Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday and standing and waiting

I have not blogged since Monday because I have been upset over a incident and felt I could not be honest with what I was feeling or thinking, so I just did nothing:) I could not be honest because it would be to exposing for some things and people I am around, but my heart was grieving and so heavy about the whole ordeal. I have had a ruff two days, had a meeting that went south on Tuesday and was left standing in a unknown place for me. I needed not to react but stand and wait on what the Lord would have me do or what He would do for me. This is a hard place, esp. when your feelings are hurt and you feel you may be losing friendships that are very important to you. This afternoon I finally broke though all the drudgery of the past two days and was able to have a merry heart again. If you will keep me in your prayers till I get this all worked though and when I can I will share what the Lord is teaching me through this ordeal and what He did about it:) I know He is faithful to protect me from the enemy and the fiery darts of curses and voodoo, lies that my attacker uses. I know the truth will set me free and actually set everyone free. I am thankful God is a strong tower for me and I can run to Him and be safe! I am thankful Jesus is my best friend and what I say on my blog I live out in my life daily, with His strength. I am thankful God will make Himself known to those who believe. God is my rock and my salvation.....AMEN!! I needed to write all this and hear it myself so thank you for listening to me. hugs and nite

Monday, September 28, 2009

Whew what a day!

Well I started this day a little later then usual, went to the barn and Rebel the horse will not need to be doctored anymore, his fistula is well:)  He looks real good, he was one sick horse.  I am thankful:)  Then got home and decided to start on Hannah’s house and help her, we got so much done on the inside and got the front porch all pretty with fall mums, she has really cleaned all day:) Brought Blake and Olivia over to my house fed them lunch, gave them a bath, put Blake to bed and Olivia played, made some chili so Mother could have Frito chili pie for supper:)  Then Jack came over for a hour or so and played, he was going with me to Mother’s but Bob came and got him, I was late getting over there, waiting on Blake to wake up, Steve was asleep too and I was afraid Blake would make havoc in the house if he got up:)  Then I went to mothers and took all the food for the week, she was excited, Hannah’s washer is out and I was going go to go to the laundry mat and help her get it all done, its about 15 loads, is the reason its not done at my house:) she was too tired, I am glad cause I am wore out:) She can go tomorrow with April to help.  I am in my chair and Steve is watching football, me on the lap top and he in his chair beside me, just like two old foggies:)  He has a colonoscopy on wed at 6 am:((( so tomorrow he preps for it. ugh! I would appreciate your prayers for me tomorrow afternoon, I can not go into it but I really need them:) I listed a lot and did some real estate in the midst of all the other:) but most of all was a wife, mother and nana and daughter today:)  It felt good too!! Nite!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Day!!


jills shower 123

Today I got up early and got my nails done then got things ready to take to Alicia’s for Jill’s baby shower.  I was so excited, I got this plate for Jill, baby A is such a special little girl, I cannot wait to hold her:) We had a fun family filled shower, Ann Averitt and Louann came form Rogers:) that was so sweet of them.  Steve went and got Aunt Marie, mother could not come, when I called and told  her Steve would be there at 1:30 to get her, she ask me who Jill was, it broke my heart, I told her and she remembered but she did not want to get out, she has blisters on her hands, where she pulled some weeds and it broke her out.  I am slowly losing the mother I have always known, the bad part is she looks the same:(  I am not sure if she will know my children at Christmas, she has pics and I take the grand babies to see her, but its hard for her to remember them, she has really lost ground these past few months, so pray for her:)  I am free writing about all this and will write a book on my experience with this dreaded disease. I know your impressed, my friend Linda Apple who has written a book and write for chicken soup for the soul, she told me to free write and I am:)))  Enjoy the pics of the shower:) nite and hugs

jills shower 140      me and jilljills shower 134 me and Ann Averittjills shower 138 Jill and Aunt Marie Rogersjills shower 121 Alexandria, Sarah, Alicia, Jenn

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Filled Friday

Olivia, Blake, Max, Hannah....yard work

Today started by a msg. from my dear friend Linda Apple, she lives near Rogers, she is a writer and mother of I think 6 children, I have known her since 1972 or 1973, been too long to remember:( When I ask the Lord to come in my life and change me, she was the only Christan I knew and had been taking me to church, I called her and told her, she was so excited and she immediately started teaching me the ways of the Lord, she is a astute teacher of the word and a Godly woman. Linda was coming through town to speak at a women's retreat in Hot Springs. I could of talked to her all weekend, she is such an inspiration and just a dear, dear friend:) Then I ran some errands I needed to do, got miss A and miss M some spring clothes:) and then went to office to write a offer:) then came home to my red neck daughter, Hannah and her babies working with Steve in the yard, I had to laugh, we really need to live in the country! Tomorrow is miss A's and Jill's shower, I am excited, I love baby girl things:) and I have two new ones on the way...YEA!! I will have to make them the ribbons with their name on it for the door of the hospital:) The same Dr. that delivered Alex will deliver his sweet baby neat is that?

