Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!

Today we had a snow/ice day!! Whooooohoooooo! I have been home except for when I went and changed out a loc box, then it got bad here and I have been home since. I watched Max play and look for something to make into a sled, I thought hum....and went out to help him, I thought my real estate sign would work and it was perfect, plus it did not tear up the sign! Yea!! The I cooked some comfort food, chicken and dumpling's, corn, mac and cheese and sour cream chicken, I had popcorn with white cheddar cheese seasoning on are some pics of the day....enjoy! More snow coming and I have appointment at 10am and 2:00pm, so hope roads are clear and my cold is gone, I have been horase all day and trying not to get a cold.....nite!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Needing to make decisions

Had a full day, then went to boot camp, I was weighed tonight and gained 5 pds., when I was weighed before it was early morning, which I weigh less in the am, but I lost two inches in my waist and 1 and something in my biceps, gained in my calf and thigh and I think my butt stayed the same, I lost from the neck down to the butt:)  Which is my fattest areas, so I was pleased.  There is no doubt something wierd is with the weight, I have lost weight steadily since March of 2008, so I was not prepared to gain, was really trying to get 20 more pounds off by the end of February, glad I am not on biggest loser, I would of got sent home:) BUT I am going for another month, the coach said in six weeks I will start to see a big difference, but I can see a difference now, like tonight I put my sock on and I was in the kitchen and lifted my leg up and put the sock on my foot and stood on one leg, I did not think anything of it, but April said, oh my gosh! you just balanced on one foot! YEA!!!! I could of NEVER done that before, I was totally out of shape for real! But for real one day I will be fit and at what ever weight that is:) Boot camp really was hard tonight, it was 40 minutes on a lipitical machine, it is still cardio blast week, then weights on arms and lunges with weights. I then went to mothers, she is now sleeping all day till about 3:30 to 4:30 then getting up and eating breakfast, then starting her day, I told them I would bring dinner but when I got there at 6:30 she had ate her cereal cause it is breakfast to her, I was real concerned, Walt had tried to change a light bulb and got on a cedar chest at the end of her bed and fell, his wrist and hand was very swollen, and leg is sore, same side of the hip he broke, this was THREE days ago, now I have talked to mother several times and nothing was ever said, I checked it and will take him to the Dr. to be checked. I went to the store for milk, bread and toilet paper, in case it does get bad weather this weekend.  I ask Walt how mother was doing and he said her memory was worse, I said there will be a time when she does not know you and he said she sometimes does not know me now, that she will ask him how long has he lived here and does he know how to get to the bedroom.  Made me real sad but I knew she was much worse when I am with her or talk to her, I told Walt we are getting to the place that he can not do it all by him self and I may need to find a place for them to live with us, he seemed receptive to that, he said he did not want to live in a junky place, I said we wouldn’t, so I know he is considering that he will need to do that. Now my dilemma, I have no way of making Walt do anything, he needs to go to a attorney and do everything in a living trust so pray he will come around and know he needs help……this will take God doing a work.  I am not sure how it will change our life with them living with us, It will have to be a home with their own space because they both smoke:( but they are not ready for a nursing home and I can not do that anyway, I guess its not in the cards that Steve and I ever live alone:) Good thing I am a people person and roll with the punches! If anyone has experience with Alzheimer's and how to handle all this feel free to give me advice…… hugs and nite!

Early Thursday

I was not sure what to title this blog since it is too early in the day to know what type of day it will be:) I went to hip hop last night at boot camp and loved it, Sherry Maxwell went with me, she is going to go with me on Wed. nights, that is when they have it at 6:00pm if anyone else wants to hip hop, flop flop, drop drop:) It is a great work out! It is still unreal for me to even hear my self say work out! I am learning how to work out and now how to dance:) On a different not, it is suppose to be winter weather here:) YEA! I would like one good snow then spring! I am meeting with my friend who tried to take her life today, Sherry and Alicia and I will be working with her through some of the issues that caused her to try to take her life, I have not done any counseling in a long time but really want to be able to help her have a reason to live and work through pray for us. Then I have a listing appointment in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock, a condo. If I want to be able to feed my family I will need to go to the store today which will be major because if there is a hint of ice or snow the whole state of Arkansas goes to the store:))) Its a Southern thing! Normally I wait till it gets here then go and no one is there:) Gotta love Arkansas! All is well with the family, Amelia slept NINE hours! She is the best baby girl! Jennifer is hanging in there, Mika has held on so far, she may make the Feb. 4th date....a first for Jenn! Hannah and her family are doing great, Mark past his supervisor test so he will be applying for management with the post office, they have been training him for the past year, so they may be moving some where else, that will be hard, I am use to them being next door! No other news, some have ask when April plans on marring, not for another year or so:) they both have to mature some and wait for the right timing! Be ready for marriage, if you are ever ready, but at least have steady jobs and a place to live:)) the necessity's for life ...... well best start my day....lets make it a great one!! It is up to us! HUGS

