Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just A Blogging

This will be what I call free writing just random thoughts of my life and days:)  I am sitting at a home inspection while it is being done, stillest I have been in a long time so I have time to blog:) Just not sure what about:) So here goes, the last few nights the Lord has woke me up to pray for a couple of hours each night, not last night but before, its weird who comes to mind for prayer but such a blessing to know God is answering their prayers:)  I love to pray and do it all day long as I talk to the Lord about things, but when He wakes you, its different, I pray for others, my family, situations in my life and family and friends, I am ever so thankful God cares about all the things we care about!  Today a song is on my heart, Jesus lover of mercy, hold me and don't let me go, I long, long, long to be with you, safe in your arms of love, a love that is sweeter then honey, a love that is purer then gold, Jesus lover of mercy, safe in your arms of love!  So many times in our life we just need a safe place and that is in the arms of Jesus, He never lets us go no matter what, He never gives up on us no matter what and He is our safe place full of mercy! 
My life is full of life, I stay busy with my work and my family:) The Real Estate Market is hot to trot right now and its all Steve and I can do to keep up with it! We usually work 14-15 hours days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then Thursday is sporadic depends on calls try to slow down Friday, Sat and Sunday if possible and have us time, cause we are nearly dead from the first of the week, but if possible I book us solid on those days:) so we can have the end of the week to recover:)
This afternoon we will go to FFB and we will show property there tomorrow, then hope go to the pool, Saturday we go to Miss Alexandria's first ASU game to cheer and will be in Jonesboro then back for church Sunday am, I have missed church the past few week and hearing it on line is not the same and I miss my church family!! So hope to get back early for church:) Everyone is doing well in my neck of the woods, its hard to believe we are coming up on a year of mother's death, I still think of her and miss her all the time, but so grateful she is not living the days she did last year right now and thankful I am not either. The bible study we did on Heaven was so insightful and I can not wait to be with all who has gone before me in Heaven! What a day that will be! I use to think well I do not want to leave who is here and I still do not want to leave who is here but to know we will all be living together again with no sickness, no hurts and pains, but like God intended for us to live is something to look forward too!  There are some things that just will not get settled in my life this side of Heaven but thankful they will be for eternity!  If you need a great study it is a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn.
Now for me, I am at a place in my life that I love, I have learned to let go of what I can not change, to move forward with what I can change and make a difference in others life:)  I love my work, real estate is such a part of me, I am so thankful that it is not work to me but meeting new people and being able to help them in what I get to do for a living!  Yes, I do get tired this business it is very stressful, but I love it and love working with Steve, even though he drives me crazy sometimes:))
Some have said you go all the time, and I go as much as I can:) I love getting away form this crazy life, but always enjoy coming home!  I am thankful we are at a place in our life where we can pick up and go, we have paid a price for that freedom:) Speaking of going, PCB is calling our name, I hear it! That is another thing about my job is I can do it from any where in the world and usually do better while I am gone, then run my legs off to make it all happen when I get back:) Just the way I roll!
Hummmmmmmm well the inspection is still going on......soooooooooo, I am running out of things to talk about:) Yes I know that is unheard of for me:) Excited about what God is doing in my Children's life, Sean and Sarah are buying their first home on 10 acres, I love it, its about 25 minutes away, cannot wait for them to get in!  April is still at home and working at the hospital, love having her home for awhile, she has always been such a joy to my life! Pray for her to know God's will for her life, I am wanting her to go back to school, which she can through Baptist Hospital, but she needs to want too:0 I just pray for her and let it stay in God's hands, He has no Grand children:)
My Lovie Luv is just too sweet, she is truly a God send in my life, even though she is a dog and it requires my time, I love her, she is like a little blanket when she sleeps by me, she just cuddles!  I think one of the most loving dogs and for sure can be the most spastic dog we have ever had, she will steal you heart!  Well guess I will quit rambling and do something else:0 HUGS and have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

WOW! Where did Sumer go?????

Life is flying by it seems.  The Real Estate market has been so busy, I have worked some long hours since coming back from vacation, but it is paying off, will close over a million in Sept. and have closed a lot already in August, have not added them up, but its been a great month!  I am excited to keep my production up, I love the income but I love meeting my own expectations too:) Meeting my goals, by the end of this month I will have closed 52 deals which is major in this business, by the end of the year I should average closing a deal every four days!  I love when I can add that to my stats! It sure helps in getting new business!  God is blessing our hard work and pulling deals together for us, Thank you Lord!

We went to Hannah's this last week, Steve went up Wed, night, I went Thursday night, Jack went with Steve, it is so nice to watch the kids just play forts, hunting, on the trampoline with the chickens, shooting snakes....EEEEEKKKKKK!  They are out side from day light till dark and come in hungry and ready for bed.  So wholesome! They have their building that they got the shell form Southern's and then they built it them self, so proud of them, Hannah has her home looking so nice, you could eat off the floors! Plus she had all her laundry done, which was major, when I go I always help her with laundry, I like doing it, this time she had it all caught up. Steve and Mark worked on the four runner, it is getting ready to be sold so they can buy a tractor for their land, Hannah has had it since she was sixteen:)

I am trying to post pics but their is a pop up add on my photo link, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! May have to go off and then add them:((((  We are on our way home this am, have loads of work to do, listing appointment at 3:00 pm and lots of paper work on five offers form Thursday and Friday.

