Saturday, April 30, 2011

so much so fast so long since last post

I can not go through since my last post, mainly because I cannot even remember it all:) but I do have my new grandson here...Luke Everette McGill, he was 7pds 9 ozs. 20 and half inches long, Hannah was so ready to have him, had a ruff delivery, her epidural wore off but she did great! They will come home form hospital tomorrow then go home to Van Buren Thursday or Friday, i already feel like I miss them! I will have more time to think and blog once I get some time for me, until then it is far and few between.....all is good here, mother has had a great week and has remembered me, Steve and others, seems like she is so much better this week, I just take it one day at a time but its neat to see her better:0 hugs!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This may be the most special Easter I can remember, Alex has preached on worship and just seems like I realized at a deeper level what Jesus did for me in His death. Although we had Easter baskets for the kids, we kept our focus on Jesus. Worship was more meaningful as I sang to the Lord, it seems its is hard to really express how thank full I am for Him. After church we all went to Matthew and April Bale's for a family gathering, we had so much food, it was unreal, but as we all can, we ate it:) then the children hunted eggs. Since I have been young my brother started putting money in Easter eggs and my children hunted them, now Steve and I save our change form the year and we fill eggs with money and the little one hunts them, they get so excited, of course some do not know the difference form a dime to a quarter or dollar:) but the older one's do:) this year it was so sweet, the older ones would actually give their eggs to the younger ones who did not have as much! It was a blessing to watch:) It has been a blessing of a day, enjoy the pics and share it with us! hugs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Linda Lou Averitt Time:) Raining all day:)

my chicken noodle soup...yummy!
my relaxed

Deer were in the back woods most of day
For those who know me, know that I always encourage people to take time for them self, to refuel, replenish your self spiritually and physically, to do this you need some down time. My life has been so hetic with family at my home, waiting on Baby Luke to arrive that I have had no time for me, or Steve, so when my friend Pam left town I went and stayed at her home:) I am still close by if Luke decides to appear:) The condo was too far to go, for me to feel comfortable. Today I actually slept till 8:30 then worked from the house and then went to Beef O' Brady's for lunch, came back took a nap, was going to church but did not go, stayed in and took a jacuzzi bath ate some chicken noodle soup and watched American Idol:) Planning on reading some in a book I have. Pam's home is beautiful and very peaceful! There were six deer in the wooded area behind her home this am:0 Steve loved that! There is so much on my heart that I want to spend some time studing on, from the Beth Moore conference, it was totally wonderful, plus some I have some cd's I want to watch for my step study group, so tomorrow I will sleep till I wake then go into the office then come back to my hidy hole and watch the dvd's with Steve. I am loving my quiet time but as you know I only need a little of it and I am ready for the crowd again:)) I love my big family! I sure hope Sunday is sunny for Easter, we will have a huge crowd at my niece's home:) got to get my eggs ready for the hunt, we fill them with change:) been a Roger's tradition since I was little! All is good here, hope it is where you are at! hugs and nite

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Baby Yet, and I am Nana and not Mama:)

Hannah had so done her part to have Luke on the 19th, but it was just not the time for him to be born:) Hannah has ben so miserable and was really hurting all day and the night before, today she has settled down and feels better, slept beter, still have some contractions, but she is more relaxed. Mark has decided to go ahead and saty, I am so thankful, not sure how Hannah would of coped had he left:) Plus with him here I am taking a break, my dear friends Ray and Pam Richey are out of state so Steve and I came to their home in Maumelle, Steve is already in bed, I am sitting in the theater room and watching the news in full stereo sound:) We are sleeping upstairs, it will be weird not having my sweet Olivia waking me up, but I really need some rest, so thankful for good friends and the fact they are gone:) you will never believe what I am going to tell you, I have had some first in real estate the past two days, last night I had my group meeting and then a listing appointment, as I got there the sirens for tornado's started going off, I had not seen the weather but knew it looked bad, I went to the door of the house with full intentions of trying to get home asap and rescheduling, but the home owner said no, no come on in, we were int he middle of paper work when her lights went out, I could hear the wind howling, but she said, no worry, I have a flash light, so we got the paper work completed and got it listed:) Then today I have a new listing in Shannon Hills, I got a call to show it, as I was waiting by the front door, a man came rolling in on his John Deere, I looked at Steve and said, do you think this is the buyer????? IT was!! The neat thing is he made a cash offer and it was accepted, so another sold in one day listing!! I got paper work done today and did a walk though for a closing on Friday....I need one! Well, I am ready for bed too, so nite all!! Now to sleep till I wake up on my own:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So many things, so busy, lets catch up!

