Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Well it is a sunny day, looks like spring until you open the door and know Old man winter is still here! House is so quiet this am, I have had my coffee and quiet time, read the paper and now blogging, miss my little ones but enjoying my morning. Today is a full day with church and then Peyton's birthday party, she is three! Then show property and I hope I sell a home:) Going to mother's tonight to get her trash out and go to the store for them and take food for the week. I have roast, potatoes and carrots, hamburger noddle onion casserole, chicken dish, pinto beans, black eyed peas, corn and green beans, some corn bread and some rolls! I was going to make them some chicken and dumplings but will do that this week and take during the week. I am so thankful it is a sunny warmer day......gonna be a good day!! hugs

Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Babies tonight

can you believe I have had this many babies and have lived through them:)

Well this morning when Laila got up at 6:45ish....(: Peyton and Jack got up shortly after, we did the cereal thing and fruit and juice and milk:) I had them all in the living room and realized this would be like when mine were little, close to the same ages, no wonder I was so tired and our house was so busy and loud!! I remember being so tired and ready to pull my hair out by the time Steve got home.......this week has been much easier, I think I am a totally different as a Nana then a mother:) Since the weather was nice today and yesterday they got to play out side some, before that I gave them some running up and down the hall with the ball time and loud time to get rid of their energy THEN we settled down and did quiet things time:) It worked, wish I had let my own children have some loud time when they were little, BUT I guess I did not realize pent up energy only gets them in trouble so if you let them get it out they act better:)) Some things we learn by experience and so what if it is loud and rowdy for 10 minutes, I just did it with them:))We have really enjoyed our Laila and Peyton being here all week, I just got in a routine and now they have gone home:( Hannah said what will I do next week if you do not have them, we had a deal going:) she was such a help to me and I could not have done it and worked with out her or Steve or April. I would love to have a week with just them and no work, BUT still have pay checks:) Our home is quiet no little one asking for a drink pease:) I will miss them, just thankful they are around the corner where I can go get them if needed!! Hugs and nite!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday and tired:)

Cali wanting morning kisses, Cole watching Jack and Cali
Daddygrand and Blake morning hugs

Pyeton morning look/hair
My little man Cole when he first got here:0

Today started real early with Cole getting here at 5:45am:) he was too sweet, he just cuddled with me which he NEVER does, then we got jack up fro breakfast and to get ready for school, then Peyton got up and Laila actually slept till 8ish. It has been a full week of grand babies and work, I have showed property three times and wrote two offers, listed a home and have and appointment tomorrow at 1:00 and then Sunday at 3:15 to show property......the market has gotten busy and I am so thankful!! Oh, I also had a closing Wednesday and have one Monday!! YEA!! Took the girls outside to play for a hour today, they ran and played, its been to cold to take them out, they all had fun! But I am wore out:) but a good kind of wore out! Alicia and Bob get home tomorrow, Alexandria came tonight, she just needed to be with family:)) Jared will get the girls tomorrow and then Peyton has a three year old birthday party Sunday:) she is so excited about it! Monday I have to make fudge cakes for my Realtor open house Tuesday, its my signature desert and Realtor's will come and eat it! Yo9u know the sweetest part about the grand babies? Peyton sleeps with us or April, when she is with April then Laila sleeps with us, and during the night Peyton will reach her little hand to you face and pat it, Laila will sing, they are both so smart, Peyton can sing so many songs and knows her colors, ABC's Numbers, all the word of several songs......she is even teaching Blake how to use the potty!! Really all my babies are smart in so many different ways, Blake could do numbers around his age, he can ride a four wheeler, the kind for kids everywhere and guide it right, put it in reverse, just sayin, I got smart, talented grand babies!! I have not seen Mika or Amelia as much as I want but things will settle down and I will:)) They stay with mommy till they get older. Enjoy the pics of this am:) hugs and its is time for bed!! hugs

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Pretty Brown Eyes

Daddygrand and Layla

After the bath, ready for bed!

