Sunday, April 28, 2013

STILL Playing catch up

Well I am not getting any better at blogging!  We had a wonderful Rogers Reunion, it was at my brother's church, most all came, it was such a blessing, tiring and wore us out but so wonderful!
 Uncle LD
and Aunt Verda Mae Rogers,  the last living sibling of my father's
Family tree I made:)
Our Whole HOG:)

Had a wonderful Family time!

The next week I met Debbie Reed and JoAnne Brown, form high school for lunch, we have remained friends, they were my best friend sin school:) 7th grade:)

Then Steve and I went to Panama City Beach, we left on the 17th and came hoe on the 27th, which was our 41st wedding anniversary!  

Sunsets were beautiful!

Always up for fun times!
 Connie Menzie, mother's sister, my favorite Aunt/sister came down for a few days, so much fun!
 We Para sailed and Steve and Larry Fished!
We ate till I thought I would never want sea food again, but I am hungry for oysters now:)

My sweet Alexandria had her Sr. Prom!
She will go to ASU this August, hard to believe she has grown up so fast, her  boyfriend is Christian Casto, he is a wonderful young Christian man! 

Tomorrow will be major busy coming back to the office, have offers to present, closings to get ready and homes to list! All in a days work:)
My sweet Jill had a hysterectomy last Wednesday so keep her in your prayers, all else is well!  My Lovie doggie is doing well too!  Will take some new pictures she is growing!
Dreading Mother's birthday May 9th, and Mother's day this year, first time I have not had a mother here:(( Sure do miss her still, think of her all the time, so may good memories:)  Guess I will do a blog in memory of her when time comes, blogging always helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings:) Hope all is well with you and your family!  Have a GREAT week!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playing Catch up!

It has been way too long since I blogged, just been busy and when I sat down did not feel like bloggingL To catch you up, well I was sicker then a sick, sick with the flu, took me a while to get over it, ran 104 fever and did not break for four days, lost ten pounds, but found them backL  Went and got the McGill GB's for a few days of Spring Break, in my new car:) Bought Haley GB's home, they went to McGill Farm for a few days with April:) they stayed she came home to work.
Had a totally wonderful Easter, the Mcgill’s came Saturday night and Regina, Mark’s mother and brother Jacob came too, I loved my visit with her,
Jacob, Regina and Mark
My Grands
our crazy pic
My Family, minus Miss April
 God has blessed me with great in law’s, my children are so blessed, you know you hear night mare stories, but my grand babies all have great grand parents to mentor them, and that is a real blessing, Steve and I are probably the ones they worry about;)
The weekend before Easter we went to a Encounter Conference, Alex preached that Sat. for one of the sessions, the part of the conference we got to go to was such a blessing, got prayer and fresh words from the Lord for meJ So thankful we can go to our Father and ask Him what He has for us to do. Then sometimes He let’s other’s confirm what He has told you, so you will know, YES, I did hear Him!!
Had a chance to go to Van Buren to the McGill Farm, which is turning into a real farmJ They have all kinds of chicken’s, two Turkey’s, 

Goats, Dogs….and renting a bull dozer to do some work on the land and build a work shop, 30x40, it real be a real work shop J Oh yes they have a garden toooooooo!
They will have horses, cows, some pigs in the future J We have our camper set up, so when we go, we just get in the car and leave, all we need is there, I love that, and I love it about our condo too, although I have not been to the condo much, need to go check on it next week J
Speaking of the condo,
we have it for sale, going to take some time to spring clean and paint, then either put it as a rental or concentrate on selling it, we just do not go as much as we feel we should to justify the expenses of owning it, so pray for wisdom for us in that J
My biggest deal is I have a new puppy!!  
She is a tiny Yorkie, we just love, love ,love her, her name is Lovie,

nickname Luv Luv, she is so tiny, you really have to be so careful, she will be about 4.5 to 5 pds when grown. She has just filled a need I had inside, not sure how or what but I can tell she is pretty special to meJ Yorkie’s hair is the closet to human hair, which I did not know, so can not wait for it to grow some so I can see.
This week end we have worked so hard Saturday showing property, Steve and I showed different clients, both of us will write offers with themJ Then the Averiit girl’s next door spent the night and we went to Journey Church today, great service on forgiveness that Alex is doing, Then Steve and I headed out to be ready for our open house, have a listing appointment after open house, then home, already booked my self on Monday but not back to backJ We leave for vacation on the 17th, going to Panama City Beach, we are both so ready, seems we have been meeting our self coming and going, I will still take my calls,
but will have feet and hands in Arkansas, what I love about my work, I can do it from anywhere! Mother’s sister Connie and Larry will meet us in PCB for a few days, I can not wait for that, Love my time with them last year,

even for a few days, of course I will have to get skilled up on Dominoes! Larry and Steve will do a fishing trip and play golf, Connie and I will have to do and adventure this year!
All is well with my house hold, April is in Iowa visiting the Harris’s, where her boyfriend and his family moved, she will be home Tuesday, then back to work for her, Alicia and family are doing well,
 is trying to decide and hear the Lord on where to go to College, so grateful she ask the Lord where she is to go J Sean and his family doing good,

looking for a home, so they can have some more room! Cole is growing and Anna will be 13 in a few days, so hard to believe! Alex and his family are good,
Jill has a hysterectomy the middle part of April so keep her in your prayers, Hannah and her family are loving the farm life, Jared and his family are doing
well, love having them next door, it sure helps when I need helpJ Plus Jenn is a great cookJ Steve and I are feeling our age for sure, but we are loving our life, we will be married 41 years April 27th., he can drive me crazy but I sure love him!! Well now you are all caught up with us! Missing mother still, have my moments but it is bearable, of course God said it would be, just hard at times. OH YES, we are having a Roger’s family reunion this next Saturday, so looking forward to that, but will for sure miss mother not being thereL We are doing family trees, so she will be there in my pics and in my heart!  This is a prayer request for Owen Casto, he had a tumor on his brain stem and just had surgery, this was a surprise to his family, he had bad headaches/nauseated, his mother had to beg his Dr. to do a MRI, when they did he had a tumor, so keep him in your prayers, he is a miracle his Drs. say:)  Glad we know the miracle maker!  

Hugs and prayers for Owen and his family.
I hope you have a good week, doing the things that make you, you:) nite