Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Tuesday...its a girl!

Well Jill and Alex went to the ultra sound and its a baby girl!!! It is amazing that you can see the baby in the womb!!! Of course I think she is beautiful and so sweet, looks like she is getting ready to suck her thumb!! I was on pins and needles till they called me, I had no ideal what I thought they were having, I would go back and forth!! So it all pink and Alex and Jill are so happy!

Today has been a full day at work, we had sales meeting then property tour, then I showed property and got rel hot!! The lady I showed is a lot older....80's and she was just fine....go figure!! Like need to lose more weight! in which I am losing about a 1/2 pd a week right now so I got to get on with it and get back to walking on a regular routine!! I did take pics of my office. my little chubby hole in the world! So I will not take away from my sweet baby I will post them on a new one:) Gotta go to bed so tired!! NITE!

Monday, June 29, 2009

working monday:)

I have been at the office most of the day, I will take you a pic so you will know my little office:) Its perfect for me, I am on the second floor away from everything, I used to be on the first floor and never got anything done for interruptions:) SO when they walk to my office they really want to see me:) I park in the back of the bld. because you can come across the cat walk and my door is the first one to the right when you come in:) so I can sneak in and out too:) not that I do that!!
You know I am having reservations about telling my personal secret, since I have told no one but my children and Sherry, Pam and my Aunt Connie and my sister, which seems like a lot of people to know a secret but its not for me:) I am not sure how to tell it or if I want to tell it, so if you want to know and find it of interest just email me, laveritt@aol.com and I will share it with you:0 I will let you know the baby's name as soon as the parents let people know, I am soooooo excited to know what my new grand baby will be!! This is not a normal pg, this is a prayed for, paid $$$$$$$$$ for by the parents and begged God for baby. Some people pop them out and some don't, I remember I had three children before my sister could get PG, she would cry and cry but totally loved on mine and actually bought clothes and helped so much with them, she wanted her own baby so bad, of course she was blest with April and Clay and her sweet grand boy babies:) But I still remember how heartbroke she would be once a month and I have fresh memories of Jill and Alex's pain of not bearing a child, it is heart breaking as their mother, so needless to say I love all my grand babies and get excited over them all, I have just never prayed and fasted and hurt for them all to get here:) like I have this little sweetie:) So far I have not had any hurts with the ones who are here, of course they are not18 yet and remember I am the Nana so I will be their shinning star!! and they will be mine!! Well gotta go shine some where else, like finish work:) hugs!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sunday!!

Our Birthday young lady!!! Alicia had a family party at USPIZZA, all was there except my sweet little Cole and Anna and Sean and Sarah, Sean had to work:( we missed them:) We had a great family time. You know as I look at my life and my friends, I think I have said before how people come in and out of your life, I have been so blest with some wonderful friends, and have really been blest with my family! I have one friend who has been in my life for 25+ years and I am so close with her that she should be my sister, I love her dearly and want to just say thank you Jesus for my sweet forever friend Sherry Maxwell!! I can tell her anything and have, she has helped me through child hood pains and marriage pains and children pains and just liking Linda pains, she is honest with me and I can totally trust her, she loves me for me but yet is not afraid to share the truth in love with me if I need it and will cry with me, laugh with me, play with me and work with me, she will not dance with me though!! I just hope each of you have a friend like I do, I have several life long friends but today is to Honor my friend Sherry, I only have one like her!!
Tomorrow I am excited to finally feel good, and go to the office to work and see my friends there:0 I have a home to list and a buyer to find a home for;) YEA!! So I will be busy and I have paper work to get ready for the main files that I am behind on:) I do think I will reveal my secret Tuesday so be watching!! I also will reveal what I will be getting for a Alex and Jill Averitt grand baby!! YEA!! A exciting day!! Its been a restful, peaceful day with work and play and family fun! NITE!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

now its saturday!