I was not sure how today would go but it went GREAT!! I had a closing at 8:30am, Steve fixed his daddygrand breakfast for the girls, so yummy!! I left for work and he said he could handle it, he did with a lot of help from Hannah:) I then went on two listing appointments got files ready for closings and got home about 1:15ish. I picked up the house and the bathed four grand babies:) The Jared got his girls for a visit with Mommy and Mika. Hannah and April and Rhonda and I went to hip hop, it was fun, I am getting the moves down a little better!! A great work out! Then home to find Jack and Max have not had their bath, so in the tub they went!! I wish I could post pics, but with perverts out that I cannot do that, even though the pics shows nothing, can not take that chance with my grand babies:) But I have a big Jacuzzi tub so they all love it!! Max and jack went to Hannah's for the night, then not too long and Jack man came back:) Alicia is in Dallas with Bob:)) so Jack is with us, he and Steve will go to do baseball together tomorrow:) Tomorrow will be a much easier day, I have the LR Award of Excellence to go to for lunch to cheer out LR Realtors on!! Then Friday have my little Cole to play with the girls, Jared will take the girls home Friday since he will be there to help on the weekend, I missed them tonight when they were gone;( Mark and Hannah will be moving soon, he will be transferred with the post office:(( I will miss them and probably cry when they move but excited for them:);) not sure I will do with all that. Guess go see them! Well boot camp comes early and the girls right when I get home so best head to bed...hugs and nite!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time flys by....when your having fun

Ok, I am not sure where to began:) We came home Sunday in the down pour of rain, then I worked some and we went to dinner with Jared and his family and Alicia and her family. Jenn was to have her first week at home with out help in which I knew she was not ready, so we got Laila and Peyton and brought them home with us, I for sure know why you have children when your young:0 we have had a fun week so far, I am still working in between naps and Steve, April and Hannah have helped so much, tomorrow will be the real test, I have appointments all day till about 2ish, and April works, but Steve said he had this:) of course he has Hannah next door:))) I have two listings appointments and a closing and possible property showing tomorrow:) I have boot camp tonight at 7:00 so I dread getting back out, gotta get the girls feed and bathed before I go, so best run....hugs!
Forgot I went to mother's last night and cleaned out her fridge and got them groceries, Alicia went with me and she was a big help, its is easier to throw things away when mother is side tracked:)) they are doing ok, mother's memory is barley there:((( Walt is doing ok.....they manage still, but we check on them all the time:) now hugs

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Condo and loving it!

We came to Fairfield Bay, YEA!! I listed a lake house in Higden Friday.150 l 001

150 l 050 150 l 054 A really neat home!! Then of course we ate at our all time favorite Lakefront restaurant, Janzen’s.  Came to the condo and it felt so good to be quiet and no interruptions.  I got up Sat. about 8:30ish then went back to bed at 10ish till 1:30ish!! Then we ate at Toga’s had a great salad and homemade soup:) yum yum, just ate left over's form Janzen’s for supper.  Will have to go home today:((( but will go to brunch at Janzen’s and them go see my friend's baby Kendie at ACH, she is doing good, holding her own, they will have the geneticist Dr. in this week, to check her for Noonan's (sp) so pray:) then we are going to check on mother and Walt.  SO a full day but will be a enjoyable day for us!!  Hugs, make it a great day!  One thought I had this am sitting on the deck, it is so quiet here and the air is fresher the NLR, as I was sitting, I could feel the breeze of the wind, I could hear the wind in the trees, but I could not see the wind, as we know the wind can be very forceful and the so calm you do not know it is there, reminds me of my friend Jesus, even though I can not see Him I know He is there! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WOW its been awhile

