Monday, June 27, 2011

Sat. till Monday:)

I love me some Farmers Market, went on Saturday morning and got fresh squash, tomatoes, sweet purple onions, purple peas, black berry's! Came home and made the wonderful tomato salad, squash, peas, corn bread, it was so good, could eat it every day:) Took some to mother's and she and Kay ate it too:) I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned Saturday, was wore out by the end of the day but all was clean, house, car, yard:) Then Sunday went to church, Alex started a msg. on Grace it was real good:) came home ate a salad the picked mother up and went to Alexandria's dance recital, mother loved it, she loves watching small children:) Alexandris will be Sweet 16 tomorrow:) Then we went to see Aunt Marie, totally surprised her, was a great visit, upon leaving, mother and Aunt Marie got all teary eyed, I know it is hard for Aunt Marie to see how far mother has progressed in her Alzheimer's, she is one who said mother did not have it in the beginning, that it was just her age. We ate at Olive Garden then went back to mother's, really enjoyed my time with her. I can not wait to go to Tenn., mother will so love that:) I made her a photo album, she just looks and reads it all the time, she loves looking at the pics and telling me who they are. Today I had work to do, still so put out with Chase mtg. and Citi mtg., someone, some where needs to reprimand them! I got really too hot today , felt sick, finally finished work and been in since about 4ish, my throat was hurting real bad and just do not feel real good, so I am hoping tomorrow I will feel better. It was 100 her today and heat index was 105! I did list a home today:)) Tomorrow is sales meeting but should not be too hard of a day then we have a Potluck at the ladies group I do for completing our first book!! I just love those ladies, God is doing more in me in this study then the last:) always needing Him to show me and bring me close to Him:) Hannah and family will be here Saturday, I am spending the night with my BFF Sherry Thursday, that will be fun, we are having some creative ideals, will share more on that later, but I am excited about it:) Hugs and nite

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday

Gosh wish I had taken pics of this day:) It started early, I had appointments most of the day, first was showing my Beck Road property, which is in WLR, then went to LR office to work a offer on my Benton property. Then went to a new listing on Lee in LR and listed a cute two bedroom home. Best part of my day was having lunch with my high school/college best friend Beverly Jane Martin, that is her in pic, she is so sweet and beautiful. A few weeks back I was at open house int he heights and she walked in! I have not seen her in 40 years, we could of talked forever. We may have to do a bunking party:)) So much fun to reconnect, I found her on Facebook:) Then went to office and finished up some work then home. Steve and I went to Pig and Chick and he had ribs, I had fish, it was so good. Steve had worked most the morning on mother's yard, making sure he can get water to the areas that need it, boy with that said we need rain, next week will be 100 degree's and sunny all week, no rain in sight. Mother is having a good week, that makes me happy! I am taking her Sunday to Alexandria's dance recital then we will do dinner and I go home with her, April will come after her Haiti meeting to spend the night, I am looking forward to my time with mother:) I will take some pics for you. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling like I want to clean house:) and get in the mood and get this house back real clean, I am a clean freak:( but this week just have not worried about it, and guess what no one has said anything about it:) Well going to bed...hugs and nite!

Far and Few Between


I have realized I am not blogging as I use to and not sure why, guess I got out of the habitSad smile I will update you on my life, since my last blog, we had a wonderful Father’s day, Steve preached at Journey Church and it was a touching message, we ate at Red Lobster with Jared and Alex and their families, long waitSmile but worth it, worked most of week, got some loans closed, which was nice!  On Wed. went with Pam and Ray Richey to dinner, Steve and Ray  had played golf, Steve is doing well form his surgery on his arms, but he was really sore in a good way.  I enjoyed having dinner with them and just talking.  Then back to work, listed a wonderful home on one of Lakewood’s lakes  here in NLR. is about the same, we are going to Chattanooga on July 12th, all of us rented a big five bedroom home to stay in, Connie and Mawma and Roy will meet us there, then her brother’s and sister will come thereSmile I am super excited, Kay and Steve are going, its for a few days, I will take plenty of pictures for mother to remember it!  Mother wants to go and see her family, in which I have not seen some of them in yearsSad smile  Kay has two kidney stones and will have to do something about them when we get back, she is not in pain with them and I pray will not be:0  All my babies are doing well, and grandbabies are good, Laila got glasses, she is too cute laila glasses Luke is growing so fast, I miss not seeing him daily, Hannah and Mark will be here July 1st or 2nd for a few days, looking forward to it!  I have a big deal going on a home, it is a short sell and I am praying it closes, would you pray for it to close too, not only will it help the 86 year old owner but will be a major commission for meSmile  This is still a hard market,one of the worst I have seen and I have been doing this since 1986!  Something has to give, hope it gets better soon! Keeping my chin up and plugin along in it, it helps being in the business so long, also that I learned how to work the business in a hard market when I first got into real estate!  The agents who got in when the market was just order takers do not have the tools to survive in this market, so there is a lot said of for experienced agents. You noticed I did not say older:0

