Monday, August 31, 2009

wore out monday!

Today started at six am:(((( I had so much to get done I had to start early!! But I got it all done, it has been a day of running, working and being a daughter and being a mother, April got her job at Victoria's Secret, she starts Wednesday and she is working at the barn daily at 6:00 am so she will find all about a new world and being tired:) Steve's back deal has become disconnected so he may have to have surgery again to connect it!! That is such a drag! We will know tomorrow and we still do not know about his other test, but he will call tomorrow:) Tomorrow is sales meeting then I have a meeting and work then to spend the night with mother to help her get ready for her test. I went over tonight and made her some jello and took what she will need to drink and eat tomorrow. Today was a full and could of been stressful day but I had a great day with total peace and strength for the day!! Hugs and nite!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Halailuya Sunday

Albie the barn horse, we will put some weight on him:) he has raced for a year and only been stalled with a blanket so he looks ruff from being left here and not have the food he needs. The barn owner has called and called the owner, she can not afford to feed him what he needs and he has been being fed what the other horses eat, but its not enough:) so we are getting the people at the barn to chip in and help feed him:) may try to ride him:)

Ok so its not spelled right!! I know that:)) but I like it that way:) Today started off with Steve and April going to the barn and to meet me at church at Mercy Cross, we haven't been there in seven years, so I went and they did not show up! They worked and it took longer then they thought:) but Kay was there and Sherry Maxwell came too, it was really good, God has done many wondrous things in that church since I have been there. The msg. was good and Scott is a very anointed preacher, lots of wisdom for his young years. I had planned to go to my church tonight at Journey and got tied up at the barn, some came out to ride Apache today and it took longer then I had expected, after we left there we went to mi burrito and of course I could not eat much:((( but from the pics you will see I am still losing weight which is my gaol, I have to keep telling my self that! I had a great open house on a Little Rock condo, hope I might have a buyer, have to follow up with them!! I am tired and ready for bed but feel I may have ticks on me from the barn, its a mental thing, I found one tiny ittybitty seed tick on me and that is all she wrote!! Enjoy the pics! I Have a early appointment tomorrow and then appointments all day so that is a good thing!! hugs and nite!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

BabyA'sandJill's first baby shower:)

Well this has been such a glorious day, just perfect weather! I wish it could be like this all the time:) but then I would miss the rain and snow and fall leaves and the colors of fall leaves:) I got up early AGAIN....:(( and decided to go sailing, Steve got up so he went with me, we found some bargains!! I got me to fall jackets from Chico's for 5 dollars!!! They are like new too:) Since I saw the movie Julie and Julia, I saw some pearls and I got them for $3.00!! SO now I have a strand of pearls:) all I have to do is cook with my apron on and I will be like them:) WE then went to Jenns and Jared's because I found three pair of shoes for Lalia, she loved them. Steve and April went to work at the barn, we barter our help for rent and horse feed now:) So April feeds and cleans and Steve will bush hog for them:) There is a beautiful but too skinny Thoroughbred that raced once at Oaklawn and did not do well, a man brought him to the barn to board and now he will not come back or pay for the feed he needs:(( and he needs more food then a reg. horse and high protein, so we gave $30.00 for his food this month and maybe can barter some for his food, if she sends a eviction notice to the owner and he does not respond then she has to sell it at a horse auction and the last one she had to do that with went for dog food, so we do not want that:) He is about 17 hands tall and needs to put on some weight, he is three years old, so he may be our adopted barn horse, not sure what do do but I can not let him be that know me I like fluffy:) The lady who owns the barn is calling him again and leaving him msgs. he breed the mother and this was her baby, he thought he would race but he did not do well, he is not real high strung as most are and he is well mannered, so who knows:) I will take a pic and let you see him:) We love Apache, he is the best natured horse and fits April personality so well. Then I went to mother and Walt's and took dinner and some dinners for the week, although I will be there Monday to prepare her sludge to drink for her test on wed. then go there Tuesday to make sure she takes the pills and drinks the sludge:) then get up Wed. am and go to the Dr. for the colonoscopy, Walt said he is going too...glory be:) It will take me 30 minutes to get him in the car:) and mother will ask 100 times where are we going and how will she get home;) You have to keep a light heart when someone has Alzheimer's, its keeps you from crying:) Now to the best part of the day!! Baby A's and Jill's first shower, she got so many neat gifts and such creative gifts, Dr. Lewis and his wife gave her the neatest gift, I have never seen it done before, it is a cake server and knife, like you would have for your wedding, it was silver with baby A's initials on the server, and a poem about how special your birthdays will be on to your wedding day!! YES!! we all cried, we cried several times,:) Jill is just so thankful! There were four Pg ladies and all looked so cute:) I am just so thankful Jill is pg with them and not having to go to their showers andnot have her own baby!! Thank you Father! One lady made aprons to match with their names on them and bought a toddler cook book! That is so Jill!! I just loved it and of course I always enjoy seeing Belinda! ( Jill's mother) Well its been a blest day and I am ready to snooze:) Nite

