Saturday, October 30, 2010

Totally a slug today!

I woke up and thought I would go to Dr. Stephens funeral, she is the Dr. I worked for when I worked at Living Hope Psych Institute, she past away, I went to the visitation Friday night and had thought I would go to the funeral this morning. During the night my stomach hurt and kept hurting, then this am I was afraid to eat, so I drank some milk and it made it hurt, it felt like my pancreas so I am ever so careful!! I went back to bed and slept till 2:30!!! Steve had gone hunting so the house was quiet:) I finally got some clothes on, my tummy felt better and went to mother's, I had gone through her winter clothes with her:) then met Sherry Maxwell and ate dinner now back home in my chair in my PJ's......there is so much I could of done today but just did not feel like it so I just rested,what I call a slug:) Steve and Anna saw a deer but missed it and then Sean missed it too, guess it was not day for that deer to die:) No way could I even shoot a deer, but I do like to eat the meat:)) It has been a beautiful day here, sat on mother's deck for a long time and just visited. its a no make up day for me:) I am excited about my cruise, to think it is in two weeks blows my mind! I am going to take it slow for the rest of the year and enjoy my family and friends:) Slow for me is normal for most:) I usually stay in high gear! I do have a listing appointment this Monday and I am working but not pushing my self:)) I think I will decorate the inside of my house for Christmas so when I come back from the cruise I will be ready:)) I do not ever think Christmas stays up long enough:) Steve acted like how in the world will we have time to do that before we go.....its not like he has to do it all:)) I will wait on the outside lights till we get back so no one will talk about us:))) Well believe it or not I am still tired and going to get in bed and watch TV...hugs and night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going to get some rest:))

Blake riding bull at Fall Fest

Jack on Bull
Victoria on Bull

Victoria, Anna, Blake, Olivia

Well we took the babies back to Hannah and Mark, I am totally wore out but miss them so much:) I have plenty to do but too tired to care:) My dear friend Dr. Wanda Stephens past away, her visitation is tomorrow and funeral is Saturday. I am grateful she is with her sweet Jesus, she totally depended on Him for her life, she taught me so much!! On the bright side I closed my real estate deal!! I am taking Steve on a cruise for Christmas this year, we go Nov. 14th on a Western Caribbean, wish anyone who wants to go would come with us! I can not believe we are actually doing it, a cruise is the best vacation I have ever had, so needless to say I am real excited!!!

Hummmm.....cannot believe I can just sit in my chair and not have to get up and help Olivia or Blake calling me from the bath does feel good, this is why we have our babies when we are young:))
Mother is doing the same, she enjoys her home and thinks it is totally winter, keeps her house about 85! Tonight is colder so I am sure she has it toasty in her house!! Faye our care giver is there right now, I am so thankful for caregivers, just do not like how much it cost:( I am thankful she has the money to care for her self. Part of me wishes she lived with me but then I know I am not ready for that yet, sounds selfish of me to say but I am not sue I can do that yet, if I had to I would and make the best of it, but I am thankful Walt took care of her to where she can have her own home and things she loves, she is happy and settled:) Kay had some test on her heart today, when they did the stress test in which was the kind when they speed the heart up with meds, she had a episode, like a seizure, she could hear them but not respond, so her heart did something but it was all on tape and they will know about it and what to do, seems like she does not need to over do till they figure it out. Scares me but she has real peace and thinks all is fine:) we will know when she sees her heart Doctor. April is still doing her own thing, does not come by and only calls when she needs something, her phone is broke so it is hard to communicate with her unless I go through Seth:( Still letting her be in the hands of the Lord and letting her go daily....praying He does his work and still can keep her self:) Well going to go to bed....get some rest, clean my house tomorrow and probably miss my Mcgill babies:) hugs and nite

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got my running shoes on!

