Sunday, January 30, 2011

working,resting,playing all in one

Saturday I helped with a shower for my niece April, Kay's daughter, it was such a fun time, it was a lingerie shower, she turns red real easy, so of course she was red alot at this shower! I loved it, I just love fun times and party's! Mother came, Kay picked her and Faye up, mother did real good and said she had so much fun, you could tell at times she was unsure of her self but I am glad she was able to come:)) Then Steve and I met the McGill's at the condo, we have had fun riding four wheelers and the kids have riding things, John Deere tractor for Blake, Olivia has a little four wheeler, which was so funny to watch her on, she does very well for a three year old. Blake just rides every where, then Max has a stand on deal that has a battery, a electric razor scooter, plus he has a little for real four wheeler, so they all rode and looked at deer, we have so many up here, they are fun to watch and they are use to people so they just stand there. I took a nap with Olivia twice today:) In which I needed, I have not felt the best, my fybro is acting up, the only thing I can do is rest to help it:(( We went to eat fish at JR"s which was real good, now home and sitting on couch with them watching a movie and me about ready for bed, its only 7ish so I am trying to stay up till 8:00pm. Fairfield Bay is such a neat place, you just can see every star in the sky, seems they are closer to you, the sky is so clear and air so fresh, things up here are on way slow pace....I mean no one is in a hurry, you just slow way down, the winter the while place shut by 8:00pm., on our way home a herd of deer came across the road, big doe's, I counted 9 deer! We have been having about 3 or 4 deer right in our back yard, so neat! Tomorrow we will go home, its going to be real cold again and I just really need warmer weather, I freeze all the time and the cold makes my bones hurt:((( so come on spring! I have ordered me some protein power and new vitamins, they are chewable, so they should help me feel a lot better, I have been eating some sweet and I am going to have to stop all sugars again because I just do not feel as good when I eat sugar.....makes you wonder how much what we eat affects how we feel??????? Well best go....just wanted to check in....hugs and nite

Friday, January 28, 2011


Its has been awhile since I have blogged, I was in Nashville last weekend and enjoyed our visit, went to Don Crossland's church, had lunch with Melanie Poythress, she is a dear friend I have not seen in 15 years:(( Then work has been very busy, Tuesday I did the meeting, I talked on what motivates us, gain or loss? I will do a blog on it when I am not so tired:) Then was at mother's wed. for the morning, she is having a hard time this week, she has be real clingy to me, wants me to take her with me when I get ready to leave and almost cries, which is not like her. I spoke with her Dr. and he changed some meds and I ask for prayer for her, she is better, I am beginning to think she forgets who her care givers are and recognizes me and may not them, so she wants someone she knows with her, it is so hard on Kay and I so please keep praying for all of us. I was home Thursday am and really needed it, had some me time with the Lord which always helps me:) Then the Averitt ( Jared's) girls came over and we played out side, it was a beautiful day to do that:) I took them to see mother, she loved it! Today I had work and I am getting ready for my sweet April Bivens shower tomorrow, we are so excited to have Matthew Bale in our family, he is such a Jewel, they are both blessed with each other! April's boys love Matthew and he loves them as his own, that is so hard to find! What a blessing for those boys and April and Matthew! Kay has April getting married in Feb and Clay in May! Its a fun filled time with shower's! Kay will bring mother tomorrow and her caregiver Faye, after the shower I am suppose to go to the condo and meet the McGill's but I am so tired and missed church last week I may wait and go after church Sunday, we are bringing Blake home with us, we need him:) we just miss them so much!! Then we will have to get Olivia, have to wait on Max till he is out of school:(((( I can not wait for them to live closer to us pray:0 I have so much to share of what is on my heart but will have to have the tie to sit and ponder on it all before I can blog it, but it will be coming!! hugs and nite

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun in the snow in Tenn........

some of the land

Steve and Donald

ready fot the rabbitts ;)

