Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, hope your Christmas is a day with your trouble miles away!

Life????? All of us have sad days, troubled days, great days, good days, ok days, wonderful days, GREAT days, fun days, family days, God days, pain days, sick days, well days, life changing days, which is what I want to blog about:)

Life Changing days!  There are days that will change your life forever, mine are when I married Steve, had my babies, ask Jesus in my heart, lost my first grand son, William Wyatt, was told Jared had cancer, was told my mother had Alzheimer's, when Walt past away unexpectedly, when I became POA of mother, when mother moved into my home, when mother past away, these are all life changing, when life deals you some blows it teaches us what is important in your life.  You realize how fragile life is, there are  many more times in my life that changed me but these are mile markers that I know changed my life.  Some say Holidays are a sad hard time and it is so hard on them and lonely, in which I wish it wasn't, I for sure know it is a  time to reflect on your life and the life of those you love, one way I cope with the loss in my life, I have looked back over so many memories, good and bad, when I think of the hard memories I STOP, and replace it with a funny one a good one and I CHOOSE to let go of the hard one, I CHOOSE to ask the Lord to tell my family who is in Heaven how much I love and miss them, and I leave it there knowing God has done this, I wrap my self up in my  mind, like in a snugly blanket in good funny memories:) So I pray this year when you have the hard lonely days and times of the life changing events in your life you can make it a positive, its for sure ok to cry, BUT you can not stay there, life moves forward and you have to do that too, I do not know how anyone can do this with out the Lord's help, grief is to strong to bear alone so is the feeling of bareness or being lonely. IF you are alone this year get out and give to  other's, go to a church Christmas service, that is another way I cope with loss is in giving to other's then you see so many people moving forward with a load a lot more then your load, speaking of loads, take time to be alone with the Lord and exchange your load to his big broad shoulders where it is  suppose to be:)) DO not look to other's to help you, meet your needs in this, you will be let down, ONLY GOD can meet his need and bring healing, others can help but they can not heal:) I am for sure not understanding why this blog, but I felt in my heart to write it today and now, so if this touches your life I am grateful!!  Let God be God in your life today, let Him help you understand this is the time for reflecting and understanding what Jesus has done for you, just you! I PRAY HE turns your mourning into dancing, HE can, but you have to be a apart of that choice, NO MATTER what the problems are, so I pray this Christmas your troubles will be miles away from your mind and your thoughts will be in helping others, giving, and the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord and who can get you through anything you are facing and will keep ordering your steps and keep helping you walk in them::)))))

Love the song, Mary did you know??? Listen to it:)  Image that for your life and be thankful for where you are right now in this life!! Let Jesus be Jesus in you no matter what:) I believe when we kiss our babies we kiss the face of God, when we kiss our family, friends, we kiss the face of God for He is in each one of them, maybe why some greet each with a Holy kiss:) nerver thought of that before today, but I love hugs and kisses and usually give them to others on the cheek or forehead, now it has a whole new meaning for me, so this is a kiss from me to you!  SMOOOCH !!  I can be so tired and melancholy and just holding, kissing my grands or my children will bring fresh rays of sunshine to me, maybe it is SONSHINE to me:) I am for sure a family person and I am beginning to understand why this morning,  so maybe this blog is just for me:) guess I will still share it with you:)
 Thanksgiving 2013
Christmas 2013
My heart is so full this year, THANK YOU LORD is all I can say!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I have been busy this week, got two loans closed and wrote a offer:) Danielle Ray signing papers:)
The market has been slow, the weather does not help and the time of the year,  its been a week where I actually took naps some:)) On Thursday night I met with my Parkview High School girl friends for dinner:)
 I have so loved reuniting with them, that is one thing Face Book has done for me:) I love it!  Then Friday night the Averitt girls, Mika, Laila, Peyton, Anna and one Averiit Boy Cole came and spent the night, they were are so perfect, Steve and I so enjoyed them all here, we had a pizza picnic for dinner
 then Steve fixed his famous daddygrand breakfast!
 Yes, we used the Christmas china:) Pretended we were at the White House Breakfast and used our best manors:)  Jared and Jen came and we had the best visit, it is nice to slow down long enough to enjoy your neighbors:)))  They are all at Jack's Basket Ball game now and I have the house quiet and clean with Christmas music playing, the last two days I have been lonely for mother, had so many sweet memories of her, her last Christmas she knew what it was 2011, this is mother and Santa:)))
I think I have missed her more this year then last year, I open the China Cabinet 
 and smell it, it smells like her home still:)  My heart is heavy in the fact I am not  involved with my sister or her family, makes me sad, one thing I am looking forward to about Heaven,  everything will be resolved.  It may not happen on this earth but there will be peace in this family again in Heaven:) I miss all of them and mother. I have never said anything due to I do not want to ever shed the wrong  light on anything about my family. I love them dearly, my  brother and his wife will be gone to Colorado to see his step brother, I miss them too:(( Guess its just a missing family kinda of day:) I am going to try to see them before they leave and give them some Christmas goodies to take on their trip.
Today Anna and I went to a Habitat for Humanity house that my friend got,
it is such a blessing to see how people build and come together to help someone so deserving!! Then we went to the mall, yes the mall in the rain! Then to Kroger's, but I loved loved loved my private time with her, she is so grown up! She can sing like a angel, her voice is beautiful!  The McGill's come tonight and I am so excited or Averitt Christmas is tomorrow after church, I am ready:) I have loved my Christmas time, we have had several people in our home this year, its been fun and I have enjoyed decorating:)
Sean and Sarah just came in and ask why I am home alone, I sad sit down a minute and you will understand:)) Jared and Steve and the kids just got home from the game so its time to visit:))) Jack's cheer leaders today for his game:)
 Love to all and to all a goodnight!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This week started with ASU meeting on the state Capitol Steps for a ASU Red Wolfs Rally, the only college in Arkansas going to a Bowl game!! Whhoooooo!

