Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Better Wenesday

Spent the night at Mother's last night, had quiet evening and it felt good. I did not sleep very good, this morning I heard a voice say Linda and I answered in my sleep yes, which woke me up....really weird!!! Of course no one was there and mother was asleep:) Got up early and cleaned mother's clean house:) but the Porty's and floors had not been cleaned in a week or so, so I just cleaned clean:)) Then April took her to get her hair done and they got back, mother looks so good, she is about 102ish and is wearing a size 4/5 and it fits:) I can not tell any difference in her new medicine, dread it when the Dr. said ti will make her real confused and you get though that part and she will be better, so looking forward to better....pray for her, scripture says " Blessed is the memory of the righteous" and I pray that for her:) She did know Jill Sunday night and knew Amelia looked like Jill but introduced her self to Alex, or ask him if he remembered her:( but she may have known him and thought he may not remember her like she never know. She has such a good attitude and sense of humor:) Faye got there at 1pm and mother was glad to see her, I told her I was going to the condo/lake for a few days and she was fine with that:) She did ask was Kay in town, in which she is:) I really love mothers home, it is totally peaceful and beautiful, mother loves it too, when you take her out she still has no ideal where she lives or if she has a home, which is sad:( this is usually more in the evenings, in the mornings she is more aware of things and alert on things. All in all I think she is adapting much better then I would. There is no doubt she knows Walt is dead and will never come back and totally understands that, which is a good thing. Well I am at the condo, still working, just will drive back and forth, tomorrow I show property up here, I have a like house listed. We had to fix the Ac here and it is cold in her, I have my flannel PJ'S on:) Love the quietness of this place and need it, I still do not feel as good as I normally do, different tendons are throbbing and just stiff and achy, just typical fibromalgia.....:((((( but with the rest it should go away and I am cutting out all sweets, I eat them with mother:( Looking forward to the pool and lake time:) hugs and nite

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tired Tuesday

Some days I totally forget that I have fybromialgia, it has been so long since I have had a bad day that I just forget I have it, actually thought it was gone for a long time, as I lost weight and ate healthier it rarely showed its ugly head, but some sometimes far and few between I just have bad days and today is one of them, barley enough energy to do anything and ache all over, you feel as if you have the flu, of course when you continue to push your self, you just feel worse and are very CRANKY with your self and others, this is because you need to rest and quit pushing your self:))) I had so many plans for today and ended up going to sales meeting to the Dr. and then home, was cranky with family, who loves me anyway:) and then finally just gave in and took a long nap, I had planned to be at mother's and watch Cole as Sean helped Steve move things to mothers that will sale in the estate sale. Thank fully my sweet April came to my rescue, probably because she was flabbergasted with me:) anyway she went to mothers and has Cole at mothers, so I could take a life savor! I do feel less grouchy but still feel lifeless and tired, glad I do not have anything else to do to day so I can rest and not stress:) I will spend the night with mother tonight and we will have take out for dinner:) Tomorrow she gets her hair done then the care giver Fay will be there, I did speak with the other care giver Connie and she was so sweet and receptive to some changes she will need to make, I am so thankful:)) we really like her. Steve and I will go to the condo tomorrow for a couple of nights, then to see Hannah and her family for the fourth, looking forward to that. Those are the plans UNLESS I need to work which will come first since I need to sell something real soon:) I do have some good buyers to show next week, usually Holidays are quiet with people doing family things. Well blog more later, just checking in:) hugs

Monday, June 28, 2010

work and more work:)

Was ready mentally for the office today, I put the two new listings in the computer and worked on them, its a lot of paper work:) I still need to take some pics and will later today. I show property at 7, and have Laila and Mika now while Jenn and Jared take Peyton to the movie, To Story:)) Laila is like not having a child here, she totally entertains her self and Mika just coos and smiles and sleeps:)) They are easy to keep:) Cooked some brown pinto beans today and a for real good strawberry cake, you use a strawberry cake mix and two cans of strawberry icing, you let one icing get warm, when you mix the cake you pour half the batter then put some of the icing in it, then cover with the other half of batter and bake, with the other half of the icing you add a can of sweeten condensed milk and the when you take the cake out of the oven you pour it over the cake while it is hot, let the cake cool then icing with the other can of strawberry icing:)) It is too good and I am not crazy about strawberry cake:) Then was making sour cream chicken to realize I did not have ritz crackers so I turned it into a Mexican chicken casserole, added cream of mushroom soup, rotel and cheddar cheese and chips:) and for sure made corn bread:) I am not the best corn bread maker. Now I need to get my self back dressed and get to work:) then home and hope to get a good nights sleep. Kay is spending the night at mother's and they are having some of what I cooked and baked chicken and the best turnip greens Kay said, I am having April bring me some of those!! YUM YUM, her care giver Faye is a good cook:) well best run..hugs and have a great rest of the day! Have a full day tomorrow with work and Dr. and mother:)))