We have stayed the weekend with Steve's sister and husband, Pat and Donald Kyle, they have a beautiful home on the golf course and the best lot, actually two acres, we went to Donald's daddy's today, it is in the country in Leech, I thin is the name, so pretty, snow was every where and the home place is on many acres, I think 40, there is a lake being built and it is just beautiful, Steve and Donald went and put corn out at the deer feeder, they were going to hunt rabbits, they did not see any and i am glad:)0 did not want fried rabbitt for dinner....instead we went and had fish...yummy but the best was breakfast, Donald fixed sausage and pancakes with chocolate gravy and it was soooooooooo good! Tomorrow we are going to Nashville to go to Don Crossland's church and visit with him, then back home to be at work on Tuesday:) It is suppose to be snowing but light snow, so hope it all goes as planned:) We are in Steve's truck which is four wheel drive, but a great time for me to be away with it so cold work is slower for me. Mother is doing good, Kay is checking on her and so is Alicia, just worry when I am gone, I will go see her when I get home:) All is good here, been a restful day, even feel asleep in the recliner at Donald's daddy's home:0 hugs and nite

Friday, January 21, 2011 we go

Well Thursday was better with mother, I stayed bummed about it, just hate seeing her so helpless against this disease. But refocused, thought of the song, I rather live in your world with you then without you in I am going to live in her world and know it is a ok place to live. She can no longer live in my world:((

I have work this am , just made chicken soup for who ever wants some, gonna take mother some today before we head to Tenn., we are going to Steve's sister's Patsy and Donald's they live in Lexington, then we are going to go to Nashville and go to Don Crossland's church Sunday and visit with him on Monday, can not wait to see them all, we have so many friends in Nashville! I have someone staying at the house, plus my son is next door, this is for anyone who is thinking no one is home:)) They are:) Have mixed feeling about going, part of me just wants to stay home and rest, I am tired and the other part wants to go, we have had this planned for awhile, so off we go...and I know once I get there I will be glad. We had such pretty snow yesterday, it did not stick which was nice, suppose to get some more this next week, I realized with losing weight I do not like the cold anymore, I freeze all the time....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Its look like it is going to be a pretty day, just cold here. Hope you have a great day too! hugs and I am off! by the way say a prayer for my eating habits, I totally feel off the wagon yesterday, had two cream brule, had six pieces of candy, plus a huge salad with everything in it, 1/2 of BLT sandwich, lots of chips and dip, I know it was emotional eating and I do not want to do that:( just sat and ate all afternoon, plus I had lunch! My 12 step program helps me realize these areas in my life and I do not want them or give into to them! Plus I want to lose more weight, I have about 25 more pounds to go!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hard Day

Amelia and Alex
Today started very early with Amelia having tubes in her ears, she did so good, she never cried, Jill and Alex did good too:) so did I:) then went to work, it is so frustrating to do a short sell, which means you have to deal with the mtg. company and jump though hoops to get anything done, I had three offers, sent them in then was told they needed to go to different dept., then told a different dept., in which each offer will take about two hours of paper work.....ugh!! I wonder is it even worth it, then I think of the seller, who lost his wife to death suddenly and his daughter was adopted by his sisters daughter due to the fact he has terminal cancer and can not even care for him self, his home is being foreclosed sad, so I trudge on in the process, hoping it will work......for the sellers sake. Did some other paper work that I had put off because it is tedious and I do not like doing it:( Came home and called mother's care giver, she thought mother was afraid of her and not knowing who she was, I went over there and mother was in her bath room crying, she was so glad to see me, she could not express what was going on, which was frustrating for her, she just said nothing is the same and she is alone, she remembers Walt died and is really missing him....I just held her and cried with her and prayed for her, her little body was just shaking......just hurt me so much, not being able to fix it. We sat on the bed and talked, I listened to her trying to help her express what she was feeling, then we got a book out, it is then sings my soul, it is of hymn's, I sang them and she sang with me, she knew the words, to so many and loved singing, Faye the care giver came in and sang with us, of course we laughed at our self:) but it totally lifted our spirits, while we were singing, the fireplace men were putting in her gas logs, so they called us in the family room, he was showing us how to light it, and ask Faye who is 68 to get on her knee, so she could be down on the floor and light it, she did, before realizing she cannot get on her knee, she laid over on her back and was just dieing laughing, it was all too funny, she was not hurt, but mother kept trying to help her up, this made us all laugh, Faye was so funny!!! We all needed a good belly laugh, we all had tears rolling down our face!! Mother ended the evening real good. I think when she says he is alone, its just me left, she is realizing Walt is dead, she is having several times that she thinks he is coming home and will realize he is dead, so I guess its a part of grief.....just so sad to see her so helpless in this fight for her mind......please keep her in your prayers. I went to my step study and it was really good, helped me focus on the Lord and His promises:) but totally tired and have a full day tomorrow with 9am appointment in WLR, the listing appointment at 10:30ish then board meeting at 11:30is and then to store fro mother, it is suppose to start snowing int he afternoon.....I have already had my snow day so I am not that excited about another one;(( Steve and I were going to see his sister and her husband in Tenn. this weekend and then to Nashville to visit with Don Crossland, so not sure we will be able to do that...just play it by ear I guess, plus I hate not being here with mother, just not sure yet what we will do, right now I am going to eat and go to bed...this day 5 years ago Cameron went to heaven, my heart has been heavy for Susan and Derrick and Biff and Ann, I just could not live through that, I am so amazed at their strength and grace the Lord pours out to them....hugs and thank you for your prayers!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

