure, it took all day for medical people, police to be in and out of the house, we had to stay there, it is a crime scene until the police give a ruling on it, then you wait for the funeral home......a horrible experience, even though all ER personnel were so nice, I called mother's sister Connie connieto come now, I was trying to hold it all together and knew I was losing it, Connie is strong and can hold it together and tell me what to do., she was there ASAP and stayed with us, I basically moved in at mother's with Steve. Before Walt passed they had looked into buying my son's home near me, so I kept with that plan. I waited till June to move mother, knowing it will bring more confusion, but could not keep the house she was in, needed to much upkeep and to big for her. Kay totally made her new home beautiful,mothers home she has such a talent for decorating. mothers deck mothers yardMother went to Connie's in LA and we moved her, had her home totally ready for her to come home to, mother and Mamaw ( Mamaw is mother’s step mother ) and Roymamaw roy and Connie came back with her and stayed a week:) When we went through the safety deposit box I realized I was POA over everything, this was ok but I would not wish it on my worst enemy.......there is so much responsibility, seems like everyone had their input, which was hurtful at times, I was and I am determined NEVER to let money destroy my close family, you see that happen all the time, and not on my watch was that going to happen, in that and I want to do my very best for mother, in looking back I question my self on so many things, such as her house, we had carpets cleaned, vents cleaned, just to be in it for so long, the smoke was to much for me to be there, now I wondered did I just waste that money, because once we moved her out the carpets were so smoked stained they were no good, we had a estate sale and that for sure took a toil on the carpets....but I decided I am doing the best I know how and am not looking back:) I was going to move mother in with me, but knew after living with her six weeks, I could not do that, I hired care givers, which has worked out great, her move has worked out great! When things seem to settle down, April decided to move out and do her thing,me and april this was a hard time for me and has been due to all the circumstances, but I have survived it and it is better now, seems like if we can just hang on to God's promises and hope we do survive:) I started a group at church which has been a big help to me in coping and dealing with problems. In Aug. we took our family vacation to PCB Florida which was so much fun,christmas card then back to work as usual, Hannah did get pregnant while there, so we have a new McGill on the way,mcgill baby its always fun to go with my children on vacation, this year Mark's mother went and I enjoyed being with her:)regina

It has been a year I have grieved over the loss of friends, I realize I am getting to the age where people will being going home and I have to let them go, always hard to do:(

In October Steve and I went on a cruise,cosmel 037pics 007I enjoyed it more then Steve, he had rather just stay in a port, ships are not his thing, since the Navy:) but we had a great time! For the first time in our 38 year marriage we live alone and we are liking that, its fun to just be together, do not get me wrong I still like to fight when needed:))) but I love the making up too:) This year my real estate production was lower then it has been in a while, it is hard to be in sales when you have so many hills to climb in your personal life, mother has been my main focus, it has depressed me and sometimes just feels like I am losing her daily, I have read on Alzheimer's to prepare my self but just not mentally ready to go there, BUT know I will have to go there......ugh! I love my sister so much but worry about her as she worries about me:)) Kay has some heart problems that scare me, although this year she has done better, she and Colin remarried, I was so excited to see God's redeeming love in their life, that have dated since 9th grade, he is like my brother:)
kay and colin wedding picDecember has been a wonderful month for me, I gave my self a break, just did what I love, that is being a mother,AverittRogersSmith Christmas 059 a Nana, AverittRogersSmith Christmas 065a daughter,me and mother a friendme and sherryme and sherry, derol and AnnDerol and Ann Mayfriends Pam Richey, Edwanda Ware, Dinah Lawson,                         a sisterme and kayme and jimmy and wife and Realtor 152 (460x640) the market has been slow, so I have got to totally enjoy my family and fun times of get get together and church party's! Now looking to 2011, I am working on my personal goals and business goals, this year I met my personal goals,fat me 138 (427x640) lost 130 poundsSmilewhich took three years,  I fell short of business goals, but with everything changing so much in my life I gave my self a break!!!!! linda breakAll in all this has been a ruff year but God has been faithful to give me fresh grace and mercy every morning!!!! I realize I will not do it all perfect in 2011, I will make mistakes, but my goal is to strive to be obedient to the Lord and walk the path He has set before me, to make the best decisions I know for mother in her care, the best decisions as a mother and wife and walk in integrity in all my business dealings in Real Estate, to make this a year of knowing my priorities, to always keep God first and for most in my life and to life my life to glorify Him in all I do:)) when I do not do that to make amends with God and anyone I have as you can see, I will need need all of God's grace in my life and the neat thing is He gives it to me daily!!! hugs and off to 2011~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home Alone