I later had dinner with Jared and Jenn and the girls and Alicia and Bob and their children at Carino's, it was real good. Alexandria is going to the home coming dance at her school, she is growing way too fast! She is excited, she is going with some girl friends so daddy grand said she could go, April will help her get ready, I will take some pics for you. Well a big day tomorrow with the shower, the hogs game and dinner at Jared and Jenn's!! NITE and HUGS!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

wrecking thursday

well today started with me going to the barn to dr. Rebel, a lady's horse, she is doing so good, about to be well:) then to walmart while I had Steve with me, got groceries and had him with me to load them and then got home and had to be at a lunch meeting so he and april put them all up:) now that is the way to do it! Had lunch at olive garden with the agents who attended the ask for action class, we had 19 people at lunch!! It was one of the best classes I have done, the agents are all top notch and added a lot to the class!! They will all be great agents! I had planned on going to the condo tonight and checking on everything there, but I had gone to Jenn's house and was coming back down Kiehl when a young man pulled out of a street, he never stopped at the sign and just pulled out into me, I swerved to try to get out of the way and sped up, but he still swiped my rear fender, only scratched my car, but I knew it would need a new fender cause it cut thru the paint so I called the police, as I stood there with the police I felt my neck and back so tense, in which I do not know how that little hit could cause that, it was like a bump, but by the time I got home I was achy all over my back even leg, so I took ibuprofen and got the heating pad out. Tomorrow I will go see my chiropractor:) he can always get me better. I am excited Jill has a baby shower this Saturday at Alicia's, can not wait to go:) I can not wait to see baby A.:) well getting ready for bed, its raining here, has been forever:) hugs and nite

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My babies, well some of them:)

alicia rode with me on tour and took her own pic:) Cole,Anna,Sean

Today started early with Sales meeting, I did the meeting this am, so of course it was a fun filled meeting:) We ha so many on tour and four of them were my new listings:) YAHOOO! Then went to a Realtor's open house for some lunch, then to lunch again with two agents to talk:) and catch up with each other. Then showed property and home...was going to lay down and I was surprised by my sweet Cole and Anna and Sean and Sarah dropping, what a great surprise!! Then Jared and Jen and the girls came by and we went to endless shrimp at Red Lobster....I think Jared has a sea food lover in him:) Home and working on appointments to show property tomorrow and watching dancing with the stars...I love that show:) Well wanted to share some pics of when Anna came in from school and Cole saw her, he was soooo excited!!!! She was too:) hugs and nite!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday :0 my secret

image Ok this was my secret:) (The first pic is about a two weeks out, the one in my blue pjs was right after, then the other are the before and after with the dr.) My eye lids drooped over my eye, they bothered me so much, so I decided to have them fixed, you can not believe how much better I can see, I have peripheral vision now too:) When I first did it, I thought oh s------- what have I done, I got out of the car and Max came up to me and said NANA who did that to you!


I had planned on telling every one but I looked awful:) so I decided not to say anything:) Now people will look at me and say how refreshed and good I look:) So no more droopy eye lids for me:) and I love it!! I went to the Hodges clinic in Memphis, he is a great plastic surgeon and is not as expensive as the drs. here. No more surgeries planned for now, once I lose all my weight and wait the time frame they suggest, which is a year, I may have a tummy tuck an get all the lose skin cut off and some other things put where they go:) but that is a way down the road, and I may not…who knows:) It does feel good to feel good about your self in the way you look:) So now you have it, my secret is out:)

Its been a hard day for me because I am not feeling all the way well yet, had a full day, but a good one, except for the buyer on one of my listings, trammel decided not to close:(((((( I will never understand why some one makes a offer, does inspection, appraisal, survey, etc. spend about 1000 dollars and walks away from the close of the deal, they never take into count what they are doing to the seller and do not care:((( Guess its all about them:) well got to run, busy day tomorrow too! hugs and nite!