been busy

The May family, Ann has been my friend, real friend for over 30 years, she is my buddy and I love this family so much!!

me and Ann....the man in the back ground was trying to pick u up:)
The girls in their new Barbie car

Jared's snow angel

me in snow:)

My snow angel

our new freeway taco haley chaweenie dog, his name is freeway because Bob found him on the freeway:)) not sure I want or need a dog, since i have one, but he is here for now:)

So much has happened, been busy with work, with mother, planning a bridal shower for today and a wedding tonight..thought I would post some pics, My niece, Kaylynn Ruffin's son Cody get married tonight, so we will be going to the wedding, excited for them. Yesterday I took mother to get her hair fixed at a new place here in NLR, so much easier for her, she can go in afternoon, and closer, she gets so confused when you take her out, makes me sad. I bought a guest book for people to sign when they come and see her so she can read it, she is lonely and thinks she does not have anyone left, I put out family pics, and going to ask each family member to make and send me pics so I can make a scrapbook of the people who love her and the family she has. This disease is awful! She told Sherry the lady who did her hair, that she was all she had left, I reminded her she has a big family and so much love, but she just cannot remember, she knows Walt is gone and she thinks she is alone, so say a prayer for her to know how loved she is and all the people who love her:) I hope the guest book will help, when her sister or someone calls we can write it down, then she can read it and maybe remember:) plus when we are there we can write it down so she will know we came over. Kay has been real sick with the flu I guess that is what she has, she is getting some what better, but it has taken it toil on her:( I am running my self in all different directions, each morning I have given my day to the Lord and He for sure has directed my steps, its been good days, just busy days:))) well best get ready for and hugs!! If you can and know mother, would like her to remember you and you are reading this, please email me pics so I can make a book for her:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now and Then

Well I had no ideal it had been o long since I blogged, I have had a busy week with snow, snow, snow and family, friends, playing, working. ON Monday we woke to several inches of snow, I had Jared and his family and Alicia and hers over Sunday afternoon as the snow fell, it was exciting and o pretty, the kid were excited over the snow...what is it about snow that bring so much excitement for adults and children?? Is it that in Arkansas all stops, stores close, business close and we all slow way down, you can just have some great family time of playing games and in the snow, make snow ice cream.....sleep late, because no one is getting out, just not much to do....I sure enjoyed it! Today i back to normal for me, meetings then showing property, hope I can sell what I show today:)) We had to change our big kick off meeting till next week, due to the snow, so I usually kick in gear after that is hard to kick start this old woman with it this cold...and it does feel like kick starting me:)) All is the same in my house hold, nothing much new here, Hannah and the McGIlls may come this weekend, I have a Bridal Shower I am giving this Saturday for Ann May's grand daughter Rachael May in Hot Springs then a wedding for Cody Ruffin, my brother's busy Saturday....well best go show property, just wanted to say hello and wish you a wonderful day and week! will post pic of snow soon:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life goes on…in Memory of Cameron..1-19-2006

