Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday night with CMT and Drew and April

Woke up and made Anna a one eyed monster with four eyes:)) she had stayed the night, Sean and Sarah worked the night shift, then Sean was here by 7:30 and he layed down and slept some then they went to Carlisle. Today was so nice and pretty! I loved it:))) I showed property to Dina and Casi this am and we saw a lot of nice homes:)) then came home and made some real homemade veggie soup, has so many veggies in it and stew meat, like green peas, black eyed peas, corn, potatoes, cabbage, spinach leafs, celery, onion, green beans, some shroons, bell pepper, tomatoes, lil bit of turnip greens, orka, v-8 juice, ketchup, probably more veggies that I can not remember, it has such a great veggie taste!! I eat the ones I like but love the flavor of it all:) then I made cabbage and turnips and turnip greens.....needless to say it will be gassy around here:)) Oh yes, we had corn bread too!
I then took a nap and woke at 8:30 pm!!! Duh!! so I got up and went with Drew and April to Casa Mexicana and had some dip and chips and shrimp fajita salad.......seems like all I have been doing lately is eating.....hummmmmmm....might need to check that out:))
Now I am home at home listening to CMT Radio and Drew laugh talking on the phone, something about work and tics:))) go figure!! I am proud of Drew he is working for Mark Miller at Fletchers and sold some cars this week:)) He made top salesman and he has only been there for two weeks:) YEA DREW!!!
well Steve is barely able to stand up since he did more then he should on the house on easy street, he has to remember they call it disability because your disabled and he can't lift and do the things he is not able to do:((( GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Tomorrow is church:) so best call it a nite!! I love Drew's laugh...he is still laughing with who ever is on his phone:))) its a contagious.....Rodney Atkins is singing cleaning this gun....and said that is for sure Steve Averitt!! and he is right! nite nite

Friday, January 30, 2009

I have my part ready for Cole:)

Today started early with me getting my pic for the Awards of Excellence pictures, so I had to dress up and look as good as I can:) then back to the office with and appointment with Bill Dearing, he is selling insurance now for Modern Woodman of America and he is helping me with health insurance. Then to my brothers property in Alexander I have listed and some brother and sister time:) Steve and I ate lunch at El Chico....yum yum...I ate more chips and dip then I should have:((( after that I previewed a condo at Quapaw Towers in LR, it is really nice, be remolded and has granite counters and Bosh of the line! They also had two slot machines and a for real black jack/poker table form the casino and real chairs from Ceasers was for real cool.....I have never seen one in someones home that is exactly like the casinos.... the seller was a black jack dealer in Las Vegas and now teaches how to win at blackjack:) The slots are for real too....he just uses tokens:))

Then back to the office and then to hobby lobby to get blue ribbon to make Cole his IT'S A BOY ribbon for his door at the hospital:) I have my IT'S A BOY mints to give out, they are the good kind that melt in your you breath will smell fresh when you kiss on Cole:) and lots of blue ribbon for the tree in Sean and Sarah's yard and a big stork and some its a boy balloons to go in the yard.....I have a big blow up bunny that is blue but not sure Sarah likes blow ups! I do not ask my daughters they just get it!! BUT I know Jill would gasp if she had a blow up bunny in her yard,and so would Alex, its a red neck thing to them:) and a NANA thing to me:) I did not try it with Jenn, but did have ribbons and balloons every where and my stork!!

So now I am home and getting ready to show property tomorrow hoping to sell a home tomorrow!! Sean and Anna are here, Steve and Sean are watching something o the history channel about Marines...mail call:) it is sorta funny, Anna is on the computer do her build a bear, she loves that. My little dog Cali is sitting near me and does not feel well, she has a limp and a cyst that has to be removed Monday at the vets.....poor baby:((( its like almost 300.00 for the surgery, get her teeth cleaned, shots and a sm. tumor o her paw removed!! I do remember Hannah asking me to take her and told me she would pay for everything she needed still....wonder f they remember that?? Well April just called she and Drew and Molly went to the movie and are going to me burrito to eat then be home by 10:00. Oh yes, I forgot I went and picked up Sherry Maxwell at the hospital and we went to pai wei in Lr and it was the best Chinese food I have ate! It is affiliated with PF Changs in the shops across from Park was sooooooo good....even Sherry ate all her food, she never eats that much. Jimmy is still having bile come out the tube of his surgery site so he is on ice chips and Popsicles no food and needs that to heal, he should be coming home now but is no where near ready to come home:(((

well I am ready for bed so nite nite!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

my grandson will be here soon:)