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pics of my get away Linda Lou Averitt time:)

Day started with a pedicure/manicure:)

Big flat screen:) in the suite I was in.

The ending of a me two days, read two books, had great talks with my best friend Sherry Maxwell and ate like a queen:)

Bed part of the room

Bath room, in which I took time for a shower and a hot bath in the huge tub, you can lay and float in,noting more relaxing then floating:)

Foyer to the suite

tub, its a six foot long tub:)

sitting area, I would love to have a bedroom like this, but then I may never leave it:)

One thing for sure when I totally get over loaded, I have learned how to deal with it:) I escape and take some me time:) When I worked in Psych a Dr. had made a statement she wish she could just break her leg so she could have some time off, then she realized how absurd that thinking is and recognized the need for her some time off, WITHOUT being sick and not feeling guilty for taking the time off, we all need some me time, it is easier for me now with my children grown then when they were little, when they were little you may get a few hours, but take them, they make you a better mommy and wife:) Just FYI....also new panties and fresh flowers help too when the babies are small, we tend to buy for others but not our self, so learn from me, spend some time on your self to help you be who you want to be:) The most important part is not to feel guilty for taking care of you:))) hugs

Catching up

Just read some of the blogs I follow, some very good topics:) one was on cursing, I must admit I do cuss and at times can really come out with a potty mouth which I know is not edifying to me or the Lord. I usually do this when I am tired and over loaded, or when I feel pushed against the wall, I come out fighting, its not a pretty sight:(( I had shared on the person's blog that a few months back I was reading some old journals I had, it was 10 years ago and I had prayed for God to help me quit cussing, then 10 years later I still cuss, and had wrttine the same prayer, I thought then its not a God answering problem, its a me problem:)

The other day I was talking to someone and they brought up a situation I am in, I just let the big cuss words fly, when I hung up I thought why on earth did I talk like that, I realized I was angry at the situation and frustrated and cussing seemed to help, there is medical proof that when a person uses foul language, and it is foul language, that it releases endorphins in the brain, your in a fight or flight mode, which does help you, BUT there are so many other ways to release endorphins in your brain that are fun and do not offend others around you:) I say all that to say this, I am really trying not to cuss anymore, I feel convicted of it and know it is not professional in my work environment, use too when someone cussed, I just could not believe it, I thought we have so many words to use, why cuss, then I realized that sometimes your to tired to draw on your brains energy and just cuss cause its easy and it feels good. No excuse for me, I am working on it, I am surprised I have not cussed on the blog and I may have and not know it, that's when you know you need to do something! Actually I like being a lady and in my day ladies did not cuss, I never want to give up my lady hood, I like it when Steve opens my door, or lets me walk in front or helps me carry something, all the things done for us ladies, that I never want to give up, so I need to talk like a lady, and for sure before the Lord behave:) I personally do not think the Lord has curse words, I think its our society that has them, I think this because words have very different meanings in different parts of the Country, some bad words here are good words there. If they were bad before the Lord they would be bad every where is my thinking, just like lying is, gossip, stealing, you know He covered all that, but the only thing I can see about cussing is, unwholesome words, Let not unwholesome words come out of your mouth, ugh, how convicting is that? So in my thinking society is who makes the words unwholesome and I can adhere to that and try my very best with God's help to quit using unwholesome words:)) That is my thoughts for today, thank you "C" for helping me in this:)
I have a home to list today, then to church then to Alexandria's 15th birthday party, then to mother's to spend the night, mother is going to church and the BD party with us:) The dance recital was wonderful last night, we all enjoyed it, had to get in high gear, Alicia thought it started at 6pm and it started at 4pm:( but managed to pull it off! Even mother got in high gear:)
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Time for just me:)

