Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 to 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We have had a fun day, Jenn and the girls came up and I enjoyed playing with them:) Alicia and Jenn played Boggle, I did too, but I am no competition for Alicia, BUT Jenn was!! She won a game! Its a game sorta like scrabble, but harder:) Alicia said it takes smart people....duh.... not sure what she meant by that! We had a wonderful time at Dixie Stampede, it is so worth the money, Thank you Alicia and Bob for taking Dad and I and April, it was worth your money:) They had a live nativity in it, it sure is neat to see it! The horses and riders through out were awesome, a real show, if you have not seen it, its worth the stay in Branson to see it with your family! I wanted to post some cute pics of the girls and tonight. Be thinking of what the new year will bring for you and remember you will need to make it happened! If you can believe it you can achieve it, it takes hard work and written out goals...........I have achieved some for this year, which will be another post:) hugs and lots of love and for sure HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! pics on other post:(

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowy Wednesday

Steve had just about put her face in the cake:)
This is him thinking about putting fer face in the cake:)

well as you see, I did not rotate the pic....sry, her embarrassed face:)

Snow at our condos in Branson

It did snow! Today has been a totally lazy day, we had planned to go to Ozark for Susie's memorial, with the snow and the streets are to be Ice tonight we made the decision not to go, we have mixed emotions about that decision, we want to be there to be with the family, but with Steve's back like it is, it would be hard to drive 3 1/2 hrs. and turn around and drive back, plus the roads are bad and he would be tense driving in this weather, so we decided not to go. I had said before we had our special time with Susie, so we are OK in not going, just miss the family bonding time and the celebration of her life.
I am in my PJ'S with the snow we have been in all day, Bob is taking the kids swimming in the indoor pool, this would be a good day for a massage:)) but I have totally been a slug, and I am getting ready to take a winter nap:) I have so needed this time of rest, it has been such a blessing. April sleeps till she wakes up, which was 2ish today, I slept till 10:30! That is major for me, I am finally slowing down inside:) We had a great day yesterday, we went to the Landing and it is so neat, it is full of shops and restaurants, we ate at Joe's crab shack, they sang Happy Birthday to April, she had to do the hula dance, if she quit dancing they quit singing and would start all over, once she got past being embarrassed she got into the swing of the dance!! Making wonderful memories! I love these times! Hugs and have a great day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday April Rebecca Averitt

You never know where life will take you, meet April Rebecca Averitt, our youngest daughter. Today is her 19th birthday. God placed April in our life at her birth, at the time we questioned our selves, if we could be the best parents for April, Steve and I were older, me 38 and Steve 41, we have five children the oldest being 18 and youngest being 9 yrs.old. Then little miss April came:) I know God strategitally place April in our lives and home. It has been a journey, with her knowing we fought for her to be our child, I always said, the others just happened but we chose her and fought for her. When I say fought, April's birth parents were unfit. We met her birth father at a church cook out, he was staying in a shelter ( drug rehab ) and a friend of ours brought him to the cook out. Later we realized he had a girlfriend who was homeless and seven months pregant. We gathered as a family and prayed about having her live with us, until she and birth father could ger on their feet. Birth mother lived with us and that is a whole new story, it did try Steve and I both to our limit, had we not been concerned for the welfare of the baby, we could not have done it. Once April was born, she was a er c-section, Steve and I held her and bonded with her, we have the exact same pose of Steve holding April after birth that we do of the other children! It was not long and we realized that her birth mother was not bonding with her, she only wanted to be with the birth father and he was back on drugs, she made the decision to leave our home, although we offered to put her through school and live with us and help her and April. She left and took April with her, my heart was broke, I was totally devastated. in a couple of hours they called for us to pick April up. They were staying in a condemmed old home on Broadway in LR, they were in a little closet size room, April and all her things, ( Ann May gave the birth mother a baby shower ) smelled like paint thinner, she stunk, I got her and took her home to her bed and bathed and washed everything, I told Steve I can not take her back. Well, I did have to give her back, this time it tore my heart out of me, I went to the church, sat at the alter and bout had a nervous breakdown, I may have had one, I cried, screamd, shook, begged God, I could not stand to leave her and see the way she would be treated. I got a call from a lady livng in the home (another room) she said she had April, that she took a buthcer knife to the birth parents and took April, that April was in harms way, so we went and got her again, this went on for two weeks. I realized I could not keep this up, that I had to be the mother to my children and our family was totally a critical mess. Steve and I took everything she had and all the birth mothers things to them and walked away. This was so hard to do, we took the birth mother and April to a women's shelter, she stayed one night, it made me physically sick to my stomach. ( of course I called scan) It had been two weeks and the birth father called, he was messed up, I told Steve I have to see her so we went over there, April had a bruise on her forehead and was totally blind. Due to the affect of the birth father being a drug addict,sniffing paint thinner, they sold the WIC for drugs and April was hungry, her tummy was distended, we had to walk on thin ice, he had threatend our family and my girls, he was mean and abusive and had no problem beating the hell out of a lady. I had asked the birth mother to go to children's hospital for April's shots, so she said yes and we went, of course they kept her in the hospital, during her two week stay, the birth parents were like pigs in slop, they had a home, tv, free food, even a washer and dryer, sooooo the social worker questioned why I thought they were unfit. In time the truth will show its self! Birth father came high and drunk to hospital, birth mother would not care of the baby or stay with her, then birth father and I got barred from the hospital for me and him fighting......image that:) April had all sorts of test run and as she got untoxicated she regained her vision and all was normal. During this time we had Cindy Moody draw up custody papers for us, I knew we had to do this the legal way to protect us all, Steve and I literally were ready to kill for this baby. I understand that sounds harsh but it is the truth. They discharged April to the birth parents, I about died! I could not even understand this, you never know God's ways and sometimes it looks so dim, you can not see the light of the Lord in your life. The next am early Human services went to the birth parents home and the birth father pushed the DHS lady down a flight of stairs, he called us, he wanted us to take custody of April, he had been a ward of the state and did not want her to be a ward of the state. We not walked, not ran but flew to children's hospital where they met us and signed the custody papers, we had a lady at the hospital notarize them. I grabed my baby and took her home, for her NEVER to know that life again. When April was about 14 moths old, her birth parents, who now were married and she was pregnat with another baby came to live in Mayflower Arkansas, they wanted coustdy of April, BEFORE the birth mother went to live back with the birth fater, when April was born, I called all the birth mother's family to help with April, no one could, the father sent the birth mother money to come home but she used it for drugs, three times this happened, birth mother had been raised in shelters in Oklahoma, they were Caddo and Commanche Indians.( which is another story) when their attorney called me and told me we would go to court and you cannot take a baby from its mother in Akansas, I told him I was the only mother in April's life and I would fight to the debts of the earth for her. They made up all kinds of lies and of course their attorney believed them. I got Kay H. McCloud (sp) for our attorney, she was suppose to be the best and she is! We met with her and realized the astronomical (at the time )amount of money we would need, now when things are so big, you do not even think you can do it, GOD always comes through! We never paid a penny out of our pocket for the attorney's or court cost, the church took up love offerings, Kay gave up some of her fee's and we went to court three different times. Judge Robin Mays was the judge, the first time we went, the birth father came from the jail, we had him arrested for threatening our lives and our children, we had it on tape, he was hostile and the birth mother was pitiful looking, I did care for her, I knew she was a victim. I have a saying, you canot be a surivor if your always a victim. At anytime she could of made a life change and her life would be totally different now. It is hard to take the victim out of the victim....almost impossible. The Judge gave them 30 days to get jobs and be able to care for April, we went back to court this time for the third time, they did not have an attorney, he quit them, even though the judge said he couldn't, he realized he had been dooped and the people they were, he was a Judge in Sherwood so when Judge Mays was off the bench some how he got off the man! But before he did, he ran us over the coals, court was ugly, and stressful. I felt April's life hanging in the balance and I was fighting till death. The Lord had gave me several scriptures of faith that April was ours, but I would lose that faith and barley be hanging on, I just would hold her physically and sing to her, begging God to protect her.

