Friday, May 27, 2011

Preparing myself

I have what I call the blues today, Mama and Roy and Connie have gone, they left early this amSad smile I really enjoyed them and loved watching mother be so happy, she loved having them here.  Yesterday Jenn and Jill brought all the girls overmamamama2Mother always enjoys children, she is amazed they know who she isSmile Max is always so loving with mother, Hannah and her children came later and we all had dinner. My camera was deadSad smile but Connie will have pics and I will snag hers.mama3mama4 In July we are going to Chattonnaga to see her brothers and other sister, we will meet Connie and Mama and Roy in MemphisSmile I want mother to see them while she is able to get around, it is getting difficult and she is for sure progressing in this dreadful disease.  I always wonder how long it will be before she needs totally help with everything, as of now she can get around, needs help with her personal care but feeds her self, she talks and inter acts in cover stations and has a great sense of humor, I just hate knowing I will lose her in all she can do today, but try to prepare my self, with Aunt Jane passing and a friend on mine Mother passed with Alzheimer's I know that day will come so I am trying to cherish all I an in today, at the same time I can only take so much and need a break from it, wish I didn’t or I would be with mother all the time.  She has the best of care and loves her home, she is in a happy place. I am trying to beSmile Trying to live one day at a time and our needs is met for today, also preparing for our future with mother, I know in the end she will live with us, so making all future plans for that day.  Ok, on a lighter note, the McGill's are here, Luke weighs 10 pounds and the Dr. said is healthy and will be a big boySmile Blake just found a baby bird, in which we now have in a box and they are feeding it wormsSmile Max built a tent in the front yardSmile over the swing frame for the yard swing, Sean and his family are coming today and Jill and Alex and Amelia for dinner, probably Alicia and her family if they are in town… it’s a busy day, then Hannah will go home tomorrow and Steve and I are going to do something, not sure what but something fun, like ride four wheelers, or go to the pool, but something!  I am taking a agents calls while she is on a cruise this week so work will probably busySmile I need it to be.  Hugs to all and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy week

Mama and Connie and Roy got here Tuesday, so as soon I as finished work I was at mother's:)) I had everything prepared to cook for the week, yesterday we had storms, so of course I put the chairs in mother's closet, which Connie thought was hysterical, she took pics, we did not have to go there, which was great:) but she did have mama and Roy sit in the chairs for a pic:) I had put a roast and potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and some green beans on stove, I did not think the roast would be done so I got out the chicken and made chicken and dumplings and a yummy salad, when it was all said and done the roast was done so we just had it all for dinner!!! I am going to post some pics so you can see them, mother has enjoyed them here, and I am so glad they came, she knows them sometimes and some times not, but she knows she loves them:) Hannah and her family come tonight to go to Dr. visits and will be here for weekend, then Monday I have me some girl friend time:) for Memorial day, can not wait! Not sure if i said my back was bothering me or not but it is much better:))) yea! Keep my April in your prayers:) hugs and have a great day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

new Blog

As you can see I have a new look, thank you Elaina Weaver! I won the make over from her blog:)) So tell me what you think? Been a Monday, got a lot done at the office and went to the store for mother, Mama and Connie will be here tomorrow till Friday am., I am excited they will be able to come for a few days, mother needs to see them, they will be at mother's if any of you who read this want to see them:) I will love visiting with them!! Kay is out of town at the condo and will be there a few days to rest up, she is exhausted from the schedule she has kept for so long, two weddings in a few months is a lot of stress, in a good way. Ready for the sun to shine have a full day tomorrow with work:) Boy I need some of my listings to sell, so say a prayer for me and them:) will best run, just wanted to see the new look and what you think:) hugs and nite

Saturday, May 21, 2011

for better or for worse

Hummmmmmm……just thinking on this statement that we have heard and maybe said at weddings.   What is for better or for worse?

Life is for better or for worse, Love is for better or for worse, you and I are for better or for worse…..this morning I feel like it is for worse, woke up not feeling to goodSad smile have a headache and stuffy nose, my back is trying to go out, I am trying to get to the for better part of itSmile

This has been a busy few days, My Aunt Jane past away, Steve and Alex did her funeral, took a pic of daddy and Walt’s grave, Aunt Jane is buried beside them with Uncle Dave, it was a sweet funeral, makes me have to look at reality with motherSad smile my dear friend Becky Hale

sang, Amazing Grace. Very sweet time for family.

 wedding lunch, janes funeral 001wedding lunch, janes funeral 002 wedding lunch, janes funeral 004

