Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its looking like Christmas

Today I was not nauseated but just felt weak from being sick, as the day went on felt somewhat better, Steve had brought the Christmas things in so as the day went on Steve and I began decorating Christmas..........it was a struggle for me, this is the first year that we had no children here to help, last year when April and I decorated the tree, I told her I knew it would be her last year home and we would enjoy decorating the tree together:) In the past years when all the kids were home, we had messes made, we had broken ornaments, children getting so excited that they would act crazy......just a loud but fun time:) As the years have past it has gotten more quieter and organized....this year it was totally quiet with Steve and I, we had the Christmas music and made it a sweet time for the two of us. Life is different with all our babies out of the house. I do enjoy the quietness of it and the peace, although I am always ready for my family to come and visit. Hannah and Mark will be here this weekend, Steve and Mark are hunting from what I have been told:) Tomorrow I have a lot of work ( paper work ) to catch up on, my closing that were to be tomorrow are delayed, it is so hard getting loans closed now days:( The market is slow but I am hanging in there. Well I am going to call it a night...hugs

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blah, sickly Monday

I woke up about 4isah feeling itcky, then by 6ish I knew I was sick, Alicia had text ed that Victoria was sick, then Jenn said Peyton was sick, by the end of the day all Alicia's children were sick, Peyton was better and so far the rest are ok. It is a stomach bug:( so I have taken phenagrin all day and slept mist of day, other then when I was in rest room, have a low fever, enough to make you ache all over:(( Please continue to pray for us, I hope mother doesn't get this, I was at her house yesterday. Going to go it makes me nauseated to sit up....hugs

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

Great full and Thankful! fun filled family time:)

Sean and Sarah

Cole with his pop gun

Shooting the dog

my little razorbacks...Jenn dresses them a like and made their shirts:0

Girls doing nails:)

Mother wocking Victoria:)) lady in pic is Connie one of her caregivers

Jack reading to Cole...so sweet!

Cole eating lunch

The big kids went to the Razorback game that we won! Steve and I had Grand babies all day Sat. and today, so much fun and a much needed distraction!! We stayed in all day Saturday, having Alexandria Victoria and Jack was really nice, they totally helped so much! Jack read to Cole, so sweet, Cole loved having Jack with him, we were eating lunch and Jack went to get something, Cole said, where Jack go?? so cute!! He said daddygrand too, that's a hard one!! Victoria was telling him to say RooRoo, her nick name:) We had Mikka the baby, Laila the 2 yr old, Peyton the 3 yr. old, Cole is 1 yr. old, believe it or not, it all went well, we even got breakfast and We went to church this am, which I needed, they prayed for Steve and I and April, I needed that:) then went to eat Chinese food, then took Alexandria and Victoria to get their nails done for being such help, with out me asking:) then went to mother's, mother wanted Victoria to sit with her and rock:) Mother was a little more confused today but enjoyed our visit, this may be from all the outings she has had htis week, April is with her tonight and tomorrow till 4pm when Kay comes to spend the night, it is suppose to pour rain all day and get colder, I wanted to do my Christmas decorating tomorrow but not sure I can get it all out in the rain, I have it in a storage bld.:(( will have to wait and see, Steve is going hunting in early am with Sean, I will have work till afternoon, then will see what to do......I will keep Amelia tomorrow night for Jill to go to ladies group, can not wait to see miss Amelia, they have all been sick so have not seen her through the Holidays...I love this time of year, its a time I can focus on my family and just love on them and I love that! It brings me great joy to be with them, I had some good one on one time with my grand girls this week, and my daughters:) Keep us in your prayers, I am believing God is in control and faithful!! hugs and nite

