Saturday, July 31, 2010

Luigi's Tomato Salad.....yum yum

My favorite Luigi's tomato/onion salad, this recipe was shared with me, you can cut it down but need to have all ingredients if you want it to taste the same!! This is from the Luigi's on Chicot, which is now closed:(((

24 ripe tomatoes - cut in half and slice as thin as you like.
3 onions - cut in half and slice as thin as you like. I always sliced real thin so they were tender and marinated faster. Cutting them thin is the secret
4 cups water
1 cup olive oil
6 tablespoons parsley
2 tablespoons oregano
4 tablespoons garlic powder
6 tablespoons lemon juice

Let marinade overnight. Serve on a bead of lettuce with toasted garlic bread.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Hot HOT

Did I say it was hot here???? Tomorrow will be hotter and I show property and tour of LR/NLR, not looking forward to getting in and out of the car int he heat, but I am looking forward to meeting a new Dr. coming to town, he will work at UAMS, he is a Psychologist. SO should be interesting:) Today Hannah and her family left, Steve had the sheets washing and the floors vacuumed when I got home, so we just hooked up and got it all back spotless, I love a clean house but I love a lived in home to and really enjoyed them being here, I miss them:) Actually it was not to bad, Hannah kept all her things in order and picked up, which makes it easier:) It is so weird just being Steve and I and knowing when we go to bed, no one is coming in or making noise, we went with Jared and Sherry Maxwell to eat then came home and took a jacuzzi bath:) (TMI)and now sitting in our chairs, he is reading and me blogging, bout ready for bed. I think I am gonna like the empty nest syndrome:) I was not sure how I was going to do. My sister got me the sweetest pretty night shirt, it has blue flowers on it, like blue willow:) I love it, feels so feminine, and light weight and cool, has sleeves which is nice:) I will for sure take it to Florida:) Kay has just about got mother's yard finished, it is looking so good, I will take some pics tomorrow:) Mother is doing good, I did see her this am but was not able to go back later due to working my tail off on my house:) I will go tomorrow before I go to work and see it. Best run and get read for the news and bed....hugs and nite

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Headache Thursday

Woke with my head hurting and it hurt all day till tonight:( Had a appointment at 10:30 so day did not start too early, then had lunch with Dona Price who is my dear friend, Sherry Maxwell had lunch too, I always love my times with either of them I can be me and they can be them:)) and we love each other and hurt for each other and care for each other. Last night I went to step study at Mercy Cross, this goes along with Celebrate recovery that I had been going to on Thursday night, as I had said before I was going to these groups to see if it was for me, Steve goes and I decided to try it, it is for hurts, hang ups and habits. I got the first step study book and began working it, was hard for me to figure out where I fit, I do not have drug addictions or alcohol addictions but for sure have other areas in my life that can change:) Tonight when I went I felt the Lord's presence real strong and knew this is what I need, I made a commitment to work though the step study, not sure how many or how long of a commitment I have made, but for sure feel God drawing me to do the study:) Steve is glad:) but I am not doing it for him but for me:))) I did share some tonight before now i have been pretty quite so that is a step in the right direction for me;) All in all I am hanging in there, mother was more forgetful today, she seemed more confused, so the meds are working:) get though all the confused part and she should level out again with the med. namenda. She weighs 106 pds. which our goal is 110 so we are almost there...YEA!!!! Still dreading leaving her to go on vacation but I know I need to go and I know she will be ok, just worry:(((( It is so hot here, I am showing property all weekend and I dread the heat! Got real hot today, I think I am just too old to work in this heat:))) Well Hannah and her family go home tomorrow, I am sad, I will miss them, I love having them here. I know they are ready to be home, my house ill be solitude quiet and clean, I think I like rowdy and messy better:) God has a work to do in me learning to enjoy the quiet........hummmmm... guess I will clean like crazy when they leave to get it all ready for when anyone comes again:)) Then we leave Friday fro PCB Florida!! YEA!! well gonna go to bed. nite and hugs One thing, at least I work out my frustrations and emotions in a healthy way, cooking and cleaning:))