Then Wednesday Steve’s sister Patsy and her husband Donald spent the night, loved getting to visit with themSmile They were on vacation.Thursday, Cole spent the night, he was absolutely perfect, he is just so sweet.cole todayhe looks so much like Sean sometimes, then totally like Sarah’s familySmile  I taught the lesson at Celebrate Recovery Thursday night, before I got up to speak my mind went totally blank, made me real nervous, I could not even remember what I wanted to share at all or where to start, but it all came back and went well.  Then Friday Mary Lee invited me to a special Bridal lunch and special it was, they had individual wedding cakes for our deserts, the butter was even in the shape of a wedding cake, we all were requested to wear hats, since I do not wear hats or dresses that much I had to go shopping, I bought a dress, shoes and hat, came home tried them on for Steve, when I walked into his office he laughed out loud, he said he was not prepared to see me dressed like thatSmile but I am so glad I did, almost didn’t and I would not have been dressed proper for this luncheon in anything lunch, janes funeral 027Kay and Mary Leewedding lunch, janes funeral 047my shoeswedding lunch, janes funeral 018the table, see the deserts?wedding lunch, janes funeral 051wedding lunch, janes funeral 008

Had a wonderful dinner last night. So for today, I slept in, Steve had a golf tournament to play in with Jared, I will show property this afternoon, then go to Mother’s and get her ready for the wedding tonight, so I need to feel much better! Hope your having a good day!  Hugs

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


marraigeFrom this to this152 (460x640)39 years later…….blessed with this1001[1]

When your married for a few years people will ask how you made it this long.  I woke up with all this on my mind and decided to blog, hoping to help give you insight to a healthy, happy marriage, hoping to help you not make the mistakes we have.  First off marriage is a two way street, you give 100% everyday, 24/7, 365 days a year, then if you both do that your covered when one can not, yes, there are days you do not have 100% to giveSmile I will be only speaking for me in my marriage,  as a young bride, who had never been away from home and moved 2000 miles away, I was miserable, I became pregnant right off with Alicia, I have been pregnant 8 times, yes, I said 8 and have 6 children.  I think in the early days, the children kept us together, we could not afford to divorce, not that we had not thought of it many times in all these years.  What I would like to share is what I have learned in being married.  1st. Peter chapter 3 tells us women, that if our husband is wrong in his doing, we are to be quiet and he will be won without a word ( from us) by our gentle and quiet behavior…….NOW I was far form gentle and quiet when Steve did something I did not think was right….BUT over the years have tested this scripture and know it to be true.  As a young bride I was very insecure, had a lot of baggage, when Steve would go out of town if he did not call I would totally blast him, out of my own fears and insecurities, when he would be late and did not call I would blast him, again out of my own emotional baggage, I could never understand why he may not want to callSmile then he said who wants to pet a biting dog?  Are you a biting dog?? if so you will drive your husband away from you, because of your own needs inside that only God can heal.  Steve had a hard time telling me no, I did not hear no and did what I thought was ok, inside he simmered with anger towards me, then when he said no to things I WANTED, I manipulated him, so this makes for a lot of frustration in a marriage.  I was and am his beloved, I just could not see it in my younger years……….wish I had.  I have learned to let Steve be Steve, let me be me, know where I began and end and where he begins and ends, we are one in spirit and unity but two separate people, Steve makes major mistakes in my mind but I have learned God is in control of Steve and I am to pray for him to hear God in our marriage.  Do not misunderstand, for those who know me, know I am a strong personality, I do have my opinion and we agree to disagree sometimes on issues, we do not move on till we can agree, then sometimes even though I can not stand it, I just have to trust God and submit because Steve will be adamant on something.  He is usually right! Ladies this is the security you are looking for, a man who hears the Lord, now keep in mind you may not think so all the time, this is where you have to trust the Lord, a man who does not bow down to you but stands up to you, to help build God’s character in you, but totally loves you unconditional.  This is what we all want, so next time he does something that makes you angry look and see if it is something emotional that you need help with, if it is a fear of divorce? is it you just want your way? I know from experience we can make the man or break the man with our actions and words, your husband will NEVER be the man he can be if you nag him, correct him, embarrass him, I learned as a young wife, not to uncover Steve’s faults with my family, no one loves your husband like you do, they will judge him, and you will be over itSmile So find a friend who loves your husband to share with and will give you good advice when you need to share. We can make or break them, in Pro. it says a spirit of a man will attain him in sickness, but who can can bear a broken spirit????  You know when your feelings are hurt or you have a wound to your inner core, that is your spirit…….in all our years of marriage Steve has had a very sensitive spirit…..I can wound him easily and have.  I have seen His spirit broken by me, I pray you will learn from me and guard your husband’s heart as your own.  For a long marriage you have to be totally honest and learn how to communicate, we learned this through Marriage Encounter, a work shop that teaches you to communicate your feelings, which are very hard for men to communicate.  I encourage you to Google it and go to one of these, they have them twice a year in LR but they are all over.  Ladies keep your feet at home, you are more vulnerable then your know, men will entice you and say sweet things, but guard your heart in his area, from my mistakes, I learned to keep my feet at home, I do not go to places of temptation  for me, failed in that area in my marriage and never want to go there again, grass is never greener on the other sideSmile So how do you have a happy long marriage?  Its not always happySad smile If you will look at all the fingers pointing at yourself when your looking at you husband’s fault it will help you see he is just like you, he has needs, he has feelings, they are in your hands, what will you do with them?  Build him up or tear him down, it is in your power to do that……..I have learned to build Steve up, I have learned to love when I do not like him, I have learned to shut up and walk away, I have learned its not all about me, even though most the time it is, for real…..working on that still, working on my marriage daily, loving on my husband daily, letting him see the real me and trusting him with my heart when he has hurt it daily……but most of all Trusting God to keep my husband the man he is and is to be and keep my mouth shut:0  Look at your self, if you need help get it, life and death is in the power of the tongue….be a life giver in your marriage!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

whew home, home again:)