Time just goes by!! I do feel better, started feeling better Friday but have not done much! I will show property today and hope to sell a house!!Last night we went to Jack's and Alexandria's dance recital, they both were very good at performing!! Alexandria is a natural at dancing, she is a little actress and she loves to dance and it shows! Jack was too cute, he was Elvis in one of the dances and he even got the lip action going! This is his last year to dance because he loves baseball and plays for the all stars this summer, he is a natural and has a lot going for him at such a young age! It was a fun night!! Today is our street of dreams in Miller's Crossing in Sherwood, that is where we have about 12 houses open fro sale and some are staged, we have a lot of agents out there to show them and hope they sell them!! We have our ladies swim/lunch with Journey Church too, and I want to do it all but not sure how I can do it all, will have to wait and see how long I show property for and if I have energy left after this heat! That is how it is when you get older! well cheers for the day!! Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't believe its wednesday!

I have slept away this week so far, I do feel better today, it is hard for me to be online and write cause my eyes water and its hard to see:) I think I have missed this whole week:( but I have had plenty of rest, maybe the antibiotic and the antihistamine makes me tired too. My house is clean, miss April cleaned it today:) and we had taco salad fro supper which was yummy....April went and rode Apache with a trainer, she is working with a girl who is actually the farrier for Apache and is training April on how to ride, April said it really helped and she loves riding. Anyone can get on a horse and ride, but you have to know how to make the horse do what you want and know how to stay in command with the horse on or off of it, and that is what she will be learning:) I remember when my daddy sent my horse to school then sent me to learn how to ride it the way it was trained, made it so much easier. Well I am still achey so I am going to lay in bed and watch TV and read my book Kite Runner......oh yes one thing my sweetie did for me yesterday is go to Luigis and get me a large bowl full of fresh tomato salad!! Then last night Byron called and he and Marilyn were going there and ask could he bring me one back, he laughed to find out Steve had taken our large tupperware bowl and had them fill it up!! I just love it and could just drink all the juice up! Hoping to keep getting better....this stuff kicks your butt, and it just takes rest and staying in to get rid of it, plus my eyes have had dry eyes, which I have never had so now that I have Artificial Tears to put in them they are better and not tearing and so scratchy and itchy........for now the surprise will wait but it is coming:) NITE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

sickly monday

Well I am normally not sick but I think I am, I slept till 11:45 today and got woke up then, in which I had a appointment I had to be at so I am thankful for the wake up:) I will not be able to share my secret tomorrow because I do not feel like getting it all together for you to see and hear about it, and it is not ready yet, but it is coming:) if you think of it say a prayer for me to feel better, I will stay in tomorrow and try to get well, which makes me sad because I am missing a bid day for the Little Rock office:(((......................Nite!

OK so I told Steve my eye balls were itching and burning and of course tearing all the time and Steve said well your eyeballs do not have nerves in them so I am not sure how that is!! Needless to say, I said I do not know either, but they do stink and itch and hurt:) Off to bed:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sleepy sunday

Well, I have had sinus stuff with my eyes watering and nose running and just that yucky feeling today, but never fear I rested in bed most the day watched two movies and then went to dinner and had Lobster, Cesar salad and baked potato, it was soooooooo good and for desert a chocolate covered strawberry! then came back to watch more movies with my bff sherry maxwell. Steve and the kids came home from the condo and went to Alicia's to swim and end a great father's day. I missed them:) but felt to yucky to join in the fun. Father's day is a great day to remember good memories of my daddy, he was killed in a const. accident in 1973, so I told him happy father's day via Jesus:) Then on Saturday I took Walt the book Kite Runner and the movie Australia, Walt has mellowed in his years, he always felt threatened by my sister and I but now I think love has conquered his heart!! He is a unique man has been a father figure to me longer then my daddy, its wired some of life's changes. You just never know what tomorrow brings. I pray it bring a great day for you full of many blessings, just do not be to busy to see them:) nite!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

restful Saturday

well today was quiet, I was home alone, if you read yesterday's post that was a good thing for me and any one around me;) I woke late for me about 7:30am, just read and looked a face book:) then went and did some real estate things I needed to do and then went with my friend Sherry just hanging out. I can not wait to tell you my secret, I am soooo excited about it, I hope I can tell it Tuesday!! I will know on Monday if I can tell it:) anyway got caught up on real estate things and ready fro a full week:) I have our ribbon cutting in the LR office this Tuesday, it is doing great we opened our Pleasant Ridge office in January and we are doing great and have some great agents!! That is exciting for Steve and I!! Now I am looking for a flip house to but so pray I find one:0 I am on my way to bed:) hugs and nite!

