Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up...if you can:)

Seems like more and more I say oh my where do I start??? Last Sunday I showed property and then Steve and I took a last load to Hannah's, we spent the night, I love her home, she is about to get it all unpacked. The kids love it and Mark is so close to work he can be home in three minutes!! God is blessing them! I am not sure if I told you mother and walt will move to Jared's house a few blocks away and jared and jenn are moving to hannah's next door, this will all happen the end of the month!
I think this is perfect timing for Mother and Walt, mother is much worse with her Alzheimer's, I will be so thankful to have them close, seems like we were there s many times last and this week, Kay went on a Er run Monday, all was fine just some confusion on mother's part. It is so very difficult to look at your mother and not find her.........well that is all I will say about that for now.

My friends sweet baby Kenadi passed away and we had her graveside service yesterday, you will not believe this but I did the service and God was so faithful to me. I knew I was to do it, the Lord woke me up a few weeks back and started telling me what to wried how the Lord works. I was not for sure I could with out crying all the way though it but God had my emotions so in check, I was able to just share and read scriptures, I could actually feel HIM talking through me to Brandon and Casia and the family. I pray He brings them comfort, I am thankful the Lord will even use me. To know He sees all about me and loves me is amazing!

Showed property last night, gonna list their home Thursday and write a offer on my listing:) YEA God!! Have a walk through this am at 8:00am then closing then CE from 9-3 then open house at Chenalwoods Condos then get Walt and mother and go to Jared's for Walt to measure:)
Gotta let him be the boss, it is so much easier for me to be the boss:)))))

Oh yes, God was faithful to let me have a crying time and release all these emotions:) we went to Victory North a friends of ours church Monday night, they had a guest speaker, the worship was so anointed and the Lord just touched me and touched me:) I am so thankful He is my friend!

Now best get with it and go to work...have a great day! HUGS!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well my sweet little Kendai went to be with Jesus last night, she peacefully passed from her mother's arms into the arms of our Savior. They were able to hold her and be there with her. The gravesdie service will be Tuesday at 3:30 at Haley/Roth on Landers road in Sherwood. The family is hanging in there, their hearts are heavy with grief but thankful she will no longer suffer.

HUM>>>>> not sure how to handle how quiet my home is and how quiet my yard is and the house next door, its totally clean and lonely looking:( I will be glad when Jenn and Jared move in it:)) Mark came over every night when he came home from work so its just weird to be so quiet and no one coming in and out :( they are doing well, we will take a last load up tomorrow after I show property. The come back home. I will be sharing at Kenadi's service so pray I hear from the Lord what I am to say:) My heart hurts for them, I pray God will use me to bring them hope and comfort.

Good news, Walt and mother are buying Jared and Jenn's house, I am so excited about it and worried at the same time, it is going to be so much work and so emotional for me to go through all the things and memories and the decide what ti keep and what not to keep, this will not be easy for Kay and I but God will see us through it. I am thankful they will be so close and I feel a safe place for mother and Walt to live. SO thank you Lord!! A lot of moving in the next month or so:)))))

Steve and I are sitting like two old people, me in my chair and he is his, watching TV:) April is at work and will be home soon. Think I am going to bed:) hugs and nite

Thursday, March 25, 2010


All I can say is mothers you have such a blessed job in raising your babies, after having three little ones this week, as you know:) I have remembered you never get to sit down and if you do its with babies crawling on you:) just want all mothers to remember how important it is to take some mommy/me time. Also remember dusting and cob webs can keep but babies grow up to quick so focus on the babies:) I had to remind my self of that several times this week. I did get it all back straight and once they are gone it will be as if they never came which is sorta sad:((( I am at my Chenalwoods open house this afternoon then driving to meet my dear friend Sherry Maxwell and spend the night:) some Linda/Nana time which I need:) I have learned as a young mother from my dear mentor Ann May how important that time is to refresh you physically/spiritually/emotionally.