Today was still burrrr cold;) I was at the NPBOR at 8:00 am:( to get our company's tickets for the award of excellence banquet. Then off to and appointment and then to get my hair cut, which is a little short but I like it, not sure about anyone else:) Met with and agent and wrote a offer then off to Carlyle, I forgot how to spell it:( We went to dinner with Sean and Sarah, she looks great but I know she has to be tired she is very pregnant and is 2 cim. and 50% effaced so any day now Cole can arrive:) Sarah reminds me of me when I had Alicia, I was such a happy go lucky person, I just thought is this labor?? am I contracting or am I hungry??? up until three minutes before I had her!!! I thought the pain would be unbearable and it was not totally unbearable yet so I did not think it was it, besides the Dr. and nurses said I was not in labor and gave me a sleeping pill, needless to say I did not sleep and when I got up to go to the bath room because I felt I needed to do #2, I almost had her in the toilet, I called the nurse and she about freaked out, I did get on the gurney to have her and I still have the scars from her birth.....Alicia you were and are worth it!!
Please pray for Drew's grandfather Ray Parker, he is really sick and needs healing, keep Drew in your prayers too, it is hard for him to let his grandfather this ill, also keep Jill in your prayers, you can read her blog and keep Jennifer in your prayers......tks

Anyway I will be getting the call soon......I think:) Anna will be so excited to hold her little Cole!
well going to bed have full day tomorrow but will try to work in a nail and pedicure appointment:) I look a little ragged. NITE

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lunch at Olive Garden with ALicia and Pam

This is Pam Cupples Richey with ENG Lending..she is a wonderful friend and took Alicia and I to lunch at Olive Garden:)) Yummy......Alicia is my daughter who sells real estate with me in case you did not know:) and Pam is the BEST Mortgage lender in the state..great interest rates and service....did I say she was my good friend????? she does re financing too:)
Today was burrrrrrr cold! I went to Cabot and got my new listing, it is so nice, pray it sells asap!! Then to the office and by the store to cook Sour cream chicken for my Jared and home group:) We had a great group and had April's left over casserole and sour cream chicken, Black eyed peas, corn bread and rolls and butter nut squash((YUCK ) but healthy:) and salads for press one pizza, they are like us pizza and sooooo yummy.... Mr. Drew brought me some fresh light pink with darker edge roses fro my table. Thank you Drew:)
Journey Church will have the movie Fireproof Wed. night Feb. 11th. nursery is provided...if anyone can come let me know:) Steve and I went to see it and highly recommend it to everyone!
Tonight I kept the babies for home group and Sean called me, he said he and Sarah were at the hospital, I said ok, I Will be there and was about to hang up when he started laughing and said he was teasing!! I then proceeded to tell him that he is not to call me from the hospital BUT as soon as she starts having contractions they can time!! He thought it was so funny...I did not:) I am getting so excited about Little Cole!! I can not wait to meet him and hold him!! I absolutely love babies! Guess it shows:) well I have to be at the NPBOR at 8:00 am so I need to get ready for bed...nite

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

rainey day tuesdays

well I hit something and it went to the blog:) Today has been a rainy and cold day, sooooo I never got out:) I did bathe and just put on fresh PJ's and continued to stay in:) My shoulder is much better with all the resting of my arm, it was for real pain yesterday, I do not like to take pain pills because they put me to sleep and if I try to fight it and stay awake I sound like a drunk if you talk to I go to sleep:)

April cooked a great dinner, cheesy noodle and onion casserole and corn and salad and rolls and tea, it was real good:) She coked dinner fro us and her man Drew:) Yes, I said her man, they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend:) with our blessings. Steve and I have spent several hours with Drew and know he is ok to date our daughter.........those who know us know that is a major step for Steve:))

I am about stir crazy so tomorrow I will be up and out of this house, trying to get listings and working my business. Steve will be working on easy street house.....we will get that ready for resale asap.

well hats off to a quiet day and a peaceful night.................nite

raining day tuesdays:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Alicia is not feeling the love here so I am posting her pic so you will know I have a daughter named Alicia Jean Averitt Haley

bd cake...hannah you did good

Today has been different:) I got up early, Roo had spent the night and I fixed her two one eyed mosters this am for breakfast:) then off to school for Roo and April:) I laid back down and got up at NOON!!!! then went to the office and was going to LR office, my shoulder that I told the Massage lady to do deep tissue on was hurting like h---, and it was very hard to drive, so I came back home and took another mussel relaxer and later a pain pill and I now have some relief!