So much has happened since I blogged last time, Steve and I kept Blake and Olivia with us this week, so my blogging has been on hold, I have worked and cared fro mother and my sweet grand babies:)) but I am tired.....Sunday we went to church and it was such a blessing, the church had surprised Alex with and appreciation skit, some dressed as the village people and sang to A-L-E-X! Then we had given gift cards and wrote appreciating cards to them.....they loved it. We went to US PIZZA after that for a wedding shower for a couple in the church:) then came home and took a nap......Monday I did not have appointments till later int he day, so I just enjoyed Blake and Olivia, then Victoria came over to help daddygrand with the kiddos while I worked, I showed property then taught a class, it was fun, Byron and I taught together, made me a little nervous with him in the class but I got over it pretty quick...just kicked in gear in my teaching mode....real estate is just in my blood. Then got home to my babies missing me:) this morning I had sales meeting and work and Steve did great with them, he had them fed and the house straight and them laying down for a nap when I got home, I was totally impressed! Then I went to the store for mother and me and went and visited mother and Kay, April got there at four. I miss her:((( Its hard letting go but I have:) I then showed a listing Alicia has in Maumelle to a buyer and then we went to eat at Texas Road House, Olivia ate her whole steak, Blake did not want to, but when he was told it will make him so strong he ate and ate!! Now they are in bed, one good thing they go to bed early but I am so tired I do too:))) That is where I am heading asap:)) They sleep good:) and so do we. I just can not image being my age and having a two and three year old, I would totally run out of energy....even thought I love every minute of my time with them, we have rocked,played, colored, sang, prayed and had fun:) Tomorrow Alicia has some medical testing, so I am taking them to Heather's to watch them, I have my BIG closing tomorrow and out of that commission I and Steve may go on a cruise out of New Orland's on Dec. 4th, Carnival Triumph if anyone else can go:)) I have not booked it till I actually close the loan because anything can happen, but it looks like it will close!! So far in Oct. I have closed over a million in real estate!! Now I am ready to have family and Holiday time:)) We go a week vacation after Christmas with the Haley's to Branson.....cannot wait......renting a big log cabin:)) I just love the Holiday's......Christmas will be out at my house in November, so I can enjoy it since I am gone so much:)) Well going to bed tomorrow will be busy we have church tomorrow night and then Thursday will be easier, I have a Real Estate friend who was 49 and had a massive heart attack, her funeral is Thursday night at sad, if I have learned one thing this year it is live for today and let those you love know it, you have no ideal what tomorrow holds.......hugs and nite

Friday, October 22, 2010

I did shop!! Amelia's Birthday!

Proud daddy and daddygrand:)

Daddygrand Breakfast:)

skinny leg jeans:)

look at shoes:)

Yesterday when deciding to come home, my best friend/sister Sherry and I went shopping and I found so many things, it is so UN real to me that I can go in any store and fit in the clothes, I surprise my self looking in the mirror:)) I got some skinny leg jeans:))) and some fabulous black heels, so comfortable, they were buy one pair get two pair free, I went in to get Steve his shoes, the only place I can find the ones he wears is at Bass, and they had it so he got two pair and me a pair for 105.00!!!! can't beat that! I got all those clothes for $240ish, I had a 30% off entire purchase!! Then Sherry and I decided to spend the night together:) and we did, I love her so much, we talked about Jimmy and missed him, life can take you down many roads, now getting ready to eat and get back to the real life:)) but this has been a fun break and restful and enlightening time for me:) Gotta work this afternoon:) then keep Jared's girls so they can close on their home, wanting Hannah to come in town but not sure if they can, Mark has to work......blah!! hugs and have a great day! This is Amelia's first birthday!!!