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday nite movie:)

Today started early, although it did not need too! I woke up at 6ish and could not go back to sleep, so I lay there and pray and think about things with the Lord, then get up:) I had some work to do today and closed a loan. Then do some errors and went to see my friend recovering form cancer and took her some soup and corn bread, her name is Edwanda Ware and she is doing quiet well, she looked so much better then she had!! The went to see Rachael Reisman, she had a healthy baby boy today:) Saw her mother my dear friend Becky Hale, was good to see them all and for sure hold a new born baby:)) never gets old for me! Then Sherry Maxwell and I went to the movie and saw Julie and Julia, it was a good movie, sry Jill, we can see another one next week:) the traveler's wife, Sherry is not ready to see that one yet but April wants to see it:) We had a big popcorn and lemonade and movie ticket and it was 18.50 just for me and that is senior citizen price!! Can you believe that?????? Well I am home and ready for bed, so nite!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

two post in one day:) bargains galore for me:)

A's shoes and tutu! Alex and Jill's little baby girl, when she gets here in November:)

Max working in the yard, he had on head phones:)

William Cole Averitt, at the Drs. office, he had to get five shots today:((( this was before the shots:)

Today went good with Steve's test, we will know the results tomorrow, I found some major bargains at St. Vincents gift shop while I was waiting on Steve:) Men are so different, when he got up this am, I said gosh you look swollen, he said to me "where?" now a woman would know, its her right index finger or her eye lids or her ankles......LOL! Then I met Sarah at the Drs. office with Cole, she had to be at class and they had not called her back yet, so I got to do what I said I would never do again and hold him while he got FIVE shots! This time I did no cry like before, just teared up.....he came home and ate peas for lunch and took his bottle and slept the whole time Sarah was gone, he is such a good baby. Then started cooking, I cooked, black eyed peas, squash, creamed potatoes and gravy and meat loaf with sliced fresh tomatoes and rolls! I also fixed a huge pot of vegetable soup with stew meat, I gave some to Jenn to take home and taking my mother some and a friend who has cancer and I have some:) I love soup! I have one more container full if someone wants it:) Then to my surprise, Jared and Jenn came by to bring me dome of my dishes, they were on their to eat at Benihanna's, I said the girls can stay here and eat and Jared said Peyton will probably want to go with them, she loves eating there, well he was WRONG:) they both wanted to stay with me, so we had a fun time:) In between all this I have worked today, Steve actually showed property for me too:) and I blogged twice today:) I have got all my sensory needs met and my nurturing need met today:))) If I could I would stay home and have grand babies over and cook and clean all the time:) of course I would wear out and wish I was at work......I am ever so thankful because I do love what I do, so it makes my work fun and I can sometimes be in control of my time:) Sometimes I can't because buyers and sellers are top priority if I want to make any money:) nite and hugs!