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terffic Tuesday

Tuesday is sales meeting day, so got to work and then did property tour, had some deals to work on and then left with Steve to come to the Fairfield Bay office, Steve likes to play tennis here on Tuesdays, there is a group they meets and they all play, he comes when he can:)It is nice here, cooler then home:) no rain here yet. I would not mind a storm:) only here for the night, have listing appointment tomorrow afternoon:) Hannah and he family are at the house, she leaves Friday morning, I will really miss them:(((( Gonna get my house back straight and look forward to when they can come and mess it up again:) I have a full week the rest of the week but a quieter Sunday. Mother is doing well on her namenda, she still for sure has memory problems, but she can have a conversation and stay involved in it and understand:)) so that is good, she is not as confused as she was. While I am in Florida Kay will be here and the same care giver Faye will be there the whole time:) Looking forward to going and being with Alicia and her family, Hannah and mark and Regina and the babies will be in their condo two floors under us, it will be a fun time:) Steve is back from playing and he is playing better he said, I just sat at condo while he played, he picked up some dinner but could not eat much, feel sorta yucky in my tummy for some reason:( bout ready for bed, tired. We have two new agents in the office here, which is wonderful:))) going to show my lake front property listed here tomorrow:) Love coming here to work, might want to live here if I had enough business:)but this market here is real slow compared to what I am use too:) Everything here runs at a slower pace:) I wanted to share a cute pic of Alicia and Alexandria at Brock's birthday party:) well I pray things in my life settle down some, so many emotional deals for me to deal with lately, one thing is different, I do not try to eat my emotions away, I do think some of that has changed in me, which is a good thing:) now I feel sick, nauseated when I am upset so instead of gaining weight I am losing it, and I still need to get off about 30 more pounds, its hard to believe its only 30 pounds, such a mountain moved in my life:) Thank you Lord, I feel so much better, have more energy and just refreshed in my body, feel better then I have in years:) I am ready for it to get cooler so I can walk/jog again....can not do it into he heat:) well off to bed for me...hugs and nite

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Madness

Today started with a home inspection bright and early, ok so it was 9am:) but I had slept at Jared's again and it is so quiet and peaceful there, I slept like a rock and did not want to get up, the night before I slept till 10 the next day, I loved their covers and mattress:) but most of all the pillows:) I need me some pillows like theirs. I then went to the office and tried to hurry to get things done cause I needed to be at mothers at 11:30am so April could go to work, then after restructuring my day, April calls and did not have to work after all its tomorrow she works:) so we did what nay one would do, we all went to lunch at Gadwalls:))) mother enjoyed getting out, we went to hobby lobby to get mother a calender and April a erasable board for her schedule:), only to realize that mothers new pretty calender was fro 2011!! I will need to get her one tomorrow fro 2010 so she can have her appointments on it, she likes to know in advance, she says we never tell her but we do, she just can not remember:) Then I spent the afternoon with her, enjoyed my time:) its hard fro me to just sit still and watch TV but that is what you do at her house, so we watched I love Lucy:)) then Kay came and I left to go back to work to finish what I did not get done, the pick up some chicken and came home and ate, Hannah's children all hug you like they just saw you fro the first time:) makes you feel loved, Regina is still here, getting to visit with her more then normal, I enjoy her company:) Max loves it and wants her all to him self:) Steve, Hannah, Mark are watching Lord of the rings, and I am ready for bed, Regina is in bed with max and blake, hope she gets some sleep, she can always move to the guest bed if she needs too:) April is doing well at ALex and Jill's, I really enjoy my time with her more now, its nice not to have conflict:) Jill and Alex seem ok with it all. Keep April in your prayers:) I am not in agreement with some of what she does, but she may have to learn the hard way, I just have to tell my self God does not have grand children and she is His:) well best make it a day and get to bed, loving the thunder and rain!!! hugs and nite!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday at the races!