Friday, June 19, 2009

yes I do, no I don't,.....what ever!

ok, I have had a very frustrated day, due to my own doings, that I can not tell about yet. I did list a nice home today and glad about that. I am not going to the condo with the crew because I do not feel too good, so I stayed home. Steve, April, Sean and his family and Alex and Jill went, the boys play in a golf tourney tomorrow, Jared will drive up in the morning, it is too hard on Jenn with the girls, I had plans of totally catering to them all with good meals and some baby sitting so they could go to the pool, but the best of plans some time do not work out:( so I am home alone and really need to be:) its safer that way for me and my family:):) if you get my drift!! You know the saying if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!! Not that I not happy just frustrated. I took some medicine for sinus so it will make me drowsy, till then I will read a good book and enjoy the quiet house:) I miss everyone though:( see what I mean, I cannot make my mind up on what to do, but guess it should be made up unless I get in the car and go on to the condo! I would blame all this on hormones but I think they are ok:) Ever have one of those days, you do not know what you want to do and you really do not feel like doing anything but you do not want to be left out???????????????? go figure!! It will not be long before I share my surprise with you, probably I can Tuesday!! For now its me and Cali, she is snoring and I am sitting in my chair looking for a movie to watch. hugs to all and nite!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sorry I have not blogged daily, I have had some time that I needed for down time. I cannot tell you now but will once I am finished with it, what is going on with me, just know for now I am having some down time. But I am keeping up with everything in pics and notes so I can tell you all about it! When I can tell about it, for now it is a secret:)
Steve just left to go chow a church we have for sell, hope he sells it! I have two listing appointments one Friday and one on Monday so that is wonderful! We are going to the condo tomorrow for the boys and their wife's to come down and they are playing in a golf tourney at FFB, me and the ladies will hang out. It is so hard for me to keep a secret....its killing me not to tell so I will quit blogging before I tell it!! Maybe I can post it on Monday....well see, there is a time frame on my secret:) nite to all

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Guess I am blogging down on my blog:) I did not have much time to blog and still not too much today! Monday my brothers Heart Cath went well, he has some new blockage and his stints he had put in 10 years ago are good, he can be treated with meds. so that is great news...thank you for praying!! Now keep my sister in your prayers, she has run herself ragged with her best friends son's wedding and on top of that she has the coughing crud that is going around, she is totally exhausted so she will rest fro a few days, pray she can!! I am a little under the weather right now so Steve is picking up my load for today so I can rest:) I love him being able to help me!! April is helping Sean And Sarah with Cole while Sarah is in class this week, April loves to go stay with them, she loves all the out doors things they do, such as fish, look for wild animals.....eeeeekkkkkk! Not me! She and her boyfriend Nathan are a couple now, he talked to Steve to see if he could date her! He is a terrific young man and loves the Lord, which makes a big difference! Well going to go back to bed and rest, I too am tired from a hectic weekend of worked, so today is my day off, between you and me:) hugs

Sunday, June 14, 2009

sold on sunday

Well, we started showing property at 9:00 am in Benton and Bryant, we did find a home for this sweet couple:) We looked at homes till noon then went to eat lunch and then to the office to blow up helium balloons for my open house signs and put the signs out and then did my open house, it went very well! Have some people interested in it:) so I hope I sell it! Then home and went to eat with Jenn and Jared and the girls, I was so glad to see them:) Laila just grinned real big and squealed, Peyton was more reserved:) but still glad to see us:) now home and sooooo tired, getting up early to go to the hospital for my brother to do his cath on his heart, so remember to pray:0 Nite!!