I am not sure when I blogged last, this past Friday I went to the Beth Moore conference with my D-I-L’s and April, Belinda and Heather, it really was a blessing for me, Friday night I was so tired it was hard for me to enjoy it, but Saturday I kicked right  in!! Then came home got a nap and spent the rest of the day with April, we had such a fun day! Was up Saturday am up bright and early to get there at 7:30am Sad smile but it was for sure worth it, I was so blessed, I love some new songs I learned! God touched us all.beth moore  I did not get the time to go see mother Saturday and missed her, but I went today,mothers eastermother has her Easter eggs on her yellow focythania, it was so pretty, I am not sure if Kay did it or Connie her care giver, but mother loves it!  You can sorta se the bird saintuary in the window back ground, we have a new crepe myrtle and some flowers planted and bushes, bird feeders, Mother loves her deck and yard!  I had made a Ham and great northern beans this am before church and took that with some mashed potatoes for dinner, mother called her friend Luella and talk for awhile, it was sweet to hear them talk, they have been friends over 50 years!

Hannah and Mark have gone to a hotel tonight, at the Wydham, in NLR, it has a huge Jacuzzi tub in the room, they will have room service then come home tomorrowSmile she has a Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon she plans on going into labor and having Luke on the 19th, if she does this then all I can say is she has some strong mind over matter going on, all her children are born on the 19th.! So weird, so we will see, if she does not have him, Katy bar the doors she will be so miserable, she already is, but she has her mind made up this is what will happen. I pray it doesSmile for my sake!  Here is a pic of Blake fixing his carblake workinghe is such a mess, he acts like it is realSmile for what ever reason Steve chose today to take down our old Privacy fence and get ready to put a new one up, my thought is why now??? We have Hannah’s dog here and now when he goes out he can go anywhere, so Mr. Steve will have to put one up asap……men…..and they think they can not understand women, try understanding their thinking!   Which means I will have to take him out.  Here are some ball park pics from last weekend with mother and Alicia and Jack and Stevejack bbJack made a hitSmilealicia ballAlicia checking it all out, mother beside her,stevebb I am so proud of Alicia, she has been on a diet and doing so well, had lost 13 pounds so far, I know how hard that is, I am trying to get 20 more pounds off and I am just at a stand still, I am having to really cut back and eat right to get it offSmile no sweets or many fried foodsSad smile so I am trying.   Well have a full day in the am, getting babies to school, and a full day of work so I best get my rear to bedSmile hugs and night