All is well in our household, Alexandria has settled in at ASU and loving it, Alicia and Bob are missing her:( the kids who go to school started this am, all looked so cute in their pics! I will post when I can:)

I do not have Anna's yet, Cole and the other Averitt girls are still at home and Luke man:)
As for me, I am still going trough some heart hurts but God is being faithful to me, all I can say is so be it, its all in God's hands.  I have missed Journey Church for two Sunday's straight and I really miss it and the touch God always gives me when I am there. Looking forward to our fall schedule and home group meeting again.  I have enjoyed a bible study I have done at the McKimmey's house on Heaven lead by Pastor John Sammons, it has been so good, the last night of it is this Wednesday.  I will miss it, but have loved the book and the study, meet some new friends in the Lord!

Wow I just looked up and we are in Conway! Yea almost home, there is no place like home:) I am looking forward to my visit with Connie and Larry in Sept., Steve will love having his golf and fishing buddy again!!  My motto is " I work hard so I can play hard "..........then my next new words for my life are "So Be it"  Goes along with the Serenity Prayer!   Hugs hope you all have a great day!

My dear friend  is having Vickie May Ibrahim her surgery today for breast cancer, please lift her up in prayer, this is Derol and Ann's daughter.  Also  Missy who lost her husband and has three boys and Jennifer Ezell who lost Denny a year ago and has four children, my heart hurts for them today.  Hugs to all!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Some title for a blog when I have been on vacation for a week:)  I am going to a bible study on Heaven, I just started it and was behind in the study so I caught up on vacation, it is such a neat thing to focus on Heaven, I have never really thought about Heaven much.

It is easy to reflect on God and His Majesty when I am at the ocean, it is so vast, as far as you can see, its the ocean, the waves, they go on and on and on forever, just as our life does.  In this study it teaches you about what Heaven is like as far as the Bible states which is just a glimpse, my friend Sherry has always been excited about Heaven and ready to go, I never understood it, but I am starting to understand, with this study:)
The first day on the Beach I fell sound to sleep on the beach chair for a few hours, thankfully I had the umbrella up and was shaded, when Alicia came up she woke me up because she said my mouth was pulled to the right and she thought I had had a stroke, but Steve said no, she has been snoring:)) All I know I was the most relaxed that I can ever remember, and I have NEVER fallen asleep at the pool or Ocean, maybe dosed but never just out!  The only time I did that:)  I did go out every day and just read and studied, and relaxed, no shopping, did not even go to Pier Park or Destin Outlet Malls, it was probably the most relaxing vacation I have had, except for a cruise:)   There is a park we went to one day, it is St. Andrews Park, a very serene place, you pay eight dollars a car to drive in, we did not walk it all, it has a Alligator park too, and yes there were Alligators!
I love this pic, these are the children of the families that each had condos in PCB too, I need a tree like this with all my grand babies in it!
The ocean was beautiful there, had a Jetty the kids snorkeled on, saw blue crab, lots of marine life, and dauphins, the
tour boats came and people swam with the dolphins, we also saw ships going through the channel, we sat higher up then the ocean and there was a wonderful breeze, the boys played base ball when they were not in the ocean!
I did go to lunch with Steve one day and ate Baked Oyster's and they were ohhhh so good!  I did go to the ice Home Made Ice Cream Shop and had Peanut Butter ice cream, it taste like peanut butter fudge!
It is always good to be home, and today was probably one of the best sermons I have heard, Alex preached on Generational Faith, it was so good today and will be so good!  My heart is so heavy with some personal issues I am going through that is life changing for me, some very hard decisions I am having to make that will make a Generation impact on my family in which I would of never thought I would be in this place, and my heart is breaking, so please pray for me to obey and hear the Lord in these matters.  Its hard when you have to make the best decision for yourself, as a mother, wife, daughter your always making the best decision for others in your life and put your self on the back burner, but sometimes in protecting yourself you have to make hard decisions that will alienate others in your life. You know it is best for all concerned, but very hard.  It reminds me of the time Jesus said, leave everything and follow me, do not look back, never thought how hard it is to let things go in your life that you love dearly, but it is, so keep me in your prayers:) I am a peace maker and always have been, try to make everyone happy with me and do what ever I can to do that, but as an adult I know that is not healthy.  That's enough about that:)
We have had a busy week in Real Estate in PCB, we listed two homes and wrote a offer and presented a offer trying to work it out, I do admit it is easier to be here to do that, but with all of the technology you can do it from anywhere, and I have actually learned to do the new program we have in real estate and sign forms digitally!! YEA!! This week will be major, esp. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!  I am also getting my sweet Lovey spaded on Wed. so I hope all that goes well, I have never had a sweeter dog, she really lives up to her name and for sure is a God send in my life, she is so comforting to me, even though she is so much like a child, she gets into everything, she is so little she just hops, walks on everything! We love her, she has won our hearts!
Can't wait to run and see Hannah for a day, and see all they got done this week, they finished their bld. and had four new baby chicks!! I always miss my babies when I have not seen them, I will get Amelia and Sydney this Thursday for awhile, Jill and Alex had a close friend of their family pass away from a car wreck, keep them in your prayers too. Then I need to see Cole and Anna, before school starts! May have to have a bunking party for grand babies!  Hugs to all and to all a good night!