I have posted my favorite place at the condo:)) and some of Blake's Birthday pics:) enjoy

nite on a cold winter night!!

this is my blue chair at the condo...sry for the broom and mop in back ground, I sit here are on the couch:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We got up to sleet, just a light coating, I ask Steve if he thought we just needed to stay at the condo, and he said he thought we would be fine:((( to get home and of course we were!! Had a great church service and then off to Blake's 2 year old Birthday party at no other place then Chuckie Cheese:))) he loved it and it was his day. I will post pics tomorrow, Hannah has my camera. Then we came home and Drew came over and we had a sweet visit with him, he is such a nice young Christian man:) wanting to date April:)) but more then that has slowed everything down in that area to seek God's will in his life. I am thankful God has brought him in our life's.

My right shoulder is so sore from the deep tissue massage, I had her go ahead and work out the knots and she did:) and it is so sore today it feels like I have been in a wreck, I took a jacuzzi bath tonight and soaked it and took a muscle relaxer. I thought I had drank plenty of water but I know I should of drank more to get the toxins out, guess I had more then I thought. BUT it does not feel tight and stressed like it did, it just feels like the muscle has been worked over with a sledge hammer:) so needless to say I am in some pain with it, my son Alex noticed I could not move good and said that is why he has never got a massage, he sees me

I guess I did let her go to deep in the muscle of my shoulder blade and neck, but at the time it seemed to help:)

well going to bed once I do face book:) I am back to the reality of work and home:) nite

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today has been a restful day for me:) I woke early :( but did enjoy the sun coming up over the trees. Had total peace and quiet here at the condo. Then went and got a massage and then went to the little shop I love here while Steve got his massage. We then went and had a snack since we were going to dinner later. Steve came home and is napping still and I am watching Catch me if you is a good movie:)

Steve and I really needed this time of peace and rest and alone time:) be home tomorrow for church and Blake's Birthday:) at Chuckie more quiet time but fun and party time!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Janurary 23rd. 2009

Today was full and busy, we did not get to leave town till five or so:(( But I stayed busy with work and so did Steve. We did close on our investment property today so we have our work cut out for us:)) Mark is biting at the bits to get started!! Which I am glad because that is not my cup of tea!

We ate a Jazen's lakefront in Edgemont, which was soooooo good, I had catfish and Steve had their to die for steaks! The best you will eat:) then we made it to the condo which is so clean:) THANK YOU HANNAH!!! It is sooooooooo quiet, in the winter months no one is here much, I can hear the trees blowing by the wind so its gotta be real windy. Total peace and quiet:0 You can hear your self think:))

No plans for tomorrow then Sunday get up and drive back for church, the Blake's two year old birthday party at Chuckie Cheese, glad I have this quiet time:))

Jimmy Maxwell is still in ICU he is struggling with low blood pressure and if they give him meds to raise it his heart gets out of rhythm, so keep in him your prayers, and Sherry is having to be there all the time due to his anxiety and state of confusion, she needs your prayers too, Jimmy can not have meds to calm him due to the low blood pressure:( and he gets anxious and wants to leave. then SICU is new and the recliner they have has wheels on it and it is a safety issue so you can not sit in it, so there is one hard back straight chair:(((( I fell guilty leaving her but if I do not take some Linda time I cannot give what I do not have:) I learned that the hard way:)

Well I brought my camera to take a pic of what I love doing while I am in Fairfield Bay and I will post them for you later:)

I love my time with my hubby, I do not have to share him with anyone, he is all mine!!! DO I need to say anything else but Good night!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

two my my grand babies:)

Olivia and Blake :) I have to have two high chairs for my babies and could use two more:)) but I have no room for them all

Janurary 22, 2009

I am still at work but decided to do my blog so when I go home I can fall into my bed:) Today was hectic and busy but good. I got two loans closed and have one tomorrow to close:) Had lunch with Drew Parker and went and looked at a home I will list:) Now its doing paper work time for me. Tomorrow I have a client at 9:00 then teach a class at 10 for new agents then I am going to Fairfield Bay to rest and I am sooooooo ready to do that. I Love It there, i sometimes do not even get dressed all day or all weekend:))

Jimmy Maxwell is doing real good and may go to a private room tomorrow form ICU:)) PTL!!!

Sarah is 1 cementer and 50% effaced so baby Cole may come anytime, I am getting excited to see him:) He has dropped according to Dr. Simmons, and I would think Dr. Simmons would know since he has delivered thousands of babies, some of mine included:)

Well going to run and go home.......nite nite

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan. 21, 2009

Today was a much easier day for me:) I was not having the high stress level I had the day before:) I have learned that when I am stressed it tightens my lap band, yesterday I could not even get my drink of tea to go down....that is a real bummer......I guess the good news is I had my surgery the last of March and I am just now knowing this:) It has happened a few times to many this is when I had sat with Jimmy and he had a for real come to Jesus conversation with me....I clearly told him I was not ready to let him go so he better fight for his life!! Then last night when I sat to eat it was useless....and you know what kind of mood I was in already:)) Yes, I said a few choice words but not the big ones:)

We did not get to close on easy street still, the seller is not ready(: and since it is a repo house you do what the bank says do or they will not sell it to you:( so I have my cashier's check ready to close and have pre signed just waiting on the seller........guess it will happen when ever it happens.