 Alexandria holding the sign:)

Alexandria cheered her heart out!  It was really exciting to be there, I am very proud of ASU Jonesboro!    We do plan to go with the Haley's, will be a full few days!  Then we went to Anna's Basketball game at Abundant Life School, she is getting so tall I love it, she is beautiful!
 Anna in Red shorts:)
  Then went a LG, that is a group of ladies that Alicia started meeting with and doing bible studies a few years ago,, its such a wonderful group of young women/mother's/wives! 
  I got all my Christmas cards out today and presents wrapped!! Then tonight went to Indian Hills elementary to see Peyton and Laila in their Christmas Program:)  
So far its been a full week of enjoying the Grands!!

People ask me all the time how we have time to do it all, and I really do not know, I was really tired today, worked all morning and afternoon, but at the same time wanted to see them sing, it was really refreshing to Steve and I, our Grands bring life to us and we absolutely love being with them and our children.  It is a blessing that we realize comes form the Lord.  I love that I can say no, I can not be there and my children totally understand, I think because they know if any way possible we will try to be there:)  But some times we can not be everywhere:(   I am ready to start making some goodies for Christmas gifts and deliver them:)  
 I love this time of year, which I know you know that about me:)  Work is slow right now, which I wish it was busy, but this has given me time to be home and with family too:)  I did close one today and will close another tomorrow or Thursday. I am trying to get things closed for my production this year, I want to make the Diamond Level again:)   I think I will :)   I told Steve I am not sure I can get all the way to Mobil for the GoDaddy Bowl and not go to PCB Florida!!!    

Getting everything for our Averitt family Christmas this Sunday:)  All the children and Grand's will be here for a fun family filled day!!  I am hoping we can do a new family picture!! Love and hugs to all!







Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


While I was iced in, I had some talks with some friends who had needs for money,  as I prayed for them, I knew the need was real and they were hard working people, I wished I could help everyone but there is a limit to what I can do, in praying I thought I will tell the need on facebook, I was amazed at how people gave, we helped the two families:)) I got a msg tonight about a single mother with five year old twins that need help, at the end of the blog I will post where you can donate for that need, no amount is too small:) The one family needed medications and food, they are elderly and she was real sick with Bronchitis, then the other family had got on their own home this year and had no Christmas decor, everything was donated to her, nice things! Plus 300 dollars for gifts, she is raising her two yr old grand son, has a special need daughter and another son at home, it was such a blessing to be a part of seeing these families have their needs met, I do believe we are the arms and feet of the Lord, if we say we will pray then be ready to put your prayers into action:)) here is donation site:)

If you can help this other family, I and they thank you so much!!