Its not sunshine on a cloudy day!

the view from the pool

new baby pool, it has showers like shoot up in the front for the kids to play in!


this is a dock across from the best and our favorite camp spot, fish cleaning places at the end of space, Alex will love, our boat in the dock:)

proof I parked the sub and trailer:) too easy!

hummmmm...glad I could just pulled straight through!

Well this will cover several days, I did not bring my cord to do pics with when I was at the condo, so now you get them all:) On Friday we did go to the lake only to put the boat in with a tornado coming, but we did get it in the stall and I was able to unload it and park the sub. and trailer!! Was no big deal, its be awhile since I have pulled a trailer or anything else:) The boat was still not acting right so we did not go out on the lake on Friday, Steve will bring it back home and do something to a ball deal. I am so ready to cruise the lake!! Thursday we came home from the lake in the midst of major storms, we weathered them out and went to Jenzen's Lakefront to eat, they did not have power but were open because they used gas to cook, we ate by candle light, then came home, we went to the pool across from our condo, it is open now and looks great! We watched a dumb movie and went to bed. Got up to a sunny day Saturday and just were slugs, Steve went and covered the boat and then we took a nap and got ready to come home, we at at JR's, seems like all I do is eat:( May need to watch that some.......you think? I guess I could try cooking, actually I did fix lunch Saturday, hot ham and cheese sandwich on a toasted sour dough bread, ok so it was regular bread, but it was toasted:) w/chips and dill pickle:) Got home and went to store for milk, then to bed early so today I can pick up buyers at 9:00am in Benton and show property, then I have open house in Quapaw Towers condo 3-m from 2-4pm. Mr. Steve will do all this with me so it will be fun:) I will not get to keep Peyton or Laila tonight because my brother Jimmy Rogers will have a heart cath in early am, he is having some heart problems, for him to go to the r. and get help he must be really hurting, he had some stints a few years back, so say a prayer for him. I had a great share time sharing the matters of my heart with Steve Saturday am, we had uninterrupted hours to just talk and it was so nice!! Keep praying for the matters of my heart:) well best go get my running shoes on!! hugs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thursday was a great day!! I had some alone time to gather my thought on the things botheing me and have prayed them through and have peace of it all....God is in control of it all:) Today after having my quiet time I went to the office and got things done there, had to get flyer's done fro my open house Sunday, I am in a fabulous condo in Quapaw Towers sin downtown Little Rock, before open house Steve and I will show proeprty all Sunday morning, you have to go when the client can go, so we will miss church Sunday:( and the next Sunday we will be at the condo with the boys playing in a golf tourney to raise money for a man hurt in a car wreck on Saturday, Alex and Jill will go home for church, since he is a Pastor there:) and we will stay with Jared and Sean and their families so it will be awhile before I go to church and I miss it when I am not there:( Steve and I came yesterday afternoon to the Fairfiled Bay office, so I am here today, we did play texas hold em at Janzen's last night, it was fun but the most important deal is, we moved our boat home from the marina to save money since I had been so sick we cut back on everything we could to get medical bills paid off, in which God has been so go to help me get a lot of it paid:)) anyway we met a man with a stall at the marina and he will let us use it this summer!! There is years long waiting to get a stall there, when we gave it up we thought it was a good ideal not know how hard and expensive it is to haul the boat all the time, it is 26ft. so it is big, plus the other important thing, if Steve puts it in the water it means I am in the truck unloading it, he has to be the one to back in to get it out of the water, which means I am the one putting it on the trailer....now that is scary!! So I am so grateful to have a stall again, and it still saves us money...thank you Lord! God does care about every aspect of our lives! Well, I will blog for Friday later tonight so you can see what I am doing today:)) No big deal though! Hugs

