Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Honor of Susie Via

Susie was born February 2nd, 1943 and entered into life on Dec. 23rd, 2009.  Susie was a very unique indivual, she was brilliant, always full of life.  Susie had one son name Noel Via, in which we called him Dino, you know us with nick names:) I loved Susie, she lived with Steve and I at different times, Susie had a stroke, actually had three strokes, we could not physically care for her and she lived in the nursing home Lakewood Plaza on McCain, then when Dino came back from Iraq she moved back to Ozark where he and his father and step mother lived.  Susie was close to Robert her x husband and his wife Lisa, Lisa loved Susie like a mother, Lisa is 44, Robert and Susie divorced but remained friends and Robert cared for Susie like his wife, it is amazing to see the love they all had for each other, did not happen at first but over the years, they forgave each other and kept it peaceful for Dino and the grand children, Brianna and Caleb.  There are stories after stories of Susie growing up with her brother’s and sister’s, she was very clever in entertaining them:)  In her last days which came unexpected, she was able to go back to her home at the Ozark nursing home, be in her bed, no one sticking her, or bothering her, her friends and she had many came in to say bye, Susie was happy to be back in her bed, she peacefully took her last breath this morning with loved ones by her side.  I will miss her but so thankful she is with Jesus.

Christmas memory……Dec. 23, 2010

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