By the way if I do the other surgery someday, do not worry I will not post pictures:))))) I am still losing weight and have a ways to go, but hope to be there by February 2010!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sabbatical is what I took, I went with a friend to a hotel and stayed for three nights, I stayed in my PJ's and I had taken a lot of food to eat, we do eat out some too, I had plursey and it is gone, my cold is almost gone but still have a nasty cough and stopped up some, but much better, came home today and went back to bed and took a nap;) tell me I do not know how to rest! Just finished some real estate things and have such a full week and for sure tomorrow, it feels over whelming now to me, I just hope I can fell good and not have to push my self, I do not want to undo all the resting and getting well that I have done. Of course if any one hears me cough they will think I have the swine flu, but I don't, I have never had a fever with this crud, so It is just a cold. I have not posted because I did not have much to say except I was int he bed and resting and thought you would get sick of hearing that:) so I just took a sabbatical from it all. Steve is showing property now and April went to take movies back, so the house is quiet and I am still sleepy form the meds for the cold so I am actually thinking of getting back int he bed and watching TV and going to sleep early:) hugs and nite!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dragonfly wing

Max ( God love him) brought me this dragon fly wing, he loves to bring in bugs, anything wild, he will just study it and tell you all about it!! So I thought I would share this wing with you:)

This has been a day that started very early, went to barn to Dr. horse, which is sorta gross, this lady's thoroughbred has a fistula on his withers, which the horse is 16 hands high so it is ruff to reach:) you have to wash and scrub it out:( I cannot even believe I can do it, but I do and it has not made me gag, it is so much better and the horse is feeling so much better, he is on meds from the vet too, the owner has a broke foot and cannot do it, she is so grateful for our help and its a great feeling seeing him get well!! Then off to lurch with Sherry and Jeff Ballard, then to work and I still have two more appointments to list homes, I will be through about 9:00pm so I thought I better blog now:) Would not want you to miss the dragon fly wing!! I am so busy at work and feel so yucky, my left lung has some pleurisy in it, it has just started but I know what it is, I have had it before and it is so painful, the only way to get rid of it is rest and take some meds, so after I finish tonight if it is not better, I will have to have a heating pad and some major rest, due to the fact I cannot take the pain of it, it is the pleura n your lung, which is hair like fibers that get all jacked up and it hurts to move or breath, so you breath real shallow:) Coughing is almost unbearable, so pray for me to be bale to rest and get well, which means mr. Steve will be showing property for me this weekend, I may go with Sherry to a hotel and really rest, that is about the only way I can rest. Gotta run....hugs and nite!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wash away Tuesday:)

It has rained and rained and rained!  I did see the sun for a few minutes today but then the drenching rain returned.  I woke up not feeling the best today, my throat is scratchy and I am hoarse. Thought I might have a fever but I didn’t, took some sinus meds and cold meds and tried to stay in, but duty called:) I had listing appointments and needed to counter a offer, which are good things but just did not feel too good:( I then showed property this afternoon and listed a home in Woodruff creek.  Have appointments tomorrow afternoon, listing and should have a closing Thursday on Trammel Road so I am doing the final walk thru tomorrow, got lots to get done and I hope it is not raining and I feel better:)  April had some friends come over, Garrett and Max and Molly and watching a movie, Steve is watching it too, I need a house with a den and living room, so we can have to living spaces:) but its sorta late to worry about that now since she is 18 and probably not be here too much longer:( but it would of been nice for tonight, Steve and I were watching a movie and quit for them:) but Steve remained in his chair to watch the movie they had with them:) Good ole dad!! picture window 003

Well I am ready for bed, hope I can sleep good and awake well:)  Nite!

Monday, September 14, 2009

headache Monday

I woke up with a bad headache, had my time in my chair and it was not any better, then got a call to help a lady with her horse at the barn, she ( the lady ) has a broke leg, so I went and did that, took a couple of hours, then to office in my boots:) no make up and jeans, just ran in:) then home to work on files, went to chiropractor and got adjusted, when he adjusted my upper back, my rib under my breast was out and it popped in place, hurt like the dickens, but that explains why that part of my back was in a strain, I am sore from it but feel better, got a massage on my head, face and neck and it took the head ache away! I needed it gone cause i had three houses to list and got another offer on one of my listings and had two closings today....all in all it was a great day in spite of the head ache! But I am dog tired so to bed to bed for me:) oh yes, my friend Pam called and left me a msg. that she bets I spend a lot of money on food, but I actually spend less now then I ever have:) But when the kids were all home it was a lot on food, so this is no step for a stepper:) hugs and nite!

