Friday, February 27, 2009

Now I am not behind for today:)

Sean and Sarah who looks so good for just having a baby!! She is smaller now then before she was pg

April and William Cole

Anna and William Cole Averitt....the BIG sister!

Its been a great day, walked with Tami and then went to the office and worked:)) Got a lot done today. We are getting ready to meet the Maxwell family at Larry's pizza, and I am ready for some yummy pizza. Steve is going to Ozone Arkansas in the deep Boston Mtns. where the sun shine is piped in with Mark and Max, no electric, no water, no nothing but woods and wild life including black bears....IIIIKKKKKEEEE!! They have 40 acres in the middle of the National Forrest to hunt on and it is suppose to snow, I say they are totally crazy...but each to his own...that is not me!! They do have all the warm things they WILL need and a motel is 18 miles away, when I told Mark that he just smiled his cute smile, like right, and said we will not be doing that:)) For sure where I would be!! nite

A Day Behind:)

Double Trouble!!!! Sean and Steve

Sarah's lips and cute smile......he is sooooooo cute!

Peeking at Alicia, he was trying to sleep...but Alicia kept getting shugs

Talking to Alicia, saying I am all out of shugs, I gave them all to NANA

I wanted to post last night but miss April had to work on her senior theme so I did not have a computer and Hannah has stole my lap top! So I am a day behind now.....oh well:) nothing to new for me. I am up and getting ready to meet my walking friend/Tami in Park hill to walk....not wanting to do that right now but I will. Yesterday I was looking out my window and saw what I thought was a Realtor at my neighbors across the street on the corner, and the neighbors got in her car and when they came back they had a MLS print out of a home so I knew they had been to look at property and this am when I got up they had a fro sale sign int he front I thought DDDD I should of walked over there on a pretty day and met them and told them I sold real estate, we have met sorta, they have borrow some tools form Steve but not sure they knew my profession, which is what I teach my agents to do, is walk you neighborhood, nothing worse then your next door neighbor have a different Realtor's sign in their yard!! SO I need to heed my own advice......lesson learned! Maybe I can sell it to someone I know and love......hint, hint, anyone? If you are a first time buyer you can get $8000.00 back:) on your taxes. April B. if you lived this close you could eat anytime I made mac and cheese and chik and dumplings!!! or Jill and Alex, I could help with the triplets! ( Ingress and egress and right of way) family joke:) Well yesterday my sweet William Cole came over and i have new pics for you:) He is 8 pds. and 4 ozs. and doing great, Sarah looks as if she never had a baby, and Sean may be due anytime....tee hee! Well Johnny Maxwell, Jimmy's brother who I have grown to love and you would too if you met him will be in town this week end, Steve and I are going to Larry's pizza tonight with Sherry, Jimmy 2 ( Jimmy's son) and Johnny and of course Montana Jimmy 2's cute little girl!! Looking forward to seeing the Maxwell's again, Sherry is doing good, she knows God has been her strength and is so thankful for all the prayers. Well best go and run for I back out with all my hundreds of excuses!! Make it a GREAT day!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A BIG day for me!

Well today I actually started training for next years LR Marathon!! I took Blake with me, he has a little car thing that you can push and he rides in the car, so off we went, we did one street then another, then I decided to walk down my street which has a hill and another hill, I did them then the deal was coming back home, I huffed and puffed and moaned to where Blake said Nana, Nana, I then said I think I can, as I was pushing him up the last long hill!! Finally we made it home and I was out of breath and sweating, in which I normally do not sweat because I never do anything to make me sweat:) Then I cleaned my house and made supper for home church, chicken and dumplings, corn, mac and cheese, green beans, black eyed peas and this yummy avocado and tomato and onion salad and a bowl of fresh fruit and of course rolls and tea, Jenn is bringing the desert, oh yes, and sourcroute (sp) and polish sausages! When I went to the store I was hungry for good healthy food and comfort food so I did it all~! SO if you want come and eat at 6:00pm tonight:) I finally took Blake and Max and got them a hair cut at sports clip, and forgot my camera!! Blake did so good and so did Max and they look too cute!! Well so much for today! Tomorrow I am off and running with work.....nite!