We had home church tonight and I enjoyed seeing everyone, I kept the babies:) they were fun, watching Olivia and Davis was really a site to see, they just played beside each other:) I sat Olivia in the high chair by Blake too......will ad pic later:) I cooked chicken and dumplings...yum yum and Rhonda Smiley made the best German chocolate cake! soooo goooood!

Tomorrow will be a full day for me, I have appointments starting at 8:00 the 9:30, trying to have a early lunch with Drew then have a walk through before the buyer closes and two closings:) YEA!! Thank you Lord! Love and nite nite

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Jan. 20th

I am not even sure I should blog today, I have had a very frustrating day and a attitude problem. Seems like I get one thing settled and then I get pissed off about something else, I really need some alone time and get my attitude straight. I just want to cuss and eat and I can't eat because of my lap band and I have said my share of cuss words today and said I was sorry and tried to control my self...its a losing battle, I even came home form work so I would not bite off some agents head:) I did do sales meeting today and tried to be up beat the best I could:) Our investment house did not close today due to the seller's title company not doing their job:((( ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I did laugh at what our attorney said, he sent a petition for the settlement of Jim Averitt's case and it was wrong, I sent it back and he said he thought that it was right so I sent an email explaining why it was wrong and he sent me one saying " you stand correct " I just chuckled...I can not remember when I stood correct in a long time and someone actually acknowledged it:)) we will be thankful to get that settled and be reimbursed our expenses. well Jimmy Maxwell was so much better today, he got the tube out to his stomach and was able to have some juice/broth today, he was totally different then yesterday, his blood clotting was better too and his heart was beating in rythem...PTL..keep praying for his healing:) BIG SIGH from me ...................trying to change:) and get Peace from the the way did I ever say I do not like it when my children turn 18?????????? I am not sure what changes but something sure the heck does and it is all I can do to bear it:)))) well I am checking out of here to get my alone time:)) nite

Monday, January 19, 2009

jan. 19th cont.

I am home, spent a lot of the day at the hospital with Sherry and Jimmy, God has answered prayers, he is stable. I am in bed with my lap top and watching House, that is one show I do like:) and it feels good to be in bed quiet and alone and doing what I want to do:)) I am doing the sales meeting in the AM so I am thinking on what fun things I can do, we sometimes give away money, so I may come up with a game to give some away:) to the agents. Steve took Max duck hunting today and he and Sean sat in the duck blind, which a real nice one and Max just loved it, he got to look a a bunch of ducks and of course call them in with the duck caller:)) Then he saw hundreds of geese and saw them thru the binoculars. He loved it:) so did Steve:)Our Little Rock office is up and running and looks great, we still have some landscaping to do, we are doing a rock water fall down the front to our sign, it should be beautiful and get people's attention:))well going to sign out of here and relax......nite

Jan. 19, 2009

I want to update you on Jimmy Maxwell. He is till losing blood but not as fast, his heart was out of rhythm due to the blood being thickened to clot and as of a hour ago it was more stable. Jimmy is stable right now, keep them in your prayers, it is crucial.... more later:) God is faithful so keep praying:)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Olivia saying what about me???? I like the water too:)

Daddy grand cooking breakfast....only like he can!

Cali doing her part:)

Sean, Blake, Peyton....they are like having twins!!

My sweet Laila!

Peyton's one and only smile:)

Well this weekend was fun and family filled:) Our little Laila and Peyton were so much fun:)) Nothing more precious then laying in bed and Peyton saying everyone she knows:)) What ever it takes not to go to sleep:)) Then we had church and everyone came over for lunch:)) You see Peyton's smile, when you lay in bed she sits up and smiles like that and kisses you good nite and says I love you!!! I love having them spend the night you can see their personality's so much more:)
Then Steve cooked Breakfast, Sean helped with his twins:)))) Blake and Peyton and Cali always does her part as our dog:)
I am doing good to get the pics, now if I can learn to put them in order:
Ok that's the morning pics:) we later went to Cameron's grave, my niece who died three years ago tomorrow, Susan had a little gathering to honor Cameron, it was hard but real sweet and a much needed time.....I admire Susan and Derrick in how they have coped in the midst of despair of the deepest kind, in losing a child.
Please remember to keep Jimmy Maxwell in your prayers, he is bleeding out and may have to have another ER surgery tonight, he needs our prayers and so does Sherry Maxwell and their family.....been a full day, love and nite nite

