Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week of work, family, fun and friends

Well the week has been a fun filled week, with some sad parts too:(  I did go  to the Brunch and it was so nice, it was at the Capitol Hotel here, in one of the ball rooms, with beautiful yellow roses and glads for center piece and some fancy finger foods, it was a real treat and a real honor and I really appreciate all the people who voted me Best of the best in 2013:)

This is the magazine article:) 

After the brunch we left and went to Hannah's, we spent a couple nights there, her house is coming together, she loves living in the country and I can see why, if I did not work, I would too:) I went to walmart and got the kids a  small pool, we took Cole with us and the kids played out side from daylight till dark, Hannah's family stays outside most of the time doing all kinds of things:)
 Blake and Luke
Luke's diaper, Cole got out of the pool and said Luke has pooped, I said no he hasn't its just real wet, Cole would not get back in till he checked Luke's diaper:)))) tooooooo funny!!

 Some of the chickens:)
Steve brought our mower and mowed and mowed and mowed, Hannah found one on line and they went and looked at it and bought it, so they have their own tractor now and they got a tiller:) so they were excited!  We came home Saturday with Olivia and brought Cole man back to go to Laila's Birthday party, it was a pool party:) Hannah brushed Lovie Luv:)

 Liv loves Lovie
 Party time

 Alex and Sydney, at first she was not too sure of the water, but she loved it!
Last night a life long friend of Jared's, Kyle Brown had brought his son, Tyler to the party, his wife Robyn stayed home to prepared for Tyler's birthday party today, Kyle's father had a massive heart attack they assume and past away last night, please be in prayer for the Brown family. He was not sick and his wife had ran to the store to come home and find him in the floor:((
This is Kyle and Tyler
We also had Heather Lawson who was at the party, her brother  in law who has three boys and is forty years old, had a heart attack as he was sleeping, his wife awoke to his breathing funny and turned on the light, he was blue, he is in critical condition and needs a miracle so please pray for them, his name is Bunky and hers is Missy.  Just a hard time for those family's, Alex will be preaching the funeral for Mr. Brown on wed., please keep Jared and Alex in your prayers too. Kyle works for Alex.
I cannot believe next week is JULY!  Where oh where is the time going????????  We have no big fourth of July plans, going to condo and then going to a friend's home on the 4th, they have a lake house, we go to church with them:) They have invited all up, so will be a fun day. 
Wrote a offer while at Hannah's and hope to write another one tomorrow, got some loans in closing, need more listings,  we have more buyers then sellers in this area:)
Today church was awesome, Alex is such a anointed preacher, God changed up his msg. today and it was on, " you have not cause you ask not", reminded me to ask of the Lord and wait for His answers, I have several burdens on my heart that I gave to Him again today as many times before, but decided to leave them there and wait for His answered prayer:)  I think Steve and I will go  to PCB the end of the month when Alicia goes, Alex and Jill are going in August but that is when Alexandria goes to college and I think I need to be here for that:)  Alicia is doing the best she can at letting go and letting  God, but it is so hard to let your babies grow up:) So I will be with my baby:)  We went to their home and swam today after church, Steve left and showed property at three and I left at five, then brought back pizza, Alexandria had the Averitt girls, while Jared and Jenn were at the Brown's and I had Olivia and Cole, Sean and Sarah had a condo weekend:) Cole is absolutely perfect, he is so easy to keep and so funny and SO country in his accent!  Now Olivia will stay few days, till she can not stay any longer, she gets home sick:) so we will see how long, so far so good, she has fallen asleep in the chair watching a movie:) So we are good for tonight:)  Tomorrow it is work and Tuesday and Wed work then off for the fourth and fifth, unless someone calls to look at property:) or list property, I will work any time I can, so will Steve:)  They will have fire works at the lake, so looking forward to a fun day with friends and firework display:) Hope you have a good week!!! Hugs