The last time we went ot court, I had a letter the birth father had wrote, it was asking the Judge please not let April grow up the way he had to grow up, when Judge Judith Rogers made him a ward of the state, he wrote this when we had custody of her, wanting us to adopt her, Judge Robin May's had to recess from breaking down on the bench, she left crying, I was crying as I sat there and read it to her. Then when the Judge came back she ask had the birth mother on the stand, why should she be able to keep April, the birth mother stated, so I can see if I can raise her....just a blank face and quietly spoken, still the victim. Then they called me and she ask me the same question, I totally broke down and begged for April, that her life would be sparred from the life style of her birth parents........we recessed, then she terminated the rights of the birth parents and we adopeted April from the State of Arkansas!

I have never understood if you are proven unfit in a court of law and DHS is sitting right there and you are holding a four moth old baby boy, WHY would they not take him? Yes, April had a birth brother Matthew, he was raised in DHS coustody in Oklahoma..........

When April was 15 we got a call in which April had answered the phone and it was her birth mother................ugh!! I had talked to her several times over the years but kept distance due to the way she lived. The birth mother had said her father was real sick and wanted to meet April, we prayed about it, had family meetings about it and decided to let April met her birth mother and brother, we went to Oklahoma, which was a good meeting, then the next year birth mother and son came to our home, then birth mother wanted us to take Matthew, birth mother had divorced birth father and remarried, the most stable she had ever been. Matthew was a product of street life and was already in and out of trouble, we could not care for him. He now has a baby and he is 17 yrs old had dropped out of school, lives in and out of people's homes, birth mother is seperated from husband and is at her father's again living off's cycle, it cannot be broke if the person does not take the stand of being a survivor and break it! April has always been such a blessing in our life, I sometimes wonder am I really the best mother for her? I feel old and wore out when she is full of life, guess that is why God gave her sister's and borther's:) April has never been really sick and she has never been rebellous ( sometimes in her own way) she keeps us young at heart, I love her dearly, someone once ask me did I feel any different with love for my birth children compared to a adopted child...there is no difference, I love her as if I carried her in my womb, I did carry her in my heart and I think that is more bonding then in the womb! This post is in honor of my April Rebecca baby girl! I love you April!! Happy Birthday!!

P.S. So you will know April does talk to her birth mother and brother, she has never and I pray will not meet her birth father, it is hard for me not to react sometimes when the birth mother calls her self mother to April, but I try not to, for without her I would not have my April! One other thing April has wanted me to share this about her life and God be the Glory!
excuse the typo's no spell check, it would not work:((( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Amelia and grandbabies, Alex

amelia and santa alex and maelia christmas Amelia and Alex’s first Christmas together

santa and kids 2009

All my babies, with Santa, he came to my work:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday and Tacos

It has been a lazy day for sure, we got up about 8:30ish, guess we were ready because we woke up, I would love to sleep till 10! Then talked to the time share office about renting or selling our time shares, took 2 hours! way to long! Of course all they wanted to do was upgrade us, but we did not do that:) Then went to the red roof outlet mall, which has no business and the stores have a citrus smell which gives me a headache so Steve and I came back to the condo, after he bought this tool that removes dents form you car, you see it on TV. I had not eaten all day and made tacos and cheese dip, with all the fixins, it was sooooooo good:) Got my PJ's on and going to play games and watch TV:) just chillin with my baby and babies:) Tomorrow we will go to Branson landing and eat at Joe's crab shack for Miss April's 19th birthday! mainly we are just relaxing and resting, which is hard for me to do, I am just now slowing down in my mind:) hugs and night................oh YES, it is not will it snow but how much snow for tomorrow night:))))) YEA!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Branson and lovin it!

April in front of some cliffs with major ice cycles

We came to Branson on Saturday with Alicia and Bob and their family, April got off work and is here with us;) Tuesday she will be 19 years old, so hard to believe~today we slept late then went to the store and then to lunch, was just running by the outlet mall and three housrs later decided to come back to the condo:) Alicia and Bob and everyone else could shop and shop and shop:) I can sometimes but not often. Alicia beat Steve and I in boggle and then beat me in yatzee, so I decided its time to blog! Of course she wants to still play and wonders why we don't:)))

Bob has a Dallas cowboy shirt on, hat on and has his mug that says Dallas cowboys, think he is watching the game???? yes, with Steve. I have a offer to work tomorrow, so thankful I have a job I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have a lap top and phone:) I have a agent showing one of my listing tomorrow at 1:00 so I pray she sells it! She is a great agent and for sure can do it, if they like it at all:)
Christmas has been a fun and sad and peaceful and stressful time this year, with the death of Susie it took some of the excitement out of Christmas for us, we are suppose to have a memorial service for her Wednesday if the weather will cooperate, it is at Robert and Lisa's home in Ozark. If that does not work out, then I am having my own at IHC where Susie went to church and had many friends. Not to offend anyone but the family needs closure and so do her friends. As far as Steve and I, we both feel we had closure when we left that Saturday. As for my children and some of Susie's friend they would like a service in honor of her memory celebrating her life.
No plans for tomorrow but Tuesday its eating at Joe's Crab Shack for April's birthday!! Then on New Years we will go to The Dixie Stampede on the front row!! I have never been so I am excited!! Then home and work, work, work, so I am resting this week and playing, cause it is all work come Jan 2nd. for me, I have meetings lined up and I pray that 2010 will be over the top for us all!