I did take Mother and Walt to Jared's house yesterday, they liked it and I do believe will move, Walt does not want to and I can totally understand, but I pray they do! Hannah and Mark came in last night and surprised us, they are finishing up today and so appreciated their home being cleaned and yard done.....tks to her brothers and sisters for that:) Nice surprise for them. I will really miss the Mcgill babies but I am so tired that I am glad I am the Nana and not the momma! I have to focus on work, one of my homes I sold appraised 10,000 dollars low...UGH!!! so now I have to show the appraiser why it is worth some home work to do, actually the listing agent will be doing it to, but I have to know for the buyer what is the price on the house. Lately we have had a problem with appraisals:(((((

After I got mother and walt back home I fixed them some dinner then went to Alicia's surprise birthday party her friends Amy and Heather gave her, she was for sure surprised, she thought she was going to dinner with her ladies group in Little Rock, I called her and told her mother and walt and i were at US Pizza in NLR and mother was upset because she had forgot her birthday could she just please run by so mother could see her....she fell for it hook line and sinker:) She was so startled she started to cry:) love those kind of surprises!! It was a great group of her family and fiends, she felt so loved.

Well best go and get on with working out the appraisal just wanted to check in with you and say HUGS and have a GREAT day!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what a week

I have not had time to even sit down and think about blogging this week. I have had Hannah’s children all week, Blake has been so sick. He has a upper respatory infection and had a stomach virus, he still felt so bad tonight, he is so pitiful when he is sick:( I have been working real estate around my grand babies, which has been hard too:) but I have enjoyed the babies being here, I know when they move I will miss them so much, they are ready to see their mommy and daddy. They will come Thursday, Hannah has got her new home in order and will be ready for them, makes it so much easier to have it ready when they come:)  Their home here the brothers and sister all paid some money and we had a lady clean it, so all they have left it to get their few things that were left and patch nail holes and touch up paint:)  They will be excited.

jared and Jenn will be moving next door, I am showing Walt and mother Jared’s home tomorrow and I pray they will buy it and move, we had to go to there house tonight for Steve to get his car moves out of the garage… will be soooooo much easier with them in NLR for Kay and I, Kay was there but Walt wanted Steve to do it:)  That will be a huge mess to deal with all that………ugh….can not even go there right now:)  I am fixing to tear into my house when the kids leave and do major spring cleaning:) I am so ready to have it all in order.  Colin came in Sunday with kay and said I have never seen your house like this:) he is always telling me how clean and perfect it is, I said well I am not as good as I once was:) with Blake sick all I can do is hold him and we have had major laundry, I have learned the most important things is the babies not the house:) but it was really bad that day:)

Sunday I went to Freddy Gene’s visitation, it was real sweet, I got to see my cousins:)  I did not go to the funeral because of Blake, I took him to Dr. it is good to see family:)))  they were proud of me for my weight loss:)   well best run and get to bed it 12:48am:(((((((  Alicia and I went to dinner to night then got Steve and went to mothers, then went to dinner again while Steve ate:))) fun fun!! I do love him:) but if we had little babies again I think I would have to pitch some major fits, but then I was thinking the other night when I had worked and also been with babies all over me and I was fixing dinner with babies on my legs and folding laundry and HE WAS WATCHING TV that I am not sure we would make it if I had to do all that over again:) I may have to knock him up side the head:)  It sure brought back some memories.  I just d not understand why when men get home they think the day ends……its their babies too!! well so much for all that:) nite and hugs

Saturday, March 20, 2010

well God is God and knows what He is doing:) I am having such a great open house at the Chenal Condos: I have my mind on work and I am letting go of the pitty party:))) not to say I will not cry some more but I am drawing a line and letting it go the best I can with Hannah and Mark house is a total wreck and babies every where, I made a big pot of spaghetti for the ones helping them move and they have taken the first load. Good to have a large family and friends when it comes to moving. I am going to do all I know how to talk Walt into buying Jared and Jenn's house, its about 1/2 mile away form me on dead end street, the bedrooms plans are the same as mothers, and the front door is not as assessable as Hannah's so mother would not be just walking out it, plus the neighbors are home during the day, it is so quiet there, the kitchen and family room are open so you can see her in the kitchen, she still likes to cook:) that is a whole nother story:) I will go by there when I leave here, last night we went over, their garage door got stuck open, sears will have to come Monday, it was funny both mother and Walt were sitting in the crowed, did I say crowed garage so no one could get in their house:)))) as if either could of stopped anyone. I took home made soup for them and they both ate real good. I have spaghetti for them tonight and Cesar salad. This am a lot of my grand babies were here while parents helped load the truck, enjoy the pic. They all like to rock. Cole came by later and let me rock him:)) well best go and sell this condo....pray I do!! If you think of it my cousin Freddy Gene Dunnaway past away and has his funeral Monday, his wife's name is Margaret, always pray for Kenadi......hugs