Today we had the McKimmey Office party, I can not say enough how much I love the people I work with, I even sleep with one of them:))))  We have JM Crites that is our Santa and Misty who is Mrs. Claus.  They are so much fun!!

Our company is a very loving and giving company, we help those in need and take to heart in helping people buy and sell homes, this giving spirit comes down form the top, which is Byron and Marilyn McKimmey, I have never known anyone to help people like they do, I am so honored to be their friend and work with them.  They set a high standard to follow:)
We have one more party to attend this week, and I have three deals to get closed this week, working a booger of a short sell closing, that has brought a few non Jesus words out of my mouth:(( bout blew a gasket today, but won the battle to post pone the foreclosure on the seller for today, now to get it closed!  Every time I involved my self in a short sell, I say I will NEVER do it again, it is not worth the stress, headaches, having people upset with you, then I meet someone in need, who needs help.....but I am really going to try to steer clear of them if I can and if not God will give me the grace and help me pull it together one more time for all involved:))  After a long day we ate at Red Lobster, it was sooooo good!! I plan on doing some baking this week, making goodies trays for Christmas:)  Oh YES, Almost forgot, ASU is going to the Go Daddy Bowl!  So we will pack up with the Haley's and go to Biloxi!! Jan. 3rd.......we will stay in the IP Casino, so its massage time for me:) it is a really nice resort! Alexandria will get to spend the night with us one night:) we may just have to listen to the music and dance, dance, dance, I love to dance and Victoria and Alexandria and Jack are dancing mugs!!!  Then I am gearing up for the Feb. market, it is always busy! From now to end of Jan. is slow, people involved in Christmas and New Years, the weather for sure affects it, so taking advantage of slower days, working any lead I get and gearing up for 2014! Already working on my goals:) I did ok this year on my goals, I am not sure I will make Diamond in my production but I made more money, go figure that one:) I guess I had rather have the cash then the glory!!!  Have not gave it up yet, still working hard to sell a few more homes this month!! So pray for me to do that:)  Hugs and love to all!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby its cold outside!

On our way home from Baton Rouge, it was warm there and so cold here, we just stopped and ate at JJ's CafĂ© in McGee, it was some good home cooking:)  We had made plans to go to Baton Rouge a while back, in the mean time one of my mother's life long friends husband past away, Gene Beasley, he and Luella were married for 70 years, Karen Beasley was my best friend growing up, Annette Beasley was my sister's best friend, so many good memories!  I was torn as to should I go to Baton Rouge or not, but decided to go ahead with our plans.  We went to visit Luella the night before we left, was a nice visit, I do feel sorry for her, what a lost feeling after being married 70 years.
 Roy my Mawma's husband had been in the hospital in Baton Rouge, he had lost a lot of blood, in which they gave him blood and got some fluid off him, he and Mawma  were there to greet us!  Mawma baked her famous chocolate cake with real fudge icing!  Connie made my favorite shrimp and sausage gumbo! We ate and sat around and talked some, Tiffany got confused on the time and missed dinner:( but I saw her the next day:)  I had started losing my voice and having a cough and congestion on our way down,  which turned into a cold I guess, they all had just had the crud before I got there, I worried cause I did not want to make any of them sick.  Mawma looks so good!  She is healthy and that is a blessing, Roy is doing well but having a problem with Chronic Heart Failure, in which he is back in the hospital today to get some fluid off him, so keep him in your prayers. everyone there had lost weight and looked great,  it was warm there, Mawma and Connie and I went to look at some condos and to lunch, we did manage to browse through a few shops!  I love my time with them, I talked to Mawma on some family history and realized I had some things all wrong, about my mother meeting my daddy they actually dated when daddy was working on the mountain. Then mother ended up marring him:) He was twenty years older then mother. Mother was 39 when daddy past away.  Its wonderful to have a grandmother whose mind is so sharp and her memory is good, she is only a few years older then mother was when Papa married her, she was a God send in mother's life! Without Mawma in her life I would not even be here today!
It is winter weather when we get home, dreading hitting the storm as we drive, we are in light rain now and 35 degrees, getting colder as we keep driving:(  Guess we are going to be snowed, iced or what ever in for a few days, I probably need it to get well:) 
Before mother past away I depended on Connie so much for comfort, advice, directions, she has been a angel to me, since mother has past away I have grown closer, I am so thankful for her love and friend ship and wisdom in my life, I need her and know she is always there for me, no matter what, she is like a sister to me.  I did not realize that she and mother looked so much a like till I was there this time and Connie made some of the same faces mother did:)  I love being able to share mother memories and talk about her with them, it keeps her alive in me:)
Now back to home and back to work, really I never took off work, I handled my Real Estate while gone, had Cliff show homes for me, it is slower right now, I would like it to pick up some, I like busy! 
I had Amber come and clean while I was gone so should go home to a clean house:) April said to me on the phone, maybe I should of gone to the store??? Now she is iced/snowed in, we will stop in Pine Bluff I guess so we will have milk, I always have food, more then we could eat, but she wants the junk food:)) Jennifer and Jared ask us to come for dinner, she is making some yummy potato soup. So guess I will figure it out if I need anything else, we have never been to where we could not get to the store, actually we could even walk it needed:)  Its been a long time since we have had this kind of weather this early in the winter:) Looking forward to being home and snuggled in, so I can get well:) Hope everyone has a great day where ever you are!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 and November 2013