Nana’s cooking

danceong in the rain 262

danceong in the rain 263 Sean and Annadanceong in the rain 267 danceong in the rain 268 my loving Olivia:)


I decided to cook, I started with thinking I will make a chicken pot pie fro lunch and some veggies, then I had extra pie shells, I thought I will make a coconut pie, then thought chocolate pies, since I am the only one who likes coconut:), I then thought well I will do more chicken and make sour cream chicken, and call the kids to come and eat, so cooking I did!! Sent them out a text and they replied what you cooking?  Jared was set on Red Lobster but when he heard I made his favorite he was here like a flash:) Tell me I do not know how to get my kids to come over:) Actually I have great kids and they are always calling or coming over, I am so thankful for a close family.  They are the love of my life, and the grand babies are so funny, I am so Blest!danceong in the rain 269  they are healthy, I pray they will all be close too!  This am I have a closing at 8:30 a.m., which danceong in the rain 258 I am glad, I woke up with a headache and this whole deal has had some major headaches so I hope it all goes well:)  Each morning I sit in my chair, that I bought my self at Lazy boy, it is a brown leather recliner and I get my lap top and stare out the window and watch the neighbors leave for work or where ever they go, this am I have GMA on, looks like we will have a LOT of rain today, guess we need it, any way thought I would post a pic of my morning view for you to share with me and some pics of lunch yesterday:)  Keep Jill in your prayers she is still so sick with Vertigo, her mother is here for a couple of days, if she is not better by middle of the week she is to go to the Dr., she cannot take anything with being PG, so pray:) well got to start my day:) Have a great day!

my morning view 001 my morning view:) love looking at my flowers:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raining Sunday

This morning has been so peaceful, it is raining and I have my worship music on and having my bible reading time and prayer time, I have several burdens on my heart to pray for, my dear friend Alice needs a touch form the Lord today, she lost her son in a auto wreck last week, my mother and Walt and how to best help them, they need to see a Elder attorney to get their affairs in order but it will take God telling and making Walt go do this, so please pray.  It will be awful if they pass and we have no ideal what they have or where it is at, I remember when Jim Averitt passed away, it felt like we were violating him going thru all his belongings, I just want mother and Walt to have made pre arrangements in the event of their death. I have some personal burdens that I am not free to share on line but the Lord knows them:)  Praying for Jill who has vertigo, that it goes away quickly.  Just a lot on my heart:) so this time has been refreshing to me this am:)  (Thank you Lord for taking my burdens and making them yours!)  Now I am trying to decide if I should cook something for today or go to church, my church meets on Sunday nights but out of tradition I am use to going on Sunday morning, so its hard not to go:) I have visited Mercy cross with my sister and loved it, hummmmm what to do???????  I will for sure go to Journey tonight, Cary’s msg. on spiritual warfare have been refreshing and keeping me focused:) I have a open house today and so does Steve,  having dinner done would be a big help, but I miss the worship and service on Sunday am, it just helps me keep my mind straight and my flesh!! :)) I may need Sunday am and Sunday night both:) to get that job done.  Hummmmm….well just see how it plays out, as of now, I am in my PJ’s blogging:) Saturday was a good day, I worked some and then watched TV and played on the computer:)  Made some Cream of Broccoli soup and took to Sherry Maxwell, she has a cold and feels yucky, so pray for her too:) well need to get off here and decide what to do and when:) hugs, hope you make this a great day for you!

Friday, September 11, 2009


The news said the little girl who died, got a staff infection from her immune system being so low from the H1N1 virus, which is the swine flu:) She was 6 according to the news. SO Sad:(

Thursday, September 10, 2009

head banging thursday

Cole learning to eat and drink from cup:) I gave him a few pieces of green beans and corn:) after he ate his baby food:) We went to mother and walt's and took some meals:)