There have not been many nights alone in our house hold during December, the house is quite, I still have my Christmas up to enjoy it one more night, it will all come down tomorrow:( I have so enjoyed this month, it has been fun and family and friend filled, I can not think of of another time I have enjoyed as much as this year. We had so much fun in Branson and the condo in fairfield Bay. I have had every grand child and had special time with each of them, so neat to be able to do that:) Steve has enjoyed it all with me:) Hannah and Mark will be her tomorrow night and the weekend, it is youth hunt and they will hunt Sat and maybe Sunday, not sure. Steve and I were thinking of going out of town with Derol and Ann May but that is not going to work out, so I am not sure what we will be doing, except having fun with family:) Alicia is having some people over fro new years to play games, we may do that, doubt I can stay up till midnight:)) Guess I am getting really old:))) but that's ok, its better then the alternative.... Mother has really done well this Holiday season, she has been out a lot and her confusion is better when she starts to go home she does not think she has a home but seems like it was easier this time:) Kay put away her Christmas decorations, so glad, I was dreading it, I dread putting my own away:(( but will have to do it:) Steve will help long as it does not rain so I can get them all in our storage building:) Best go, I am going to bed early tonight, I woke with a BAD headache today, made me sick and pale,,,had clammy sweats, had sinus head ache, so I am trying to rest so I will not get the cold everyone else has:)) Hugs to all and to all a good night!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

I said she shall be bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh her name shall be called April Rebecca Averitt, born Dec. 29th 1990, although I did not give birth to her physically, I gave birth to her in my heart on that day. pics 002 April was born a little after midnight as a emergency caesarian section, her birth mother started labor on the 28th, every time she had a contraction, April would kick and move all over, I felt something was not right and we went to the hospital, the cord was around her neck and cutting off her oxygen during a contraction, so with in 20  minutes of arriving at the hospital, miss April made her grand entrance, a beautiful little olive skinned baby with little rose colored lips!! You could tell her birth mother was part IndianSmile April’s birth mother lived her last few months of her pregnancy with our family, she had been on the streets before that or in shelters, we met her birth father at a church cook out, he ask could she live with us till she had the baby and then they would get on their feet.  As our journey goes, April’s birth mother did would not care for her and her birth father was in a rehab. The first month of April’s life was up and down, I felt we were in her life to protect her, at the time I never thought of having another baby, since I had FIVE!! But God had different plans for us, April’s birth mother would come and go with April, or call us drunk to come and get her, we always did, I had to come to the place to let her go, she was not mine and I could not keep her from her birth parents, I remember going to the church, sitting at the altar and begging God to do something, I cried till my eyes were swollen shut, honestly did not think I could survive the pain and torment I was in, trying to protect April but yet not having a legal leg to stand on, I took her back to her birth parents and made the decision to walk away from it, I had called her her Grand parents and her aunt to let them know April needed someone to care for her, also reported to DHS.  Dee and John, April’s birth parents had threatened my children and us, John was on drugs and crazy, one night the land lord went into the room john and Dee lived in with a butcher knife and took April, they had thrown her on the floor, this was when she was a month  old, the Land lord called us to come and get her, I ask her to call the police, we were out of town but went the next day, April was totally blind and had a bruise on her forehead. Due to how volatile John was, ( a whole another story )  John had knocked Dee across the room, she cowered down in the corner, I came up like a fighting wild woman, and grab her to her feet and said you stand up to him, then told  him what I thought and left with April and Dee, there were many aspects in all this saga,  I ask Dee if she wanted me to take her and April to children’s hospital for April’s shots, she said yes, when we got there, they admitted April, she was dirty and blind and her stomach distended because they had fed her onion water in a bottle, not sure why, other then they sold the formula for drugs, she was blind from being fixated on paint thinner fumes, she was un responsive… heart was broke and I was ready to fight hell and back for her…….and I did.  They had left April at three weeks old with a street person under the Broadway street bridge while they did drugs, this is a life I cannot understand and has taken me some time to forgive. As April was in the hospital she began to regain her sight as the drugs left her little body, she began to respond and laugh and be normal, John and Dee appeared as good parents for the first few days, of course they had a warm bed, food, washer and dryer….TV, but with any drug addict the real problems began to surface and show them self.  A security alert was place on April, this was part my fault to, because John and I had got into it, they actually discharged April to John and Dee, the very same morning DHS came to John and Dee’s room, which was condemned, and tried to take April, John kicked the woman down the stairs and called us, we had custody papers drawn up earlier in the month for them to sign, but they would  not sign them, now he said meet me at ACH and I will give her to you and sign the papers, I do not want her a ward of the state like I was, we met them there and signed everything and we had our precious baby safe and sound, NEVER to live in that turmoil again. When April was 19 months old Dee and John came back into the picture, they wanted her back, we went to court three different times and all three times they could not prove they could care for her, the Judge terminated their rights, this is another whole story too, then we adopted her from the state of Arkansas and had the blessings of the Tribal Court in Oklahoma…..April was ours legally, even though she had been ours since the day she was born! April has met her birth mother now and her birth brother, I am thankful for Dee without her  I would not have April, I also know some of Aprils' struggles in life was due to drugs during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy which still makes me upset at times, when I see April struggle.  April has never met her birth father and does not want to, she has a love for Dee and Matthew, no real relatshonship.  April has always been a blessing in my life, she has such a beauty about her, inside and out.  I have been ask, do I love her any different then my children I gave birth to, my answer is no, there is no difference.  I fought for her which was much harder then giving birth!  Our family would not be complete without her, she has been our little princess from birth and we all love her dearly, so not bone on my bone or flesh of my flesh but she is heart of my heart and always will be!  Happy Birthday to you April Rebecca Averitt!