Friday, November 26, 2010

Need Prayer..............for me and April

I have thought and thought, should I blog about my heart ache, since it concerns my family, in saying that, I have decided to share my heart because I know only God can do anything in this matter and it is not a private matter. It concerns April, we had such a wonderful time with her during the Thanksgiving Holidays, we have not seen her much, as you know she moved out about six months ago, she first moved to Alex's, then moved to Seth's parents home, where she lives now, April usually sleeps all day because she does not like to think, then she goes to Seth's apt., in which is in a very dangerous area of Little Rock, they just had a police stand off there with shots fired in the area, they had to bring people into the lobby at children's hospital because a shot went through one of the windows, such a ruff place to live, much less be 19 and beautiful and come and go from there, but that is not what has bothered me, today when I went to mother's April was there, we both left when Connie the caregiver got there, Connie ask April when she was getting married? I looked at April and said married, Connie said well I know she said she had a finance.......I left and when April got to the house, we were going shopping, I ask April was she and Seth engaged, she lied then said well God is providing for them to get married, I ask her how, she said Seth found $1000.00 dollars in a man's wallet who had been evicted and Seth gets to keep things people leave in the apartment when he cleans them, of course we all know that their are legal procedures on people's be longings, I told her that was stealing, not God providing, what Seth did was wrong, but she said his boss said he could have anything in the apts. he cleans....... then she said a lady in the church she is going to who did not know she and Seth were thinking of marriage came up and gave her her daughter's wedding dress, so God provided a dress, this was like putting a knife in my heart, it made me feel sick immediately, I said April that is a mother and daughter's special time in planning a wedding and her sisters, S-I-L's, as was her prom, then I ask have you planed to marry soon? April said she had written daddy and I a letter and it was in her bag but she was not ready to give it to me yet. I do not dis like Seth but he nor April are ready for marriage, I reminded April of what she said, that she would not marry till her daddy could walk her down the aisle, she did not remember that. Apparently the Pastor and people at the church do not agree with long term engagements, and Pastor will marry April and Seth. Steve and I both believe Marriage is not for now, and the relationship between April and Seth is not for today, April will look me in the eye and lie, something she use to not do, April will do as she pleases, not caring of her families feelings or the pain she causes. April said she will marry Seth if she believes this is what she thinks is right no matter what Steve or I think, this is so hurtful, I can only see pain for her if she chooses to walk in this path. We did not have any argument, no voices raised, just tears and hugs and me saying, I will always love you and I am always here, I will not judge you but I do not agree with what your are doing. It makes me angry that the Harris's to provide her a place to live when she has a home, that she has no accountability, that she go to church and says, God was so strong, she shook, cried and talked in tongues but yet you see no change of the Holy Spirit in her life, which tells me she is living in her emotions. making life changing decisions based on emotions, this scares me for her.......April has a strong will to do things her way no matter what, what scares me is she will, I pray the eyes of her heart be enlighten to what is the Hope of her calling in Christ Jesus our Lord......I need God to intervene in her life.....my desire for her is to marry and we all be apart of it, buying a dress, having showers, planning a wedding, decorating, all the fun things that go with getting married, that it be so special......who knows it may be Seth someday and that is ok, BUT neither are ready for that now, please pray for me and with me, if she chooses to marry now, I do not think I can be a part of it, it would break my heart. Maybe I am just to serious about it, I have strong convictions in this area, and my other children have all had weddings that we were excited about, Alex married as a baby ( 19 ) so I do not think it is age that bothers me, Sean lived with his first wife so I do not think its Seth and April having a relationship I do not agree with, Alicia was going to marry the wrong young man, but listened to us and did not marry him now happily married to Bob, Jared was torn between right and wrong in a relationship, God changed his plans when he had cancer, Jared will tell you that today, Hannah and mark listened and waited, even though they dated for years until Mark knew for sure he was ready and Hannah was the one......so I say all that to say, I just know in my heart this is not the time for April to marry, she needs to go to school and she needs medical check ups, for depression and her back, she has skoliosis, which she has no insurance so she would need to go to Oklahoma for free medical because she is Indian, this is about 30 minutes from Hannah, she also wants to go to school, in which I wish she would, as she said she could do that married, which she can, Seth is not a man I trust with my daughter, at this time is my problem, I do not trust the advice she gets from the Harris's or Pastor and I would like to say Pastor, if this was your daughter would you want Steve( my husband who is ordained) to marry her to a man you disapproved of them getting married to? To the Harris's, if I moved your daughter into my home, knowing she was not there at night, coming late, sleeping all day, would this be a healthy way for your daughter to live? or would you say something to me??????????????? We are brother's and sister's in the Lord, we may not believe the same in all areas, I just do not understand why push them into marriage when they can not support them self, Seth still drinks, struggles with drugs, and has had a steady job for a few months, no insurance, no way to really care for a wife and lives in the worst area of Little Rock, you would want your daughter safe and a man that could take care of her and would not compromise her safety or her virginity, in which I realise it take two to tango............all this make me sick.................I wish the Harris's and Seth would back out of our life and give us our daughter back.......I wish Pastor and Sister ( who April talks to ) would know the whole truth of Seth and April, I wonder if their counsel would be the same? As you can tell I need a lot of prayer, even in posting all this, its probably wrong and I will probably regret it, but this is my heart and I am heart broken and sick inside......I have lost my daughter, my trust is in the Lord to get me through this, God has always been faithful to answer my prayers, not always my way, but gives me Grace to endure it......tks for listening

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The full week!