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan.17th 2009

Today Steve and I went to the heart hospital to have a screening done, and all mine were good. my bad col. was a little high but it is totally different since I have lost weight, Steve's was good too:) You know your getting old when you go to the heart hospital for testing for 10:00, but its better then the alternative:)

I have my Laila and Peyton tonight, I would of taken pics but been too busy:) They have kept me going, Sean and Anna are here too and Sean was a big help and so was Anna since My sweet hubby is a a men's bible study getting spiritual:)) Well do not have time to say much...gotta run and get to sleep before Laila wakes up to find her passy:) love and nite nite

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday JAN.16TH

I AM LAYING IN BED with MY LAP TOP:) and my caps was on:( this am I slept in till 8:30 then sat in my chair with my lap top and worked till noon, ate some tortilla soup I made last night and then went to work to interview and agent. then went to meeting at the board and then had two late getting home to cook:) so we ate Chinese.
April has her friend Drew over and they are talking and we have Anna here and she is looking at a bunch of jewelry I gave her, she loves jewelry.
For some dumb reason, I guess a high energy day I made Steve and I an appointment at 9:00 am to go to the heart hospital for a heart health screening they are doing for 10.00 a person, checks your triglycerides and cholesterol and corroded we need to be up and out by 8:30!! It will be about 15 degrees then....................brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What ever I was thinking when I said 9:00 who knows!!

Then it is our Saturday to clean the church for Sunday, I will have to get some help with that:) and the I have my grand girls from Jenn and Jared spending the night:) can't wait! I hope to go to the store so I can cook something tomorrow, I have not decided what but I am in a cooking mood. Well going to go and check my new addiction...face and nite nite

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan. 15ht 2009

I was up and running at the office at 8:00 and in my meeting at the board office at 9:00 then another meeting at the board office at 11:30, so needles to say I was at the North Pulaski Board of Realtors from 9:00 till 1:00 with my blowing it up! When your in the meetings you do not answer it:)) I then went to the office to get some paper work done on my closings, only to find out one will not close tomorrow, the Ham's house which is so hard on the Ham's but it is totally out of my control but not my prayers:)) I actually came home about 4ish and worked from my home office, I tend to get so much more done here, in office I have a lot of interruptions but that is what brokering agents is all about:))

I was ready to go to bed and realized it was only 6:20pm so I stayed up till now and getting ready to go get in bed and read, I can not wait!! I have a electric blanker and it is warm and snugly and then of course when Steve comes to bed he is all snugly too:)

Jimmy Maxwell is doing real good, he will get off the vent tomorrow! He is holding on, keep him and Sherry in your and nite nite

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed. 14th 2009

I am so sad and thankful at the same time, my dear friend Jimmy Maxwell had a almost eight hr surgery today, it is called a whipple surgery and is very serious, he did have pancreatic Cancer and has a long rode ahead of him. Sherry Maxwell is just like a sister to me, we are so very close, when she hurts I feel it, please keep them in your prayers. The surgeon actually scraped the cancer off a main artery and all he could see, normally he said he would of just closed him up but no cancer was on the organs so he felt he might could help by getting all he could see, Jimmy is in ICU and will be for a few days, then in hospital for 8-10 days so keep them in your prayers, I am sad to see them go thru this and thankful the surgeon did not give up and I know just as I did when Jared had cancer, this has not caught God by surprise and He holds them in his was a tuff day at the hospital and I am tired and going to and nite

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan. 13th 2009

Today was great!! Our meeting was really good! The Lord blest it and Marcella Hagen was a superb speaker, in which, if you know her that is no surprise!! The agents who got awards were so surprised, most cried, we had one jump up who made rookie of the year and just hollered, it was her goal, she has only been selling real estate for about 6 months, she is really a neat and vivacious person:)

I did not get to come home and take a nap, instead went to Bebe and looked at a house that a agent has listed and then listed a home in was sooooo cold too! A wonderful House on 11 acres for $525,000.00, it has alot of amenities! Then off to Lr to take earnest money on my investment house and by Mark and Chris Ham's, in which I have mixed feelings on that one, they will be moving to Nashville and close on their home this week...that was a God send listing for doubt!!