We celebrate her birthday at Joe’s Crab Shack these past few yearsSmilepics 176pics 193pics 195you have to walk around and touch people with your wand as they sing Happy Birthday, if you stop they quit signing, so it starts all over again!!

pics 120her pic with Santa!! love to see her turn redSmilepics 197 Just so you will know, April knows her life story and is ok with me sharing it with you, she is thankful for how faithful God has been to her in her life and snatched her up out of the pit to stand her on solid ground.  Thank you Lord for our sweet April!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday fun

Christmas dinner with Walt and mother 2009, Kay and Colin came
April Rebecca Averitt, last day of being a teen, since she will be out of her teens, do you think her tude will change???? just kidding...not

This has been such a great time of year for us, we left yesterday for the FFB condo, one of my favorite places:) This time two years ago Steve told me we were at casino with mother and Walt, in which I remember:) they had wanted to go and Walt was going to take them:(( so we loaded up and off we went, we had rooms right by the casino floor and side by side, of course mother and Walt want to stay up all night, mother said she could sleep at home, so Steve and I took turns going out and checking on them:) It was a fun trip and a great memory, had no ideal we would be saying by to Walt to soon:( Then last year we did a Christmas dinner with them, Walt did not want to get out, we had a fun time. Last year we were in Branson for the week after Christmas with the Haley's, we had fun, went to some great shows! Jennifer had gone to her dad's and came for the day, and it snowed!! while we were there:) This year we are at FFB condo and going to Branson this morning for the day, it is two hours from here:) so we will have a fun filled day, eat at Joe's crab shack for miss April's big 20, tomorrow we have massages scheduled for her, there is a indoor pool here and work out place, so we will swim and just have family fun:)
Then back home on Thursday, keeping the Averitt girls for Jenn while she does to dinner with her buddies, then I think Steve and I are going to celebrate New Year's with Derol and Ann May, which will be wonderful:) I love taking the time to see all my family and friends at Christmas time, just need to keep it up through out the year, its so hard with every one's schedule, seems llike in Dec. things slow down so you can, or else you just slow down and make the time, not sure which:) Off to Branson........hugs and have a great day! BY the way this would of been Steve's mother 100 birthday today:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cali and Dually, they both slept by our bed, and again..woke to snoring:)

I have a friend who once told me that she knows when I am not sure of what she is telling me because I hummmmmmmm, and I do:) Have you ever noticed your behavior when your talking and your not sure about something the other person is saying? Well, if your talking to me, I tell on myself because I will say HUM, or HUMMMMM, or next time we talk you will realize if I agree or have to think on it:) Do not get me wrong when I know I do not think the same way, I usually state it, and agree to disagree:) just food for thought this early am on Sunday morning, Steve has gone hunting, duck hunting with Sean, so early and cold, that would be a HUMMMMMMM for me, it may be fun to him but I do not want to do anything outside when it is so cold....burrrrrr!