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

too tired tuesday

Oh my word I am soooo tired, this will not be a long post:) I have had a full day with sales meeting then 15 to 20 lost count homes on property tour, five on Realtors open house then had open house all afternoon at Chealwoods condos the boot camp! Now I know this has mad you tired too so off to bed! One thing before I go, my dear friend Dinah's grand baby girl who will probably be born this week has the left side of her heart not working, this is the side that pumps the blood thru the body, she also has fluid in her kidney, please pray for her, her name will be Kennedy and her mother is Casi and father is Brandon...they need a miracle! hugs and nite!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This is from my friened Linda Apple: enjoy

Linda Lowe Apple January 25 at 7:38am Reply

“It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” ~ Dale CarnegieMy pastor, Steve Dixon, told us about a ski instructor who advised that when you are skiing to focus on where you want to go, not the obstruction in your path. For instance, if there are two trees in front of you with room to go between them, then focus on that space, NOT the trees. Why? Your brain will take you to the place of your focus. And in this case it will take you to a place you do not want to go—kissing a tree. I know a person whose mind is fixated on revenge. This person’s quality of life is on steady decline and the poor soul is losing everything in an effort to “get even.” This mind-set is eating at this person’s sanity.There is a proverb that says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” What thoughts fill your mind? Are they focused on the obstructions in your path? Are they taking them where you want to go? If not, retrain it to think on good things. Good things about life, people, hope, dreams, and of course, yourself. This may be an exercise in faith. But as you know, exercise produces healthy bodies and in this case, a healthy mind and a happy life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blake Mcgill is 3!

April still not liking Chuckie Cheese!

William Blake McGill three years old!!
Today I got up with all intention of going to church, had some friends meeting me there and sat down and started watching Monk, this was AFTER my prayer time:) thought I had plenty of time and then looked at the clock and it was 10am, me in my PJ's so needless to say I did not make it:( Heard it was wonderful! Then went to Chuckie Cheese for Blake's birthday, that place was so crowed and loud, but a fun place for the kids! Then home and made some yummy onion soup, I had this recipe and it was so good all the way down to the french bread and mozzarella baked in a oven proof soup dish! YUM YUM! I am the only one who ate it:)) I may go get me some more! April had been at Sean and Sara's all weekend, she is now taking Seth home and trying to go duck hunting in the early am, only problem she does not have a license, so that is a no go! Steve got out and he said it felt good, he was just tired and has laid in bed watching ballgames, am I the only one on the face of this earth who do not like to watch football? Be glad when they are over:) well best go...hugs and nite!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spectular Saturday!

could not rotate pic...................grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

OK there is just so much rest I can do!! I am ready to roll! I made Miss Mika's hospital door ribbon and her a little bag of "its a girl mints" for hospital guest! I thought I better get it done, I never did one for Amelia:( she caught us all off guard! Jill had a beautiful door hanger form a sweet friend, she got it at her shower so I was covered! I am going to meet a client at the office at 2:00 today and get some paper work signed then off to the hospital to see my friend with Alicia and Sherry Maxwell, my friend is doing better. Then to dinner and movie to see, it is complicated, sounds like a funny one! Will be fun with my best friend and daughter! Steve is moving around better, walks without walker:) and actually fixed his own breakfast this am, then bathed now in bed resting, he still gets real tired, which is normal. I am so thankful he is doing so good! Best run and get my bath and get ready for my day!! hugs and make this a GREAT Day! Miss Mika if you are reading this, today is a great day for your birthday! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

faboulus friday

Today has been a total day of much needed rest and peace! I woke up at 9:30, got a massage at 10:00, then came home ate lunch and took a nap til 3:30!!! I was so tired from the week I had. I then went to the bank and walmart for milk came home had dinner and have sat and watched westerns with Steve all night, just a slug! April is at Sean and Sarah's for the weekend, Sean and Seth are going duck hunting in am, it is suppose to rain so I may have another day at home, unless I get a call to show property:) Have a open house on Sunday and Mr. Blake's third birthday party!! My grand babies are growing up, I looked at Amelia's pic tonight when she was born, she has already grown sooooooo much! Well bout ready for bed! I may go to boot camp in am, I usually do not go on Saturdays but I just might go if I wake up on my own then I will know I have enough rest:) you can only get so much sleep! My eyes do not have dark circles now:)) A lady ask me how I got my black eye! I did not have one! but I did have some dark circles, so I have rest them gone! hugs and make this weekend a great one, make some memories!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traveling Thirsday!

Cole Averitt when he was here the other day

Sean and Anna
My boot camp Coach, Alicia ask me if she was fit, so what do you think?