Ok, last night I was at church and this lady said do you know the Averitt that is in Real Estate?  Some that were around said that is her!  She did not recognize me since I had lost weight!!!  I loved it! I found a pair of size 26 pants at the condo when was there, I can put two legs in one leg of themSmile I have five more pounds to go for my goal weight, then need to firm up and workout with weights to build strength……will make it!   Hugs, make this a fun day for youSmile

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A walk for a cure to Alzheimer’s

Came home from the condo with Alicia, it was such a wonderful time for usSmile Thought I would see my Averiit girls next door but they were out of town, so its been real quiet here, Steve was in Van Buren till evening, I had dinner with Sherry Maxwell, then Steve got in and went to eat with Jared, since Jenn and the girls were at her mother’s for her birthday.  This morning got up early and went to the river market for the Alzheimer’s Walk, alz 009alz 014we had a good group walking and all got shirts, raised $1050.00 dollars so far. They gave us flower wind mills, to write the name of whom we were walking foralz 017This was Alicia’s, they made a flower garden, then after the walk you got yoursSmilealz 016A neat thing to do, my niece Susan Averitt Bobbitt walked with us, loved having her there!alz 005

Then went and did my Pedi and manicure, the guy I like so much ( Frank ) has his own new place, right near my house,  then came home and cooked fresh squash and purple hull peas from the Farmer’s market, corn bread and fried potatoes, have fresh garden tomatoes….yum yum…this was Steve’s father’s day meal.  Tomorrow Steve will preach at churchSmile then just a day with him in mind, one thing he sure ate good tonightSmile I have just stayed in where it is cool, after the morning, going to bed early, it is 100 degrees hot  here!  House is quiet and cool:0  I have a busy work week, hope to sell another home this week, praying for listings and sells!

Mother is doing good, Kay is not feeling as well as she would like, she see’s Dr. Monday am, she has kidney stones and is hypercalicum, so they are running test, pray for herSmile we have a trip to Tenn planned in middle of July for mother to see her family, need all wellSmile hugs and nite


one more pic before I changedmefat1me before I ever lost weightmefat2mefat4 to a Healthy life stylealz motherme in shorts talking to the group leader I go to for Alzheimer's,me and mamame and motherSmile got a few more pounds to go to get to my goal weight, but will get there, it has taken me three yearsSmile

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have to get better at blogging!