Ok, I did not post this on time so since post, I had offered to keep Jared and Jenn's girls for the night so they could go out, then Hannah called and she she would be in town, so we had Six grand babies spend the night, Steve made a daddy grand breakfast:)) fun, fun, fun, but tired, tired, tired:) Then we went to Amelia's Birthday Party, then kept Blake and Olivia for a few days so Hannah can rest, she has been pretty sick with this pregancy. Gonna be a fun week, we love haivng them and the best part is when we ware out we can take them home:)) Enjoy pics:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Codependent NO MORE

My messy bath room
huge deep tub, I wish I had one at home I could float in:)

my bed and all my things around me:)))

My breakfast....had the bacon and toast for sandwich for lunch, way too much food:)

This will be on life changes in me, I have had a couple of days to have some major quiet time, look at issues in my life and realize some major changes have taken place in me....thank you Lord! First off the bible says, we are to love others as our self, this means you have to love your self first, there is nothing wrong with that....if your codependent you will have thoughts of Put others first before taking care of you, give your self away to others where there is nothing left of you, its sometimes hard to know the difference between being a Christian and being co dependant, when we have thoughts of, I have little or no value, other people have the value, I have to help/please other regardless of the cost to me, so tired/exhausted/tense/, I must give my self away, if I have rights I am being selfish....the list goes on and on...what I want to help you with today is what I have learned in my are no good to others if you are tired/run down/exhausted from all your good deeds and you are seeking approval or self worth in your doings. Plus your family is who gets the brunt of your being to wore out to be a wife/mother/friend. If you do all the time for others and neglect your own well being/health. Ask your self these questions: Do you help/serve others out of free choice or because you find your own value in it? Do you seek to please people at your expense? Do you help out of a need to be needed and recognized? Do you react instead of act? Can you set limits and keep them? Do you expect your behavior to make you feel loved or accepted? Do you agree with others just to keep peace? Is your happiness bound up in what someone else thinks about you? By the way we are all co-dependent some what:))) None of us escaped it:)) Love your neighbor as your self not more then your self:) I was thinking about my last two days, I see a need in my life to have a Linda Lou Averitt day is what I call it, that is me having time with me doing what I want.....some may say that is selfish, when there are so many needs in the family around me, but I have found that it is a healing from codependent thinking:)) it my be selfish, but there is nothing wrong with caring for your self:))) I have made a commitment to live in relationships different then before, to do that I pursue it out of love, not being fearful of being rejected for being me:) I went to a high school deal last week, before now I would of never gone, I would of thought no one liked me, I would of thought I was not popular, I kept to my self and dated a guy who was not in my school so did not do school functions to often, was not in any clubs, mostly just rode horses and kept my friends who were in other schools, so class reunions have not been a priority for me, I really enjoyed seeing some of my class mates and guess what???? we all accepted each other:) Did they change??? no, I did!! The hurt that came from leaving our church I was in from 1976 and some of the things my friends and I have said, was very hurtful....for the past several years I felt I did not need church and did not give it the place in my life it should of been, who did that hurt? Me......I am now involved in two church's and have let go of the hurt,expectations I have in them so I can be me and give to others, love my church family again.....this awareness has come from my step study I have been doing, it is letting me see some things in my life I need to see and let God take and heal. It is exciting for me to have Linda Lou Averitt time, I have soaked in a huge tub, and just so relaxing if you have never done that:) I have had room service:)have shopped, been totally alone with just me and God and mind has been quiet, when your in a hotel room I did not realize how quiet my mind can be, no thoughts of house work:)) distract me:) I have read my bible, played on face book, prayed , slept late:))) updated my blackberry, read though all my step study and worked on steps.....just had a me time and I love it:)) I realize, I like me and being with me is fun:) Hope this will encourage you to have a ME DAY and not feel guilty for doing it!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wonderful wednesday

This has been a fast week:) Monday had work, Tuesday had work, then decided to have a me day, I have had a quiet time, been holed up just me, took a long bath and just relaxed, then went shopping, did not find anything, then ate out and now in bed on lap top watching tv:) Trying to get loans closed, its been stressful on that part:(( but I did not let it take me away form my me time:) Connie is with mother then April comes tomorrow at 1pm. Kay went to heart Dr. today and all is ok there, we think, she has a stress test next week, she has a pace maker and has not felt the best, so keep her in your prayers:) Alicia has not felt well either she has some test next week, and poor little Amelia has strep throat and has been real sick, her birthday is Saturday so pray she is well:) needs lots of prayers:) mother is doing good, she and Connie went out to eat tonight, she enjoys getting out. Steve went to the deer woods today to get it all ready, he needed to being the woods it is a place of serenity for him:) This has been a serenity day for me, sometime real estate is so stressful:((( but that is what separates the good Realtors form the ones who do not last in this business:) well going to bed..night and hugs