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

shot filled wednesday

Today I kept Cole for Sean and Sarah, Sarah had to go to a class and Sean was at work, he was to sweet. The only problem this was his four month checkup with Dr. Wilson who is Pam Cupples Richie's daughter, I am sure I spelt Richey wrong:) so what ever it is, I tried! He is in the 90% of his height and weight and all else is normal UNTIL he had to get FOUR shots!! I hated that, I had to hold his little leg tight and he just took in a deep breath and held it then cried so hard, I teared up too and so did April. I bet I do not do that again!! He then took a long nap, he was so tired...poor little thing! We came home and I cooked a pot of Chicken soup form scratch and it was too good, I took some over to Edwanda and she is holding her own, looks good for what she has been through, she is 102 pounds! Enjoyed my visit with her and came home to have some time with Sarah and Alicia, they ate some soup and corn bread too! Then we had it for lunch and dinner!! I made a good salad for dinner to go with it, it had a fresh garden tomato in it!! YEA!! It was so good, I got it at the Farmers mkt. on my Tuesday that felt like a Monday!! Had some real estate calls today and did three market analysis for people so hope they decide to list!! Its been a good day, some things happened today for me to pray about that is heavy on my heart so say a prayer too!! Going to bed..I did stay asleep all night last night! YEA!! NITE!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

now I know where my Monday is...its today!

Today started early and fast, had sales meeting and then property tour, I had to go to a four plex I have listed and get the keys straight, in which I did, only to lose one of them in the process, which I had, because I had opened the door with it, so after much looking and giving up and praying, I thought ok, I will ask the renter for another one, which is never a easy thing for a renter to comply with:( but I thought and retraced my steps and decided it had to be in the car since it was no where else, the part I have not said is when I got in the car to go get some keys made for the units I dropped the key box and they scattered on the concrete, I found them all but one ) so when I got in my car I looked every where and finally found it way up under my seat, so I was frustrated but happy! I had all but one, I had knocked on that renters door and tried the key I had to no avail, so I went to fullers on Main street in downtown LR :((( and got the key I needed made. I no more then got them in the box and had left on my way to the office for a broker meeting when the renter of that unit called and wanted me to come back and have one made from her key, she was home when I was knocking but tired! I promptly ask her could she run down to fullers on main and have one made, she said me??! I aid yes, I was just there and they did a great job.. so then she called and said she found a extra key and would leave it for me, so I went back there after the brokers meeting and put it in the loc box, so now all keys are there!! The day was some what frustrating with work too, but I will not go into that:) Drove to Pine Bluff after that, had a appointment and was then going to the outlet mall or gap outlet and was told by my miss Alicia it has been closed for two years...lol... so I came back to little rock and ate at Coppers Grill , out side with Sherry Maxwell and it was very relaxing and peaceful and the Cesar Salad was soooo good but the best was the home made onion rings!! So my Monday was peaceful but my Tuesday felt like a Monday for me....hope your day was easier!! Steve is at Jared's watching a ball game and eating bachelor food since Jenn is in mtn. home. April is at Sean and Sarah's helping with Cole today, Sarah had a class she has to be in, I will watch him tomorrow and dread it cause he has a Dr. appoint with Dr. Wilson for his shots and I have to take him....I will cry with him, I hate those shots for babies. Well its been a long day so I am Going to bed early and hope I stay asleep.....nite! By the way for those who do not know Little Rock, downtown can be quiet unsafe, esp. where I was, so that was nerve racking too:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Its a Monday????

