Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Got up about 9:00am and drank a cup of coffee sat in my chair and just sat:) then got ready and went to Journey Church and then went to eat at Shorty's Smalls with Alex and Jill and of course Steve said, I want a burger baby, so he got a free burger:) enjoyed lunch, the Steve and Alex went and got the boat, I took a nap:) then went to walmart with Miss April to do our feet and nails and they were closed:((( so we got groceries, April unloaded them too:) YAHOOO I have some help, if I can adjust to her style and speed:) she is totally in 1st gear all the time, unless your in the car when she is driving and turning corners then she goes way too fast! But I did have her get what she will cook this week at the store and she goes to work on our books in the am, Steve is teaching her and she is working for him and me this summer then going to Pulaski Tech this fall. I hope it all works as we want it too, she needs some life skills:) I went with Steve to take Alex home then we drove around and got FSBO numbers so I can try to get some listings:)) then home and watching a movie with Steve:0 its been a lazy day Sunday for me:) Hugs and nite!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is this Monday???

Today started early, had appointments to do a final walk thru on a home then off to one of my agents listing to help resolve some ways to get their home sold quicker, then off to Benton to list those houses, once we had done all the paper work, I ask the seller again if he was released from his previous contract, he said again he was, I told him I would need something in writing from that Broker, so he called and the Broker went off on him and said no, he would not do that, and would charge him the cancellation fee, sooooooooo after all that we will need to wait till the listing expires before I can list it, the said part is, his agent said she had two offers pending but did not present them to him due to the fact she thought he took it off the market, which is a BIG no no in real estate, I hate it when there are agents and brokers like this that make us all look bad to the public:( The worst part of this, I was ready to go to a friends wedding in Benton, but did not get finished at the sellers home till it was over:((( Then went to Cabot to get my loc box off a listing that sold and by the Cabot office to pick up some paper work for the seller, then to his house on the other side of Cabot and when I came out I saw a screw in Steve's tire, so we went to walmart in Cabot, which was a total joke in the customer service and left there and I realized I left my phone at the Cabot office, so back to there to get the phone, now we had planned to go get the boat at Greers Ferry, and had planned on doing that and coming home tomorrow, BUT the screw changed those plans, so we came back home went to the walmart in sherwood and it was backed up too, so we came home and Steve fixed it:) so I fixed a salad and its 8:30 and I am ready for bed, I feel I have drove around the world today:)) Guess we will have to get the boat in the morning, we need to bring it home so Steve can fix it:) Seems like today was a lot of wasted time....but who knows, God's ways are not my ways and He was probably protecting me from something:) NITE!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Friday!!

Say a pryer for Cole he is sick with a cold and fever, went to the Dr. today:(((

I do go on my listing appointments and YES I got the listings!! Yea!! Its our on East Lawson road, two homes on five acres each, then I called someone who had said they were thinking of selling and he said yes he is ready!! So three new listings...YAHOOOOO! Now to do all the paper work, but I will not complain since I ask ya'll to pray for me some listings:0 Today has been a rather slower day for me still even with all that, I am home early, so thought I would blog early. Steve and I ate at this mom and pop place on Lawson, it was too good, home made food, had beans and corn bread:) So we have had our dinner early....salad for supper. I will make my self walk today, I did not do it n the am so I got to do it when the sun gets cooler! I am ready to swim at Alicia's, her pool will be ready Sunday:) YEA!! Steve has gone to make keys for the condo, we lost it when we were there:( we got the one Kay has, she barley trust us with it:) but we promised not to lose it:) Mother is doing good, she does well in her home, she could still gain some weight but she is eating good:) Walt just sits in his chair, usually does not get dressed unless he is going to the store which he still does:) and we let him, they know him there and take good care of him, he rides in the wheel chair there and wobbles in on his walker;) He is still independent and so is she....which is a good thing, sometimes frustrating for me but still a good thing. Well guess I need to get back to work on my paper work, have appointments all day tomorrow:) woohoo!! hugs!! Oh yes, say a prayer for Cole he has a fever:((((

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Days!