My life ha been on fast forward with all that is going on in it. I decided to take me out of my environment and just have some me time, I started with a manicure and pedicure, then went to the book store and got to great books, Talking to Alzheimer's and the Alzheimer's answer book, I finished one this morning sitting by the pool, it was wonderful, the birds were singing and very nice, the water in the pool was cool:) the sun felt so good:) then came back to the suite I am in and took a shower, did my hair and just laid back reading the other book, I am eating a fabulous seafood buffet tonight:) Some things that are so different is mother is never off my mind, I really want to learn all I can on Alzheimer's and how best to care and communicate with her. I plan on writing a book, most books are like encyclopedia and not practical on this issue, like day to day deals, so I have kept a journal for the past few years on it all and my feelings in it all and how I am coping, which at times have been good and then some very hard times. I do think things are much easier with the care givers, I am not sure about one of them, I think she is wonderful but she is a little bossy and will tell you what to do instead of ask you, I worry about mother feeling over whelmed with her, I did talk to her about it when she first stayed with mother and have now written it out so she can fully understand what I am saying. Just hope she can understand it and be able to keep helping. Not sure on what to do about vacation and the oil spill, we are to go to Panama City Beach Aug.7th for a week:( Saturday night Alexandria has her dance recital, mother will go with us, and Alexandria dances a lot of dances and a solo:) then Sunday we have church that night and then to US Pizza for Alexandria's birthday (14) family get together. So once I get home

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not sure what all has gone on since I posted:) Tuesday was a full day at work with sales meeting, then I taught class and we had a condo open house from 5-7pm, it was a great success:) Took mother to get her nails and toes done today:) she is loving her new home, still confused in it but to be expected. We went to Dr. Bradley on Monday, he gave me a chart showing the stages of Alzheimer's form the chart I would say and he confirmed mother is between stage 4 and 5, there are 7 stages, he did start on her some meds. again and so far no side effects, in about a month he said she will be real confused but in a week it will pass:) that is when we will be in Florida on vacation, so pray that goes smooth, she is going with us:) Looking so forward to that. I really like her care givers, one is too bossy and I have said something to her so pray she can get control of that, mother can still do so much by her self she does not like someone bossing her or treating her like a child. I am tired but its a good tired tonight, it has been so hot here it totally zaps me:( I have work tomorrow and Friday and the Alexandria has her dance recital Saturday evening, mother and I and who ever else wants to go will go to it:) She has a solo dance this year!! Well not much to post on, when I have time to think I am going to share some thoughts I had about this road I was on, one side was low and one side was high, so I call it the high/low road experience!! Hugs and Nite!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The man him self:))) Mr. Steve Averitt
The gray hair in the back is me:) with Alexandria and Victoria

Victoria, Max, Alexandria

Bob and Jack Haley

Yea, The pics blake

sister time

Jack man

Hannah, Mark, Olivia......can you say cheese ball face Hannah????

We had a fun filled weekend, now back to reality:) I am trying to have some pics on here but can not get them to download for some reason, maybe they will this time!! We are home and I am ready for bed, house is cool and that is something here, tomorrow will be 102! I dread this hot weather! I take mother to the Dr. today, Kay will go to, we may eat lunch out, then one of us spend the night. I have work tomorrow too and a full day on Tuesday:) Need some buyers:) and some sellers:) I took Steve to one of his favorite restaurants today, Janzen's lakefront, its near the condo, they have a yummy Sunday Brunch, they make Steve's favorite, eggs Benedict, and the we have some chocolate cream good, we then drove around and looked at camp site places and party barges:) Hannah and Mark had gone to breakfast earlier and were napping, we then went to the pool and had dinner pool side, then came home:) A great day and a fun weekend, the only way it could of been better would be if we had all our children and grand babies there:) The children got Steve a John Deere lawn mower for father's day and I got his shower finished:)) He loves it, will have to take pics of it, it has three shower heads and a seat:)) Well gotta get to bed:) hugs and nite......and yes the water was too warm and the sun was very hot!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

fairfield bay condo swimming...yea

olivia under the water fall
Blake swimming

me and the boys

Mr. Max Mcgill

Victoria and Alexandria


me and the girls

baby pool, water fall

ok, here are the first pics from the weekend:) Steve and I went to Janzen's on the bay and ate and played Texas hold em on a tv deal:) it was relaxing and fun:) then Hannah and mark came and we went to the pool, tomorrow we are at the lake all day:) yea!! Picnic on the lake, I want all my babies who can come to come, we have a party barge and going to a cove on the lake for a nap time and picnic and swim......cannot wait!! Steve and Mark are playing golf for Father's day:) then it is home again and work:) which I am looking forward my work:) and my family:)hugs and nite

trying to add pics:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

taking a linda and steve weekend

Max hit the diving board doing a back flip:((((
Steve, mother, clay, jared, alexandria, peyton

