Friday, December 25, 2009


We celebrated the birth of Jesus with family, friends and each other:)  This morning I got up early but Steve nor April was ready to get up:( So I had a quiet morning, enjoying the tree and pondering:)001 Then woke Steve and April up, we opened our gifts, I am so proud of Steve, he shopped by his self and got me some work out clothes and they fit:) I was so excited to be able to fit in clothes that are not bought at a large women’s store:) 002 April opening her gifts, then we went to Hot Springs to have Christmas dinner with life long friends Derol and Ann May, this was also their 50th Christmas together!012They have so mentored Steve and I, Ann was a life savor for me when my children were small and is still a women I admire and have learned so much from, Derol is this to Steve, we had her son Jeff and his wife Karen and their son Nick at lunch011  so much food, Ann can for sure cook!  We got home, Steve laid down and took a nap, I worked a offer:) and got the house back straight, ready for some Branson time!!

Last Christmas Memory………………once long, long ago:) when I was young, much younger than todayyyy, I actually babysit for Steve’s sister, Judy, who had two children, Stevie and Vicki, I was 16 years old, now I had not met Steve, but lived down the street from Judy, at the time Judy and James were gone and I was baby sitting, I decided to take Stevie and Vickie to the mall to see Santa and I had their picture made, NOW I mind you that, Judy nor James had said I could drive with their babies, and back then, I am not sure if you did car seats, I hope I did, but I bet I didn’t:((( I had so much fun taking them, of course Stevie could talk so he told his parents:((( needless to say I got in trouble, hummmmmm no good deed goes unpunished:)) I would of croaked if a 16 yr. old baby sitter took my babies off in their car:)  They still had me baby sit:)  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, what a GREAT DAY!

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