Flowers for you today!

w kiehl 033 w kiehl 034

I love star gazer lilies and wanted to share them with you today:)  We are up early for Steve to go to St.Vincent's for his scan on his tummy, yesterday did him in, I guess valium and demoralll is some good stuff:) he slept most of the day:)  I got caught up on house work and laundry, so all is well!  April is at Sean’s, so the house is quiet and still:) My sweet son Jared came and weed eated the yard, that is something Steve can not do, his back will not let him:( so now my house is clean and the yard looks good, for this minute:)  So if the bed checker comes today, my bed is made:)  never understood why making your bed is so important, but was trained to make it with no creases in the covers:)  not that important to me anymore, but it is made today:)  Jill had a good visit with Dr. yesterday so our little baby and Jill are doing great!  Jenn will find next moth what she is having:) she is looking pregnant now:)  This afternoon I get to keep Cole, Sarah has class today:) so of course I will try to get a cute picture for you!!  Well I pray you enjoy your day and I am going to do that too!! HUGS!

w kiehl 032

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hopping Wednesday!

  cole 014

Today started early with Sean setting off our alarm, of course I can not see without my glasses to get it turned off:( and then I do not even know how to do it right, but I did get it off after Steve and April jumped out of bed! :)  I really enjoyed them spending the night, Anna and I got to lay in bed and talk and she studied her science for her test this morning.  I taught her a new way to study since she is not likening it, you play like you are the teacher and sit up you stuffed animals and talk to them and ask them the questions on your paper, of course you answer them too:) she loved it and learned her work well, I bet she makes an A!  Sherri is having problems with her not wanting to study and Sean was saying he would come there and spank her if she did not start to study, this is a much better way with no spankings and fun!  So I hope they will let her do it at home:) Cole was a sweet heart this am, he just smiled and laughed!  I am sitting in the Drs. office while Steve gets his throat and stomach scoped, he is not having too many problems but has to have this due to the meds he takes and the meds he has had in the steve 001past when he had such a bad leg infection years ago.  SO I am here with him, then next Wednesday I bring my mom for a colon scope and then Steve does that next month. yuck! gotta run and get him home and then work:) hugs

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

flight 027  Had sales meeting and property tour, I had two homes on the tour and they showed well and got good comets:) I then went to lunch with my dear friend Pam Cupples at my Favorite place, Olive Garden, we got to catch up, its been a while since I have seen her. I then came home and was surprised with Sean and his family and Jared and his, Sean cooked out and we turned it into a family deal, Alex and Jill could not come, Jill was so tired and swollen, Alex said he had just talked to her and she sounded so tired he could not even call and ask her, in which I totally understand, she is very pregnant!! and needs to rest more:)  Then I wrote and got the offer accepted on my listing on Trammel! YEA!! thank you Lord!  Now I am excited Cole and Anna and Sean and Sarah are spending the night:) yea!  Anna is in the Jacuzzi tub having a good time with some little duck soaps that make bubbles:)  Well I got a new camera so the picas are back:) hugs and niter!flight 031

Monday, August 24, 2009

feels like a Monday :(

123 Today has been hectic and full and has for sure been a Monday, every where I went people said I looked refreshed and rested, I wish I felt it!!   I prayed this am that God would be large and in charge of my day and He has been, but I have had a few corrections from Him and have apologized some today:)  I just wish I did not get so short fused when things go hay wire on deals or Steve just totally makes me mad, some where in time either here or heaven I pray I can not react but respond to life’s challenges :)  Other then me getting in the way of me, its not be such a bad day:)  Nite!

Marvelous Monday!!

Yesterday was a great day and I am praying today is too! Yesterday we visited a sm. church fro sunday morning and went to our churh that only meets on sunday night, it has been awhile since I have been able to go sunday night so I was happy to get to go and it was a great message on spiritual warfare and faith. After church we went to dinner with Alex and Jill, we went to my favorite place Olive Garden:) I enjoyed my time with them, it has been forever since I Have seen them:( and I got to pat the baby!! :)) I did get a nap in yesterday and dreamed I was in the ocean and April was there on a wave runner and I was on some type of float that was way to small and I drifted out and a shark was near me, so I was trying to stay on the float and not move at all so the shark would not feel me, I had remembered sharks can hear and feel a person's heartbeat almost a mile I was glad to wake up!! I then went to the store, in which I needed to do, we had nothing in the house, I cleaned it all out when we went on vacation, except for a five pound bad of red potatoes and you could smell them when you walked in the door....UGH!!! I am off this am early have a nine o'clock appointment and several more today........but I think I am ready for it! I did get the listing that I went on Saturday, they told me yesterday!! YEA!! That was a answered prayer! Well off and running...I pray we all have a peaceful, Lord Blest Day!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday and Beautiful!