Traveling like running from one commitment to the other! I set my alarm for 4:30 to be at boot camp by 5:00am, and it did not go off.....I had not slept much because Steve had a hard night and was up and down with him, but I must of went back to sleep at 4am and thought I will lay here a minute till 4:30...never even woke up till 5:30! Believe it or not I was disappointed, now I will have to arrange my schedule to go tonight, it is so much easier for me in the am! Showed property this am early, like 8am! Then went to Journey church to check out my friend Marcella Hagan from Rogers, she is a Century 21 Broker and they had a meeting and used the church facility, A lot of people, 60ish was there, it was the perfect spot for them...thank you Journey Church for being so kind to share your bld. with them! Then off to a meeting, then to take Steve to the Dr. to get his stitches out, he has six screws and six rods on each side of his L 4,5,6, They told him it would take him four to six more weeks to began to feel better, this was a major big gun surgery! He promised to take his pain meds right, he tries not to take them and he is in pain, so now he is taking them like they ordered them and they will cut it back in about two weeks, he is so afraid he will get addicted to them. But another night like last night and I will take them...tee hee! Brought Steve back home got him settled with lunch and in the bed and went to my board meeting, was a little late but did make it! Now home and I have a big pot of white bean chili and corn bread, my secret, I went to Gadwall's and got a gallon of it and their corn bread....but is in my pot so if someone thinks I made it there is nothing I can do about that! I still have to be at Chenalwoods condos at 4:00 for the open house and will leave there at 6:30 and go to boot camp.....UGH! Then home to fall into the bed once I have taken care of my sweet hubby! OR I may just say it is too much and put my PJ"s on and take a nap with my sweet hubby....not sure yet! Oh by the way I got a smaller size in pants!!! YEA!! they are fitting me real good so no baggy pants for me today!! I have gone from a 22-24 to a 14! YEA!!!! Did I tell you I weighed the other day and I had gained three pounds, I bout died, I have not gained weight in almost two years! A steady loss of weight, my coach said that is normal when you first work out it does something to your body and you retain fluids and have muscle weight which weighs more...soooooo we will see about that! I am not as sore as I was Wednesday, coach said it is caused she worked me out with weights on my legs and I have not done that before, I bout could not even sit on the pot! I moaned and groaned every move I made! Thank the Lord it is better! My sweet friend is in a psych hospital to get the help she needs, she is a tiny bit better:) keep praying! Whew....I am eating some white bean chili and I may do the nap thing.......I think Steve may need me to rest beside him so he will feel better! Hugs and hope your having a great day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wondering Wednesday

I have to wonder what makes a person seriously want to give up on life and take their life?  I have been down and out and at one time did not care if I lived or died, but it was never a option to take my life in my hands and kill my self.  There has to be a deep, deep place of depression for someone to take their life.  I think it is a very selfish person that will do this, but then I think they are not in their right mind to think it through and make the right decision……so how does one get so far gone in the pits of despair that they kill them self? It seems they cannot not fathom the future, that their thinking is abstract for today only, but they are adults and should be able to think past today, I understand teen agers because their brain processes that way but in adult hood you should be able to process. When I worked at Living Hope this was my favorite kind of patient, because there is always hope, most were hopeless and were mad they did not die, angry at life, in time we were able to help them regroup and have a reason to live and some new coping skills. Then I have thought it is the person’s way to stay in control of what happens to them, they use this as a method to keep control over their loved ones and friends, if you do not do what I say, I will kill my self, that always makes me angry to see this and is so unfair to the family, I say… one can be responsible for that person’s life, if they kill them self that is their decision and the family has to set a boundary and live by it, knowing the out come could be death for their love one, but you cannot be trapped by this type behavior.  No one can make someone take their life by their actions. This decision is made by he person who takes their life and they can choose not to.  Happiness is a choice for all of us,  we all have hard times and times of rejection BUT we choose to over come it, when someone can not choose that then they are sick and need of some help.  As you can tell I am processing my thought in writing, not knowing for sure if this is right or wrong just my thoughts. I have a friend who purposely over dosed, I ask you to pray for her, it is a miracle she is alive, she was serious and took enough meds to be dead, she does not want to live, this friend is a happy person with some family problems but a beautiful woman and a believer in the Lord, she has had her share if not more, of problems, some she brings on her self, like we all do,  she has a decision to make choose life or choose death, no one can make it for her and no one can make her die, if she chooses death it is her choice, one little problem, it is not time apparently for her to go home and until it is she will just harm her self and continue to live a miserable life, God said there is a time to die and a time to live, it is HIS timing not ours, so I have seen where the person makes their life a life of a vegetable and continues to live till God says its time.  I pray this does not happen with my friend, please keep her in your prayers.  Pray her family will have the strength to stand up against this control and manipulation by her, and be able to release her to the Lord so He can do HIs work in her and show her a reason to live……tks for listening to me express my self….Hugs

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Award winning Tuesday

Giving the Overall Top Producer award to Michele Philips, Barry Holmes with us


Decorating............our theme is "Over The Top"

Today we had our awards breakfast and geared up for 2010, we had a great speaker who was very encouraging. My boss Byron and his wife Marilyn could be there, Byron had surgery and was not up to it, I missed them so much, didn't seem the same for me without my partners. But I pulled it off and we had a great time, lots of awards, Alicia won number 1 in sales and number 2 in listings, she is number 2 in the company of about 140 agents!! I did stay in the top five as number five:), I had a different year, I sold more expensive homes and had less closings but my income is about the same, so for 2010 I need more listings to have more sales, I am not pushing my self anymore to be number one but I do want to always be in the top five:) Boot camp about did me in this morning, I went at five because I had to be ready for the breakfast at 8am, I like the 5am class but do not like getting up at 4:30am:( In the morning I will go at 7:00am and I dread it, but feel better afterwards.
My friend is still doing better, pray for her, she still has major depression and her life situation is no different, pray she finds a reason to live. hugs and nite!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Big One

Urgent prayer request for a young lady that is my friend, she is hanging onto life but death is lurking all around her, please pray for her, she is on a vent and unconsciousness.......she needs a miracle to can call her Little Big one, that is how God knows her.....tks