cameron bobbittWhen a tragic death happens to you or your love ones, you ask will life go on? How can Derrick and Susan survive this tragic death of their sweet Cameron, how will Biff and Ann make it? How will Kennedy cope in seeing the death of her sister? There is a saying, “time heals all wounds”, I personally do not believe the saying but as I ponder on the the death of Cameron, I realize, this year some time has gone by and it is easier than last year, for sure easier then the year before, and far easier then the previous years, so there my be a little truth to the saying. I know you never forget, but the brunt of the pain does get easier, I hope you have quit the what ifs? or I should? By now you realize that will not change anything, it is normal to want to blame when you are crushed to the core of your soul, by now it is a little easier you realize life is not fair, you may have quit blaming your self, others or even the one who was taken from you. You have quit wondering how can any good come out of this?? You can look back and see it can’t, but you have made the best of it, with positive actions, in making Cameron’s memory live forever with her, Amazing Book Club. Susan and Derrick have amazed me, susan and derrickthey continue to put one step forward in front of the other each day, they have trusted in the Grace of God to get them through the valley of the shadow of death, it does not have a sting for the believer, but it sure has a sting for the ones left behind. Their life will never be the same, but yet it goes on, and time has made this more bearable, you realize, I may live through this. So Cameron you will always be remembered as YOU, as special as you were here on earth, I know your are so much more special in Heaven.CameronSee you again some day!! Smile

Saturday, January 8, 2011

peaceful day

Freeway, he loves sitting on the arm of my chair, he is a sweet little dog:)
Nala, she is healing from her surgery and doing great, she is a sweet loving cat:) She was a stray April brought home, had babies then went to foster care place to wet nurse orphan kittens, she was a good momma cat, now she can have a life of her own:))

Today I slept till about 9ish which was wonderful! Then went and got Nala a cat that I had gave away to a place that used her as a wet cat to nurse some orphan kittens, she has been there a few months, she was never put up for adoption, and once back with other cats was not a happy camper, so she was spade yesterday and I picked her up this morning....she is doing well. The Alicia came over and dressed Steve's arm, yuck it looks really ruff, like 22 stitches, looks totally gross, but healthy....:) Then when Alica came she brought her little tiny Chihuahua dog and dachshund, it it too cute, they need to find it a home, it reminds me of my dog I had when I was young. I would like to keep them but at the same time like to give them away, if that makes any sense!!! I have always loved animals, but really had decided when Cali was gone that would be it for me and inside dogs, so who knows what I will decide:)) I put on a pot of veggie soup today, it was really good, Alexandria came over and made the best corn bread:) we ate it and took some over to other and Connie, her care giver. Kay had just left, she went over to just love on mother, which mother did enjoy. Mother said something that made me think she may be feeling like she is alone,and in her mind, she she can not remember I am sure she thinks she is alone, She said she loved her family, I said and they love you, we talked about her brothers and sisters, her daddy, I reminded her of all her family and how much they love her, she seemed to be relieved that she was loved and not alone.....I am going to make a scrap book of family members so she can see them and know she has them and she is loved, I always tell her and so does Kay that she will never be alone:) SO if your Reading this and live close by go see her when you can, or send her a card, she loves them and puts and pics and cards on her dinning room table, she loves looking at them:) if you need her address, let me know:) Came home and decided to go to walmart to get my nails done, was so relaxing, now watching NCIS with Steve in my PJ'S:)) so nice to have a easy day for a change......I did agree to help plan my 40th reunion of our 1971 class reunion.......that will be fun! Well, waiting to see if we get snow...I would love it, but only for a day:))) hugs and nite!

Friday, January 7, 2011

If I told you would not believe my day:)

I am ready for some snow, may get some Sunday!
This is a green bamboo bowl, I got it for Christmas and love it!!

A tree ornament that mother's care giver made Kay and I for Christmas, I loved it! keeping it out on my candy dish!

Some hands I got for Christmas, I love them, " By His hands we are fed" God is do faithful!!

