Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time is flying by, it is hard to believe it is April!  April first is when baby William Wyatt came, only to go to be with Jesus, he was my first grand son:) He would of been ten.  Not sad this year because I know I will meet hin in Heaven and know he is running the streets of Heaven:) but do remember that dreadful night and morning and week.

This week has been busy and totally 12-14 hour days!  When Friday night got here I was so tired, we were in Conway and I said lets go to condo so I can sleep and rest, so off we went, ate crab legs at Janzzen's and then went to bed, woke up at 8:45, which is late for me:) enjoyed the quietness.  On our way back to the rock, have work and then going to get some plants for my flower gardens, tonight we keep Jared and Jenn's girls while they go out for her birthday so I will have help in planting them, mother will enjoy watching from her rocker on the front porch:) 
Have a busy work week Monday and Tuesday then go to Baton Rouge on Wed., can not wait, taking mother to see Connie and Mama:) she will love that, she talks about them all the time.  Guess that is the age she is living in.  This week had a headache for three days:( got a massage, which helped but did not get rid of it, it is gone now and I am so glad, think it is from pollen. Hope it does not come back! 
Easter is almost here and I do not even have my Easter decor out:((( I always decorate for every Holiday, but been so busy I have not done it, may skip it this year.  But for sure not skip what it means! I am so thankful for the death and resurrection of Jesus, He has changed my life and gives me the strength to carry on:)  This week I battled with title companies all week, I will never understand why people cannot do their job and what they say they will do, its not the normal title companies I use so I had no pull and they did it their way, one closed on time the other would not even work it till this next week, suppose to close on the 29th.:( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  I did have to watch my mouth and I did fail at not cussing, so still working on that.  You know I am always working on something with the Lord:) Glad He loves me like I am!
Hannah and Mark and children are back home and doing well, I miss them all, Jill and Sydney and Amelia are good, Sydney is the best baby, Amelia totally loves her and so do we:)
Mother has had a good week, I can tell she is regressing, but still a real part in converstations, even if what she says does not make sense, she loves interacting with us still:) she walks real slow, shuffling, but can get where ever she wants to go:) so I am thankful! Looking forward to our mini trip to LA.
well best go and get busy got a lot to finish up with today...hugs