Olivia hiding under her hot blankey

Mark andhis mother, Regina and family

Olivia under her blankey with daddygrand

Olivia did not like it, she got her blankey and kept it on her head:( till later

Max in car, Chris in back ground

Max in race car

my brother Jimmy Rogers and Max, talking cars

Saturday was a full day, I had work, then Brock's BD party that I took Max to and then to the Benton speed way to watch Chris and Bradley race, my bother Jimmy Rogers has raced everything that can race all his life, now he sponsor's his grandsons in sprint car racing:) Max and Blake loved it, it took Olivia some time to like it:) Max got to go into the pit area and have his pic made in the car:) A fun family evening! Today I slept til 10:30am!! yikes, then laid in the bed and worked on the lap top till noon, I spent the night at Jard's and Jenn's so Hannah and Mark had our bed and Regina and Max slept in my guest bed, Max wanted to have his gigi all to him self:) so sweet:) so it was very quiet and peaceful and I slept and slept:) so of course since Jared and Jenn are still gone I am back tonight for another dose of some good rest:) Jenn made some brownies, not so much for me and Steve but we have ate some of them O:) Now if I can get Steve to quit watching TV and come to bed it would be nice!! Tomorrow I have alot of work and inspection at 9am on a home I sold, plus need to get a inspection report delivered on a listing I have that sold, I then need to be a mother's at 11:30 till Kay gets there about 4ish, then tomorrow night have a realtor's open house to help Marilyn Mckimmey with:) so it will be another full day:))) Today I had over 45 people though my open house, a couple of couples interested in it, hope they either one decide to make a offer, which we be nice:)) then had dinner with Sherry Maxwell, then to church and then to Max and Jack's birthday family pool party, so its been a full day of work, family and fun, mother was with us at church and the party, she enjoyed it:) I enjoyed watching her sign the songs in church:)) she looked so pretty.....I love my momma!! hugs and nite

Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming Friday

Hannah and Mark who met at this pool in the sixth grade:)


Peyton with a ring pop in her mouth:)

All week I have wanted to go to Indian Hills pool with the grand babies, I went there daily when my children we little, me and my girlfriends took our children there, we made their lunches then went home and took a nap, this was a daily thing for me:) with five children you have to do something to wear them out:) Today it finally happened, I finished working in time to take Laila and Peyton and Hannah and Mark and their children all went to the pool, Alicia was to meet us there but she had to work:(( had I known I could of pick her children up and brought them with me:) It was fun, we ordered pizza and had red slushes for dinner:) They have a slide that everyone seemed to enjoy, Laila did it, but was unsure of it, Peyton loved it so did Max and Blake, Olivia liked it but did not want to keep doing it:) I did get a loan closed today and then one feel out, the home had active termites on the main flood joist:) plus had a HUGE 6 foot or longer black snake with gray diamond shapes on it, it was huge and then a bed of snakes in the left back corner of the house, they were big but not as big as the one all laid out, I did not go under the house to see it, I took the peoples word for it, my buyer as under the house, she is in late 70's and was with a repair man, looking at the bout did her in:((( I have a great open house Sunday so pray I sell it:)) I may have to go to the FFB office Monday and work on some things there, which means I will be at the condo:)) not sure yet, but if I have to, I have to! Hannah and Mark will be here till the next weekend, so they may like the house by them self:) Saturday night is Brock's birthday then Sunday night is Max and Jacks birthday so I need to get out and get birthday presents:) Steve and Mcgills are watching a movie and I am ready for bed, so nite and hugs:) For those ho have wondered about mother, she is doing well, she stays home a lot with care givers, me and Kay and April Averitt, we get her out and she and April usually go to Subway and ice cream places:) but it has been so hot lately she has been in more then out, she enjoys her home and really seems to be handling the move and all the changes real good:) Her weight is maintain, she is about 102-104ish, of course she never was more then 120ish in her heavy days:) but all in all she is holding her own, the care giver that I was unsure bout is working out good, mother is settled with her and the caregiver has made some changes, so I am thankful because she is such a sweet Christan lady. Kay always stays on Monday and Tuesday during the day, mother enjoys her time with us, of course she will think she has not seen us in forever and e see her almost daily if not daily:)) but that's ok because you always get a hug and kiss!!! and she is so glad to see you:) ok now it nite nite time:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fish fry Thursday!