Jill, kay, april, mamaw and amelia, alicia

Mamaw and Miss Mika

I have a closing in the am early and then I am going to the condo to have some down time, I have ran since May 3rd. when Walt passed away. We have mother settled, tonight we had all the kids by to see Mamaw and Connie and Roy, Jill made fudge pie and for real chocolate chip cookies:) it was good:) Mother enjoyed the kids, so did mamaw and Roy and Connie. I am so tired and ready for some time of quietness and to just sleep and rest and do nothing, I know Steve is exhausted too, he has worked so hard every day. There are still things to do in her yard but the inside is done, except press the shower curtain:( and Kay is changing out the front room bedding and bed. The estate sale is getting ready with my friend Sherry Maxwell, and the old house is for sale. I am ready for my life to settle down, I am ready to focus on work, and need to focus on work. I love having mother this close and have care givers till Monday, so Kay and I can both rest up some. Mother has liked her new home, she is still unsure of it and thinks she needs to go home but then realizes this is her home now with her things, her Alzheimer's is sometimes better then at times not to good,all of this has put a lot of pressure on Kay and I and we need your prayers. Well I am off to the lake as soon as I can get there:) hugs and nite


Cole and Sarah, Cole was giving her a look:)

mamaw and Roy
Mother and Connie laughing, which is what they do all the time:)


I had cooked a huge pot of chicken and dumplings, roast and potatoes, carrots, fresh purple hull peas, corn,Luigi's tomato salad, fresh Lima beans, peach and black berry cobblers,rolls,mac and cheese. we ate and ate:) oh yes, ice cream on the cobblers:) I enjoyed them coming over, my house and yard were not ready for company but I had them over nay way:))) Tonight the kids and my brother and sister's family will go by mother's for desert and visit mamaw and Connie and Roy and Mimi, and see her home, I am so proud of her new hoe and how pretty it is, she feels very special. She still gets confused over the move but that is to be expected.
Cole spent the day here, April watched him while Sarah worked, Mark and Hannah and their family will be here tonight, Mark has school for two days, Jenn and Jared and the girls came and ate with us, and I still have left overs for the weekend:)
Have a heavy heart over some issues so pray for me that I hear and do what the Lord says for me to do:) hugs and have a great day!
YES April I have you some chicken and dumplings:))))

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There is a light:)

This the exterior of mother's new home, it is half the size she had and almost half the price:))) but its so her and she loves it. We had dinner tonight at Texas Roadhouse with Mamaw and Roy and Connie, and mother, Alicia, April me and Steve, it was yummy:)) Thursday night all the kids and Jimmy and Erma will come by for desert to see mamaw and Connie and Roy before they leave on Friday early am. I went to the old house for the last time today and so glad I do not go back till everything is sold:) Kay spent most of the afternoon there, brought some things back to mother's, went through old photos, I love doing that:)
I think things will get back to more normal for us, I love having mother over here this close, it will make things so much easier:)) Today I actually took a nap and feel a little more rested, this has really been a hard physical time and emotional time, but I do think I am on the down hill side of it:))) YEA!!!! Now we can just enjoy mother:) Her new home will be much easier to maintain, we have tried to keep it simple, which is hard because it is hard not to bring everything:) Little Cole comes over tomorrow, April is watching him while Sarah is at work, then Hannah and her family comes fro two days, then I am going to the condo Friday and Sat and Sunday to totally chill and be ready fro work on Monday:)))) I did get my car all clean today for work, I have to get focused and sell some homes next week:)) well I am off to bed....hugs and nite