Oh Yes!! I have two friends who will train with me and we will meet Monday, Wed. and Fri. at 8:00 am to walk, I need one more who will run the five miles, then we can tag each other and only commit to five miles, then if I can do more I will:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FAT TUESDAY!! need $8000.00 dollars???

1o more pounds gone in the top pic which makes 79 pds. I wanted 100 by the end of March but not sure that will happen. I looked for a pic from when I started but could not find one...probably a good thing!

Well I won a King cake this am at sales meeting, I would let you see a pic of it but I gave it to Hannah and her family, very different for me:) but I can not eat it!! My niece April Bivens is running in a marathon March 15th. and I have made a commitment to start training so I can enter it next year, I realize after talking to Alicia it is 26 miles....LORD HELP....but I told her I may not be able to do the whole thing but if I can do any at all it will be great and by then surely I can do a lot of I have no ideal what I am talking about but I am going to try!! More then I can say for Alicia, she would not even make a commitment with me................then Steve said do you know how hard jogging is on your bones????? I said no because I have not even tried to jog in 30 years!!! BUT I will need encouragement and I will start off walking and work up to a jog:) Sorta felt like I was talking to jobs friends in the Bible:) Just kidding Alicia and Steve!! I know you will be my biggest cheer leaders and I hope walk with me!
OK. the deal is with the $8000.00 dollars, IF you bought a home since April of 2008 or buy one before Nov. 2009 you get a $8000.00 tax credit, and it is not a loan! Income is $75,000 per one household and $175,000 for a working two house hold, it is the best deal for a first time home call me and buy a house today!!
I had a good day but very tired from it!! so as usual nite nite!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A GREAT day!!

Olivia eating some little things that melt in her mouth that her mother thinks she can not eat:)
Olivia in her other dress I got her that her mother never put on her:)

My sweet Olivia

What I woke up too!! sooooooooooooooo sweet!!

Today was busy and full of work for me! I loved it! I had a meeting in the LR office and worked out of that office all day and showed property and I think they liked my listing on S. Pine in yea!! I have a clean car and a tank full of gas and my nails finally done and I am ready to work, I need listings so if you know anyone needing to sell their home have them call me!!! I also am hiring agents or anyone interested in a real estate career so if you know anyone have them call me:)
Tuesdays are always a full day with sales meeting,t hen we tour Cabot and have lunch at our Cabot office. I have a wonderful listing, if I could afford it I might even move, but right now I am trying to pay off debt not create it!

I took Olivia to church Sunday and have a pic of her in another dress:)) she does not get to wear dresses much, so I put them on her all the time:))) She loved nursery and was a perfect angel when we went to eat at Carino's with Jared and Jenn and Laila and Whitney. Then she went back to her home;(( and I cleaned my car and got everything ready fro a great work week!! Well best call it a night....nite!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awards of Excellence Banquet

Award of Excellence...Diamond Level...the highest you can attain:)

Olivia spending the night

My Hubby! Marilyn and Byron Mckimmey

Lots of pics! We had a great banquet at the Double tree in LR, we had a suite and had a pre party and then a after party at the Mckimmey's. I am so proud of our company and the agents!!
Olivia is spending the night tonight and I dressed her up because Jared and Jenn will be here to take us all to dinner:) It has been a lazy day, this am it was raining and I went back to felt so good!! Then I even took a nap, now I know what you are thinking , I did party till late for me:) Hannah and Mark have gone to the Embassy Suites to spend the night and swim, so I kept Olivia so they could have some fun and I will have fun with her.....well got to go get ready....nite

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Sitting Cole

Cole in his swing at Nana's
Cole's first Duck Blind:)

