Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

This has been a real flooding raining day! I had prepared all so I would not have to get back out in this, but Praise the Lord, I got a offer and had to work it today:)) YEA!! Then I decided to go to Kroger's in the flood to get the stuff for corn casserole and I am glad I did because mother and Walt loved it!  We made Christmas dinner, Ham, black-eyed peas, creamed potatoes, corn casserole and fruit salad and tea and rolls, I brought everything from my house, Christmas dishes, napkins, table cloth and set the table and we had a wonderful sit down dinner with mother, Walt and Kay and Colin.  Christmas with Mother and Walt 001 Kay fixed a breakfast casserole for them in the morning.  This will probably be the last Christmas mother knows us, tonight when I told her Kay was coming, she ask me again and said now who is Kay? I try to answer questions like that, with my sister, you know her:) then she will say yes.  I sure wish I had them close by me, they are about 25 minutes away, which is not far, just not convenient:(   Alicia and the kids came by for a quick visit.Christmas with Mother and Walt 005

Christmas with Mother and Walt 007

Christmas with Mother and Walt 004

My mother looks so young, I just wish she was all there in that body, this is a cruel disease…….

Now this is the look like I am in trouble:) Christmas with Mother and Walt 002

I was getting things ready for dinner and mother was helping:) she made the tea, she was asking me where are the tea bags? She is just tiny and boney but spunky still:)) I love her dearly and will be lost without her, we made a great Christmas Memory, when she would not come to my house for Christmas with the kids, I knew I could not push it, she just could not do it anymore, it would of been confusing and scary for her to be around so many people, trying to know if she knows them….so we just read adjusted and started a new tradition!


Christmas memory…………………every Christmas eve, Alicia would gather all the children and they would all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor in her room or the family room under the pool table, where ever we lived they huddled all together Christmas eve:)  Then of course was bright eyed and bushy tailed on Christmas morning!!

I pray you all have a good night and a God filled Christmas!! love

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

My sister and I are dealing with the same situation with my mom. They are both in AL and half of the time mother doesn't remember where I am or where her grandkids are. I also hate this terrible disease which destroys the memory. It's really difficult living almost 7 hrs. away. I also fear this will be this last Christmas that my mom remembers me. V.