Oh Happy Day!! I am gearing my self up to hit the road running tomorrow and do some business, I have a listing appointment in Benton at 11:00, It is for two homes and I am competing with three other Realtors for the business, I love to compete!! So pray I get it! We are having a listing contest too:) and I need listings to make some money:) If you do not list in real estate, you do not last! They have a saying, Realtors never die, they just get listless!
Well four people left me msg. so I know the comet section works on my blog:) My friend Pam told me it did not work right, so I guess it is working now:) tks for leaving me a msg.
Sounds as if it is going to be hot here and sunny for the next few days, which will be good! I have appointments all week end and first of week till Thursday! So I need to get my running shoes on:) I am proud of Alicia she has 13 loans in closing and still working her business! YEA!! makes for a great vacation on Aug., now I have to do that:) well I do not have to but want too!
All is quiet in my family, Steve will be busy fixing things, the boat needs a water pump, the wave runner needs plugs, the lawn mower needs some work..........seems like everything broke! But the cars that we drive run!! April has fallen for Nathan Hicks, and I think he has her, time will tell:) Well gotta go and work on the listing presentation tomorrow!! nite

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wondering wednesday

OK so are you there?? just wondering who reads this, no commits left, so leave one for me so I know I am not talking to the wind:) great day by the way and going to bed....nite is there a problem leaving a commit?? tks

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun, filled Tuesday

Well today started of course with sales meeting, I had a new agent there who I think will do great in real estate, he knows everyone!! and is very professional. Alicia had about 7 offers this week, I may hit her up for some money:))) she had a good week, she is a great Realtor! She works 24/7 and tries to make me broker when it is a holiday!! :))) Steve and I had to, just had to come back to the condo tonight to get the boat and put it at Lacy's Marina shop to get the water pump fixed, it broke this weekend:((( always something with a boat, I think renting is cheaper:) but then you can only have it for so long:( Tonight we went to a new place in Fairfield Bay we had been wanting to try out, it is Janzen's on the Bay, you know one of my favorite places to eat is Janzen's lakefront, well this is the same owners, it is like a sports bar, the food was good and you can play Texas hold-em, players have this large hand held thing ( you sit it on the table) that shows you your cards and the middle cards, you bet or check or fold with it too, you can sit anywhere and play it, but they have tv's that show the middle hand and the bets and which players turn it is, well we did it and I won 19,800.00 and Steve won 14,900. I was the top player and Steve second, I got four 5's!! we had six other players playing, we played for two and a half hours, plus ate! The players were nice, of course its no money just points, but fun! On wed, nights they have a tourney and give each player 10,000 and who ever wins gets a large pizza! So it is fun and best of all NO SMOKING!! So we have a new little place to take our mind off a days work:) when we are here. I have a few buyers to show property to this week but I really need listings so I am working on that! Real estate is busy now but it is a buyers market. Well got to get to bed in one of my favorite places...the condo, it is so quiet and peaceful here, I love it!! We met Jim and Phylis tonight they were playing too, nice couple:) I always think business when out like that so now I know their name and where they live I will send them a card:) never know......well going to bed...nite!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping

Max and his fish before cleaning and frying!
The fire I built

Max, night fishing look at the time:)

Olivia loving camping

Blaked loved camping

Mark and the boat

Hannah and Olivia with their ponchos on:) rain,rain, go away!

The camper

Mark and Max and Blake

Proud fishermen

Dooley.....the guard dog

Dooley Mcgill

Well we did not let the rain spoil our weekend:) of course I stayed the nights in the condo:) but the Mccgill's and the Averitt's, Sean and Sarah weathered it out! Jared and April and Nathan stayed at the condo with Steve and I and we had Daddygrand breakfast!! Then a Nana breakfast. We went to the camp during the day till the rain were too bad then we stayed at the condo:) Sean took Max fishing at midnight, they did trot lines or yoyo's and Max was so excited!! Max caught a catfish while he was fishing! Mark is having to clean it and cook it:) They made some wonderful memories for the children, Bob and Alicia and their children stayed at the condo too, and Anna and Cole. We cooked out Saturday night and it was the best grilled chicken I have ever ate! We had corn in the husk that we grilled too, just real yummy! The kids swam and had a great time. It rained off and on and we managed, Alica watched all of the Deadliest Catch and sold houses all weekend! She did the the lake deal until it started raining, she is for sure a fair weather camper:) But I am too....:) In all our activities, it is all possible because of the men and woman who have fought for our freedom in America and I am forever grateful, as I have heard freedom is never free, so thank you to all the Veterans who fought for our freedom, thank you for paying a price for me to be able to have a family filled fun packed time with my children and grand children this weekend and many more to come. Thank you Steve, Bob and Mark!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Honor April Rebecca Averitt

Our Baby has Graduated!