This week has been a blurr.....with getting home form the Cruise, Monday was back at work, then Tuesday was Sales meeting and a full day, Wed., worked and went to store for Thanksgiving, then began cooking, Hannah and her family came Tues. night, I was so glad to see them all, its been about a month:(( Hannah had a Ultrasound and she is having a boy, they were excited!! Hannah has been so sick with this baby, she was sick while here, I was glad I could help her some. Had all my children and my sister and Colin and April And Matthew and their children, Clay had gone to Marylee's family this year, we had everyone here except Alex and Jill and Amelia, they were to go to Jill's family this year but Alex was sick, so it was a sickly Thanksgiving for them:( Mother had a great time, it is very hard to take her out, she gets so confused and does not know where her home is or if she has one, she will have no memory of it, or how she will get home or where she will stay, she gets scared, so we keep reassuring her, but the time will come when it is easier to go to her house and not bring her to ours:((( She feels great and looks wonderful, she actually has some meat on her bones! I love her so much and it is so hard to see her not remember things, she loves little children, she enjoyed holding Mikka and talking with the Grand children, she has such a loving heart!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Raining Monday

Wonderful to be home, I have all work caught up and Steve and I took Laila and Peyton with us to Searcy, then went to eat dinner, and I ate soup:) at Olive Garden, I had a great visit and encouragement form my dear friend Dinah! Then went to northers, had such a good time and laugh, mother cannot wear any of her clothes we got her in June, she needs a 9/10! was in a zero or a 2, and that was big!! She has really done well with gaining! Kay spends the night tonight, and I am barley got my eyes open so I am heading to be!! love and hugs

Sunday, November 21, 2010

On way home

The Cruise is over….boo hoo! We debarked quickly, we were number 6 so it was easy, then one piece of our luggage was lost so that took a whileSad smile we ended up with the people with number 17, but all in all it was easy, last cruise took hours because of immigration/customs, someone tried to bring something back they were not suppose to.  Had a great time and wanted to share my favorite desert besides the Cream Brule,last day 002Chocolate Melting cake, some say Molten Cake, was soooooo good, you cook it eight minutes, so its almost done with a fudgy middle. The only sunset I remembered to take, and almost did not get it…look real hardlast day 001Now home to my babies and can not wait for the McGill’s to get here, we go to baby views Wednesday to see what Hannah is havingSmileThen Thanksgiving!! So thankful for my family!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Total rest day! on our way home

I say am I ready to be home?  Yes I am, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family, really looking forward to the whole month of December, I hope we get some snowSmile This day started with a beautiful sunrise, first I have been up to see,sea day last day 001 sea day last day 002 , sea day last day 003 sea day last day 004then a facial,neck and shoulder massage, Steve and I have totally pampered our self! The spa staff here are all professionals in their fields, some of the very best in the world, it shows. Then we went to breakfast, we have had room service every day till today, we had eggs benedict and pancakes, it was sooooo good, I had a cappuccino, I have never ate the much in three yearsSad smile I am sure, I have gained but will get back on track tomorrow! Just goes to show Lap Band is a tool, you have to be disciplined for it to work and this week I have not been disciplined!sea day last day 013did I get a tattoo?????? Oh my! we went to the pool from 11ish till 3ish, they have live music and games,sea day last day 006 such fun, then ate againsea day last day 011, everything on the second plate has something chocolate, it was a chocolate buffet, my sister would go crazy and the little wonton looking things were crisp, warm and full of chocolate, the cake was white chocolate, the truffle was home made, the cup had rice pudding, the best I have ate!  The other plate had two tacosSmilesea day last day 007view from our chairs, I have video of pool I can post when I get in USA, you will love the music!! Tonight its bingo then a talent show and they have a drawing fro a free cruise, hope I win! I will miss this life style but ready fro the real world, I miss it…..guess I am at a place in my life that I am more content with my family all aroundSmile This has been a wonderful time for Steve and I,pics 006 we have danced,pics 005 played games, rested, ate, sat on balcony,talked and listened to each other, watched movies, gave massages,shopped, ate, watched people, acted totally crazy, ate, slept all night every night like we were just cuddled in a warm blanket, the boat gently rocks you, I can not believe how much better I slept, ate, meet people from every where, prayed, read our bibles, worked our studies, blogged Smile missed our family and talked about Christmas, just had a rip roaring good time, my best friend and I am his! Did I say ate???pics 007pics 012me and my buddy, friend, hubby,lover, soul mate for life……..no matter what may come or what may go, we are here to stay!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Silver and Shopping

We docked in Cozumel this morning, the water is so blue and you can see to the bottom of the ocean, it is crystal clear,cosmel 005 cozsmel 001looks like swimming pool watercozsmel 012at the port they have so many shops, so many silver shops, in which I love!! I did get a new braceletcosmel 035ok, more then one!!cosmel 023Silver every where!! neat shopscosmel 014cosmel 030I shopped and Steve got tired and sat,cosmel 031then we ate at the three amigos, it was real good,cosmel 032our view while eatingcosmel 033cosmel 036one way to deliver drinksSmilethen we went and took a napcosmel 037cosmel 038these trees swayed over you while you rested, it was so relaxing, its just hard to believe it is November when you’re here.cosmel 008we docked by another carnival shipcosmel 019shoppingcosmel 016cosmel 009walking from the port.cosmel 026cosmel 020cosmel 027out door massagesSmile fun day for us, now I am going to the pool and Steve is getting a massage, this walking about did him inSad smile so after the massage he will be done for this day, one more day then home.  I am ready to be home and enjoy the Holidays with my family!! hugs and have a wonderful day!