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wonderful Wednesday

I say wonderful because I got to really clean my house today, it is spotless, and I like and need a clean house:) Not sure how long it will last but I am sure enjoying it for this minute:) Steve and Hannah took all three kids to the Dr. today, Olivia had her shots, Max had allergies that make his ear hurt:( and Blake is doing fine:) so now all children have all their shots and so does the dog:) I went to the store yesterday for mother I had her house cleaned by Kay's friend Maria, so it is clean and full of groceries:) Kay took her for a picnic at the Old Mill, mother loved it, all the flowers were in bloom, mother can not walk far before she wears out, and her low back will hurt, so she was tired but had a fun day:) she seems to be doing better, more settled to me, still not sure who people are but she enjoys company:) The weather is wonderful here so mother has enjoyed her back deck so much, and all the flowers:) Steve and I are adjusted to having three children here, this am Max woke up at 5:15 am with a nose bleed, which in all that woke up everyone:( and no one went back to sleep:(( the morning before the dog started barking at some children in the yard playing with the cat, it was 6am:(( can you believe kids get on the school bus that early, I got smart today and told Max if he ever wants to miss school, just sleep late and we all will:))) Hannah did not like that too much, but I say you gotta do what you gotta do:)) to get some sleep! Some have ask how am I doing, I get totally stressed at times, when work is hectic and Hannah is hurting and the kids are crazy, but we are making it:) I will be glad to have a quiet and a house that stays clean, but I will be so sad at the same time:(( This Friday and Saturday I am going to the Beth Moore Conference with April and Jennifer and Jill, looking forward to going to that, I have never been to one of her conferences. Then Mark will be here Saturday, Hannah has full plans on going into labor Monday evening and having Luke on the 19th, all her children are born on the 19th so she may do it:) She is 37 weeks so they consider that full term, I know one thing she has sure been sick and very miserable with this baby, I think it will be her last, from what she has said. Well best run, sorry post is far and few between, seems like I do not have much time to post:(( One other thing, I did start leading a 12 step ladies group on Tuesday night and it is going great!!! I am excited about it! Well going to bed, just in case they get up real early....hugs and nite!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Party Planning Blog:)

Sean called to day and ask could they have Anna a birthday party at my house, I of course said yes, I love party's:) so I said I will get a pinata, which Anna loves,a we can do a cook out:) Sean is a great cook on the grill or in the kitchen:) So party it is tomorrow night at my house, they are bringing the Birthday cake, but I am getting Balloons and some games and of course looking forward to seeing Anna's face light up with her getting all the attention!! Love my grand babies!
Hannah is having contractions tonight, so far they are every five minutes and appears like real contractions, but with baby Luke you never know:) I thought last night she may have gone into labor, so I will let you know if she does:0 hugs and night

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is tonight the night?

Had a great day, it was so pretty outside, went with Hannah to get some baby things she needs, then ate with Alicia and April and Hannah, had all three girls:) worked, then home. Hannah is having contractions and low cramping pain, her back has hurt for two days, but I wondered if she may be getting ready to have this baby now, we will know soon:) for sure:) I picked Max up from school and had Peyton with me, we went to mother's and planted some flowers in her flower pots, the kids loved it and so did mother:) Kay had fixed her deck so pretty, has hanging baskets and ferns:) I love sitting out with her, the kids played and she watched them, she loves children:) well guess I need to get to bed so I will be rested if Hannah does go into labor for real:) I hope she waits till her Dr. is back in Town and Mark will be here Friday. Please pray for a friend of mine in hospital, she has been in serious pain and has some cyst, pray for her Dr. to have wisdom in knowing what is wrong and how to treat her:) thanks Hugs and nite

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun weekend

Today is so pretty, we have had a full weekend, Hannah had her baby shower, Jenn out did her self in decorating everything, her best friend Belinda helped give it,t hey both are such a blessing! Aunt Marie and Luella came, mother was glad to see them, they went to her home afterwards, she enjoyed that. Hannah and I went to Casi Hudson's baby shower today, she is our friend who ya'll have prayed fro her last baby, Kenadi, she past away, she was born with several problems, so we are excited this baby is healthy and normal, they are due almost the same time. I am going to mother's in a little while and take her over to take Kay her birthday presents, this is her birthday, hope she is home it is a surprise:)) This morning we had a great service at Journey, Alex is preaching on Worship and it is so good, it really puts things in prospective in why, how we worship the Lord. Best run just wanted to check in with you, well guess we will not go to Kay's just got a text she is going to Maria's to spend the night with her and Peggy for her birthday, they are her life long friends:) hugs and hope your day where ever you are is as nice as here, 84 and sunny, windy!