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A restful day!

me and Lynn Williams, she now lives in Texas

Angie Lessingberry, Elizabeth Simpson, Lynn Williams, Pegi Leaman, Jon Light
Me and Alexandria, I needed to wash and do my hair, can not believe I did not do that:((( it is too flat

me and my honey before we left

Had a great time last night at Cajun's, was a little nervous about going, in High School I was in Central in the 10th grade and then they changed us all up and I went to Parkview in the 11th and 12th grade, which made me separate from my best friends:((( Karen Beasley who I had since I was three stayed at Central, Debbie Reed adn Joanne Brown went to Hall, so needless to say it was like starting over again in Parkview, my life was more into my horses and my friends in other schools, so I told Steve this may not be like at your reunions when you were Mr. Central High, I was a no body, I did have friends but was not involved in clubs, I did enjoy seeing some of them, a lot were not there, everyone enjoyed seeing each other:) So glad I went!! Today went to Journey Church, it was good, Alex is and anointed preacher:)) then went to Kohl's spent my Kohl bucks and came home and took a long nap, did not go to church this evening, now just chillin but getting ready to go to bed, have a full week:) All is good with my family......HUGS and NITE

Saturday, October 16, 2010

40 years?????? can it be?????

Today I will be going to Cajun's to see my high school friends of the class of 1971......Lord Help....forty years, maybe that looks better then 40...nope they both sound like a lot:)) of years. Looking forward to seeing them. Been a slow day, had a walk through this am to get a home close this week, it went well:)) We did not go to the fair last night, just stayed in ate left overs and watched tv, I was tired and so was Steve......guess its the 40 years:))) tee hee

Had my nails done so they will be pretty:) and going to take a jacuzzi bath and get ready, I feel like I could take a nap, doing my nails made me so sleepy!! I did go eat with Jared and Steve Chinese before I had them done, that did not help! The hogs are playing right now and the score is tied, they best do something different if they want to win this game;) but maybe they will.

Best go and start getting ready:) hope your day is going good and your weather is like mine:) beautiful!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday and a date with my man!

