Monday, August 30, 2010

Unforgetable Monday

This morning started with me getting up early, then woke Blake up about 7:30ish, I had to go to Greenbrair to get sign and loc box and close loan, I fed Blake some toast with butter and Jelly and mile, then we dressed, I stopped and got him a sprite so if he got thirsty:) and we sat out, Greenbrair is about 1 hr away, we got there and the man who bought the house had a lab that was big and unruly and the man just sat there:(((( grrrrrrrr he even scared Blake by just g=trying to get all over him and me, and Blake has a huge dog is not afraid. My Peyton and Laila would of had a total fit and been in my arms asap!! But I finally got the dog back and the man got him, I got the loc box and sign then we went to the title company, my flood pill had kicked in and I needed to go to the bath room we stopped at a service station and relieved our self:) then stopped at raye lynns?? a clothing sale for kids in Conway which we found nothing but some toys and Blake had taken the tag off of the truck he wanted so I could not even buy it.......he cried:(( then we got in the car and headed home, he started whining and crying out like he had bit his tongue or something, I was on freeway with big trucks all around me when he started throwing up all over him self, I cold not get pulled over fast enough, it was so pitiful:((( when I got pulled over he had quit but was so upset, all I could do was just try to get home as fast as I could, he had gotten car sick, a first for him with me, but going to greenbrair is alot of curves and hills, we got home, I bathed him and he laid down, then he began to feel better, he took a nap and has been fine ever since, bless his heart, I did get my car cleaned up....yuck:((( gag:((((( and all is well. By this time my head was pounding, an my neck was tense, I had to do some work and did it and wrote a contract that I needed to be at my best on cause I had to finagle numbers to make it all work out, which I did. Then my sister Kay came over and we had a good visit about mother's care, it is so nice to have her carry all that with me, I thought I had to do it alone because I was so worried about her health, but now I worry about my own and hers and two are better then one:)) Mother is doing ok, her memory may be some what worse but she is happy. Kay is there tonight she loves staying with her, it still makes me sad, although I love being with her, its just still hard for me. She gets company, April Bivens comes by weekly and Alicia goes by weekly, of course April Averitt is there and Kay and I are in and out like flys, Steve goes about every other day:) so we keep her busy:) I do love having her close. The auction did not go as I had hoped it would, it did make mother more money but no offers on her home in LR:(( and it needs sold, we will get it cleaned up this week and ready, pray it sells asap!! I dread even doing all that, but have to do it, no choice, Sherry Maxwell said she would help me:) I am so thankful for my friends:)))) what would life be without them????? and my sister:))) for that matter my husband and children and their spouses and grand babies:)))) I am blessed:) with that in mind I think I will go to bed....hugs and nite! hard day tomorrow of lots of work and brokers meeting, then go call bingo at a assisted living facility, mother will go and she loves playing it!! last time she won a game, maybe she will win again!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Sunday

This morning started early, we got up and I feed all the kiddos breakfast, then I had been thinking of bringing Blake back home with us, and wondered how I could do it all, then Blake said, Nana can I go wift you:) so I talked to Steve and he said he could handle it when I worked, Hannah was excited, she has not had a break from Blake in a long, long, long time and he is a hand full, the main thing he is like Houdini and will get out of the house, the car anywhere he wants to and he is not afraid of anything, so with that said you have to have a eye on him at all times:)) but he is just toooooooo sweet, he and Peyton had fun on the way home, Peyton had to teetee and we were not near a service station so we pulled off at coal hill and I got out of the car with her and tried to show her how to go outside, she tried but she just said, nana I tant do it I need a bathroom:))) so she held it for a few more miles and we made it all fine:)) of course no big deal for Blake:)) then we ate breakfast for lunch and took a nap, then went to church, Blake just hugged and hung onto Alex, he loves his uncle Alex:) Alex took him to play the drums after church, Blake loved that!! Now we are down for the night with the alarm set so he cannot get out without us knowing:) Mother is doing ok, she has been a little irritable this week with the care givers, she just wants to do things for her self more but she just can not do it, I am sure that is so frustrating!! April is spending the night tonight and Kay tomorrow then me so maybe by the time care givers come back she will be doing better. Faye had cooked some pinto beans and corn bread and meat loaf....yum yum!!! boy can she cook!! Mother got a shingles vaccine so she can not be around babies less then a year old for two weeks, so she did not go to church with us tonight, I know she would of enjoyed it, April was taking her to get a snow cone:) well best go hugs and nite

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun day at the Mcgill' to the park

Max getting ready for football
Blake and Peyton

Cali and Dooley
Their off!