Tomorrow I will be at the hospital at 7:00 am to be with Sherry and Jimmy Maxwell, he is having a real serious surgery and be in ICU for a few days then in the hospital for a week or longer, he is having a bile duct rerouted, and his pancreas looked at, he has been so sick, please pray for them......well off to bed for me...Love and nite nite

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan. 12th 2009

Lord help! I just thought I was tired the other day I am pooped out tonight, I just got home and had to do my email to check it for something I need in the kick off meeting for Mckimmey, sooooo I thought I would do my blog too. Today was a long hard day with running from one thing to the next and having to stay on top of it all and remember all the different deals going:) which is a good thing!! but a challenge for me, then tonight we had a dinner party with the Mckimmey's and our dear friends Marcella and Jimmy Hagen, Marcella is our speaker for tomorrow. We ate at Authur's and it was fabulous! The steaks were very good, I ate some of Steve's and I had lobster bisque, which no telling how many calories that was:) and a Cesar salad and a bit of chocolate molten and ice was all very good. Well off to bed....tomorrow is a big day for us and then I will probably come home and take a nap if I can, cuz I have been hoofing it!! love

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan. 11th 2009

Just hung up the phone from my sister....we discussed everything from living in nursing homes when we are old to Mary Lee ( Clay is my sister's son and Mary Lee is his woman) being Gen. Clark's right hand person in charge of him:) to our gandbabies to suppa tosacana soup from Olive Garden!!! And of course the Obama Inauguration coming up:) Kay has always been more political then me and involved in watching history being made.

Church was good today, April's friend Drew went with us:) He said he liked it too. We ate at US Pizza afterwards, the one on McCain and Ester Waldrop McCellan was there managing it, she is so sweet and pretty! Then I went and got my car cleaned and my nails done so I am ready for the week, oh yes I filled my tank up too! Tomorrow will be real estate follow up on my closings and getting ready for our kick off meeting....I am excited about that, I love watching the agents when they have no ideal they will get an award, it means a lot to them and to me when the market is like it is we need all the atta boys we can get and give:) By the way did I say Drew has been around today???? They may be liking each other:) He is a real nice young man and we like him, he now has met all but Sean and Sarah and Anna but I am sure that will come with time. That is the brother he needs to worry about:)) Well I am getting ready to lay in my bed and watch house that I recorded, he is my kind of Dr. Says what I would like to say sometimes, although he is way more blunt then me and for sure rude:)) but I like him......when I worked at the hospital I would of loved to of said some of what he gets away with...but it is just a show:) Going to get ready for to all who read this and nite, nite!

by the way....a bird did his droppings on my clean car!! Now to wash it again!!! for sure it is better on the car then on me and yes Steve is still watching scfi....Luke Skywalker:) but he is nice again so I will not complain!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. 10th. 2009

Today started early, I had home inspection early on coolhurst, then of to run get ready for Cole and Sarah's shower:) I wanted to go early and to go into Lisa's closet in Keo and I thought I was going to Carsile and I would go in this neat looking shop downtown but the shower was in Humonke, which as far as I could see did not have nay shops;) some farms and feed stores but no little neat shops. Sarah had a great shower, she was blest with so many gifts!! Steve picked Anna up for me and she went with us, she enjoyed the shower and seeing what her new baby brother will be wearing, I got a camo onesse and overalls and bib when we were at the bass pro shop in Branson for her to give, Sarah loved them....Sarah hunts too:))) she is perfect for Sean and for once someone has his number, and knows just what to do to keep him straight:)) Sean is real excited about Cole, so is Anna and for sure Sarah...heck I guess we all are:)

All was peaceful at the House, just me and my computer working on face book. Steve had gone to Jared's to see the Razorbacks play, he left in a good mood and came home a old grouch so I take it they lost. Next time he goes to see the Razorbacks I Will have to remind him it puts him in a bad mood if they lose!! Well I am tired from the day of running and going to bed....tomorrow is church and then I hope a rest full day at home!! It is coooollld outside, wish it would snow!! of course no moisture in the air when it is this cold!! nite

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan. 9th 2009

Well today was very eventful!! I bit the bullet and bought a investment house, I had turned in a bid on it and they countered me back, so I have met with termite people, roofers, inspectors cuz I only had till 6:00pm to accept the counter. There were eight bids on the house and we got it, I am real excited but sorta nervous at the same time to realize the limb I put my self on!! But it should be a good deal for us:)) Know that when I say I it means me and Steve, he is always my partner in life and investments:)) for better or for worse:)) Well April went on her real first date tonight with Drew:) Of course he came in and talked with Steve for a while before he got out the door with her:)) but the good thing Steve did not have his shot gun out cleaning Drew seems like a nice you man....time will tell on that part. Tomorrow I have Sarah and Cole's baby shower in Carlisle, there is a neat looking store in downtown Carlisle that I will have time to look around in too!! It is a neat little town, perfect for Sean....if you get my drift:)) I am looking forward to having another little new born, she is due the first part of February. I am so blest with wonderful, God loving, pretty daughters in love, all of my boys found jewels for a wife, they have been blest too!
I have ran to do a class this am for the agents to Cabot to recruit agents to the office to work on paper work and to the house I bought and got home about 5:30ish, so its is quite now, April is gone and Steve is watching TV and its a miracle its not Scfi, ooops I just looked at the TV it is SCFI....Stargate!! I swear I get so tired of scfi Channel.....nothing like something crawling out someones ear! YUCK!! Anyways, I have put my PJ's on and had a bowl of suppa toscanna from Olive Garden....I got a gallon of it the first of the week and have ate on it all week, I love it:)))) probably too much, but that is another whole problem for a later time in my life, right now I am working on enough. Well, I am going to go lay in my bed and start putting it down what all needs to be done on the house and how fast I can turn it:)) I am praying God will let me do four this year and show me favor on my offers:)) so far He is doing His usual!!!