I am not sure when I blogged last, Kennedy is doing good, she is breathing on her own and has her drain tube out, there are still some concerns for her but not life threaten!! thank you for praying and Thank you Lord! Keep praying they are testing her for some genetic issues.  I have been running, writing offers and trying to make them work and trying to close loans!  I have been working out and realized I have arm muscles the other day, I can not believe it!!! I bet tomorrow I may not be able to move my arms she worked me out so hard this morning, my arms just shook as I worked them out.  I did push ups on the floor with my legs out and butt down, it was so hard my arms shook, I thought I would fall face first on the floor but I didn’t, did five then took break did other things then did five again and then five more! My arms were so weak when I did side kicks my arm just shook, so I hope my new muscles will keep growing!!! I showed them off today!  I had dinner tonight with my dear friends Sherry Maxwell and Dona Price girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 002 

 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 001

Then came home for Hannah’s birthday, Mark had her a cookie cake, she is 30 today:) girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 012 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 009

Max lost his first tooth

girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 007

April took Olivia to have her ears pierced:((((( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 017 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 019

and now I am in my PJ”so sitting in bed with Steve watching some western, Open Range….I am ready for bed but do feel more energetic then I was last time I blogged:) I miss sharing my thoughts when I do not blog!! hugs and nite

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First off a update on Kennedy, UPDTAE:::: She had her surgery, they repaired the aorta, she had some fluid on her lung and they fixed that, there was something called granduloma,(sp) its like a growth on her heart they were able to get that off, she has that on her neck too, they are getting a geneticist Dr. to check her out for something called noonans,(sp) not sure about all ... See Morethat but pray its not that and she heals, she is stable, they left her open up for now, she is in nicu at ACh. Casi is exhausted from having a baby and then all this on top of it, keep the whole family in your prayers, will keep you updated and I tell them of all who is praying, they do not have a church home or pastor so it is important to them to know you are praying:)

I do not know why but I am just so tired, had a restful weekend, of course full week last week and full day today, had to come home and take a nap, then went to boot camp......was hard tonight but did not get sick:) I am really just too tired to blog to much so nite to all and tomorrow a better thing I did a offer today actually tow of them...yahooooo!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Need Urgent Prayer

This is Kennedy Alexis Hudson, she was born last Thursday, she is doing good but needs major prayers, she has Jaundice, that is why her eyes are covered, she is in abated to help her breath, she will have open heart surgery tomorrow at 10:00 at ACH, she has two areas of of heart that will be repaired, she has another thing on her neck that will need surgery or it will keep growing, her kidneys are doing better, Her mother is Casi and her daddy is Brandon Hudson, her grandparents are my friends, Dinah Lawson and Noy. Please pray for them, they are for sure in need of a miracle for little Kennedy. tks Linda

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!!

This is Miss Amelia saying Happy Valentine Day!!
My forever friend Sherry Maxwell, It was a year since my dear friend Jimmy Maxwell went to be with Jesus, I came Friday to Tunica with Sherry, we are in a neat suite and had a hard day missing Jimmy but a good day, Last night at midnight we were in the casino and I leaned into her check and gave her a Valentine day kiss on the cheek, totally embarrassed her but felt at least she would have a Valentine day kiss:) even if it was from me, she is so special to me;)

This is Jared and Jenn's girls wishing me a Happy Valentines day!!
I am taking some Linda Averitt time with Sherry, in the room watching a movie, so far have not lost any money and I do not intend to lose any, money is tight right now:) I have my work out clothes and going to the work out room in a few and doing some boot camp:) then laying on the couch and chillin all day:) Its sunny here, have a out let mall and may have to go look at it:)) notice I said look...hope I find a bargain:) well gotta run to rest:) hugs Have a great day, by the way for those worried that my honey is home on Valentines day, I have covered all my bases, and he has his chocolates and card and I got me some new heals for Valentines, yes I said heals!!! yahoo!! I can even walk in them:) hugs and happy day!
Pray for my friend Dinah's grand daughter, she is in nice at children's awaiting heart surgery, she was born Thursday, she is jaundice so they can not do surgery tomorrow and she needs it...pray fro a miracle!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuff Thursday

