Monday, December 21, 2009


Steve and I have decided to come home, Susie is in a reg. room, she is just hanging on, not sure why cause she is ready to go.  We felt we had our time with her and we needed to come home.  Steve’s back is real touchy right now and he is moving very slow, the hospital chairs did not help it:(  I feel at peace leaving, although part of me wants to be there till the end, she is surrounded with her family and lots of love. Sorta feel guilty leaving, like I am mot doing all I can till the end, I will have to deal with that,  Dottie will stay in Ozark with Lisa and Robert and Pat and Judy are going to Biffs' house in Rogers.  We have made the decision we will not be back until her memorial service, unless of course they need our help.  I am very sad but very thankful for her life.  Today we all ate lunch together and just talked about the Averitt’s childhood memories, it was fun to listen to them, I have heard them before but still just to see Steve with his family, which is far and few between was nice, they needed that bonding time with each other. Steve and I both are tapped out emotionally, so I hope to get a good nights rest.  On the other hand, I need to check on mother and Walt and get things prepared for my family:) which can happen tomorrow:)

A Christmas Memory…………….When the children were little, we normally had a live tree, Steve and some of the kids if not all would go and cut it down and bring it home, Steve would get it up then we would decorate it, Jared ALWAYS put this one ornament on the tree, it was a little bird nest with a red bird, my Aunt Verna always said you have to have a red bird on your tree and we did!! That was one of the last ornaments we put on the tree, Alex usually put this little house, that you put a light inside it and it lit up on the tree, I have many wonderful memories of Christmas with my children, I usually had a breakfast casserole or sausage balls that morning then cooked Christmas dinner that afternoon.  Once my children were older we stayed home on Christmas so they could enjoy the day with their new toys, we made family plans before or after Christmas day, I still do that now, so Christmas is a relaxing day.  This year Steve and I and maybe April will go to Branson, then Alicia and her family will come, I am looking forward to that time away to enjoy family, not sure everyone’s else schedule if they can drop in or not. Well its been a long day and I am ready to chill and get up in the morning and get real busy, wrapping presents and picking up a couple of presents:)  Then cleaning house and maybe cooking getting ready for the Rogers/Averitt Christmas Wed. night:)  Hope all is well with you and your family……HUGS!!

Hummmm……..we are home now and I in my PJ’s and so is Steve, we are both emotional and wishing we were still there but needed to be here, say a prayer for us….tks;) and love to all:)

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Mom of 3! said...

Jared wants to know where is the Christmas memory of him getting cactus needles all in his bootie because his daddy made him crawl under the tree and cut it down? :)

Glad you guys are home... been praying for you. Love you!