Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feburary Blog

I have not been very good at blogging, you have to have the right mind frame, although I usually just write what comes to my mind:) January ended better, Steve had knee replacement surgery three weeks ago today, he is doing great, he has lost weight
and that has made it easier on him. Stress wise I am much better, still have a problem sometimes with my throat, but much better. WHY?

Because I have truly let go of things, when my babies have a problem I listen but do not fix it, when I do not think I can do it, I say no, that sounds simple but I can pulled into more things, on my own doing. This morning I have some time to be home and pray and reflect, which I am thankful for.  My Alexandria leaves for Spain today, will be home July 7th. at 6:30pm.:) We went last night to Jonesboro to watch her dance as a previous title holder of Miss ASU, she is just so talented!
 She is excited about her study there, we are trusting God in all this with her, it will be hard and we will for sure miss her. All my grands are such a blessing, today is Cole's Seventh birthday!
They just grow up way to fast!

Steve and I are doing well, ready for a beach trip for our Anniversary 44 years! Still in love, we do enjoy each other, that helps:) Speaking of marriage, we still go to marriage seminars and get counsel when needed, you have to work everyday at your marriage for it to last and be forgiving of each other's faults.

Today is also the day my sweet Tiffany Menize went to Heaven, sure do miss her, and her voice and her smile. Keep her mom, Connie and children Gavin and Menzie and Mawmaw in your prayers, it is a hard day. Talked to Connie this morning and prayed for her.

The Real Estate market is busy here, putting in some long hours, ready for a snow day, well maybe! Reports
state this will be a major year for real estate, so I am ready! Guess I need to get to work but wanted to blog a bit, all is well in our household, I pray it is in yours! By the way all is well does not mean we are always happy, stress free, pain free, BUT we know it is well with our soul because we know who owns our soul!! Hugs