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terrific Thursday

Today started with the Award of Excellence meeting, I past the gavel to the new chair for 2010, the meeting went well.  A lot of my friends went to the races today and what a pretty day for the races!  I had appointments to show property then came home and made a pot of veg. soup and corn bread.  Max had some allergy problems and a touch of asthma, he stayed home from school, Hannah took him to the Dr. and they gave him a breathing treatment, so I kept him in all day, Steve watched him most of the day, then tonight we have Olivia and Blake spending the night, they went to mother’s day out today.  I am dealing so much better with Hannah’s move, not near as emotional as I was, I am thankful for that!! Hannah is packing and packing and packing!! Alicia needs some healing prayers she has the crud.  My friends baby Kenadi is going through some more test, if this does not give some answers then the parents will let her go be with Jesus, this is so hard on that family, if they turn down the vent she will not live, she looks at you with her sweet little eyes and is alert…it is just too sad, I will never understand the why’s of all this. Just have to trust.  Keep praying for them, they need it.  Tomorrow will be another pretty day then storms and cold icy weather here……wanting spring to come:)  Will probably go to Van Buren Monday to help Hannah get straight then home to get my house straight:)) Jared and Jenn will be selling their home and buy Hannah’s :0 I am excited about that!! I love me some Averitt girls!! They have Peyton, Laila and Mika, then Alex and Jill have Amelia:)))) all so cute and loveable!  Well need to get to bed while all is sleeping….nite!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Van Buren???????

Well would you believe this morning I did not wake till 8:30 am, Sales meeting starts at 8:45am:(  I called and told them I would not be there, I have never missed a sales meeting due to over sleeping, I always wake early, I do not even use a alarm  clock! I had planned on going to Van Buren with Hannah and Mark and securing housing for them.  Mission was accomplished, Hannah called bout a home and we met the owner and they rented it, it is so nice, four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, for. dinning, large eat in kitchen with breakfast bar, huge pantry, huge laundry room with pull out ironing board and a sm. office, loads of storage, has a three are garage, the sm. one is for a boat or golf art or storage.  most.  has Jacuzzi tub and walk in shower with seat:) huge walk in closet, nice yard fully fenced, its about two years old, the owner will even let them have her Huge dog Dually!! It has a covered patio and little sep. area there then a nice yard, there are four lots to the left of it and it is in a cul de sac so no traffic, the neighbor has a son about 8ish across the street. Nice Nice subdivision……right off freeway, you take Fayetteville road, the turn beside the Wal-Mart and follow though the sub to their home, Very close like maybe a mile to Mark’s work.  They are excited, they are packing and moving this SATURDAY!!! I am dealing with it, but its all so fast and i have open houses sat and Sunday so I will not be here when they pull out, not sure that is good or bad,,,,well here comes the tears so guess I will sign off and let it out:) hugs and nite! they are about two hours away which is a pretty drive and not that far….just not next door:(

Monday, March 15, 2010

sunny and shadows:)

Kendai Hudson ...this pic actually has her locking real good:( this is her newborn pic, she is one month old, still on vent and needs major prayers...tks

Today started with the office calling needing my file complete:))) In which I proceeded to do. I had quite a bit of real estate to do and set up some listing appointments:) Then started working on mother and Walt's stuff, Walt and I did go to the deposit box and I was able to go through some things, seems like he has things more in order then I thought for which I am so very grateful! Then took him home and went to the store for them, on Monday's I usually clean out the refridge from the week and get fresh groceries. I had made chicken and dumplings, green beans and max and cheese for their dinner tonight. So after all that which was about 3 hours of doings:) mother and I did her some flowers, I had bought some yellow roses and then some spring bouquet for her to mix up, she loves flowers and arranging them, so we did that and they are sooooo pretty! It was a lovely day here and Walt and I did just fine, when I got over whelmed I remembered I am in the Lord's shadow:))) I think Kay and I are getting a handle on things a lot better, I paid bills while at mother's and then wrote down all the utilities and account numbers. They are both doing ok, I am sure Walt will be tired tonight, he had to walk alot for him and he barley walks, he has a walker. The bank people were so nice:)