Her class. Sylvan Hills High School 2009

April walking in

Well we came to bring Hannah and Mark's camper to the camp ground Friday, then went to Jazen's to eat and to bed at the condo, got up early and went to UALR for April's Graduation:) I can not believe she has grown up, seems like it was her kindergarten graduation not long ago! God so blest us with putting April in our life and home, we are so thankful! I remember when we first saw her, her birth mother lived with us and went into labor, Her contractions were irregular but when she contacted April would just go crazy inside, kicking and moving, I told Steve I thought something was wrong, and off we went to the hospital and sure enough they did a er c-section, the cord was around April's neck, she was perfect and healthy! We brought her home with her birth mother, in time we realized it was not going to work with her birth mother and we took temp custody of April, when she was 19months old her birth mother and father came back on the scene and we proved them unfit and their rights were terminated to April, both were very unfit to be a parent and could not provide for April, we adopted her for the state, in saying this, April was never out of our home during this time. April is Caddo and Comanche Indian so we also had to go through the Tribal court which there is a Federal law that we could not adopt April since we had no Indian blood, they keep the in the tribe, The Federal court submitted to the state court, so when Judge Robyn May's terminated there rights after going to court three times, we were so excited and relieved that April would never know that life much less have to live in it. April has since met her birth mother and brother who is 13 months younger then her, she has never met her birth father, he is still very messed up. Steve and I are April's brother and sisters know God has a plan for April and we are all so blest to be a part of it, she is much loved and very spoilt!! April this blog is to honor you, I pray you know how blest you are and you will keep God first in your life, go for all your dreams there in nothing you can not do with God's help::) we love you! (

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closed Easy Street!! YEA

My favorite sign!!!!
Hard to see house with all the trees! new roof and stain!

New vanity and faucets

New fireplace cover, it was gold:)

New carpet and kitchen restrained cabinets and new knobs

New stove, dish washer and sink:) Look how good the cabinets look!! TKS to Hannah!

For those who do not know what Easy street is, it is the house we fixed up and sold:) A sweet young couple bought it and I know they will love it!! I can not believe what all Steve and Mark were able to do, I saw it transform in front of my eyes!! I am looking for investment property!! We need to find one and refurbish it and I need to sell it my self!!! God is so good to help get my debts form the hospital paid, it is dwindling down:) YEA! Though I would show you some pics:) Tonight I have the Averitt girls, Peyton and Laila with us to spend the night:) We went to mother and Walt's to take them some Lasagna and chicken and dumplings and chicken spaghetti and cabbage and corn bread!! Plus Rum Cake from Grand Cayman!! Mother loved Peyton holding her hand and walking around her house, it was fun but sad too, mother can not remember who is who now and it is hard for her, but she loved seeing the girls:) Walt was in his chair and Peyton was not sure of him, he had on his ball hat and glasses, she did blow him a kiss:) Laila was her happy self and just talked and smiled at them both!! Mother wanted to hold her so bad but I was afraid she may drop her so when she sat down Layla let her for a few minutes while she ate Cheerios:) and Peyton got in her lap and let her rock her:) Mother loved it!! Well Laila is asleep and me and Peyton are on our way!! NITE!!

April and Nathan Prom 2009 SHHS

Cooking Wednesday!