At work, just about to finish up, have a fish fry to attend at 5:30 then go to Celebrate Recovery at 6:30, I started going last week, its a program at the church for people with hurts, habits, hang ups, I have always thought it was for recovering or trying to recover alcoholics, drug addicts, and it is but its for everything form what they tell me, so I decided to go, God is dealing with me on a lot of issues right now and it is a hard time for me. Most of all I am in many totally new areas of my life so I am finding me:) Keep me in your prayers:) Worked all day, had lunch with April today, she is now at work, I love my time with her, I still miss her but have no doubt in my mind this move was the right move:) I do feel like I have let her go, matter of fact she belongs to the Lord, always has, always will, I just thought she belonged to me:))) I seem to enjoy her more now, I really do not feel the responsibility of parenthood, even thought I am her mother, I feel she is ready to make her own decisions and if I know them fine and if I do not know them fine, like with my other grown children:))) it is a good thing for me. Mother is doing so good, I do think this medicine is helping her, she is more alert and is for sure not getting worse:) I am excited about that. Oh yes, we are going to Florida on vacation, we are staying with Bob and Alicia:) mother will not go, Faye can stay the week with her except when Kay is there:) so that will be a fun family time, we had decided not to go but Steve said we will, our money is tight but with us staying with Alicia and Bob that is a no brainer:) Looks like I will have a good Aug. if all closes on the loans I have, real estate is so up and down, but really when you focus on it and work it it pays off, when you do not follow up or work it it does not pay off, so may be it is me:)) you think?? I have just had so much on my plate these past few months, right when I think I am about to get ok something happens, and it is usually something emotional for me, so I am trying to take in all in and let God be God to me, weather its a healing of my emotions or family or mother...what ever God is in control!!! not me:)))) well best get back to work:) going to go visit with mother for awhile before the fish fry:) hugs

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long HOT day:)

Started early, I did wake before Blake but was in the bed hen he came in to have good morning suggies:) I then proceeded to cook for diner tonight, made chicken and dumplings, and home ground purple hull peas:) play with the grand babies some and went to work, the went to Alicia's to swim with grand babies, then home and back out to do offer and visit with my dear friend Sherry:) now in bed listening to Steve snore hoping my Tylenol pm kicks in gear:) Mother did good today with April, they went and got her hair done, got a ice cream cone came by here and then back home, mother will be tired tonight:) but that's a good thing:) well talk more later gonna try to get some sleep....hugs and nite

Traveling Tuesday

Today started early with sales meeting in which we had a long, hot property tour:) from one end of the earth to the other:) but listed some saleable homes:) Then had lunch with Alicia, Michele Hagerman a agent I love and work with and my friend Pam Richey:) I had so much work on paper work with all the offers, and listing appointments I went on, its never ending:) Had a total mess on mother's SS, they had her as deceased and Walt as living, now how in the world can someone mess up so bad I will never know, mother and Connie and I went to SS office after Walt passed away, then I get a letter of mother's death, and Walt's benefits, so I go back down there, which is a pure hassle because they do not honor POA and since they had mother dead and Walt alive it was a total mess, I do think it is straight with them now but they did not update the computer information to medicare so mother's insurance canceled, after two and a half hours on the phone on Monday I was fit to be tied, but remember you can get more bees with honey then vinegar! I then sent all the paper work they had to have today to get it straight, so pray it all gets straight! Then Steve and I went to eat and to the store, Hannah and mark are here for 10 days:) I am doing better about April moving out, I have had some prayer time and feel God has given me peace and a sense of direction for me and my life. I have loved the time with Steve, and really think I will like having my home alone with me and him, although that is on hold for a few days:) but that's ok cause I totally miss the Mcgill family, when Blake came in he runs to you and just squeal's, hugs and kisses, Olivia does it too, Max did and ran to his room, he said he could just move in now:)) I love having them here, when I need to get quiet I go in my room:) Regina is coming down too so I look forward to seeing her:) that is Mark's mother. I am real busy at work, mother is doing good, Kay was with her last night and today and April tonight so I will not spend the night this week, I miss it when I don't but am so busy at work I bout couldn't tonight, I worked till 8ish. Tomorrow will show property and meet with a buyer. Then finish up paper work:)) April is doing ok, keep her in your prayers:) its so hard to let go of your children when you know they may be about to make a major mistake in their lives, but you have to let go and know God does not have grandchildren:) does not make it any easier, I pray she will stay at Alex and Jill's, I think she can grow up more there and mature:) spiritually and mentally, she is a very Sweet and special young woman:) I have quit crying, although tonight when I ate crab legs I missed her eating them too:)) She did come over last night and it was nice just to visit:) think I am gonna make it though raising her, now all my babies are raised and I can just be their mother/friend and prayer warrior:) well got to get to bed, all is quiet here now, of course its 12:21am:) hugs and nite

Monday, July 19, 2010

My home is spotless!!