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back in the groove

Well I think I may be getting back in the groove of Blogging again:) Thursday we went to JP's service, it was so sweet, Chris had ask me to share, so I did, JP was remembered and honored, he would of loved the attention:)  One thing God put on my heart was that He is a father to the fatherless, when mother past away I had a lost feeling, it is a strange feeling to realize you have no earthly parents, no one to run things past for their ideals or thoughts. BUT as the Lord filled that area of my life, in showing me He is my father and he cares for the orphans:) So with that said it helped me:) and I hope will help Chris:)  Steve did the graveside at Beebe and their Pastor at Fellowship Bible did the service at the church.  We did a lunch for the family, it went perfect, the church is a mega church and had everything/every room anyone could have wanted!
 Aunt Verda Mae and Uncle LD
Uncle LD is the last living sibling of the Rogers Siblings.  He was the baby:)
I have enjoyed my Lovie Luv so much, even though at times she drives me crazy, she is into everything, she can jump in our bed now, so yes, she sleeps with us, she is puppy pad trained and doing very good at it:)  I tried to make a collage but did not do too good:) She is 3pds and 1 ounce, she acts like she is so big! 
we had Alexandria's last dance recital of her life, as far as a dancer:)
  Alexandria did a solo dance to I can only Image, she did this when she was little for us all the time, she would make it up:) She is so poised and talented!  Then there is Jack Harvey Haley!  He is a total showmen!  He must get that from his Grand Father Harvey, he is a natural on stage and yes he knew all the girls were there for him:))
I about sat all I could this weekend, made the ole back act up, then today at Journey Kids with lifting the babies it had all it could take, came home ate some Tuna and went to bed, slept three hours, did some back exercises to help.  Feels better now.  Just not up to par today:(((
This week should not be so crazy, no early appointments in the am and I have not booked my self coming and going on Monday, so maybe I can get caught up, have buyers for us to show property on Tuesday and the rest of week, Have a Brunch On Thursday for Sorrie Magazine:) Looking forward to that:)  Well best find me something to eat for dinner, I am hungry:0  Hugs and nite

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life today:)

Well its been a few days and I am blogging again:)) Yea I am getting a little time to share.  Not sure what all to share so we will see where this blog takes me.

In my last blog, I was trying to understand being content and un content:) well I have pulled out of being un content with my life as of now, feel more contented in what is going on in my life.  I did go to Dr. all is great with me and I am healthy so is Steve, we go like to old people and get our physical the same time:) Of course Steve has to totally undress and get in a gown and I tell Bruce no way, he can do it with my clothes on:) He said that is what old ladies do and he has learned to do a physical around the clothing:0 as he rolls his eyes, if you know Dr. Sanderson you know his eye rolls too:)  So how did I get content?  I prayed and ask the Lord to show me why I am un content, that simple.  Then ask him to show me what I need to be doing.  There was not a major change in anything, just a new perspective for me to view  my life in, in His perspective:)  I saw some areas I need to change in my and made the choice to change them, life is a choice, each day we have the freedom to choose to be happy or a grump, we can choose to take the high road when things go wrong or the low road, we can choose to turn the other cheek or fight back, we are fortunate to be able to choose daily in our life what we will do each day, have the freedom to pray or even write a blog about choosing and God.  I choose to be happy and take the high road:)

This week has been very busy at work, Steve and I did have some time to spend with friends this week end, Steve played golf with his friend Ray Richey on Sunday and  Pam and I got a chance to catch up on our lives.  Enjoyed our time.  Then back at it at work, I am thankful we both love what we do because we do it a lot:)) The market is busy and we just run to keep up with it.  I was honored with being voted the Best of the Best again this year and will have a brunch to go to next Thursday:)
That was a surprise this year:))
Looking forward to the Brunch and the magazine will have my pic in it and the award:) Helps with publicity in this business.
This past Tuesday my cousin John Owens who we called JP past away, he was not sick like passing away but had health issues, so it was unexpected, his wife Pat had past a few years back and he missed her so much, he spent his 44th wedding anniversary with her in Heaven:) His service is Thursday.  Life is so fragile we really do not know what tomorrow holds, he was getting his hair cut Tuesday and past Tuesday night. Thankful we will see him again:)
Steve just left to show property and I have a For Sale By Owner class I will teach at ten am today, it is on how to list FSBO, listing are the life blood to stay in the Real Estate Business, they say Realtor's never retire they just become listless:)
I hope your having a good week and choose to be happy today, no matter what happens, you and I have a choice to make:) hugs

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Content? or UN Content, my new word for discontent

This is a word I have thought of a lot lately, and on Sunday Pastor Jerry preached on it, I had just talked to Steve and Sherry Maxwell about not feeling content, and why?  I wondered am I depressed or is this just all there is to my life?  Now I know some of you are saying, WHAT????? she has a different life every day, but even in that its routine:) I could not really describe my feelings and felt guilty for having them because I do have a much better life then some. 