Well I cooked all day just about! I got finished with work early and started cooking, I cooked Chicken Spaghetti, chicken and dumplings and cabbage! I love cabbage! Then prepared a salad and bread to go with the chicken spaghetti for super. I made some for mother and Walt and Edwanda. I went to see Ed and she is doing quite well, she has one more chemo then will start radiation which will be hard on her. Her hair is gone but she looks so cute with her turban and is waiting on her wig, her turban has bangs:) Keep her in your prayers. She and my mother weigh the same 104 pds.!! Too little if you ask me!
Sean and Sarah brought April and Mollly home, they had been there fro two days, they fished and shot the shot guns:) and played skipbo...sounds fun tome! April will graduate this Saturday morning at 9:30, I still do not understand why in the world they plan a graduation on Memorial day week end! We have big plans to go to the lake, we have two camp sites that are wonderful, Hannah will have a camper there and Sean and Sarah will come Sunday and camp out too, of course I stay in the condo:) Alicia and Bob will stay there too and maybe Jared and Jill and Alex will come down. Jenn will be with her daddy and sister getting ready fro her sister's wedding! Looking forward to some family time. We close on our Easy street house, I will take a pic of it, I wish I had done before and after pics, it looks so good!! I am amazed at what all Steve and Mark have learned to do, I now know they can do it!! So I am looking for another investment home to buy!
I was SO excited when Kris Allen won AI!!! When I first heard hm sing, I thought he is good but he will have to get better! I told Sherry if he was to win it would be because the Lord wanted him too, then as he went on he really came out of his shell and that boy can sing and is so talented!! I am proud of him and Arkansas! Well so much for my Wednesday!! I will post pics later of the house! and you know I will of the weekend!! HUGS! Make this a GREAT day for you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!!

Hummmmm...took her a little while but she loved the cake!!
Flower bed Max and I did, Max left bird bath in middle of yard:)

Sun Basket

Shade Basket

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

Today has been a wonderful day, with great weather!! It s so pretty outside! Today is Olivia McGills first birthday!! They are doing her party at a later date, but she did get a birthday cake:)
I also am posting some pics of the hanging baskets I order form Shults in Hot Springs and give to my mother and a few for mother''s day. I love them and I got me three of them!!!
Today sales meeting was good, our team is behind in the listing contest so I have to focus on getting some listings!! Well American Idol is on and I cannot wait to see who wins!! best go Nite!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday and bored:)

Ok, I need business, so call me or have anyone you know to call me if they need to list or buy a home!! Today I went tot he office and got finished up on everything by noon, had lunch with Pam and then had nothing to do, so so really need business:) Alicia sold three in three days!! Real Estate is so weird either your just on fire or your ice cold and right now i am chilly:) so if you know of anyone looking at selling or buying have them call me:) I came home and set outside for awhile, Sean and Sarah and Cole came by, Sean was getting the rest of the mess cleaned up, now you would never know we had a party:) April went home with them for the night to watch movies with Sarah, Sean has to work tonight. Jared called and Steve and I met them at Mi Burrito for dinner, the girls were so cute, of course Peyton had my keys and set my alarm off....on purpose:) Now back home and Steve has gone to help Mark get Easy street ready to close which is perfect timing for my finances:)) All is calm at my house hold and very quiet this evening, just remembered I need to go close my trunk where Peyton opened it too:) Going to read some and maybe watch a little TV....sorta boring around here today:) Nite

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crawfish Boil 2009

April and Nathan

Friends and family

Friends and family

my shirt from riding horses in the ocean:)

My great cooks, Sean in the red

Ready to eat....yum...yum

Max had a blast playing with the crawfish!

Today was a wonderful day with perfect weather and friends and family about 75 people came over for a Crawfish Boil and fish fry, I must say it was all so tasty and Sean did the best job cooking with his friends help:) If you were not there then you were missed and we had so much left over, so next year make sure you come:) Matter of fact there are some still out in the yard with the music and talking, but its off to bed for me:) Enjoy the pics:) NITE!!

Saturday post on Sunday:)

Olivia was fretful and Hannah and Mark had a timed test to take so I got her and brought her to my house:) she seems fine to me, must have needed Nana!
I have a pic of Sean that looks just like this:)

Telling secrets!

Anna is so good with Cole, a great big sister!

My little Cole, so happy all the time!