Talked to my friend Dinah and she said she realized today they had not been able to hold Kenadi and maybe that was a good thing, then she felt guilty for feeling that, I told her she is preparing her self in case Kenadi does not make it, she was so sad and my heart hurt for her. I remember when we lost Wyatt my chest actually hurt with pain to see my child in such grief and me in grief, its a pain I have never felt before and hope I do not feel it again. Keep her in your prayers. Tomorrow Hannah and mark want me to go to Van Buren with them to find a home, pray they find one, I am going but trying to hang in there and stay in the shadow of my Lord! These are just painful emotional days. I found a note Walt wrote mother that said.....woman,wife,Jean....thank you for taking such good care of me....I love you walt......he left it when he had gone to the store to get her grapefruit for her breakfast;))) He loves her that's for sure. Well I am tired and calling it a night....hugs

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hiding in a shadow......

This will be on a serious note for my for some reason I have had some serious thoughts and some meanings that I feel the Lord has shown me through out the day. First in church this am.....Scott told of a service man who had been on a ship with his crew in Iceland, the ship wrecked and they were all stranded, help came but could only take two, the Captain said he would stay with his men, and they said you have to go, you are the only one who could get help back out here through all the ice, so they went back, Before he left he told his men He would be back for them, when he got back it was hard for him to get the funds and get back to get them he did all he knew and they got a ship to go back, it could not make it, he failed in going back eight times, they said they are all dead by now but he said he had to go back and try so the ninth time they made it, the men were all there alive and packed and ready to go, the people on the ship were amazed, they ask how did you know we were coming today? They said they had packed daily and waited, because the Captain said he would return for them. this is true story. Now my point is Jesus said, He was coming back for us , do we really believe that? If so, do we live like it? Have we done all we could do so our friends and loved ones are ready???????? heavy! The next thing I was walking beside Steve and looking in a store window, I could see our shadows, I got right next to Steve to see if his shadow would hide mine, had I lost enough weight? Yes, I had all you could see was his body in the that point I thought of God hiding us in the Shadow of His wing, being Hid means no one can see you, you can not see your self, this had such meaning to me today because I am seeing my self in all my family changes and it hurts my heart, I do not want to have to make calls for Walt and mother with out them understanding, I do not want Hannah and Mark to move, I do not want this to be to much for my sister Kay emotionally with mother and Walt. I do not want Kenadi to die. I do not want April 1st to come and me miss Wyatt Averitt. In being in God's shadow, I do not see me or them, He does and He can handle it for me and I just stay so close to Him that I only see Him....this goes with the scripture, things on earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace. Now some how I still carry out the plans on earth to help in these things and then trust Him to give me the grace and mercy to get through all the changes. I am asking the Lord to just keep me in His shadow as I walk through these changes, that I would walk so close to Him I can not see me:) One thing for sure it would not matter on my weight loss walking in the Lord's Shadow:))) He would always cover me. The part in being hid by someone's shadow is staying real close to them...........................that is where we find our joy, peace, strength and reason for being. It also helps you make the correct steps, when you can see your self your not in His shadow. It will take our eyes off our self, will I cry, yes, will I be sad, yes, will I make it???? YES! Because God is faithful to hide me in the Shadow of His wings! AM I ready for it Alllllll????? NO! But I know that I know that I know my Savior lives and He lives in me! I will hide in His Shadow! You can hide there to!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday and Sleepy

Anna on Apachie:)