Cole with his Nana and his passy:)
Today was a great day!! I worked from my home and caught up on things I needed to do and set appointments for me the rest of the week and week end. Then I went to Kroger's and finally got groceries. I made lasagna for Sean and Sarah, they came over today and I kept Cole while they had and appointment. Cole was perfect!! Jenn came by with Laila and Peyton, Peyton was so sweet and got her baby too! Laila helped me cook by being on my hip:) Jenn is going to her mom's tonight and Peyton will stay with her meme for the weekend. Sean and Sarah came back and stayed for dinner then Jared came by to eat because Lasagna is his favorite, and it really was good I used fresh spices and Italian Sausage, reg. sausage and ground chuck and made my sauce from scratch, plus added some canned sauce and rague w/ mushrooms. It was sooooo good, I made a dish for them to take home too and for Mark and Hannah's dinner. I found a new dish, A sweet lady from Amboy Baptist church made this for Sherry Maxwell after Jimmy's funeral, it is avocado, diced in chucks, grape tomatoes sliced in half, green onions chopped, then fresh cilantro and some Italian dressing, keep Pit to avocado in the salad so it will not turn brown, it is sooooo good!!! yummy! and pretty! Well I played with Cole all evening and now I am ready for bed so nite nite!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whooooaaaa! Nellie!!! and Praise God!!

rooster, 2 yr. old friend of Apache
Two cute and playful!!

me and Apache

April and Apache

Steve and Apache

Rob Post and April on Apache, Rob is helping April with her horse riding skills, last Saturday, April pulled the reins for Apache and Rob had his arms holding onto April and off they both went, it was too funny, of course Rob was a little embarrassed since he is a experienced horseman!! BUT no one knew how quick Apache would stop, but they do now, he also reins real good and pivots real good, he would be a great pinning horse or cattle horse!! But for us he is April's Friend and he has taken to her and she to him and a great trail riding horse!!
Now what has been going on with me, when I was in the hospital they found a cyst on my right kidney, I had it scaned and I was to go back in six months, when I got the kidney infection I called the Dr. and did my scan, when the scan was back the nurse called me and said the Dr. wanted me to come in for the results, I was going through all that with Jimmy and Sherry and I ask could she not just tell me if the scan was clean and she said no, I said I would be fine knowing on the phone to please let me know, she said looks like you may need surgery. So I thought well I have kidney cancer and will have to deal with that, and I did the best I could, today we went to the Dr. and he said how are you? I said you tell me. He said you are fine!! The scan is fine and the cyst is fine, that I had a small kidney stone in the lower right kidney but it was tiny and we would leave it alone, I can not tell you how relieved I was, I am so thankful all is well with me, the ct scan showed my pancreas had healed since the last ct when I had acute pancreatits(SP) and was in the hospital....I am just so thankful!!! well I can say nite nite!!! with a grateful heart!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad and rejoice in it

well, I do not feel like rejoicing but I do know God is in control! Yesterday, Jimmy's funeral was so sweet, it was personalized to Jimmy and he was so unique and so was his funeral:)) I did get a call from the Drs. office and I go see him Wed. at 1:00, the nurse would not tell me the results of the scan but I told her it has to be bad or he would not have me come in, so just tell me, again she said she could not do that, but it did look like I would need with that being said, I will let you know what the plans are for me when I know them. I have had so much lately, I took it in stride but today I am real emotional with everything. I did not go to work, I need some down time for me away from everything so I can get a grip. One thing about me is that I know that I know that I know my Redeemer lives! and He will lighten my load, I am so thankful for my best friend Jesus! I know my daddy God holds me securely in the palm of His hand and that is where I find strength and rest...and I pray you find it there too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

General Sherman bed at Sherry's that I sleep in:)
Sherry Maxwell and Jimmy's Muffin

The wood trim of the is beautiful!
Well I wanted you to see how neat that bed is!! I got up this am and came home and got dressed to go to the visitation with Sherry, it was wonderful seeing friends I had not see in a while, Sherry felt so loved, she was dreading it but when we left she said it was really good and she needed it, all the hugs, tears, prayers and laughs! Amy King made the very best homemade chicken and rice soup and cornbread muffins....oh my word, I should of took a pic of that too!! It was so good, I will get her recipe and share it on my blog!! I told Sherry we are freezing me some in case I do have to have surgery on my kidney, that is what I want:) I will probably hear from my Dr. tomorrow about my ct scan I had last Thursday, he has been out of town and I really did not want to deal with that now, not sure I even want to know tomorrow but I think he will call me anyway, I am praying it is a good scan. I am still on antibiotics and my low/middle back is better, it still nags at me but better then it was:) I came home tonight, Sherry is good and Steve and I will back over there tomorrow at 9:00 to go to the funeral at 10:00. Did I tell you that Jimmy looks so good, most of the time dead people never look like them self but he really does and that gave me peace, he looked so bad before, its good to See him like him self. I have also realized why people need to See the body, I hate all that, but our brain needs to realize they are gone and seeing them gives you closure you need. When my father died, I never saw him dead and I struggled for years with feeling he was alive and I dreamed it many times, I understand better now why, plus God was healing a lot of things inside me:)) Hope my blog has not been depressing, this is some sad times but I sing Hallelujah, what a Savior....He was faithful to answer Jimmy Maxwell's prayers and take him home where he did not have to go through the pain of pancreatic cancer. God is good not to answer all our prayers but answer the person in need:) Well I am getting to bed early tonight and I am sooooo ready.....nite
And yes, I did have to look up how to spell Hallelujah