It all started as a quiet morning, having a special time reading my bible, working my step study, singing to the Lord. A dear friend of mine, son past away last night, he was 31, I called her to see how she was doing, God's grace was seeing her though, I ask her what I could do for her today to help her, she said make dinner, so I told her I would be happy to do that, I had Steve home from surgery, had just fixed his oatmeal, he was doing well, just got in bed with some pain meds., then my mother's care giver Faye called and said mother did not feel well, her back hurt and she had a cough and was wheezing, so I called her Dr. and he was the walk in Dr. today from 1-4pm, so I thought ok, I need to rearrange my day, then talked to Kay and Alicia, Alicia said she could take mother to the Dr. and she did, mother weighed 121 pounds, up for 84 pounds since last May:)) she was getting congested and he put her on a inhaler and z pack, so she is better. I left to run to the store and when I pulled in the drive way, Steve's truck was gone and so was he, then my phone rang, it was Alicia and Heather Lawson's daughter Caitlin had been in a bad wreck and Heather needed someone with her, Alicia said they were behind Target, so off I went, it was actually on Landers road and Brookswood, near Kohls, about 5 miles in a different direction:) then Alicia text me that ambulance was taking her to Springhill Baptist, I saw no signs of a wreck in the area....might be I was in wrong area;(but went on to hospital ER, I pulled up as Heather and ambulance, Got in Ambulance with Caitlin, they had two people in it, got first lady out and was coming back to get Caitlin, prayed for her, knew she was co herent and was going to be ok, stayed there with Heather, Alicia brought mother to me and we left and she stayed with Heather, Catlin has a concussion but is ok, so thankful!! Picked up Jack from school, and then took mother home, I had taken my dog to get groomed when I went to the store, so mother and I picked her up;0 Mother was real confused since her day was so disrupted, she was scared and tearful, not knowing where she wold live:( she said she wanted to live with me, I said that is ok, but you really love your home better, she could not remember it, when we got there, she did remember it and was fine to stay with her care giver. I then came home cooked dinner for my friend and another lady a work, Edwanda who had surgery, took dinner to them both and had just got home and sat down in my chair when Alicia came to get Jack, Alicia said mother had prescriptions that she would need, I was thinking the Dr. said he would write them if needed:( so off we went to Kroger's then back to mothers, when we got to mothers, she was coming out of her room and saw me and said she was just thinking about me, I said what about and she started crying, I said mother what is wrong, she said I am just so glad to see just breaks my heart, I had just left her a hour or so before, we learned how to do this inhaler thing, which is totally different from any I have ever seen, the Dr. had shown Alicia, you put a capsule which has power meds in it then clamp the lid down the huff it, mother was so funny doing it, but she got it done and her wheezing stopped:) we visited for awhile then Bob called and their dog had hives all over it and he was scared she was going to die, she is a boxer, so we went to Alicia's, thankfully Hannah had called at the same time and was able to call Bob to tell him what to do, the dog is better, then Alicia and I went to the store to get what she had to have to get by and I needed washing power, so by then its 9ish, we ate, so tired, laughed at our self then had to go pick up Alexandria, then came home...........oh yes, Steve had got a call from a friend who has the barn where our horse is, her dog had been ran over and she was about to bury it, she got their tractor stuck, she had no ideal Steve had just had surgery, she had lost her daddy and step father these past 30 days, so that is where Steve had gone, he did call for help from his friends, Elbert and Carroll, they got it unstuck and helped her out, but I did bless him out when I called to see where he was at, did not give him time to tell me anything, was totally mad at him, I felt bad when I found out what had happened, pray for our fiend at the barn, her name is Kendra..I am not sure how she is going on except for the grace of God.......... This day started out so peaceful...thought it would be a stay in PJ day and just take care of Steve......turns out to be one crises after thankful I could help others in their time of need, I sure have been helped in my time of need!! Ready for a quiet peaceful day, in the midst of this day I got several real estate calls...of all days, but the day has ended well and I am blessed, all is ok, God has been faithful to me! hugs to all

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Totally Quiet at my house!