Saturday started real quick then I was about to read the paper and I saw Sean pull up, I was glad to See him and Cole and Anna:) Cole has grown and looked like Sean tome, but mostly he looks like Sarah's brother Josh:) Max and Blake came over and we all watched BOLT ate cherry tomatoes, in which Blake and Max love and cashews for Anna.....and of course juice:) Then Sean and I went to Sam's and walmart to get things fort he crawfish boil, we ordered 100 pds. of crawfish, Sean loves a cook out, if your reading this and want to come then come on, its at 4:30ish at my house:) Sean and his friend Nick and Steve and April and Nathan fished and we have plenty of ish to fry:) so menu is hush puppies, french fries, fish, all the trimmings and crawfish with new potatoes and corn on the cob and some kind of sausage cooked all together in a big pot:) People are bringing side dishes too, its sure to be fun and you will for sure get full!! I will take some pics:)
I did have to work some, I went to Cabot to get a contract signed that was suppose to close this Thursday and will now close July 7th., the buyer had a problem on his financing but we got it all worked out....thankfully:) By the way the market is great here to buy or sell, they are working on getting the $8000 dollar tax credit that a first time buyer can get to be bale to be used for their down payment and closing cost, NOW that will be a BIG deal for people having not bought a home in three years or a first time buyer!! It should get me running in all directions and I am ready!! If you know of anyone have them call me asap:) 501-831-2510 Steve and April are still in bed and I think we have a lot to get done on the yard....hummmm.... plus we are going to church so someone needs to get it in gear and I do not think it is me:) best go start nagging.....have a great sun shiny day!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom for Miss April

Well for thirty years I have had a child in school and for the first time I do not have a children the school system:)) Took a while, no more phone calls or teachers meetings or PTA meetings!! Gonna be weird! April's high school prom is tonight, she is going with Nathan Hicks he is really a nice young man, I have known his family for years and they are a sweet family, his mother Susan came over and took pics too, I love it when you know the parents and the history of the man with your daughter:) Enjoy the pics:)
Steve and I are old fogies, he in his chair and me in mine watching a James Bond movie and me on my lap top!! House is cool and quiet:) I totally miss vacation! It is hard to get back into the swing of things, I want to play:)) but have made my self work! I did go to bed early last night and had a great nights sleep, had a slow day today, I did show my listing on Trammel, the mst.bedroom was too small:( then had lunch with a friend and then to the store and cleaned the house. I got some fresh strawberries at the store:) yummy! By the way I did not gain weight on the cruse for those who wondered, I was afraid I would, everyone I know who goes on one does, but I do not see how with all the walking, and I exercised in the pool some, I did enjoy all the food but in limited amounts:) Now I need to get back on my walking program at home, I have not been to faithful since I have been home in walking and miss it but do not want to do it:((( go figure!! well back to the movie...........NITE!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Headachey Thursday

Do you ever have a pounding headache in your sleep, it wakes you up but your still real sleepy so I think lay real still and it will stop, then I go back to sleep. When I wake its not there but comes back during the day???? I sometimes wonder did I really have a headache or was I dreaming??? anyway it is a sinus day for me and a headache, I came home after a meeting and took a nap and took some Zyrtec, which helped with the headache but still have congestion and nasal deal going on. so that is a bummmmmmmeeeerrrr! Alicia has bronchitis and feels terrible. So hope tomorrow is better:))) I did not get to see Layla or Peyton since I took a nap, but I hope I do tomorrow:) I am thankful the rain has quit fro awhile:) Sean is planning a craw fish boil and fish fry Sunday so I hope the weather is pretty, ordered 100 pds. of craw fish.....yummy!! I made my chocolate melting cake last night, it was sooooooo good and I waited on putting Mark and Hannah's in the oven till they were ready, it cooks for 12 minutes, well American Idol was on during that 12 minutes, so needless to say the yummy melting cake turned into CAKE which is not what it is to be, it has cake like on the outside of it and a fudge middle of it, almost like a pudding and it is soooooo good, it is so chocolate!! So theirs was not too good. Well April and Steve are going fishing with Sean for Sunday's Craw fish and fried fish cook out, hope they catch some:) it will be a quiet evening for me, may read some and go to bed early. HUGS

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

where is the sun????