Thinking and pondering this am on what this next year beholds for my family and me, the real estate market is slower then I like so that needs to pick up for me, I will start the year off with some hard work and pray it pays off, the Lord has always blessed my business for which I am thankful. I have my niece's son Cody Ruffin getting married Jan 15th, also have a wedding shower that day that Alicia and I are giving in Hot Springs for miss Rachael May:) Then we have April Bivens and Matthew Bale getting married and Clay and Marylee, then Hannah having her baby boy:) which will be interesting, she plans on having it here, she will come to the house before she is due, not sure how all that will work with Max in school, that is a hum......:) I am looking forward to work and getting the year started off right, we have out first sales meeting on the first Tuesday in Jan. then our big kick off meeting the second Tuesday in Jan., that is always a boost to get going!! Going to make plans to take mother to Chattanooga to see her family, she is talking about going, she wants to see them all, maybe meet Connie and Mamaw in Vicksburg in Jan. and Tenn, in March...depends on their schedules. I gave out six moth reviews to the care givers and the letter of things that we expect, that has gone well and I am glad because mother loves her caregivers, we do too:) so for now the one I was not sure of I think has taken the reprimand in a good way which is what I wanted, because we want to keep her with mother. April is dong well, no wedding plans that I know of, she is thinking of going to CNA school which I pray she does. She is living with the Harris's and dating Seth. We had a fun, Christmas with her!

When I think back of this past month I am so thankful for my family, grand babies, children, friends, I have spent some quality time with all grand babies, children and friends and mother:) I am ever so thankful! I did so much baking and was able to give and I love giving:) always remember to hold all you have in a open hand, never a closed fist, God can give and take in a open hand, but a closed fist you only can get what you have and you will never learn to give and is always hard to be the taker, but sometimes in life we have to learn how to receive, its not always monetary things but advice, life's lessons, friends, the list goes on and on....there is a scripture and song, God gives and takes away, he gives and takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord!!! Now this bothered me at first that God takes away, but the truth is He does, this is from Job, we do not have to fear this, but we do, sometimes we need to give and sometimes he needs to take, sometimes it is not easy to give, we give out of our own need, but the part to always remember you can NEVER out give God! If He takes something away, He always gives back:))) hugs and to a fun day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is Christmas!

This morning I woke about six am, woke up to Dually snoring on one side of the bed, in his bed on the floor, Cali on the other and Steve in the bed, all snoringSmileDually is spending Christmas with us till Sunday.  duelly

He is a well trained and obedient inside dog, weighs about 180 pounds. I miss not having Max get up and us rock, then Blake, then Olivia, but have enjoyed this quiet morningSmile Jared and Jenn are at her Nanny’s, so its quiet there too.  It is the first Christmas since I have been married, 1972 that I am home on Christmas morning with just Steve and it is really peaceful and cozy, I think I like this…. was not sure how I would feel, but with having all my grand children and children over these past weeks, it has been a family fun filled Christmas!  I have baked and baked, made goodies trays for my family as gifts, if I ever say I will make divinity again, I need my head examined! that is a chore for sure, timing has to be perfect!  We have had Averitt ChristmasAveritt Christmas  2510 051 

Averitt/Rogers/SmithAverittRogersSmith Christmas 029 Christmas

This is 2009 pic, we forgot to do it this yearSad smilefamily christmas

Work ChristmasMAR 

I totally forgot the Christmas Eve service at church last night, I was fast asleepSad smile We took mother and Sherry Maxwell and April to Red Lobster, then we looked at some neat Christmas light displays, one is set to music, you tune in your radio and the lights beat to the songs, so neat!  We all had a great time!  Now, not sure what all is in store for today still have Christmas about 1ish with miss AprilAverittRogersSmith Christmas 008then maybe go to a movieSmile not sure on when we will go to condo, really like just being home.  I pray you have a blessed Christmas day!  Happy Birthday to Jesus!Jesus

Jan. 1st is time for me to work, work, work! and I am ready, call me for any and all your real estate needs, in or out of state, I can help!138 (427x640)