Last night I went to CR and enjoyed the cooking and feeding so many people:)) I really should of been a Chief:)) The lesson was on denial:) was a good lesson. April had come over earlier in the day and we had some tense moments due to dishonestly, she came last night which surprised Steve and I both, was praying for her, she is in a crucial place in her life, the kind where you may pay for your mistakes the rest of your life......all I can do is love her and pray for her. Steve and I were very disappointed in she and Seth in their repeated dishonestly and lack of respect, it is just tuff being a mother and daddy:( but God has fresh mercy every morning, keep them in your prayers. Today I am working on getting loans closed, this is a 1.5 million month on closings, so excited!!!! All should be done this time next week and pay days:)) thinking of doing a cruise with my sweetie for his and my Christmas......that is a real vacation!! But this afternoon we are going to the fair and look at the exhibits and animals, horses, bulls, etc.:) I have gate pass so we just drive in and park on the grounds:) will have to eat the fair food tooooooo yummy!! I have not been in years.....may even ride the Farris wheel:) Still hard for me to live with out any babies at home but at the same time I love my alone time with Steve, it has brought us closer together, just renewing our love for each other and the need for each other in our life......oh sooooo much for all the mush!!
Now pray for me, I am still having some Kidney problems, I just got over a Kidney infection about 6 weeks ago and feel as if I am getting another one, not good:(((( I guess it is time to go back again and make sure my kidney is ok still, one of them has a cyst on it so not sure if maybe something is going on with that, last check all was ok and for me not to worry:)
Its going to be such a pretty day here, looking forward to being out side:)) hugs hope you have a great day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hummmmmm....after reading my friends "c" blog stickhorse cowgirls, I am thinking on really doing a blog on many different things like she does, it is always thought provoking and good and has humor! I usually just do my blog like a daily journal on me and what is going on, what I am thinking:) but I love her blogs....gonna have to think on this:) It has been too long since I blogged, many moons ago, going to try to catch you up:) This week has been a god week, Steve and I went to church with Sarah Monday, they had a guest speaker/revival, she preached on maintenance in our lives. Was a convicting message and the Lord really did some work in me:) Tues. was a full day with work and when I got home I just satin my chair and watched ncsi, not sure the name but just chilled with Steve, did not get home till after sixish:(. Have loans to close this week, most will be next week, I just am so different in real estate now, I would normally just push and push and pitch fits to get it done on time, the market is so different now, it is much harder to get a loan and then when you do you are at their mercy, so I have mellowed:)) not so much with Fletcher car broke AGAIN and we took it on Friday, i called daily but they did not work on it till Monday and then never could get a answer till Tuesday, so I did leave the service mgr. and gen mgr. a msg. to make it clear I was trying to be patient but if they did not have time for my business then tell me and I will take it somewhere else, you know I am working on my cussing problems, I did tell them that I can be a real B---- but was doing my best to keep my cool:) and not let her out:) They called Steve back and let him know what was wrong:)) suppose to get it today. I just do not get it when people do not return calls or seem to care about your my line of work if I did that I would not have a business! On their behalf they did get my warranty to pay for the work:) Jenn had Amelia for a bit Wednesday so I got the AVeritt girls and brought them to my house to play some, totally loved it!!! then went to step study and afterwards had diner with a new friend:)) Mother was with April yesterday and got her hair done and they did toes and nails Tuesday night, she loves going with her:) They bot enjoy each other! Mother's memory seems worse to me, she still is doing well just progressing faster then I care to admit, so pray for her to maintain, scripture says, Blessed is the memory of the righteous!! Today the weather is wonderful and I have a full day, got to go to court house asap to file a POA on mother so I can get her house closed, then to Sam's to get food to cook for Celebrate Recovery tonight, I get to cook again!! CR is a group that meets for life's hurts,habits and hangups, a great group and has helped me in this journey I am in now:)) God is helping me to learn to trust people/friends again, with our church problems a few years back, I put walls up so I would not be hurt again, unfortunately when you put walls up, it only hurts you and keeps you from being full filled in any new church or of the things God did Monday night was bring healing in that area, so I can trust again:0
Last week I got to see everyone of my grand nice, Sean, Anna and Cole spent the night:) and we saw Mcgill's then Amelia and haley's and Averitt was wonderful, I could be with those babies all the time:)0 well got to go and get busy lot of things to get done today:) hugs Keep April in your prayers:) I have come a place of peace with her and that is good:)) She is in God's hands:))


Sunday, October 10, 2010


WOW!!!! Having a fun weekend, went to Hannah's and watched Max play foot ball, they are in the high school stadium with cheerleaders and and announcer:) small towns are so much fun and different:) I will post pics....before we got there we went by and saw Dr. Wanda Stephens and I was able to tell her I will see her later, she is in her very last days with liver cancer, made me think again she was the daughter of the Ward's in Conway, had private jet and very wealthy, they had Ward Bus, then she was a very successful Dr. owning Living Hope Institute, she lived in the finest of homes and had the best of the best money could buy and now she is indigent in a nursing home, her room was plain nor frills and life was at its end..........makes me again think you never see a Hurst pulling a u-haul, this was Jimmy Maxwell's saying. Reminds me not to lay up treasures on earth but in Heaven because that is where your treasure is:))) and what is important in this life, we are just passing though! I know she is ready to see Jesus and very peaceful, no worries in her life now:))