My sweetie, a little drugged but doing well, he had a good surgery and is home and resting in his bed, I made him potato soup and toast, a chocolate chip cookie, milk, then he took his meds and is fast asleep:) Hope he has a good night because I need a good night sleep:) What is it that sitting all day in a freezing hospital makes you sooooo tired, I do so much more other days and I am I totally wore out. The hospital was so cold in every part of it, the only thing warm was going to the bath room and washing your hands, the water was real warm! I just love Steve's Dr., he is Dr. Richard Jordan and has helped Steve so much, this time last year if you remember he had a major back surgery which has made a wonderful difference in his life. People have ask what is wrong with Steve, he has Severe degenerate disc disease, to where his disc were chalky, he was losing the ability to use his legs, and he had the ESI done, which reroutes signals to your brain, he can walk do to this device in his body, it is sew into his spinal column and has a charger under the skin on his hip, then he had the disc fused last year and some rods and pins, he still has a ruptured dics in his middle of his back and neck but lives with that for now, he was losing use of his hands so he had the Ulner nerve rerouted so that will help that, he will have to do the other arm too, but did the right arm first because it was the worst. So in saying all that , it is a daily battle for Steve each day, he is disabled, he tries not to be, when he does things he should not of done, he dearly pays for it, I remind him he is on disability for a reason:) This is hard emotionally for him because it has changed his life, these surgery's and Dr. Jordan and the Lord have given some of it back to him:)) Thanking the Lord for the wisdom of Drs. and meds, but most of all His healing! Now off to bed with my sweetie, praying fro a full nights sleep!! Hoping it snows Sunday! Hugs
You know Steve will love his pic!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A whirlwind of a day!

Tuesday was a full day with sales meeting,property tour and more meetings;) but so much was accomplished at work, then came home to Cole, Peyton, Laila, Mikka spending the night so they could actually stay asleep during the Hog game, and with the game like it was I am surprised I did not hear the yelling and cheering and sobbing! It was a fun night, this am all went home and I had so much to do before Steve has surgery tomorrow, I had planned on a lady helping my clean tomorrow while we were at the hospital but she could not come and I did not find out till late, so I just finished cleaning, Steve gets staff real easy so I bout have to sterilize everything, I am waiting on our sheets to dry, I could of used the other sheets but I like these the best, they are a hydrangea blue and match my quilt, to me the color is comforting, since he will be in the bed a lot I want him to feel comfort and peace:) Knowing that he is man he will never even think that way:) Oh well!! I had lunch with miss April today and we talked about her goals for 2011, a new concept for her:)) but she is thinking on them, maybe going to CNA school, but some how get a direction for her life:) Faye is there till Friday then Connie comes, tomorrow I will not be able to go over there with taking care of Steve, but I know she is fine and if something is needed Kay is a phone call away:) I am thinking we will be at hospital at 7am then surgery about 9ish and its about a hour and half surgery so we may be home by 2ish, Hannah goes to Dr. tomorrow so she will come by after her appointment. I am sure all is fine with her and the baby:) Should be a quiet weekend, getting Steve well:) I went to the store and got groceries so I can cook for him:) It may snow here Sunday and I would love that:0 We finally got all the Christmas up, its all put away, till next year:) I went to my step study tonight, I am so thankful for that group of women God has put in my life, it is a place you can take off any mask and just be who you are, it is a place to share and listen to others, it is a great step study program to help you see your hurts, habits and hang ups, and get you past them and fears, resentments, bitterness....just a good group:) I have grown from it and changed the way I respond to things, it has been a major help for me! I have two more steps then it will be over, I will sure miss that group of ladies! Well best go get the sheets on the bed and get to bed, tomorrow will be a long day....pray for Steve if he comes to mind!! HUGS!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Goals, and GO HOGS GO!!