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

We have brought the camper to the KOA camp ground, Hannah and her family came Wednesday, they stayed in a cabin her at the KOA, it was a one room cabin, real cute.  I can not get pics to post so will try to add them later:(  We met Bill Brown on Wed. afternoon at Beef O'Brady's, he is who introduced us! We go back a long long time!  Hannah got here late Wed. night, Thursday I had to work and got my hair cut, then came to the KOA, we had such fun, made so many memories with our Grand Babies! I picked up Jared and Jenn's girls and they came to spent the night Thursday night, we all went to Cock of the Walk to eat, it is a neat place for children, its on a lake and has a white Peacock, ducks, turtles, sits off in the woods with a pond, they flip your corn bread at your table.... then back to camper, had all girls for a sleep over, then Friday got up did laundry as they played, then went to the Zoo, in which everyone in our State must have been at the Zoo that day!  Steve and I were going to take seven of them and thought no big deal, boy I was ever so thankful Hannah and Mark decided to go, because we for sure would of had a hard time, way too many people to keep up with them all, we had Jenn's double stroller and rented two more, Max and Jack walked the whole time, really they all took turns, it was such a fun day, the Zoo was so pretty with flowers in bloom, animals doing their mating calls, monkeys going crazy!  The giraffe's were out and just throwing the long necks at each other, not fighting but I guess playing as giraffes do.  They went on the big slide that you ride down on a towel with, they loved it, we had a picnic there, Max got a Turkey leg and ate it, it was really good.  Then back to camper, had sandwiches for dinner, so so tired, Jared and Jenn picked up the girls, and to bed early for us, during the night I could barley move, I have done something to my shoulder, to even turn over was a chore.  Steve said do you think we over did it???? I said, you think!  We did the whole Zoo! Woke up like I had a bad hang over, head throbbing, nauseated and had not even had a drink, went to IHOP but left them all there and came back to camper and went to bed for two hours, woke up without the headache or upset tummy....all the children came over for a picnic, all the cousin's played, it was so much fun having them all here, we ordered Pizza and they part!  Then I had ordered girl scout cookies and my cousin Connie brought them to us, so we were set!  One blessing I have not said, is Sean and Sarah did not get divorced, they are working their marriage out!! We were so excited for them to come, they rented a cabin too and spent the night!  The Judge would not sign off on their divorce with out talking to Sarah, so thankful God answered that prayer, they have forgiven each other and working it out.  Everyone went home or to their cabins and off to sleep for Steve and I, we got up this am, I walked down and got the kids, feed them breakfast, let them swing, then off to Journey Church. Had lunch with Journey family, then came back and laid on quilt and made things out of the clouds with Blake, Olivia, Jack, Dually dog came and laid down and my Cali was a fun time! Very relaxing, except for the hard ground and being 58 years old.  Hannah got a nap and then they were going back to Van Buren, Mark went back with them but will come back tomorrow to be in class here all week. Mrs. Hardy had already planned to visit them for a week, so it worked out for her., although Hannah is not one to be with out Mark for very long, reminds me of me:)  The camper is quiet, I miss everyone, but really tired and ready for bed, would not trade anything for these past few days for anything, I think camping makes you have more family one on one time with your children:) 
Mother has had a great week, I have been gone more this week, I  miss her when I am not home, its so weird, I need a break but after one night I miss her,   but been there daily checking on her, she is feeling good and doing good! Now this week I have loads of work, have two offers to work out and close a loan on Wednesday and Friday!  The Lord is blessing our Real Estate!  I miss mother tonight, ready to be home and even missing sleep:) After learning to sleep in this camper it may be easier  sleeping with mother:)   Love the camping time and glad we did not sell the camper, although I would for the right price:) love it for short periods of time, but would not want to live in it! I will not miss the tiny black sugar ants!!!!
Hugs to all and hope I can get pics in! I got some of them, Gave Luke a bath in the shower in the camper, he loved it!  I lined the girls up Thursday night showered them, in which they thought was fun!   I about got as wet as them:)  Need to get my windows live writer back on my PC:) Ready to get to bed!! Say a prayer for Steve he feels a little sick:( hope he is just tired!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday and lovin it

Steve and I came to the condo last night, we ate at Janzen's, I  had crab legs:)  They were soo soooooo good!  I was just hungry for them, closed two loans this week so I splurged!  Got a great nights sleep, Thursday night mother slept so good, but I could not go to sleep until about 3:30 then had to be up at 6, so I was really tired!  Friday we went to a Alzheimer's Seminar, it was so educational, gave me so many ideals and ways to help mother.  They actually have a vaccine that is out that stops the plaque Amyloid, and they are working on meds for the Tau Protein!  So that is some great news!  Its too late for mother but it is great news! NOW the vaccine is a cancer drip but they have found it to help with the protein build up in mice, so it will not be long till it is for Alzheimer's!  I took so many notes and just try to digest it all, will do a blog on it so it can help other's once I can. 

This morning I went to the Sweet Shop here in FFB, it is a neat shop, I got so many new spring clothes! I got FOUR pair of shoes, I so needed some, my feet needed them too:) six tops, one pants, one purse and two necklaces and one earrings! I was so excited to find some things, I needed spring clothes so bad!
Today as soon as we got here, I got a call to show property, so my sweet hubby went back and showed today for me, I am here ALONE and loving it, have not had alone time in a long time, seems like I am always with Steve or people, in which I love but also just needed time by my self:)
Steve should be back about 4ish and we will go eat at Stingbeenz, it is so good, all home made veggies!
I am very thankful they found out what was wrong with Colin, he does have Arthritis, a rare kind that is very painful but he has started meds, it is good to know he has something treatable, just pray the pain will become bearable for him. 
Mother is doing well, her gait is still shuffled, in which they covered in yesterday's seminar. I may take her to see Connie and Mama April 4th for three days, I would like to go before she does not feel like going, she enjoys going still as of today.  One thing I learned that each day will be different, it will never be the same, also that she does not know she is confused until we tell her:) I learned that mother is my teacher on what to say and do, no one else. take no out of your vocabulary, and just enjoy her! I cannot wait to share it all, once I get it down!  Speaking of that best go and read, I hope I fall asleep while reading!! hugs