Today was so nice, only 82 with a breeze!! and sunny! I went on a listing appointment and looked at some land and shop I have listed with a man on Hwy. 107, his tenant moved out and left the shop a huge mess! Then showed property and wrote a offer:) I needed to go to the store but Jared called and we met him and Jenn and the girls for Mexican food, I missed them so much, Laila just smiled the whole time, she sat by me. Peyton never seems to get jealous, I always try to be careful because I have always held her first and sat near her, when we left I got her and held her, she is just too sweet!! She can talk so much now and Laila is learning, she can say basket ball....of course Jared will have his girls talking sports, they all, including Jenn love sports!! SO I am home and tied and ready to get to bed, Steve is already there:) We may visit a new church for Sunday morning, and I can not believe it but I will actually get to go to Journey church tomorrow night, they only have Sunday evening services now, so I am needing a Sunday am service for me, so we are looking:) I have not seen Alex and Jill in forever and I miss them. well off to bed...nite!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home and in my own bed:)

After a long,long drive I am home and I have my little Cali dog:) I am sitting in my bed, eating taco bell and watching police stories and ready to go to sleep:)  I like it better when we drive part one day and the rest the next!  It rained and rained coming home, Steve drove all they way.  We stopped at a Shell to get gas, AFTER we pumped gas in our car, 30 gallons, and Mark pumped gas in their car, we saw a wrecker pulling a corvette on the car hauler and then had a 240Z ( new) pulling it too, with the cab totally full of people, then the man next to us at a pump, had a black newer sub and his car would not start, the cars being towed had just bought gas, then there were two others cars broke down in the exit drive……………needless to say they had bad gas, all of them had premium, thank the Lord we had regular and our gas was ok, Steve and Mark drove the cars around for a little before we took off again.  The station just kept letting people buy gas is what was so stupid! The people were all upset, I would have been too!  If your wondering how I can eat and type and watch TV all at the same time, I can’t:) so I am getting off line and eating:) nite !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Home………but ready:)

Well after being on the beach all day yesterday we were too tired to pack up and leave:) but for sure in the am we are on our way, we have packed up and now getting ready to go out to eat one last time, then to bed and up early, we are leaving about 5ish I think:) at least we will try too:)  You know April will love that:) She will never even wake up:) I am ready for work and already have appointments for Saturday so back in the saddle for me:)  Got a lot to get done and I am ready for it, for right now:) for those who wondered if I was coming home, the answer is yes, UNLESS I win the Florida Lotto tonight at 10:00pm, then I am paying off all my babies debt and we will take a really big family vacation and bring all the in laws too, so my D-I-L’s will have the help they need:) and their momma’s with them:)  Its fun dreaming!! hugs to all and see you soon:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gone Coastal!

Some accuse me of staying too long on you tell me, how long is too long when your on vacation???????????We have decided to come home, I think tomorrow:) but no promises:) We have had such fun and a much needed vacation, I am already booking for next year:) If you book when your here then if prices go up next year, you get it at these prices, so we are looking to see where to go and where to stay or come back here. I hope next year Jared and his family or Sean and his or Alex and his can stay with Steve and I, if it is here they will have two bedrooms that are private for them and their bath and we and April will have ours, that was the best floor plan for a large family to stay in, everyone has their privacy and space:) so Boys if you read this let me know if you want to room with us, first come, first serve:) of course the girls will be upset:) but we have actually stayed with both of them and their family's this year, now we are with Hannah and Mark and babies, so I have cuddled with Olivia and Blake a lot:) even Max has let me cuddle him:) and I got all sorts of hugs and kisses with the Haley's, Jack is a cuddle bunny in the morning:) of course the girls are more into laying in bed and talking, one thing Victoria likes to do is rub my feet:) I sure wish I Had some pics to share but my camera is sick still, it did not fix its self! I almost bought another one at walmart, BUT I do not want to have to learn a new one, so I am taking mine to before to get fixed and if I can't get one just like it, AGAIN, this will be the third one, the first one got lost:( so I got the second one for my birthday. I really like it. Well off to the last day at the beach, then out to eat one last time here and then cleaning,packing and leaving.....oh my....will we really do it????? if not then so be it:) hugs

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday and Tropical Sorm Claudette

I read this at Pineapple Willie's and liked it so thought I would share it with you!!