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Today has been a very restful peaceful day.  I got in the bed with Steve yesterday about 5ish, we watched football and I played on face book, then got sleepy and went to sleep, I woke up at 9:30pm and then we both went to bed, woke up at 4:30 and went back to sleep till 8ish.  I could not believe it, my back was stiff from being in the bed so long.  I could of gone back to sleep but needed to get up and take care of Steve:)  He took a shower and that did him in, I made chicken spaghetti and salad and great northern beans for supper, I realize the beans do not go with the meal but I was hungry for them:)  Kay and Colin came by after church and ate lunch with us and visited, we enjoyed them coming by to visit:)  Alex and Jill came by with my sweet Amelia, I loved seeing them, I do not see them as much, they live across town.  Sean came in on his way home form hunting, they saw a lot of deer and got one.  Mark came in and sat with Steve and visited, Hannah has been sick so she stayed away.  I did get a offer accepted today, there were three offers on the property and we got my offer worked out:) YEA!!  I really need business, I am trying not to worry, but it is scary since I need my income to pay bills:) trying to trust in the Lord that He knows what I need when I need it:) He has always been faithful! Today was nice, I sat in my rocking chair on the front porch and rocked some today:) I have boot camp early tomorrow so I am going to bed soon, I dread getting up so early and going……..but keep telling my self you have to go!  hugs and nite

Friday, January 15, 2010

Home Again, Home Again:)

It is wonderful to be home:) took a nap with Steve and felt much better:)steve surgery 002 he has his remote and thought he would watch ball games, but he thought it was Saturday:) steve surgery 003Jared and his family came over, and Hannah and Alicia and April helped me get him in a settled:) Max came over and just loved on him and told him he missed him, he and Max are two peas in a pod:)  Max will come and lay in bed with him and watch a movie tomorrow. I got him a juicy hamburger for lunch and then fixed him a good dinner:) Poppy seed chicken, green beans and Mac and cheese, rolls, fresh fruit and tea, what more can a man want? never mind do not answer that!!  Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed:) NITE

Home today!

Roses from Derol and Ann May...they are white with Pink at the end of petals, so pretty and smell so good:)
Get well balloons from the Haley's, that is Alicia's purse with them, no wonder her neck and back hurt;)

Basket of goodies, our company is like family, they always take care of the serious thing such as chocolate!!

I am so thankful and excited, Steve is going home:) he is so ready and it is much sooner then expected! We were told a week because of how hard the surgery was and the bleeding BUT with prayers being answered the bleeding stopped and Dr. Jordan said he could go home and get well! YAAAAHOOOO! I was not sure I could take another night in the make out bed, my left hip is killing me all the way down my leg, feels like my leg is heavier then the right one....:((( ok so I need some attention:) it could be form my boot camp last night we worked on legs:((( I am proud of my self for being in boot camp two weeks now, it still is hard for me, the exercises are better but just going is the struggle, I am always so thankful when I finish it and it does feel good to stretch out, but my legs still burn and fell like jelly after the work out or my arms do, maybe they always will in a workout cause you push them to the limit:) Mckimmey Associates Realtors sent Steve this goodies basket and The Haley's got him the cute little bear and balloons to brighten his day.....thank you for all the prayers, my friend did well with his prostrate surgery, the Dr. got it all, he thinks, they did send off for biopsies, he will come home today form his surgery:) YEA GOD!! For He is faithful and you have been faithful to remember us in your prayers and I am thankful! What would I do without you????? HUGS and make it a GREAT DAY!! That is up to you:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is well with our souls

Today has been better, Steve is more coherent, he got his catheter out, and is off the oxygen, the Dr. said he is doing better then expected!! He sat in the chair for a hour and walked in the hall, baby steps with a walker, Anna was here and was his cheerleader as he walked:) Last night was a sleepless night, he was up a lot, then when he was asleep, the nurses were in and out to check things. This is a wonderful hospital, the only thing to even complain about is the food, it is all real pretty, has great presentation but very dry and tasteless:( so I got Steve some soup for his dinner tonight from Olive Garden, he will like that. Not much else to share, i covet your prayers and they are working:) Derol and Ann May sent some gorgeous white roses with pink tips, they smell heavenly! Will take a pic later for you to enjoy with us!! hugs and night....if I come to mind later, I am going to boot camp at 7:00, again nothing in me wants to go:( I will be glad when I enjoy it, that is suppose to happen someday right?? Hugs and nite!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh my gosh, I slept 10 straight hours last night, I got home and went to bed and woke up at eight!  I decided not to set the alarm for boot camp, if I woke up then I would go and if not I would go to the night class……it is amazing what sleep can do for you.  Steve usually wakes up three to four times a night, most of the time it wakes me up to, with him not there I did not wake up once!  He usually wakes up due to pain, so with this surgery he will not be in that pain and maybe he will sleep better!  That would be nice, I have thought of getting two beds or sleep in different rooms but can not do that, I miss him if he is not there:)  He is doing as good as to be expected, they got him up twice today and had him walk with a walker, the Dr. said he did not have disc or what ever is in between disc, can’t think right now, on the L 2 and 3 and he had to put a plate and screws and rods in, his bleeding has slowed down, thank the Lord and thank you for praying, he has pain but it is not where he can not get relief form it, the pain meds help him, he has really been out of it tonight so they may cut some of it back.  Ok, when it came time for boot camp, I really did not know how I would do it, I was still sore and I just did not feel like I had the stamina to do it, BUT I went, I was dragging and almost just told her I could not do it and left BUT I stayed and did it, it bout killed me, I feel better afterwards because it stretches me all out, of course now I am achy and sore, my legs burned so bad, but I kept on.  When I got in the car I was ready to cry, I was so thankful I was able to do it, God must have heard and answered our prayers, nothing in me thought I could or wanted to, I just knew I had made to commitment and am trusting that this will help me, if it does not kill me first:)  when I was jogging I started counting that got my mind off how bad my legs hurt and helped, if anyone knows any tricks to help you get through it please tell me:)  I am at the hospital for the night, April was going to stay but she has to work tomorrow so I am staying, hope fully I will get some sleep:)  Jenn went to the baby Dr. and miss Mika has dropped:) Jenn is having contractions off and on so I am not sure she will wait till Feb 4th to come, but I hope she will wait till I get Steve home:) All is well in this house hold hope it is in yours:) hugs and nite!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Day but surgery went well!