Friday, December 25, 2009


We celebrated the birth of Jesus with family, friends and each other:)  This morning I got up early but Steve nor April was ready to get up:( So I had a quiet morning, enjoying the tree and pondering:)001 Then woke Steve and April up, we opened our gifts, I am so proud of Steve, he shopped by his self and got me some work out clothes and they fit:) I was so excited to be able to fit in clothes that are not bought at a large women’s store:) 002 April opening her gifts, then we went to Hot Springs to have Christmas dinner with life long friends Derol and Ann May, this was also their 50th Christmas together!012They have so mentored Steve and I, Ann was a life savor for me when my children were small and is still a women I admire and have learned so much from, Derol is this to Steve, we had her son Jeff and his wife Karen and their son Nick at lunch011  so much food, Ann can for sure cook!  We got home, Steve laid down and took a nap, I worked a offer:) and got the house back straight, ready for some Branson time!!

Last Christmas Memory………………once long, long ago:) when I was young, much younger than todayyyy, I actually babysit for Steve’s sister, Judy, who had two children, Stevie and Vicki, I was 16 years old, now I had not met Steve, but lived down the street from Judy, at the time Judy and James were gone and I was baby sitting, I decided to take Stevie and Vickie to the mall to see Santa and I had their picture made, NOW I mind you that, Judy nor James had said I could drive with their babies, and back then, I am not sure if you did car seats, I hope I did, but I bet I didn’t:((( I had so much fun taking them, of course Stevie could talk so he told his parents:((( needless to say I got in trouble, hummmmmm no good deed goes unpunished:)) I would of croaked if a 16 yr. old baby sitter took my babies off in their car:)  They still had me baby sit:)  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, what a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

This has been a real flooding raining day! I had prepared all so I would not have to get back out in this, but Praise the Lord, I got a offer and had to work it today:)) YEA!! Then I decided to go to Kroger's in the flood to get the stuff for corn casserole and I am glad I did because mother and Walt loved it!  We made Christmas dinner, Ham, black-eyed peas, creamed potatoes, corn casserole and fruit salad and tea and rolls, I brought everything from my house, Christmas dishes, napkins, table cloth and set the table and we had a wonderful sit down dinner with mother, Walt and Kay and Colin.  Christmas with Mother and Walt 001 Kay fixed a breakfast casserole for them in the morning.  This will probably be the last Christmas mother knows us, tonight when I told her Kay was coming, she ask me again and said now who is Kay? I try to answer questions like that, with my sister, you know her:) then she will say yes.  I sure wish I had them close by me, they are about 25 minutes away, which is not far, just not convenient:(   Alicia and the kids came by for a quick visit.Christmas with Mother and Walt 005

Christmas with Mother and Walt 007

Christmas with Mother and Walt 004

My mother looks so young, I just wish she was all there in that body, this is a cruel disease…….

Now this is the look like I am in trouble:) Christmas with Mother and Walt 002

I was getting things ready for dinner and mother was helping:) she made the tea, she was asking me where are the tea bags? She is just tiny and boney but spunky still:)) I love her dearly and will be lost without her, we made a great Christmas Memory, when she would not come to my house for Christmas with the kids, I knew I could not push it, she just could not do it anymore, it would of been confusing and scary for her to be around so many people, trying to know if she knows them….so we just read adjusted and started a new tradition!


Christmas memory…………………every Christmas eve, Alicia would gather all the children and they would all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor in her room or the family room under the pool table, where ever we lived they huddled all together Christmas eve:)  Then of course was bright eyed and bushy tailed on Christmas morning!!

I pray you all have a good night and a God filled Christmas!! love

blog from Lisa Via

I have just read your blog. I want all who follow you to know Susie and I were kindred spirits. She and I respected each other and shared many things in both public and private.
We share two child her son(Dino) and my daughter(Jewell)and we both have shared a life and love with a man(Robert). We also shared two beautiful grandchildren Breana and Caleb.

We would all vacation together, stay at each other’s houses and attend special events together. While others thought our relationship's where odd we saw them as very normal. Robert and Susie had both good times and bad during their marriage but they had made peace long ago. Susie and I were able to share many memories and feeling about our lives and how they had ended up inter-twined. When Susie first had her strokes and couldn't live alone any longer and she came to live with us as time went by and her condition needed more care than could be given at home. She made the decision to move the Ozark Nursing home. She told us she didn't want to be a burden and she was needing more medical care than we could give. Shortly after moving in she soon began missing her son Dino and her grand children. She wanted to move to Little Rock to be closer to them so Linda helped us get that done and she took over care of Susie.

As Dino's life changed and he ended up back in Ozark she too came home to us again and moved back to Ozark Nursing Home. She was loved by many there and they cared for her as if she was their own. She was happy and we did act as if her room were her home and did as you would with anyone you were visiting. We watched many movies in our own private little theater with popcorn and cokes, we had parties and we just talked about a lot of things. Not one week went by I didn't see her at least 3 times and sometimes more than that. Susie's room was a place to escape to and just have girl time or share both heartaches and good times. We brought many snacks, special surprises and tried to keep her room decorated for the season. Susie's favorite activity at the nursing home was BINGO because they got 50 cents with each bingo and 1.00 for cover-alls which Susie used to buy regular cokes since she had to drink coke zero due to her medical issues.

While we knew she was not looking good and they were attempting to find the cause no one was prepared for what happened so quickly. Susie left for a Dr. visit to Ft. Smith last Tuesday and things just went crazy. She ended up in the hospital at 12:36 pm and for 3 days we waited for the news of what they could find out before we called anyone. We had only know for 2 hrs ourselves when Steve called me because he had come to visit Susie. I think we were in shock. We couldn't really believe it. It couldn't be true. She was so sick so fast. On Friday of last week we found out the diagnosis.

We moved quickly to get Susie home to Ozark to be close to us, every time we spoke to someone at the hospital in Ft. Smith things changed it was hard to follow and it was scary. I knew she needed to be here and I was prepared to move both heaven and earth to get her to the local hospital. My mother(Sharon)was Susie's medical POA and Susie put her in charge so that Dino nor Robert or I would have to make the hard decision’s if it came to it. She trusted my mom and I am very glad my mom was with us through it all.