This was on Friday afternoon, its saturday noon, quiet time at the house, all is sleeping but me, Max and Peyton:)

Gotta always be on the look out for when Blake is on the go:)

Van Buren today

Steve and I made sure mother was settled with Faye and came to Van Buren to Hannah's, Hannah is now pregnant with our 14th grandchild:)) her and Mark or going on a date, and we are baby sitting:) we brought Peyton with us, she is having a blast with her cousins, I will post pics later today, we are going to the park to play:) Then we will be home and get things ready for the auction at mother's home on Monday, we are auctioning off everything that was left as I said earlier in a post:))) Its another beautiful cooler day and I am loving it, I feel so much better this weekend then last, still taking meds but getting back to 100%. Loving playing with my grandbabies, Steve and Max played football and the girls and I played doll house:))) of course watching veggies tales:) I miss these babies:) Best go...hugs and have a fun day, get outside if it is pretty where you are at and enjoy some sun shine or son shine!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today was a good day for me, started off a little ruff, Steve and I not seeing eye to eye on things:) but then I got settled down, nothing changed but I had some time by my self and some prayer time so I just gave it to the Lord, don't you hate it when your at odds with someone? I do, esp when it is Steve. Then I went tot he office and got caught up on my real estate, I can tell I am not 100% yet cause I tired easily:( came home and made a fudge cake for Beverly Pierce's memorial, miss her:( and cooked dinner for Jennifer, her Papaw past away last week, she is doing well and knows her Papaw is with the Lord and out of pain. Steve got a lot done today, we have had the estate sale and now will sell the rest at a auction on Monday, I am selling mothers house too, of course there needs to be a minimum bid, I have a price I can not go below:) Please pray it sells on Monday, we are putting out boat in it and we have sold the wave runners in the estate sale. Did I tell you that my sister Kay will marry her high school sweet heart and ex husband Sept. 25th.???? God has been so faithful to her in her marriage, Colin is like a brother to me, I love him dearly, he has always been in my life, they divorced but have been friends....obviously:)) any way it is a private like only her children and grand children then she and Colin go to PCB Florida for a week:)) I am so excited fro them to have a week honey moon!! God is good!! well its time for me to go to church to Celebrate Recovery so best run and get Steve up, he was taking a nap cause he did not sleep last night and got up at 4:30am :((( missing my mcgill family, may have to make a run to Van Buren this weekend:))) The Averitt girls, came over and we made chocolate covered strawberries:)) yummy so good, it was so fun to have Laila and Peyton come and help me, Mika came over later with Jenn, she was a hoot, just talking in the only way she knows how, but you sure knew she was here and her pappy introduced her to a glass when your drinking from it:)) All in all, I chose to make this a good day and it has been, glad we have a choice in how how day Will be:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the mends

Mother in new rocking chair

Colin on mother's deck

Mother is her landscaped area by her deck


mother and her fountain walt got her.