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Been a good week

Been a really busy week, but a good one.  We had a pot luck at work Tuesday and the food was so good, we have a Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese agents and boy can they cook good!!!  So much food and so yummy, I have ate homemade clam chowder today for lunch that was left over and lo main noodles tonight for dinner.  All the agents cooked something, so we had way too much food.  I am busy at work, we closed a loan today and will close one tomorrow, sold the a Commercial listing we have, Steve is a huge asset! 
Mother is feeling much better, still has a shuffle to her step when she gets tired but she is much better. Its still hard to get much sleep when I do not have care givers, she sleeps but talks in her sleep most of the night:)  Which reminds me, last night I was helping Jill and Alex and sleeping with Amelia, during the night she starts laughing, I rub her little face and say, Mill you dreaming?  She says yes, I am playing with Paypay and Laila, she calls Peyton, sweet...never opened her eyes, just laughed and went back to sleep, I love waking up with her, she wakes up with a smile that will melt your heart! Last night Jill ask would I take the baby monitor with me to the spare bedroom, I said, why?  I am sleeping with Amelia!!  I have loved my time with all of them, it has been very special for me.   I think new born is my favorite time with a baby, they are so cuddly, Sydney is just the best baby!  Looks like my font changed, but I am not sure why or how to fix it, so just endure.
Steve and I went to a caregiver's group meeting today, it was really good, I was so emotional, started crying when I got my tea, thought what is wrong with me, cried when I shared, after I was out I had time to think and I figured it out, I keep all those feelings put on the back burner so I can focus on what needs to be done, then all of a sudden I am there with ther people like me , its time to think on those things, so it was a hard time, but I think it will help me to go each month.  Tomorrow we are going to a Alzheimer's Seminar with Drs., Elder Attorney's, and guest speakers, it is totally focused on Alzheimer's, I am looking forward to learning, today I got two books and some material that was wonderful on communication, sent it to the caregivers.
April called and went to Lawton Oklahoma, her birth mother called her, she needed to sign a Indian Petition on Saturday so she can keep her Indian Benefits, I was hesitant about it all, there was no way I could drop everything to go with her, she and her boy friend went, of course she had no ideal how much gas it would cost, she thought she could sign it today and come back home, but its Saturday when she has to sign the petition, so she is there, not sure where she will stay, she has a birth brother there, not sure if Dee ( birth mother) is there or not, I have some different feelings on all this:( keep her in your prayers.  She is 21, so I really do not have any say so in it all, but just hope that was a good ideal for her to go.  Sean will be divorced soon, which is sad too, he is doing ok, divorce is never easy on the whole family, keep him in your prayers too.  Anna and Cole are doing ok with it all, affects Cole more then Anna.
Everyone else is doing ok, Hannah is coming this Wed. evening till Sunday, we are taking the camper to a nice KOA camp ground here, with mother here it is too much to have them all here, so they are renting a cute cabin there, we will have the camper, doing a cook out on Saturday.  I am excited about seeing them, its been since Jan. since I have seen them:(  Looking forward to that!  I think peyton and Laila may spend the night with us in the camper!  The camp ground has a play ground, laundry, store and ice cream:) a work out room too! Its about 10 miles from our house, so I can still be here close if I need to show property or help with mother. 
I can not believe I will be married fro 40 YEARS this year, we are going to PCB Florida for some one on one time in which is far and few between for Steve and I, we have to make that time for us.  One thing that was said by someone today is they are getting use to never being alone in their home and never turning out the lights at night, I could relate, we have care giver's here all day and some nights so we can sleep, you do not have a time you can just come in and be by yourself, I am getting use to the lights being on at night but still really like it dark when I sleep.  I love going to the condo it is so dark at night, I usually can sleep late there, late to me is 9am, which is really late for me:(  Update on Gavin that you have prayed for, he will have surgery again this Monday to open his eye better, his eye is healing, he will need a Corina transplant when the time comes, but his eyeball was saved!! God has been faithful!  Colin is still sick, they are thinking he may have a rare arthritis that Dale Mickleson has, a golfer, I talked to him yesterday, he sounded good, but was in a lot of pain in his hands, they were all swelled up, he will have a lung scope soon, so keep him in your prayers.   Hugs and nite