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother's bath

Mother's bedroom

Guest bedroom

Family/dinning room

Mother's room

Family room

The furniture that was important with meaning and memory to mother, was a red chair, dinning room table and buffet, curio cabinet, wooden arm chair, big mirror we managed to fit it all in her new home, When she came home tonight she was glad:) I am so glad because I was not sure how she would react and tried to prepare myself that she may not like it, BUT she loved it, it had all her things:))) Kay and I have worked our tails off, to think this was a vacant home 48 hours ago! I still have some work to do on her old home but it will not be anything like what we have done! Thank the Lord!!
I am so tired, I am in bed and ready to go to sleep, just wanted to share some pics with you:) hugs nite

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Connie and Mother
Mamaw and Mother

As our life starts out we have people in it that love us unconditionally with all the love they have. I was watching family video's of my children when they were small, I had forgot how Hannah hung on me all the time, she was my shadow, Alex was always figuring things out, quiet, more of a loner, you can watch Jared look to Alex for help, and Jared and Hannah was like double trouble:)) Alicia was totally in charge and those were her babies:) Sean was interacting with them all, he was and is the most sociable child I have, Alicia next:) The children will love watching them self and watching them interact, they were really pretty good in all these video's of Christmas, Thanksgiving. Its weird to see our family traditions go so far back to when I was little. I have hung on to them:) As we grow and change in life, we become a person of our own, not the shadow of your sister, brother, parents. It is neat to see how each of my children have taken their own identity, you can see their character traits, as you watch these video's. God has for sure blest me with some wonderful children and family. As I pack mother's house I see so many things that at one time were important, so many memories, so many material things and I keep thinking all of this really means nothing, why???? I love nice things, but to see how someone has worked so hard all their life and just leave it all for someone else to go through and sort and make decisions on makes me take note not to store up earthly treasures but enjoy life today, enjoy my family today, if I have something that is important to my child give it to them, not wait till I am gone and can not see them enjoy the memory. I realize you have to save and invest so you will have money to live on, to care for yourself, Walt and mother have done that, but if they had not mother would of been cared for:) Just thinking on all the material things in life we think we need, how they do not matter as much as I get older and see the value of life and what it really is, it is love for each other, it is family, people will come and go in our life, I know when my church was my family more then my family was my family, you know who is here with me now? My family, I loved my church family but as time changes things so do your friends, its a brother that sticks closer then blood, the bible says. I love my friends, I have several life long friends that are like my family, BUT I have learned in my friendships, yours friends family will come first, as it should be. I love seeing my heritage, watching mother's sisters, brothers, step mother step up to the plate in her time of need, I am not sure how Kay and I would do all this without them. I am thankful God gave me a sister, they are special, I know without a doubt Kay would do anything for me. Brother's are ok but sisters are special:))) I have looked back through old family photos and my daddy's family was all close, they were like us, you make one mad, you make them all mad:) If one likes you they all like you:) Mother's family is the same way, if you got Connie in your court you do not need anyone else:) Just reminiscing about the last 57 years of my life, I am so thankful for loving parents, we had our problems, but with the help of family all persevered. Family is strength, Family is love, we can love each other enough to be our selves and be accepted by each other, Family if fun, Family is memories, Family is laughter, Family is crying, Family is sharing,Family is fussing, Family is forgiving, Family is all we have when it is all said and done, in the end it will be your family on the front row of the church, remembering all the good times and memories you have brought into their life. I say all that to say, make time in your life with your spouse and children to make some memories of family, I know my children do this real well because I was taught to do it by my parents. My son's are blest with wife's who make family memories, my daughters do this well in their home so its some family tradition being past down. What are yours??? Hug your babies today and let them know how important they are to you, if your parents are alive spend time with them and tell them how important they are, if you have a spouse tell them, NEVER let hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness rob you of your family, you never get tired of knowing how much your loved!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