Once Susie got to Ozark hospital all her brothers and sisters were there to show her their love and concern. Robert, Jewell and her boyfriend Tony, Dino, my mom and I were by her side as well. There came a time Susie told us in her own way she wanted all the lines/cords removed and she knew she would pass on and was ready to go. It broke my heart and I didn't know if I could watch her go, but I had made her a promise to carry out her wishes and I knew in order to do that I had to be strong. I had promised her she would not die alone and she did not.

As I sat in the ICU with her both her family and my own told me I could not continue this day and night, I knew I could, I knew I would.
I would not leave her alone in the time she needed me most. I loved her dearly and I will miss her more than anyone knows.

We shared our lives with each other and we were proud we could do this for our children. As I sat telling stories along with everyone else I told about the time my daughter, Jewell, when she was about 5, told everyone she had 2 mom's. I stood in shock and wondered how she had come up with that one. When asked she said I was Dino's stepmom so Susie (who is Dino's mom)is her stepmom. Funny how kids think.
We have been one big happy family for many years. At this time we are one big sad family and miss our loved one dearly.

Susie was moved back to the nursing home to her own bed because they could do the same care for her there. I thought if she smelled the smells of home for her and heard the voices and sounds of home she would be more comfortable. I also knew I could stay with her and I could come and go knowing she had people who loved her like us in case anything did happen while I was away. I decided to stay the first night with her and see how she did and during that night I told her she was a good friend, great mom and she did her best. We knew she was tired and she could go if she was ready we understood. She reached up to my face and patted my cheek many times as I broke down and cried telling her how much I would miss her. She just kept reaching up and patting me so gently as if she was comforting me. She wanted me to hold her hand and was squeezing my hand like she was reassuring me it was ok. Last night I held her, stroked her hair and joked with her as well as cried for her. I rubbed the cramps from her arms and slept next to her for most of the night until I knew she was resting peacefully. I soon climbed into the bed next to her and fell asleep. They kept the door closed for privacy and each time that door opened I looked to Susie to see she was ok.

As early morning came Susie became restless as I tried to comfort her I knew she need more pain meds, I called for a nurse and they gave her the meds and soon she settled and she looked peaceful. I held her hand and told her there was no way I could leave her so I guess Robert would have to sleep in the bed in the room and Dino and I would have to use the two recliners as beds for now I also joked about changing the channel since we left it on all night and cartoons were on(Susie didn't like cartoons)I changed it to a favorite channel and settled down beside her and she was breathing slow and steady.

All of a sudden she took three very deep breaths and her whole body relaxed and she went to her final home. I am very sad and sort of lost at this time but I know she is no longer hurting and she can watch over us and guild us along our paths. I know I kept my promise to her and it helped her find her way home. The people at Ozark Nursing Home loved her and are grieving as well, they were a big comfort to me today and my family. Please keep them in your prayers also.
**** I wanted everyone to know I was told Susie told Steve, her brother, she would be here till Christmas at one point. Today December 23 was Christmas at the Ozark Nursing Home. It is the day they celebrate it for the residents, so Susie in true Susie fashion kept her word even if at the time we didn't understand it. Please keep all of Susie's family and friends in your prayers. Thank You, Lisa Via

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Honor of Susie Via

Susie was born February 2nd, 1943 and entered into life on Dec. 23rd, 2009.  Susie was a very unique indivual, she was brilliant, always full of life.  Susie had one son name Noel Via, in which we called him Dino, you know us with nick names:) I loved Susie, she lived with Steve and I at different times, Susie had a stroke, actually had three strokes, we could not physically care for her and she lived in the nursing home Lakewood Plaza on McCain, then when Dino came back from Iraq she moved back to Ozark where he and his father and step mother lived.  Susie was close to Robert her x husband and his wife Lisa, Lisa loved Susie like a mother, Lisa is 44, Robert and Susie divorced but remained friends and Robert cared for Susie like his wife, it is amazing to see the love they all had for each other, did not happen at first but over the years, they forgave each other and kept it peaceful for Dino and the grand children, Brianna and Caleb.  There are stories after stories of Susie growing up with her brother’s and sister’s, she was very clever in entertaining them:)  In her last days which came unexpected, she was able to go back to her home at the Ozark nursing home, be in her bed, no one sticking her, or bothering her, her friends and she had many came in to say bye, Susie was happy to be back in her bed, she peacefully took her last breath this morning with loved ones by her side.  I will miss her but so thankful she is with Jesus.

Christmas memory……Dec. 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday and will rain:)

It normally rains on Tuesday, I think it is becasue we have property tour on Tuesdays, but no tour today, it is Christmas time!! I was so in the Christmas spirit and some where I lost it in all this with Susie, I am trying to get it back but think I am grieving, trying not to cry and get my self together:)

Jared reminded Jenn of one of his Christmas memories, Steve and the boys went out Hwy.5 to cut down a live tree, it was to low for Steve to get under, so Jared got under it, now Jared said it was a Catus that he got into and had the needles all in him, we did have to get them all out and it for sure hurt, but I am thinking how could a catus be under a Christmas tree???? I have always loved this time of the year, it is my most favorite time, with sad memories and wonderful memories, it take them all to make up life:)

I am going to get my bath and dress up in my Christmas red and turn on my Christmas music and go to the store, then pick up a couple of things for April, since I do not have specifics to get I can just look around and watch the people and enjoy this day:)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Steve and I have decided to come home, Susie is in a reg. room, she is just hanging on, not sure why cause she is ready to go.  We felt we had our time with her and we needed to come home.  Steve’s back is real touchy right now and he is moving very slow, the hospital chairs did not help it:(  I feel at peace leaving, although part of me wants to be there till the end, she is surrounded with her family and lots of love. Sorta feel guilty leaving, like I am mot doing all I can till the end, I will have to deal with that,  Dottie will stay in Ozark with Lisa and Robert and Pat and Judy are going to Biffs' house in Rogers.  We have made the decision we will not be back until her memorial service, unless of course they need our help.  I am very sad but very thankful for her life.  Today we all ate lunch together and just talked about the Averitt’s childhood memories, it was fun to listen to them, I have heard them before but still just to see Steve with his family, which is far and few between was nice, they needed that bonding time with each other. Steve and I both are tapped out emotionally, so I hope to get a good nights rest.  On the other hand, I need to check on mother and Walt and get things prepared for my family:) which can happen tomorrow:)

A Christmas Memory…………….When the children were little, we normally had a live tree, Steve and some of the kids if not all would go and cut it down and bring it home, Steve would get it up then we would decorate it, Jared ALWAYS put this one ornament on the tree, it was a little bird nest with a red bird, my Aunt Verna always said you have to have a red bird on your tree and we did!! That was one of the last ornaments we put on the tree, Alex usually put this little house, that you put a light inside it and it lit up on the tree, I have many wonderful memories of Christmas with my children, I usually had a breakfast casserole or sausage balls that morning then cooked Christmas dinner that afternoon.  Once my children were older we stayed home on Christmas so they could enjoy the day with their new toys, we made family plans before or after Christmas day, I still do that now, so Christmas is a relaxing day.  This year Steve and I and maybe April will go to Branson, then Alicia and her family will come, I am looking forward to that time away to enjoy family, not sure everyone’s else schedule if they can drop in or not. Well its been a long day and I am ready to chill and get up in the morning and get real busy, wrapping presents and picking up a couple of presents:)  Then cleaning house and maybe cooking getting ready for the Rogers/Averitt Christmas Wed. night:)  Hope all is well with you and your family……HUGS!!