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am back in the saddle again!! Whoa Nellie!

Today I got up early because I wanted a cup of coffee and love the coffee pot!! I had time to sit and drink it, when Mark ( Hannah's Husband ) came in and ask could I sit with the kids, that he had plan on getting Hannah's Valentine the night before but she never went to bed till late, and this am she was sleeping in, so off I went over there, and of course I love all the babies, so that was good for me, nothing like Blake, it does not matter if he just saw you, he runs with his arms open wide as fast as he can for a 2 yr. old saying NANA NANA NANA! and gives you the biggest hug! Mark came back with Hannah a surprise and let her sleep real late....I know Hannah was thankful. I came home and just sat for a while and read my bible, Steve came in the room and we had time to talk. Some hurtful things had been said to me the night before in a email, (not from my family) I was tearful over that and all with Sherry and Jimmy, so I had my crying and praying and reading time, that I needed. I then went to Sherry's and today was a harder day for her, she was crying when I came in, this is so hard because she and Jimmy were best friends and she misses him so much. I took her to the funeral home at 2:00 and we met Jimmy's children and brother to make sure Jimmy Maxwell looked as they wanted him to, in which I am so impressed, he really looked like him self, this was a tuff time. After we got home, I went out to the barn to met up with Steve and April and Victoria and Anna to ride Apache! It has been some years since I had rode but it all comes back, Apache impressed me, I had to let him know I was the boss but he caught on real quick, I loved it!!! I realized that when I was younger I had turned to my horse fro emotional needs in me and I realized that today as I groomed him and rode him, it helped me feel better inside, and since I can not eat to meet that need anymore I think this is a answered prayer for me. I had horses all my life and form 7th grade up until I married I showed horse and daily had time with my horse. SO Apache is a welcome blessing to me and April and Steve! Then I came back to check on Sherry and she was fast asleep, she needed that, so I went home and out to eat with Steve,April, Anna, Victoria at Pig and Chick, the kids were talkative and that was fun to hear what they had to say:) Now I am spending the night with Sherry, she did not need to be alone tonight and I am getting ready fro bed so nite nite! I wish I had my camera today but I will get it and take you some pics:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

April wanted a Basset Hound so we got her one:)
Keurig coffee cool....Steve loves it, a little expensive for a coffee pot, but it does tea, hot chocolate:)

My roses from my Valentine for 36 almost 37 years and still in love with him;) he is my honey!

I spent the night with my dear forever friend Sherry we stayed up late talking, then she feel asleep on her couch and I got in the most beautiful bed that was Jimmy's, I will have to take a pic of it, it is a old antique we made the funeral arrangements and burial arrangements for Jimmy, people were in and out all day...have you ever been so close to a Friend when they hurt you hurt? that is how Sherry and I are, Steve and I lived with her for two years, we had moved in for two weeks when we sold our home but stayed two plus years, I love her dearly. Tonight I stayed to all had left and then ask her should I spend the night, I know at some point she needs her alone time.....she said she did not know, we sat and talked a hour or so and we decided for me to come home and all she has to do is call if she needs me, she is close to Steve too, Jimmy was Steve's friend and Steve does not have many men who is is friend, he has trust issues:) So I am home, I came in and my wonderful sweet compassionate husband had me a dozen yellow roses with the red tips and a card I cannot open till tomorrow....but the best of all is he got a new coffee pot and it is unique, you do one cup at a time and have hundreds of kinds of coffee you can do or teas or hot chocolate!! St. Vincents had these pots and he loved it, every time he went to see Jimmy and when he spent the night he always got coffee, when we went to see Sean and Sarah and Cole he got coffee, so now he has it! and yes he has made him coffee! Baby Cole came over this am after his Dr. appointment, his bellirubin is high, he has to go to springhill Baptist hospital tomorrow to have it checked, if it has not gone down they will admit him:(( so pray it goes down. Right now I am some what over whelmed by everything, but the scripture I know is so true is, when you heart is over whelmed then lead me to the Rock that is higher then I.....thank you Jesus for always being the Rock of my Salvation......nite