love to anyone who reads this and nite, nite

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan. 8th, 2009

Today started early, it feels so good to feel good again!! I will update on how I am doing with my weight:) For those who do not know I had lap band surgery March 31st. in Mexcalli Mexico, Dr. Alberto Aceves did my surgery and he was wonderful and so was the hospital staff and the whole experience. I was totally unsure if I should do it but researched the Dr. and the place and decided to go for it and I am so thankful I did. I have lost 71 pounds and have a lot more to go but I am past the half way mark!!! YEA!!! Lap band does help with the amount of food you eat, although if you wanted to and I can not even begin to think why you would, you can eat a lot of Small fattening meals and not lose weight. But I eat three a day and usually for breakfast I have slim fast then lunch salad or soup or something nutritional, then dinner is light and low fat. I have totally quit all carbonated drinks and try not to eat any sugar or salt. I sometimes have a little piece of candy or something sweet but it is not a habit just ever so often:) I can eat anything I want but in small bites and chew, chew, chew!! Steak has to be tender or it takes too long to chew it and I do not think it is worth the time spent I cannot even believe I said that!! I have not had any problems and try to follow eating healthy foods, nothing taste as good as skinny feels:)) not there yet but I am well on my way!! I also enjoy walking, and working out at the Sherwood ctr., I have been off my routine since I had surgery for my gall bladder but ready to start back up, so my flabby skin will not hang to my toes:) That's the scary part! But nothing surgery can not fix:)) tee hee! well that brings you up to date on my lap band!! I took some pics today to see what I look like and I am starting to See my old self inside of me! ( hope I do not start acting like it! LORD HELP!!) I have tried to put the pics here but can not do that! I did manage to get the little one of me on the side and ask Jill to help me with the others:) Well best go, I still have some work to Linda

Jan. 8th 2009

Today started early:) I am so proud of my self cause I put a new pic on my blog

Jan 8th 2009

Yesterday was a full day again:) I am hooked up in real estate and it is going well, I need listings so I can sell my own properties:)) hint, hint. I went to Dillards to look to see if a top I had been watching was on sale and it was for half price but not in my size.......grrrrrrrr! So I made the best of it and got two pair of pants and two tops:)) tee hee, tell me I can not cope!

Home group was a small group tonight but we all had a good time of fellowship and looking at scripture, April had her new friend over, he is a cutie and I was very impressed with him, a very nice christian young man, make sure you get the man part!! He is 20, she just turned 18, but I really do like him, he is mature and can carry on an adult conversation, guess two years makes a big difference!! At this point it is not serious but I think she could fall for him:)

Today I have lots to do, one is the North Pulaski Board of Realtors lunch and meeting at noon, I am on the board so I have to be there, I think it will be educational for me. Then just work and getting ready for william cole averitt's baby shower this Saturday, this is my son Sean and his wife Sarah's baby due in February. I am sooooo excited over that!!

well off to work, but first my bath and make up and yes Linda

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Jan 6th 2009

Feels good to be home in my PJ'S and dry and warm!! Tuesday's are a hard full day, we tour the properties we have listed and for some reason it rains on Tuesdays! But if you do not see the property it is hard to sell the property so we dredge through the snow, sleet, rain, wind and mud to sell those houses!! Ok, so we do not do it in the snow, sleet, mud but we do it in the rain:)) I am excited I won a trip to Costa Rica this year:) Our top five agents go to Costa Rica in a To die for rich and famous house with servants! or Las Vegas so that was a no brainer for me:) Next Tuesday we do our kick off meeting and it is always fun to see the agents faces when they win awards!! I made the top producer in commerical and residential, another agent made it in residential only, which is what we count for overall top producer. It was a good year for me the Lord blest me in many ways! I always look forward to Wed. my longest two days are usually Monday and Tuesday so I can be more relaxed on Wed. plus we have home group which is always a blessing! A much needed time with friends during the week to be reminded how wonderful our Lord is:) Well I ate potato soup and I am ready for bed, I Hope the Lord sends a maid to come in during the night and clean my house ( real quiet ) so it will be ready for tomorrow nights guests!! Well gotta get my beauty to all who read this and nite nite!