Hummmm……..we are home now and I in my PJ’s and so is Steve, we are both emotional and wishing we were still there but needed to be here, say a prayer for us….tks;) and love to all:)


Thinking on what to title this post......hum......., not sure, Steve and I are in a hotel in Ozark, all Susie's family is here and she is ready to go be with the Lord, I pray she goes today, we have all had such a special time with her, singing, praying, loving on her in the face of life:) My friend Linda Apple told me on some graves she saw, Born and the date and started life on the next date, how true that is for the one has has their trust in the Lord. I pray she goes today, please pray with me. Lisa Via sat with her last night, Susie is like her mother, which is a long story, we will go back to ICU once Steve and I get baths and are ready, Susie's heat just keeps beating, guess its just not the perfect time, scripture says there is a time to die and a time to be born:)

Can't really get there in my mind to think of a Christmas memory for today, so maybe later:)

Have so much to do but in the wait of life and death it does not seem that important now, again in times like these you value your loved ones and know that is what is important to life:) hugs

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Faces of Death

I awoke this morning with the thoughts of the many faces of death, thinking of the scripture, O death where is your sting??  As I sat with Susie Via, Steve’s sister last night in ICU, as soon as we were alone, she, I and Steve I leaned in real close and just kissed her and loved on her, she open her eyes and I ask her was she ready to see Jesus, she said yes she was, I ask her did she know when she would go and she said real soon, I told her I loved her and would let her go, she said she loved me to, we talked about her seeing her mother and daddy, and she was ready to see them, I told her part of me was jealous that she would see Jesus face to face, but I was not ready to do that yet, but I would be there someday, we will see each other again!  Susie has such peace, I went ahead and ask her, even though I knew the answer by her atmosphere of peace, if she was afraid and she said no,she was ready……………….There is such a difference in death when you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, there is such hope, I wanted to climb in her bed and just hold her, but couldn’t, so I just patted her and held held her, she was cold and I snuggled her and made her covers a bunting all around her, snuggled her in:)  I do not know when Jesus will come for Susie but I know she is ready:)

The other face of death I have seen, I was on JFK and a motorcycle was going 110 and hit a ca broadside when the car did not see the motorcycle and pulled out in front of it, the man man driving the cycle shot off it like a bullet, he had no helmet, he died at the scene, this man had a eerie atmosphere about him, cold, I prayed for him, he was alive, not responsive but alive, but there was a spirit about him that was not peaceful, just a eeriness in the air, he had a young lady about 15 on the back of the cycle with him, she lay in the street like dead, I prayed for her, she had a peace about her, I do not really know how to explain it, it is something you can feel around you, I knew she knew Jesus and I knew the man was lost, now who knows the man could of heard me praying for him, but I just do not think so, there was no comfort for him, the girl did live and is alive today, she goes to the pencostal church here in NLR.

The face of death Jimmy Maxwell had, Jimmy told me days before he would die, he told me we needed to have a talk, I said ok, he told me he would die soon and to always take care of Sherry, I told him he knew I would always be there for Sherry BUT I was not ready for him to die, he said he was ready to go but did not want to leave Sherry, Jimmy had total peace, he died suddenly, he had company at 4:00, then laid down was was dead by 6:30ish, in the room with Jimmy at his death, he had peace on his face just as Susie does.  Matter of fact I told Susie to tell him hello when she saw him:)

You know, none of us can understand all the faces of death but I  know for sure the sting of death is gone for me, I will face death someday and when I do, there will be peace because I know my Savior Jesus Christ, who died for me so that I will never die:) If you do not know that peace that surpasses all understanding, and have that hope then call me:))  1-800-436-0315

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday and me

Well this is for sure a Linda Lou Averitt day:) I slept till 8:30ish then had coffee and now blogging, I have no plans except what ever I want to do:) I am in a hotel suite with my sister/friend Sherry Maxwell:))) I think I will shop some but first eat lunch at this place that has fried pickles:)))) yummy.........then work out ( walk ) to try to prepare for boot camp:) and then we are eating at a steak house tonight:) then back home:) The shower her has three shower heads and has great water pressure, I have never had a shower like that, I may have to put more shower heads in Steve's shower:) I learned as a young mother to take time for my self when I get so busy, this rejuvenates me to be able to give my time and all I have to my family and work, speaking of work, I need some! so pray:) but for today its all about me, that is what I Love about Sherry, she will do her thing and I will do my thing or we may do some things together:)) (not the shower) tee hee! It is sunny and a beautiful day, may sit by the pool and read, I have waking the dead with me, its a great book:) SO for a Christmas was when the kids were small, I think Hannah was about five, Steve had been very sick, was in the hospital for over a month with a infection and came home on IV's for another month, I did not work so we had no money with him off work, I had filed for food stamps and got them so we ate well:) but it was Christmas, we really had nothing extra to buy presents or a tree, and our home church group came with a HUGE, HUGE,HUGE tree, I had prayed and prayed and God was faithful to answers our prayers, the children knew we had prayed in Christmas that year and it blest us all to watch what God did! That is the year I learned it was not in the gifts but in the life of Jesus and his birth, I love to give so it is very hard for me not to be able to do that, I still find some self acceptance in it, but working on it:) because my acceptance is in the Lord:) That year Alex had prayed for something specific and God gave it to him, he learned God provides for him, we all learned that God is faithful to those who call on His name and believe!! I wish I could say I always trust, but I do not, I worry and fret and manipulate and what ever I can do till God brings me back to the place of trusting Him:) and He is still always faithful to me and to you! hugs and have a me day if you can soon!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Christmas means to me

The real meaning of Christmas to me, Thankfulness for Jesus giving his life for me and my family and friends, to be able to see them and take this time to let them know I love them, to slow down in my life and focus on family and gatherings to express my love and God's love for them, some though gifts or baked goodies or just a hug and smile, for some lunch or coffee......just stop in life and reflect and be grateful for unto us this day a Savior is born!