Today Alicia and Bob and the kids and Belinda left to go home, I miss them already, now we have a few days left. Steve and I went and did our feet and nails today, it was very relaxing, normally I do not like to sit still long enough to have it done, which is really sad! but its the truth. I may go for a facial Tuesday, just not sure of the products they use and my face is real sensitive, but may try it:) It should be raining here tomorrow, we have Claudette which is a tropical storm here tonight, so where is Steve, Mark and Hannah, they are in the ocean playing in the waves, its not really a bad storm, gusty winds 20-25 miles per hour, rain tomorrow and high in 80's and it will be gone, no tornadoes so far or thunderstorms:) I am all snuggled in my bed watching TV and blogging:) I am home sick, so not sure how much longer I will stay but for sure tonight and tomorrow night:) I get home sick then it goes away:) but its here now, so we will just see what happens!! I love it here and have enjoyed my time with my daughters and son in laws and grand babies but I miss the ones not here and I miss my Cali dog, is that not totally insane! I miss my work and my buyers and sellers, it is so hard leaving it and not knowing what is going on with the deals I have going, I have someone taking my calls so I have not done it for a week and have really left it alone so I can have that needed break, I do that once a year, normally I take my calls when I am gone, but one time a year I take a total break from it and it makes you ready to get on the work treadmill again:) Last year I had a seller who was spastic and would totally bother me daily and made me do his work and would pitch a fit!But needless to say I no longer take their business, but it stressed me so much on vacation, but this year has been totally quiet, either its all going great or John Byrd, who is taking my calls will let me know tomorrow its not:) hope it is!! Tomorrow I think Steve and the boys and Mark and Hannah and April and Molly will go to the Gulf Aquarium, sounds like fun, but I will just chill with Olivia, then Hannah and Mark may go home and Steve and I chill and rest for a day or so, just depends on my home sickness:) I have never stayed in Panama City Beach and I love it, we can just walk out to the beach, it is so close and the condos are real nice here, it has a wonderful inside and outside pool, it was perfect for so many because you can get to all the condos real quick:) I just miss everyone, but thought I may need to rest before I hit the real world of real estate in full force!! well going to bed early, I was up till 2:30 going over some things in my mind and asking God for direction for me, then I just got to sleep when my April came in the room crying and was broke out in a rash, she was freaking because she thought her face was going to swell up real bad, which she had some hives and 100mg. of benadril did the trick, also put her to sleep:) but then I worried and kept check on her the rest of the night, so needless to say I am tired and ready fro a good nights sleep, drinking a little glass of red wine to help with that!! nite all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love this man!

584 I love this pic too!! Steve and Bob are on a fishing trip this am, they left out at 6:30am:) IT is fly fishing or fishing like you do for trout, this way Steve will not hurt his back, before they just fished and it took a lot of power to reel them in and he really over did it, so this time Bob found a way to fish that will not be so exhausting:)

PICT3716 Amy made these strawberries for desert last night, they were some kind of good!  Amy and Cain and April and Brock left out today, it is hard to believe it has been a week, Alicia and her family leave tomorrow, so it will be us and the McGill's for a few days, that will slow things way down, we have hit the beach running every day and late at night doing so many things, I have enjoyed my time with each of the grand kids, vacation gives me that special one on one and a lot of just good family time with them:)  I just wish Cole and Anna were here and the Averitt girls:) I miss them too much:)

Today is shopping and fun in the sun, then pack for some and be ready to return to the real life on Monday:( Vacations give us the fuel we need to work hard so we can do it all again!!  Steve and I are not sure when we will come back, maybe Wednesday:) so for now, just chilling on the beaches of PCB Florida!! hugs