As Steve and I drove to do a friends sister's funeral, I said is the is the last day in November, he said yes, I can not believe tomorrow is December first 2013!  Where has this year gone??? As you know I decorated early for Christmas, so yes I am ready but just numb to think this year is almost over! When we left Hannah's I brought Olivia home with me, she was so excited, we did a shopping trip:)

We had out annual Thanksgiving lunch at McKimmey, it was a success, I think we had the best year yet!




The McGill boys

Jennifer and Alicia
We had the best, I think Thanksgiving ever, Seth and Mark helped me with the dressing, in which I needed, my hands are having a problem:(( I think from holding my phone too much:) and they stirred it all, Steve and Hannah chopped the onions and celery, I can not make dressing with out the memories of all the years I would call mother to get the recipe and I could hear her telling me, not too much sage it will make it bitter:)  I add and Steve will taste it:) It turned out perfect! I was excited that Mark and Hannah got to come on Tuesday and stay till Friday, I miss them being in Van Buren, in which I realize is not that far, but its not next door either, what I was use too!  Thankful Jared moved his family next door! We went to Alicia's for Thanksgiving, it was pot luck so that makes it easy, I even took a cats nap with Luke:) came home about 8ish and played Texas Holdem with Sean, Sarah, Nick, Hannah and Mark, it was just a fun filled day, a lot of laughs and very thankful!
My friend for life, Sherry Maxwell

Belinda Holiday and Jill

Belinda, Jill, Sarah

 Sean, Alex, Alicia Jean
 Nick Cox and Mark McGill

 Steve and Bob
 Seth Harris

My new grand dog Axel
When all is here it is hectic and the house gets messy, I get dog tired, usually from not much sleep, I am so use to it being quiet, but when they all leave I sure do miss them!!! Looking forward to out Averitt Christmas, This is a pic of the Grands, all but Anna Averitt:(
 Some were tired:)  Anna came over Friday
I was not to thrilled about sharing her with her Step father's family but I have met the Miley's and know how they love her too,  Mr. Miley and his wife Georgia are elderly and I know they enjoyed her being with them:) I need to photo shop her in, like I would even know how to do that:(
Today I showed property then Steve did a graveside service for his friend of fifty years, his sister who Steve knew past away suddenly:( Then tonight we are going out to dinner with some good friends, I love the Holiday's I try my best to take time to visit with those I do not get to see much.  I am going to try to make good trays for some:) This Tuesday we go see Mawma, I can not wait will be home Friday and then have the Averitt Christmas on Saturday, then have our children's Christmas the 22nd and then spend New Year's wit Steve's sister Pasty and Donald!  So I have to fit in going to see the May's in Hot Springs, but I will:)  I also want to do a Christmas lunch for a few close lady friends, got to get it all scheduled!
My saying with my life long friends! It will be a fun filled month!  I love having taken time to look through some childhood memories, my Christmas ones are fresh on my mind and it keeps those I love right there in my heart to enjoy December with me!   Mark and Hannah and Steve did get my blow ups in the yard!

 I love these and love watching the children love these!
My children make light of them but I know they really wish they were in their yard! Have a great start to your Holiday Season, take time to love on old friends and make some new!! Love to all and to all a good night!