Well, I did not wake well on Monday, I was sicker:( but the Dr. did call me in a Strong antibiotic, Augmentin and this morning which is Wednesday I actually feel better:) My throat is not killing me and my cough is not so congested and my kidney infection is better, so I am all better:) I am going to mother's once I get my bath and see in person her deck, Kay said she has not come in off of it much:) Kay took some pics for me and I will share it with you:) Kay said mother is not as confused and when we talked on the phone she did seem better:) keep praying for her. In proverbs it says Blessed is the memory of the righteous, I pray that scripture for her all the time and am trusting the Lord for that:) Steve went to Dr. Bowen yesterday for his neck and arm pain, he got a cortisone shot in his shoulder and is getting physical therapy for it, not sure it will help he will need to go see Dr. Jordan, if you remember a few years back he had the ESI in his neck, like the one in his low back, his hands go numb and upper arms ache, he has a ruptured disc in his neck that can not be fixed with surgery, so the ESI stops the pain, as it does in his back, going to his legs, BUT the one in his neck got staff infection and that is when he had to have them both removed, he is about ready to redo his neck one now, he has had much success with the back one and his back surgery, not sure he can ever be without pain but it sure makes it bearable for him, so pray for wisdom for Steve and the Dr's.. April is doing fine with Alex and Jill, she is doing what she wants to do with her life, not sure all her decisions are the best for her but she will have to learn the hard way, we all do sometimes, I do not dislike the guy she dates but I know it may lead her down some hard roads in her life. Ever wonder when we make a mistake like that if God just makes it right for us or does it make His blessing actually be with held from us? A friend had written something about the Israelite's and how God had to with hold His blessings so many times from them, I have always thought there is no plan B with God we are always in plan A but may have to rethink that, what is your thought on it? Well if I am going to get out I will have to get off this bed and get in the shower, I am suppose to teach a class at 1:00pm today on closing real estate deals so best go and get prepared for it:) hugs and have a great day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Had a restful day, went to church this am and planned to go to mother's tonight and to Journey church, but started running a fever and throat was razor sore, congested so I did not go, Steve and Jared worked int he yard and helped my neighbor with his yard, this has been Steve's weekend to do good deeds, a person had a flat in front of our home, the young man had left the car for a day then came back and worked and worked, when Steve got home he went out to help him, the man did not have the right tools he needed and Steve helped him get going again:) Just a helping weekend for him:) Still have a fever, throat is little better with Tylenol, but still hurts, maybe from drainage....gross:)))) anyway I am off to bed early, hoping to wake refreshed and ready to feel good:)) I do not like being sick, guess no one does. Hugs and nite!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Restful Saturday

Today I did not even get up till about 10ish, I do feel little better, I have had a kidney infection, and then started having a stupid cold with cough, I got some nyquil for tonight so I should sleep better. I made two fudge cakes, one for a funeral at Mercy Cross, for after the service, Steve took it for me and went to the store for me, I ma not sure I could of done all that, so I am very grateful fro a sweet hubby! Then I made one and a huge salad for a potluck meeting we went to tonight with the Celebrate Recovery group at Mercy Cross church. As you know if you read this I have been attending their group on Thursday night and doing a step study on wed. night, it has been real good for me, I am realizing some things bout my self on my spending habits, which I am sure is a answer prayer for Steve:) Like Friday I was totally bummed all day and I clean the house, and then I thought I will go get new candles, now since they are not in my budget I would of charged them, BUT one of the things I am working on is spending money and not charging, I pulled into the parking lot at June's Hallmark and then told my self, No you are just trying to make your self feel better emotionally and candles will not do it and I made a commitment not to charge or spend money that I did not have, it actually worked and I drove back home!! It felt good to do what was right. I use to eat when I was emotional but now can not do that, so I cook or clean and want to spend money. This is usually when I have no control over, such as mother's illness, my children, work, issues that I have to let go of, when I let them go I would usually eat my way to feeling better bout it, so now I am facing things and working through them with the Lord, addressing what I need to, if I need to and it is much healthier for me:))) so I am making a baby step of progress. My desire is to be debt free in a year and to do that I will have to quit making debts:)) hope all this makes sense to you, it does to me but then my brain is weird:) I am now home and in bed and glad I am because there was 55-70 mile and hour winds here and in Jacksonville hard rain, only lasted a short while but when it fell it fell!! Steve is asleep and I am on my way....hugs and nite by the way I will take pics tomorrow of mothers new cover over her deck which she loves and her landscaping!! She is doing good, Kay went there today and mother did know her, she had been gone since Tuesday:)) so that's wonderful:)) Kay was glad we found the jewelry and is putting it in a safe place:) hugs again and nite nite