This morning I have had quiet time to reflect and ponder (again) sitting here in my chair with soft music and the lights of the Christmas tree:) The house is quiet all is still sleeping:) love early mornings! Today I have work and I am holding the condos open then going to take mother and Walt dinner and visit with them. Walt called and wanted to take mother to the casino for Christmas, last yea they decided that and Steve and I took them for two days, we were wore out, they stay up all night, mother said she could sleep at home when I told her lets go to bed:) I just cringed at the thought of it, I know mother is worse this year and would be totally lost, so I told Walt let me look at my calender, then I called and said there is just no way for me to go before Christmas, so Walt said he would call and see about getting them a room:(((( now for the correct picture of this, Walt has a walker and walks about two steps every few minutes, mother would be beside him but not knowing where she was, and the thought of them getting their luggage and even driving to the casino blows my mind, so pray they forget this, I guess if they set out to do it, we will have no choice but to go with them. I am talking to Walt today to let him know that is not what is best for mother, he is always protective of her. It is a cold but pretty day today and I am up for a few buyers or sellers today!! Have a fun filled day!!! Oh yes.....a Christmas memory.........back in my other life I thought the children had to have exactly what they ask for, so no matter what I would get it, even if I had to write HOT checks, now this never did well in my marriage but somehow in my mind I had to give them what they wanted, that year Alicia wanted guess overalls, purple and pink and they were $75.00 a piece! I got them and remember them till this day, she loved them and was happy. Since I have learned my worth is not what I can give my children/grandchildren in material things but to let them always know I love them no matter what and how much God loves them no matter what, its not in gift giving but in love giving!! I am sure Steve wished I had known that back then, would of saved a lot of fights between us, I am not sure how he ever puts up with me!! Well so you will know I do not write hot checks anymore, I did out gown that and had some healing happen in my for me to realize my worth is not in making others happy but by being there mother or fiend or wife or co-worker!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a new post

If you read my post earlier in the day, I decided to delete it, so here is a new one:)  Had a day at home today, cleaned and did my floors, enjoyed sitting listening to Christmas music and the tree and or sure a clean house, I love everything to be in its place, the house clean, it bothers me when I sit to relax if something is out of place, even dust on the floor, can you say OCD!!!! I can get over it for those who know me, know my house is not always spotless and there is for sure dust on the hardwoods:)  I went to shop, drove to Sam’s parking lot and drove out, went to Kohl’s and walk though out the store and left with buying nothing:( so I decided to come home and get Steve to shop with me:) I do not like to shop, I like to go in and get what I need and leave, but I am not sure what I am getting people for Christmas so I thought if I look then I would see something:) I am waiting on Sherry Maxwell to call me we were going to eat a late lunch but now it will be supper:) she is trying to get a loan closed…….that is stressful!! Steve went duck hunting with Sean today…totally cold!! He did come home and take a nap:)  Loving the cold and wishing it would snow!!  Now for a Christmas memory……it was Christmas of 1972, I had married Steve in April of that year and was pregnant with Alicia, now for those who are wondering was she pg when she married, the answer is no, but got pg in June of that year:) This year my daddy died Nov. 19th and it was a sad sad Christmas, Steve was in the Navy and he did get to come home for Christmas, we all got together and just opened presents and cried, I do not even remember us putting up a tree,  daddy was hurt in a construction accident on Oct. 27th which was his 59th birthday, now why I am telling you this sad Christmas memory, because not all memories are happy ones, we take the good with the bad, the best part of my daddy’s death is he got saved while he was in the hospital before he died!  I still can miss my daddy but know I will see him again one day….when we had hard times in our life it makes us stronger once we live through them:)  hugs and nite!

for the ones who read my pondering blog, turns out I was pondering all wrong, the first person had noticed and the second person was not covering anything up, they just lied to lie:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lazy Day Monday

I went to meet my coach today for boot camp, I start in January:) A little nervous about it:) but ready to go for it:) I kept Lalia and Peyton, Jenn went to the Dr., all is well, she is scheduled for Feb. but Dr. feels it will be January…….as long as its long enough for Mikka I am fine, I would love to be holding her as soon as I can:)))))  The girls were so sweet, they played so good and ate lunch and ready for a nap when Jenn picked them up.  It has been a slow real estate day:(((( grrrrrrrrr! I need some business! The homes I have listed and I need some offers:) so pray fro me to get some calls:)  Tonight I am going to a ladies Christmas party for the ladies group that Alicia has, it was the one I did the retreat with, so looking forward to that.  Not much going on today, sorta nice!! hugs and nite!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super Sunday!

Today started with coffee ( mudslide) yummy! A quiet morning, read the paper and check the open house ad:) then off to the store for some juice/punch for open house and then to church, church was real good today, Scott Harness amazes me in the approach he uses to get the point across:) It is always good. Then off to the office to get balloons for the open house signs, put them up, had a great open house on the Chenalwoods Condos, there were two other agents, we were suppose to have three model units, BUT one was locked with no key, so I sat out in the Cabana, it has a fireplace and flat screen TV, it was cold but the fireplace helped:) We had a steady flow of people, but I did not write any hoo! Got home in time to go the First Assembly Christmas Production and I mean it was a production, I just can not even believe all that goes into what they do, it is unreal, Alexandria and some others in her dance troop danced in it, it was so good. They raised over $15,000 for stuff the sleigh in three nights, they fed over 2500 hot dogs tonight, they put on a deal out side with games, rides, horses and carriages rides, just so much, then the production had so much, it was what someone would pay to see and it is all lay people doing it....just amazing, such a blessing! Mr. Averitt took me to dinner afterwards...Red Lobster...yum yum! Talked to Kay she went several places today and ate lunch at Tiffany's, she said they had a orchid on her plate, she looked for stars but she said, if they were there she did not see or recognize them....she is loving New York and having a good time! Now for a Christmas memory........I was probably in the 7th/8th grade, we had our first flocked Christmas tree, it had the white flocking all over it and was beautiful, it looked like a tree with snow on it:) mother had blue balls on it, in our living room we had two chairs that were blue, so it all went together:) I cannot remember the presents but I do remember loving that tree!! Going to bed....nite!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Partying weekend!