Bout died at boot camp this early am:) but as you can see I lived through it:) Had a full day of work till 7pm tonight, had open house at Chenalwood Condo's, we had a champagne and chocolate open house, had lots of goodies, I took mother and Walt a plate of cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, little brownie bites...some good home made deserts all wrapped in a Valentine wrap...very festive, they love it! They are doing ok, just needing lots of help:) I have appointment to meet a buyer at 7:45am and show property at 8am so if I can get boot camp in before I will have to go at 5am:(((( not even looking forward to that...better get to bed!! I am afraid to pray for snow:) not sure how long it will last:) hugs

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jill and her sisters singing at her Papa's funeral

This was Jill's and her sister's Joy and Jana singing it so blessed me, "It is well with my soul" I wanted to share this blessing with you and share her Papa's life. You will be blessed as you listen:)

Wednesday and showing property

Wow, what a deal, treading through the snow to show property, I think I am too old for it:) so tired! BUT will sell them a home:) I think I am a fair weather agent:) but need some pay checks so I am trudging through the snow:)) Then had a long dinner/lunch/breakfast time with Alicia Jean Averitt:) I really enjoyed it, we sat for two hours!! Kay and Colin went to check on mother and Walt, not heard from her yet, but I think all is ok with them. Now I am getting ready to go get miss April at the mall, the roads still have melting snow then it refreezes, so we did not want her to drive and Steve has no business going out now either, so I am going.......glad when all gets back to normal:) Have a full day tomorrow and tyring to work in boot camp at noon, then to open house all after noon and we have invited 1500 to the Champagne and Chocolate open house tomorrow evening:) Hope it is successful and the weather will cooperate!! Gotta run...hugs and nite!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd, for real snow day with Peyton Lou

Yesterday when Jared came by he let Peyton spend the night, we had so much fun, we laid in bed and watched TV till we both fell asleep, then she woke at 8ish and Steve made breakfast, I slept till 9ish....very late for me:) then we played and went out in the snow and played. I said Peyton lay down and make a snow angel, she said the way Peyton says..."what!" a snow angel, I said yes, you lay down on the snow, she said I don't know how, so I said ok, I will show you, then she got right beside me and we made snow angels! She wanted to build a snow man but the snow was too hard, I said I can not make one the snow is too hard, she said, she could make it :)) she then threw a snowball at me and just laughed and laughed! We then came in and I did hot chocolate she did bottled water:) and the ate chicken and dumplings then a nap, her daddy came for her before she woke up, she woke up all cuddly and we rocked, I sing rock a by, rock a by, rock a by, rock a by...that is all I say when I sing and she and Laila sing it too so does Olivia and Blake:)) I love it!! Then she went to her daddy and went home:((

I then went to the office to do some work on a listing and picked up Sherry Maxwell and went to Casa Mexicana for some dip and chips, now home in PJ"S again, Sherry had a customer for me to show property to tomorrow at 1:00, so that is exciting!! Just need to gt it on paper which I intend to do:) They have to be here by May 1st.. Well enjoy the pics, do not laugh too hard at the snow angels, I know I look huge had 42 or more layers of clothes...tee hee! Plus Peyton is so little:) hugs and nite

Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected snow day

Well I had just told Steve I wish I had a snow day just to relax and get over the busy week I had. I got it, woke up to go workout and got a text from my coach that the streets were covered with snow and it was canceled, I looked out and could not believe it! I was going early cause I thought we may have bad weather tonight, but we really got a big snow! Cole had spent the night and Sarah wanted to come and get him, but knew she couldn't, once it started raining and getting slushy we took him home, they live forty five minutes away but Steve and 4 wheel drive SUV made it. I was just going to keep him here for a few days, but his birthday is Wed.,e will be one and I did not think we could get him home if we did not do it when we did;) Steve did not have nay problems. Then miss Olivia came over and played and when Jared came to pick up the dinner I cooked for them he brought Miss Peyton, she wanted to stay so she is spending the night,m such special time with these grand babies. I cooked all day, chicken and dumplings, brown beans and sausage , cabbage, corn bread and was going to make a yellow cake and fudge icing but did not have cake mix and could not find recipe to make yellow cake, may look harder tomorrow and do it:) My system is calming down finally, I was so keyed up form the week and Friday night. Enjoy the snow pics.......hugs and nite!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open House Sunday