Alicia and I this morning, both trying to work as we wait:)  Steve’s surgery went well, Dr. Jordan said his back is the worst mess, surgery took 3.5 hours and recovery 2.5 hrs., for some reason Steve’s blood has not clotted right, he is still bleeding but it has slowed down:) Blood makes me feel light headed so it needs to quit:)  The CNA came in and I told him that bulb deal was full and for some reason he picked it up, no gloves and pulled the tube out and blood went all over him and Steve, bout lost it, good thing Alicia was her she got it taken care of and told the CNA not to touch Steve with out sanitizing and gloves, the CNA was upset cause he got Steve’s blood all over his hands and I am sure he is worried about it.  I assured him that Steve does not have nay diseases. We put notes on the door and in the room to sanitize and wear gloves and any visitors sanitize their hands before seeing Steve no more staff for him, you may not remember he almost died in 1986 from it, in the hospital a month and home on IV for another month or so, then a few years ago he got it when he had his neck stimulator put in and was in hospital for almost two weeks, had surgery twice while there for it.  Steve has never had this major of a surgery, he is doing well and trying to rest, the pain pump helps.  His room is awesome:)steves hospital room 003 This is the sitting area, they are separate, steves hospital room 004 steves hospital room 002 his part,steves hospital room 001 where his bed goes, his part has a recliner and chair, then the suite part has a love seat that makes a bed and two chairs and TV, so you can watch it without disturbing him:)  Very nice hospital owned by Drs., not sure if I will get to go to boot camp tonight or night, Sean will not get here till 6:30, the last one is 7:00 so i will see what to do when I know what time he gets here, he will stay with Steve, this is a very quiet hospital:)))  Since we will be here a week I am thankful the room has lots of space:)))  Thank you for all your prayers they are being heard!  Please pray tomorrow for a dear friend of mine, they will be having prostate surgery for cancer, it is very early stages.  HUGS and NITE!!

its late and I started at 5:30 yesterday am:)

I realized at boot camp today that I forgot how to skip!! I can not skip, I sorta hop, I ad Hannah skip to help me and Alicia, in which Alicia could not quit laughing at the way I try to skip….I for sure have some work to do on it, I am just not very coordinated.  We had a good work out today.  I am not sore anymore and have some energy, I actually enjoy it more. At 4:30 today I have to get up and go the the Maumelle surgery center where Steve will have surgery on his L4,5,6.  He has no disc and they will fuse them, this is a major surgery and he will being he hospital for a few days, I have all prepared and ready for him at home, for me to, I went to the store Sat. and bought lots of groceries so I can cook him some good meals.  The house is clean and laundry is done. It is never easy juggling work but that is what I will need to do:) Will do boot camp tomorrow night and Sean will stay with Steve.  Pray for Alex he is real sick with his stomach, the Dr. thinks it is the flu or a parasite……hum……I think it has been going on too long for the flu!  Since last Wed., he is getting better but has bad stomach cramping.  Well got to get to sleep, got to get up in four hours:((( hugs and nite!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jenn and Mika Day!!

Jennifer Averitt w/Mika to be born Feb 4th 2010

My sweet, sweet, sweet, Amelia Joy Averitt

me and Amelia

This morning Laila woke about 7ish and laid beside me and sang and talked to her self, it was so sweet, the girls were so easy and they were just perfect! We got up when Peyton woke up and had breakfast, then cleaned house, the girls helped, I told Steve I did not know I could still do it with little ones but we did it!! Steve was a big help:) I hosted Jenn's baby shower today, it was fun, Jill made all the food:) and of course she is the best to do that, she had petitfores (sp) with Mika's Initials on them in pink and some cookies she made with Mika's name on them!! Sugared pecans that were yummy and punch, since everyone had just had lunch we kept it to a light menu. It was a fun shower, lots of grand babies, which I love! Cole is just too cute, he is walking all over and doing what ever he can do, he is so sweet, he covers his eyes to play peek a boo! Then Amelia showed off by her sweet smiles and coos, Alicia can always get a baby to talk and Amelia did do some talking and smiling! Laila and Peyton held mommy open gifts, Olivia helped some with all the paper!! Olivia is jealous when I have anyone in my lap, she will come and make her way into my lap no matter what or who is there she will make her self fit! I enjoyed seeing Jenn's mother and Nanny again, it will not be long and we will all be welcoming Miss Mika!! YEA!!