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Honor of Jimmy Maxwell 2-11-09

Tonight my dear friend Jimmy Maxwell got sick at home and His wife Sherry called 911 and he was transported to St. Vincents er, Sherry and his son and Steve and I were at his side as Sherry let him go into the arms of Jesus.....please keep his family in your prayers...this was not expected, although he had been very sick with surgery for pancreatic cancer. He had got to go home form the hospital Tuesday and he was so happy about that.........nite

Anna and Cole's cute!

Talking to my daddygrand
Balloons and stork sign telling the world about William Cole

Anna's letters

Cole's bed, Joe painted the wall, Sarah's brother, it is so cute!

Cole's letters

daddygrand learning all about it

Bright eyed!!

Anna's bed, Diane, Sarah's mother monogrammed her pillow with her name to match the bedding for Cole. Sarah wants Anna to know she is special too!

Now that I am finished with the pics, I will tell you about my day:) I got up early and took miss priss April to school, first by Shipley's to get her a ham kolache, then to school. Steve and I went to carlisle to decorate the yard in blue for Cole. They came home today and all are doing fine. We did go by St. Vincents to give him a little hug before they went home. I had my CT scan today on my kidney, I am anxious about the results since my back is still really bothering me for the kidney infection.............but I am praying that it is a good scan. When I know I will let you know:)
home again, home again is where I am at. I did list a 5 acre tract in Ward, it adjoins a house I listed on 11.50 acres. I need to go to the store and may later, I am out of so many things:(( well that's it for today.................later.....until I blog again!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

no title day

No new pics today:( I got up with full intentions of going to Carlise to put blue ribbons and balloons on everything I could at Sean and Sarah's and my stork:) But my body was telling me different, my mind can do so much if it could get my body to cooperate!! Hannah called about 8:15 for me to come and look at Olivia, she has mosquitoes bites all on one said of her face, so Steve and I took her to the Dr. to make sure it is OK to have that many bites, about 15! A mosquito must have been in her bed, she is fine, he gave us some cream and Hannah is going over her room with a fine tooth comb and changing her linens. Then I had my cheers to address so I sat and did that with my back still hurting and I have been on antibiotic for 24 hours now, so it worried me because of the cyst in my kidney. I called the Dr. and they are ordering the mRI now. I was going to wait till the end of the month so if anything is wrong I would not know it yet:) BUT my back hurts too bad for me to have peace with that. I am waiting on them to call me and tell me when to go. Once I got the Cheers, ( a mailer that I do ) addressed Steve took them to the office and I laid down:) I am up now and feel some what better...maybe it takes awhile to get over a kidney infection......BUT I am ready...if I can will it so then I should be good to go:)
Tonight we have the movie Fireproof showing at the church, Steve and I have seen it so we will watch a movie with the older children....and if I do not feel like it then Steve will watch a movie with them;) We are having pizza and snack stuff so you are welcome to come and join us....I would say nite nite and feel like going nite nite but it is way to early for that!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More pics of Anna's lil Brother

look at his fat little legs:) big hands!

A happy family, Sean, Anna,Sarah,Cole Averitt

Willaim Cole Averitt is here!

Dr. Orman Simmons and Cole minutes old

Today started with a phone call from Sean and we were all on our way to meet Cole:) Sarah had a text book delivery, she was a real trooper all the way!! Steve and I are getting ready to go get his big sister Anna to meet him:)) I will do more pics then.
I have not worked today and my back is a lot better, hurting right now but I have been on my feet most of the day......more pics later