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yucky day

Today I woke not feeling very good, went to the office and left, went to the store for mother and felt like I would faint, came home and went to bed, Steve took mother the groceries, and he mowed her yard, which she loves for it to be very manicured:) I wanted to go over today but just never could feel good enough to go, plus if I am sick, I do not want her to get it. my throat is sore and I have congestion:((( blah blah blah!! I did not hear back from the Dr. today on my specimen:( so will have to wait till Monday for antibiotic. I have one here and may just start it my self, its ceflexin.....hummm...just call me dr. averitt:) Today a man came to mothers estate sale and bought her sewing machine, when he was checking out, Sherry ask him did he not want the chair that goes with it, he said well I guess, so she went to get it, then a lady wanted to buy it too, she said I know the seat raises, although we had tried to raise it and so had Sherry, the lady was persistent and did get it to come open, when she did mother's jewelry we had been looking for was there:)) God works in mysterious ways, I am so thankful that He let us find her jewelry! Today has been emotional for Kay and I both, just tyring to keep away from the sale and dread when I have to go clean it all up, not sure I can. I am thankful I had a day at home today, even thought I felt like crap, it was comforting to just be home. Need your prayers to get well:) going to bed early, hugs and nite

it all started like this

This is how it all started:) Two grand mother's helping their grand child in the ocean:)
and the wave came!

Regina trying to help me:)

me laughing so hard, taking in the waves and salt water, I did get out but that pic can not be posted:))) Now quick laughing!!!

Here ishow the story goes:)

Regina and I decided we would stand in the ocean with Blake:) Regina had said to me, I can

not believe how good we are doing, at that time a wave hit me and knocked me down, I was laughing so hard I could not get up, I had about got up when another wave hit, then Regina had my arm trying to help me but I was laughing too hard to do anything thing but just roll with the waves, of course my sweet Alicia was taking pics, but I ma glad she did I still laugh at them:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A cloudy day

You would think today would of been wonderful with a closing;) but it was just another day, I have not felt good all week, I think I may be trying to get sick, this week has been hard for me, I can see mother is having more problems with her Alzheimer's, I realized the estate sale was this week end and in my mind I had it the last weekend in Aug., for all I know this may be the last weekend:( I had planned on Kay and I going though it one last time but that did not work out, it sorta crept up on both of us. I did go by and get what Kay had ask me to get, I just cannot go back in there, I want to pick it all up and bring it home and I know that is not the answer either. Its just so hard to see things that at one time had memories for mother and Walt and to know Walt is gone and mother does not remember....just so know we hang onto things that one day will not mean anything to us, once your gone, your gone and then its up to who ever to dispose of your things, just sad. On the bright side of it all, mother will make some money off it all:) Guess you can tell this has me down in the dumps, I am trying not to have a pity party, so bare with me:) Tonight I did go to Celebrate at church, it was uplifting to me and had some time with the Lord in worship, God will see us though this, I will be so glad when that house is sold and its behind us, pray it sells this weekend. One more time to clean it up again, I feel like that house totally drains me emotionally. I just need it sold, so does mother, she just does not know it:) We are having her back deck covered, she will so enjoy it, they just about have it done, I will take pics of it and her flower bed in the back, it is looking real good:) Mother did know me today:) that made me feel better, she did not know me when I had been gone a week and this was the first time she has not known me, I realize as time goes on this will happen, I was just not prepared for it. Tomorrow I do not have a real busy day so try to clean my house and rest up some to feel better, I did go to Dr. today with a specimen, I need antibiotic but he has to know which one to put me on:) by the time they figure that out I will be well....I hope:) Kay is at the condo with Peggy and Maria was there for a night, this is such a hard time for them in missing their dear friend who past away suddenly, Beverly, Kay is hanging in there, I am sure this weekend will be hard with mother's sale, thankfully our hope is in the Lord and He is faithful to us:))) I do not know or can even image where I would be without the Lord on my side:) Well going to bed, keep my April in your prayers, she is heavy on my heart, she is doing ok, just my heart is heavy, Alex and Jill leave for vacation so pray for them, all other children are in normal routine:) Tomorrow will be a brighter day!! hugs and nite

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow where do the days go????