Yesterday was full of emotions for me and of course I woke today with a stiff neck and headache:((( It started with work, which was not the stress, then went to see and attorney concerning mother and Walt, then my dear friend Dinah texted me and told me Kenadi was not going to make it,t his is the precious baby I have ask you to pray for, Steve and I went to the hospital, Dinah heart is breaking and Kenadi is so pitiful looking, she is extremely critical and needs major prayer and a miracle of healing from the Lord. Then we went to mother's to talk to them, this was intense and heated and stressful,mother of course has not understanding and Walt wants to be responsible for her care, she weighs 90 pounds and neither can remember to take their meds., Walt does not see the problem if mother misses her meds., he will not move next door due to the fact mother will depend on Kay and I more then him and over the years he feels she has chosen us over him, we are bossy:) and he is probably right but needless to say she and he both need major help. The end result of our meeting was good, he will do a POA and we will start going through paper work and things so Kay and I will know what is going on with them, so it is a step, I am not sure moving them right now is the answer but it would be so much easier for Kay and I, but its really not bout us:) I came home and went straight to bed, mentally exhausted, I worry about Kay, this is so hard emotionally, Walt wants mother there on any talks and if we say what is real then I know it hurts her feelings and she will say I do not have a problem with my memory and I can still do sad. I am getting into a support group for Alzheimer's, at the hospital Dinah's brother in law David helped me see some things, his father died with Alzheimer's. Today I got up ate a little soup, then took a zirtec and went back to bed, I slept till 2:00pm!! My head still hurt, it is better now, maybe all the cigarette smoke. Sarah is bring Cole and Anna by, Sean is taking Anna to ride and Cole and Blake and Olivia will stay with me:) I am looking forward to chillin with them, they make my heart happy and right now it is sad. I guess I need to cry but its not there yet, when it comes I will let it out so I will not have headaches:)))) On a good note, Hannah told me Jared and Jenn may move next door, I will love that!! I still can not even think about Hannah and Mark moving, I am such a tiddy baby:(((( I was thinking the other day and I am so enmeshed in my children that it is hard to know where I began and they end, think I need to revisit the boundaries book:) Keep praying for baby Kenadi:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Year Journey of Lifestyle change

I cannot believe it has been a year since I blogged about my weight journey, if you have followed my blog you will know I had lap band surgery in March of 2008, I understand this surgery is a tool to help you maintain and lose the weight you need to.  This has not been a easy journey for me. I have had so many changes in my life and my lifestyle.  Let me share some of them with you, I can now do so many things I could not do, I can sit in the floor with my grand babies and get out of the floor, I can stand on one foot and balance to tie my shoe or take a sock off, I can open my own bottled water, I can hop, I can jog, I can run, I can exercise, I can walk up or down steps straight forward as normal, not one foot then side ways with the other because my knees hurt so bad. I can feel my hip bones:) I can feel my leg bones:) I can tie my shoes, bend over and touch my toes, do a few push ups;) I can climb to the third floor at work and still be breathing normal:) I can not skip to good yet, or jump rope, I can not hop with both feet on a step, I moan and grown to get through boot camp, yes, I had got so out of shape I could not open a bottled water, thought it was my fibromyalgia but it was the fact I need some exercise.  I decided to make my self have some more discipline and began a boot camp program in Jan. 2010, it has helped me regain strength in my legs, arms, hands….it is changing me….it is also the hardest challenge I have ever had, I do not want to get up and go and at times I do not know if I can even do it, my Coach has made  such a difference for me, she has really helped me and pushed me to my limits. Once I have finished and get in my car I thank the Lord He got me through one more session!  My goal this year is to get the rest of my weight off and get my body in the best physical fit place I can, which means working out three to four times a week with no exception.  I watch what I eat, I try to eat high protein and low calorie foods, now do I mess up?  yes, i will still eat cheese dip, Mexican but I am limited to how much and I stop, with lap band some people do not lose weight, I have talked to many, but they eat high calorie foods and several meals a day, the key to weight loss is sm. meals and count your calories and work out to maintain you weight and health, no easy way to do it, no secrets, no frills!  I still have stressful times that I will just buy food, of course I do not eat it all, but I realized this is what I was doing when Steve’s sister passed away, it was a hard time and when we left the hospital we stopped at a store, all that was open, I got two soups, a container of different types of mixed nuts, cheetos and can not remember what else, I ate about two bites of each soup a few nuts and couple of cheetos, and thought I just wasted money on all this, Alicia said I was trying to meet my emotional needs because I use to eat for the stress, so I had my eyes open to it and have worked on that and can recognize that in me.  I do feel so much better and can not believe how large I had gotten, I see pics of me now and I do not recognize me now, I see people who do not recognize me, which I thought was weird till I looked at two year old pics:)  This is a year of me making me be obedient to my goals and seeking the Lords Grace to endure it:) I do have two new pairs of high heals shoes, little heals but still heals:) I went from size26/28 to 14/16, I can shop in any store:) not just Katherine's or Lane Bryant.  I am excited to see if I have gained the strength to pull my self up on skis this summer!! I was taking a bath the other day and realized I had muscles in my arms, I could not believe it, when I park I will jog to where I am going, such as the store, this is when I have on shoes that I can jog in, if not I walk fast. This is a whole new area of my life and it is exciting……..I feel I have gained several years of my life back with these changes.  I have had many people be my support in this, My friends the Mckimmey’s have walked beside me in the good and bad and have been there for me, they have so encouraged me, I know this would of never happened without them in my life and I thank them.  I thank you for your Atta girls and cheering me on, I needed it and will continue to need it to get to my goal……cannot wait to be there and be there and be there years from now, best thing about me, I now know how many calories are in different things and I ask is it worth it? I eat sm. bites and enjoy what I eat and enjoy the incredible flavors of the foods!!  I am here to cheer you on if you need it so always feel free to call or email me!! If your wanting some changes come do hip hop with me on Wed. nights or you could do boot camp with me:)  There is a scripture that says woe to a man who falls and does not have a friend for he will have no one to help him up, this is so true we need each other, I am there for you as you have been there for me!! Hugs!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lord Help where have I been??