Today started with me in the office doing paper work on all the offers, then meeting with buyers for final signatures on all the docs. The office was busy and full of energy!! The market is for sure in a turn around! I am thankful too! Had lunch at the office, they had bar-b-q from Whole Hog, it was good then went with Miss April on a appointment, which went well. Had to be back at office and then went to get Sherry Maxwell and take some flowers to Jimmy's grave, the stone she ordered fro his grave is a bench and it is so nice, she made a basket of lowers and some flags to sit on the corner of the bench, it looked very pretty. Was sad fro her and for me, not the sadness and lonely she has in her heart. Sherry hangs in there but she misses him so much. Grief is so weird, you can be fine and out doing something and it will hit you from no where and there you are in a puddle of tears and sadness. I understand it when your at the grave but its hard to understand it when your out in public and it comes. Mary Ruth King, Dick King's mother past away yesterday so we went by their home and took some food, All the Kings are so sweet and the girls are just beautiful as always and Ruthie is soooooo cute!! Luke is a handsome young man, so grown up to me, he is having his first baby with Jordan too! Then Sherry went me to Little Rock to take a earnest money check, then of course we had to eat at El Chicos, it was too good, brought my left overs home for Steve to eat so he is chopping down on it. Off to bed for me...Nite!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long Hot Sunday!

I talk about my Grand Babies all the time, I was in Maumelle today and went to Wyatt's grave, this is my first born Grand son, he was born prematurely and never lived. You know it is heart breaking to lose a baby or Grand baby but God was so good to see us through that hard time. My daddy has a grandson in heaven that he can see after, I know he loves that!! The neat thing is we will all be together someday with the redemption that Jesus gave me and my family!! Thank you Lord for seeing us through our hard times and thank you that you never let go us!! In Memory of William Wyatt Averitt April 1, 2001
Today started with me tired because I went to bed at 8:30 and I think my body thought I was taking a nap and got up at 11:30 and could not go back to sleep till 4:00am!! Then up early, I was going to try to go to church but went and showed property and wrote a offer!! YEA!! I showed in Mayflower and Maumelle, when I was in Maumelle I went to Wyatt's grave, and I wanted to share it with you, hope its not depressing to you, it is a story of God's Mercy and Grace when you most need it and God was so faithful to all of us in that dreadful time. After writing a offer I went to Kroger's and got groceries so miss April can cook this week, I just decided to go when I could and then she can go next week:)) I did get me some crawl fish and will sit down to eat them in a few minutes!! I ate three and oh my gosh they are so good, I did not know you can buy them fresh and cooked here but you can and they are wonderful!! My house is clean and quiet, April has gone to spray the horse down for fly's and ticks and Steve is out working on the boat with the beach boys music playing, makes me want to go to Florida right now!! I am not sure I can wait till August, may have to take a trip sooner:) I have worked most the weekend and will have a full days till Wednesday, then it will be a little easier schedule:)) Hugs to all!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Grand Baby:) YAHOOO!

I got up early and did some things fro Jared and Jenn fro a surprise:) by the way I am not sure I have said on my blog that they are expecting their third child in Feb. about the 13th! This was not planned, remember when the girls spent the night with me????? well now you know my method to my madness!! I like everyone in the same boat as me:))) They are shocked and excited about it. Some have said may be they will have a boy, but they made such pretty sweet girls, another girl will be fine too!! While they are out of town, I am bringing the mail in and yesterday I just laid on their couch, their home has a real peaceful spirit of the Lord, I just chilled and had some quiet time, Jared called me and he ask what I was doing, I said laying on your couch:)) Then I Invited Steve over to watch a movie on his wonderful TV, then Alicia came by, she was hurting and grieving about her dear friend getting a divorce after 26 years of marriage. Then Bob came to get her, during that I need to write a offer so we decided to come home;) but I would not have had it nay other way!! Today I came in my room and Max wrote me and Steve a note and had pick some sm. hydrangeas and laid them on our pillows, it was so sweet, he wrote these flowers are for you, i love you max, his writing is getting so good, I could read it and make out all the words and some were spelt correct....like I would really know:)) That just made my day!!! Grand Babies are Gods way of saying thank you for raising the children he gave us and not leaving them along the side of the road when they are teen angers!! SO now I will have 12 grand babies as of today! Then the rest of the day I showed property and will write a offer tomorrow, I have written three offers in three days! YEA! my little Hercules ( Alicia) has 16 deals in closing, that amounts to over two million and she has done that in 30days! that is really mind boggling when your re working with that many people and have that many closing and still showing property and working your listings, its almost too much but she is handling it like a pro! In the fact she is a pro!! You go Alicia, mater of fact she gave me the buyer I worked with today, see it did pay off to get her into real estate! I am home and we are going to watch our movie Austria tonight, so best go! NITE!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday and behind on blog:( sry

Bath and me in the mirror
door into suite

one side of it


My favorite tub

wonderful bed with chocolate's in the little box, truffles!