Today was the first day back in the office, like for real working since the Holidays:) I loved visiting with the other agents and thinking of what to do to make 2011 the year it needs to be, which in this market you have to have skills in getting homes sold and loans closed, this is one of the hardest markets I have seen in my career, since 1986, you can get it sold but to get the loan is another whole story, BUT it is getting done! Tomorrow we will have our first sales meeting of the year, then the next week is our kick off meeting, I love those, we give out awards for production and other awards, its always a exciting meeting and uplifting....such fun! Tomorrow will be a full day with sales meeting, brokers meeting then a meeting at the NPBOR, then home to keep Cole man while Sean and Sarah go to a Razorback party to watch the game, I will watch it at home......hope the Hogs can pull it off!! Then to get the house ready for cleaning lady and groceries so Steve will have what he needs, he has surgery this Thursday on his Ulner nerve in his arm, he will need both arms done but will do one at a time:) This will let him have the use of his hands. So say a prayer for him, if he comes to mind! I am so ready to focus on work and get going with what I love doing:)
Mother is doing well, she is happy and settled in her home, she was not as confused Christmas as she was Thanksgiving, things are going well with her care givers:)
OH YES, I bout forgot to tell you I actually started my work out, worked upper body this am then jogged/ was cold but I actually enjoyed it, I was about to finish my walk but felt I had not really pushed my self like I would have, had I had my coach with me in boot camp, so I jogged down a hill then walked up it, by the time I got home I had pushed my self, I for sure felt it, was nauseated once I got home, which according to my boot camp coach last year, that is a good thing:(( I need to get 20 more pounds off and tone up and I will be where I need to be, so weird to say only 20 pounds:)) love it!! hugs and good night, got to get up early to get the work out in before sales meeting:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year 2011 is here!

Its is totally hard to believe that it is 2011, where did 2010 go, or for that matter 2009!! We have all heard time flies it has, one day your have a small baby in your arms the next day your holding your grand baby in your arms! Life has many many streams in it, some of you move rapidly and some or slow moving, but all go into the big stream of life! I remember watching a stream that had two leaves moving down stream, one leaf got hung up on some rocks, it held there as water moved all over it and around it, the other leaf was gently moving down stream, rolling with the flow of the water......which leaf was in the best place? The one who was still or the one moving down stream......guess it depends on the end of the stream:) In any case as life takes us many different ways, we have control, as to how we flow down life's streams, we can hold on and stop the flow in our life or we can go with the flow of the stream, which takes being vulnerable and trust, on the way down the stream there were many other leafs, they were floating down stream, the one that got stuck had many leafs by it stuck with it, which reminds me, when we are stuck in life on certain issues, weather it be unforgiveness, bitterness, fear, insecurity in our life, we will find others who are the same way and will help us hang on to our fears, if we cling onto the dam that the leafs have made, huddled together with other leafs, blocking the flow of the stream in your life, you will be stuck, but stuck with others just like you. Life is not fun when your stuck in life's matters, it will block your life, others will go on, you will not understand how they can, they are flowing in the stream and you are hanging onto a safe place afraid of letting go, once you deal with what caused you to hang on, you will let go and flow freely down the stream too, you will be light hearted again, can actually sleep good, do not have anxiousness in you're life, like a for bolding that is always can try to get rid of it, but it aways comes back because your stuck. So what ever you are hanging onto this year, out of fear, insecurities, anger, unforgivness let go, it you need help doing that, then get it, the future for you is up to you, God does not go against your will, you have to decide to submit to His will and trust Him, He is in the stream of your life, He is the stream of your life, even if you do not believe it, when we let go of our fears, insecurities, and trust God to heal us, know He will guide you through the stream, then you can trust Him to get you through what ever the stream may bring in your life, BUT your not stuck with some other leafs holding on at a dam, with life passing you by....which believe me is a miserable place to my words of wisdom for today, Jan.1st, 2011 is make decisions to walk through your life's stuck places, let go of the past and began today with a new look on life, flow with the stream of where ever this year takes you, dream your dreams, walk in what you think will never happen, and make this one of the best years of your life!! I realize there are hard places you and I will trod on this year, BUT your steps are ordered by the Lord, and woe to a man/woman if he falls and is alone, he will have no one to pick him up, so love your close friends and be a friend, when you fall or they fall you will be there to pick each other up, make your plans and goals for this year, I live by seek first the Kingdom of God and he will direct your steps, His desire is to prosper you and keep you healthy, so walk hand in hand with the Lord this year, He never lets go of you, we can let go out of fear, our desires, rebellion,etc. BUT the most wonderful part of our Lord and Savior He will NEVER let go of matter what!! Have a great 2011, I pray the Lord will be the Lord of your life, and you and I will not stay in a stuck place for long, but flow freely in life! hugs Linda

By the way we never know the end of the stream until this life is over, If Jesus is your Lord and Savior then your stream ends in His arms, with all the others who have gone before you, Heaven is a wonderful place, full of Glory and Grace!