My dear friend Pam ask me last night when I was going to blog, that it had been a week and what was the deal????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????? I have been busy and much has happened in a week but I will try to retrace it.....scary thought!! The week started with me writing offers and listing some houses, which is great, had two big deal fall out like about 9000 in commission:(((( grrrrrrrr! The short sell house I have that I worked my butt off on has a child support judgement and the ex will not accept particle payment so the house will be sold at the court house steps...........then the one I had that Alicia sold her buyers homes appraised low and their buyer backed out of the deal......real estate! Mother has had a bad week, she has put a face wash on her face and it is all burned, Walt took her to the Dr. without calling Kay or myself:((( and then it continued to get worse so Kay took her back to the Dr. it is a little better but still bad so pray for her she is miserable, with Alzheimer's she will not remember what is wrong with it and just is miserable, the Dr. gave her steroids hot and a z pac and some zanax to help with her anxiety. Now at the Dr. any time she is brought in they will call Steve, Kay or I. We will have no choice but to do something to get them the help and direction they need. Walt is just set in his ways and wants to be home and that may not be possible without outside help now. Wlat has dememita and is a invalid his self. Then we had a family er with Steve's sister and her grandson, his name is Ben so keep him in your prayers, he really needs them. Patsy lives in Tenn., we met them in Mississippi to try to help them out and bare some of their burden. I have not seen my Peyton, Laila or Mika in over a week! I did see miss Amelia MOnday but I had been at mothers and smelled like a cigarette..phew! and knew holding her would make her stink, she had not had her bath so I held her a little and yes she smelled like I did!! Well Hannah and Mark have been offered the job in Van Buren....I am glad for them but sick for me, I do feel the tears coming, I am just so use to them being next door and love having time there...not sure how I will deal with that! But God Will be God to me and this did not catch Him by surprise!! His boss in Benton still could snag him so that is how I am praying:))))) Have a full week this week, open house on the condos Sunday and had open house last week,,, not offers yet but I am working on them!! Steve is doing good, he is feeling much better and is getting his energy back and he just called me to write a offer:) YEA!! best run!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogging blues

me and Amelia.........I am looking so different to me. might new to get rid of the gray!
Peyton and her Pappy...

Cole riding sugar

When I read others blogs like v and c they have such neat things they talk about, I do every now and then but most of the time this is like a live journal for me, I can go back and read it a year ago or my family what is blue about it?? Not sure just seems boring to me. I will have to get inspired and think of something to really blog about:) for now its Monday morning and gonna rain:( and be cold:(. I have to show property at noon so I hope it is not raining then. I have had a quiet morning in my chair in front of my big window watching the neighbors wake up:) its quiet and peaceful. Yesterday Peyton was so excited at her birthday party, birthday have always been something I loved, I had each of my children birthday parities when they were young and made it a special day for them, because to me it is such a special day!! Then showed property, will probably write a offer today!! Last night went to mother's she is doing ok, made them supper and today I will go to store for them, they did not need much. They are about the same, Walt in his chair and mother fiddling around the house. I have a slight headache today....grrrrrrr.... so gonna take some sinus meds. and lay back down for a hour or so:))) hugs and make this a great day for you, come rain or shine, you make it what you want it to be!!