I have realized that we all have to become un content for changes to happen in our life, if not we would never change a thing.  I have become un content in my life, I did go get a physical to make sure I was ok physically and did get me some Prozac, I do think there is depression involved, that my serotonin's have depleted some from all the stress this past year has brought.  BUT I know me and my body, with my work in the Mental Health field I recognize my signs of depression, such as having to always push my self, not having the energy I need, but always thinking, ok if I get thought this then I can slow down, or having migraines, being edgy, short fused, so I do think the Prozac will help replenish my brain with what it needs:) YES, I think I am a Dr.:)

In my un contentment I can reach out to other things to see if that works to make me content or I can be still and let God show me the direction He is going in my life and why I am un content:)  I first chose to try to figure it all out, for one there are several issues with in my children that have me on my knees praying, nothing I can do about it other then pray and trust God to be faithful to them in their lives. Then decided to rearrange my living room, which I did and I liked the change, which give me insight into me:)  God will bring un contentment into our life's so that we can see we need change, once we find the changes HE is making in us then we find contentment again, of course this is till he brings un contentment again to get us from one place to the other:)  Reminds me of the book, Who moved my cheese?  Its about two mice, one was afraid to go out and look for food and the other after almost starving decided to venture out, of course he had a maze to go through but found a much better life and more cheese to eat, so the moral of this blog, is you can not stay in the same place, being un content is a good thing, it makes us move out of our normal routine and face some fears in life, move forward to new areas of our life!  I hope it your in the same place you will look to the Lord for your answers, speaking from doing it, there is nothing else that can give true peace or contentment then Him, the other things may endure for the night but the un contentment is right back in the morning,  seek the Lord ask what is going on with you, He states, if you lack wisdom ask and He will tell you, make the changes HE shows you, not what you show your self:) and TRUST Him with the out come of your life.....yes, our daily life can be routine, its called life, we can not find contentment in things or people, but in Him to find real contentment, then when we are un content He leads us back to what is the purpose of this life and what purpose you have to play in it, till He comes for us:)

So, I am thankful I was so un content so I could be moved into a place of contentment for a season:) hugs have a great day! Now to take my own advice:)))

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 2013

Life has been busy, I have thought of blogging but did not do it, its been so long not sure I can even catch up, so I will start from here:)  This month has been full of graduations, Alexandria is going to ASU Jonesboro, she has a very busy summer with her cheer coach work and will leave for school in August.  Olivia, Peyton, Max and Jack all moved into their next level of grades, we enjoyed seeing all the accomplishments they all had, I have some smart grand babies:)

This month I have been able to help Jill out with her girls,grandbabies and I have enjoyed them:)

she is back on the mend now, I will miss that time with them, but thankful her surgery went well.  Like I told them I may come spend the night some:)  I have had a full month of family time with all my babies and grand babies:)

Work has been busy, at the same time the pace has slowed down this past two weeks, need it to pick back up, we were able to do some things to the condo to spruce it up a little and have a few nights to spend there,

 summer is always fun at the lake and we love the pool!  I have a busy day Monday and Tuesday, and full end of the week with real estate. 

We went to Hannah's Thursday for Max's graduation and her house is looking so good, they are coming along with the building of the shop/garage that is HUGE!!

They have some hogs :((( and their goats are doing well, they have three dogs,  some pretty chickens that follow you and walk all over the yard:)  They eat the eggs daily, and plan to kill the hogs to eat.....not sure I can do that:(  Mark said its the hogs and deer that will feed them this year. I like to visit the country but not sure I am a country girl:)

Memorial we went to the condo, McGills and Averitt ( Sean and Sarah ) camped out, we had a great time on the lake with the kids and cooking out:) Lovie loved it:)

I have been giving a lot of thought into the next five years, I will be sixty this year and Steve Sixty three, in five years I will be ready to go at a slower pace, I think:) and working my plan to be able to retire if that is what we choose to do.  I am not sure if I will ever not be involved in real estate because it is so in me, we will just have to figure that out as we go:)  So wierd to think on getting older:)

Last night I met with a group of my high school friends, we had a get together at Cajun's, it was fun seeing them, we has bad rains so it was a small group, but a lively group:) I left about eight and they said what???? I said my bed time is nine:)  I have a wonderful group of us that have stayed in touch with each other.
Class of 1971 Parkview Patriots
All in all it has been a very busy May, a very productive May and looking forward to Summer!