me and steve, my sweetie for life:)
Its Tuesday, I just can not believe how the days fly by, Monday went to work, tired form getting in so late, and no sleep, but had a good productive day, got my offer accepted on a HUD foreclosure home, so happy about that!! Went to see mother, I was not sure if she knew me, she has been confused lately, she did not greet me like she normally does, once I was there for a while she knew me, but do not know for sure when I first came in, I had been gone for a week and I usually see her daily. The when I said Kay would be there at 4pm, she said now who is Kay? Kay did come and spend the night, Kay noticed she was still confused, all in all I am sure its just the Alzheimer's:((( I was going to spend the night but April stayed the night, I have had a Kidney infection and just not quite up to par, I stayed till late then came home and now blogging and going to bed early:) I do not have to be up early tomorrow, April will take mother to get her hair done, I will clean her house tomorrow, did some today, then cooking fro a friend who lost a family member and have a Mexican potluck at step study, looking forward to that, I am letting down some of my walls and actually making new friends:) I know that sounds silly but I had come to a place of not making new friends:( just was happy to have the ones I do and had decided no room for new:( of course I think that as out of hurt for losing a dear friend and then when our church had a split and I lost a lot of who I thought were close friends:( not sure why I am sharing all this:) Plan on spending some time with mother and just observing her more. The estate sale is this weekend, sorta sad about all that, I will go over and see what is there and make sure it is all things we want sold one more time. Then to let it all go and get that house sold. Work is slow right now, I need it to pick up and we are having a listing contest so help me pray in some listings, I will make phone calls tomorrow to stir up some business. Rates are at a all time low, like in the 3%, so a great time to buy or refinance! Have a closing this Friday:) Today was property tour and sales meeting, worked most of day till I went to mothers, just wish I felt up to par, tomorrow I will go to Dr. and have some test done to make sure what antibiotic I need if not better. Oh yes, Sean and Anna spent the night last night, Anna had been at Jenn's after school and had dinner with all the girls, the came home and bathed, she was all talk and chatter on her first day at school, got us early this am and fixed her a one eyed monster:) then Sarah brought Cole and I got to love on him, he is such a little chunk! Sean left and had her at school by 7:30, I was glad to get to spend a little time with them:) this evening I got Peyton and Laila for about a hr and played with them, love being bale to just go next door and get them:) then take them home when I am tired:) they are too funny! well guess its bed time for me...hugs and nite

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On our way home;)