My dancing feet are happy feet!!
Some of the Averitt Clan

Steve and our niece, Susan Averitt Bobbitt

Steve's sisters Pat and Judy with Maddi Judy's granddaughter and Donald Pat's husband

The gang

Last night was our company Christmas party, we had a great time, danced the night away, well almost, I was in bed by 10:30, had to get up and make a pot of soup and get ready for all of Steve's family to come for the Averitt family Christmas, it was a house full of people for sure but we really enjoyed them all coming, I just need a bigger home for all that, but all in all with Hannah's home next door the kids played there in Max's game room which gave us a little more room in my home:) It was a fun family time and Steve and I enjoyed it! Tonight we were suppose to go to another Christmas party but decided to say home and get to bed early. Tomorrow I have a feature ad and open house at the Chenal Woods Condos, we are having drawings and refreshments and hope to sell some!! So say a pray for me to sell some:)) Off to bed........also keep Kay in your prayers, she is in New York and has ended up by her self there, she is doing well but not what she had planned for sure. Hugs!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Angle Tree Family

Angel Tree 001 We have been so blest, this year our company took a family of five boys and was able to get all on their list!  It was such a blessing to be able to give and be apart of giving!!  I have been busy most the day with the finish up on that, everything is delivered and hearts are grateful!  Tonight is our company Christmas party, we always have a band and dance and sing and eat, its a lot of fun!! I feel sorta tired so I need to get some energy!

One Christmas memory I thought of was my Uncle Herbert and Aunt Vera, who was not my real aunt and uncle, Herbert was my daddy’s cousin, but they were always together, even died months apart, they were close and mother and Aunt Verna were close, every year from as long as I can remember they would ask what I wanted for Christmas and I always said a blue silk gown, every year I got a long blue silk gown!!  I loved it and I loved them:)

In thinking of these memories, it amazes me how my mother and daddy would always do what ever it took to get what we wanted, just as we do our children:)) Just wonder why we do that?  I know we love them and we want them to have what they ask for, but what if everyone took what they would spend on Christmas and help the homeless, you think we would still have homeless?  Just a thought, I also think they can help them self:) they do not have to be homeless…..oh well …… goes on…hugs!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MY Sweet Amelia!!!

amelia 072 Amelia and I spent the night together, she has started to smile when you talk to her:)))) This is actually the end of a BIG smile!! I loved every minute of being with her, she is now 7 weeks and 8pds and 8 1/2 ounces, 21 inches long, so she is growing into her clothes!!  I kept her in my bedroom and let Jill and Alex sleep, she woke up at 2:34 and 6:30ish, she made her baby sounds all night, when she was quiet is when I would wake up, of course I had to lay my hand on her to make sure she was breathing:) Once it was so faint I could not feel it so I put my hand under her swaddle, I had swaddled in her and left it there:)  Ever since Anna was a baby and had sleep apnea it always worries me when I am with any of my new borns at night:) so I sleep with my hand on them in their bassinet:)  She is so pretty and so alert when she is awake, she will follow noise and looks at light and will try to follow your finger:))) she is soooooooo smart, once she said nana!  Jill had a catering deal today so I actually got to babysit all by myself!! Of course I took pics!amelia 089 Amelia is giving a big yawn!    amelia 092 on her NANA’s shoulder:))   amelia 086 she is trying to talk to me:)))

amelia 074 My sweet baby!!

Now for my Christmas memory, well we had been to the Capitol and we were home and Santa had not come, I was maybe eight and Kay was ten, we went to bed and low and behold I hear someone holler HO,HO,HO….Merry Christmas, we jumped up and my daddy had seen Rudolph flying off with the sleigh and Santa!! Presents were under the tree:)  We had wanted bicycles for Christmas and we did not have one, my friend Karen got one that year:(  When we got to Aunt Verna’s and Uncle Herbert's for Christmas dinner, guess what?? Your right, our bicycles were left there by Santa, he was running real late that year and had to leave them there!!  If I can ever find them I have pics of Kay and I on our bikes:) For some dumb reason I had a dress on, the kind with the big skirt tail so I could twirl is all I can think of, I must have liked it then!!! hugs and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Raining Tuesday!! Party DAY!

my dear friend Edwanda Ware, that we prayed well from Cancer! Yea God!
Yummy food, catering by Jill and Joy's Catering, their food is so good, if you need their number call me! You can order pies, deserts, cookies...$4.50 a dozen and they do the fudge no bake cookie! This is Breakfast Enchiladas, sausage balls, some yummy sour cream angel biscuits with to die for jams and fruit........everything they have made from deserts to finger foods to the whole meal has been good!

Today was a fun filled day, it was our office Christmas party and we do another formal party this Friday night, we know how to party! It was a fun party we have JM and Misty who dress as Santa and Mr.s Claus and hand out the gifts, Byron and Marilyn talk about the year and hand out Christmas bonuses:) in Forbes Arkansas is the number two place to live and the best market prediction!! YEA, it noted Conway and we just opened our Conway office on Elm, across form the Court house and O ye daisy store!! That is real exciting it will be a coffee shop and antiques for sale and real estate office...isn't that neat.....thinking out side the traditional box:)
Ok for a Christmas memory......this is getting harder as I go on, hummmmmm taxing my brain:) Not sure how old but young enough to lay in the back of a station wagon showing some projector slides on the ceiling of the car while we were on our way to Signal Mountain to see my mother's side of the family, I always loved going to Chattanooga, it is beautiful and it always snowed!!! The way up the mountain is called the W and it is named that for all the curves, of course mother was a nervous wreck and daddy just kept driving:) I remember going with Aunt Mildred to a dress shop looking for a Maggie McNaughton outfit, not sure why I always remember the name:)) I loved the Simmon's, such a part of my childhood!! I loved my family!! nite!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday maddness!

Had a family filled weekend:) Sean and Sarah and Cole and Anna came, they went home today, we so enjoyed them and loved being with Cole and Anna, I do not see them as much:( We had a great day Sunday, all went to church then came home for a lunch, April and her friend Matthew Bale came over and ate with Brock and Sawyer, I enjoyed meeting Matthew, he fit right in, which says a lot, most do not, they are over whelmed by our big family:) He may be a keeper:) Then I took a winter nap, with company:) got my PJ's on and never got dressed again till today. Jared and Jenn and the girls came by, they had been to Branson for the weekend. I called Alex and Jill to get them to bring me Amelia when I saw I was not going to Sunday night church with all the company, but they were already at church, I may have to pay them to baby sit:)) This morning had some time with Cole then off to take lunch to National School of Real Estate to recruit agents, took Olive Garden Lasagna and us pizza salad and bread stick and of course suppa toscanna:) Tea and some neat people, hope to hire some of them! Then worked some and then to Sam's to get the neatest DVD, its living fireplaces, it has pics of fireplace with a fire roaring and Christmas music, piano, guitar, jaz...its neat, that is one way for me to have a fireplace.....I miss one so much in the winter:( Then came home and made Swedish meatballs:)) yummy they are soooooooo good!!! Tomorrow is our Christmas office party to exchange gifts, Jill and Joy are catering it, I know that will be yummy for sure!! Then Friday night is our Christmas party, we have a dance and a great time!! Saturday is the Averitt family Christmas at our home, we are looking forward to seeing all the Averitt's! This week is full of board lunches, Christmas lunches and grand children plays/dances and singings!! I love Christmas!! My memory will be when I was about 8ish, Kay got a walking tall doll, it is 4ft. tall and will move a leg when you move the arm:))) I got this huge Stuffed bear, it was 5ft.

and I loved it, of course this is again when I saw it in a store and pitched a fit for it:))) My mother and daddy must have got me everything I wanted:) No wonder Steve has to stopped what ever he is doing for me.....I was and I am spoiled:)))) Hugs and nite!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chatty Cathy!

