Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday and me

Well this is for sure a Linda Lou Averitt day:) I slept till 8:30ish then had coffee and now blogging, I have no plans except what ever I want to do:) I am in a hotel suite with my sister/friend Sherry Maxwell:))) I think I will shop some but first eat lunch at this place that has fried pickles:)))) yummy.........then work out ( walk ) to try to prepare for boot camp:) and then we are eating at a steak house tonight:) then back home:) The shower her has three shower heads and has great water pressure, I have never had a shower like that, I may have to put more shower heads in Steve's shower:) I learned as a young mother to take time for my self when I get so busy, this rejuvenates me to be able to give my time and all I have to my family and work, speaking of work, I need some! so pray:) but for today its all about me, that is what I Love about Sherry, she will do her thing and I will do my thing or we may do some things together:)) (not the shower) tee hee! It is sunny and a beautiful day, may sit by the pool and read, I have waking the dead with me, its a great book:) SO for a Christmas was when the kids were small, I think Hannah was about five, Steve had been very sick, was in the hospital for over a month with a infection and came home on IV's for another month, I did not work so we had no money with him off work, I had filed for food stamps and got them so we ate well:) but it was Christmas, we really had nothing extra to buy presents or a tree, and our home church group came with a HUGE, HUGE,HUGE tree, I had prayed and prayed and God was faithful to answers our prayers, the children knew we had prayed in Christmas that year and it blest us all to watch what God did! That is the year I learned it was not in the gifts but in the life of Jesus and his birth, I love to give so it is very hard for me not to be able to do that, I still find some self acceptance in it, but working on it:) because my acceptance is in the Lord:) That year Alex had prayed for something specific and God gave it to him, he learned God provides for him, we all learned that God is faithful to those who call on His name and believe!! I wish I could say I always trust, but I do not, I worry and fret and manipulate and what ever I can do till God brings me back to the place of trusting Him:) and He is still always faithful to me and to you! hugs and have a me day if you can soon!!

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

That hotel suite idea really appeals to me! Cindy and I are going on a cruise in late Jan. It will be so great to get away from all the pulls and needs here. I need to rejuvenate so I can give back! Thanks for sharing! V.