Sunday, December 27, 2009

Branson and lovin it!

April in front of some cliffs with major ice cycles

We came to Branson on Saturday with Alicia and Bob and their family, April got off work and is here with us;) Tuesday she will be 19 years old, so hard to believe~today we slept late then went to the store and then to lunch, was just running by the outlet mall and three housrs later decided to come back to the condo:) Alicia and Bob and everyone else could shop and shop and shop:) I can sometimes but not often. Alicia beat Steve and I in boggle and then beat me in yatzee, so I decided its time to blog! Of course she wants to still play and wonders why we don't:)))

Bob has a Dallas cowboy shirt on, hat on and has his mug that says Dallas cowboys, think he is watching the game???? yes, with Steve. I have a offer to work tomorrow, so thankful I have a job I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have a lap top and phone:) I have a agent showing one of my listing tomorrow at 1:00 so I pray she sells it! She is a great agent and for sure can do it, if they like it at all:)
Christmas has been a fun and sad and peaceful and stressful time this year, with the death of Susie it took some of the excitement out of Christmas for us, we are suppose to have a memorial service for her Wednesday if the weather will cooperate, it is at Robert and Lisa's home in Ozark. If that does not work out, then I am having my own at IHC where Susie went to church and had many friends. Not to offend anyone but the family needs closure and so do her friends. As far as Steve and I, we both feel we had closure when we left that Saturday. As for my children and some of Susie's friend they would like a service in honor of her memory celebrating her life.
No plans for tomorrow but Tuesday its eating at Joe's Crab Shack for April's birthday!! Then on New Years we will go to The Dixie Stampede on the front row!! I have never been so I am excited!! Then home and work, work, work, so I am resting this week and playing, cause it is all work come Jan 2nd. for me, I have meetings lined up and I pray that 2010 will be over the top for us all!

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