What a full day, my dear friend Pam Richey came and got me started today, it was hard to get going:) then Hannah came and I fired a agents niece to help us pack, I think we are ready for the movers, Steve was sick today but did his best to help. It all got done and now Hannah and I are watching old movies of the kids and family video's, they are so funny and we all sound so country:)) Mother will enjoy them, Alex preached Walt's funeral and most of what he said is on videos, so that will be neat for him to watch:)) I need to have a family movie night, Hannah decided Jared was the trouble maker:) It has out cat Alicia loved and Princess the dog we all loved on it, plus Kay's dog Scottie at Christmas, guess they brought the dog, what is so unreal is they smoked in the my house, guess it was no big deal then:((( Tomorrow will be another big day of moving then have our work cut out to get mother's new house ready, hope I can get it all done by Monday afternoon, that is when she will be home. Enjoying my time with Hannah, we ate at El Chico's then came home and have been watching movies, we have Papaw on them, so good to watch:) well best get to bed so I can do this all again tomorrow.....Kay and I went through all the pictures, so many memories and so many pictures:))))) hugs and nite

lots to do

We made it just find to Vicksburg, the car ride was something else:) We stopped in Dumas and got ice cream at McDonald's, a ice cream hot fudge sundae, mother and I made the biggest mess, I was trying to lean over my seat and help her make her tea sit in the cup holder and the ice cream was melting and dripping everywhere, mine was in my hand and it dripped all over everywhere, we had plenty of napkins but was laughing so hard we only made bigger messes! When we got there Connie was sitting out front of the hotel waiting:) Do not know what I would do without her. Mother knew her right off and we put things in our rooms and went to the casino, we were walking around looking for mawmaw and when mother saw her, she just grabbed her and began to cry and turned to Steve and said this is my moma! It was so sweet, she was so happy to see her, she has not seen her in a few years and knew her immediately. It was so sweet to see. We sat right there and played the slots, mother did real good, she played the same slot for about a hour and made about 20.00 dollars, we then went to eat and I said mother you ready to go to the room and bed and she gave me the look a teen gives you:) SOOO we played again, this time mother won 120.00. I won 230.00, these are penny slots:) so we did good, at midnight I said I have to go to bed, so she and Connie sat in a bistro area and mother smoked and off to bed they went. We left early so get home early to start packing, Steve my sweet wonderful husband:) decided to go to I-55 instead of the way we came, it took us 1.5 hrs. more to get home, BUT it was all freeway:) So spent the night at mother's getting ready to start packing, Kay and I went through some things last night, we have so much to do and so little time to do it, so pray it all gets done and goes smoothly. I am soooooo thankful so my dear friend Pam who is helping me pack today:) Mother is doing great at Connie's:) hugs to all

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

YEA!! Connie and Mawmaw and Roy are coming!

Today I got up at 6ish, mother is still asleep and I am getting things ready to go to Vicksburg for the night to meet Connie and Mawmaw and Roy, then home as soon as I can get here Thursday to start packing mother, movers will be here Saturday at 1:00pm:)) lots to do to be ready, nothing is packed due to mother being here. THEN Connie and Mawmaw and Roy will bring mother home next Tuesday, Connie will bring her and they will stay till Saturday!! I am so excited! So its off and running, tonight we are staying at a casino in Vicksburg so mother is excited about playing slot machines, it will be a fun night!! hugs and let you know how it goes:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today has been a full day but so much got accomplished! I missed sales meeting due to needing to be a character witness at a Arkansas Real Estate Commission hearing, only to get there and have it post poned, but it gave me the time to go to Lowe's and get mother a washer and dryer and a new bed:))) Mother's bed was the same one she and daddy got in the 70's, so she will now have a new mattress and box springs:) her washer was real old and dryer had problems, so they deliver it all Monday:) Movers come on Saturday and we need to have it all packed and ready by 1:00 pm Saturday:) The house where she is moving is about ready:) will be by Saturday, mother went to day and was excited about it, she loved the house and colors Kay picked out, she just went on and on about it, made me excited, she knows when she comes home from Connie's that she will got to her new house and said that is what would be best for her, so of course I am happy about that:))) Take her to get her hair done in am then we go to Vicksburg about 12ish so looking forward to seeing Mama and Roy and Connie, then get up early Thursday to get home and start packing:) In between all that I have a home to list a home to do a market analysis on and some figures to send to some sellers:) so as you can see I have my plate full for sure, but am mentally ready for the challenge, had some good down time and family time so I am charged!! I am at mother's tonight, we ate at Gadwall's and brought home apricot fired pie and chocolate fried pie:) yumo.......I think mother can get me in trouble on her eating habits;( so I just have to take some bites and put it up:) well best get things ready fro bed:) hugs and nite