It was Christmas Eve and I had opened my blue skirt and loved it, then I saw where Santa had left me a Chatty Cathy Doll!  chatty Kathy I loved Chatty Cathy, she had a pull string on the back of her that you pulled and she talked!!  This was a big deal, of course I am telling my age:) The next thing I would do is call my life long friend Karen Beasley and tell her what I got for Christmas!!  By the way that year our Christmas Tree was silver ( aluminum)


alumiun christmas tree and had a light that sat out front of it that turned and the light had some different color deals it shown though, four colors!!!    color wheel Now that what I am talking about!   What memories:)))

Last night I had open house at the condo I have listed in Quapaw Towers, they had sold tickets for charity and had over 400 people through the Christmas tour of condos!! It was a huge success and I met a lot of people and got my name out there!! Its called working your business!  Then came home and went to see Christmas lights with Sarah and Anna,Christmas lights 2009 002 This is a home around the corner form us!!Christmas lights 2009 007 This is Enchanted Forrest in Sherwood, a great light Christmas display!!Christmas lights 2009 012 Cole getting ready for breakfast, his daddy cooking it:)Christmas lights 2009 013 Then off to church, Sean and Sarah will go with us:)  I enjoy them coming an spending the night, it gives me time with Cole and Anna!! Have a great day!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ole Christmas tree!!

My sweet Amelia in her mother's hands:)
just had to share this pic with you:)

I have my title from the song I am hearing:) My next Christmas memory is when I was about five or six Iwas with my daddy and we were at Shamburg's, it was a store on University, near UALR on the McDonald's side of the street:) and we were shopping for something, not sure if any one else was there are not, I saw a dark blue skirt, it was the kind when you twilled around it would all go out:) I wanted that skirt so bad, I put it on and twirled around in it, then of course had to take it off, I remember a pic of me in it, I had lost my front teeth and my hair was curly, mother must have permed it:) I unwrapped my Christmas gift and it was that skirt, I loved it and I felt pretty in it:) of course I am sure I ran all over the house twirling driving everyone crazy!

Today has been slow and easy so far, I came home yesterday and crashed, took a 3 hour nap!! then just sat and played poker on facebook and watch some movie with Steve about war of the worlds, that is his kind of movie:) it had Nichole ( little girl) and Tom Cruse in it. I have a open house at Quapaw Condos tonight, it is the Condos Christmas tour:) need to go get food for it today and then I have a baby shower to go to:) so guess I need to get going!! Have a blest day!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

First Christmas Memory!

I forgot that I was going to share a Christmas Memory each day!  The first memory that stands out in my memory, was when I was about 5ish, my mother and father were apparently looking to buy some furniture, and we had gone to Park Plaza, now back in the day Park Plaza was two levels, a out door mall, there was a bowling alley where the Chinese Restaurant is and under Dillard's on the University side was a furniture store, I think the name was John Hancock’s Furniture.  I went with them there, I was looking at a baby crib and it had a life size baby doll in it, now you have to understand this was back in the day and I had never seen a real life size baby doll,child hood christmas 001 now days they are every where, but then they were rare!  I picked up that baby and held it the whole time I was in the store, I felt that was my baby, of course when we left I had to leave the baby, back in the bed where I found her, I was heart broke and I am sure pitched a Rogers fit, I do remember crying. Now every Christmas Eve we had a family tradition that happened every year, year after year, on Christmas Eve my daddy and Uncle Herbert took Kay and I to the state capitol, we walk what looked like millions of steps to the BIG SOLID GOLD DOORS, in front of them was a life size Nativity, we would just be in awe of it, of course to me they were so big!  They looked real!  Then we would go back to our home, this year we lived at 5204 Lee Street in LR, off Van Buren.  Some how ever year Santa Claus would come to our house early, due to having so many places to go:)  Mother and Aunt Verna would be there and low and behold, it was Christmas!!!  Under the tree was my little baby…that is all I saw and all I cared about!  From that time on I always loved babies, I have them today for my Grand Babies:) Even the boys!  What a Christmas Memory!! Even to remember the Park Plaza Mall like that is unreal to me:) This memory making Christmas my tax my brain:) Have a fun day and enjoy this Christmas Season today!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Great Day!

Today I went and took pics of the Chenal Woods Condo’s, it is the only condo’s in Little Rock that is located on the Chenal Valley Golf Course, it is a lifestyle!!chenalwoods condos 083 Then off to the Chenal Country club for lunch with the Marketing Director, hopefully we can team up and both do some good work:)  Then to a meeting on the condo’s that lasted a little longer then I thought.  I was near mother’s and had made dinner for them, Baked sweet potatoes, lima beans and terriaki chicken breast.  All mother had to do was bake the potatoes and heat up the beans and chicken, oh yes, corn bread muffins:))  I love to be able to help her, it is so frustrating for her to try to get dinner together:((( she can still do that but tonight it would of been rice pudding:((( so I keep up with it and make sure they have meals:)  Then I picked up Anna and we did our nails:) chenalwoods condos 143 chenalwoods condos 144 our hands are under the light to dry our nails, we did our toes too:) Anna is so much fun, then we went to Red Lobster for dinner, her choice and you know I loved it:)

chenalwoods condos 147 Anna showing her earrings and nails:)

chenalwoods condos 146

Then to end the night we went to the East Campus to watch Alexandria dance in the school’s Theater and dance group, Alexandria was chosen as a Sophomore to dance with the dance troop, which is a honor, of course she has danced since she was three so I could not image her not being chosen!! They only have five Sophomore’s that they choose so it is a real big deal:)chenalwoods condos 150

chenalwoods condos 151 It was a great and productive day with time for my grandbabies too, that always makes me happy!!!! Hugs and nite!