Jan. 5th 2009

Ok so I am posting this early morning of Jan. 6th, I was wore out when I got home but had a great day at the office and with my hubby:) I had a full day at work and it felt so good.....I love what I do:) that always helps. I had a good meeting with the mckimmey's on 2009. Steve and I went and got some signs and loc boxes and went out near ferndale, we drove back thru all the icey trees on kanis, it was so pretty, then we ate at our favorite place Lugies in SWLR, it was soooooo good and I had not had time to eat all day so I was sooooo hungry! I try to eat three times a day with my lap band that is what you are suppose to do, then you will not over eat when you eat. I had to remind my self to take small bites and chew good and slow cause I was so hungry. To my surprise and theirs Byron and Marilyn came in, we both love this little hole in the wall Italian restaurant, so we stayed and visited with was a fun evening. April made cream brule' ( not sure on spelling) and it was good too, I did have a bite when I got home. Well all is well with me, hope it is with you:)

Love Linda

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan. 4th. 2009

YEA!!!! I did sell my open house!! I got up early and went and put my balloons and open house signs up, actually Steve did it while I helped:) It was cold and raining and I came home to get ready for church and decided to stay here, Steve and April and Anna went, I missed Alex preaching:(( but I did have some time to read my bible and pray:) I am ready for bed but waiting on a call to go and write another offer, they are in church so I am waiting for them to get home.
Tomorrow I have a full day at work so things are back to normal for me:) UNLESS it snows, you know when the weather man says no need to worry, we get snow!! I hope so, I would love it!!
Going to work then to bed......nite!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan. 3rd. 2009

We came home early from the condo because I thought it was going to rain today and wanted to get my Christmas things down outside before the rain, and today was so pretty! The good thing is we got it all down Friday and was able to enjoy the day, at least I did:) I took pics of some homes I have listed and then one I sold that is being finished out, I sent the pics to the buyer so they can see all the improvements and how lovely the home is looking as the builder is completing it. I took my sweet sister some soup, she had surgery Friday and I have kept her in meals, she is doing great. I made a big pot of homemade veggie soup and some good corn bread for dinner. It was yummy!!
Sean and Anna are here for the night, he has to be at work at 7:00am and Sarah works all night so Anna will stay with us and go to church, then Sean come back when he gets off at 3:00 to be with her a little while longer.
I have made appointments all week with work, hope it gets me going in the right direction, like working:)) I found a home we may buy and fix it up and resale it, its still scary for me to do that in this market but its a steal of a deal so I probably will. My goal this year is to buy at least three homes and sell them, this will help clear my hospital debt. The problem is you have to pay for them till they sell:))) I have a feature ad in tomorrows paper on a home I have listed and will hold it open tomorrow, I pray it sells!
well I am figuring out blogging is sorta like a journal but letting others in your journal:) which is sorta neat. well I am on my way to bed.....nite to all Linda

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2nd. 2009

My word what a day!! I finally left the condo and yes, I did put on my clothes, although I have been known to come home in my pj's:) We got all the bedding off every bed and all the food out and got it straight, then we took the Mcgill babies home and left Hannah there to do the floors and finish. Then she and Mark, when he got in from work went hunting. We got home and put the babies to bed and Max, Steve , April and I took down all the Christmas lights and my BLOW UP SNOW GLOBE, yes my blow up in my FRONT YARD:) I have been told this is red neck, but I say, it is a nana and daddygrand thing to have blow ups in your yard:) AT ALL HOLIDAYS:) I am so glad we got it all up but I miss it too. I love Christmas and all the things that you decorate with at Christmas more then any other time of the year. I am so blest to have Christan children and a Godly husband who makes sure Jesus is glorified during this time of year when so many other things steal away your peace and purpose of not get me wrong I do think there is a place for santa claus, but it should be the least thing at Christmas. I actually stayed on a tight budget this year and I am sure that made Steve happy, I normally do not, but I prayed and ask God to help me with my spending and He did and the miracle is I obeyed:) Now I need to get my self back to a normal routine and focus on real estate:) but I am hoping it will snow soon:) I love snow days, its another pj day and do nothing but eat and watch movies and rest, now I know your wondering how much rest do I need????? HUMMMM>>>> Well its about bed time so to anyone who reads this blog, I pray you have a great day or restful night which ever it may be.

linda lou averitt

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan. 1st. 2009

WOW! January 1st 2009!! What will be important to us this year? What will our personal and professional goals be? Too much to think about for now:) I have been in my PJ's since Tuesday night when we got home from Branson, just being a slug the rest of the week, have not been out of the condo:) Taking naps, eating, watching movies:) my kind of week:)

Thursday Jan. 1st. 2009