Monday, June 7, 2010

Marvolus Moanday

Averitt Giirl's, Peyton, Mika, Laila

Peyton, check out the crawlfish

What a wonderful day so far, I loved having Sean and Sarah and Cole spend the night, I waited o him to wake up this am so I could play with him before I went to work, he finally did, ok so I went into his room:))) I got him up and feed him breakfast, he is just tooooo cute, he make the sweetest faces, he is a chuck of love!! Saturday Hannah and her family came, Jenn came home with the girls so I got to see them all and loved every minute of it! Then Sunday we had the crawlfish boil and had about 80ish people over, some I knew some I met:) It was really fun, Sean works so hard and Hannah did too, so its real easy on me, I enjoyed the day sitting watching the babies play, Belinda got them a slip and slide sop that was fun to watch:) It was just a family fun filled day with friends. The food was so good, Sean's friend Ronnie is a award winning chief and he did the fish batter and it was totally awesome, can not wait till next year. We do it every year but this year to me was the best time, I guess I just needed it. Mother has done great with her care givers, she loves them both! She ask Kay to come over and meet her new friend Connie, Connie fixed tuna sandwiches for lunch and Kay was going over.....I am so relieved to know mother has done so well, I just love Faye and Connie but wanted mother to love them too, Kay and I both had such a hard time leaving her with care givers, but it is going to work out great. Now pray for her this week, I take her to Connie her sister and we move her this weekend to a home near me, Jared's house, it will be so wonderful having her here, BUT I still question my self if it is the best thing for her, I just hate it for her, but know that it needs to be done, it is just real hard:((( well tonight Kevin invited us over fro game night with Journey home groups, we have not been a apart of home group but I am so looking forward to this time, I guess I have just needed the fellowship:) plus I love games!!!! Enjoy the pics I have so many more on face book so if your on face book befriend me:)) hugs

Saturday, June 5, 2010

home and so are my babies


sitting ready to jump...Olivia, Blake, Laila, Peyton

Jared and Jenn and the girls got home today, Mika has grown so much, she laughs out loud at you:)) the girls and I went to Sam's to meet Sean to get what else we needed for tomorrows crawlfish boil and fish fry, they were so good:)) then we went to Alicia's to swim with Hannah and her family, it was too fun and relaxing, then we decided to go to CECE's Pizza, when I got there I took the girls and we went on in, Lalia and Peyton were in front of me and I had these noodles and spaghetti sauce in a bowl and chicken noodle soup, thankfully it was not hot, because Peyton was trying to look at the buffet and grabed the tray and it feel all over her face, and little body, she looked at me with her big eyes filling with tears, she just did not know what to think or do, I started getting it off her and realized it was not hot, she started crying and food was every where, soup all on my feet, this sweet man, ask them to get me a cloth/rag and I picked her up and started cleaning her off, she was just schocked, Hannah and Mark came in and Hannah sent April and Molly to help me, we had such a mess, but you know it all cleaned up and Peyton was fine, Laila just sorta looks at you with her sweet face like was is all over Peyton's face:) we ate had a great time came home, Laila went to her bed she was so tired, Peyton was on her way, a great way to end a good day, the mcgill's are here which I love, I was hoping Regina could come, even changed the sheets for her:) but she had to work, that is Mark's mother, I love seeing her. Tomorrow is the big crawl fish boil/fish fry so up early have about 80 people coming, Sean and his friends do all the cooking and we do all the eating:)) yum yum come it your near here, its at my house:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

a relaxing day

my messy hotel room,. me in mirror in my pj's:)

my dinner, all you can eat crab legs, and the best lobster tails, I had three:(((( seafood buffet

my room service lunch, french onion soup and ice tea.....yum yum, yummy
I am sitting in the bed watching TV and getting sleepy, took a three hour nap and read and talked on the phone, mother was laughing so hard at Faye she almost could not talk, I am so pleased that she has done so well, I am going over there tomorrow, and then Connie comes Saturday at 3:00 till Monday at 3:00pm so I am asking for prayer again that mother bonds with Connie, then Sunday I go and we go to church and I or Kay spends the night the April will on Monday and me on Tuesday
then on Wed mother gets her hair done and we go to Vicksburg and meet Connie, then the big work begins with packing and moving mother:) be glad when that is all over and mother is back near us all:)) SO FOR tonight I am snuggled in my bed and resting with a Linda Averitt day:) hugs and night