Mother loved playing with Cole, he was too heavy for her to hold too long, but she just had to hold him some:)
Today started with pounding, banging, sounds of the roof falling in:) Of all days to get a new roof! I had told Sarah I would keep Cole, she had to go to class and work, and I did not realize that the roofers would show up, it was awful being here during all that, finally it started raining and they got it covered and left, thank the Lord, there was no way for lil Cole to get a nap, but he did and slept for about 2 hours then got up and played and ate dinner, I gave him a sippy cup and he loved it, it had two handles on it and he held it and drank form it:) I also let him try some real food:) He is such a good baby, he just plays and entertains him self. He is fast asleep now and Hope sleeps all night:) I cooked most of the day, I made a recipe mother loves, and her recipe:0 beefy onion noodle casserole, it is yummy, has french fried onion rings on top of it. Then made corn, green beans, pinto beans with sausages, it is a meal in itself:0 then sweet and sour chicken and rice, and of course took them fudge cake:) so that will last thru the week end. Walt ask me was I trying to fatten them up, I said yes and help with the meals:) to make sure you both eat. as you can see in the pics, mother is bones with skin over them:((( Well tomorrow is work and keeping Cole, April will help when I have to work. Gosh just saw where Kara ( 7 yr old form hot springs ) died with swine flu in just days, she was fine went to birthday party, woke up with fever then slept, woke up again with fever, they took her to er and they sent her home, they did swab her for swine flu, then she woke up with 105 fever and labor breathing, was flow from hot springs to LR and died her on Monday, the parents said this could happen to any child, that she was healthy with no health problems, so please take this serious and stay in if you are sick, and call the Dr. if you even think your child is sick. Arkansas has had five deaths this week:((( I am so thankful when Jack had it that he was treated asap with the tamiflu and had a light case, gosh keep those parents in your prayers, it is just so sad.....stay healthy and stay away from sick people:) esp. if your pregnant:) hugs and nite!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Different Wednesday

Today started early, I picked a friend up in Memphis and was on the road most the am then came home to my sweet Laila, Jared and Jenn came over and we went to eat at mi burrito, ate a light dinner, I am so tired, I have been dragging all day so I am getting to bed asap:) My tummy feels a little queasy, not sure why. In between all that I got a offer on one of my listings and I worked that and worked my real estate business, just did not have to meet with people today, tomorrow will be a full day, I need to find the time to cook for mother and Walt, and baby Cole will be here too, I have April and Steve who help me when I work, then I get to see and spend time with him too:)  Today Laila was a total snuggle bug all day, at first I thought is she sick? but she was fine, just cuddly with me, she even wanted me over Jenn and Jared and that is very not like her, but I loved it!! well going to bed…nite and big hugs!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fast Paced Tuesday!!!

Got up at 6:00, got the fudge cakes ready and then did paper work for real estate contracts, then sales meeting, then off to my Realtor open house:) It went great, had about 50ish there and feed a lot of fudge cake and milk:))) then working some more, I am now wore out in bed, blogging and watching America's Got Talent! I am so sore fro riding yesterday, Steve said my butt came out of the saddle twice and he thought I was going off, but thank the Lord I didn't, I actually stand more in the steps when he was bucking to steady my self:) but my thighs are so sore and so are my ribs, and so are my feet, I have had on my high heel shoes ( for me ) tee hee all day and was glad to get my gown on and out of my dress clothes! Tomorrow April and I get little miss priss, Laila to come over while her big sister goes to mothers day out for the first time ever!! Jared is off so they will have a fun day! Then on Thursday I get mr. cole for a couple of hours while Sarah is in class, today I never got to see him, came home to sneak a kiss and snuggle but he was fast asleep, and I did not wake him:) Gotta go check out face book and go to sleep.....hugs and nite!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day and no labor today, just fun!

I got to get me some boots:) to be a real cow girl!


Got us at 9:30!!!Loved sleeping in! Steve and I went to the barn and rode horses, Hannah and her family came out, Heather Lawson was so sweet to keep the two little ones for them, so they could go on a trail ride!! Apache is showing out some, so I had my daddy's saddle, in which I used to ride in all the time and felt very comfortable on him and rode it out of him, but I bet I will be sore form his bucking, he does not buck bad but just jumps up and kicks out, so its not too bad, last time we quit riding thinking something was wrong, but this time there was nothing wrong, he just thought we would quit riding again , but he learned different, he then got the right attitude and did great the rest of the day:) I was sweating like a fat pig and could not wait to jump into the pool, so we came home and went swimming! April and Owen and Brock and Sawyer were there, we went to Alicia's, they were all gone:( we had Max with us so he loved it, he rode Apache today and reined on his own and did great, I was still right there with him but he is learning so quick all about horses and is so good with them, he is so little ( 6 ) but he is not scared at all. Steve and I went to Mexico Chiquito's for dinner and then tomorrow mart to get what I need to bake fudge cakes for my Realtor's open house tomorrow, in which I hope to feed about 70 people:) then have a lot of real estate to get done!! Little Cole is coming over tomorrow while Sarah is in school, Steve will watch him, but I hope to get time to hold him and hug on him!! I will watch him Thursday:) while she is in school!! Can't wait to do that! Well best get to bed for my full day tomorrow! Nite!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday and it came real fast!