Yesterday after April left I began cleaning, I either cook or clean when I am upset:) use to eat, but oh well:(( I had planned with Steve to get everything out of the house we have not used in the last six months for mother's estate sale, so I had done the kitchen, but then started on April's old room, now it is a guest bedroom, then started in on the previous guest bedroom which is now a office fro Steve, along with the baby bed...gotta keep that:) Cleaned my closets, actually all the closets, cabinets, drawers and have a load for the sale:) My dead line was 4pm today to have it done so Steve and I have worked our tails off and I hope he can move later, he has worked so hard. I have scrubbed every floor and base boards, all the moldings and trim, anything that can be cleaned got cleaned:) except the dog:) and I will get her later tonight:) I am out of windex, and I just remembered I have not done the refrigerator (inside) but I will get that done asap:) Oh yes, all bedding is washed and beds are made, candles burning:) not that it will last long, but it sure felt good to do it and get it done. I am still sad but I think some of it, is I have never been alone with out children or someone living with us, when we married Bill Brown lived with us, we had a few months when I was PG with Alicia but I was so sick, so I am starting to look forward to being me and Steve, we have never really had that, so if the shades are closed don't come knocking:)))) we still have a few things to do but its Steve's things for his office:) he will love having his things separate from mine:) and I will too:) well gotta go sell a house, for real:)) hugs

Sunday, July 18, 2010

here it comes, like it or not

Well I do not like it, but knew the day was close, April is 19 will be 20 in December, she was in a relationship with a young man whom Steve and I had felt good about, till they just ran out before the Lord's plans for them and we had ask them to slow down the relationship, they had plan to marry, if you remember the blogs from that. Seth and April were and are both to immature to be married, providing they neither one can provide for them self and have areas they need to work though and get straight before they marry anyone. April has went along with Steve and I in this and really believes it her self that now is not the time for marriage, that she needs to go to school and become responsible for her own needs, but she has had a lull in her attitude and it is a constant underlying current between her dad and me. This morning started like any other morning, I have not felt well, not sure what is wrong, unless its this stupid new medicine Bruce put me on Crestor for cholesterol:( but I hurt all over and I am so tired, I have had headaches and even a migraine, SO this am Steve brought me breakfast in bed, April came and laid by me all pissed off, I said what is wrong??? she said she was mad cause Steve got her up at 8am, now keep in mind Steve fixed her breakfast too:) she just does not want to get up early and does not want to work a full time job, not sure if she wants to go to school, but still wants to be with Seth. I told her she needed to change her attitude and be grateful for a home and a daddy who cares enough to fix her breakfast, she again stated what she would and would not do, I again stated I am her mother and she needs a attitude change, this was all in a normal tone of voice, then I said April either change or move out, because Dad and I can not keep going through this, so she said she would move out, she first said Seth was picking her up at 11am and she was living with his grandmother, in which Seth lives with her too. I am not sure if she called Alex or Alex called her but Alex and Jill called for her to live with them so she packed everything she has and moved out to Alex and Jill's. Now you would think that since I knew this may come to this I would be prepared but I am not, I also know you do not say it unless you are going to back it up with tuff love, so I knew when I said either change or move, she may leave but I have to have peace in my home. I miss her and cried all day off and on, so has Steve, I just do not understand what is so hard about living here, maybe we are just to old fashion. We both know it is the wrong time forher to be involved with Seth, I do not wnat to expose his short comings or hers, so that is all I will say on that. So for the first time in 38 years Steve and I live not get the wrong impression of April she is a good young lady, she has some rebellion but its so passive it is hard to recognize, she reminds me of her birth mother and she may have to make some of the same mistakes, I pray not, but at this point I have cut the apron strings to her, I love her more then words can say and my heart hurts something awful, I have been though this before with my son's and Alicia, Jared went off to college and Hannah married, so I know how it feels for them to move out but not when you know its not the thing they are suppose to do and they do it any way against the parents will. We did let her take the car as long as she is at Alex's, to drive to work and back and for errands for them, but not for her leisure. Please pray for us, Someone said to us tonight at my mothers that our family just never has problems and we are all so close, in which we are close but we have our share of problems. In sharing this, its not to expose April or us but just need to share my hurting heart with you. I also realize April is almost 20 years old, but if you know us and her you will know she is not emotionally her age, but she will grow up fast, maybe we babied her too much.....who knows only perfect parents have perfect children and only perfect children have perfect parents:) A wise man told me that once:) The Lord knows we are far from perfect.....praying for April to stay in God's will and the eyes of her heart will be enlighten to the hope of His calling for her life. As long as she satys with Alex and Jill she is in a wonderful home with people they can help her grow up and know just how loved hse is by on but most inportant the Lord. Praying for Steve and I to pull close together and start this new chapter in our life....seems God has me in a few new ares to walk in with mother and now all children out of the home.......I know God will be faithful to me, I just do not like where I am at:(((