Home again, Home again:) We came to PCB Florida last Saturday, which was Aug.8th and it is already Aug 15th. Sunday, the time goes bby way to fast when your on vacation, for that matter it just goes too fast any day:) Mark and Hannah, their children and Marks mother Regina came and Alicia and bob and their children, Alexandria's friend Kaylie, which lives across the street from me:) then Alicia had two friends who are in her ladies group, Sherry SOderling and her daughter Lexie and Lana SUffridge and her son Cole and daughter Taylor, we all had our own condos, oh yes, my BFF Sherry Maxwell came with her friend. It was such a fun time, we did go to shell island and snorkel for the day, a yearly tradition. Normally I cook alot but this trip I did not do that, I cooked one night and we ate out the rest of the time, we ate at Pineapple willies, Uncle Ernie's, Cheeseburger Paradise,Margaretville,dusty's,dirty dicks,Joes crab shack,I think that is it:) so it was a easier time for me:) I did make fudge last night and when we went to the store we did not go crazy and ate all we bought, oh yes made tuna for our boat trip. I have had so much sea food, flounder,shrimp,crab legs,alligator balls,just so much stuff, I am bout half sick. We are driving home now and it is pouring down rain so hard you bout can not see, makes coming home a little easier:) we just left sandestin outlet mall, had to get Jared some armor all:) would love to stay a few more days and probably could but miss home and mother:) we will have to come back soon:) we all love the ocean, I could live with the sound of the ocean every day, not sure I could live here due to all the tourist, but could for sure enjoy the ocean and waves:) Now to talk about real life. April has been with us on this trip, she stayed with Hannah to help with babies, and some news there, may be another little McGill, just have to wait and see:) April is riding home with us, Max rode down with us, the babies are getting so big, esp. max and Jack it has been fun watching them play and interact, they love each other so much:) Olivia had some getting use to things, she does not like the feel of sand:( she is just too cute, so girly:) and of course Blake is a little doll, he loves his daddy grand so much, when her saw him he started crying;( Victoria jammed her big toe real bad on some stairs in the pool,Alexandria and Kaylie did cheers all over everywhere:) they start school Thursday:( Victoria has a friend BD party tomorrow night or we may not have come home yet. I have loans closing this week and some real estate to catch up on, I wrote a offer while I was here, but John Byrd has been taking my calls which has really been nice:) I did worry about mother some but she has done great with Faye, I am sure Faye is ready to be off for a little bit:) I can not wait to get there and spend the night, will have to show her my pics of the trip:) I miss her, Jared has been over and checked on her and mowed her yard, Kay has been in town the whole time and checked in too, Kay has had such a major loss in the death of her friend Beverly, will take some time to quit missing her, if you ever do. I still miss Jimmy Maxwell and for sure Walt, he would of been 81 Aug. 11th. just hard to believe how death can come so fast and is so final. April is doing good living with Alex and Jill, she is spreading her wings, it has been good fro Steve and I, I will miss her again, as far as that goes I will miss them all, but ready fro some quietness and my own bed for sure:) I can not wait to see the Averitt girls next door to me:) Jenn had gone to help her sister get her class room ready, with her mother and nanny and the grils, they should be home now:) we will not get home till about 12am:(( we always get up and leave early but not this time, we are traveling with the Haley's, and they go on Haley time, so we went to out let mall and took 2 hrs to eat, which was paradise cheeseburger time but oh so good:)) to die for banana pudding...which I ate it all:((( i will have to get back on my healthy eating and working out asap! This is a long blog so guess I will stop for now:) hugs and I think it is a nap time in the car:) back to work tomorrow:) but I am ready!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach day and wore out:)

Today was spent on the beach and the pool, slept late till 9ish:) then read and had quiet time and headed to the beach:) it was a hazy day, with periods of rain and sun shine, the wind had a constant blowing, so it was never hot:) Th waves were strong and the current was real strong, it would know you down and did knock me down:) I was trying to get up and was laughing so hard I couldn't and I only had seconds before the next wave came, needless to say it knocked me back down and just rolled me around, Regina was trying to help me and I was laughing so hard I could not even do anything but roll with the waves:) Alicia just happened to have her camera:) I have not seen the pics yet but if I can post them I will, it for sure would of won America's funniest video's if we had it on video. Tonight I am wore out and tired, I fought waves fro awhile today in the ocean, for real a work out:) I did get sun burned:(( we went back to Pineapple Willies for dinner, now back and in bed, Steve is already asleep and I am on my way:) hugs and nite

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


steve playing with grands
me getting sunscreen:)

made sure he had suscreen

steve did not appericate all my help till he got back and was not burned:)

Steve and Alicia

The birds

Hannah and April

April and Steve

Steve and I left for PCB Florida last Saturday morning, we have been here with Alicia and her family and Hannah and her family and some other friends. We have been on the beach yesterday and today went to shell island, where we rent a party barge and go to this island and snorkel and just hang out, we have a picnic lunch, which was tuna and chips:) so much fun today, then tonight we went to Maragritaville for dinner:) tomorrow is shopping and Joe's crab shack, for Victoria's birthday:) and Steve's, it is in Destin, about 40 minutes away. Enjoy the pics:) Mother is doing great with Faye, Kay had a best friend Beverly Pierce pass away Friday, she was just at Kay's the day before and apparently had a heart attack, so sad, this is such a hard time for Kay so keep her in your prayers, this as one of her best friends whom she loved dearly. Her funeral is tomorrow, I am sad that I cannot be there, I loved Beverly too, its hard to believe she is gone, we really have no guarantee of tomorrow so live today like it is your last and tell those you love that you love them;)) Life is too short. April did come on vacation, she is helping Hannah with her children and staying in their condo, I have enjoyed her being here and so thankful she came:)) Got me a sun burn today even though I used 50 sunscreen:(( but sure had fun doing it!! hugs and nite