I can not believe it is Sunday, seems like this week has flown by and it has for me! I went with a friend out of town and just got home this am, we had a great time, laid at the pool and I did have me some crab legs:) I am at a new place in my life with April out of school, although she does have to be at the barn at 6:00 am but Steve handles that:) thank the Lord!! I slept lat Saturday till 9:30!! and that is very late for me!! It felt so good, then watched house and Ransom which was good:0 I drove home this am, and put some chicken in the oven and pinto beans on and made tea. I am getting ready to take a nap:) Steve and April have gone to get the boat out of the water and bring it home, it is at Fairfield bay and needs to be repaired:((( GRRRRRR! Worked great till something went wrong, I think it is better just to rent them! The house is quiet and smells like some good food cooking so perfect time to kick back and snooze! Catch you later!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday and so Thankful

I talked to mother's dr. and her test are all good, so no need to worry about her colon:) I am sitting in bed watching cnn on Michael Jackson Burial, so sad:( I can not even began to think of buring my child, I had a msg. on face book that my friend Alice Stephens son who is 27 was killed in a fatal accident, I just do not know how you get though that one, I know God has to give a special grace to endure that, of course He went through with Jesus and more so I know He knows the pain and agony of it. Today I did get my loan close now four more to get done by next week, to keep all happy:) esp. me:) they have been real hard to close and two fell out:( the only way not to get upset when one falls out is have so many in closing you do to have time to fret:) I am not there:) But will have a good Sept.:) in which I need. Well we are planning on going to the razorback game sat. nite, so I hope it does not rain on us:) best go and get to bed since I got up at 4am....ugh! hugs and nite

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catching up...if you really ever catch up!

Last night I spent the night with mother and Walt, that went better then I thought, mother did very well with her test today, the Dr. could not see the whole colon so we had to go to st. Vincent's for a xray test in which mother had to have a barium enema but she was a trooper! Then we got her something to eat! She is home and doing real good, Walt was glad to be home too, it wore them both out. I have a melancholy feeling, it is so sad to be losing the mother you have always known, it just makes me so sad, I can barley stand it, but then to be with her is so sweet, I just do not know for sure how to cope with all this but I ma trying:) Think I will for sure start some group for Alzheimer's, I can tell I need them, been fighting tears all day. I looked through a lot of photo albums form yesteryear, it is so neat to see my babies so young and see them look just like their babies! Steve will have to have surgery on his back it will not be till October 22, because he can not have it at the surgery ctr. and has to wait for st. Vincent's north, something to do with the Dr. and the insurance....he has Medicaid so you have to wait your turn I guess....stinks! He is down about it but wants it done asap to get out of pain, the doc's answer is pain pills but once Steve detoxed off them he will not take them again...that is a whole different story! Well I got to go do a walk through on a home I sold so the buyer can close!! hugs and nite

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working Tuesday:)

I got up at the crack of dawn with a sinus headache! UGH!! took some allergy sinus med and tried to go back to sleep but it was the kind of headache that felt better when I was up;( Went to sales meeting and had good tour, we toured the new listing I have, I just love it and so did everyone else. The had lunch meeting and back to office to try to get loans closed....getting there! Home and need to be at mother's tonight for her prep..:( so can't blog much, but did want you to pray for Steve his wire is loose in his back and he will need surgery to fix it, so we are waiting on them to tell us when :( he kissed Dr. Kimpuris call so he will talk to him tomorrow about his tummy, some good news his veins in his leg were checked today and they are fine, he has some bad varicose veins that hurt some. Well he is resting and April is shoping for some new shoes and thank the Lord I am not with her...of to mothers...nite! ALMOST forgot the highlight of my day...Rachael Reisman called me to come and help her with Brest feeding her sweet baby boy, he is just too cute! So Alert...I did that in between it all and it all worked out just fine!!!