As you know if you read the last blog, we had Blake then April brought Max home last Saturday, when Max got here he had sprained his foot and needed special attentionmax footSmile we really enjoyed them, we went to Indian Hills pool  steve andboys ih poolwith them, had such a fun time there, saw a lot of old friendsSmile Monday was a full day at work and we did the pool later,max ihc pool then picked up a 5$ pizza, same pool Hannah and Mark met at! Monday was probably one of the hardest days I have had in a long time, just a real struggle for me, I had a great productive day at work and was thankful but had to pray most of the day inside just to get through it all, then came home took boys to pool and tried to relax and let things go. Tuesday was a better day worked till late afternoon, went to pool with boys, had a good group with the 12 step ladies I do on Tuesday, I so needed itSmile Then after group Alicia and I left to come to Fairfield Bay Condo, me doing my step study home work, preparing for next Tuesday group. We have had such a relaxing time,homwwork I cannot remember when I have been this at peace and relaxed, I really needed this time alone with the Lord and with Alicia, we have drove for hours looking at wild life, deer ffb deerwoods, houses, land, school house 004  cowffbwent to the pool both days, alicia and i 005  alicia and i 014 alicia and i 018 view from poolalicia and i 004 had been so stressed I could not eat, and had lost 10 pounds in a week, which is way to much for me to lose in a week, I have totally been able to eat and drink a lot of water and tea, just amazed at how a little rest can give ya! school house 009 my favorite place to eat here!  I preach take time for your self but have forgot to do that for meSmile I have a condo listed up here, trying to get it soldSmile In the am we will go home early, have work and then on Saturday the Alzheimer's walk, I am so glad I have been able to eat because I was so weak I was not even sure I could do the walk, but feel so much better!  I want to lose the rest of this weight but not that fast.  I am so proud of Alicia she is changing her life style to a healthy way of eating, she has lost 32 pounds!!! She is looking so good, we had home grown tomatoes!!alicia and i 010 yum yum! When I get home I am doing a tomatoes/onion salad! Can not wait to eat it, it is a original recipe form Lugi’s, a wonderful Italian restaurant here. Well this little rest has been much needed for me, my sweet hubby kept the boys Wed. then left today to go to Van Buren to take them home and help Mark tomorrow with his Sub., Sean and Cole and Anna are going to be at Hannah’s tomorrow so I know Hannah is excited!  Looking forward to a good work week and a quiet house, the best thing about grandbabies, you can love on them and enjoy them and when your tired take them homeSmile  hugs and nite

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bringing you up to date!

We went to Van Buren on Wed. took Laila and Peyton with us to see their cousins, had a great time, I got up with baby Luke, he is so good, he sleeps real good, had a little helper come downstairs to help me early Thursday amlaila helpingshe is such a sweet little girl, so tender! She loves her Luke! Then later the girls all wanted to feed him, Olivia wanted to, since she has wanted nothing to do with him, she got to do itSmilecousins van buren oliviashe wanted Hannah to put him back in her tummySmile but has decided she loves him too.  Such a fun day for me as a Nana, feed the cousins lunch, Laila wanted a ketchup sandwich and she got one, she ate it allSmilecousins van burenthey had such fun, then Hannah took them out to play in the sprinkler, hannah swimhannah swimming parThey had fun but I could not stand it, went to Wal-Mart and got a pool and slip and slidehannahs 004they loved it, her children loved being outside, they stay out and play all the time. Then Steve helped Mark fix the transfer case on the sub., and we came home, bought  Blake back with usSmile went to Jared and Jenn’s Friday and played in their back yard, and Jared did a cook out, Jenn’s mother and Nanny had come down to go to the Farmer’s market. Amelia was spending the night while Alex and Jill went to Bentonville to a wedding shower, jared house 004my Amelia, jared house 009cousins, Mika and Amelia and Peyton, Jared in back ground grillingSmilejared house 003millswimAmelia loved it all, she is so good! Came home and called it a day, all slept well!  Today Jill called and Alex was real sick with a high fever, she was taking him to after hours clinic, another problem was his truck in which they drove there had a funny sound when they got there and he thought it broke, in which it had, Biff, Steve’s brother picked them up from the hospital and took Jill to the wedding shower and Alex to pharmacy and back to the hotel, he had a serious sinus infection and broncuttis, but I have learned the best place to get well is in a hotel, when I had the crud, Sherry Maxwell did too, we went to hotel for three days and laid in bed and rested and had room service, slept watched moviesSmile Steve and Jared left tonight to go get them car hauler in tow car haulerKevin is preaching for Alex, I told them I would just stay in, with three little one’s and Steve not here, I have open house tomorrow and will work till later Sunday night, have a inspection on a closing for Monday. Monday is a real full day, massage on neck at 8am then closing in Bryant, then listing houses in Benton then another closing, mother has Dr. appointment in-between all that at 1pm… its going to be a juggling kind of a day!  Steve will have Max and Blake with himSmile When April came home tonight she brought Max to us, this will help Hannah finish things she needs to get done with just Olivia and Luke…..I feel terrible leaving Olivia, but we can not do them all unless I am home too, and this will be a busy week for me…..hannahs 012 this was Luke when we left, he was fast asleep, he looks like a angel! luke smilingmy morning smileSmile how can you not like to get up to a early morning feeding with this smile!! So the weekend has been busy with babies, but I have loved it!  Ended this day with rocking Amelia to sleep on my front porch as the storm blew in,  nothing sweeter in life then rocking your babies! amelia rockingnite