cole and mika 014 Cole watching super bowl with daddy grand

cole and mika 001 DaddyGrand and Mika


cole and mika 004 Mika and Nana, went right after open house:) to see her:)cole and mika 015   Cole is spending the

night, watching the super bowl with daddygrand

cole and mika 005 getting kisses

cole and mika 003

Got up went to church, it was good, Mercy Cross is doing a series on marriage/dating/sex then  the end of the month a movie and wedding to renew your vowels if your married then a celebration/reception…..It was so good this am, perfect for someone who is single or dating, but it is so important not to have a relationship based on sex, it will not last, so the best thing is to have a celibate relationship and you will know what it is based on and not have so many emotions guiding you in the relationship, then you will not make a most major mistake and marry someone who you do not have a solid relationship with.  1st things Ist, they have to be a Christian with the same belief standards you have, or for sure you will have problems, then they need to be how  you like them now, not expecting them to change once your married, you will have what you have, they do not change:) and if you think you can change them then your the one with the problem……their character will be what it is now as you know them:) so if they do not hold a job now, they will not hold a job when you marry, if they are demanding now, it will only be worse when you marry…….you can go online and hear the sermon if you want, contact  It is going to be a great series! For all walks in life!  Open house  is slow so I am blogging:) I need someone to come and buy it:))  Tonight my Cole will spend the night so Sean and Sarah can do a super bowl party, I am going to go see miss Mika when I get through with open house, I am still tired from the week end and have a slow day tomorrow but hit it on Tuesday!  Boot camp in am early so I can get it done:) April and Steve will watch Cole if he is awake, I will go at the 6:00am class.  Got to get the rest of this weight off and in shape!  I am a little heavy hearted with some personal things right now, I can not share them, but keep me in your prayers, I want to make sure I respond and not react:) that is hard for me when I am so angry at the circumstances, so thank you for your prayers:) hugs and hope you have a great day!!  GO SAINTS!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

super saturday

ooops side ways:(
I promise you I was some kind of nervous!

Alicia Averitt Haley...Diamond Level Producer, the highest award! and Craig O'neill...he is a anchor for THV in Little Rock:) very well known:)

My sweet hubby trying to get the energy to go sit at the banquet:) he knew I needed his support!

Me and my hubby!!!!

Well Friday was a full day, started with a listing appointment:) YEA!! a real sad deal fro the seller, he is disabled and elderly had married a young wife and has a 12 year old daughter, his wife who was 44 years old past away unexpectedly Jan. 31st., she had some kind of deal happen, it was hard for me to totally understand, he is from Germany, his sweet daughter tried to help him find paper work so he would know where the mtg. loan is, I looked through his mail, his wife paid the bills, it is so sad for him and for sure his sweet daughter, keep them in your prayers. This business puts you in so many people's life:) that is one reason I love it!! Then off to preparing fro the Award of Excellence banquet, i was so nervous, about noonish I began to really be nervous, when we got to the hotel I went to the main banquet room and walked the stage and stood at the podium and went over everything I had to say, I was the chair this year and there are more then 400 people...whew..... I thought I was going to hyper ventilate but took some deep breaths, it turned out to be a fun filled night, Craig O'Neill was our MC and is too funny! He made the night!! We got a room next tot he suite we had, we have a party in the suite and Steve could rest in the next room, and he did:)) he was wore out! Then this am got up, cleaned up the mess and headed for Batesville for Jill's Papa's funeral, it was a sweet service, I know he will be missed, got home and I am in the bed!! So hugs and Nite!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Mika is here!