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Steve Averit

In 1971 I met Steve Averitt, I was baby sitting for his sister Judy, he had came by her home which was down the street from mine, I baby sat for her for several years, Steve ran in and out very quickly, Judy did introduce us, I did not think much about it, he was three years older, so I am sure he did not think much either:) although he says he did:) then I met him in 1973 though a mutual friend Bill Brown, and we married, that is a whole different story:0 but I am so thankful God brought Steve Averitt in my life, we have for sure had our ups and downs, he is my best friend and I love him dearly, even thought he is so much older then me:) I had not planned on doing anything for his birthday except us going out to eat and the movies, BECAUSE we are leaving fro vacation at 5am on Saturday, but as usual I realized Hannah and Mark were coming to town and Sean was here so I had all the kids over fro dinner and birthday cake, I wanted Steve to know how special to all of us:) we had a great family time and all was here EXCEPT mark and Hannah, they are still on their way and its 10:30pm, Mark got off late and Hannah had to pack things for a week of vacation:) They will come by and get dive gear then go to Memphis and we will meet them there, they are getting Mark's mother:) I am so excited she is going on vacation too!! Alicia and her family will leave tomorrow about 2ish:) then other friends will be there too, Steve and I had decided not to go this year, and canceled out condo, then sweet Alicia and Bob had someone not be able to go and it gave them a extra bedroom, so of course when they ask us to go and it was free we could not turn that deal down:))) I will be posting pics this next week:) keep my business in your prayers,sellers do not like for you t go on vacation and I can understand that, they need their home sold and feel I am he one to do it but have to have a week a year I do not do real estate since I do t 2/7:) Well Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!!I am dog tired but it was worth it, the house is back clean and we are packed and ready to go:) hugs and nite

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whew almost there!

Today started with me teaching a class on listing for sale by owners and calling expired listings, we are In a listing contest at work, so I was hoping the class would be timely to help agents get listings. It was a great class, I really enjoyed it. I then got my files in order, you know when we dread doing something and keep putting it off it seems so much of a task fro us, then we do it and it was not that bad:) I am glad all is in order, I am having and agent take my calls while I am on vacation so they had to be in order, so when the agent has to check something out he can find it pretty easy:) Went to mothers, she had been to get her hair done, she was emotional today, she said she may need to move back to Little Rock, I ask her why and she said she missed her friends, she had seen Luella this morning at the hair dresser, and I think it made her realize she had not seen her and missed her. She said her whole life had changed and she was not sure what to do, just to keep going on or give up, I of course said we would go see Luella and that she has Kay and I and her family, she has a purpose in life, so she has to keep putting one foot before the other and go on one day at a time. I told her she had made the right decisions in moving and Kay and I were real close and we come over daily, how much we love and need her, that she is our mother and I am not sure who we would make it with out her, she seemed settled and had a smile on her face, she needed to know she was needed and loved. Can you even image the changes she has gone though? She misses Walt still and I said mother that is normal, you are grieving, she began to cry and then stopped her self, she says she cries when she is by her self. Breaks my heart for her. Mother seemed more agitated this week with different things, she really requires your full attention and when she does not have it she knows it and will think you do not like her, it is hard for her to have the TV on and have you there, where before it was not a problem, now she can not tune one or the other out, its always hard to be on the phone with her there, she thinks you are talking about her and does not understand who you are talking to, so many many changes in her..............all in all she is so much more healthier and looks so good:) I am thankful:) on another subject, April is still at Alex and Jill's and doing ok, she says she is happy but the looking her eyes do not say the same thing, she is going to church with Seth and his parents, word aflame which is a Pentecostal church, not that I have anything against that, but we do have some different in our beliefs. April does like that church, she goes to Alex's church on Sunday night, she says she goes there for the worship and the word and the other for the emotional sphere in her much is going on in her pretty head...keep her in your prayers:) I am still dreading leaving mother while I am gone, even though I know Faye will be there and she is wonderful and Kay will be there, seems every time I go to mothers she does not know she has seen me and is so thankful I am there, I just miss her and worry...something I have to deal with:( well gotta run going to step study at church.......and I really want to go:)) hugs