Proud Mother

Pinning Victoria

Well I just read my D-I-L's new blog page, she is so excited about their new baby, we will know the end of the month the babies name:) I am so excited too!! That baby is a long awaited prayer and little miracle for above! I can not wait to post pics on here so you can See he or she, I think a He:) we will see;) ok, so much for the rhymes! Victoria graduated fifth grade on Wednesday:) She also was voted the prettiest smile award and most important earned the Academic Presidential award! I posted a pic of Alicia pinning her! She looked so grown up, it will not be long and I will be at her high school graduation! Time does fly, I can not believe it is June! Well I went with my friend to Memphis, which we had planned with Alicia for her birthday and she had to cancel on us, we had fun and now I am off and running with work:) I am posting some pics of the suite we had! I missed Alica but did not miss a beat in having fun, I decided I need to win the lottery so I can live this life style!! The tub is a six foot long tub and 3 feet deep, you can actually lay down in the water and float, then the jets send little bubbles all across you back and it is so relaxing! Your whole bod can just relax and float, and since no one was int he suite with me at the time it was quiet and peaceful! Back to the work mode!! I may not be early enough to get the worm today but I am going to try!! If you do not understand that, remember the early bird gets the worm??? HUGS!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Diploma's and Tuesday

Max waiting for his diploma:) He is soooo MARK!
A little bored and sleepy

Mark and Blake taking video

Max in line coming from his class

Mr. Max Mcgill, a BIG first grader!

Today started early at Max's graduation, it was very sweet and I am so thankful I could be there, I felt much better when I got up :) tks for your prayers:) then we went to the school to watch our little Max, he is just to darn cute! Then off to get my nails done and then to the office, went to look at a another agents listing in Jacksonville to give my opinion on, I worked all day and got caught up on all paper work, then went to a listing in WLR and took new pics, the renters moved out, Before we went there, Steve and I went to Luigis to eat in SWLR, and as we were getting finished Byron and Marilyn walked in, it is so weird that we neither know when the other is going and we end up there the same time so much!!! Its uncanny! Of course Byron picked up the tab, I went to get his and ours and he did it when he came in the dang door....I will have to get clever to get his:) but I will! Well, got full day tomorrow, thank you for praying, I am much better! Nite

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pushing my self Monday

well all night my stomach hurt,made me wonder if it was my pancreas, I have never had stomach aches before so I am not sure. But it hurt most of the night, I have not drank or ate much today, I had some broth at 11:00am and it did ok but when I drank some soup tonight it made my stomach hurt so go figure!! I cannot even think of having a problem with my pancreas, it was the worst pain I have ever had and I was the sickest I have ever been, so I have prayed a lot today, when I would have the stomach contractions ( what it feels like ) and then low cramping so who knows, but I have felt weak today. I did get out and walk and it is so hot to walk, may have to walk on the walker in the house, I do not like hot:) Had a closing today that will end up being tomorrow the interest rate was wrong on the paper work, I drug my self to the closing too:( but life goes on. I am going to bed early tonight and hoping I feel better tomorrow! Max graduates kindergarten in the morning, so I will be there in stead of sales meeting, I hate to miss sales meeting but Max only does this one time in his little life:) and life of the grand babies are precious!! baby Cole came over fro about a hour today, he slept most of it, by the way April did well her first day at work!! Way to go April, although I am not too keen on her using my kitchen table as her work place, that will have to change, they have left all the paper work put on it all day and it is still there for tomorrow and the table checker could drop by and my table would not be perfect:) Priorities! NITE!!