Mika Lynn Averitt 7pds. 8ozs. 20 and something inches:) A little doll, when I saw her tonight she had already change so much, her face is swollen here, she looks like Alicia did to me but for real looks like her sister Peyton:) who looks like Jared who looks like Alicia:) so there you have it!!
God is so good, today I was not sure how I would accomplish all I had to do, but it all happened and I even got a nap:))) I can not believe it, went to hospital early and met Mika then home and worked then a nap then back to office then to hospital then to Sam's then to Kohl's, found shoes, jewelry for tomorrow night, got gas in the car, then to listing appointment then to Kroger's the home and have everything done!!! All I have to do tomorrow is nails, then go to hotel and check on all the committees to make sure all is doing what has to be done, then check in hotel and put all food in our suite and get ready for banquet, oh yes, I got a offer accepted today.....yea and I listed a house...yea! Have another to list:) well I am wore out now and I know you are......good night and hugs

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Touring Tuesday

Today was sales meeting, so as usual we had property tour and then a realtor open house, then I had lunch with a friend and then , yes, then I WROTE a OFFER!! Yea! It has been way to slow for me, I need something to break for real! It has been a busy day and I do not feel as good as I need to yet, tomorrow I have a slower morning so I am trying to rest and get totally well before Miss Mika gets here and the banquet that I have to speak at Friday it will be over 450ish people and I am still nervous about it:((( so keep praying. I have slacked up on boot camp till I can quit coughing, then tonight I saw the lady on biggest loser who had surgery and walked 15 miles the day after because she had to do something to keep the weight coming I will probably try to do more tomorrow, I just have to have a voice Friday night so I have not pushed my self. I am still tired and it shows in my eyes, I am ready to look perky and like I feel good:) Pray for my D-I-L's Papa, he is very sick and needs our prayers. Also Keep Sherry Maxwell in your prayers, it will be a year since Jimmy Maxwell past away last Feb. 12th., it is hard to believe it has been a year. Today is Susie Via's birthday, Steve's sister who past away before Christmas, she is with Jesus on his birthday and hers this year, I miss her:((( but had to let her go. So much going on that needs your prayers, I am thankful God is in control:) Well best go to bed and get my beauty sleep.....hugs and nite!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny and Monday

Today started early, I watch my sweet girls while Jenn went to the Dr., looks like miss Mika will arrive on schedule on Thursday morning bright and early! The girls had fun playing with daddygrand and I, they are so sweet, of course Peyton will want to potty a few times so she can have treats:) I have been better about not giving them too many treats!! I then came to the office and getting things in order. I was not feeling well over the weekend with a cold and no voice, so I slept a lot and took meds., they make me sleepy but am much better. I have a fun filled week with excitement and it makes me somewhat nervous! Our Banquet for the Awards of Excellence is this Friday night, I am the chair person for that this year, so I have to put it all together with committees, which have done a great job and then have to speak at it, that is the part that is weirding me out some:) Craig O'neal is our MST. of ceremonies so once I introduce him it will be easy form there, I will be there most the day Friday to make sure all goes as planed, we do have a suite and a hotel room so I can take Steve and put him in the room till time for the banquet:) Our company gets a suite because we have a pre party and post party, it is a lot of fun but requires a lot of work to pull it all off, so say a prayer for me:) The most exciting news is Miss Mike getting her Thursday!! I can not wait to hold her and see her:) Jenn has never carried a baby full term so she should not be a preemie:) Then Saturday I have a class to be in from 10 til 1 and Sunday have a open house......its a full week. Wednesday I have to find something to wear for Friday night:)) dread that! I do not like shopping! Best go, just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know I am still alive since I have not posted since last week.......hugs!