Steve and I then went to eat, we had planned to go to church but it took to long eating so we came home and April and I looked a brides books, it was fun, she is so funny in all her plans, I love her and I being close and she including me in all her thoughts! Seth and his cousin came over and they are off to get Molly then back here, I am going to bed because boot camp comes real early!! Hugs and Nite....what a fun week-end...thank you Lord!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


bunking party at Nana's.........things we let grand babies do:)
Popsicle in the bed....................sharing with Laila

Daddygrand coming to our party:)

Steve hugging his baby girl! She is so happy! God has heard the cry of her heart!

Me and Seth Harris and Laila

Doris Harris and April

April's ring! sry pics are blurry, I need to do something with my camera:(

Seth and April

April looking at her ring. Seth putting it on her finger

after he ask her to marry him

Seth proposing to April

Seth sharing his heart, April realizing how serious he is, he is so thankful to the Lord for putting April back in his life.

Seth stating he has something to say..........April has no ideal

Seth trying to share, he started crying

Well I have some big news that I have kept a secret for as long as I can!! This blog will be about April and Seth, April met Seth in the eight grade at Captiol City Christian Academy, she thought he was cute, in the ninth grade Seth took a liking to her, he came to the car one day and told me he really liked her and was going to keep praying till she liked him, which did happen, Steve and I both liked Seth and his sweet family, turns out that summer they broke up and Steve and I felt it best they have no contact, Seth honored that request, he was heart broke. He had told his mother several times that he compares anyone he likes to April and they never measure up, she told him to pray then, if April was to be back in his life God would do that. It had been 3.5 years since April had seen Seth. For a few months Seth had been on my mind and heart, I would pray for him when I would think of him, then I felt maybe it was time for them to be friends again, I was not sure so I talked to Steve about it, God had placed Seth on Steve's heart to, we had not said anything to each other. The next morning April got up and came into the den and told me she had a dream about Seth, I ask her would she want to talk to him, she said yes, I said let me talk to his mother, so I emailed Doris and told her Steve and I were ok with it If Seth wanted to call April, and gave her April's number, Doris called Seth, he was at his girlfriends house, his mother told him, he started crying, told his girlfriend he had to leave, he called April, then went to the mall to see her, he came and talked with Steve and I, they have been dating since, when I say dating, we have always ask our children to stay in group environment, and the same goes for Seth and April, last week Seth ask Steve and I if he could marry April, he told us of his love for her and he knows this is who is to be his wife, he was thankful God brought her back to him. He had saved money for a ring, he and his mother had been looking, tonight we went to his home for dinner, which was some of the best homemade lasagna:) before we ate, Seth was so nervous, he said he needed to say something, his family was there and Steve and I and Molly, April's best friend, and Laila and Peyton, we were baby sitting, Jenn and Jared's anniversary, anyway, Seth started sharing his heart, he said he is so thankful for a second chance, that he loved April, then he got on his knee and ask her to marry him, when he was sharing, she just looked at him, he was so serious, she did not know what to think, when he cried she was trying not to cry and was looking at him intently, you could see her love for him, when he ask her to marry him, she said yes, then hugged him, of course cried, her ring is beautiful, she loves it! NOW hang on, I know they are 19 years old and they have lots of time to plan for their marriage, get lots of counseling, but Steve and I both prayed and felt they were to be engaged and know in our hearts we have another son to love, we are excited for them both. No wedding plans yet, they have some things to accomplish before marriage but we have a wonderful future to look forward to with them! We feel we have known Seth's family forever, that is the kind of people they are, you just feel loved by them, God has blessed me with wonderful daughters in love and son's in love and their families.............we are blessed! I have a few pics of Peyton Lou and Laila in out bucking party, we let daddygrand come! Girls are fast asleep and I am on my way, have Jenn's shower exciting, can not wait to meet my Mika!! HUGS and NITE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

YEA!! I sold a house today!! I showed property all afternoon, did not dress very professional, were my leggings under my pants and had shirt with heavy sweatshirt over it, warm socks and tenny shoes:) but I stayed warm. I show Saturday and the high is 23!!! Burrrrrrrrrrrr! Its single digits tonight for us. Ok, I did 80 laps which is 2.5 miles, I do twenty laps in ten minutes, then break and do some other kick butt exercise, then laps again, this goes on for the full hour! I went tonight because I thought the roads would be bad, I seem to have more energy at night which was nice:) Thank you for your prayers, they are working!
I have a major secret I will be sharing next week with you, you will defiantly have a opinion about it! Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get:) Going to bed, real late!! Hugs and nite

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making it!