Before I left it was raining and since I have been home it is raining, I am ready for some SUN!! Yesterday was a typical Tuesday, sales meeting and property tout then a lunch/meeting for NPBOR, ( Realtors) which was a good lunch and meeting at Altel. We meet once a month. Then went to see Edwanda, she is doing very well but will continue to need your prayers, I really know she is a answered prayer, I wondered if she would even come home. Thank the Lord she did and is doing well, she has a Chemo treatment tomorrow then one more then radiation.
Ok change the subject, while I was gone I started reading Linda Apple's book inspire and it has me wanting to write, I have always wanted to write a book and wish I had journaled when the kids were little BUT I didn't, so I am considering writing, her book teaches you how to write an it for sure has inspired me to start, so I may practice some here on my blog:) Like yesterday when I described the ocean:) I am telling you this so you will not think I have flipped when I go into more detail about something:) All here is good, April will have her last day of school Friday, she is ready and so am I:) I was talking to her yesterday and I said, "You need to go and apply for a job this summer, she said, that's not going to happen, I Patiently said why not? She said because I could not go to the lake with ya'll when you want me to go." Believe it or not I let it go, but my little sweetie pie has a new world coming to her soon:) Her plans are to go to PTec, I think she wants to go into culinary arts or do hair, she cannot makeup her mind. I remind my self that she is only 18 and she has all her life to grow up. BUT then I say if I am working my tail off she can too:)))) and this is the real world! so who knows how this summer will be. Last night her friend Nathan was here and he had parked his and his dads antique truck in the front of our home and a neighbor who NEVER stops at the stop sign ran through it and was going to fast and hit his truck! So lights, police and more neighbors were here and Steve and I slept though the whole thing! We did write two offers yesterday!! YEA!! Today I have to see my little averitt girls!! I miss them and have not seen them yet, I saw Olivia and Max yesterday and Livia just starred at me, I think she was pouting cause she has not seen me in two weeks which is a long long time for me to go!! well of to a rainy day Wednesday that is suppose to have been sunny!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Again, Home Again!!

our room, waking up to this view!!
Sherry and I ready for our ride

me ready for the pool

one of the pools

my dinner:) yummy

hog/pig towel

Sunset from our room

Dinner with Jay and Brandi

Our ship

There is no place like home with family!! an your own bed with your hubby!! Oh my gosh the cruise was more then I could ever dream, the waters were a cobalt blue and just glimmered like sparkling stars! Our room had a balcony and we sit there daily and each night, I saw awesome sunsets, like the sun fading into the ocean, bright orange and yellow, it was so tranquil, had some deep thought time sitting on that balcony!! Every day there was so much you can do, I can not think of anything you can not do on a cruise! The food was scrumpious, we ate at the dinning room each night with Jay and Brandy Amberg, Sherry's boss, the waiters always did a show time and it was so much fun to watch! You meet people from all over the world! We did the horse back riding in the ocean on Ohis Rios, it was fun, the horses feel like a merry go round horse when your int he water, they lunge forward and then back to swim, I did get all wet:)) but it was fun! Then in Grand Caymen, we snorkeled, the water was clear and emerald green there, there was a lot of marine life, we snorkeled on a barrier reef, there were sting rays too:(( but I lived through them:) then in Belize, there was shopping!! I got a for real coach purse and a for real silver bracelet with black onyx and red coral necklace, a pendant silver and red for my silver chain, it is soooo pretty! Some T shirts for April and Steve, we ate lunch ate a neat place, it was real good!! I ate some things I have never ate before and liked it all....image that:)) At night they clean your room again and make a animal out of a towel on your bed and leave the itinerary for the next day along with two mints:) and I had room service almost every night, Cesar salad that was sooooo good, it had anchovies in the dressing! They made a chocolate molten cake daily and I got the recipe, I will make it and share it with you:)) you will love it if you like chocolate! well it was a wonderful vacation, a for real vacation with you doing nothing but being waited on!! I love crusin and will fro sure go again with Steve, I missed him! The I will do a dive! Enjoy the pics! Got to face the real world, but I am ready:)