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

I had sales meeting today and it was a long full tour of some great listings, got side tracked at one of my new listings and then went to lunch at Moe's, then worked and went to Foxridge assisted living and called the bingo for the residents, it was mt first time to do this, I will do it the second Tuesday of each month, I had bought gifts fro the winners, it was fun, Kay dropped mother off and she played and actually won a game!! Then she worked with me some and then we went to Red Lobster:)) Alicia went with us, then mother and I walked around Pier one imports, now mother and I are home and in our PJ'S, we just watched touched by an angel, it was sad but good:) I love the Hallmark channel, mother is sleeping in her chair, we sat on the deck for awhile, very peaceful, you can hear the birds and tree frogs and crickets:) Tomorrow April will take her to get her hair done and then Connie the care giver comes, I enjoy this time with mother, it is restful and always a fun time. It was hard at first today with her at bingo because it sends the message home to me of where my mother really is, at first it was hard fro her but she caught on real quick and was proud to win:)) and if your wondering I did not cheat:)) she was not sitting near me, she was with my dear friend Pam Richey:)) but I did think about cheating fro Mrs. Smiley, she was so close to a bingo, only needed one more, I started to just call the number she needed, but did not do it, in case some of them would know:) They are the parents of some dear friends of mine. Steve took Max home today along with Alicia's children to Hannah's home till Sunday:) She will have her hands full and Alicia will have a much needed break. April keeps Cole fro Sean and Sarah Thursday then I do Friday and Saturday. I am excited about him coming for a few days:)) hope my back holds out, he is one arm load. Steve then went to the condo and played tennis with the FFB people, then he will come home tonight, Kay went to the condo today for a few days, so she will have a much needed break, the condo is always a peaceful place to go and the amenities are wonderful:)) lake/pool/peace and quite! Well tomorrow once I get mother off to get her fair fixed I have some work to do:)) YEA!! Still need listings and buyers so help me pray them in......Hugs and nite!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life changes

Well I am a little older:) and I am hoping a little wiser:) I have had some time to just reflect my life of 57 years, I was quiet and some what back wards as a child:) I was not out going or talkative until latter in life, for most of my life I was very insecure. God has done a lot of healing in me and I am totally different, I was not a nerd, just had issues:) but now in my life I do think I am secure in who I am, in my marriage and as a mother, Nona and friend, saying that let me say this, I am secure because my hope is in the Lord, which means I do not depend on me for this security but on the Lord. Today I watched a church, the Pastor said, his father had given a church building to a friend for the friends church, the friend did not get the building for a couple of years, BUT the building was his the day his father gave it to him, but the friend did not occupy it till later, was it his before he actually occupied it? Yes it was, that is how it is with God, He has given us all we need, He has the desires of our heart, we just need to occupy it:) so in saying all that it encouraged me to know God is in control of me and His desire for me, my desires that He has put in my heart will be fulfilled as I occupy what He has for me with my name on it:) So I am taking Him up on these promises:))) I know He has all my needs met, He has plans for me to prosper and be in good health, He has the same plans for all His children because that is His promises, so many times I look at the day or time and think whats the deal? I forget I can occupy His promises, I think it depends on me, I forget it depends on Him, I have had a sweet time with Him today and I am thankful my trust is in the Lord and He is the one who delivers me and provides for me and comforts me, forgives me, He is the air I breath and gives me life:) If He is not this for you then lets talk because He has your promises ready for you to occupy:) You know I have found that you can not listen to the Lord or be in His presence without realizing your short comings, sins, areas in your life that you may have some blind spots, or areas you have held on to and will not let Him in theses areas, I have these areas, from hurts, pains, rejections I have developed them, does not make it ok or right, just where I have ask the Lord to meet me at and change me in these areas, asking him to help me let Him in and trust Him for his promises, Since He has already done this for me, I am asking the Lord to help me see it and understand it and walk in His promises:) hugs have a great week:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, its almost over:)