Today was somewhat better, if you can say better is not working on your lower body BUT working on the upper body. I learned new things, like shuffling your legs and moving to the right then to the left, I have seen football people do it, then you throw a ball to the person in front of you as you shuffle, the ball is a eight pound ball, this is not easy, sorta was ok the first time but then got real hard, real quick. Actually jogged most of the laps this time, then did some floor deals, the coach said, ok sit straight up and touch your toes, I told her I could not come straight up to a sitting position, I would have to turn to the side, she said try, I did, could not do it, so she gave me her hands and I pulled my self up:) she said we will work on those abs, by the time we are though you will be able to do that:) We did something on a ottoman, where you hold on with your hands beside your hips, drop your butt off, keep your legs bent and go up and down, this is a killer to me! The you lay back on the ottoman and hold your self up by your legs and take a weight and hold it up in the air and come back with your elbows bent, this works upper arms. Walked holding a weight and bringing up and down behind my many new things....tomorrow we box.........this is all so new to me, so I do not know the names of what the exercises are even called but I am impressed you can do all this without gym equipment:) Again, I laid on the cold floor and just laid and moaned, she is naming me moaner, I sound awful, but it helps me endure it, I do not mean to it just comes out, now I moan at home when I move:0
Today I got a new listing in Parkhill, it is such a neat home, its older and the owner has it looking so good, so if your looking for a older classic home with all the work done call me:) I am already in bed, finishing up my real estate work and going to bed, have to be up early as you know:) HUGS AND NITE!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boot Camped kicked my booty

Lord help for real, I went today and now I do understand in a clearer way what boot camp is! First off, for some reason I was thinking like workout equipment, I am not sure what i expected, but in saying all that, I was not prepared for what I got. When I first got there the coach said to do some stretches, she and I did that together, in which I knew what that was and did ok, then she said do twenty laps form one end of the gym to the other, walk one side and jog the other, once I did that, my legs were burning so bad, she did it with me, then she had a blue office chair on wheels and told me to sit it in, I thought she knew I needed a rest, but no, she handed me the end of a towel and said to hold it, she had the other end, then said push the chair backwards and pull me..............ouch...this killed my legs, I said how many times do I do this, she said four! I thought, I am not sure I can, once I got to the one end, we went back to the other end, I made it and she said ok, walk it out and then 20 laps, at this time my legs felt like, I do not even know how to describe it, jelly then like they were not even there, but I did the 20 laps, thinking I am so glad I did not have to do four! Then she said the chair again, now at this time, I am dieing, I am red all over from my hands,arms,face was so red and I was sweating, coach said, Miss Linda you are so red and flush, you ok, I said no, your killing me...she just laughed and said pull me, this time it was twice as hard for me, I got to the other end and was coming back and really did not think I could keep going, my feet quit and she said no you can do this, and began counting of where I was at so I would know when I was almost finished, I tilted my head back and moaned and grown ed till I got there, I told her it felt like I was having a baby with her yelling you can do it, your almost there, come on miss Linda push!! then she said 20 more laps! now at this time, I did not know if my legs would even hold my body weight, she said come they will and they did! then did lunges, when I was learning how to do one, I was so wobbly and had to put my hands down to catch myself, coach said is this hurting your knees, I said no, I have never done this and have to learn my balance so I can even stand up to do this lunge thing, went across the length of the gym and back, 2o MORE laps! then she had me do planks, now I had no ideal what a plank even was, she did it with me, you put your hands on the floor and pull your rear up and have your feet where you are on your toes and hold it for 30 secs., this was awful, my abdomen was burning, I could not make it 30 seconds and just laid on the cold concrete and moaned and growned, then did another one and then did side kicks, this was all done within the hour.....when I left I was sweating, red and breathless.......felt a little nauseated......I got me something to drink and came home took Ibuprofen and drank lots of water....all to get up in am and do it again! I really need your prayers to complete is really hard for me, remember I am one who does nothing to make myself sweat and have never done a for real exercise program, when its over, I should have a lot more upper body strength and I should be able to pull my self up on the horse, which is a goal, now I step on a box to mount the horse, my legs were not strong enough to hold my body weight, I have just got so out of shape over the years, but that is all changing, if it does not kill me first!
Had a long day at the office, sales meeting and property tour, then two meetings, then home and I am for sure ready for bed! HUGS and Night!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals 2010

Today did not go as planned, with the snow, I did not go to boot camp, it is in LR and the coach was there but no one else was, but I go at 6:00 am:( tomorrow, Tuesday I have sales meeting at 8:45am., then property tour, then brokers meeting. Today I wrote out my goals for 2010 for me personally, physically, spiritually and work related and the steps to accomplish the goals each day/week/month............we are setting a group who wants to be accountable at work on the work goals and meet monthly to help each other meet the 2010 goals.....I need accountability :)

I made appointments to show two buyers this week homes so that is exciting, I talked to sellers today to keep them updated and informed on the market and the sell process of their homes, then came home:) Before all that I went to Jenn's to watch the girls while she went to her Drs. appointment, only to find out they were closed:((( she goes again in the am, her Nanny is coming to keep them tomorrow, I know her Nanny will love spending the night with them.

