Friday, August 24, 2012

Well a lot has happened since my last post, it is unreal how busy real estate is, my listings are getting offers and I have buyers, doing our best to keep up with it all,  I am not even sure how many offers we have written anymore, and remember when you have one offer you had about 30 people in your life that day:) so its days with talking to over a hundred people and trying to keep all files straight, I have three homes right now getting roof repairs and trying to keep it all straight has been difficult, since most have come with in days of each other its several inspections, counters, etc. so this is when it is good to be ADD:)  Last week had some kidney problems and took a day to rest, Steve picked up the torch, and I took a few days to rest, still not at my best but better then I was, having allergies and headaches it about to do me in right say a prayer if I come to mind. Hannah and Mark bought a home about ten minutes from his work on 14 acres, they will move in soon, she is so excited and so is Mark, I have not seen it so I am going to have to take the time to go see it, gotta know where all my babies will live, they have settled to the fact Van Buren is their home and so have I:) Peyton started school this year and so did Blake, they love it and both are so darn cute! Time is just flying by toooooo fast!  I have made it a point to be in and out of the nursing home at all times checking on mother, she is doing good and happy, I am not sure if I told ya'll she lost a bottom tooth and she only has five teeth that are hers, the others are very loose:(   this is a pic of her a ball toss game..mother is not eating as she needs too, working on this with nursing home:( still so hard not to bring her home, if I did not have to work there would be NO doubt she would be here with me right now. Tonight was a dance there, which all enjoyed the music and moved the best they could:) I am just so thankful she is happy there.  She loved the ball toss game:) It does help that she likes where she is, so far this week  she has known me:) one day I could tell she didn't but the others she talked to me and called me by name:)  
I so wanted to go to the condo this afternoon for the weekend but worked till late, and tomorrow have work and work on Sunday, so grateful for such a good month, hopeful for our fall market:) Steve has pushed himself about as hard as he can, he went to bed at 7pm tonight:) I did the last two nights before it was dark, and slept all night:)
To catch you up on babies, Alicia is working  her tail off and got her babies back in school, Alexandria is a SENIOR:( Sean is hanging in there having the weekend with his babies:) Alex has been out of state with his job but his girls  are good, Hannah is getting into her fall routine, Jared is working o hard will be out of state this next week:(  all his girls are good too:)   April I guess is doing ok, have not talked to her this week but last time I did she had a lot of thoughts going on as far as her future,  I miss her, matter of fact I miss them all when I am this busy, but its about all I can do to work and care for mother and Steve at this point:) I never go to bed with a messy kitchen but have two nights straight, plus just leave things where I take them off, my shoes where in Steve's office when I was looking for them,  its not always this busy so you just have to be grateful and thank the Lord:) so thankful I am!! Plus bet I take a real good vacation when I get all these loans closed! Like Belize....oh my! Would love to spend a week there and dive some! It was beautiful when we ere there in port on a cruise we took. right now I would settle for the pool at Fairfield  Bay:)  hugs and night

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you Lord!

All I can say is Thank you Lord fro this real estate week, we went to condo Thursday last week, cleaned it real good, the went to the pool some, never made it to the lake, but got the condo so clean! It needed a cleaning by us:) the came home Sunday and have not stopped running, we have got six offer since Sunday with them all SOLD!! I have some great listings and they are selling! All I can say is Yea God! We have worked 14-16 hr days, and I am dog tired right now, but suppose to write another offer tomorrow in Conway.  In between all the work I go the the nursing home to see mother several times a day, I just run in sometimes and sometimes I can have some time to just stay, but I always check on her at different times, when I went yesterday I was noticed she had lost bottom tooth, so this am she went tot he Dentist, I was nervous about it , I can not stand having anyone work on my teeth, and was nervous for her, its a bottom tooth, she has dentures upper and partial plates on bottom jaws, in which I have not a clue where the bottom are, haven't known, but the four front bottom teeth are almost all loose and deteriorated, i dreaded it if they have to pull them, the Dr said we would just watch them if they hurt he will meet me anytime to fix it, so please pray they stay like they are and will not hurt, so far no pain.  
Mother is going to be in the nursing home long term now, this was such a hard decision for me to make, so many times I want to snatch her up and bring her home, but I now she is at the place where I can not do it and neither could Connie my care giver.  It is just too hard and mother has digressed so fast.  I do enjoy my role as a care giver in just loving on her, making sure all is taking care of, doing all the fun things with her, it is nice to get the CNA to do the hard things.and I do get them to help with anything that is hard or mother may not like, then I can be the one who just loves on her and makes it all better!! I have been able to run by and play bingo or go to different social times with her that the nursing home has:)
Well big news on Hannah and Mark they are buying a home in Van Buren, they are real excited to finally feel settled in, it is on 14 acres, has four bedroom, two baths and a shop, had deer come up on property as they were looking at it, I know it will make a huge difference just settling down calling it home! I can not wait to go see them.  well going to call it a night, went to bed last night at 8:30 and its almost 11 now, Steve and Jared went to see the batman movie so I waited up for Steve to get home, stuffing my face withmexican food:( but boy was it good! Keep my mother's brother's wife Elva ( my aunt) in your prayers, she is having some very serious heart problems and will have to have surgery in Nashville at Vanderbilt's, this is the brother who lost his daughter Candy not too long ago, so we need a total healing!    Got ts get to bed....hugs and nite

Monday, August 6, 2012

Alzheimer' Honor of my Mother

This is from a friend of mine who has Alzheimer's, it really hits home, but so good:) She expressed her self so well:) It amazes me the people I have become friends with that have this dreadful disease, please help fight against it, support Alzheimer's with walks, giving, what ever you can.
 My sweet Mama, since she loves with her heart, she will NEVER forget LOVE.
Fight for me.. please, fight for me,

Please have my best interests at heart.

When I do strange things, when I don’t make sense, please know.. it’s because of this disease. It’s not normal, but it is my normal.

I never want to hurt you, I never want to embarrass you. I can’t help it, I don’t know what I’m doing, myself.

I need you to understand what I’m going through.. I need you to learn about it, because I can’t. The doctors may know a little, but they don’t know me. They don’t even know why I have this terrible disease. I need you to learn about this, so you can fight for me.

I want you to find others who are going through this too. I know I’m fading, and I don’t want you to be alone. The more you understand, the more you can walk with me.. and then I won’t be alone, either.

Please don’t yell when I frustrate you. Please don’t rush me when I eat.

The things that are happening, I may not remember 5 minutes from now, but what happens now, affects me deeply, as it always has.

Sometimes I see your face, and sometimes I see my children. They are playing.. I need to check on them.

I still feel, I still love, I am still alive.

I have no voice anymore. I can’t tell you what I need, or how I feel.. but I do need, and I do feel.

I want to tell you I love you.. I just can’t remember how.