Monday, March 12, 2012

a full fun week


Well not sure where to began because I am not sure where I left off!  I blogged Sunday morning then deleted it all by accident…..grrrrrrrr!  Jill and Sydney are doing great,sydney1 We took mother t the hospital last week to see her, she loved holding herDSCN9226DSCN9229Sydney is such a good baby, she sleeps good, is nursing like a pro.  Amelia loves, loves, loves her!  Saturday night we had our Awards of Excellence Banquet, this is where realtors get rewards for their production, we have a pre party for our agents, I am the one who does that party so Saturday we hit it early and was ready to entertain by 4:00pm., we do have a bar and I did have Bar tenders who let me know they had a previous commitment when they told me they could do it, normally we use Hannah and Mark or Sean but they could not do it either, so tada!! Steve and I were the bar tender, and for those who know me, should know I am not the one for that job, when I got up Sunday I had a headache and felt awful, I told Steve all  I had was water and tea to drink but I am feeling so hung over…….go figure!  DSCN9230 The suite where our party wasDSCN9233DSCN9235DSCN9237DSCN9251 Steve and I got the adjoining room to the suite and spent the night, Sunday was raining and cold, we just stayed in the room, Steve slept till almost 10ish, then we ate,came home and I took a two hour nap!  We went to Alex and Jill’s Sunday night to help them, that was fun, got a cute video but too big to uploadSad smile Then tonight in my own bed, April is here as a caregiver so she will care for mother, speaking of mother she is better, seems like the med change keeps her to drowsy for me, but I am doing it because it does help her sit down and be more relaxed, she is sleeping better too and I  have to tell my self she needs the rest, its much better for her to be restful then hyper.  She had totally wore her self out last Wednesday and Thursday, so she is catching up on her rest, she finished the antibiotic for the UTI so maybe tomorrow she will be more her selfSmile Tomorrow is potluck at our work, I stressed fro agents to cook, I am too tired to cook so it may be Popeye’s Chicken. Hannah and her family will come this next Wed evening, we will take the camper to the KOA camp ground her, it is real nice, play ground, work out room, store, and they have the neatest cabins you can rent, so they will get a cabin and we will be in camper, gonna be some fun family time, she is real home sick so I am looking forward to it, I have really been missing them too, I was going this weekend but since they are coming her I will wait……all is good but real busy in my home!! Keep Colin and Kay in your prayers, I am not sure what is wrong with Colin yet but know he is real sick and in a lot of painSad smile

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Sydney Faith Averitt

DSCN9221DSCN9209DSCN9203DSCN9207love his shortsSmileDSCN9209Big Sister Amelia

Sydney weighed 6pds 8 oz.. and is 19 3/4 inches long, a head full of black hair, lips like Miss Amelia and Jill’sSmile  She is just perfect.  Jill was not able to get the epidural in, so they did a spinal which means it did not last long and she has been in a lot of pain, has a morphine pump but still very painful, so keep her in your prayers.  Jill was in bed for the past month with preeclampsia, she did the same thing with Amelia but Amelia was born at 35 weeks and was in nicu for two weeks, Sydney was 37 weeks but did not have to go to NICU, two weeks makes a big difference!!

Amelia just loved her, she was worried when Sydney cried, it will be a whole new world for all of themSmile


Well got to run, have work today then go hold my 15th GrandbabySmile


Hugs Linda