Friday, August 14, 2009

creatures of habit

Ever wonder why we like to go to the same places we know, or eat at the same places??????? well I like my old PC better then my new, because I know it and know all the ins and outs of it:)  It is hard for me to change to something new, even though it is a much better PC, I go back to my old one, since I fixed it:)  I was thinking about that, how change is hard for most people, most of us do not like change, I can adapt to it but I like things to stay the way I am comfortable with.  When change comes so does new plans, new ways, new trust and faith in the Lord to help us make the changes.  I remember when one of my friends divorced, I told her to close the chapter of that book and she is beginning a new one, even though that is true, it is still so hard to start new chapters in our life.  Matter of fact I do not like new chapters!  But I know they will happen and when they do, I will squirm and maybe pitch a fit, for sure feel sorry for my self and then guess what??? I adapt and sometimes realize change was for the best, then again sometimes I am not sure.  A great book if your going through changes in your life is “who moved my cheese”  it helps you realize you have to have change to grow as a individual and changes is actually good for us, it is a challenge, so if your in changes in your life, I pray the Lord will bless you with wisdom and character and strength to endure the change and make you a better person:))) 

I remember when we were praying about adopting April, as if it was a decision:) but we had talked to all the children and we had prayed, Steve and I knew we would be older when she was still young and wanted the best thing for April, it was for sure a change God brought into our life,  at the time I thought how we we ever do it, but we do and God has so blest us with April, I can not even dream of what it would be like without her, or any of my children for that matter.  Life will have good changes and some not so good…………so be a over comer and adapt to the change and let it bring the best of you out in you!!  HUGSpics 495

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scooters and Parasailing for April

hello from me:) I decided to actually put on make up and do my short hair:) today Hannah and Mark rented scooters and April para sailed:) with Cain, April and Brock did it too! I went to the beach and we had lunch at the beach:) tonight we will go to Margaritaville to eat dinner, then shop at the pier shopping outside place, like the destins commons, or what they are trying to do in LR on Chenal:) well I am out of here to get pic made on the beach with my honey:) hugs and nite! sry the pics are not to good:(

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

home cooking nite:)

cute pic of Hannah and mark:) and me putting up left overs for everyone's condo:)

Peanut Butter pie, Amy made:) yummy

rolls, black eye peas, corn, mac and cheese, chicken and dumplings for a army! all comfort foods and starch!! YUM YUM!!

Today we just chilled, did not getting the sun, we shopped some and then I cooked, played dominoes and now we are all stuffed and ready for bed, going to beach in am early and lunch at Margaritaville:) nite

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joe's Crab Shack Birthday, Shell Island, Beach

We are having a great time, we went to Shell Island today, the water was clear and we stayed in the shallow part so the kiddos could enjoy snorkeling, the older ones went out by a barrier and saw colorful fish and lots of little creatures:) You would not believe our experience of renting the boat, we got on the pontoon and realized the chair for Steve to sit in to drive was broke, now this would normally be no big deal to change boats, but we had loaded several ice chest for lunch and drinks and snacks, and our personal belongings, but most important it was hard for me to step up two feet into a boat much less to get off, but I did:0 Then we are on our boat waiting to leave and this other boat pulls out and he does not stay in neutral but bolts backwards the forward and ran into our boat motor and hits the one Mark is driving too!! SO here we go again, we get unloaded off that boat and get on the third boat!! this time it is the charm! The day was sunny and totally a Florida sun shining day! The water was clear and cool, some spots were real warm! We had a six hour day fun in the son and now I am home in my room watching TV and blogging, the rest have gone to eat:) I had soup and Steve had a Hamburger and we are totally cool with staying in:) I hope I am not so sore I cannot move tomorrow from all of today:) We did do Joe's Crab Shack last night and this time, they put a cape around Steve and Victoria and gave them a stick horse to run around the tables as they sang Happy Birthday, as usual Steve did it:0 What a daddy grand!! I have it on Video for you:) hugs and nite! sry the video would not load will try later:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

totally rad in PCB

We are having a great time, things are settling down and everyone has their space......which is very important:) April and Brock and the Mcgill's are at the beach, the Haley's are shopping, for real serious shopping, April is in bed:) and Amy and Cain are shopping, Steve and I are going shopping with April and Molly, then the big birthday dinner for Steve and Victoria at Joe's crab shack! Our condo is really nice! Our view is are some pics:)