We spent the night with Hannah and her family then came home Saturday, I got so sleepy coming home and dozed off and on, when I got home Steve went to Jared's fro the Hog game and I took a three hour nap!! Felt soooooooooo gooooood!! Then Alicia and I went to dinner and had some us time:)) much needed! Then Sean and Anna and Cole spent the night and we all went to bed pretty early. I have a full week of work this week, have seven loans to close:)) YAHOOOO! and that means lots of paper work:(( I will close about 1.5 million in October, so that will get my production up, it has been a slower year for me but still a good one. This morning we are going to church then go ride Apache with Anna and Sean and Cole, the to church at Journey, Kevin is preaching tonight, I know that helped Alex, I do not know how Alex does all he does, other then God's grace:)) By the way October is Pastor appreciation month:)) FYI.......well gotta run to office before church for open house flyer's for one of my get going...HUGS!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Its A New Day!

me and my brother, Jimmy Rogers

Alicia and JP

Jack number one, makes me nervous watching him play, he is one tuff little man!

Anna on Apache, she can ride very well:)) reminds me of me when I was little:)

Reminds me of the song, its a brand new day and I think God for the weather!! Its a children's song:)) Steve and I both woke up about 4ish:((((( Decided to go ahead and get up when neither of us could get back to sleep, and this morning I could of slept late!! Yesterday I kept my self running, had a fun lunch with my cousins and brother,his wife and Alicia and Steve, it was JP's birthday:) then came home and cooked and cooked for church that night, I did the Cafe:) Hannah came in town and brought the children by, she had Drs. appointment, they did a ultra sound and all is well with little Mcgill:) then I went and had Peyton and Laila come and play with their cousins and miss Mikka, it was fun and loud and rowdy:)) Took all my cooking to the church, mother and her care giver Connie came, mother loved it, Alicia and her family and Hannah and her family came and ate:)) I loved it, I always want to have a restaurant but I do not want to have to run it or cook every day so this was fun to me, and the people ate and ate, they enjoyed it and that makes any cook happy:) I made two huge trays of sour cream chicken, green beans w/new potatoes, purple hull peas, corn on cob,mac and cheese, home made:) rolls, corn bread muffins, fudge cake and tea..........if I cook next week I am doing a hamburger,onion,noodle casserole, squash casserole, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, yellow cake with fudge sauce, tea:)) so we will see if they need me to cook:) Today I am cleaning my house, then working at office on loans closing, then going to Van Buren for the night, watching Max play foot ball, Jack and Victoria went home with them, we will bring them back Saturday. I miss my Mcgill babies:)) Mother is doing good, things are about the same with her, Kay is home from her honey moon :)) Steve will need surgery on his Ulner nerve, this is a nerve that runs in your fore arm, his hand and fingers go numb and he has damage, if he does not have it then his hands will curl into a claw position, he is bummed about this, he would like to wait till January to have it, if it will not be more damage, waiting to hear what the Dr. says, he is sick of surgery, so say a prayer for him. I am daily giving April to the Lord and trusting Him for her safety:)) sometimes its several times a day:) be glad when I can just totally let it go and trust and not worry.

I hope you have a good day:)) HUGS, one other thing, we will go by and see DR. Wanda Stephens in Conway today, she has about a week to live, she has liver cancer so keep her in your prayers, I worked for her when I worked at Living Hope Psych unit, she is a wonderful Christan lady and been my friend for 20 years.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tribute to Diesel Dog Averitt 10/07/2010

Alex and his best Friend Diesel Dog Averitt
His duh duh, duh duh face:)))