Amelia saying Happy Birthday to me this am on facebook:))
Laila opening her birthday gifts:)

My Birthday cupcake:) so good! Pam;s garndkids on my coffee cup:)

Happy Birthday to me:) Today was my 57th birthday, it started off ruff, I woke with a sinus headache and nauseated:( Steve and Max and Peyton left early for Jack's baseball game, Steve got McDonald's breakfast for me:) and Max, April does not eat breakfast:( I decided to lay back down, then felt sicker:( got up did a sinus flush which set my head on fire but stopped the headache which was making me sick, so it was worth it, then I was lonely:) so I got Laila and we played, I then let her open her birthday present, its hard for me to keep a surprise:)) image that! She loved it, a Barbee car and two Barbee's:) not hard to make her happy! We then had chicken noddle soup together:) She is so sweet, she just sat in my lap forever and we rocked:)) I then took her back home,( far walk) and took a jacuzzi bath and went and had a massage and then got my nails and feet done:) My dear friend Pam Richey invited Steve and I over for a birthday dinner, she made it so special, it was very sweet and made me feel so loved:) Her husband ray cooked on the grill, it was all yummy, she then had me a birthday cup cake that was soooooooo good, white chocolate....Yes I ate it all:) and chocolate covered strawberries:)) my favorite, it was all too tasty:)) Thank you my dear friend for making my day special. It had been sorta melancholy for me, not sure why cause I had so many birthday wishes:)) Age does not bother me, so it was probably just hormonal:) Well I feel much better, headache gone and tummy full and ready for bed to end this birthday:) till next year when I will be 58:) I think I will look back on my blog last year and see what I did:) to bad I can not remember:(((( All in all I have had a good day and a blessed life, thank you Lord! Nite

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Makin it

Today has been slow, trying to churn up business and complete the business I have:) went to mother's today and had the first time to be in her new home and just be me and she just be mother:) It was wonderful, I feel revived in that area, there is life after Alzheimer's:)) I really enjoyed just laying on her couch and talking and she was totally there with me:) I had a headache so it felt good to do nothing, normally I am so busy when I am there, it is hard to just enjoy mother, her care giver was there, and it was just a great visit. Mother is so much more settled in her new home and continues to enjoy it:)) We have a office party tonight or I should say this afternoon, from 5 to 8, it is a pool party with games and awards:) so it will be fun:) best run so I can get ready:) hugs

Lord help something must be wrong with my pc, there are no misspelled words to fix:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful wenesday

This am I kept Mika and Peyton while poor Laila had to go to the Dr. and get shots:((( she was a big girl and very proud of her band aids and sticker:) The went to mothers and cleaned some and went to the store for her, they have oooey gooey butter cake in sm pieces at wal mart market by Paula Dean, mother and April said it was real good:) Mother got her hair done today and her care giver is there now. I then took Max to get DS games then I went to work:) Listed a wonderful home, hope it sells soon, I need a pay check:) Got all paper work done on it and have it in the computer:) I can be long on here, Max is waiting for a back scratch and prayers and I am ready for bed:) hugs and nite

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pic of the day Amelia Joy Averitt

I totally loved this pic Jill had made of Amelia!! She is such a little doll baby! I wanted to share it with you:) We have had a great time at the lake/condo and its about time to leave, Hannah and Mark and Steve went fishing. Time to come home and get my running shoes on with work:) Have a full day tomorrow with sales meeting, listing appointment and working a couple offers. Then a birthday party to go to for a friend:) When I am at the condo I do not want to leave:( when I am home I never come:( so go figure:))) I told Steve my get up and go has got up and left and I need to find it:)) best find it quick cause I need some get up and go:)))))) Max is coming home with us for the week or until he wants to go home, Steve will love having his shadow with him and they have lots of yards to mow:))) I am focusing on work this week, have lots to get accomplished:)) well its been a great fourth, totally have enjoyed it, the only thing that could of been better is to have all my babies and then we would not have all fit:) as Victoria would say, you not fit:) but there is a condo next door we could of rented if need be:) hugs to all