Nothing like coming homeSmile  We had a great weekend at Hannah bluke3and Mark’s.  Friday afternoon when we got there we did some shopping, had lasagna and salad, for dinner, it was tasty, then I stayed up with baby Luke Friday night, he is such a good babybluke1bluke

I gave him his first bath, his navel cord had fallen off and it looks real goodSmilehappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 048He did not like his bath, but loved being cuddled afterwards.happy birthday olivia lukes first bath 052 Since we were there we decided to have Olivia’s birthdayhappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 015she is three this Thursdayhappy birthday olivia lukes first bath 039happy birthday olivia lukes first bath 027small family party but so much fun!! Olivia loves toy story and loved her gifts!  So glad we got to share it with them!  Then Saturday we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more, we got so much done! Hannah and Mark got a swing set they bought from a neighbor and a bb goalSmile got a trampoline, so now the kids are set with things to play on, Steve and Mark put it all together, the kids played, and got up went out and played some more…this will help having a back yard that is like a play ground!  Blake called it a play ground!  So proud of Hannah and Mark, they have adjusted so well, Mark went back to work Saturday, but no doubt in my mind that Hannah will  be just fine, I love going down and helping them.  Belinda will be there this week, then they are coming here for Memorial day and Hannah and Luke have Dr. appointments.  Not sure if we will hang here or go to the condo, just playing it by ear, I have Journey Church Kids that Sunday and Hospitality so we will be at church for sure, may just drive home form lake then drive back.   I woke up today with a real bad headache, hurt to the point I was nauseated, of course Hannah gave me a half of a zophran and that helped with the nausea, when were were leaving Max ran up to tell me bye, I bent down and we head butted, I thought it knocked me out, I saw black, just held onto him, could not even help him for me about to pass out, then my head pounded, so on the drive home I tried to sleepWinking smile April shared some very personal things going on in her so please keep her in your prayers, this is such a hard time for her, which makes my heart hurt, and Victoria had some things going on that need prayer to, so it was a heart wrenching ride home with a bad head ache, I did dose off after our talk, but my heart ached for both of them.  Thank you for praying! I am ready fro bed and on my way there…hugs and nite

Friday, May 13, 2011

On my way:)

Always on my way, to where today? Van Buren to help Hannah and MarkSmile Excited to see how much Luke has grown and bring April home.  Steve's  brother Biff has been in the hospital so he will go see him in the morning, he lives about 30-45 minutes form Hannah.  Victoria is with usSmile  Last night I was so proud of Sarah, she graduated in her nursing, she has about one more year and will be a RN, so she still has school but she has worked very hard to get where she is!!sarah grad 006the blonde, is the back of Sarah,sarah grad 007Cole watched for her, we yelled for her when they called her nameSmilesarah grad 009he is soooooo cute!!! 

Had a good week, the group I am doing for ladies on Tuesday night is totally awesome, it is really blessing me to be able to do it, getting to know some neat ladies.  I was in continue education for six hours yesterday, then went to mother’s, not sure she knew me, but she was doing well, Faye was with her and mother was just resting in her chair, we talked and visited, then Steve and I went home to watch NCIS, which was one of the best and it left me hanging till next Tuesday!! I hate it when shows do thatSad smile Olivia’s birthday is Thursday, she will be three, so I thought we might could do a birthday dinner tomorrow for her, I am getting settled with out them here, makes it easier that Jenn and the girls came home, I can hear them playing and enjoy playing with themSmile I am just spoilt1001[1]it to my grand babies!!  I have not said much about my April lately, she still lives with the Harris family, that is her boyfriends parents, she is doing well, still not agreeing  of the relationship she is in, but praying daily and leaving it with GodSmile He does not have Grand Children, she belongs to HIM! 

Kay is so busy with Clay and Marylee’s wedding, she will be so ready for a break when she gets though this, she is doing well.  Actually all is going smooth right now for us, and it feels real good!! I need my business to pick up, like for realSmile I have some loans in closing but this has been the worst I have experienced in a slow market, just staying focused and keep digging for the worm, so pray for me some new listings so I can get some buyers!! Someitmes you have to go backwards before you can go forward………..where I have beenSmile  Best run….hugs