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For real got to hot today

This morning started out with sales meeting an property tour, which I did not go on, I had to do some things for mother, it was so hot, I then showed property and was locked out of a house waiting for the key to work or owner to come and let us in and I just was drenched with sweat, finally the key worked, only to show the property and the buyer say this is not the one:( but that is ok I will find them one, but not today, I just got too too hot! Took a mattress pad I had bought for mother's guest bed to her house, Kay and April was there, April fixed the bed and Kay had washed the covers, so its all ready now:) Then went to walmart for what I had to have, toilet paper:) dish washing soap and I got so hot, when I came out of the store you could not even breath in the air, it is just humid and hot. We were suppose to go to FFB and I list a house but I was so weak and tired from being so hot I just could not even go:((( which is a real drag, matter a fact the man just left who was working on the pocket door in my closet and now I am going to bed.....hugs and maybe nite...who knows

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another HOT day!

Picked up my clients at 10am, looked at several more homes and settled on a few, they will know by the end of the week if they will take the job here, I enjoyed working with them, blessing of my work:)) I came home and cooked for Jill, she has been sick, made home made chicken soup then used the other part of the chicken for Alex some sour cream chicken, made Mac and cheese and green beans with new potatoes:) Hope it helped, I do not get to do much for them, they live clear across town so its harder for me just to zip by, so I was excited to do it and prayed it would nourish their body and bring healing to Jill:) She and Amelia have been sick with a summer cold, Amelia has the beginning of a ear infection so she is on antibiotics for the first time;(((( so pitiful. Its really pretty good that she has never been really sick, Jill stays home with her so I know that helps, but sometimes you just get sick:( Then right when Steve thought he as getting a home cooked meal, I reminded him we ere meeting Sherry for dinner:) we had Nachos for casa Mexicana:) which was good. I was glad to get home early I had been into he heat for all three days, tomorrow we have property tour and then I show a home at 1pm and then hope to being he office working on my files so I can get ready for vacation and have someone take my calls:) feels have to be able to be figured out by another agent:)) Kay is with mother and they got out some tonight, April was with her today and they play waa hoo all day, mother beat her three times...YEA!! Mother has always liked to play games, this is a marble game, Walt actually made the game board, sorta like Chinese checkers. well going to bed, will be glad when I do not have to get up early and can just get up, sit in my chair, look out the window and drink coffee:) its coming, maybe Thursday:) hugs and nite My new condo listing:)) WLR!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lord Help it is HOT!

Today started early with picking my clients up, did I say he is a psychologist and his filed is forensics:) what a interesting field, he works with the courts, I am sure that is a very hard job. They are such sweet people, that is what I love about my job is meeting so many neat people from every walk of life. I took pics of a condo I listed in LR then went to mother's and we all went to church and then to eat at Red Lobster, I have not taken time to eat much the last two days so it was nice to sit down and just enjoy a meal and family, Jared and Jenn and the girls went to church and to eat with us, April is spending the night with mother tonight since I have to be at work early, I have a full next till Friday, then e leave on Saturday for Florida:)) yea, I am so ready! I will try to spend some time with mother Thursday and Friday since I will go so long with out seeing her. Her landscaping looks so good, I did not have my camera to take pics, but its all really nice, Kay had it landscaped all around her deck and a area where it was just dirt, she even had mother's fountain that Walt had got her put together and running, its really nice and mother loves it! The man comes Tuesday to bid on covering her deck:) she just stays out so much, she loves sitting out. She seemed more confused tome today and fidgeted alot, but in a happy place and settled in her mind, she said she still misses Walt and it will just come on her and she thinks of him, I told her that is normal and she is suppose to miss him:( sad:( but all in all she is doing well, wieghs 108 pounds!! our goal is 110! almost there:) Well tomorrow is another hot day, today was awful, I could feel sweat dripping on my legs, I had on pants, have to dress professional:(( can not wait for cooler weather:) best get in bed...long day tomorrow, hugs and nite!