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Had a great day with the Mcgill's and Victoria, slept till almost 9am:) stayed in gown till late, like real late because at noon I took a nap with Blake, Victoria and Olivia:) Got up about 2ish, still in gown tail:) Then dressed went to eat at Goodwin and daughters then to the lake, my family owns 16 acres across form Sugarloaf mtn., where the cliffs are at Greers Ferry, we went there and went down to the lake and positioned our selves to watch the fireworks at Fairfield Bay Marina, we had brought our own, had got some real good ones:) we had carried everything down to the lake, which was a hike, they have a stairway to the lake so it was easier, we were in a cove, as the evening came forth boats came from all over, hundreds of them to watch the fireworks. The kids swam and so did Hannah and Mark, I sat and watched:)) Steve had played tennis with some people at the tennis club and he came down later, we had a great time and the lake was so pretty, we had a soft wind blowing so it was never hot,t he water is colder now and the pool here has a chill to it, so it does fill good when you are hot and jump in:)) hugs and nite!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd:)

Got up about 8:30ish:) had a PJ day, I did not get dressed till 2ish:) I was able to work a offer on one of the properties I had listed and talk with sellers today. I love it when I have time to just sit and talk on the phone to people, most of the itme I have so many to talk to, I am usually in a hurry, but not today:))) Hannah and her family got to the condo and we went to the pool for a while, then Steve and Mark cooked the steaks I had marinated and they were so good, fresh corn on the cob grilled and salad, fresh canalope that is totally delicious! Now Mark is telling Steve he will clean the funny! Getting ready to watch hunt ofr red may be me going to bed early and reading:)) Kay is checking on mother and all is fine with her. Best get ready to call it a day...hugs and nite

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday and ready for the weekend

Today has been a slow down day for me, did work a offer on one of my listings:) we ate lunch at Janzen's Lakefront and drove around all afternoon:) Went to FFB office and made sure it is still kickin:) which it is:) Then came back to condo and played on facebook, worked out another agents problem on their closing and now ready to go to Janzen's on the bay, its family till 9pm then its a sports bar:) but I love the food and playing texas hold em there, you play against others:) So for now me, April and Steve are off to eat and play texas hold em:))) Have read a lot and really ready to get to bed early, Hannah and her family will be here about 2ish tomorrow so I am sure it is the pool/lake and fishing:) April just changed things for us, she is going bowling with some friends she met then to Janzen's, same good food as lakefront but this is in FFB:) Lakefront is in Edgemont about 20 minutes away:) hugs and night!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Restfull Thursday

WOW I slept till 10:30 today and that was answering the phone three times and going back to sleep which is a miracle for me;)) I do not turn the phone off anymore in case mother needs me, soooooo it wakes me up. BUT I did go right back to sleep:) Then went to the pool with Steve and April, then looked at property for a buyer and checked on my listings up here, met with a man on some lots here in FFB, then went to the store and now at the condo resting again, Steve has gone to play tennis with some other people:) I will go watch, since he said...will you be going to watch me play?????? guess he needs to show off:)) Some have ask why am I selling the condo?? I am not sure why except I do not make the time to come here enough to make it worth owning, but when I am here I LOVE IT!! April is going to play putt putt with some friends she met, then we will all go eat:) Hope I sleep late tomorrow:)) I do feel so much better with getting some rest, my tendons are not hurting like they were. I talked to Fay and mother, mother is doing fine, she was some what confused on the phone which always still discourages me, some how I have to face the facts that this will be the norm for her, I just still look for her:((((( I have another book I am reading on Alzheimer's I brought with me and realize I for sure need to get in a group and will. I need some help facing reality about mother and the grieving process and the anger process, right now I am wound tight and have a short fuse which I do not like, I just wish I could have a few days of not having to face reality about mother:( but when I do get a brake just as now, then something will be said that throws me right back into the mentality of the fact mother does have this and will not always be with me, and I lose some of her each day, so I need to face it so I can get on with plans for my life with Alzheimer's a part of it:(((( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! This has for sure affected me in my work, it is hard to be in sales and upbeat, ready to listen to others problems when you are having your plate full of your own. BUT life does go on and God will be all I need and He will use people just like you and my family to be a support for me:) guess I am talking to myself and just letting you in on it:) Better go watch my sexy man play tennis:) hugs and nite