Have a meeting tonight at 6:30 with Alicia for us to talk about our work goals and get on the same page with the agents in helping them keep theirs. Can you tell I am ready to go to work??? Played long enough, I am ready to list and sell and make some money, I am broke and do not like being broke:) That's the problem with commission sales. Wish I was the lottery winner, would that not be something!! Can not even image what they are thinking right now.....oh how nice that would be! A instant multi millionaire! The power ball lottery in Arkansas is new and it was 25 million for all those who do not live here, it goes to the higher education for Arkansas students, it was bought at a Mayflower Arkansas store by a local person, the person has not come forth yet, I would be down there asap then meet with attorney's to figure it all out:) If we are going to dream we might as well dream BIG!! Hang onto your dreams and think about your goals for 2010, remember the best made plans need to be written out so you can attain them!! HUGS and NITE!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


How neat it is to go back and read where I blogged a year ago! I started my blog on 12/31/2009. I am so glad I did, it will be neat to be able to go back two or three years and check it all out!!
I am really nervous about Boot Camp, I think I may need to re watch biggest loser for my inspiration! Guess tomorrow comes earl;y and then I will know what I will be doing:) I want my coach to hold me accountable, I keep telling my self its only four weeks of being out so early, but I have no ideal what I was thinking when I decided to do this in the middle of winter!! I just want to get the rest of this weight off and not be so out of shape! I have some work to do to build up some mussel power.
best get to bed.....I will let you know how it goes.......say a prayer for me not to be nervous or intimated........I hate to even think of the things I can not do, I am sooooooo out of shape. BUT that is changing!! hugs and night

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sitting by the fire:)

My Christmas Cactus, I got this last year when I was sick from a dear friend, can you believe I have not killed it and it actually bloomed on Christmas this year:))

see my fireplace, it is cracking and poping, sounds so good! I did have one like this, a site built fireplace in the home we lived in on Woodridge, we always had a fire in it! I miss it!

Too bad it does not keep me warm! lol

Amelia's frist work of art:)

Max came over when we got home and just hugged us and told us how he missed us:) he then proceeded to help daddygrand take down Christmas lights, Steve had him up on the ladder:(((( until I yelled, MAX get off the ladder! He really is a big help to us, to be so young, he can do a lot and will work and work, he just loves his daddygrand. He spent the night, this morning when he got up he wanted breakfast, I said, do you want a daddygrand breakfast or a Nana breakfast, mine is a one eyed monster, he said a Nana breakfast but a two eyed monster, so we cut two holes in the bread and made a two eyed monster, now if you do not remember the post on those it is a piece of bread fried in butter with a hole cut in it, the you put your egg in the hole and it cooks:) Very good!
I thought I would let you see my fireplace this am, it is crackling and popping, the lighting is a little ruff, I had my blinds open, but to lazy to get up and shut them and redo the pic! I need a fireplace:) or should I say want???? Thought you would get a kick out of that! The coffee mugs are what miss Amelia made us for Christmas, I love them!! Just think when she is older and can see her little hand:) By the time she is five or six I hope she can spend the night:))) tee hee, Alex nor Jill get far from her:)
Today I am going to the office and get all in order for my week, I need to do my nails and get clothes ready for the week, it is always better for me to be organized and have things lined up ready to go! It is cold here but a sunny day, it is going to be a good day, Hogs play in Liberty bowl tonight, looking forward to watching it:) hugs to all and to all make it a great day!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 New Years Day! back home:)

Dixie Stampede.....Steve saying it smells like the is an arena:) she not so cute!

Peyton wanting peanuts:)
We are home and have all the Christmas put up, I miss it but am ready to start a new year! Last year was a different year for me in Real Estate, I did not have the year I had expected out of my self, after I was so sick the end of last year, and Jimmy Maxwell dieing, I was in a state of grief for more then half of last year. (I reevaluated what would be important to me, for once I decided I did not have to be number one in Real Estate and I did not push my self so hard, had a good year and in the top five in our company and still stayed in the top agents in Arkansas, BUT Alicia Jean Averitt Haley did kick my butt this year, she averaged a closing every week!! I am so proud of her, I know how hard it is to do that and what it takes, she deserved the restful week she had this week:) ) so I feel as if I pulled out of it in late September, weird how I know, but I do:)Physically I am so much healthier then I have been in a long time, I can do so many things I could not do before. I am starting boot cam on Monday, I am nervous about it because I know I can not do what the coach will expect of me, but I am starting and doing what I can, t is for four weeks at 6:00am, coach said it would kick my butt for awhile:((( I have a busy week ahead of me so if I come to mind pray for me. This year I want to end it a my goal weight and physically fit. I will start a high protein diet and do a lot of exercise, then I will continue it on my own at the rec. ctr., I just need to know what to do, since I have not had a life of exercise:((did not even when i weighed 110 pds., I always was so physically with riding horses, I guess I stayed fit.
The past week has been so restful, we did not even eat out much, I cooked and enjoyed it, we just watched TV, played games and enjoyed each others company:) I am on a budget so we didn't even spend much money which is really good for me:0 I am so looking forward to a shower for Jenn and Mikka Sunday the 10th of January, can not wait to meet miss Mikka!! If you live near me and know Jenn then please come it is at 2:00pm. You know you are welcome, it will be fun and honor she and Miss Mikka!! Its good to be home, I am pondering on the new year and what it holds for me, what I will need to do to make it happen, on goal is to be debt free and have the IRS deal behind me:)) so I am praying for a lot of business and a lot of homes to sell, a lot of buyers, pray for me and with me, as I pray you will have time to sit and think of what you want out of life for yourself this year!! hugs to all