This may be a tear jerker so quit reading if you do not want to cry with me. I am just so sad, Alex called could not even talk for crying to tell me Diesel died last night, I knew when Steve and I went out yesterday to pray for him, he was barley alive, he was just so sick, Alex had decided last night that if the blood report was bad this am he would put him to sleep, Steve was going with him, I felt I would make a scene, like just fall on the floor and cry and never quit, I have so much grief in my heart right now, over several things. At the same time, I can say I am thankful cause it could be a lot know there is a saying, puppy love is puppy love but it still hurts, which means it may not be as bad as hurting when your in real love, but hurt is hurt, sometimes I feel guilty for hurting over a dog' sickness when I know people who just lost their mother, but my heart hurts for my son and for sweet Jill, she is second guessing her self and doing the "what ifs", which we all do, but when it is all said and done I know in my heart Diesel was a wonderful dog and was so loved, they would of done anything for him and did, when Alex first got him, Diesel did not realize how big he was and would just about knock you over trying to sit in your lap:) One time I was in their back bedroom taking a nap, it is when Steve and I were doing our home and living at Alex's during that time, Diesel jumped on the bed and laid beside me, keep in mind he was as big as me:) well as big as me now:) He snored like a real person and when he passed gas it would run you out of the house. He had a duh duh, duh duh attitude, I called him Amelia's Clifford dog:)) if your not sure of who that it it is a BIG red dog on tv:) I loved diesel, even got him a privacy fence so he could be in the back yard, since he was too big for the house, I remember when Alex made him a heated dog house, of course they used their whole deck for his house:)) He was a good dog and a obedient dog, Alex taught him from a baby and he was so smart, when Alex would feed him, he would sit and not move till Alex told him he could eat. He was my Cali's ( sm. wennie dog ) boy friend and Diesel would be so gentle with her even though he could of ate her in one bite:) I was not sure of his color when Alex first got him, he was a brindle and I thought how ugly BUT his sweet huge face and eyes won me over:0 I feel better talking about him, gonna miss him and I know they will, dogs really are a best friend to us;) I love you Diesel and I am thankful all dogs go to Heaven!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pray for Diesel

Alex and Diesel dog, Diesel needs a miracle for his kidneys to work, so pray for him please.

Well had a fun weekend, Sunday we took Anna tot he barn and she rode Apache, she is a good rider and learns well, she wants to ride more and I want to work with her more on riding:))) Going to see if I can get her a couple days a month form school and we ride:) then we went and watched Jack play foot ball which makes me nervous, it just scares me for him to be tackled:))) Mother's leg is much better:) Kay took her to eye Dr. today, I am assuming all is well, Kay left her mobil at mother's and she is not home so not sure, but Kay would of said if something was wrong, it as just a check up. Steve went and checked out her heat and turn it on this am, it was 44 here. I have not turned my on but did get a new pair of flannel pj's today at Sam's:)) Today was not a hard day at work, working on getting loans closed:) Have to be at dentist at 8am....what was I thinking, getting teeth cleaned, my least favorite thing to do;) but needed:) My heart is heavy for April, she has created distance between her family and her self, as far as I know she will move out of Jill and Alex's , April is at a critical place in her life right now, so please keep her in your prayers, I think she will live with Seth's parents but not totally for sure, my desire is for her to come and go to school:) she is at mother's tonight, she states she is happy, so I pray she is, her family is sure heart broke for her, far from happy. We do not dislike the Harris, or Seth, but instead of Seth changing, April is the one changing:( Alex and Jill's dog Diesel is real sick and needs a miracle for his kidneys to work, he is in kidney failure so please please pray for him to be healed:)

I have pics of Anna riding but not sure where I put my camera but will post them asap:) I will post Diesels pic, this is Alex and Jill's fur baby:)) well hope your day was good, I do have peace in my heart even though it is heavy for April. Hugs and Nite

Friday, October 1, 2010

Word of God SPEAK

I love this Song, I remember when Jill sang it in church, I know God was so faithful to speak to her in the midst of her despair and I am believing He will talk to my April in the midst of her life. Being a parent is one of the hardest things in life, having tuff love is one of the hardest things in life, there is a time when we have to separate our self from our child, this is when they are adults, even if they do not always act like adults:) April is 19 will be 20 In December, she is a precious young woman, God has plans for her life, but right now April is in the midst of the one being in charge of her life, you know that song Jesus take the Wheel? That is where April is at. I realize all my children have gone through this and I know it still hurts the same, wish it didn't. They have to grow up and become responsible adults for their own actions, it is hard for me to draw the line when their life goes against everything I believe in and have raised them to believe. So that is my need for this song....Word of God speak, want you fall fresh on Me, open my eyes to see.........I am at a loss for words and the funny thing it is ok:) WORD OF GOD SPEAK......